Not Past It - Are You Smarter Than A Podcast Host?


When I was in high school, my dad and I used to have this tradition, he’d get home from work and pour himself a glass of wine.

I’d get home from school and change out of my uniform and at 7 p.m. sharp.

We plop down in front of the TV.

Flip it to channel, 7 and wait for the announcer to say that iconic line.


And now here is the host of Jeopardy.

Alex, Trebek for the next half hour, my dad.

And I would be glued to the TV TV shouting out our answers.

What is the Tempest is Bosnia?

And Herzegovina, who is Dolly, Parton?


I’d usually average like 78, correct, guesses, maybe my dad on the other hand, always always crushed.

And this tradition combined.

With my natural inclination towards annoying, teacher’s pet know-it-all Vibes.


Nurtured a deep love of trivia within may I play bar trivia.

I love a sparkle moment.

I even started building and running virtual trivia for my friends during the pandemic.

All this to say, I think it’s time we bring some trivia energy to this podcast.


So this week we’re doing something a little different two special This will go head-to-head in an epic history.

Trivia Showdown who will be crowned our historical winner only time will tell From gimlet media.


This is not past it, trivia Edition, I’m Simone plannin on September 10th 1984. 38 years ago this week, the iconic nighttime version of the TV game show Jeopardy.



So to honor one of the longest running game shows in American TV history, we’re doing a little trivia of our own NPI style and hey, feel free to play along.

As you listen, put your history knowledge to the test.

We’ll get this game show on the game Road after these messages.


Okay, it is time to meet our trivia players.

Joining us today, are Bobby finger and Lindsey Weber the co-hosts of everyone’s favorite pop culture podcast about not quite famous people who weakly, hey guys, welcome, hi.


Thanks for having us.

Yeah, it’s great to have you back.

We had you on our Paris Hilton episode, which was like one of our first episode.

So it’s been a while.


Yeah, classic.

I was a great one.

Not just because we were on it.

This happened not like right after the episode came out, but Paris Hilton followed me on Twitter and it was like one of the greatest days of my life.


Yeah, does she fav?

She did not fav.

She just followed, but in my mind, she’s heard us all talk.

Oh, yeah.

Well, we are going to get into some trivia but before we get to that, I first wanted to ask are you guys competitive in like sports, know, in like board games and shit like that, I guess.



Yeah, depends, I can be you are.

Yeah, I’m not like a little bit competitive when I’m competitive.

I’m like ravenous all-or-nothing.



Well, I’m curious, if this will bring out that side of you will see.


Well, it is now time to get into the game.


We have got four rounds of questions coming and a special prize for whichever one of you comes out on top.

Do you want to know what is at stake?

Take yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

So the winner of this competition will earn the opportunity to get up on their soap box and give us their best 22nd pitch for what subject they think.


Should be taught in History Class.

Oh my God.

Maybe it’s an under told story from history.

Maybe it’s just your completely subjective opinion that you think should be added to every history.

Curriculum, for example, for me the fact that we don’t have a full History unit on the cultural impact of Soul Train, Rain as a sign that we’re failing the Next Generation that’s just my opinion.


You’ll get to tell us yours if you win.


That’s good.

It’s doing uh-huh.


All right, let’s keep it rolling.

Our first round is called this week in history and traditional MPI fashion.


I’m going to tell you about an event that happened this week in history.

And then ask you a question about it, each of you will get your own questions.

And you’ll have five seconds to give me an answer.

If you get it right, you get a point.

If you get it wrong, nothing happens.


You just don’t get a point but your opponent will have a chance to steal if they know the answer, they can steal your point.

And there will also be opportunities to score bonus points of, keep an ear out for those.

All right, and our first question is going to Lindsay this week in history.


There was a protest at the Miss America.

Pageant the year was 1968 and a radical feminist group traveled to Atlantic City to march on the boardwalk.

They set up bins and called them Freedom, trash cans where women were encouraged to dump traditionally girly things.


So Lindsay for one point, can you name one of the things they threw out?

Better be bras, I’m going for bras, let’s throw out bras.

