Not Past It - Election Trivia Smackdown

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Hey, Pop Quiz.

How many congressional seats are on the ballot on November 8th?

The answer is 470.

Did you get it?

Don’t worry, I didn’t know either.


It’s all of the House Seats and more than a third of the Senate.

So today, we’re doing not passed.

It, trivia, election style will cover some political ground, but we’ve also got questions about pecan, pie, Madonna, Star Trek, plus some truly wild political slogans from history that you’re not going to want to miss feel free to Play along as you listen, put that knowledge to the test.


From gimlet media.

This is not passed it a show about the stories.

We can’t quite leave behind.

I’m Simone plannin.

And for this special election trivia episode were working in collaboration with headcount dot-org, there.

A nonpartisan organization that helps people register to vote.


Go ahead.

Count dot-org to check your voter registration status.

Find your polling place and see what’s on your local ballot and go vote on November 8th.

All right, this game show is coming up.

So stick around.

I’m Simone planning and I approve this break.


All right, it’s time to meet our trivia players joining us today are Emma Choi and Mike Danforth.

Who work on NPR’s hit show.

Wait, wait, don’t tell me.

Mike is the executive producer of the show and Emma the show’s.

Former intern.

Now, hosts a spin-off podcast called everyone and their mom while still being in college.


Very impressive.

Welcome guys.

Thank you.

Thanks for having us.

Yeah, well I first wanted to ask since we are doing election trivia.

Curious about the first election that you voted in.

Do you remember your first time voting?

I remember mine.


But it was a, it was a very long time ago.

They’ll just own that it was for Bill Clinton and I would have been in like 1992’s.



I didn’t realize where he’s talking to a relic and today.

Oh - okay thanks.



Let me head back to my exhibit at the Museum never mind.

Mira’s election was the 2018 midterms because I turned 18 then and I voted in the Grand Old State of Virginia and it was great.


That’s adorable.

Do you remember how it felt to, like, cast your vote for the first time?

I like getting this sticker, right?

Mike, do you get the sticker back then?

Oh yeah.

Absolutely, the glue and parchment.

Yeah, we just got.

Yeah, we got stickers, have been invented stickers by 1993.



Yeah, they did.

Of stickers.

Otherwise they would just put a brand on you.

It was a real hot poker that they would just Mark.

So, very never forget.

That’s rustic.

Yeah, his Iowa.

So we’ve got four rounds of questions coming up and a special prize for whichever one of you emerges.


The Victor.

Do you want to know what is at stake?

Of course.

Yes, the winner of this competition will win the opportunity to get up on their soapbox and give us their best 22nd pitch for what subject they think, should be taught in History Class.



So, in our last Trivia episode, our guests had a great 22nd pitch for the topic of her.

Is she thought it was important?

That kids today, learn about bennifer and Affleck, and Jennifer Lopez, of course, because it’s a lesson in pop culture, celebrity media and Paparazzi.


They need to teach that in the schools.

Yeah, okay.

Well, as a lot riding on this Emma.

Yeah, looks like I’m feeling the pressure.

All right, we’re going to get into it wrong.

Our first round is very not pass.


Stit, it’s called this week in history.

I’m going to tell you about a political event that happened this week in history.

And then I’ll ask you a question about it.

Each of you will get your own questions.

If you get it right, you get a point.

If you get it wrong, nothing happens.


You just don’t get a point.

It’s really low risk, High reward.

So I want you to go for it.


Are you ready?


All right.

This first question is going to Mike 150 years ago this week on November 5th 1872.


The first woman ran for president, her name was Victoria Woodhull.

She was a member of The People’s Party.

She was also a leader of the suffrage movement, delivering lectures to Congress and rubbing shoulders with people like Susan B, Anthony.

So Mike, your first question is who did Victoria Woodhull nominate as her running mate, and here’s a hint.


Hint for you.

It was a very famous abolitionist.

A very famous abolitionist.

I think I know this answer.

Mike so socket.

Oh, come on, chilly.

I think I know but Mike, if you get this wrong, you can’t call yourself a feminist anymore.



Well fighting words.

Oh no.

All right.

Was it Frederick Douglass?

That is correct.

It was rhetorics are this.

I snorted too bad?

I thought of the Elizabeth.

Oh yeah, sure did.



Ah, you got it.

I can’t call my mom.

