recording sun
ladies and gentlemen welcome
to the broadcast
and we are and we’re on
right now bitch
get so you can
see that if that twitter for like hooking up
call it two
hundred ret watt
that’s a terrible way to
start off this
show no one
heard that shit what are you talking
about you were online right now
there’s like a hundred people online i’m sure
see how many
people we got 94 people did anybody hear that they say
her terrible goddamn joke
wow this is
blocky as fuck look how
goofy it looks
serious fucking delay too
what’s happening
eddie and joe when are we coming back to philly
we’ll be back to philly eventually
i don’t know when the ufc is gonna be back in philly
but people been
calling for young
eddie bravo to be on the joe rogan podcast he’s here
ladies and gentlemen there he is eddie bravo
man there’s like a five
second delay i know it’s awkward
so hey guys
we’re here in charlotte
north carolina
pretty fucking badass town and it’s
nice here people are all friendly and shit i like it
i like it i rented a car for the first time
coming to a ufc city
and you get
to know the city a lot better when you have to
know where the hell you’re going
we’re so used to just jumping in vans
and just not paying attention and
we really don’t even know anything
about the city
renting cars is the key
yeah drive around get to know the place
i like it here man it’s real
it’s all spread out
it’s a you know it’s like no congestion
people are all friendly there’s no tension here
it’s a good
sized city charlotte’s a good
sized city it’s
not too crazy
yeah they’re
super friendly i drove into
the weigh ins
and they were
charging for parking and
since i drove and didn’t go into it with a ufc van
i pulled up to the girl take the
money go listen i actually work for the
ufc i just don’t have
my laminate but i’ll pay whatever she’s like no just
drive right in
i just drove
right in park
went up i needed to get backstage and
again i didn’t have my credentials
so there’s like security there like
north carolina security i’m like
i need to get my credentials anyway
i mean can you
direct me to a spot
where i could
speak to someone because just go backstage
i just walk backstage and went right in
zero security
now your talent
stalkers how they could meet
fighters yeah
next time in
north carolina you have some ammo
look at this guy okay
i can’t read this shit’s too far
is your eyes bad
is my eyes bad yes does your eyes be bad
well we froze up
you seem kind of sucks
you know they all suck these things
it’s the the internet’s not
quite ready for this shit yet
so are we like can we just answer questions and shit
what stuff have we done in town we
haven’t done shit in town really i went river rafting
last night monday
last night i had a show at
a place called amos southend
a lot of fun great crowd
good times then afterwards there was a gentleman’s club
down the street
we had to bring some dudes
came to my show they had two books they wanted
eddie to sign it’s actually kind of funny story
and they wanted eddie to
sign his books so we had to
get the books over to eddie
but um and then we went to a waffle house and
fucked up some waffles
yeah that was a good time
good times my friend good times
what do i think
about synthetic cannabis that’s legal
that’s kind of interesting shit you know
about that man
they have that
no no no it’s a
synthetic cannabis it’s like you know how they had that
uh when the
whole balco scandal came out what
it was was a steroid that they had made that was just
slightly different
from regular steroids
and was undetectable in tests because the regular
steroids are
what they were looking for in the test they
weren’t looking for this stuff
well that’s the same
thing with this there’s a
synthetic cannabis that you could
smoke it as the same
effects and it
doesn’t show up in tests
what does it look like it looks like weed
it actually looks like we
yeah looks like so it’s a
plant yeah yeah
and they just wow
they’ve just
grown it and i mean it makes
sense i mean they’ve figured out a way to
i didn’t know about this
botanists have figured out a way a long time ago to
put thc into
other things they
like there was an
article online
where there
was this guy was trying to put thc in tomatoes
get tomatoes to grow tac
like they can fuck with plants
and have them you know you know different
plants produce more vitamin c
and different
plants do certain things and
you know they’re
they’re trying to figure out how to make
these i guess they have figured out how to whit them
away how to make weed
that doesn’t show up in drug tests
pretty crazy
and it’s legal
so if you work for ups or something like that and they
drug test you you can’t
smoke weed you can
smoke the fuck out of this
stuff how long has this been out
it’s been out for a while man
they’re trying to make it illegal
it’s a big deal now they’re trying to make it illegal
oh shit dirty bitches
so you could sell it anywhere
this is the
stuff that they’re selling
on in high times magazines
where they know
that bullshit that
stuff’s not real at all
yeah what’s up with that shit
is whack that is the weakest shit ever that fake weed
that they sell
