The Joe Rogan Experience #83 - Bas Rutten

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what you do you heat it up in a microwave

i don’t recommend that

i think that could

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you know what

did you see they call it like the jerk

off cups they have like cups in japan

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i swear to god

it has a little

like cellular

thing on it you know so to keep it moist and

and there’s

a little hole in it and it’s actually you can use it

and then throw away my buddy

yeah we went up to the

room my buddy goes

right away he says

man they’re reusable i say

that’s that’s that was not

right the best was

that my other friend he forgot it

in a little

paper bag and there were some poor

magazines in

the bag also so when we left up i was at the

tokyo in hilton

the hilton hotel

we walked up and this little girl

goes like sir you forgot your and she looks in there

and she looks at my body she’s like a

shark and he goes yeah

i know so she knows exactly

what it is exactly what it is it’s very common in

japan too because

there are a

bunch of freaks over there

right and they’re only this small

wow yeah so

what happened the

whole cup so your

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it’s for small penises i

guess you have to make a hole at the

other side yeah well how’s that work

yeah it’s not designed for american or

dutch cocks

right for those

who don’t know who we’re talking to this is

a true mixed martial arts

legend a real pioneer

boss rooting

was a former

ufc heavyweight

champion and when i

first saw boss

fight i saw you

fight back before

there was any real good

striking in

mixed martial arts

mixed martial arts was

a lot of it was you know karate

guys that weren’t that good you

know there was a few people that were just wild and

crazy that were getting in there and trying it

and there was pancreas was

going on over in japan

and a buddy of

mine had sent me a tape

and they’d said

i forget who

gave me the tape but he goes you

gotta watch this

motherfucker boss root and

it’s finally a guy

who’s over there that knows how to

strike and you were

ballasting guys like in pancreas

it was a lot of like they had these

shin pads on for

folks who haven’t seen it

and you weren’t allowed to

punch to the face

but you could use open palms

so what boss figured out how to do

was pull his hand

way back so he was

punching with his palm

where everybody else was doing

bitch slaps

boss was blasting guys with straight

right palms and

knocking them


and body kicks

they just couldn’t believe how much pain they were in

you were one of the

first guys from holland

that you know that hard dutch

style of kickboxing to

enter into mixed martial arts

i worked i used that already palm

strikes when i was a

bouncer because i

didn’t like to mess up my face so and i always thought

you have a way longer reach

like for instance

the left hook

right straight you know that combination

it’s great but if you

if you connect with the left hook you’re too

close for the straight punch

you see and the longer the

punches the more

power it has

so i said why don’t i hit with a palm

you know because

then it becomes almost as long as my straight punch

so the straight will have more effect

you know and then people

started thinking i said if

you hit behind the ear if you can see when i’m fighting

i’m hitting

right here just behind the ear at the jaw

where the jaw starts

and if you tap

it there yeah you’ll drop well you’re one of

those guys too you analyze different ways to attack

opponents and that’s why you’ve got all these

videos online of

self defense techniques and bars

if you haven’t seen

these videos have you seen them the

music video ones one i

love fucking

fantastic no

sorry i’m not

sorry bang bang bang

oh looky look what we got here how did that get

started how did you

start doing

those it was the funniest

thing i made the big

boss rudan’s big books of combat

and then the

i promised that the

first 300 people

were going to get a

self defense

book a small one a

small book like

50 pages book or something

but then this guy

screwed me over with the books

and when that all happened you know

i left this guy but i came back to him i said listen

i told the people that the

first 300 were

gonna get it and i

wanna keep my word

but i don’t

wanna do anything with this guy anymore because

you know it took too

much for me already so anyway we said why don’t i make

a video we do an instructional dvd

and then we give that to the

first 300 people oh that’s

great and she

said what do you want

to say well get the camera

it was like totally non scripted

you know when we

started at the bar how

funny was that you know that i go around the bar and

i see a little

what do you call it a

saucer or something i said okay well this you can

throw at him to distract you can

break it now he’s got sharp

edges you can slice him

you know and then

when i go through that

thing that holds the receipt you know that pin

i grab and i look at the

thing and i go

i don’t need to tell you what you can do with this

it was the funniest

we had to stop so many times that we were dying

that’s all one take no preparation

nothing well see you don’t have to worry

about things you

think like that all the time yeah

and being a

bouncer that is one

one i’ve never been a

bouncer but i

did well i actually did work as a

bouncer at a concert

place at great woods it was a concert center and

there was a lot of

fights as concert

constantly dealing with fight

but that’s different than a bar

because a bar

is more dangerous is more contained the concert

places big and wide open it was an outdoor venue

you know when

you’re at a bar you must have seen a lot of shit

especially in holland

holland’s a fucking

crazy place it is

it is a crazy

place you have to

watch out then

you know i wasn’t in that era that they really

started to come with the weapons

i was always fortunate you know to

the big guys

would come in

and they would actually give

their guns to us

you know we put them to the side

and when something

come in with

their guns oh yeah and they

will be put restored them for them before they went in

holy shit yeah it was

crazy you know i

had one guy it was a it was high up

there was actually cool because

i worked there only for like two weeks it was a big

place the galaxy

and set token boss

and a very known

place it gets big they

had some epic

fights there man

really cool and

this guy works at anyway

something broke out and

right away the

big guy the the guy was on top of the ladder

he grabbed me from the front

and he bear hug me

and he says we’re just gonna

stand like this

and i said whoa is this i just want to take the

the worst one the most dangerous one i just want to

hold you like this so that was kind of a

compliment because all the

other bouncers heard it

they go like who’s this guy you know and then

the world starts to

travel you know how it goes

so holland the

fights that happen in holland in

bars it seems to happen a lot with

mma guys i know you’ve been in a

bunch of them alastair over him

fucked up his hand

botter hari got in a big one

no it’s just constantly a kickboxers and

mma guys are always getting bar

fights it’s the

bouncers the

bouncers really think

that they can do something and i don’t know why maybe

it is because they got more of them and they

think you know

so they give you shit they

wanna they give you shit

cause they know who you

are it’s all

yeah do you find you like

do you find that because of you have such a

reputation do you find it like guys get

drunk and then they

wanna test themselves

with you that happened i i had that

till that whole bar

fight in sweden happened

and after that

for some reason i

never had it anymore

and what was the bar fighting

suite because that was

very famous

like that was the internet what happened with that

well i walked in

and what year was this

oh god i don’t know

it was like

ninety six or

seven so you

weren’t the ufc

champion then when

did you win the

ufc was it 99 99 i think yeah

so but they

they recognize

about you from kickboxing from

mma you were already

famous in the

mma world and

you know the

oh yeah yeah i was there for seminar people knew me

and the bounce was

right away when i came in to

say hey ruton stay calm tonight and there was a little

alarm bell going off in my mind

you know maybe i shouldn’t go in but i go huh

i was drunk already

why not right

so i go in with my buddy

crazy friend from holland

not a house and

and sure enough they started

they certainly

asked me because

i’m jumping around and having fun you know hey what’s

up hey what’s up everybody you know me man i

tried to make friends with everybody

try to speak swedish

you know and

they they said can you come with us

so we go to

these two doors through

these two doors and there’s a big fire

stairs like a marble

stairs giant

and he says well we want you to

leave i said why

i said well you’re you’re too much

energy you’re flopping around it’s not good you you’re

bothering the customers

i said sure okay

but can you tell my friend my

buddy is over here he’s also from holland

can you tell him that i’m gone because otherwise

you know he can’t find me

so this they didn’t

expect that they they thought i was

gonna do something of course so he pushes me

and i said why would you push me i said i

wanna go it’s okay you know i don’t want any trouble

and he stopped putting his finger on my chest

which is something i really can’t stand

right so i said okay don’t touch me because if

you know if you do that again it’s

gonna go wrong and sure enough they were looking for a

fight of course

he did it again so i pushed him

and another guy behind him jumped over him and he

stabbed the finger in my eye and said guys

come on let’s stop this right now i don’t want to

boop my other eye

and there i went boom

and that guy went down

he went down like one

punch i’ve never seen anything i

heard him over the music

i heard that

yeah that was the wildest thing ever

and then they had these little

microphones right so

yeah i don’t know but fast it was like

it was five guys four five guys

and they start fighting and the guy that i

knocked out constantly because he would wake up

right and everything went good and went good

but then i started realizing wait a minute

these guys are gonna come back up all the time you know

this is gonna come to an end they

gotta get the hell out of here

so you knocking them down

so you’re hitting them they’re falling down everyone

that’s coming at you you’re not now but you realize and

you got to get out of here i had to get out of there

and there’s one part

until this day i have no clue what this was i’m falling

against the wall

and there’s a hole in the wall you know with a little

like bar in

front of it and there’s



but no brooms on

broomsticks just

so i’m grabbing one but

right away when i grab one i

think to myself i said

if i grab one they

gonna grab one

so i leave it

and it could

but they passed it

and they all took a

freaking broomstick

and i go oh you know

we were fighting

five guys with

broomsticks it was wild and then

i had to get

get the hell out of there so i went all the way down

and i remember

till this day it was a door that you know one of

these copper

things that

you have to push in and then you open up so i

click and it’s closed

and i’m go okay

and now what

you know so i turned around and i thought okay now i’m

gonna go only for the eyes

i’m gonna hit him in the throat

i’m gonna kick him in the balls that’s the only

thing i’m gonna go for now and they looked at me

and they all step back

so i go whoa

they can see i mean business right

but behind me is the

whole police force

outside because there were windows

so they they

throw me in jail

and because

apparently one of

those monsters was a cop

and yeah and i

knocked him out of course also but he’d

never told me that he was a god

but otherwise i

wouldn’t have done that

anyway we’re there and this is also this is actually a

funny story

because before this all happened i’m talking to my wife

and i’m already tanked right

she says why are you

laughing why you have so much fun i said

honey i’m drunk

i’m having a lot of fun she’s no

you’re there with two swedish blonde girls huh i said

honey don’t

worry about you know me if i’m

drunk you know i don’t care

about anything

especially not that

i just want to have fun so

after two days they allowed me to get my

first phone call

and i’m calling my wife and she’s

freaking out i said

honey you got to be okay

relax relax i say i got some good and some bad news

so you want to hear

first she’s

the good news i say

i didn’t fuck two swedish girls

she says the bad news is i mean jill

she gonna hate me before the story because every time

she’s not funny i think that’s a hell of a story

you got the movie

yeah true story that’s an outstanding story

so how did you get out of the country what happened

you know what

i asked them if they press charges and they said no

so i said okay i’m not gonna press charges either

but apparently they did press charges

and then i had to go to court so i get this lawyer

and also you know they

drive me from the normal police station to jail right

this is like a move joe you drive into a mountain

and the road stops in the middle of a mountain

you get out this elevator

like two elevators i don’t know

about good when elevator i go like four stories up

i go out take another elevator go like two down

go out take another elevator

go like six up

i go oh my god where am i you know

was some weird jail with

i was sitting there with like murderers and rapists

it was the wildest thing ever but

all the guards knew me

so i had a vcr

i had coffee cookies

i was playing guards with the

guards they actually gave me my phone they said oh

cool you know

yeah it was nice

so then the lawyer comes the lawyer goes i say okay so

when can i go you know and he said well

you’re probably gonna get like six to nine months

i said whoa

back up now

i said what he said yeah one of them was a cop

i see you’re kidding i said but they

started you said well they

fight against one you know

you can’t say anything so

anyway it went to court and then

my friends some friends of sweden they

started they talked

apparently they talked to those guys

and i said man come on

take your charges back and that’s what they did

and then they never go wow

you imagine six months

yeah that was weird man that was like a

movie like that

movie with the guy from highlander remember

he made a movie one time in a jail

somewhere really weird

remember that the chair was in a mountain that’s

crazy it was in a

freaking mountain that’s

crazy and then

when you had to

let you know to go

your one hour a day

it was like a circle

and it was divided like a pie

like an eight

and but with a fence like you

see fence like that in

eight so you

would you have a

piece of pie let’s say

you know that

space to yourself

from here to you to the wall there wow and then

another guy

right next to you that

right there

and you’re not interacting

with them you’re not in the same jail as them

not in the same cage as them

no not in the same cage everybody has

their own room yeah

how weird that was wild

yeah scary stuff

because it’s funny now

but at that moment it’s really not sweden

this is where it happened in sweden in sweden

this is the

place where all this shit is

going down with wikileaks

where they’re trying to put that guy in jail

for rape because he had sex with a girl and the condom

broke and he didn’t tell her

sweden is a strange

place and they take like violence and

crime very very seriously over they had

just a suicide rate is the highest in the

world really yeah

japan is too but sweden is one

wow wow why is that why sweden

like chicks are so hot yeah that seems like they

would cut back a lot

you know what actually brazil

who’s killing themselves in brazil the girls are so hot

wait yeah you know what i mean it’s like

the flight over that was a

funny story too because i

would call my crazy

friend from holland

right so we we

we get tanked on the

plane and and

and he says i got to go to the restroom

and i said well don’t you know but he sits here the

aisles next to me

and he sits on the other side

he say well

but they just turned the

light on because we’re landing i said

what are you

gonna do to get to stop the

plane and say go take leak man

so he goes up and

it’s like walking up you know because we’re going down

he goes to the restroom

and people complaining complaining you know and

finally he comes back

and he wants to get in this is before 911 okay

he wants to

get in i say no you can’t go in and i look to the

front and i see the

pilot there this is true

story joe i

swear this and the

pilot at the door

is open i say i want you i let you in if you go to the

front and touch the

pilot’s head

and he says okay

so he’s still walking down here

like this oh

no and he put his hand

on yeah on his head

and people like oh you can’t do this with but not

not as bad so and for some reason

they let us into the country wow yeah

that was the ones can you imagine that happens now no

we’re gonna

shoot you if you shut your if you won’t shut your cell

phone off they’ll put you in jail yeah

yeah yeah those

will turn the

plane right around and you know

wow so this is nice you say 96 97 yeah

about that time

i remember when you

could get on a

plane with just you didn’t even have you have

to have a driver’s license

that’s all you had to have

you know what you didn’t even have to have a driver’s

license i remember when you didn’t get on a

plane with nothing

you just go on

with a ticket

that’s what i meant