And just a fun fact though about Frederick Douglass is that he never acknowledged, Victoria Wood holes campaign so it was not really a reciprocal relationship.


All right, we’re gonna move on to our second question which is going to go to You Emma.

Now, I’m nervous on November 2nd. 102 years ago.

Eugene v-dubs received almost 1 million votes for a presidential election.


He ran for president on the Socialist ticket.

But the funny thing is he received those votes while in prison, he was serving a sentence for giving a speech that was highly critical of world war one.

So am I your question is what law did Yugi?


Jean Deb’s, violate and I’ll give you a hint as well.

It’s something that a very recent former president is currently being investigated for.

Well, it could be a number things.

I can see running through all the criminal charges.


Oh, I’m gonna take a wild, stab it is it treason, but it’s very close but not quite right.

He was serving time for violating the Espionage Act of 1917.



Okay, spy.


It essentially it made it illegal to get or share information that could harm the us and that information could be as simple as expressing dissent.

As in Eugene, Debs is case Fair enough.

All right.


Moving on to our third question, we’re going back to you, Mike, okay?

With every presidential election.

There are tons of celebrity endorsements.

In fact, in the 1990s, the organization Rock, the vote famously partnered with celebrities to get them to encourage young people to vote.


So here’s your question which celebrity in a Rock, the vote.

PSA said, dr.

King Malcolm X.

Freedom of speech is as good.

Good as sex and if you don’t vote, you’re going to get a spanking.


Oh who could have said such things?


In the 90s, I don’t know who else would be talking about sex like that or the spanking is kind of that throws me off my only guess is Madonna.


Mmm, that is a very good guess that didn’t seem positive.

When you said that, it’s a good.

Guess we.

You’re correct.

Yes it was Madonna in a 1990 music.

Video Madonna, wore a red bra and underwear set with combat boots draped in an American flag while she sang a little go vote acapella song and if you don’t vote you’re going to get a spanki-i-i-i-i-i-ng fourth and final.


Question of the round is going to you Emma in the 1850s.

The question of western expansion was gripping.

American politics, especially because it was also a question about slavery.

Were new territories going to use slave labor or not.


It was a question that divided political parties, but in the midterm elections of 1858, one political party, a party that was distinct from the Democrats and the Whigs won control of the house and one, a ton of Northern gubernatorial races Emma.


What was that new political party called Oh God a little was it the Republicans?

I sure was okay nice work.

Did you know this history about the Republican party?


I know I just I great guess so the Republican party they were the anti-slavery party at the time.

Abraham Lincoln himself ran on the Republican ticket just two years later in 1860.


Then that same election, Republicans would also win control of the house and the Senate.


That was the end of our first round.

So I think this is a good time to check in.

On our points are producer, Naomi is keeping track.

Let’s check in and see where we stand.


Well, early exit polls.

Are showing that.

Mike is slightly ahead with two points, Emma, you’re close behind with one.

Yeah, it’s real neck and neck here, very tight race.

All right.

All right.

Well things are heating up and we are heading into round two.


We’re going to be breaking from this week in history and now moving on to broader political pastures.

So the name of this next game is called which came first.

I’ll name two things and you’re going to tell me which one of them came first in history and keep in mind, some of these answers might be Close together in time so can get a little tricky and this time IMA we’re going to start with you.




Which came first the United States Supreme Court decision that allowed states to Bar convicted felons from voting or the launch of HBO HBO.


I’m curious.

Why did you pick that one?

Because I think that fill-ins cannot vote tickles.

A more recent memory.

And also, I know that HBO’s old as hell.

Well, you are correct.

Nice HBO did come first.


The ruling about felon, disenfranchisement was called Richardson V Ramirez, and it was decided in. 1974 HBO was launched by Time Warner, in 1972, just two years prior.

Wow, no idea Mike.


This next one is for you.

Which came first the use of absentee ballots in elections or the first known recipe for pecan pie.

Oh, that’s my favorite.

Kind of pie me too hmm.


I’m going to guess the pie came first, but that seems like.

That’s what I should guess.

What do you think?

I’m gonna like, I feel like that’s the one that’s that.

Feels like that should be.


L as old as time.

It’s pecan.

Pie Final Answer.


I was able to come by for sure.


All right.


I’m sorry that is incorrect.

Bam absentee ballots came.

First, I was right that I was wrong.

You know, these are mind games.