that is so dumb
but they say that that’s like a big part of
their advertising revenue
i think that’s just because they’re fucking lazy
you know you telling me that everyone’s
so afraid of weed they can’t advertise
their products in your
magazine come on
but yet you can sell fake weed
you’re just ripping people off that’s all that is that
stuff doesn’t get anyone high
but this other
stuff does this other
stuff is real shit
where do you get it
eddie is here talk about ufos already
michael shivelo the guy from
k1 and you know
dream you know the
australian dude
that we hung out with in australia yeah he’s
a big ufo guy and he was down at the roswell museum
and he actually saw ufo and took fucking
photos of it and shit
fuck yeah that’s pretty crazy yeah
it means who the fuck knows man
do you have any ufo questions
go ahead and shoot
did i finish the entire
plate of food you post on twitter i finished most of it
i fuck up some food folks
especially after shows
after shows i could fuck up some food
you know as the ufc too
you burn off a lot of energy just talking
doesn’t seem like you would
but you do like a red man did he actually say something
for lapo saturday
this is red red bands what does that mean
he’s doing
did i watch that
train wreck prison wives on the discovery channel
no there’s a show about
chicks whose husbands are in prison
oh i might have to teevo that yeah
what channel help teevo that discovery channel
might be good
oh the history channel documentary i know what i saw
yeah i saw that one too that was kind of interesting
that was the best documentary i’ve ever seen on ufos
definitely i know what i saw i didn’t have
it was one of
those rare documentaries that
about ufos that didn’t have like that
the other side
you know they didn’t have a guy
going well you know
it’s all just mythology and
you know it’s in
their minds and they’re all
crazy and why are they landing
in idaho all the time why not in big cities
they didn’t have any of
those guys cause it was so ridiculous
cause that’s so many
high ranking military officers coming forward
you know that one case in england on a us base
where that eighty witnesses
and three of the guys went up to it and touched it
and wrote down notes on it
and they all came up and the ministry of defense
totally they said
this is not
a concern of national defense
that’s what that’s
their comment
so that is that
alone right there is pretty crazy
and those arizona
those arizona
lights i mean people saying there’s
i don’t know how many witnesses but
the arizona
lights pretty
crazy i know a dude who
lived in arizona saw that
he said he saw the fucking the big pyramid
thing flying through the air
and they saying it’s like bigger than
aircraft carriers
football field
yeah he said it was gigantic
he said it was a gigantic big pyramid shaped
thing flying through the sky
who the fuck knows
you know my take on ufos is
if they really were
aliens that
could come here from another planet
do you think that they
would be so
silly that they would
they wouldn’t disguise themselves
i think a lot of the shit we see all the time
could be ufos
i told you about that crazy dude
that told me that
you show me
pictures of clouds
yes there’s
a dude that i know is a comedian is a very nice guy
and the other day
i’m talking to him at the improv
and homeboy says what do you think
about ufos and i said well you know hey man
i don’t know i
haven’t seen one but i don’t discount
the idea it made certainly possible obviously we have
spaceships and
for someone from
other planets if they’re
more intelligent than us for sure they
could have spaceships
so he starts pulling on his iphone and the dude
has like dozens of
pictures of
clouds on his phone
and i’m like what was that what do you
think about this look at this
right there
and i go it’s cloud and
he goes yeah but it’s an unusually shaped
cloud look at it
and i’m like
oh no he’s crazy
i’m like he’s fucking
crazy this dude
takes pictures of
clouds all different
clouds and he’s convinced that these
clouds are ufos
yeah but on one
point on one hand you got to think like
if you really are so
super intelligent
that you can
visit from other planets
why would you you know
for sure we’re working on cloaking
devices right now
there’s already
this japanese jacket that’s been invented that
basically takes an
image of what’s behind you and broadcasts it on the
front of the jacket it’s
basically like predator type shit you remember from the
movie the predator yeah and
they really have this already i mean it’s not perfected
but we can’t travel to
other planets yet either you know what i’m saying
so if someone
from another planet is so much more highly intelligent
than we are that they can actually
travel here from
other galaxies or
other solar
systems for sure
they figured
something like this out
so when you’re seeing the sky
i mean it’s
very possible you know that what you’re seeing is
if there are ufos you
would see an
image of the
sky behind the ufo being projected on the ufo
so you wouldn’t see shit
you know that said you if you
could take into account how many ufos are reported
i mean it’s like there’s some