when i used to compete when i was doing taekwondo

tournaments we

would fly oh

i had a ticket

i didn’t have a driver’s

license they

told me to canada for a long time you

could go with your driver’s

license too

right to canada yeah to

canada and to mexico

but then the united

states started being douchebags

about it and

you know they

would cut back on

mexicans and canadians coming

over here and so they made it more difficult and so

canada and mexico

made it more difficult too but yeah when i

first used to go to montreal

when i used

to do the comedy festival up there i didn’t have

a passport you got

trouble at the border there all the time

in canada never for some reason they always

get me out i have no clue why that is me too i have

no clue well it’s your record

they find your record i mean

if you have an

assault like what happened in

sweden but what happened in sweden

no that was not because they went to

court and they

threw it out it

doesn’t matter

the fact that you got arrested and you went to

court and all that and you were in a jail

for a little bit even if there’s no charges that stick

they still have that on your record like

eddie bravo got arrested once

for legally having a gun

he got pulled over

for a traffic violation this one he was working for a

check cashing company needs to

carry around

a big bag of cash with them and he had to

carry a gun with them

and it was totally

legal but he had done something

like not stopping at a stop sign or something like that

so they pull

him over he said i just want to let you know

i have a gun a loaded gun in the car because i do this

they arrested him

they released him

because you know it was all correct they check his

paperwork it’s all good

doesn’t matter

every time he goes to canada

every single time he gets pregnant

pulled aside

and they check his shit

and they ask him questions and it takes like an

extra hour and a half i got

stuck with him the last time i went to it’s

annoying it’s really

annoying yeah and he

had no record i mean he did nothing

you know and never

stuck as a record but just the fact that he was even

arrested yeah

yeah just big

roided guy one time

standing there all

messed up when you go to get any

rights in the back

swear to god

i look at him

and say rights is perfected

perfected man

that’s what you said

straight in the eye it’s funny

yeah and i did that same line or nothing

i did that same line

twice also in america

same thing i came back from japan same

could be the same guy

same thing you said you got any

rights i mean

why do they ask me did ever ask you they always ask

me they always ask me

brian’s on yeah yeah

but you yeah you know but come on

he’s run just

to be a man

it wasn’t on roy to be a girl

who asked that

yeah it’s roy’s in the bag the

funny thing is you

could say that roy’s are for faggots and

he won’t say anything because no guy on roy’s ever once

admit they’re on roy’s yeah even

the biggest fucking

most gigantic

ridiculous human beings ever

like i’m just doing a lot of

creatine i do

power lifted i eat

six meals a day

how much pork what was that the guy took that

sarom skis no no no not sarom skis the

strongest man

puts you now

ski puts in asking

they were saying that he ate

like candy and bacon

12 pound of bacon or

something like a

day something sick

he turned purple

did you see that guy when he fought

tim so yeah

he got purple like the

weirdest color

yeah yeah it’s not good

his bodies your body’s not supposed to look

like that it’s not supposed to that is not a fighters

build you know when you see these guys

like there’s guys in the

ufc a lot of times in

their first couple

fights you’ll

see them they come in they’re just too big and

it looks good

and it might be good for the

first 30 or 40

seconds you know that’s it

you could really gorilla fuck a guy for 30 or 40

seconds but then that lactic acid builds up

and boom crashing

yeah i always said i i

i never cared

about it and

never care if somebody said oh he’s on

right to say you know

to me it is

that you’re insecure already

you know there’s something

wrong with you because you’re not

happy with yourself let’s go to that

and that bullshit

thing that they

say you know it yeah but everybody does it

i mean it’s insane i did this

for the amateurs they

you know dated

the camel i’m the

board of the camel

right and they

asked me to go and camel

for people no no

the california

amateur mixed martial arts organization yep

and they asked me

to speak to the guys

you know to

help them out in the future once they do a pro what to

watch out for

and then the last the most important

thing what is the most important

thing they said i said well don’t do rights

i mean if you if you already did words or are thinking

about doing words i mean you

might as well stop your career because in this

particular stage

right now if you’re already thinking

about it you’re

gonna fail you’re

gonna be a loser

because you

you want rights

i never got that

and how danger is it you know what i hear the epo

you know people doing that i go mad it

doesn’t that make your

blood really thick hmm

it’s very dangerous and very common by the way yeah um

guy boxers been caught with it

sugar shame mosley got caught with it

you know epo

is what they always accuse

cyclists of

using and i had

a friend who was a professional

cyclist and he was on it

and he said

that when he was on a tour they were on a tour

they would ride on a bus

and then they

would compete in

these tournaments

and these are races rather and

you would hear guys in the middle of the

night unrack

their bikes and go ride they had to

if the heart rate

goes down or something well it’s

too much blood

too much blood

builds up in your body because what what epo

simulates is it’s like artificial altitude

you know like the same

effect that happens at altitude where your

blood thickens because you

need more oxygen because it’s a low oxygen environment

so these guys and they take this epo

they have to exercise

like they’ll wake up at like

three o’clock in the morning and they’re like

their parts all fucked up and they

gotta get on the bike and go yeah i was

gonna have a

heart attack or something

yeah you could have strokes

it’s very dangerous i know

mixed martial arts guys that have

and i know guys that have done it that you know

their trainer

found out like

after the fight and

they were like what the fuck man you

gotta let us know that you’re doing this

so that if you get

knocked out

we can tell the doctor hey here’s something you

should consider you

guys on fucking epo

you know use a pen as a

syringe you know

you need to evolve like this because it’s so thick yes

it’s coming out like lava

doesn’t get up

i was talking to a joe mccarthy

and i said you know what the new oh no no he asked me

since you know what the newest

drug is like

for fighting i said tell

i said viagra

and he goes how do you know that

i say i read an article

about it like a week before that

and apparently

guys are doing that taking viagra and

apparently viagra is one of this wonder

things it’s really good for your kidneys for

blood pressure for i mean

i read an article in

yeah that’s why i tell you some

fitness magazine and it was like raving

about it’s a real good

medicine apparently but can you imagine

well what it does is it increases your nitric

oxide and all

those chemicals

those supplements

that people take you know nitric burn all

these different nitric

flood all these different things

this is the

exact same thing increases your nitric

oxide that’s why your dick it’s hard so

quick your muscles

fucking flare

veins get back big yeah

mmm definitely yeah

until it goes to the ground then it’ll be uncomfortable

that’s what i’m saying you know what do you do

as long as you keep your cup in

place a little tickle tickle

depends on if you have a dick that

could fit into one of

those japanese


people might not even ever know right yeah

yeah that was funny

you’re one of the guys

that you’re one of the few guys that has gone through a

mixed martial arts career and has

successfully brought

transition to a broadcasting career

i mean you you made

you’re very

smart in how you handled it because

first of all

you didn’t take too many

fights you didn’t

go with your ego and have

fights after

you were busy with other

things or weren’t

fully concentrated on it

you stepped away in full health

how did you manage to do that

not full health

not full health my knees were very bothering me and

one of the worst

things i have is

tendonitis in both my arms

and if that hits if that starts

then it’s i don’t

know did you yeah

did you ever

you have ever had yes

yeah okay now i have both here in the arms upstairs

and if it hits it’s about a

45 minute hour

a pain which is unimaginable it’s

like yeah you have no clue

it’s like coming from the outside it’s like he it’s

you can’t describe it there’s no pain like it and

there’s nothing you can do you can take pain pills for

nothing wow and if the writer i

would lose weight

you know so

when i made that comeback in two thousand six

six weeks before

it hit it you know i had

nine weeks to prepare

i think two times

three times five days i took off

that i literally only worked my legs and

because i had the

tendonitis and then

because you lose weight from the pain

and then i start realizing

okay this is the reason that i stopped because

it’s not fun anymore you know you’re on the ground

everything hurts i was rolling

in eddie’s class

and with goliath

you remember the big guy there

and i was gonna

fight leo polo

and kim o the

apollo and he

very much looks like him like built

i might get

a roll with you because i need to just get up and just

strike get up and strike

and i had to

tendonitis and i man

everything was hurting and i

could see everybody look like oh is this bastard

so i go okay man please give me a number you know

so i got his number of five days

later i said

and i took five days

offset come back

again and he was like whoa what’s

going on now because it’s a

whole different ball game

but so that means that every

every time when you

train with that it man it

it’s so much pain

that yeah you lose weight you can’t

eat you know yeah tears in your eyes from the pain as

well and so what exactly is

tendonitis what is it what is it from

i have no clue

and you know what i realized that beginning in

early days when i did

track and field

i already had it there i

think that it comes from

all the cortisones that i took i was a very sick kid

badass my bad eczema

everywhere and

they gave me a lot of cortisones you know they always

were afraid something was

gonna happen in the end

and that and that has an

effect i hear on your

skeleton you know it melts they say

but i guess if it’s

could have got

you attendance

right wow that’s

crazy so you were you were a sick kid and you


somehow into a martial arts

champion wow

right did you

start training really

hard because of your sickness because your asthma

is that one

yeah i i got

bullied a lot i i was a very lonely kid i

i was i was into trees

i had a really cool

skill i could

climb in a tree in the forest and i

could like 45

of the forest i go from treetop to treetop i

would start

swinging yeah

what go to the next

one yeah so if they

would follow me if they

would come out

to me fucking tarzan yeah

holy shit and i

climbed in a tree so they would go

after you and you

would jump from tree to tree like a monkey

get away from them

that’s what i did

and a few of them fell

you know one was almost

they almost didn’t make

it you know i mean his hat fell like next to a rock

that scared everybody so much that that was my

harbor that was my safe harbor

you know every time

something happens i just

climbed a tree

it was it but i

think that that’s

where i got my athleticism from

just climbing

climbing all the time yeah

that’s fucking

crazy it’s amazing how many

mixed martial artists were bullied

you know i mean people look at a guy like you and they

would go there’s

no fucking way this guy was ever bullied

it’s amazing how much of that happens and what the

fuck i mean how do you stop that shit from happening in

school i know

you’re involved in a lot of anti

bullying programs and i’ve

seen you do you know public service announcements and

stuff like that

how the how do you stop that in school

you get you

you know and it’s it

it’s hard you have to make sure that the

that the whole

school knows like i

would do how do you say that and um

i would tell there

if i if i would

speak in front of

those people that the bullies

that there we

gotta have sympathy for those guys

i mean there’s obviously something’s

wrong with them

they only can team up

you know to get somebody and they pick the weakest guy

i mean seriously if you guys

think this is cool

that’s the biggest

loser of the

whole school and i

think that weird

human nature

thing it really is

it’s like we probably get beat at home

you know and if you

start talking like that

hopefully it rings a bell with a

bully because

otherwise she can’t stop this

you know are you here

every now and then

about guys who are

fighters who are bullies

you know who you hear

about bullying in the gym

guys who are really good fucking

other guys up like

young guys that a lot

about hector lombard you know

i don’t know if it’s true but you hear a lot of stories

about him beating the shit out of

young guys and hurting people

yeah you know and you know that that has to

be something from their

childhood it just has to something happened there

yeah yeah scary

stuff you would

think that a guy who’s a

trained fighter though you

would think well that’s

like that would be my solution like how do you get

bullying out of the

schools i really

think you should

teach kids how to fight

i don’t think they

should have to

fight but i

think you know offer it

in physical education offer it because

for a man it’s one of the most important

things you could ever

learn for developing your character

for being just

being more confident and getting out

aggression so you can

think things more clearly

i we at ktla

this morning in the gym

and it was i was

frank your gym

by the way for people don’t know you have a

great gym and thousand oaks and

how do people get there what is

where’s the what’s the name of it it’s a

boss rutan’s elite mma

it’s from 8080

hampshire wrote

in thousands of

this is a rare


if you live in this area to train with

you know a true

legend in a

pioneer and i’m

every day there

i’m trey i’m

teaching every day so it’s not like my

name is on the gym and i’m not there i don’t like this

you know and so ktla was at your gym ktla was a jim

frank shamrock

was at the gym my friend

holt mckellan

you the guy from

lights out to the new tv show on fx

great show and

boxing shows yeah yeah he’s next


champion you know and now he’s

got to cope with

all the problems you know the

money is gone and

it’s got a little bit sopranos meats

rocky meat you know like serious like that

and and yeah all of us were

bullied also

frank also was a little fat kid he said

and then he also because he went to

boarding school

in in scotland his father sent him over

there he was the only american there so that went wrong

and with me also it’s

yeah because of the

eczema and all of my

asthma you know

the alma and eczema

yeah they went

ahead and had together

how’d they fix that i grew over it you know what the

weirdest thing is

when i stepped into the

states when i was

fighting in pancras if you see some

fights you’ll see i

still have everywhere have spots

you know and when i came into america

i think within a month

everything i mean i see

almost disappearing

like was gone

i think also the climate

maybe has something to do with

california climate

yeah i love it

this is actually it’s not too hard not to dry you know

it’s perfect

it’s a pretty good

place to live

yeah we just said it right

yeah it’s pretty awesome

when you hear

about people in minnesota

freezing their dicks off

like i said i came into the

stage i said why

doesn’t everybody in america live here

why would you live here seems like they do though

there’s no houses

there’s a lot of people living here man

there’s a lot of people

so um so you didn’t exactly

transition out without

any pain that said that was one of the reasons why you

you cut your your

fighting career short

attended honest yep

yep that at

my knees i have no cartilage on my kneecaps really

which sounds

as a very easy

thing to fix but

in reality it’s the

worst problem

any can have

i mean cartilage

in between the knees when a

bunch they can do something

about that you know but cartage on the kneecap

they can my friend has

his knees resurfaced he had them resurfaced with steel

they put some sort of a

steel or titanium

plate over the knee

my friend steve was on the us ski team back

in the 80s and he fucked his knees up really really bad

like he’s had i believe 16 or 17

surgeries on his knees

and they’re mangled

and they just recently put artificial

meniscus in place

this white padded

stuff in between the knees

his cartilage is so chewed up

that they actually resurfaced

it with metal

so he has like it like it’s a

crazy looking

thing man it’s like metal

like on top of kneecap i have it here somewhere in my

email i’ll find it for you before we

leave tonight so you can

check it out

but so there

is a solution that my friends do you know it’s

it’s hard they can for instance

they can put the kneecap is in constant

motion you know

so it’s not like you can put something on there

and then because it gets

ripped off right away

again but it can do is like

drill a hole in there and then

i put a teflon

plate in it

but then if you

drill the hole the knee becomes

thirty five percent more weak so you have