Absentee ballots were first used in 1864 and the Civil War for soldiers who were away from home, but it was not an option available to every day citizens.


The first pecan pie recipe, that resembles what we know today.

As pecan pie was published in a church cookbook in St.

Louis and 1898 a full 30 years later, huh.

But some people say the dish didn’t come into.

Its modern form until the 1920s.


So what’s even more modern?

Than that.

All right, yeah, pecan pies the new girl on the scene?

It’s so good.

All right, we’re going back to you Emma, which came first the help America vote act which created minimum standards for election Administration in each state or Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears has iconic matching full denim outfits on the red carpet.



Well they definitely influenced each other.

So that’s something.

Yeah, there’s a Clear Connection, Clear Connection.

I’m going to go with the help America vote Act.

Wait, aren’t you that I don’t know.


I’m waiver and I’m waiver.

Which one came first?

Hesitation, I’m gonna I’m just gonna stick with my guns there.

I’m going to say the first one.

All right.

Emma, you are incorrect.

Dang it, I’m sorry.

Justin and Britney is matching denim outfits.


Came first, huh?

Um, that was at the 2001 American Music Awards.


And the help America vote Act was passed the following year in 2002.

Okay, Mike, you can’t play their game, they’re going to switch it up on you.

I know it’s tough.


It’s tough.

All right.

For the last question in the round, Mike, we are going back to you which came first, our current form of the Electoral College, or dental floss, okay?

I’m going to say, I’m for sure, gonna say electoral college.


And you are correct.

All right, yeah, yeah.

Dental floss was first recommended by a dentist in 1815, but the Electoral College fortified by the twelfth Amendment came to be in 1804 about a decade prior.


I did not know that I would have assumed dental floss was more recent, yeah, right, 1815?

Like, it’s been around 100 years old, that’s ridiculous.

And they have an improved, the format.

All right.

I know.


But they also did some mint flavor and really that’s an innovation.


Yeah, they called it a day for 100 years.

That’s nothing new.


All right, we are at the end of our second round, so let us check in on points.

Naomi, what are the polls saying Simone?

The polls are showing that Mike is still slightly ahead with three points and Emma.


You have to it’s going to be up to a swing state, I think.


Okay, cow, it really is still anyone’s game.

There are two more rounds coming up and we’re kind of get a little more spicy.

But before we head into our break, since you guys are both radio people, I’m going to need your help.


This isn’t going to be four points but we’re going to have a little competition to see who can throw to the break the best.

Oh terrific.

Like I want to hear this.



You want to go first.

You want to give us a little best.

Take, I am not an on-air person.


I’m I’m a producer.

Simon I’m the scenes so I don’t I don’t this isn’t something that’s in my wheelhouse or skill set but it is something that I certainly heard people do and to find out how I do it, stick around we’ll be right back.



That was the beautiful build that that was quite good.

Yeah, imma do you think you can beat that?

All right.

Mike, what is sticks do when the wind?

That’s right, it’s a break.

Wow, what I mean choose between the two.


I need to put my seat belt on for that.

Stop, that was a monster.

All right, I’m gonna have to leave that one up to the audience.

Let the people decide, that’s why they’re here and cheese.

That’s what democracy is all about.


We’ll be back after the break.

Welcome back to not past.

It trivia addition to recap, we’re playing trivia with Mike Danforth and Emma Choi from NPR’s.


Wait, wait, don’t tell me Mike.

You are in the lead with three points.

But Emma, you are following closely behind with two.

I’m gonna.

Do you feel like you can make a comeback in this next round?

Absolutely, I’m going to wage some psychological warfare.

Send some Vibes out to Mike, really try to get him, you know, to the edge of his psychic ology, whatever that mean, wow.


I like the confidence.

Well, this next round is called political IMDb.

I’m going to play clips of for real politicians on TV and it’s a two-part question for you.


You’ll have to tell me who the politician speaking is and what show they’re on and you’ll get a point for each correct answer.

Oh no.

Oh boy.



I’m going to play a clip for you Mike.


This first one is going to be for you.

So take a listen and remember you’re going to tell me who is speaking and what show their on, got it.

Okay, let’s take a listen.

Campaign is going very well.

Very, very well.


What have you heard never mind tonight?


I just want to relax, have fun, not worried about the campaign, so no politics, no politics.

Okay, Who was speaking and what show were they on?

That was so hard.