ridiculous amount of ufos reported
and if you take into account how many
people see and don’t report they don’t say anything
cause they wanna look foolish
you know that’s a that’s a lot of goddamn
ufos i think a lot of what people are saying
military jets that they don’t
understand like when i was in
we did fear factor down near edwards air force base
and they had stealth bombers that flew up and dude
you see a stealth bomber you think that’s a goddamn
spaceship yeah the french government did a test
it was a serious
review of all
the there’s like 50 000 or something like something
50 000 since a certain year there’s probably way more
but they they came to the conclusion that
ninety five percent
of the reported cases can be explained
away without like military all this high ranking
military this top
secret military planes and
different lights
but they said five percent
most likely
are aircraft from
other worlds
well i don’t
know why they can say aircraft from
other worlds because i don’t necessarily
think we have
it’s more likely perfect inventory of what
exists in this know what they’re saying they’re saying
that that’s probably what that is more likely
it’s some extraterrestrial craft
than i mean
there’s 5 of it just
because it’s not from
our government or the russian government
doesn’t necessarily mean even it’s from
another planet we don’t know what the fuck is in the
ocean well you
know that’s ridiculous
a lot of ufos get
sighted yeah
called you coming out of the
yeah there was a whole
history channel documentary
about that and people go well that’s
ridiculous that’s nonsense that’s silly
it’s silly that you can send a fucking picture
that you could
take this fucking
thing and send
a video across the sky into somebody else’s
phone in australia
that’s way more silly
than some people from another planet have
visited here or
that there’s something living in the ocean
especially when you have guys
like x pentagon
high ranking officials
like philip corso
who before he died he
wrote a book and he explained his job in the government
and the pentagon
was taking crash ufo
stuff taking it to
hughes aircraft and lockheed and all
these different
aerospace companies
to reverse engineering he’s saying he was like
there’s many interviews on youtube with philip corsel
he’s dead now he was on dateline and they try to like
ridicule but
you know how do you
j alan hynek
is another excellent example that j
alan hynek was
the guy who was in charge of project blue book
and he was told
to buy the government when they had this
thing to explain away
everything swamp gas
you know mass
hysteria anything they
could do to explain away
ufo cases but as he became more involved
in project blue
book and as he investigated more and more
sightings and you
know and dealt with more and more evidence he became
absolutely convinced
that ufos were real
so jay allen hynek who
is you know
like a guy actually working
to discredit
ufos eventually
came out and started
supporting the
whole ufo movement so
i think it’s not
ridiculous to
think that we’ve been visited
i mean we go to the congo
all the time and stare at chimpanzees
i mean if you
were from another planet and you had the ability to
travel here
why wouldn’t you
check out people people are fucking
completely ridiculous
they’re probably fascinating
i mean what
would be more we
study lower forms of animals we always have and
we have been doing this
since the beginning of time i mean people
people have always been interested in botany
and we’ve always been interested in
studying different
monkeys and different
weird animals and other
and that’s the
whole thing with darwin it
took an account of all
these different animals that he came across
we’ve always done shit like that
and i think if we were
much higher intelligent
than human beings
we would want to do that with people we
would want to
check out and see what the fuck people are up to
see if people are evolving see what the bottleneck is
as far as like social and cultural
evolution and
see what the bottleneck is as far as technological
evolution and whether or not
our technology is
surpassing our our ability
as a human being
like to to make rational decisions and i
think it probably is right now
you know they just
fired up the
large hadron collider yesterday you know
yesterday was like the first test
nos pohatu is watching
what is that
i think that looks like a lot
i think that looks like i’ll do to reno i don’t know
it looks like oh
if you don’t know poha is
a portuguese
this brazilian guys say poha all the time it’s like
it sort of means like fuck or balls it means like a
bunch of different things they say it all the time
balls means balls i think it means jizz oh
jizz yeah yeah not balls i
heard a bunch of different translations but to me
nos pohatu is the fighting vampire you know what i mean
draku linho
draculino is a famous baja gracie black belt
and draculine
i guess he looks like dracula or something
so i call him nos pohatu he’s the
brazilian vampire that’s funny
that’s funny
am i not gonna commentate yeah i’m
gonna commentate
this shit’s in
i’m gonna leave in half an hour
we’re chilling here in the