That is correct bras were very much among the things that they threw out other things.



Curlers girdles Cosmo magazine and this protest is actually the origin of The bra-burning Stereotype.


However they didn’t actually burn any of the bras, the demonstration was happening on a boardwalk made out of wood.


So would not have been wise dangerous.


All right, let’s move on to question number 2 and Bobby.

This one is for you.

Okay, the year is 1975 and Charles Manson was in prison for the murder of actress.

Sharon Tate.


His so-called family was wandering around the deserts of Los Angeles and 47 years ago this week then President Gerald Ford was visiting the capitol building in California when one of Manson’s disciples tried to shoot him.

Her name was Lynette fro me but for one point Bobby, do you know what was her better known?


A nickname.

Squeaky that is correct.

We case quickly from me, I had no idea.

Was fro me.


Wow cool.

Yeah, that’s how she pronounces it.

Got these questions are hard.

We told you we were dumb right?


Like we don’t know.

Things like don’t like why are these like difficult we got them both?

Yeah but like well squeaky was the correct answer.

She made an attempt on President Gerald Ford’s life the Secret Service.


Called her and President Ford ultimately, it was able to escape unharmed and for a bonus Point.

Bobby can you name the actress who played squeaky in the Quentin Tarantino movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood?

In 2019 I’m picturing all of those women in that is it is it Dakota Fanning?


That is correct.

It was Dakota Dakota or Lena Dunham because they were both in the Manson family in that movie.

Yeah, the greasy haired girl, gang.

Anyway, so that was correct.

Congrats Bobby.

Moving on to question number 3, we’re going back to Lindsay for this 125 years ago.


This week was the funeral for the people’s princess, the one and only Princess Diana.

Her fatal car accident the week before shocked the world and hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets as Diana’s coffin was driven to Westminster Abbey.


There were a lot of celebrities and speakers there including Diana’s dear friend.

Elton John Lindsay for one point what song did the rocket man rework and perform at Diana’s funeral of course in addition to the purple Beanie Baby that commemorated her The Candle in the Wind beanie baby.


That was the song also which I can’t believe existed before he just did it again but then was like also about the princess.

We just so rude.

He’s really good at writing songs he should have Another one.

That’s your talent, right?


Another one read another one.

Well, you are correct.

He reworked recycled flipped Candle in the Wind and the song became hugely famous because of the funeral and for a bonus Point Lindsay, do you know who Candle in the Wind was originally written about?


Oh my God, I knew oh, Marilyn Monroe, right?


Yeah, you are good at this.

Well, these are no, but now you’re you got to stay in this room.


You got to stay in like the pop culture like songs and movies and TV realm.

Yes, it was Marilyn Monroe.


Of course the other iconic Candle in the Wind blondes Candle in the Wind.



Well you guys are on a roll the fourth and final question goes back to you, Bobby, and we are talking television, okay?



The most iconic talk show of all time, debuted 36 years ago, this week.

Of course, I’m talking about, Legendary Oprah Winfrey, show, it ran for 25 Seasons starting in 1986.

So, my question for you is, what was the topic of her?


Very first show.

Oh, my God, would that have been in the 80s?

Mmm, 1986.

I have no 1986.

Okay, I’m just okay.

This is a shot in the dark.

I have no idea but since it’s 1986 I’m going to guess the Challenger explosion very timely guess.


Unfortunately, that is not correct, but that means Lindsay, you have an opportunity to steal.

Do you want to do?

Want to take a guess?

What did over talk about?

And her first show, this is my worst.

My weakest spot is remembering things so I don’t know.

It was actually not Peg to the date at all.


She talked about Relationships my god, oh, just relationships.

Oh, yeah, yeah, a staple.

A staple of the Oprah Winfrey show, the title of that first episode was actually how to marry the man / woman of your choice / woman, God.


Oh, I was thinking of that.

It’s being inclusive, but it just meant it’s directed.

Its which kind of straight person are you kind that likes, man?

The kind that likes women.

And I was like, oh Oprah, yes, for not being hetero, but yeah, of course not.