way more chance to

break the knee and once you

break your kneecap

you know that’s why

it was my doctor said that’s why they the buffy osis

they break your kneecaps

because that’s like the

worst thing to do to somebody

yeah the knees are brutal man

i’ve had three knee operations i had

my left acl reconstructed my meniscus

scope to my left knee

here i got a

picture of it here if you

wanna check it out

check this out real quick

you see that

this is a resurfacing this is

where they took

his cartilage was so fucked up

took it off and they resurfaced it with

steel and this

white stuff in this picture

this is the artificial

meniscus i’ll put this

picture on twitter

later on so what else

pretty fucking

man the stuff that they can do nowadays is bizarre

yeah it’s pretty fucking

crazy yeah i don’t know

i mean this is really new

stuff that they’re doing

but i mean his knee looks like

it looks like but how does he feel

it feels great

he’s fucked me

crazy touches

the wildest

motherfucker i’ve ever met he was

a flight surgeon he’s in his 50s and he’s

still trying to

fight it’s crazy

it’s out of his mind you it’s a very hard

thing to step

away from you know to come back to it it’s very

when i have students of mine or friends of my

fighting it’s

i’m way more nervous than they are it’s like because

you can’t control it’s like sitting next to the driver

you know and they go fast you go like i rather have the

wheels so i

can control here

you know and that’s

now it’s hard

there’s no feeling like it

like when you win or when you

for six or eight weeks you work on

like five special


you know on the ground and

standing and then to see if you can land one of

those and then 90

of the time you do

you know it’s something

that you really worked on and then you land that

thing and then

it’s like a hole in one i

guess that’s

what i always say has to be feeling like that

yeah well i

think much crazier than that i

think that it’s just the

ultimate gamble you know you’re out there

throwing your bones at some guy

you know trying to

trying to hit his

vital areas

and it ain’t just a regular guy it’s a fucking

expert and he’s doing the

exact same thing and

so much of your success is

based on how much

dedication you have how much time you put in

how much you can keep your shit together

under pressure

is the ultimate high

right when you win is the

ultimate high

it really is and what you say

the thing is

can you i always say

can you bring

the dojo the way you fight and

train there

and spar there can you

bring that game

to the ring

cause that can

be a problem with that that’s the thing

that is a big thing

under pressure you know guys

we have fires

right oh yeah

yeah and a lot

of guys fold like you’ll see them they’ll do

great and they’ll be like dominating

and then the guy will

still be there

yeah and then you see the adversity you see

doubt you see all kinds of creepy

things about

you know whatever the fuck

haunts their subconscious whatever the fuck is in

their personality that they don’t like

you see its surface

most of the time is that

you see a guy when he

hit him with a hard shot

you know and

it’s most of the time the muscular guys by the way

check it out

and the big

blown up dudes

when they hit somebody with

their best bang

and the guy recovers and comes back then you see him go

and down or they have him in the

submission and they

think they had him and

and then the guy escapes

you know that’s like a mental

break for them then they give up it’s like the

weirdest thing you go like whoa

man it’s so good i know so many fighters

who are like that

and i just do it

again do it

again and make it

a little bit more tight why won’t you do that you know

but don’t they give up the fear of losing is a

tremendous burden that a lot of

guys have and it eventually manifests itself in a fight

it’s like they’re so

afraid of losing they’re so afraid of fucking up that

just it just

they make it happen but it’s afraid of losing in

front of an audience

because they have to listen to

those people

gonna tell them what you

should have done this and

chris lieben said it really

funny a long time ago he says you got

knocked out by silver

and and then he said

it’s bad if you go to the


and the guy behind the desk tells you what you

should have done

you know because everybody knows better

and that’s horrible

and that’s why i always say i say you

fight for yourself and

you say oh buster you

fight for your family your wife and your kids no i

fight for me

because that takes a lot of pressure off because really

think about this and and

if if you have a fellow fighter

and you go both into a room you lock the door you guys

fight do you really care if you lose

i don’t think i really care

i love to win

but you know i don’t i don’t know

you know he’s the best man that day he won the fight

now if it’s in

front of an audience you

gotta go through all that bs that

these other people say who have no clue

what it’s all about

but you see what i mean it’s all you’re

fighting for

those people and

it’s so much pressure that’s why i stay away from the

i’m gonna rip his head off i’m

gonna do this i’m

gonna do that because all that

they will play at the moment you walk through the cage

and you hear yourself saying

what you gonna do head

right oh yeah

that’s why i

never did that because you put a lot of pressure on you

now i better do what i said

guys i don’t

think guys realize it but you see it in

their face sometimes when they step into

the octagon you see all the shit talking they’ve said

and they’re like

here we go like wow what have i fucking done

there’s a few shit talkers

who are actually really good

you know chelsea

was pretty good

that was yeah but

he’s the master josh barnett’s pretty good at it too

george benetta’s really good at it too yeah

yeah there’s a few guys if you guys have noticed slang

smart guy so

frank shamrock

was good at his

smart comments make and

tito made a

whole career out of it also you know

you know and everybody’s

i said that

those are not

the guys that you see you know they’re playing a

smart game nick diaz

yeah yeah he loves it he loves it

and he’s a he’s a really nice guy you know i like him

well he gets

fired up though when he

fights when he

fights he’s not such a nice guy

yeah yeah so that’s the way


warfare is a part of

fighting right that’s it

who can i always say who’s got the biggest balls

who can you know keep go keep on

going that’s why i always say

stamina is the one number one thing

you know that’s one

thing they can

never say for me my all

my career and

never run out of gas

because that’s the only

thing you can

control you know when you train

go run an extra hill

through something i’ve nothing for commer than losing

how difficult was that for you though when you

started to get the

tendonitis because you know there’s like there’s

stamina from

you know from grappling

that you probably

couldn’t get like i know for a fact that toshikosaka

fight yep when you fought kosaka

when you won the

title right that’s you won the

title no that was your

first fight you know the

title from manaman

when you fought kosaka you

had a problem like you couldn’t do any grappling for a

while right

didn’t you have a neck problem a neck problem i got

against daryl golar

the wrestler

very good i

got him in a triangle

at the gym and he lifted me up

and he slammed me down with my neck into the corner

that took a long time

god knows the whole

thing i just had surgery comes from that

all the way

back and that was the injury what it what was

it was i have no clue but it was so painful i had a

daughter at the time she was like

nine months old

and she could not lay on my chest

whoa i was coughing you know

and everything would

i would it was

funny because i had this big

syringe of lidocaine

and i’m injecting myself in between my rips

oh my god the

ufc comes in with the cameras

right and i was at the time with the

movie with universal soldier

and these guys are

freaking out you know i said no no no come in come

in i said this is you know the doctor no sense

vital king is dangerous shit yeah but

you have to watch out where to do it but

if they do it it always goes

wrong because they can’t feel

where it is

but i have to between every rip

so you have to do it yourself yeah

it was painful

lidocane is like the gay cousin of cocaine

people don’t know it just numbs

things up when i got my nose

fixed i got a deviated septum fix and they

squirt lidocaine out there when they’re cleaning it out

so that it doesn’t freak you out

is they go up in your nose with a vacuum

cleaner yeah

it’s like you know when you vacuum your car

at the car wash and

it gets stuck on the

floor mat and goes

that happens to the back of your fucking skull

right where your

brain is when they’re

cleaning out

blood clots

and dried up boogers and shit and they

spray lidocaine

up there and i felt

fucked up for the whole day

like i was like what is

wrong with me i’m

like out of it and then i realized oh that lidocaine

so then i go online and i’m like what is the

effects of lidocaine

people fucking die from it

the girls that

put it on their legs

when they go to get

their legs lasered

they get the hair

lasered off

their legs it’s painful

so they cover

their legs with lidocaine

some girl died in her fucking car

she covered her legs in lidocaine and then

wrapped her legs up and she

just ran around

and she just

od’ed on oh

yeah yeah yeah

and you’re shooting it into your ribs and my ribs

i used them

many times that i

would go to the fight

and then one day

i had my resting

shoes because we had to wear

shoes at pancreas

they would be open like i had an

ankle injury

and i would wait

until they called my name

because one time i

broke my hand

the knuckle

and they said oh we put the

lighter can in there and it’s

gonna wait for work for like an hour but it’s not

it’s like fifteen minutes you know

especially with your

heart rate is up it goes really fast so

at the moment i stepped into the ring i go like

oh no it’s back you know

they’re not

gonna do this again

you know so i did it on them

at the moment they

would call my name

i would put it in and then hopefully i was not

gonna feel it fuck yeah

so you were

fighting on lidocaine to

shoot it in you and then

fight right here because you

could walk you know

i made a really bad trip

when i was running the day before i jumped on the plane

and it was against

vernon tiger

white it was like my fourth

fight or something somewhere there

and and it’s like it’s unbelievable

he takes me down and he goes for a toe hold and that

angle like i mean it’s like i’m sending out a signal

you know take this

thing this is a

weird signal because whenever i get a tattoo

somebody fucking slaps me

arm with a tattoo it’s always

if you have an injury

here where you

never get hit if you

spar you’re

gonna get hit there

it is what it is if you hurt

your hand for sure someone’s

gonna squeeze it when they

shake it yeah

sure what it is

a lot of times you go a

whole year without a guy giving you one of

those douchey handshakes

you know those douchey handshakes where

he grabs a tip of your face what

the fuck is that

about insecure and

you’ll go a year for that but if you hurt your hand

it’s right away that’s the

first thing that’s

gonna happen the guys wait is that it

fucking strange it’s the

same you got two lines you always pick the line that’s

the longest way yeah

this one is way longer you take

the shortest and

this guy goes for a

break and the fucking replacement

comes in they got to redo the register yeah the

check the old

grandmother you know

what is the

title how much

again oh oh

sorry i got

take another one when i see people paying with

checks i’m like why don’t you just fucking whip out

beaver pelts i cannot

i saw one the

other day at the grocery store

like really

you’re still

using this yeah that’s

where last time i saw it too was at the grocery

store when it

checks people

allow you to just

write on a piece of

paper yeah the big lebowski

it’s like 70 nights

on that milk yeah

the opening movie

the opening shot

so if you didn’t have all

these injuries do you

think you would have kept

going or do you

think i think i

would have kept going a

few more years yeah because

it was not a problem

not having stamina and

you know i always been very blessed

with my body

you know like people look at me now the

whole time and they say oh my god how much you

train well i didn’t train for

a year you know

it’s like i i just


put together because

of my dad my brother has the same he’s a lawyer but

it’s the same he’s got no fat just good

just good base good genes yeah they’re all athletes

the root inside you know so yeah

never had a problem with that

what was the question

the question was whether or not you would keep

going oh yeah no i would

yeah because

you know like i said there’s nothing like it

but at the moment

the fun is gone out of

training training

would be so much fun for me

because you know somebody

everything you know when you roll

every time something pops up oh god that’s cool

yeah man and it’s a new thing

and then you start

using a lot of people and it

works and it works and it works and it works oh my god

this is great you know and

every time a new little

thing or somebody shows you

another little thing like

a guilty joke do it like this because they can escape

no sergio painted

show to me i go wow

it’s like bizarre

things that i get that

whole expression yeah

and you know

and it’s so cool but on the way you have to pain the

whole time it takes the pleasure out of it and

once you have no more fun

what’s the use of

still keeping

so you can’t roll it all

right now no no and

especially just

after my surgery i get what

this surgery is the same surgery from the daryl golar

incident that you just had i don’t know i

think it added on

maybe you know

that was the

first time it got hurt though

yeah what was the actual surgery

would they have done

between c four and five and five and six my

nerves were flat squashed

so i lost at two

feet my whole arm

and shoulder

so now they honk

the holes open around it they make so that the

nerves are they can breathe

again so a lot of guys get that

the jose aldo just got that he has a

nerve issue as well

no arms going

numb and carwin

carwin had it as well he just had surgery on it carwin

did oh my god that for jose aldo

base one of my favorite guys

good that’s not good man this is a bad injury

because this is

gonna take a long time i mean

this is over two

months ago and i

i noticed things like i could

push brush my

teeth harder

push a little bit harder when i

watch under my armpit

or i can shave my

whole head now with a

razor blade

which i couldn’t do before

things like that but

power wise i do 15

pounds that’s it wow

yeah it’s really

it’s really

weak so when you roll around it’s not fun you know

of course they attack that arm there we go

again murph’s law yeah

everybody goes on that i had

giga musashi was

over and his brother and his brother said that nobody

could they could

break his grip at an armbar i have a really

weird way of putting

an armbar on but the way i do it nobody can escape

you know and

i do that i control the hand i make sure that the

elbow points up

you know and i control the such

way that your arm you can get out i can

just cover your face the

other leg i just can put away

and you still can get out really

yeah and he said to me

oh but you can do it on me so i’m trying trying i can’t

break because

apparently he’s

known for it’s very strong

and he says she see a guy say

flip around

he says why i said this is my

wrong arm so i

could you decide to go

i got him in the arm by right away

i said listen i can do fifteen

pounds with this you know it’s a very weak arm

right now so is it eventually

gonna come back to hundred percent you know if

they say it’s like a

millimeter a day

and it’s two

months ago so that will be six


go starting from my neck

that’s gotta go all the way to here

six centimeters of what of healing of healing the

nerve heals like a

millimeter a day they say

okay yeah so nine

months to a year i

should expect

at least he said he says

it comes back because i was very late with it

they misdiagnosed me

so i walked around with this

thing for a long time

so what is the

thing though what was the actual injury so

the compression of the compression

and the pain all the hard pain that i had

that was the

nerve apparently is a

whole bunch of

little cables he says and outside there’s the pain

thing you know once you

squish that you know you’re already really far gone

and that happened with me i had no pain anymore

and he says man that’s the

worst thing because

that means that’s

already died so you’re

damaging and you don’t even feel it that’s it

wow so then they go in there and they

drill it out and then you have to wait forever

for it to heal up yeah

wow and there’s nothing you can do in between time

you just have to

let it go nothing i

started actually

yesterday and i think

two days ago i

started running on a treadmill

but only with the incline

so i can roll in

the balls of my feet so i don’t have my knee shocking

and i’m actually feeling okay

today my knees so i figure okay if i can do that

then i can at

least start doing my

sprints again

i used to be a

freak man i

could ease these

what i do is

i run 10 miles

10 minutes 11

miles an hour that’s the warm up

and then i jump off i

start stretching

while i put the incline all the way up go to 9

miles an hour

and then i jump on for 45 seconds

and off for 30

and i do those 10

ten of those rounds and

after that i run like five minutes to run it out

done take a five

minute break and i do my

power training workout this is what when i was