hotel room getting
ready to go
down there and commentate yeah my commentary
what do i think
about scientology i think it’s
it’s awesome if you’re gay and you want to
cover it up they’re real good at that shit
it’s all nonsense
all religions
are nonsense you don’t you know just as much as i know
as far as like what happens when you die no one knows
i think you know what i
think religion
is awesome if
you do it right if you do it
right it’s like you do the
right thing and help your neighbors
like my grandma was hardcore catholic
and i wouldn’t try to convince
her like if she was
still alive to get out of that she was doing
she’s going to church
every day praying
and that praying
is like meditating she was
meditating so
i think just like
like having a healthy
heart you could
some people can do kettlebell some people
could run on a treadmill some people run
stairs some people do martial arts
that’s for a healthy
heart it all works
and i think religion whether you’re doing the
jesus or the allah
or the buddha
or meditation or yoga
it doesn’t really matter as long as you get
your frequency at the
right spot with the universe
it doesn’t matter if you do the
jesus thing
you know so
i think that i
think you’re
right yeah i
think whatever gets you in that
right frequency
you could worship your iphone
you actually believe that and you can
meditate to your iphone
i think the universe don’t give a fuck
they’re like how are you
gonna get to our
frequency that
all that matter
the real problem is people the real problem is the same
you know what it is it’s the same
thing when whenever when someone
believes in something even if they believe in something
completely irrational
they want everyone else to believe in it too people
love everyone else to be on
their team that’s why like it
you ever talk to people that use windows
and they find out they use mac
and they like what the fuck man use mac max for faggots
and they get
crazy like they want you to use windows
it’s like people want you to be
muslim they want you to be a
they want you to be a catholic
you know that’s the real problem is that people
want you to to to
subscribe to
their ideology
but the idea
behind it you know being a better person and you know
and treating everybody as if they’re yourself
and you know that all that’s that’s the way to go
i mean it really is
but the fucking handing out the
basket and fucking kids and all that
other shit that you know
fucking kids i have to admit
i’m not into that
i’m against that
i saw that deliver us from evil that
he recommended
come on he recommended this documentary and you guys
should check
it out too it’s called deliver us from evil if you want
to find out how fucked up the catholic church really is
my god is this incredible
see the whole
thing yeah well i couldn’t
watch the whole
thing i watched
about an hour and 10 minutes into it
did you get to the point
where it turns
out that guy’s done like hundreds of kids yeah
yeah i couldn’t take it
i wanted to kill him
i mean it’s really a really sick sick
about this priest
who is responsible for
molesting hundreds of kids
and you know they
covered it up they kept moving them they
moved them all over the country
and really it’s incredible and that’s what’s going on
right now that gigantic
scandal that’s happening
right now with the pope
i mean the pope
had knowledge of all this fucking shit that was
going on there’s
so many pedophiles i bet
they’re all pedophiles
bet they’re all
pedophiles because it was just all it’s
because it was if it was just
if it was half of them
or a quarter of them
they would be busting each
other out they
would there
would be people coming forward
saying we gotta stop the shit they’re all
covering each
other’s asses
i mean think
about it there
they chose a job
where they can’t get any pussy
well the whole
idea you know what i mean
that’s gotta
drive you insane and anybody
who accepts a job
where you can’t get laid
you gotta be fucked up already
you already got
and i think
my theory is that
when these guys grow up gay
they’re really they’re
grown up in a religious home
then and then once
they find out they’re gay they realize oh shit maybe
satan is inside of me
i got this gay feelings oh my god
i gotta fight
satan so they become
ultra religious
ultra catholic
and then they’re trying to
prove to god that they’re
gonna fight the gay
they’re gonna
devote their life to god they become a priest
and then bam
they hold it together for the first
and then they lose
have you ever seen that
video god hates fags no
the guy who’s a gay guy who’s singing
about being christian
you never seen that no
more find that shit you know what i
gotta get the fuck out
of here no i
gotta leave
come on man we don’t have to
leave for twenty minutes
we leave i got a shower
still yeah but the
fights don’t even
start for more than an hour
and i gotta get my
hair did come on man your hair looks groovy you gotta
check this out people don’t get to see you on youtube
how long it takes to blow dry my hair
no how much
you don’t have
to wash it here man fifteen minutes man hold on
i gotta find this video because it’s so