All right that brings us to the end of our first round which means it is time for a point check our producer Olivia here is going to be keeping score and checking in with us between rounds.


So Olivia how are Bobby and Lindsay doing so far?

Well, it’s a strong start Simone, Bobby and Lindsay are almost neck and neck.

We’ve got Lindsay with three points and Bobby.

You’ve got only two, but you’ve got time to catch up and the next round.

Wow, okay.


Beside us stuff.

All right.

Things are heating up.

We are heading into round 2, and we are going to be breaking from the NPI Tradition.

Now, we’re leaving this week in history behind and now we’re just going to broader stuff wrong too.


So the name of this next game is called which came first.

I’ll name, two things and you’re going to tell me which of them came first in history.

Again, you’ll each get your own questions.

No Stealing this time.

Would kind of defeat the purpose kind of an either/or situation.


So Bobby we’re going to start with you which came first artificial sweeteners or microphones.

This feels like a trick question.

I’m very worried that this is a trick question and you want me to guess microphones.


So I’m going to guess artificial sweeteners.

Well done with your gut Bobby.

No it was microphones.

I’m sorry to say the first microphone was invented in 1876.

Yes of course, it was three years before official sweeteners.


Okay don’t worry, there’s more game coming up, dude.

Do not despair.

This next one is for Lindsay which came first the first red carpet event or the premiere of the first TV drama.

It’s very chicken in the egg.


Let’s say the first TV drama came first.

That is also incorrect.

I am sorry to say it was actually the first red carpet event which was for the premiere of Robin Hood in 1922, the first TV drama didn’t come out until 1920.




All right we’re going to go back to you Bobby which came first the first snowboard or the implementation of Medicare in the US?

What are you mulling over Medicare?


Okay Medicare Medicare I’m gonna go with my gut this time and not think that I’m being tricked.

I think it’s Medicare.

All right.

Well, your gut LED you astray.

I’m sorry.

It was the correct answer was snowboard.


Oh no.

Oh no.

Oh God.

And that was wrong.

The first snowboard was invented in 1965 by a gentleman named Sherman Poppin.

He became known as the father of the snowboard but he called it the snurfer because it combined snow and surfing.


So we’d have had sniffing in our lives.

Medicare as important as the snowboard did not go in.

To effect until the following year 1966.


All right, we’ve got one more question.

But this last one is for Lindsay which came first Queen Latifah or the internet.


My God, I the internet’s invention is like a real contested journey.

I feel like so it is unclear in my mind.

When the internet started, I think the internet is older than Queen Latifah.

You are correct.


When Z the internet is one year older, the green Latifah, it kind of, depends on how you define internet, but the first, computer internet connection happened in a lab in 1969.

Queen Latifah was Born in 1970.


See that’s basically the same year.

Okay, Queen Latifah, and the internet are exactly the same age.

That’s kind of a beautiful image to think about.

It’s like it’s only keifa is basically as old as the internet.

That is actually.

That is something to keep in mind actually for like Society.


Like the internet is only as old as quickly.

Fuck yeah, I’ll never forget that back for as long as I live.

There you go.

Well we are at the end of our second round so let’s check in on points.

Olivia how?

We lookin, we’re looking about the same, not gonna lie.

Um, Bobby unfortunately, you didn’t gain any point so you’re still standing at to Lindsay.


You got the only point of the round and you are sitting happy with for wow?

Okay, great.

I’m winning.

Well things are heating up, but again, fret not we have got more game to play.

There are two more rounds coming up and we’re getting a little political so we’ll see if you can handle the pressure.



After the break.


Welcome back to not past it.

Trivia addition, we’re playing with the hosts of the podcast who weekly Bobby finger and Lindsey Weber to recap Bobby.

You have two points.


Lindsay you are in the lead with four points.


Now Bobby, do you feel ready to make a comeback?


This round.

I do.

I do.

I feel very ready?

Yeah, I like the confidence.

Alright, let’s jump into round three.

This round is called political stage or theatrical stage.


I’m going to play clips of three politicians but a couple of them just might be actors playing politicians.