the top of my game

because that’s really hard

so you would do your

sprints first and then you

would do your

power training

later yeah that everybody thought it was

weird but for me

if you do the

power training

first it hinders you with your running

sometimes i

would do it to mimic

the fight because that’s what i think

is the biggest problem with a lot of guys

they don’t realize that you

you know you’re pumping of it

you should do apps a lot of apps before you fight

and stretch them out

because what happens is your abs they

start filling up with like that behind your abs or your

lungs and that’s why you see the roid guys

because they have that boop

right away they go strong

boom and then they drop

and i think it really is because of the apps

because if they

do ten times this it stays like this

right it bumps up

well imagine that happens to your core

and with everything

while you’re

fighting you

using your core take down defense everything

so that stops blowing up stops your

lungs from breathing

that’s why you

get tired so you

think cabs are important for stamina that’s

what you’re saying very important to keep him loose

to keep him

loose and to stretch him out this is very important

i would take before a

fight also aspirin

you know to make my

blood thin because

in thai boxing i

would never

wear wraps i don’t like to have wraps around me so i

go bare knuckle in the gloves

and with the

shoes i hated

those things you know this was totally japanese rules

right the penguin

shoes yeah because what happens is

those japanese guys they’re really good on the ground

and so they say okay and the

striking not so

okay so let’s put them on

shin guards let put them on knee

protection and push

shoes because they’re good with leg locks

and no gloves because then they’re good for the rear

naked chokes and all

i mean they’re totally

adapted when i left bankrose i think two

three months

later it was they

changed the rules it was closed fist

and i go whoa

i’ve been waiting

for a long time for this yeah they had to try to

adapt to be

mixed martial arts yep

eventually so is it pancreas

where you hurt your knees

you know i don’t know i have no clue i

think i’m so i’m very explosive

and i think over the years that just

scraped off and my things are bold they say they’re

bleeding bone marrow out of on me

so it’s like yeah it’s like very painful man it’s a

it’s not fun do you do any

other martial arts exercise i know you have that

thing that you sell

well that’s part of it because you don’t

want to hit things

right exactly like that yeah because it has no impact

you don’t get

the tendonitis

right every fighter

should use that thing like 12 days before the

fight not that

heavy back anymore

just when accidents happen you know you get tired

sweat on the back but your

gloves and slips or the

wrist hurts

there’s always

things happen with a

heavy back and they like to hit a heavy bag

which i did also because it’s it’s a cool thing but

there’s always

that moment when you hit really hard like a

liver shot and you feel think

right then i know okay tomorrow i got the ten and i

did you develop this

thing this what it’s called the boss

system what is it what does it stand for

the body action stand

so what happened was this

there’s a long time ago a long time ago like

four years or something ago

my agent tells me

that this woman

wants to see me they have a product and it

started out with a stand

with two of

those kicking

things she knows like

one though yeah two

so i came to her

and i was hangover

hungover it was

the last period that i was

still drinking

and i walk in i said okay i’m telling you

right now because you can breathe it

you can smell it

i’m a little hangover

let me take a look at this

thing and i’ll call you back tomorrow

what i think

so i looked at the

thing and the next day

i called back i said okay now this what we

should do and had this whole list

ready and she goes like whoa whoa whoa

we thought you didn’t notice anything yesterday

i said no and then i came up to do a head to do a body

patch you know and make

targets on there and

you know but then it

starts because people

think this is an easy product

there’s knockoffs from

these things

right they’re already selling knockoffs

if you buy that

thing then you really that was like our early

stages what you’re

gonna have they’re

gonna flop around they’re

gonna break because

you need to find a spring

that is just

right to not

be too floppy

and not too

stiff if it’s too

stiff the whole

stand will move

if it’s too floppy you can’t

knock it for the

second punch because it’s

still moving

you know it needs to be just right

now the foam in there needs to be just

right now foam

the density

the density

if it’s really tight foam it’s heavier

you know so

if you say okay

is this a little bit too hard i want different

foam to put different foam but now because it’s lighter

then the spring needs to be

changed again so

every time i got like

eight prototypes and i have to

train on those

things the whole time to see

and find out

which is what

and what’s the

best weight and the best form with what spring

it took two and a half years

two and a half years to find that

they hit that

thing i mean

thirty thousand time with the machine dong

dong dong that

thing when you buy it won’t

break two guys

there was two heads broke

but that was from a shipment that we

right away took

out because it was something with the glue that

it didn’t connect with

it was vaporizing or eating the glue

so it didn’t

work it was too only we sent a new head back and we

never we saw a lot of

those things we have no problems no problem do you use

those yourself do you use them

every time when i

train yeah now

right now i can’t i use a lot

i can do hooks like see that’s a

weird weird

angle for me and uppercuts

if i make ten

uppercuts the last

uppercut goes slow up because it’s yes

biceps now you really realize

that you need your biceps in

order to put your body weight into a punch

you can’t lock it up now

a straight punch i’m okay with but hooks

i can hit with a

glove i can hit you as hard as i want to your

belly you’re not

gonna go down

wow yeah it’s really

but it’s pathetic when i look at it like why did you

like having no wraps on

i always have

that i want to have

my blood flow

keep going for

some reason i have the feeling that this happens

that it doesn’t circulate any more

naturally it’s

a bad feeling when you get a tight wrap when it’s tight

yeah i don’t like it at all

and you don’t need it if you hit the

right way all

these guys are so

like tyson i always give the example just

learn how to

hit the correct way and nothing will happen these guys

they come in

the room and they got the special guys that

they got a stitch there on call

every day two times a day

rep the hands perfect he can hit it in any

angle it doesn’t matter

so then when

this guy that’s why when he had a

street fight he

would always

break his hand

right tyson

because he doesn’t know how to

hit he hits him with a

pinky or whatever

wrong technique

but isn’t it

hard when you’re

fighting because

guys move and sometimes you wanted to hit them with

these two knuckles but you accidentally

catch them with the last

knuckle you know of course

it’s always

you have to

yeah you know

especially in karate

with the cue cucine karate

is sparring in its bare knuckle

and some of

these guys they have a gi

and some guys have

their hips here right

so that’s how i

broke this one also you hit a hip you

think you’ve got the liver

but it’s not

it’s a it’s a head bone yeah that that hurt that will

that was a good

thing it makes martial arts because now you can see

what you hit

everything that you

started out you

started out in taekwondo

is that what you

like window

that was my

first sport yeah

i did that for about

i don’t know four

weeks or six weeks and i was already beating up the

brown bells

you have to

understand my parents are very conservative

they would never

allow me to do

martial arts

but i always got bullets

and i saw a

bruce lee movie in 76

i entered the dragon

in france when

we were on the holiday and i came out and

said that’s it i want to be

bruce lee you know

so i made these nunchucks

and i was only

like kung fu

shoes i had all nolans i was really so

i asked my parents please please please please but they

wouldn’t allow me so i kept

going kept go

training myself so

watching moves and just kept training

and then finally

after two years they said okay

you know stop asking questions

go we had a neighbor

the girl next

door she had a boyfriend was the cool guy from the town

and he said okay come with me are you two in kind of

under a swing

and it went really good i

started being up like i said the brown belts out

within six weeks

says man you got a good feeling so my

confidence rose and

at that moment i was

riding my bike on the street

and the biggest

bully comes with six of his bodies or something

and they said something

and i shouted something back

and they all laugh were

laughing and they right away came

after me and

when i saw them coming for me i stopped my bike

and i put it down

and i was just waiting for the guy

and then the biggest

bully comes to me and he’s put you know that the

early days you push with your chest

right and he pushed

against my chest and i go

puff and he goes down

broke his nose out

anybody more

nobody did anything

i come home police was already home waiting

and that was it

no more taekwondo for me so when i

moved out of

house when i

was twenty one

you know that’s when i

started fighting

that’s when you

start kickboxing and

everything else

kickboxing yeah muay

thai and how did you

transition into pancreas

where’d that come about

you know this is oh

it’s cool we got time

right yeah okay cool now

let me go back let me see

i was fighting

thai boxing in holland

i want a lot of

fights but not

like my first fourteen

fights of one by

knock after

thirteen in the

first round

round one i was sick

what was your your

final kick boxing record when you sixteen

sixteen and two

no fourteen wins two losses


i fought this guy

who was in jail for a long time frank lupman

very powerful fighter

had a record like 52 with like

three losses and like 48 knockouts a monster

now apparently i was a bouncer at the time

apparently on new year’s day when i was

bouncing i was also drunk

well that’s an example

and somebody asked me if i wanted to fight him

and i said sure so in

i think like the end of january i get a phone call they

asked me where to send the posters to

and i said what posters

from the fights so who’s gonna fight

you against lotman

and i go who said that

he said you you told me that you gonna fight for

so now they had posters already i go like okay

you know like

might as well

yeah i gotta do it now because

otherwise you’re gonna think i’m scared right

so i had about

five weeks to train now you gotta understand that

i got tired

from jumping rope the first time i was so out of

shape it was not even funny

so anyway i go to the

fights and i just had my knee my shin

at this here there was a huge hole

i i did some

crazy stuff on a wall there was a wall i jumped on i

i was always really good in jumping up like a randleman

did you know i could jump this high like my chest here

i would stand in front of it and jump on a wall

but it had been raining and i jumped on and my toes

slid up and i landed on my shin on it

so the rip my shin open

so the day of the fight was all wild

flash and we had the tape you know and

it was like super glue and everything and my

friend says okay lidocaine

there it is again right

he says you know i said just

put it around he says no we’ll numb up the whole leg

don’t worry

about it he says and he said he put it in my butt

so he says no

the leg would be numb

and you’ll see that fight

you’ll see that fight

i’m like jumping

i never jump when i fight

and the whole time

i’m shaking

my leg and i can’t feel my leg it’s like the

weirdest thing you know

oh no so then

they said there was a

knock i was knock i

would you look at the

fight you’ll see

i don’t think he even hits me

but i am landing on my

butt and i want to get up and i can’t get up my my leg

doesn’t work

and i go whoa

you know i said man my leg

doesn’t work you know so and the referee

says stop the fight

then all the people

start saying see i always said

that he cannot fight

so that really bug me

of course anyway

i said okay i’ll

fight another

fight shouldn’t have done that either because on the

three days or four days before the

fight i helped the body of my out

they really

beat the crap out of me at this

jaw all the way wired

you know and his

mouth was closed so

we went to the guys who did it and we got in a little

scuffle there of course and they

threw me in jail for a couple of days into jail

one is why you can’t get in canada right

that’s a long time ago

in the jail i had for some reason i got an infection

in one of my testicles

whoa and it became like really big

and it was hurting a lot and they let me out

you know because

it was only a few days it was they did the

whole test they

found out that you

know what the guys did they say you know what we don’t

we’re not gonna

bring it to court you

know they kind of felt

that we were

right you know

doing what we did

anyway i still fought and i shouldn’t have

taken a fight i

knocked the guy down

three times in the first

round and then

and then actually i win

i make a spinning of

a breakfast oh yeah that was it

he’s standing in

front of me and i’m so

tired to know my body so i’m so

tired and i

go boom i make give him a breakfast in his neck

and he goes down

and i so i think i want to fight and

apparently like a

month before there was a rule that if you did a bat

fist you only

could do it with the turn some bullshit

yeah it was bullshit anyway

i couldn’t come out for the

second round because i was too

tired and they said okay

now it really

started holland

you see i always said

he was not so good a blah blah

but i said okay i

never fight for holland

anymore this is over you know

if these fans

are like this i don’t want to fight in

front of people like this

but i was always

yeah it is because you know it’s your life it’s

and but it was always that

i wanted to do something with martial arts while

buddy of mine

we both together we made the show it’s like an

a martial arts show

on music and we start doing this in like nightclubs

and we would like but really cool

really cool stuff i would kick him in the belly like

bruce lee and that

dragon right he would grab my foot

throw me back and i would make his flying kick

in his face and land and

you know we did all that cool

stuff we would come on with like

a cartwheel flick flick and

that’s the way we would opt to walk to the place

and we had bows and we did nunchucks and we did like

brake tests the

crazy stuff and little cups on his mouth i

would kick back spinning back here and jump up and

jumping flying back the cup off his head

good quality martial arts but we start

putting comedy in there also

like funny things that

for instance i would i would

stand there very serious with an

suit and i go go get the cups

and the guy would come back and he had done

these little cups and i

kept looking straight to go no

the other ones

what the other ones and you go okay

so that he would walk and he

would come back with cops like this he like butts

stuff like that we start doing stuff like that and

he moved to heaven this is also a funny one

i would do a break test the same

thing you know he would come with the break test and go

take the other ones

so then he came back and he had like

these these wooden

things that were this thick you know little

things and he would

spread them out like a deck card

and i would like pick one right

and he would hold it

and then i would stand in front of it and i go

and he would buy because of fear

he will break it already know

stuff like that we would do

and that caught on real fast people really started

seem to like that

so suddenly we were doing this on bigger shows

first at nightclubs then we

start doing it on shows like

events big events

rob came and

when he was fighting i

think that when he had the main event one time

we were in the break

you know showing this to the people so they got aired

and then we were on dutch tv and then

euro sports saw it and they had an event

yearly in in france

and we went to there and we started

traveling now and doing the shows all over the place

and comedy was always the

thing once we

start doing

the comedy people will know me there’s a few of

those things on youtube actually

so on one of

these shows because we came up with all

these flipflex and somersault and all that stuff

chris dolman was sitting there

and chris dolman is one of the forefathers in holland

he was a judo

champion tough guy

you know and

he called me to

him and he says man you got some really good abilities

man did you ever

think about free

fighting you know what it is he says no

he said well we do that in japan

are you interested i say

sure because they go okay that’s not holland

that’s japan right

so he says come and

try it out so i walk in there and at that moment i was

european champion thai boxing

so it was because the

those two fights

weren’t for a title

so i thought i was the cool dude

and and that was

literally like always

grace in the beginning you know i walk in

and they killed me

and they will put on

these jokes not

blood jokes but like

on my went pipe you

know and pulling pulling pulling because long as

no grappling back then zero

did you know that they were

gonna grapple when you went there

no no nothing nothing i had no clue

i saw them on the ground and then they say okay just go