ridiculous it’s a dude who’s a gay dude who’s fighting
against it and he says jesus is the only man for me
it’s just genius hold on
it’s like those guys at borat
or i know what bruno fucks with there’s a
bag song it’s real this is a real song
you have to see this because it’s so goddamn genius
with this guy here it is
this is a real song
is mustache first of all his mustache a lot
hold on let me put this up for you guys
you have to watch this i just put it up on twitter
it’s so genius
help me fight these feelings
is nothing but a choice
come on this is a grandpa
are you sure
yes it’s real look at this fucking mustache
i’m not that poop is real
this is a real fucking song man
this is a real christian guy who’s singing this
and there’s another video
on discussing the consequences
just wear a pink shirt
come on the world is way better than any comedy
that you can write
it’s just not put together
right it’s not anything you gotta go find
it you gotta go put all the parts together
but the world has way more comedy than anything
you could ever make on your own
look at this guy
look at this fill me with your love
help me fight these feelings to help me rise above
lord help them hear me this fucking mustache
is killing me
how horrible must it be
to be a gay dude and be religious and to
think that god hates you
you could always be a priest
if you haven’t seen that
video you got to
watch it because it’s
completely ridiculous and
by the way totally real
you know the fucking dude is is a gay guy
who converted to christianity and he’s like you know
trying to tell people the
right way to go wow
it’s pretty awesome it’s pretty awesome stuff
where’s your lighter yeah put it up in the air bro
well it’s good lighter
do we watch tim and eric yeah man tim and
eric rocks that’s probably
top three favorite shows
not in celebrity rehab
hmm that fucking thing
dance floor dale
if you haven’t seen that
go do a google search for dance floor dale
is gotta be one of the funniest fucking
videos i’ve ever seen in my life the weirdest
funniest things on the internet ever
dance floor dale you gotta see this
gotta find it find it it’s online it’s on my website
you can find it on joewrogan net
season three of tim and eric
because they keep having recurring
sketches and they just get funnier and funnier the more
the more developed
that here’s a good question
for you what does damian maya and his jiu jitsu
bring to the
table that latest didn’t
versus silva
cause damian maya is
fighting anderson
silva next month in abu
dhabi next week dude
i think abu dhabi
next week i
think damian maya is a better
guard puller than
tyler’s latest
thomas would pull
guard but he
wouldn’t clinch up first so
you know silva
doesn’t is not
gonna just fall in
you got to really
shoot deep with an underhook
and you got to make the guy sprawl
and if he doesn’t sprawl
you know because you didn’t take a deep shot
you’re not gonna pull him into your
guard and damon maya likes to
shoot deep and pull guard i
think that’ll be the difference there’s no way he’s
gonna stand with
anderson silva
you know just
based on not just
based on anderson
silva’s career and what he’s done
but based on his last fight
where he tried to
stand for a little bit with
nate markor
and he he’s
gonna pull guard immediately
trust me he’s not
gonna fuck around any more with that shit
i hope that’s true but i didn’t
think he was
gonna try to
stand with nate either
well he stood with them for one punch
and that was just one
punch too long and he’s i
think that him he’s
training with vanderley and vanderley
is you know a
known brawler
you know do you think that
that style of
getting in there and just mixing it up and getting ugly
that’s not a good
style for a
guy who’s not very technically proficient striking
you know he’s just so good on the ground why
give your opponent
any kind of chance
standing especially anderson
silva were you
gonna try to mix it
up a little bit with him that’s a big fucking mistake
he’s gonna pull
guard immediately trust me
or try to take him down cause
you know anderson
silva isn’t
some ncaa national
champion or anything so
i’m sure damon demai is really
gonna take a shot for real and
for real try to take him down but
if he has any trouble
he will pull guard
no problem i guarantee that
yeah we’ve definitely seen anderson been
taken down before
you know it got
taken down many times by
travis looter
no travis looter probably had the most
success but you
gotta think
about that fight
travis luder
fought anderson
11 weeks after anderson had knee surgery on both knees
so that probably wasn’t
the best representation of
his wrestling
then dan henderson took him down as well
and when dan
henderson took him down he wasn’t able to do anything
to him he just kind of like held him down on the ground
punched him
a few times but really couldn’t get anything
going you know
so that’s the big question is
is anderson’s
jiu jitsu good enough to stifle
damian maya because damian
maya had a hard time with dan miller in his last fight
really couldn’t get anything
going with them i mean he ground a
pound of them and
you know he beat him by decision but
never came close to finishing with a