You have to tell me whether the voice you hear belongs to someone in office or someone in Hollywood.

Oh, and again, you’ll both get your own questions for this round and there are only two options.


So we’re not going to do steals for this one.

Either I’m going to ask you to guess if the Shen is real or fake and for a bonus point to name them Lindsey.

Do you feel like you’re good at telling the two apart?

Sure, I’ve watched enough SNL to know who and where and when and why kind of what about you Bobby?


Do you feel confident and being able to differentiate?

Yeah, I feel like lindzi and I have been editing a podcast long enough that like my sense of hearing has gotten better.

You know.

I’m trying to make myself feel more confident than I actually am.

So forgive me, I like it.

It’s good to give yourself words of affirmation.


Well, we’ll find out how you size up.

Lindsey this first clip is for you.

Let’s take a listen.

I think the next president needs to be a lot quieter.

But send a signal that were prepared to act in the National Security interests of this country to get back in the business of creating a more peaceful world.


Please clap, huh?

All right.

Lindsay what are you thinking?

This is not a real politician or a fake politician.

I was initially going to say real, but then there was like a laugh at the end, but politicians are allowed to be funny to, so they just not on purpose.


So now I’m thinking it could be a fake, but I’m going to go with real, you are correct.

That was a real politician.


And for a bonus point, do you know who that?

Was absolutely not well the please clap man was in fact Jeb Bush Jeb exclamation point.


He was hilarious.

So there you go.

That makes sense.

Yeah, the actually the speech where he’s asking people to clap kind of single-handedly sank his campaign for president in 2016 which you know we could have had three guys named Bush and said of to as president.


So our loss I suppose that have one Trump.


All right, let us move on to our second clip Bobby.

This one is for you, let’s take a listen, liberals ended segregation liberal, liberals passed the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act liberals, created Medicare, liberals passed the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act.


What did conservatives do?

They opposed every one of those programs everyone.

So when you try to hurl that word liberal at my feet as if it were something dirty.

Something to run away from something that I should be ashamed of.

It won’t work Senator because I will pick up that label and I will wear it as a badge of honor.


All right, Bobby do you think that was a real politician or a fake politician?

That’s real.

I’m gonna say final answer.

That’s real Final Answer real.


Yeah that was a TV politician that wow.


She’ll star really good actor.

Was that like Jimmy Smits?

Yeah, actually, I just swear to God Bobby, you knew that 100 and you still recognize, I recognized the voice and then I was like, there’s no way that’s Jimmy Smits and then I was like, wait, I’m I keep thinking I’m being tricked.


Oh okay, I’m so stupid.

Well you do get a bonus point for Jimmy Smith.

So there you go.

You better give him all the points for that.

Yeah, that clip was from The West Wing in this scene.

He’s playing presidential hopeful.


Matt Santos going head-to-head in a debate with the other Contender played by Alan Alda.

So that’s where that’s from.

Okay and on to our third clip we’re going back to Lindsay for this one.

Take a close.

Listen to this next one, nothing will change with the same people.


The same policies that got us into this.

The status quo, another Latin, word status quo and it stands for man, the middle class everyday.

Americans are really getting taken for a ride that status quo and GOP leaders.

By the way, you know, the man can only ride you when your back is bent.


So strengthen it All right, Lindsay, do you feel like you know, if that’s a real politician or a fake politician?

I mean, that’s the real Sarah Palin, right?

Like that’s like what she was like, that’s gotta be her because she’s funnier than any impression of her.


Well, that’s two points.

Is that is, yes, that is a real Sarah Palin.

Real politician Halen real.

Sarah Palin.

I feel like The Fakes are a poem and have more laugh lines.

And hers is just, you know, stream of conscious funny, vibe, you know?

Yeah, yeah.


Well, this particular speech happened to be her endorsement of Donald Trump in 2016.

And we have one last clip that we’re going to play this one is going to you Bobby.

Let’s take a listen.

When it comes to puffing blunts.


No blood sir, a kind of marijuana cigarette.