wow i know so you showed

up you just thought it was just some kind of a

crazy fight you had no idea

so we’re training and i

literally when i

drove back i had

to stop my car next to the road and i had one of the

first phillips telephone

cell phones it was really cool at the time

you remember this

pretty big nose

and i called my wife i said listen um um

if my car next

to the road here i’m

gonna sleep

i said i can drive it

broke me it really

i i had to drink

liquid food for like

three days because my

whole throat was messed up because i thought i

could hold that

you know so

i was just fighting it and they were pulling pulling

till yeah that and

i would that but it was all

crushed up and

and my wife was already left and she says

okay so that’s it right

i said no no i’m

gonna go back

and within six months

three six months i’m

gonna tap everybody there

you know because i want to

learn this i want to

learn this game but things

started happening and i got an injury here an injury

there and i had to work and i was a

bouncer and you know

once a month i

would go over there

it kind of fade away

then my wife looks at me or

in the beginning of our career

and she says

you’re gonna be a

famous fighter in

japan and i go

well but you say that she says

that just came up with me i said no i’m not

gonna fight anymore i told you she said yeah you

you said holland

but you’re gonna go to japan

six months after she made that comment

i get a phone call and i

never pick up the phone

and the answering machine was broke

or turned off because my

crazy ex wife

was calling all the time so i didn’t turn on

so i get the

i pick up the

phone for some reason

and it’s crystal

money says boss

you got to come

tonight you got to come to the amsterdam

there’s a tryout there’s two guys here

suzuki for now

looking for

fighters for a new organization bankers

so i went to the tryout

i had a scuffle with one of the rings

champion because

they were fighting for rings

but it was a lot of work i

heard already

that they were having works

which by works you mean fixed

fights fixed

fights there was a lot of that in pancreas

right no in there wasn’t rings in pancreas

i will come back to that

no no i believe so that there was

but enough what the people said like they

never asked me

well i’ll come back to that

also anyway

because he told me

right there he says you know it’s probably

gonna ask you a little bit

later if you want to lose

fight anyway i

started sparring with this guy this

guy was a rings

champion he

tried to hurt me because they were filming

result was me

knocking him out with a high kick

boom and his his

whole eyebrow was open he had to go to the hospital for

stages suzuki

ifnaki i saw him

pointing at me so

they wanted me

i think two

months two and a half months

later i was in

japan and before i went i got that

speech from chris nomine

said they’re probably

gonna ask you

you know to lose or to win a

fight i said chris

i don’t want to do that

if i want to

if i fight it needs to be real

otherwise i don’t i hated those guys

who were there

and they they

would come back and

they would say

yeah became

champion and and i said

they were all cool

but then when they came back and they had to lose they

would come back and they say yeah i lost but you know

you know they

i had to lose yeah

last time they made you win

you know but you don’t

say that but you only say it when you lose so i hated

those guys with that

you know you’re not a real guy

so i knocked the

first guy out

and in the second

fight i knocked the

other guy out

fukai and then by the way we had dinner with funakya

suzuki and gaga here we go

you know so dinner they gave me a book from

fujiwara a really good

wrestler and we had

great dinner and then they put me on a cap

and just before they walked in i go whoa

i said i thought you guys were

gonna ask me

so he said what do you mean he says well chris tom

told me that

you know that

do you probably

gonna ask to to

to throw the

fight at suzuki

told me straight in my face

i will never ask you

such a thing

says we will

never do that

now over the years i’ve been hearing of course and some

fights when you look at

fights it looks really

smooth and going over

and like can

shamrock said he lost

also he lost

the lost fights were all works

you know it’s also you go like okay

he lost twice by exactly the same combination

he looked into a knee bar

against the same

opponent and you go like

if it was a

not real wouldn’t you come up with something else

would you really do two times the same

you see so that’s been also in my head

did you ever see bart vale

versus ken shamrock

no it looks so fake

it’s one of the

early ones that

looks really like a work there’s a few that look like a

really like a

work that’s one of them

you know you’ve seen the ones in

pride like remember when coleman

found oh gotta

gotta you were before

were you commentating on that one

oh my god i hated my guts because it was the funniest

thing ever we knew that coleman was

gonna lose in six minutes with a heel hook right

that’s was the word i

heard that so

when the reporters came in

they asked me what do you

think is gonna win

and i say i

think the car is

gonna win in

about six minutes with the helo

and i command around and they they

changed it but like faster or something

they didn’t

really didn’t like that that i was doing that

but i go like that’s something

again i can

that’s why i get sometimes

i get emotional from it when people say oh it was fake

and then the

worst one what they say is

yeah but sometimes

it was fake and buzz didn’t know of it

so they told the

opponent to lose

against buzz

you know like

against i fought

against funaki

and then one guy said one time he said

yeah that was the work because he didn’t

hurt you i said

when did he decide

that he was

gonna lose was it before off he tried

to break my

freaking leg

i mean i know if you don’t

if you see the fight

he pushed me in a heel hook and inverted heel hook

with the toes in his neck

and my heel is

180 degrees there i’m

literally looking at my own leg

and i go oh my god i don’t feel it you know

that i thought

nobody else

that was a big risk what he was

going to take if this was a fake

fight right

i needed it like two or

three times so you’ll see my leg

completely be turned the

other way did you suffer any damage because

no i have no clue however

this heel hook is one of the

worst it’s the

worst one i broke this

this i’m walking on the

street right

and we should

certainly be here with all the

fighters here

hybrids wrestling bankrose

and we look at is this

giant screen

and the first

thing you see is me

bath giving a bomb

strike and the

guy goes down and we go yeah you know that’s the

promo for the next day

so i see this guy take a high

she sitting

in a half guard

and he grabs a heel

and he falls back

and i go this is the time i had nobody to roll with

right i trained on the back

two times a day my

first year in the heaven

bank was was me

training on a back pretty much

what’s wrestling no no

no pretty much

nothing like would you

rolling around if there was somebody who knew judo

he would come

i mean i’m talking

about once every

three weeks

i’m not kidding

so next day i’m in that position

and i go up

might as well try it

right so i grab that heel but since i

never did it

i didn’t realize how much pressure i put on

so i grab it and i fall back

using my body weight i snap the shin in half

so first we hear we have go cock

you know so i go

up you see me letting go

and then he feels his knee

and he’s like

you wanna fight you say yeah

but i go like

dude i hurt

your knee snap because we thought it was a knee

but apparently it was

still like a little

stuck on that leg so then he kicks with that leg

and i flex my muscle

you see the

and then when he puts a foot down it

bounce all the way out you know

like that i’ve seen that

a few times well

i’ve seen a few times with

checked legs only in person once corey hill

and who the

fight i forget

we fought prince

no what the hell’s his name anyway

whoever he fought he he checks

his kick and cory hills leg snaps backwards the

referee didn’t even see it

so cory goes down the

referee was in a bad

angle we’re all

screaming stop the

fight referee

didn’t even know and he’s just on his back like

freaking out that’s dangerous man

especially the shin when it’s splintered

you know and it hits a wrong

oh yeah you can bleed

out you can bleed out

the guy here

that you showed me i think

on twitter you sent

a tweet with the guy who was

fighting with the broken arm

yeah remember

how tough is that dude

and he didn’t feel it then the referee

saw it in around

three and then they stopped the

fight but this guy was just

going annihilating the

other guy with it

it was unbelievable

both these guys were actually really good

i go what organization was that

well you know

rich franklin when he fought

chuck liddell

you got his

army punched

chuck with it

after it was broken yeah

god so you went and

after you your

fighting career was done then you

started doing the commentary

in in japan you had a couple

fights after that

the the ruben villarreal

fight you had in the wfa

yeah and what what happened was that i

would have mark kerr and marco

huas and beto

hezo and all

these guys they were

training with us

at the beverly hills jujutsu club and i

would train

those guys and i

would go with them as cornerman

and in in japan when you when you

fight you see the

fights are on in the

dressing room

so i’m sitting i’m

watching there and yukino

and hideki those two guys the people

from pride who live in america you know who are

in between persons are the same

are there also

and i go like oh look at that he’s

gonna go for straight arm bar

sounds right arm

watch out watch out there he comes here we

come boom and the guy’s got straight arm

so they look at me

and then the next

fight it’s right away also

again i said oh my god he’s looking for a knee bar

oh he’s gonna roll in life but she’s

gonna roll he’s

gonna go for any but

i showed a few rolls and

it goes for anybody and they go like how do you notice

i said you can see the setup

and they look at each

other and said

did you ever

think about being a commentator

and that’s how

i got the job who was doing it before you

nobody because

they were looking at that moment they were looking at

at new people because they had the first

nine or something

quadros and i we did that in a studio

later you know

yeah but but i we i think the

first one was um

cause that no

eddie did it with quadros for a

while eddie bravo

he did it also yeah and you came in and

which gracie

which gracie there was the

first one i was there

that was the

first one i

think that got broadcast

into the state

now this is it

after you’d fought in the ufc

after you’d won the

title did you were you

completely done i mean you obviously had another

fight in the wfa

after that what was it like

being there and

pride during the

glory days and you know did you think

about making comebacks

cause i know there was a talk

yeah yeah no i did i did it was two times two times

one time it was against

evangelist silva yeah

because they needed an

opponent for him that was at the event

that dynamite of a 91 and a half thousand people man

life outside crazy

you know and i couldn’t find an

opponent and i said listen i did a role for a long time

because i have

problems i said but everybody wants to see a

strike anyway

why and and

was also at the same god was k one you remember jerome

the better was

fighting don’t

fight k one rules

so i said so why don’t we

do k one rules

with mma gloves

i mean that’s

what the people want to see anyway you know from us too

but then that’s

why i didn’t go through they they took somebody else

and yeah that

would have been awesome and because at that time

man i i was

i was hurting like

a guy holds

the tide patch i mean it

would have purple arms he

was go my god this is no fun anymore you know because

i was in shape

you know i had a real good

stand man fuck that

would have been a

great fight

against vandale

holy shit a pure

stand up fight

and then and then

when ken came to

pride i was the

first one to say

i say i come out of retirement if you if i can find him

but can’t say no we did it already twice

we don’t need to do it the third time

really so he declined to fight in

pride with you yeah

that’s what he came personally to tell me he says boss

i told him that i didn’t want to do because we were

ready for two times

what does that mean yep

and you fought pancreas you

never fought an mma

i would have

but also at that time i was a totally different

fighter like you can’t fight

against me made me who i am that

fight was like

literally god was

watching and he says okay i give you this one guy to

train with in holland

nineteen year old

leon van dijk

freaking monster he did

on a machine with two hundred and

seventy five

pounds you would do curls

it was bizarre i

would have him in an armbar

and i better do two hands because he

literally would

start doing this

this is insanely

strong and i

started training

both we didn’t know anything and we

would watch tapes

i would watch tapes and i

would see a heel hoop for instance

i would write down how it works

next day we

start rolling i

would go heel hook

go heel hook

i say okay now let’s

break this down let’s see how we can make it better

okay how can you escape well if i push

this way okay so how can i stop you from doing this

and we start

breaking down

every little

thing i say okay you

basically did it by yourself

describe everything

no high level instruction at all nothing

i did everything myself and

you know that’s the cool part because

one time i got a

phone call when my big dvds of combat come out

and i was at the time and bj fourth met use

all the way back

and bj called me and i say hey boss is bj said

bj pen yeah i said wow i say

where do i oh this pleasure for

is i just want to

tell you made the best instruction that i’ve ever seen

i said man that is so cool he says you

gotta go i gotta do my run

so whoa let me can i use your quote

it’s simple but that’s cool

stuff and i

saw and i realized also that a lot of people

a lot of fighters took

everything straight out

jiu jitsu and they put it into

mixed martial arts and a lot of

stuff straight out

jiu jitsu doesn’t work it makes martial arts because

it needs to be more compact

like the sleeve

will take care that it’s

harder for you to roll out of an armbar so that’s why

armbars with me i always control the inside of the hand

so you can rotate your hand whatever

armbar pretty much i do it’s always control control

because i don’t want it to rotate

you know and

with helix we

start breaking

everything down and i say okay

if i would tap in for

instance with

an armbar from the mountain

i’m just making something up

he would after

three times he

would know my setup

so i would create a different way

to go to the

downbar he would find that one

out and then i

would create a different way

so then certainly i start for

every move i

start having

three or four different ways to go to that

submission and then i

start tossing

those around

that seems so

crazy it’s like you had to

learn jiu jitsu on your own

on my own you had to figure it out

like look at how people were doing it and deconstruct

it and then my next

eight fights i

trained for

three months i think

two times a day sometimes i

would wake up at

night would call him

and we go around

he think i was always game always

and we would train

and my next

eight fights i won by submission

that’s ridiculous

so when did you ever get real

legitimate jiu

jitsu instruction did you get someone

never never

never yeah your

whole career yourself

taught yeah

everything that’s cool wow

and the cool part and

i always said is because i’m very

proud of it and that’s why i’m saying it

as you if you look at the record

in pancras that rope escapes

right that means

that if you

could get in a

choke but you could

touch the rope

they had to

let you go it’s

ridiculous but

but on the other side

it’s really good for you as a

fighter to develop

because now you have to make be more

strategical now you have to make sure that you have

him in the center of the ring before you go so then

again if you’re

gonna miss it

you’re in the center of the ring

so there’s more

thinking which sometimes i

wanna fight

with like four


so instead of

going out there i had now four

submission victories pretty much in one

fight and i

think that that’s why

the pancras guys were so good in

uc i think six or seven

guys from pancras became all

ufc champion

because they

of that rule i

truly believe

i know it’s crazy

i always said as long as i don’t get have to escape

because if i

escaped for me that

would feel like a loss

but i didn’t

see so even

allowing them to escape

to you it’s good because it just means you get more

submission work in yeah

i have another

fight now so

you have more

fights so you feel like you won you

won already and now let’s do it and let’s do it again

and then if you look at the ways i submitted people

you can call a

submission okay

a go go plot i didn’t do but you can come up with some

crazy stuff

i put it every

he looks normally he looks inverted knee bar triangle

choke triangle armbar

figure force

how many fights did you have over in pancraz

uh 31 31 yeah

holy shit over the course of how many years that

was only over the course of five years i fought the

first year i fought nine

fights and the

second nine

again and that

night eight

again i mean how did i

go i thought that in a pretty

short time so by the time you got to the ufc

you had a shitload

of fights like all the muay thai