submission no
and i think dan miller
is a real good real
tough guy but i
think anderson’s jujitsu is at
least as good as miller’s
i mean on paper at
least he’s a
black belt and miller’s a bramble
but miller has
wrestled his
whole life there’s
a big difference that’s a different kind of animal
when you’re grappling with
a real legit
wrestler and
anderson silva
has long limbs
i like going with guys that have long arms it’s hard
rubber guards
a lot easier
with taller guys
it’s harder for them to pull
out of anything they have long arms
like the small
145 short five foot five
stocky wrestler types
it’s hard to get any rubber
guard on because they pop their arms
out so easily they’re really
small so i think
i think dave and maya is
going to have more success
with his jujutsu
with anderson
silva if he gets him to the ground
then he did with miller because miller again
he’s only a
brown belt but damn he
wrestled his
whole life that’s
a different kind of
animal right there he’s a chimpanzee
the other thing
about anderson
is that anderson has had
elbow problems for years
he had bone
chunks floating around his
elbow that made
training really difficult
he would have to
ice his elbows
after training
sometimes he couldn’t do any weight lifting
any strength conditioning because his
elbows hurt
he finally got all that shit fixed
he got the elbow
chunks the the
pieces of bone
taken out so we’re
gonna see an anderson
silva that’s in a better
condition than we’ve seen him in a long long time
he’s had a problem
throwing his
right hand because of it
which is really hard to believe
when you see his fights
big country nelson
went tonight by fat mission
how dare you
let me tell you something man fat
a big guy like roy nelson
he that weight centralized in his stomach
he knows how to hold you with that shit
that that can
keep you in a certain position he’s really good
at keeping his weight on you
we have a dude that we
train with brent
brandt gets you in side control man that
motherfucker is really hard to get off you and he’s
built similar to big country not as fat
but he’s got a big gut
and you know and he’s talented as well he’s a good
jiu jitsu guy
and when he gets on
top of you and you know he gets a good position on you
is really hard to
shake him off you you
plants that weight down on you
and holds you in place and
big country if i had to
guess what’s
gonna happen tonight with strew
you know i would say that
big country if you get some down the ground strew’s
gonna be in a lot of trouble
yeah yeah but struve has
a lot of potential he might be a
he might be the
underdog in this
fight he probably
should be based on his
experience and he’s really young and
and country’s been grappling
for a long time he’s really good on the ground people
haven’t really seen that he likes to
stand and beg but
country nelson’s really good on the ground he’s
really good
i mean he meets
frank mir was it like 11
to nothing in a
submission match yeah
he’s got a great half
guard game too
we just haven’t really seen it
but struve in the long run
has so much potential
i mean that guy that’s like
he’s like 26
8 or something like that
he’s super tall
and he loves
jiu jitsu you
never see that you
never see tall guys like that
who are athletic and coordinated love
jiu jitsu i mean you’ve
seen we’ve seen
sammy shield
he didn’t like jiu jitsu
i don’t know what
other tall guy but
you know ran
a kendall grove
that’s another tall guy who likes
jiu jitsu but he
it was true if he
continues to evolve
and remains a student of the game
and everything of course
striking and
wrestling as well but
in jiu jitsu
the way he’s moving and
we’ve talked several times about
jujutsu and strategy and philosophies and stuff
and he’s on the
right track he’s
you know i don’t know if he can beat country at this
point in his career
maybe maybe not
but get that guy another five six
seven years
if he continues to evolve
he can be a serious threat with that
with that height his guard
could be insane
yeah no kidding oh
he decided to be a
ninja off his back
fuck he’s only 22
that’s the other thing
about that kid he’s real
young he’s got a massive massive amount of time
ahead of him
you know and a lot of potential and he’s got crazy hard
remember in germany when he got cut wide open
was bleeding all over the
place and who did he
fight in that
fight fuck i remember
i don’t remember
he got in trouble and got cut real bad and he
still pulled it out and
wound up submitting the dude so it was
pretty badass
do another you
stream tonight
maybe maybe we will if we get back to the
hotel it’ll be late here and i don’t go to bed
until late on the west
coast so it’ll be
early for me
so yeah we could do that we could
come after the
after party
and do it uh
do it non sober
this is a sober version of the you
stream because i
gotta go do the broadcasting
right now go me or can flow
who the fuck knows son
that’s why they
gotta do it
i think it’s
exciting having go me over here
i would have liked to see him over here years ago but
you know he’s
still young
and he’s got a lot to prove
you know and i think
he’s training real hard he looked really in real good