So when it comes to puffing blunts, I’m a 12-year bet and I wasn’t 10 yet when I took my first hit, I was headed out the house to school one day and guess what I found in my dad’s ashtray.


Now there’s only three things in life that I need money.

Safe sex.

And a whole lot of weed.

All right.

Do you think those words came out of the face of a real or a fake politician?

I’m gonna guess real.


It sounds real to me.

You are correct.

That is a real politician.

Oh my God.

I real person.

Do you know who that was find any chance any guesses?

I have no idea.

I’m gonna miss that point.

This one is a tough one.


That was Orrin Hatch, the Republican Utah.

Senator this clip is from 1996.

You may remember Senator hatch from his Greatest Hits like voting against the Equal Rights Amendment and passing away earlier this year, what is the greatest hits?


His number one hit?

And so this in this clip from 96, he’s arguing on the senate floor that wrap causes drug addiction.

Okay, so he was a really cool guy.

This is awesome down, dude.

Yeah, well, that is the end.

Beautiful note to end on this round.


Olivia, how are we on points?

Lindsay is still in the lead with seven points.

Bobby do is gaining speed.

He’s got four points, how am I beating you that much?

What, what’s going on here?

Because I’m terrible at the so mad.


Well, We do have one last round and there is a big opportunity to catch up in this one, so let’s get into it, shall we?

All right, then this Final Round, We are going to be testing your movie history knowledge.


The round is called bag.

That tag line, you’ll have to guess the titles of four movies based on their tagline.

And the year they were released these movies are Any point in history and you’re both going to write down your answers at the same time.


Now there is one catch which is that every movie title has one word in common, so there’s one word that’s going to show up in all of these titles.

We will reveal the correct titles after I give you all four years and all for taglines.

Okay, starting with movie number one, It was released in 2003 And the tagline is coming soon, actually.


All right, movie number two.

This one was released in 1998 And the tagline is a comedy about the greatest love story.

Almost never told remember, all these movie titles have one word in common Okay, for moving number 3 we are going back to 1963.


This tag line will give you a big hint so try to keep the year in mind.

The tagline is the world’s masters of murder, pull out all the stops to destroy agent 007 and our fourth and final movie of the round.


This one is from the year.


And the tagline is a story of the passionate takes to keep your dreams alive.

This one’s broad.

So to give you a hint, if you’ve seen A League of Their Own, you know, there’s no crying in baseball.


Well, we’re talking about a whole different sport in this movie.

We got your answers written down.

Our time is up.

Bobby, how do you think you did?

Overall 444.

He aced this copy a scoffs I know Bobby Ace this.


What do you think?

Lindsay, how do you think you did?

I think I’m 34 I think I’m 3441 I’m really banking on which is embarrassing, but I whatever I’m blanking on it.

Well, let’s get to these answers.

First of all, just shout out what you think the secret word was love.


All right great.

Okay, you did get that one.

Okay, so on the right track starting out, all right.

Okay, so Movie.

Number one, the tagline was coming soon, actually, Lindsay, what did you write down?

Love Actually, and what about you?


Bobby Love, Actually, and you both got it, right?

Actually, it was, in fact, Love, Actually, the other tag line they use actually, is the ultimate romantic comedy, which feels like a pretty big statement to make.

I don’t know.

Do you think it deserves that title?



There’s like so many essays written about this as I like.


Actually it’s not the ultimate that’s true.

What’s the ultimate When Harry Met Sally?

Well, I mean, it’s It Happened One Night.

It has to be.

It said that it was the blueprint for all the ones that came after it.


I’m sorry.

My friend.

Is it weird that for me?

It was like, Kate and Leopold.

That’s good one.

That’s a good one.

Anything like Ryan.

I’m like, yeah.


All right.

Let’s move on to movie number two, the tagline was a The about the greatest love story almost never told Bobby.


What did you guess for this one Shakespeare in Love and what about you Lindsay?

I didn’t guess that I guessed princess question mark, because I was thinking of the one with the princess and Billy Crystal older.

What’s that movie called the one with the princess and Billow Princess Bride?


Yeah, I was thinking of that, but it doesn’t have love in it.