fights all the pancreas

fights and then finally you got to fight

mma style finally because i

i want to go to the ufc

for the for the

entrance song

i kid you not i thought that was the coolest

thing old original

and i’m do do

do from eindhoven holland

you know and i go

i want to come up with that song that is so cool

and that really that’s

they came ask me i said but that was the

the deciding factor that i said okay i wouldn’t do it

because i just love that song

and then they

promoted the shit out of you when you first came

i remember that i gave you one of the posters

brian sold it on ebay i used to have the

the world’s best martial

art greatest martial artist

but it was cool and and i had a

great idea i had that the three two norse

you know pavarotti and all

these guys they had this they did a tour

and on one of those tracks i like to be in america

and it’s a 43

second clip

and i told him

i said i like to be in america you know and i thought

okay please let me put on that clip for 43

seconds and then the

ufc tuner comes up i mean i’m

gonna score

here in america

right i was so

worried about your opening

music oh man that was it for

every fighter i always got that that’s

right did you

read the script already for

kevin’s movie

no i haven’t read it okay because you’re in it

right yeah yeah

so it’s really fun

james you don’t know he’s

trained with you a

bunch of times

right yeah yeah

yeah he did the

he’s very talented martial artist he really is people

gonna they don’t

know people were talking a lot of shit like

kevin james and comedian

he’s gonna do a ufc

movie kevin

james can hit the fucking shit out of the path yeah

i see your lights are

gonna freak

when i was in boston when i was doing that zookeeper

movie with him we

trained with marc telegrate

and was like god

damn dude his fucking technique is

chris and and you know what if you if you

if i say okay you need to hit open your hip a little

bit more don’t he’ll do it the next time he’s a very

smart dude yeah

he is he really is he hates it when we say this

because she said oh i don’t want people you know

i’m just he’s a very

very humble guy yes for a

successful guy oh

yeah i met him

when he lives on that

apartment on overland

in a one bedroom

apartment which he shared with another guy

yeah and now he lives in the

house yeah you know

where he lives yeah

yeah and then you go like he’s the same dude same guy

same guy i know

kevin since he was

basically an open micer i was the one who talked to

my manager into signing him

oh wow you’d

only been doing comedy just like me we were both

basically open micers

we had done a little bit of professional work but

i mean we’ve been doing comedy two

three years

you’re really an open micer that’s getting paid

you’re an amateur

basically that’s when

kevin and i met we men like

shit 91 maybe 92

yeah he said

that you and he

would watch the pancreas

fights all that together

yeah yeah yeah that used

to come over my

house and then seen

him we would

watch him man

i had a buddy of mine from canada

who would get them from

japan he had

a connection in

japan so he

would get them they

would send them to canada and then he

would send them from canada to me

and then we would

watch them at my

house got all japanese commentary you know i

watched all of them i

watched you know i did get a

stack of them

every month

yeah this was before i was even working for the

ufc there was

a you know before i ever even

started thinking

about doing commentary yeah

yeah we were just fans that’s

how did you ever get in there because you went

from fear factor

before that

i started working in 97 before you came to the ufc i

done the post

fight interviews

for about two years

i started at

ufc 12 dolton alabama vitor

belfort’s debut

okay and i did it then i was on news

radio and what

happened was they just needed a guy to do the post

fight interviews

they didn’t have anybody and my manager was friends

with the guy

who the same guy who signed kevin

my manager was friends with the guy who was one

of the producers of the show this guy campbell mclaren

who was also the guy who

tried to get me to

fight wesley snipes one day so

they needed someone to do the post

fight interviews

and so he just

sent me to fucking alabama

out of nowhere and before you know what i’m doing it

was very unorganized though it’s not like the ufc today

i did it for

maybe two years but i saw a lot of

great fights you

know shamrock vs an ovia i saw

frank i saw

randy kotor’s debut

vito belford’s debut

dan henderson’s

debut amino’s there for a lot of

great great

fights but it

started to cost me

money so i quit it was like i

would make more

money doing comedy than that so

it was a little too and i was

on newsradio at the time the sitcom so i was too busy

so i quit and then when the

ufc came along

when zufer rather purchased the ufc then

i started working for them

that was tough

and when did you fear

fear factor that was at that time also

yeah to fear factor

was 2001 i believe it

started and

i was already on

fear factor when i

started working for the

ufc i did it

as a favor the

first i think

eight shows i did for free yeah

i just said

you know they wanted me to do commentary and it’s like

all right i’ll do it i’ll sit in there i’ll yeah

just was just talking you know

yeah really honestly i shouldn’t have been paid for the

first ones i wasn’t really good

yeah no but

still you know

that’s the same as

fighting you

you don’t care

about money but

until you know something

you go like okay well actually she’s get paid for it

then it became you know

that became the

thing that i

enjoyed most

i mean it was like

stand up comedy i

enjoy the most i’ll always be a fan of

mixed martial arts even when i’m not doing

if i retire

one day and stop doing commentary i’m always

gonna watch the

fight i’m always

gonna be a fan

but i’m always

gonna do stand up

comedy as a professional so that’s my number one thing

but other than that

all the things that i’ve ever done in my life like a

ufc or a fear factor or a news radio or

the ufc’s the

greatest fucking job ever i mean i love it

i always loved it also in

japan i will say tomorrow i

would say tomorrow

we’re the only two

in six billion

right now who see

freaking fader

versus crow

cop yeah oh

fader and no

guerra you know those epic

fights and and vandal a silver

annihilating you know

sakuraba like wow

crazy stuff and they were

there for some

prime oh it’s

pride in the

for people who don’t know

weren’t aware of

pride pride

in the heyday

was one of the best if not the best

organization in the

world because

they had so many different rules

first of all there were a lot of

things that i like

they had 10 minutes for the first

round i like that

because then

a lot of times a guy

would take a guy down with five minutes

into the fight and then the

round would end yeah

you know and he was just

starting to get

impose his part of the game yeah

but in the in the the

pride rules they

would give him a full ten

minute first round and

they allowed soccer kicks and

stomps i mean it was a lot

more displays and no

elbows on the ground no elbows

you have less cuts

that’s it that’s what i always

say i want to have the maloneys

underground you know

and get away from the guts yeah we know how many

knockouts that you see with an

elbow right five

yeah if that yeah ever

well it’s a good weapon i mean look john

jones when he used it on

branded vera i mean he broke his

orbital bone oh yeah no

but that but that’s then one of the five

mmm yeah name the

other four yeah see not

that many yeah but yeah

but a lot of

fights get stopped by cuts

and a lot of guys and i hate that because of the on the

street you wouldn’t stop if you get

cut you keep on

fighting you know it’s not a real win

i’m gonna discard

guys who make careers out of it you know

but still it’s an effective weapon

i feel like you can’t take it away either because

it’s so good it’s a good technique

but okay maybe what they

should do is

yeah but again they don’t pad that

elbow so something around it that at

least it doesn’t cut i’m totally for it if you

knock them out man

i’m the biggest guy

but not like laying on somebody

and literally do

they don’t even load them up

right right just rub them rub them rub

them and then they get cut and they win the fight yeah

i want to find no you didn’t win the fight

for me it didn’t win that

fight do you

think they could

solve that with a neoprene

sleeve on the the

elbow maybe

with a problem

is you know it’s like this

crazy time we tie

things that

have arrived

you know that always

starts moving

wing and around it’s gonna be

annoying people

gotta you know

maybe surgically

they have to

implant one

surgically implant a pad over your elbow

man it’s hot

here or not

yeah it’s you you’re all

fired up yeah this is

awesome i like this

so you did two

fights in the ufc

after you won the

title with random and what

made you stop

pain pain pain

pain that neck injury

i brought it all the way to the randelman

fight and it was

still not gone it was hurting i couldn’t

sleep i wasn’t

sleeping pills for such a long time because of

the pain there was always pain pain in my neck

and then i said you know what i’m

gonna so i tore

biceps like

throwing the left hook in the air pocket and go

oh my god what’s

going on now you know i stopped

breaking down

breaking down

and then i started

i didn’t do anything

then i started

training like

three years

after that i

started training and it went

start going good and the ground start

going good and

you know okay

everything feels good

and then i stopped

and then like two years later

two and a half years

later they that’s when they call me for the wfa

if i was interested

they offered me a lot of

money and and

apparently what happened it was

funny also because they

came earlier polo

to him they said

he says who do you want to

fight and i said

hixon no at

first i said hixon

right they said we don’t have the

money for that it’s

never gonna happen

i said okay then

hixon’s crazy

right he wants millions of

yeah that was at the time

you know and i was just want to see what you can do

against him right

and so they

by the way that

would have been another awesome

fight that would have been awesome fight

holy shit you

against van

delay or you

against oh shit

yeah that’s a shame

anyway then i said

i don’t know

you know i don’t

so you thought villareal

so no no no they said

kimberly apollo

positive for steroids yeah but

when they said kimberly

polish are you sure i said

when i just hang out with them in

japan when he fought in

japan it’s kind of

weird i said no no no he actually wants to

fight you i said oh cool

so then when we get the

photo shoot i go to the

photo shoot and he’s there and he’s acting all

weird like giving me hand but like

shying away and

i go like wow he’s taking

this fight very serious

right i mean what’s

going on oh yeah we told him that you specifically

asked for him

i said why would you do that

that’s not true

and then i thought you know what

am i gonna tell him

but then i said no i’m not

gonna tell him because if i tell him

you know then

maybe he’s not

gonna train us hard i wanted to have a

tough fight

you know so i thought he’s

angry he’s gonna

train harder there’s

gonna be awesome fight

and then i thought

that was my

crazy mind i say on the day of the fight

i would deliver a letter to him in the

the dressing room

saying exactly what i just said so he

would read like i

i knew this already but i didn’t

wanna tell you

because i want you to be a hundred percent

before you fight me and a full of stamina because you

gonna need it

and that way i

think that would be totally backfiring right

away just before you fight

so that was the

setup to to play

and then yeah he got tested positive

so that was so

that ruben had to take his

place ruben

took it now

no there were a lot of guys that gabbit

didn’t want to do it and

there’s a lot of

bunch of guys they went over because i said anybody

they came up with that because i didn’t

so ruben was just the only one who was

willing to take the fight yeah

now when you were over there in

japan and you were were there for all

those great

fights like no

guerra versus

no guerra versus crow cop and

no guerra versus fade or and

what was that

like sitting there ringside i mean did you

want to just fucking jump in there sometimes no you get

crazy you get

crazy you get you

you were over there for some of the greatest

fights ever ever

ever and nobody gets to take that away from you

what they said

about my fights also i want to fight the

first two fights in

bankers and one guy in holland

says he said boss

everybody was saying oh he’s

gonna lose he’s

gonna lose he’s

gonna lose you know like a very negative

public country

and one guy says boss whatever happens

they never take this away from you anymore

so lock this up they got you got this you know

and that’s with

those fights also that’s something that you

carry on with the rest of your life they were

great moments

and to interview

those guys you know

to reenact with

them and do

crazy stuff and then

when i inquire to

start doing

these crazy openings you

know yeah those

were fun man i liked those no

who didn’t like

those cause

they pulled

those things out there was that

jerry millen came

out that guy yeah you know

he was certainly everything

the same as boxing

and i go why is it

gonna be the same as everybody else you know

let it be like

how many fights did you do over there in

pride how many

cards oh god i don’t know i mean it but when they

started bushido

also i was there

twelve times a

month a year

every month i was like five six i

yeah i have no clue but during

the heyday it must have been

completely insane i mean i

heard stories

about guys getting paid with

stacks of money

stacks of money was crazy

old chris bold numbers

exactly in a row

i mean i think

if they would walk in there

with guns but yeah then again

you don’t want to do that i guess

there’s a lot of

money there

japan is run by the yakuza

right that’s the

whole deal with

pride and all

these organizations they’re basically

and that’s accepted that’s a part of japanese culture

right is that just how it works no no no no

it’s not accepted

because when it came out

then it was over right

then because then the tv said

we don’t want to be associated with it

and they pulled the

money out or was it was that just

because it was made public but it was already known i

think it was made public i gotta

forget this it was

the pass from joe rogan

for a buddy of mine

oh yeah i gave him a

ufc password yeah

that’s cool

is that your

phone that keeps

going on i have no

clue let me see

oh my battery’s too low for use

okay good i’ll turn it out

so when you were over there though when you were

watching all

these classic

fights i mean like i said you’d been there for

i mean you were there for

shogun mark coleman

you were there for

shogun versus rampage rampage

versus arona i mean

some of the

greatest fights of all time

rampage the

things that we did with rampage how

you know i remember my first

when he fought

sakuraba and he lost that fight

i took him to the side i

said listen

you got it man

you got this

thing they love you

i say make sure this

doesn’t happen anymore

because they actually had to get him out of jail

to get that

fight there was a

whole stress thing

going on because he

had a warrant

out of him or something and he was at the airport

and they got him and they put him in jail

really yeah but at the

pride people

started talking they got him out they made

pictures of it

he’s standing in

front of the jail

it was on the

cover of all the newspapers he was

standing there with his big chain

you know and that was

that was quentin

he came in now

the what was

going on back then

at that time was

pride was a

mainstream japanese sensation

it was huge in mainstream

japan right it wasn’t like

mixed martial arts in america back then

was not nearly as

successful as it is

today oh you

a small show

was 43 000 people

damn yeah and they

would sell out

all the time the biggest show 91 and a half

tokyo dome 55 60 000

i mean it was

crazy and you

would go out on the

street and you

would get mobbed it was oh man

everywhere everybody yeah

so what happened what happened over there

cause it stopped being

like that it stopped being like because of that i i

because the yakuza

yeah when when

when the tv pulled

everything out

it was over

that’s when

everything went down to

dread but it was so

successful so

many people liked it i couldn’t imagine that

someone else

wouldn’t come

along no no no no no i

think the main reason of this

is sakuraba

started to lose

you like an organization in

japan in order to be

successful they

need japanese star star

and where you’re gonna

fight good luck

to find another

sakuraba who beat for gracie’s

not unbelievable fighter

you know but it is k one

never got big

in america why they don’t have an american champion

right they have an american

champion in america k one

but that guy

doesn’t do good

at the final tournament

so but once an american guy

is going to win in japan

you watch then

k1 becomes very interesting for the people and it’s

logic you know you want to root for your own guy

that’s funny

though because

i mean horse gracie when he won

in america he was a hugely

popular guy and he’s from brazil yeah i

think if they had k1 over in america i just

think people

dana white and i had a conversation

about this when he was talking about how

kickboxing has a negative stigma in america

because of pka

karate the old

boring kickboxing that

used to have on

es8 gigs above the

waist or something

you couldn’t even kick low