shape and he’s saying all the right
things that he wants to really make another run
and get another run at pj penn
and he’s obviously got to get through
kenny to do that so i
think it’s gonna be real interesting he’s a
solid wrestler
and he’s a big
power puncher you know he hits hard
so i think kenny’s
going to try to use his legs
kenny’s got real good leg kicks
real good movement
he’s going to
try to use his footwork
work him with leg
kicks and then if it goes to the ground he’ll try to
submit him and cut him up with
elbows the thing
about goemi
is goemi has not fought anybody
ever with the
elbow rules you know
elbows are different man
especially the cage
you know cage and elbows
you know it’s
those are two totally different
things that
he’s never experienced before so it’s gonna be
gonna be interesting
gonna be interesting
and kenny man he gets better
every time i
gotta get out of here guys
i gotta get
ready gotta jump in the shower
start now in ten minutes pretty little
thank you very much
i’ll do this again
yeah come on
come on my house will do a full version fuck
yeah two hours
all right you want to
leave with us
you know what i’m
gonna just take my own car
okay i’m gonna
get the rental yeah
i’ll see you there man see you in ten minutes
yeah no yeah five fifteen
yeah it’s only it’s four o five right now
ladies and gentlemen
finally we’re alone
so that’s the
story i got to
leave in ten minutes so i should i should
get my shit going
yeah i wanted
to do just a little show because i couldn’t
do one last week because i had a staph infection
that i had to deal with so i didn’t fucking die
that’s the problem with
jiu jitsu man you know
you roll with
dirty motherfuckers and get
weird skin shit you know
we’re diseases i know a dude got herpes on his head
what yeah you can get a
you can get herpes from
jiu jitsu not good
the deal with me getting a serious radio show i’m
gonna do a weekly show
i think i’m gonna do like a six week run a trial run
and it’s all dependent on my scheduling
because i just signed a deal to write a book
i’ve been writing it for a
while but they’ve been negotiating
about a deal and we finally got the
right deal and
i was in new york
last week and
i met with the publishers they came out to see me
when i performed at gotham so i got a nice deal
and i’m getting ready and
the deal is that i have to finish the book by august
so i’m gonna be guns blazing
trying to write this
thing and finish it most of the stories
it’s gonna be mostly about
my the beginning
days of doing
stand up because i have so many
crazy stories
about bad road gigs and
just struggling
on the road and you know like what it’s like to be
an really an amateur
comedian trying to
you know go out there and get people to
laugh for money
and you know and how fucking
crazy it is and
how unsure it is and how
you really have no idea if it’s ever
gonna work out and you feel
you know it’s
completely insecure
you know you feel like there’s no way this is ever
gonna really turn out to be a career
and how nutty some of the fucking gigs i’ve done were
why wasn’t you at
weigh ins yesterday i don’t even
think i’m gonna
answer that just because it’s so retardedly written
but if somebody else asks it i’ll answer it
i was at the
weigh ins because i didn’t get in the
time i got my flight didn’t land till four o’clock so
they had goldberg doodle the weigh
ins and then
i had my show last night
because we were in new york
and then i flew back from new york
sunday i had
monday to stay
home with my family and then tuesday
flew out again
so unless i’d stayed here in charlotte
there was no way really i was
gonna be able to
get to the weigh ins but
you know i didn’t
i didn’t really
this is too much
traveling i need to
be home at least a couple days a week
otherwise i got nutty when you have
babies man you
just can’t wait to go home and see him you know
how’s hardy’s arm hardy’s fine
hardy doesn’t have any problems there’s nothing
wrong with him i can’t believe it
you know his shoulder his arms you know
i think george st pierre
didn’t quite have the arm bar right
but the kimura there was at one point in time in the
kimorra i thought it was just gonna rip off
i mean it looked it looked pretty bad
oh bring back some chicks from the after party at least
i can’t do that anymore i made
babies and i made it made a wife and all that shit
my doing a show
aziz and zari i don’t know him but i think
yeah i think he’s on that show
the kevin bean show that i’m doing this weekend
april foolishness
i think it’s it’s either friday or saturday night
one of those i’m not sure which i’ll tell you right now
oh i think it’s shower
yeah saturday
it’s at the gibson amphitheatre and universal
and i’m pretty sure it’s way sold out
those guys always sell out their shows
it’s a really good lineup too a lot of funny comedians
i did it last year with pat naswal did it raven mano
ray romano patton oswald jeff ross
a bunch of good guys i know jeff’s on it
again this year i think jay moore’s on it
again this year too
is ariani hot or what
she’s hot if you’re not gay
if you’re gay she’s probably not hot
the buffer 360 tonight i think he said he would