So I couldn’t think of it.

We Crystal older Bobby.

You got that one, right?

I was Shakespeare in Love which 17 Oscars just by the way.

Yeah I love that movie for a bonus Point.


Can either of you guests, one of the Oscars that that movie won Best Picture and Lindsay.

Do you have a guess?

Not you.

You can have that.

I don’t know, I don’t know.

I don’t know what?

Come on.

Like no actress or something.

Yeah, yeah, I’ll get that point to both of you guys.


Yeah, Best Actress and best picture.

It also won best original score.

Costume design art Direction.

Screenplay written directly for the screen actress in a supporting role actress in a leading role.

That went to is Gwyneth Paltrow.


Saving Private, Ryan found dead.

All right, onto movie number three.

This one had probably the biggest hint in it.

The tagline was the world’s masters of murderer.

Pull out all the stops to destroy agent. 007 Lindsay.


What did you guess for this one?

First of all, awful tagline.

Just I meet thing scrap.

This, this has to go we’re rewriting.

It is it to Russia with Love?

This is the only Bond title.

Is that right?

Well let’s hear Bobby’s answer first.


What did you guess?


Is that that From Russia with Love.

Oh fuck.


There you go.

Well Bobby, you got that right?

Once you got that like 75%, right.

Your words.


I don’t need it.

This one.

Yeah, clearly a Bond movie, and it was from Russia with Love starring, very snack Alicia’s, Sean Connery, the classic Bond, all right, and then on to our final movie, movie number for the tagline, was a story of the passionate takes to keep your dreams alive, I gave you a bit of a hint with that one, as well.


Bobby, what did you get for this one?

Love & Basketball.


And Lindsay, what did you guess?

I also guest Love & Basketball.

Although you see for Love of the Game, is also something I put in there because I didn’t know what sport it was and thought that must be the title of a movie.


Well, you guys both got this one, right?

It was love and basketball, a classic.

And that brings us to the end of round four and the end of our whole game.

Congratulations on making it to the end.

Thank you so much.


How do you feel to feel proud?

You feel proud of yourselves for making it here.

I feel Emotionally exhausted same.

No, I feel good.

I feel fine before we reveal your final scores, let me remind you.

What is at stake?

The winner will win 20 seconds to give their best pitch for, what should be taught in history class?


All right, now onto your scores.

Olivia where are we at?

Well, Simone in a stunning comeback.

Bobby is ending this round with a total of nine points.

But Lindsay also, did quite well, ending this round with ten and three quarters of a point.


Wow, it was down to the wire, but ultimately Lindsay, you are our very first winner of not passed.

A true honor and the privilege.

How does it feel to be the This person in the world because you didn’t ask any questions about sports other than one about love and basketball.


That’s why I’m the smartest person in the world.

Well, congratulations.

Lindsay, you have one, something more meaningful and respected than the Nobel Prize.

Oh boy, which is 20 seconds to tell us what you think should be taught in History Class.


Oh my God, we’re going to put give you a timer and you will give us your best pitch for how to shape America’s Young Minds.

Are you ready?

Not really.

But I’m just going to go for it.

Off the top of my head, all right?

We love an improv and your time starts now.


Okay, in honor of the greatest love story ever told Ben and JLo, getting married officially, after being engaged twice, I would include in history, books, the occasion of their first engagement and the history throughout the second engagement.


I think it’s a really important lesson on pop culture, Sure.

Celebrity the media and Paparazzi.

Wow, you go.

That was beautiful.

Thank you.

I take that class.

Thank you, both for joining me and what has been such a thrilling competition, Bobby Lindsey?


Do you guys feel smarter or dumber than when you started?

How you feeling?

I definitely wanted to this feeling dumb and I came out feeling exactly the same dumb as before.

I say, I feel like the I feel I feel equally, dumb equally dumb for sure.


Okay, let’s tell Geniuses to me.

Well, thank you so much.

Thank you so much.


Not past.

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And now I know exactly how old the internet is because I could just be like how old is Queen Latifah again it’s that it like that’s how old he is.

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