couldn’t kick

low at all very few of the

i mean they

would occasionally they

would show you a low kick

fight you know

allow like special rules or special rule

dutch rules yeah

for the most part it was like they

would wear those big

stupid slippers on

their feet yeah

they wouldn’t really kick it wasn’t

exciting wasn’t really as

exciting as boxing or muay

thai but the k1

now if you watch the

grand prix now that’s

bizarre so so best

show ever so

exciting best

show and max as well you know the k1 max

every later

week guys and it’s georgia

petrosian i mean shit


right tell me that guy couldn’t be a star in america or

you know alistair

especially yeah but

the thing is

in the beginning

it will work

but eventually

people want to see an american

champion well i

think maybe

if it was really big and

successful over here you

would have you know some americans that

would do well

but they would have to

they would have to know that that’s a

legitimate avenue for a

profession you know guys

like that barry

you know guys who are real

serious fucking

strikers you know

there’s not that many of them

there is not no there’s really not

and you know the

in america it’s

just there’s no

venue they have

to go out of the country to get like real high

level it’s very hard

it’s very maury

smith would say

you know he was at the top of the pyramid at the time

and he didn’t make

it over there so then you know they go like okay well

guess who was

gonna beat maury

smith in america

nobody right

right yeah maurice

that was he was another interesting guy when he

first came to the ufc

i was there for his

debut i was there when he fought mark coleman

nobody gave

him a chance you know everybody thought more he’s

gonna get killed yeah remember backstage he’s so

relaxed yeah he was hanging out and goofing around and

laughing like this guy know he’s

gonna go get

fucking founded yeah by the biggest guy in the game you

know mark coleman

was a fucking

monster yeah

but maurice

just it was the

first guy to have like that real high

level cardio

you know was the

first guy that just not get

tired he knew

mark was gonna get tired yep

and i fought him i fought him

twice maurice

yeah right you

submitted him didn’t you

yeah twice yeah

it was fun you know the best one was the

first time i’m

standing here

and he makes giga go punch him

and it goes

real fast and

right away i give him a high kick

boof and it’s on his defense

clap very close

so i think oh cool i make another one

right away i make

switch kick

and i kick and i slip and i fall on the ground

and he wants to jump on top of me and i go wait

he stops and i get up and i go thanks

so when you said wait

yeah you just listen to yeah you gotta see that

fight you gotta

laugh is the funniest

thing hey it’s

legal right

that’s hilarious yeah that was hilarious that was funny

and then he

tried to take my back this was the coolest i did

a mini bar upside down knee bar i’m on my head feet up

knee barring him

i’m standing

against the ropes and he’s trying to get my back

so you just dove

down on a knee bar that’s it i go like okay get my back

so right away when he did i dove in

but he grabs the ropes

so i’m standing upside down at the top of my head

left the knee bar he’s

he’s tapping into ropes your rope

escaping wow

yeah that was wild

man you were really there for some

crazy times what is it like now

going from like your your very beginnings

where there was no

mixed martial arts

where you went over there you were

literally had no idea what it was like

to seeing what it’s like now

you know with like kane velasquez

and all these guys


you have to

understand that what i keep from thai boxing right

you get weight glasses

it’s like boxing

so i came to japan

and the first

thing i see is my opponent

is 245 pounds

and i’m 195

so i go like okay but i didn’t want

to show anything of course because okay this what it is

right you gotta fight

so i go okay cool cool cool cool i said how many

rounds i say one

round i said awesome how many minutes

thirty say awesome

but i didn’t

think inside

awesome i go

thirty minutes

i’m gonna fight

thirty minutes

you know that’s why i put

those r’s on my hand

i have to stay

relaxed because i’m such a hot ad

that’s what the r

stood for yeah

relaxed yeah in holland it

starts with an r also so what’s coincidentally is

it’s for routin

no no no for

rustic stay


every time when i get hit

you hear my corner you listen to the

fight you go

stay calm stay calm stay calm because they know i

wanna that’s that’s why

in holland were

all first round

knockouts i

would come out for a technical pop boom

as long as you get

hit you get

crazy oh i got

crazy so i figured i said man if i’m

gonna fight a guy like a rookie machado

you know we can take a lot of punishment

but then come back and i got 28 more minutes to go

whoa we’re gonna

shoot load i don’t want

to have that so i put the two r’s on my hand and they

would sound

they never shouted

an instruction the only instruction they

shout is like when i’m in a guard

i would tell them

right this is my easiest

guard escape on the planet

imagine the

guard is here and his left foot

is on top right

i would look at my corner and it

would go right and i

would swing back and

under hook it

and grab it

they would be the eyes for me

and i till this

day i don’t get it that nobody does this

it’s the simplest

thing on the planet

to know which foot is on top so he’s got a

lucky push up yeah

because it’s not being held so you

just look at him and they go

right and then you

relax and then

whoop pick it up oh

that’s hilarious do you do that for your guys as well

oh yeah yeah i did it also yeah you

gotta be careful

you don’t get caught in a triangle though no

oh you know you know that

right right yeah

this is not like

while he’s pulling on your arm

let’s try it now

man how old diamond plays how

crazy is it

watching the

evolution of the game

i mean literally in america there has

never been a

sport like mixed martial arts that has

exploded and

changed and grown

right before our eyes

i mean some sports got

famous like

skateboarding and

bmx riding i mean some

stuff that wasn’t

a viable way

to make a living when i was a kid became one

but nothing like

mixed martial arts

where it was just constantly in the public eye in

movies and jammed down your throat on

television i mean

it’s pretty fucking strange isn’t it

it’s i predicted it

right away after my

first fight they did an interview

with me and i said this is like a rollerball that movie

this people

gonna need like an outlet

you know and this is it this is

gonna be very big i say you’re

watching four years from now or no

yeah i said

it four years from now this will be the biggest

thing and it was like

seven years

later or something i was like way off in time

but eventually it got there i go like what is

what is better than this

i knew at that time already that everybody likes to be

to know who’s the

toughest guy on the planet and this is

literally being the

toughest guy

i was an inside

mma last week

and i was ashamed

about a comment that i made

against frank

because we had a comment

that one guy says oh

mma is just like two guys

rubbing against each

other on the floor

and then i told them the

story that i was fighting

frank and then

i stood up and i said to frank

come up he says no no you come down i said no come up

fight like a man

you know and i go

i’m eating those words

right now because when i

broke that guy shin bone

because i had no clue how much power that

was on that joint

you know that really

started making me

think and i go

you have to

understood it

the ground guy can

break whatever he wants in your body

you got so much dominant

power if i roll with guys

my students

they brought a

stand with me then the ground

because of the ground they say you always you there

standing they can move around you know

right and they get hell out of there he

says but it’s way harder on the ground

so i go like wow listen

i can dislocate

break snap i can do whatever i want if i say okay your

right arm is

gonna go your

right arm is

gonna go to any

guy on the street

you know i mean talking

about power compared to

knocking somebody out

i can put you to

sleep i can do some

crazy things with you

it’s a very

strange thing

the jiu jitsu that

just came out

of nowhere i mean when i was a kid it was all

about striking there was

no one ever took judo

i wrestled in high

school but you know i just did it as a

sport you know

and i got bored with it

quick because it just didn’t seem

like there’s anything

going on you know

the guy down but it wasn’t

submitting submitting them

and once jiu jitsu came

along man it’s amazing how much it’s evolved

you look at like mma

look at the

jiu jitsu that was in

mma in 93 and look at the

jiu jitsu see now with like chakra ray

damian maya

you know fucking

so many levels

above it the

thing is what i

always say i say all the moves are pretty much invented

right but it’s the

setups they

found such creative ways to go to a

particular move that is the cool part

about mixed martial arts style

if you have that set up that nobody noticed yet

you see how many times you remember the

first time the anaconda got

introduced in pride

the guy from the garris camp

they said we call this anaconda

that was no garrett told me yeah because nobody saw the

freaking thing before boom everybody

start landing anaconda

yeah you know darse

joke same thing boom

suddenly there’s

the dars you know oh you can do it on the other

instead the armpit you go to the

you see so people stop playing with it and they create

these different ways like deed

lister against the

suck what is the ala

the italian guy suck

alessio sakari

the way he said the triangle choke up

i mean wow that was so cool it was so

sneaky slowly but surely that bloop

you know you go like

that is cool lister’s a master it’s

unbelievable right

yeah i mean lister if

dean lister was around the

early ufcs nobody had jujutsu like him

93 you know even hoist

crazy didn’t his jujutsu was very

basic it wasn’t

nothing like you know the jujutsu that you see

today you know

there’s a few guys that they say when they

compare jiu

jitsu they stay

you know like hixon is a perfect example

people today even high level

black belts that

roll with him just say that guy is on another level

there’s just a few guys that are just

you know leborio

ricardo leborio’s another one they say

about that he’s just on another level

just to such a high

level of jiu jitsu

but overall

the level of

jiu jitsu from the new guys like the

marcelo garcias

you know these new guys coming along

fucking sis

it’s so high

level it’s so much

more advanced than it was just 10 15 years ago you know

you know what a cool

thing is with liborio

he saw me rolling with jo ki manson

in china news

watching there and then he’s for

show started showing me

things and i said what he

could do with

those particular lag locks and how we

could do this and

make it there

stronger and

and he was sitting look at me and he was like

oh i said oh you thought i was a

striker right and he go i didn’t know

and then it’s finished that

he wanted me

to come to an american top team to

teach a ground

fighting semi

that is cool stuff

well it’s good to have a

fresh perspective you know i mean you

never know that everybody has

their own way of doing

things that you

haven’t seen it before

that’s it you

know there’s

so many different techniques what people don’t

understand that don’t do

jiu jitsu there’s

so many different techniques that are

available it’s like

it’s like chess if you had a million

pieces you know there’s

so many different

submissions and so many different

transitions and

chains of submissions and new techniques and new

counters and yeah but i believe in

it’s good to know them all but

for every fight you have to say okay i’m

going to use this

particular move for that guy

i don’t go crazy on this

deal because you know

and then have

those different

setups that is the key man i

would set up one to four

and go from one to four to

two to back to one to boom cart

some guys like jake

shields jake

shields is very basic

he doesn’t do a lot of different techniques rear naked

choke arm bar

guillotine choke

but he just fucking gets them yeah

i mean notion

yeah his path to

those techniques is so sharp yep

what do you

think so what do you

think about guys

today like when you look at

these guys today and you know

do you ever wish like man i was

did you ever say like

i came along too late like what do i want why yeah

on one side yeah but you know i always go with the

glasses have fool with me

you know i i’m in a

great position

right now man i mean i got a

movie coming up with a big part for this you know the

kevin james comedy

you know i got

the tv show my wife predicted that one also by the way

what’s the inside

what’s that ever

made i mean

this is like

this is our fourth year

it’s crazy it’s nice

and my wife when she she predicted that i was

gonna be a fighter in

japan and i said no because i’m not

gonna fight she says she had holland you’re

gonna go to

japan watch

six months later i’m in japan

and two years into that

she looks at me weird

again i said now what

she says we’re

gonna go to america you’re

gonna be in tv business

swear to god how did you ever get that

a part of the

grand theft auto

like the men’s room was probably one of the funniest

things ever

are you gonna ever do another one

what is it i

haven’t seen it oh go on youtube he has a show

yeah he has

inside the grand theft auto

i would just sit there to

watch his show

inside the video games

oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

buzzword in gta 4

that was they say

these guys from bar

fighting they saw it

and what they did they gave me a

script i said can i

tweet this thing and they say sure

so i would start

building sentences in the middle of the sentence i

would stop and then restart it so it looks like

i’m a total

freaking psycho when i’m talking it’s like really

weird because it

doesn’t work and

and the the result when you see the result is one of my

final work man

i had to send

people out there i say you can because they were

cracking up so hard

all the guys who fought though you’re the very best in

my opinion at

transitioning into a career outside of

fighting and you do inside mma

you do commentary

you’re always do so by the way

you and michael shievello

when you did the commentary for

strike force for the

undercard was

the fucking best part of the night

i loved it i

loved it you guys need to do it together i love

shievello i

think it’s fucking hilarious

you guys together were awesome somebody really needs to

scoop you up and have you guys do

more commentary

yeah you know

i love doing it but this

right now you know this is one of

those things that i thought i would

never say but i’m so busy

i don’t have the time for it anymore

but anytime i have a chance like for instance

now i’d go to brussels

you know and then i do this just like

three days before i have to go to boston to shoot

she said why

do you do it you don’t need to do it i say yeah but i

enjoy it i enjoy it so much to go there

and there i’m also the ring announcer

and they let me free i get slapped

girls i do fun

stuff you know what

is brussels

mixed martial arts

mixed martial arts and the k1 tournament

you know both at the same time

sharky is fighting i’ve seen

they had one before

right yeah also one inside

mma which yes

yeah inside

mma by the way if you don’t have hd

net you’re missing out hd net is

the best for

watching fights

there’s always

k1 k1 max they have

100 different

mfcs on 100 different

mixed martial arts organizations

fights from japan

fights from europe

it’s really incredible

and that’s where inside

mma your show is on as well

i love it and the

thing i love

about it is i see my old buddies

again whether they’re

still fighting or they’re now

coaches from guys

and then i see the new

talent coming up

you know and

we all have them on the show you know we

would have thought you

could get a bossy award

you know like you can win a bossy

if you have the

greatest knockout of the year or something

how cool is that you know it’s

we really want to

start doing that

thing i think in the

front of a live audience that

would be cool to do also

but it’s really getting there we

never thought it was

gonna go like that

you know when it just

exploded from the half hour show we went

right away to an hour

and now commercials

are there so that means we’re doing a good

thing with the hottest show on adj

net yeah maison

mma is great

it’s a really really fun show to

watch now what

about guys that you know that you

started out with that have

taken a lot of damage

you know i mean you

didn’t take damage you took damage to your body like

you have tendinitis but you have no problem with your

thinking no

but what is it like when you see guys

that do because it disturbs the shit out of me really

it’s really sad the way i know a few guys that

start lisping and it’s

scary stuff

you know the like alosky

fight though

you know andre

you know i love this guy he’s a really nice guy

i know he wants to

fight he already wants to

prepare for the next

fight i think somebody

should say you know what

let’s not do it

what do you think

about greg jackson saying that he’s gonna get

right back in there they’re just

gonna fix it and he

did some things

wrong but he’s not done and he’s

gonna come back it’ll be even

sweeter than ever

and i’m listening i’m talking i’m like

motherfucker do you know that this guy’s

been knocked


four times in a row

you can you can kill

everything for the rest yeah

you know i mean maybe

he’s not gonna be a