never do that again i think he said the buffer 360
is gonna retire he’s gonna put that shit in the books
it’s over son
what do i think
about crop circles i
think they’re incredible
geometric patterns
whether not
humans made them
the fuck knows you know i mean
there’s a lot of people that
argue that it’s
impossible for people to make them that they’ve
you know three times the size of a football
field and they appear overnight and they’re in perfect
geometric you know patterns and circles and
everything i don’t know you know i
think it’s very intriguing
you know at the very
least some of
them are fascinating because they’re so fucking huge
you know and
if really i mean if people really are
making these things
you know and
they’re flattening them out and just leaving them there
it’s like wow there’s such incredible geometric art you
would think that they
would want to take credit for that
you know if it’s just a hoax
it’s incredible
that it’s a hoax that they’ve kept up for this long
like how sneaky are they
and what’s the what’s the benefit of that what’s the
what’s the reward i don’t know i mean
i don’t have an opinion one way or
another though i am
i think it’s also possible that
it could be some sort of an
experiment that they do to impose geometric patterns in
these fields it
might be something that they do you know
from the sky or something
like that and who the fuck knows how they’re doing it
if you talk to some people that
say that these patterns
the way they’re made
that the nodes of these
plants have been
blown out like they’ve had energy
pulse through them like microwaves like expanded
i don’t you know i don’t know though
i really personally have not done enough
research and
really paid attention to both sides of the argument
i know one side
of the argument is that it’s bullshit and the
other side of the argument is that it’s aliens
you know both of them seem pretty
ridiculous so i’m not i’m not exactly sure
what i think
about that shit
so what i think
about the luke stewart andre galval
fight i thought that fight was really interesting i was
blown away by that luke stewart guy
that guy has incredible
sweeps man he’s relentless
i thought he won
the fight i thought he beat him with
stand up and i thought his
ground game
and negated gal vals ground game
and he swept him a bunch of times and
i thought he edged them
you know i thought it was a real close
fight but i thought stewart edged them
but man he blew me away luke stewart is a bad
and i’m really looking forward to his next
fight that was really really impressive
ufc one fifteen cincinnati
they say that might be possible if
if the the vancouver
thing falls
through i don’t know if that’s falling through or not
i haven’t heard it directly from the
horse’s mouth
so when i hear it
i’ll find out
any more documentaries like the
union coming out yeah i did a documentary on dmt
it’s called dmt the
spirit molecule and it
should be done
in may and probably out in
for release sometime around the summer
i know they’re taking it to film festivals and
they’re bringing it all over the
place but it’s a documentary mostly about
different people’s
experiences on dmt and i am the narrator
so that’s the deal do i know who bob lazar is
yeah bomb bizarres i got
claims to have worked for area 51 and
you know he’s kind of been discredited with a lot of
things especially like his education i
guess he kind of like
told some lies
about where he went to
school and what his degrees are in but
very very intelligent guy and he obviously knew a lot
about that area
about area 51 whether
or not he really did have any contact with ufos or with
alien spacecraft or any of that
stuff i mean
it could be
total 100 horseshit or it
could be true i mean it’s really hard to tell
but when a guy lies
about his education
lies about certain aspects of his
background you
gotta assume that he’s probably lied
about other
things as well
i don’t know you
know again i don’t really have an opinion either way
interesting don’t
watch him talk though he’s very confident
you know he’s very confident
which could mean either a he’s crazy
and that’s why he’s confident
or b he’s telling the truth
all right i got to get the fuck out
of here because the car is picking me up in two minutes
i just wanted to
to bust out
a nice quick one
right here for you guys and say what’s up so
thank you everybody for
tuning in and we’ll do one
probably this weekend
i’ll have eddie come over to my
house and we’ll do like a full long ass one
maybe friday
and that’s it my friends
thank you very much
enjoy the fights tonight they’re live on
spike tv tonight
there’s i don’t know what time it comes on but it’s
right before the
ultimate fighter
so it’s a fight night
kenny florian
versus gomi
is the headliner it’s
gonna be a sick sick fight
and ross pearson’s on the car to
against dennis
ever looking forward to that too
alright my friends
thank you very much for
tuning into this thing
again and i will be back
next week with a real
solid podcast
and maybe we’ll even do one this weekend with
eddie bravo
at my house
so thank you very much and
i’ll see you guys soon thanks