teacher anymore nothing but makes martial

art that’s the bad

thing also is

like your legacy is

going down what are you

gonna be a coach

you’re gonna go to a gym to

train with a guy who lost his last

seven fights imagine you’re a guy like that

before do i

knock out no

i’m not there was not alosky i’m doing but i lost

you right now yeah

you know they

should what i said what i should do

should tell them

okay you know what

you’re not gonna

fight for a year

and in between we’re

gonna do some

grappling tournaments to keep the competition on there

and you’re busy and it

doesn’t matter if you win

or lose who cares about it

just be busy with competition so you

you perform

under pressure

and then if

everything feels good you know

then maybe try

it one more time but then really say okay if this is

gonna go the

wrong way you really

gotta stop like it took

about a year off from the

rogers fight didn’t he

yeah but in my book

if i was my student

it was no i

would say no this has

been shut off too many times yeah

because i don’t

want to be that nail in the coffin that’s

gonna say god knows what happens what

about a guy like alstar that got stopped up

bunch of times i mean alistar got stopped like

think nine times in his career

bobby hoffman

knocked them out chocolate

del knocked them out so many guys stopped him and

look at them now

i mean i know the

greatest comeback ever

i know but you you

you see this fighting

style how he fights

he doesn’t throw

i was i was looking at so

let it go make

three four shots pa

pa pa paddy

doesn’t do that

everything is single shots

his defense is perfect boom

boom boom every watch

you know there’s no

three right

uppercut left took

he’s very good and

he knows you know yeah of course

tries not to get hit

tries not to get hit and it’s

gonna be hard for people to hit him

it’s so much power

you know i mean look at look

the striking is

bizarre the guy is so

strong his take

down his fence is getting really good he’s a

great submissions ground control is really good

no one’s ever

been like alistair

that won the k1

grand prix and is a

mixed martial arts

champion yep

dream and strike

force three belts pretty fucking crazy yeah

yeah that’s really cool stuff

that’s a guy you know

this is cool he

trained in the

early days he

trained chris dolman

when i was training there

he had his brother valentine

and i would

submit them

and then they

would they’re very competitive

and then if i

wouldn’t come over there

they suddenly

would call and they say oh we’re at your gym

we want to train now because now we’re

gonna get you

i say okay and then

it went again

and they say how is that possible i said because i’m

training too

well but i always said that’s the guy

those are the guys because

they keep on coming keep on coming i want more and

travel for it

he wants it and the guy who really wants it

it really is

like that it’s like the book i always say the alchemist

you know if you set your goal you say that’s

where i want to go

whatever you do you don’t get off the path you know

you are gonna get it i

truly believe

there’s something up there that helps you for that nope

go go relentless

don’t walk over people though

in order to get there

unless you’re andro

lovski and you’ve been knocking

out four times in a row

yeah that’s true

but physically you have to stop and look at it and go

all right what are we

gonna do here

yeah that’s true

i don’t know how you say this i think

that you how do you tell when to tell them

i think that

people inside deep down inside the fathers know

if they can become a

champion or not i

think they already know that

when i was fighting and i

started winning in

japan when i

got the ground game i look at my wife i say

i think i can be a real

champion this

thing i truly believe i

can beat all

these guys now

you know and then it

started you know i

think you feel that i

think that that a

fighter will actually knows himself

they will keep on trying and keep on trying but i

think once you

know that it’s not really there that that’s not a good

feeling they

won’t say it but it is it’s like the guys who you mount

you hit they turn on the back and they get choked

mm hmm a lot of

these guys they give the choke

speaking of that what did you think

about the fatal

fight when fatal was fighting

bigfoot i mean he

gave up his back a couple of times he had to it was you

think that’s just too big

it was too big

i truly believe said

too big with

too big too big

too big and combination yeah

and then and then

being what 60

pounds heavier

you know that’s a big difference man

i always said i wanted weight

class 205 to 35

yeah i agree no i agree

yeah i agree

it’s the too big of a leap

yeah those big

giant guys that are cutting weight to get down to

265 that’s a huge percentage they said that he was 290

today i hope you gained 25

this fucking head looks like it’s

290 that guy’s

big yeah it’s big

when he got on top of fatal and

mounted him you see how wide his is

he like that’s a

giant person he got

stopped by a bigfoot

did you see the footprint

still on his back

port fader man

that was a tough thing to watch and it’s tough for even

still to watch all those people

that are behind himself

he’s gonna fight again he should fight no no no

the people booing when they don’t let the

fight continue i say oh

yeah his eyes is closed

he can’t see

anything coming from the left you know at all

yeah anyway

it’s gonna be the same

thing anyway he’s

gonna get taken down and smashed

that was it

is it hard watching a guy like that

you mean you

watch them enter into very hard

pride and then

see him get beat down like very hard yeah that

that does something

to you you know that you get emotional

i do get abortion from that’s a

crazy thing

right but in this game and that the game of

fighting we’re

gonna see it no matter what

i mean i was there for

chuck liddell’s debut

i was there

you know for

hector gonzalez

i think it was the

guy’s name he fought i forget the guy’s name he fought

i was there for that knowing

gonzalez maybe

i was there for that

fight and then

to get to see him

you know all the way to the end to the rich franklin

fight you know it’s like wow

you know seeing guys like at the top at

their most vibrant

when they’re just dominant

you know and

with chuck it’s a mental

thing but i always say with

chuck if he has the

right person who

who can talk to him that he’s too hungry

like if he lance if he

smells the victory he

starts over committing

and all the

knockouts he had is because of that

if he would step back relax

i mean he was doing really good

against french

franklin this guy

still can be the top guy

that’s his only defect

with him it’s not that he lost his

timing and lost that it’s only that he’s too hungry

you know he’s been

knocking on people too easy

you know and

that’s the same you can also see with the

training when he fought couture

you know that when he

trains he puts everybody backwards

and then sunday when couture

came and started pushing him backwards

that was like whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa

now what he

never was there

that fight made him

again way better

after that made

him a better

counter strike

oh man yeah he

learned how to fire him off as he was moving backwards

one of my favorite guys

still is amazing yeah

he also lost the ability to take a

punch i mean if you go back and

watch his first

fights like with you ever

watched the pele

fight with no

oh my gosh yeah that was crazy

wvc right yeah yeah yeah

yeah that was

bare knuckle

bare knuckles

guys with the

net underneath the ropes so you

couldn’t escape

stuck in there

chucks on top of pale

and punched him in the face with bare

knuckles people get

stabbed in the eyes

i’m sure all

the time dudes

would grab the balls

remember i was

gonna say it

but the pedro

he was in his

pants and crushed his dick and balls

he said i had viagra on them he

literally grabbed the guy by the kohonis yeah

what the fuck and it was totally

completely legal yeah

and nobody had ever done it but gary

and valletuto anything else

yeah that is

anything up were they allowed to bite though

i thought you know well

it’s almost

i read the book from

big john because i wrote the

foreword for the book

and man that’s a cool book

what is big

john’s book

it’s wrong but

where do you

think john mccarthy yeah

no no no what is this line

oh let’s get it

on let’s get it on but that’s sort of mills lane’s line

mills lane in boxing had that way before the us oh yeah

yeah well i don’t need

fire are you

ready fire are you

ready let’s get it out come on okay

that was his thing

and they like had made some sort of an

agreement where

john was gonna use it in

mma and mills lane was

gonna use it in boxing

okay but i remember

when you know there was like some words

that people were saying oh you know only john mccarthy

could say let’s get it on because every

referees got to figure out a

thing to say

it’s martin gay

is the one that started it

marvin gaye marvin gaye

yeah well i mean you know let’s get it on

the mills landing

you’ve seen it all boss

you’ve been

there from the beginning you know you’re a real

legend in this

crazy sport

i’m a very happy person let me

tell you that i have a lot of pain when i walk you know

everything hurts but it’s been worth it

and i know that with the stem cells and

everything a book something will pop up

you know and i’ll put it back i’m not

gonna fight anymore you know i’m also

you know there’s also a

thing that i had when in 2006 when i made the comeback

i knew that

like i would roll

and everything

would go really well don’t get me

wrong but there were

things that i say

i would have had that normally

and normally i

would have had that i noticed

that i was getting slower

you know and that my reactions were not

there as they were before

so you know you got to be

you know be very realistic to yourself

what do you think

about a guy like

randy couture who’s

older than you

i mean how old do you know yeah but 45

46 randy’s fucking 40 years old

and he’s about to

fight machida

it’s crazy but

he’s got the o2 trainer

the boss was

an invention the long

training device

what is the o2 trainer

you know what this is a fun

thing man i came up

with this yeah

when i was 15

years old around that time i had very bad asthma

but i also did

track and field

so when i had an asthma attack that

would be like a two week episode

which from the two weeks i

would be like five or six days in bed

because i couldn’t eat

and can breathe

because she can’t eat

she know you can

drink it like this

twenty four

hours day like

oh yeah now really bad

so i can walk

stairs nothing

everything in bed

you don’t have any of that anymore no no sometimes i

do sometimes a little bit yeah

but you take an inhaler and it’s gone

but then after i had an attack and i would do

track and field

i would realize that my

lungs would

work better

and i go why is that and i

start oh wait a

minute there’s an infection in your lung pipe

you know it closes the lung pipe

your lungs have to work really hard to pull that air in

then when the infection is gone you know

they because

they work all the time they’re used to pulling hard

air comes in easy

i go so why don’t i come up with something that

controls the air intake

so i started

thinking about like

it’s the stupidest

thing man you’re

gonna laugh like i will hold my mouth

in a certain position and try to memorize that position

stupid stuff

so you get much air in yeah

like and then make it

every time a little

smaller i go man i

gotta come up with something

so i tell all these

my buddies here in america everybody knew and hold

also that i wanted to make that thing

and then when vandale

came on tv with the snorkel

i think i had six or seven

phone calls

they said you

gotta do that

thing that you’re talking

about because somebody’s

gonna find it out somebody’s

gonna come up

with an idea

you know so i

started looking at a patent lawyer

and what do you know man nobody made it

i got the patent have

everything the what’s it called

the boss root and

go to trainer the o two trainer

that’s why i was

laughing because when i saw this

yeah o two trainer and it’s it controls the air intake

it’s a very

simple thing

so imagine this week you do all your hard workouts like

only four times also because you don’t need to do it

every way because she’s actually turning your muscles

they’re testing it in

texas right now at the university

that guy in 12 days he had

greater long volume

he said man you made something really cool

can i put my

track team on it he’s got his female

track team on it they’re

gonna run test on them now because he thinks also

that because it’s a little small

biodegradable little

compartment that’s flexible also so you can’t get hurt

because you rebreathe

the little tiny bit of carbon monoxide

which i want

to stay away from because i don’t want people to get

dizzy he says no no you don’t get this carbon dioxide

carbon dioxide

i wanted it too

anyway he says he

thinks it’s just enough to spark

more red blood cell

production i

think you kidding

me he said i

don’t know for sure yet he says but i will be the

icing on the cake wow

what is this

thing look like

it’s an you know

she i hope i

still get better is it online can i find it online

let me see you go to o2trainer com

and and people are

watching right now you can’t buy it yet

it’s on there but you can’t buy it yet so don’t hit buy

hmm oh two trainer calm zero two zero two or oh oh oh

check this out

and this is something that’s gonna be available soon

very soon this week

this week yeah what does it look like i can

cuz it’s not it’s not coming it’s not coming up

you’re probably getting

smashed right now

you just sent yeah you

said it online you almost have

four these four thousand people in you stream yeah

yeah okay guys everybody you’re

watching don’t buy

it you cannot buy it okay it’s not in so don’t hit by

come back at the end of the week

so it will be something that you

think that’s gonna

make a big impact on i

think it’s gonna be the

major impact is because

you look at it describe what it looks like okay it is

it is a supportable device it’s a mouthpiece

like when you dive you know

like the snorkel

and it comes to the

front with two little

things it’s like a square

and it comes to the

front here’s the

hole in as a cap

the cap you

can take off

and you can put

screens in there little rubber

screens with all

smaller holes they go from fourteen

millimeter all the way to one millimeter

so this week you

train all your hard work that’s fourteen

millimeter next week you do thirteen

then you do

twelve and you go slowly gradually

you’re going down

and i want you down you know you you you really

you have to pull the air in

and it’s it’s the the

voice my wife

was saying like after

three weeks of

training in restaurant

she said man keep your

voice on you know

because your

voice gets really loud so i go ben it’s for singers

it’s for people who play bow instruments it’s for for

scuba divers

anybody who needs a lung

you know you

should see the commercial weather that i made for it

we shut that

thing in 15 minutes or less

and you’re gonna

laugh your ass

off and you see that

thing you’re

gonna go wow

wow yeah well i’ll

definitely check it out yeah you

gotta check it out

and if you haven’t seen boss rootin show

inside mma it’s on hd net you gotta

check it out follow him on twitter its boss rootin

mma are you

tte and mma

on twitter and

thank you very much for coming in here you’re welcome

i really appreciate

it and yeah

thank you to

the flashlight for

sponsoring the podcast if you go to joerogane

net and input

click the link and

input the code name rogan that’s the butthole version

i don’t recommend you jumping

right in on

it it’s like

you’re 13 millimeter you know you don’t

start off with

one millimeter

no no no you don’t want to get used to it you want to

start off with the butthole

flashlight but

thank you very much and we’ll be back next week

this weekend i got to go to australia for the

ufc anything else you want to plug anything godspeed

party on and a little tiny

screen you know it’s good it’s for exercises you can

literally sit here

and just do it i do it in my car

right now i go

the boss rooting o2

trainer boss you’re a fucking

legend thank

you very much for coming on the show i really

appreciate it man it’s been a

blast all right

we’ll see you do it again

for sure okey dokey

a lot of stories

holla at your boy

man i had to be for so long

and go to do now

hey go away i’ll punch you in the freaking lever

excuse me the men’s room is occupied yeah

and now for your hosts bezrutin and jeremy st i

hey white up man wave

hey good to see you good to see you

alright hey everybody my name is boss rootin

and i’m jack and welcome to the man’s room

yeah where men can hang out

tonight in the man’s room we’re going to get personal

on this show we’re going to be discussing

a lot of aspects of health especially how to endanger

the health of others with

others did you

not me others now

we’ve got relationship advice like

how to avoid bruising the face

we’re going to take some calls

advising women how to deal with a man

but that’s pretty easy right

i mean it’s just the thing that you need to do is

get through the groin

right there and when your body connects

with the reproductive organs of another man

let me tell you buddy

it’s pain and beauty also

we have a special

and we call it special

the cubicle

the copier and stabbing a coworker in the eye

with a little pencil

like like this

look at the bloop look at the bloop look at the bloop

this is going

to be an unbelievable

show and i’m

gonna be discussing

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