That was hard to tell.

It was when I heard the second voice that I figured it out and I think it’s Amy Poehler talking to Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live.


You are correct on all fronts.


Good job.

What a relief?

That was Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live.

All right, Emma.


Or up next and here is your clip.

It’s hard to understand because I’ve been doing everything I normally do.


I’ve been watching my diet very carefully.

I exercise regularly.

My only Indulgence I guess would be that.

I eat a lot of frozen yogurt but it’s nonfat Yonkers.

What the hell?

All right, Emma.


Who is speaking?

And let’s show were they on a sound, like a Boston accent?

I think it’s The Daily Show because of that last sound bite, but, Yeah, I don’t know.

I know it’s not him but I’m guessing Ed Markey, who is my favorite Massachusetts.


Senator next to Elizabeth Warren on The Daily Show.

I’m really like the journey you took to that answer, I know it’s wrong.

Unfortunately it is wrong.

Yeah, you went Boston, but you should have gone a little further south to New York because that was Rudy, Giuliani on Seinfeld, on Seinfeld.


Hold the questions, ma’am because that that is contemporary to my dead fourth life.

Damn it.


I guess it’s alright.

Personal host, Sam felt person.


This is thing.

Well, you know what, I’m just gonna move on to the next clip and Mike this one is for you.

Take a listen.

Okay, I’m ready.

We are eager to begin, diplomatic discussions, nothing to discuss United.


Earth is ready right now to rejoin the Federation and nothing could make me happier than to say those words.

Thank you.

Thank you all.

Oh boy, I got nothing here.

Who would be a president in a guess?


A movie?

Where aliens are attacking the Earth so that we need to create a United Earth.

Like, who the Federation sounds like Emma Star Trek, right?


I don’t know I’ll guess.

Wow, it’s Kamala Harris.

The new show space force.

Oh man, you have gotten really close because the show was Star Trek.


Oh the show was Star Trek Discovery and the politician was Stacey Abrams.

Oh I should have known that mni.

Both should have known.

You both should have known that.

So it’s a tough voice to identify but that was Stacey Abrams on the season 4 finale of Star Trek Discovery and she was playing the president of United Earth.


All right, we’ve got one more question in the round and this one is going back to you, Emma.

You know, there’s an old African proverb that I made up.

If you want to go quickly go alone.

If you want to go far go together, we need to go far quickly.


The snack table isn’t going to clean itself.

Al Gore 30 Rock.

Wow, that just that came right out.

I was like really impressive.


And you’re correct.


That was former vice president.


Al Gore on 30 Rock.

Sorry, I’m assuming you’re 30 Rock fan or maybe I’m already wrong guy.

That was my favorite show growing up.

I knew what?

Hey, I knew it before I heard Kenneth Parcells voice.

Wow, incredible.

I’m very impressed.

All right, that brings us to the end.


End of that round, which means it’s time to check in.

On our points, look, Naomi, you know, Simone.

It’s still really close race, Emma, you’ve got four points and Mike early precincts are reporting that you have.


Got five.

Wait, really?

Oh man.

Wow, those are really just neck and neck here.

I know it’s been a tight tight race the whole time.

Yeah, this is however, there is as one last round and with it a big opportunity to catch up.


That’ll who knows the the fates may change the tables may turn and this Final Round.

We are going to be testing your campaign history, knowledge.



I’m going to give you two presidential campaign, slogans.

One of them is real and one of them is fake.

You have to I’d which is, which fun.

Okay, and you’re both going to write down your answers at the same time will reveal what the answers are.


After you’ve both written down your choices for each of the five slogans got it.

So I’ll go through all the slogans and then I’ll reveal all the answers at the end.

All right.

Let’s get into some of these slogans and really truly get yourself ready because you’re not you don’t know what’s coming.


Oh, that’s great.

Okay yeah.

Okay which one was a real Slogan, don’t swap horses.

When Crossing streams or vote yourself a horse.

All right, moving on to our second pair of slogans Which of the following is the real one.


Make your wet dreams.

Come true or full bellies and fat.

Pockets are one vote away.

That’s extraordinary.

Oh my God.

I feel like, I feel like I well, I know I don’t restrict right.


Emmett is like a strategic way to do this, I know.

Yeah, I’ve gotta follow my heart and do what I wish I could write.


Trivia is all about the heart.


All right, let’s move on to our third pair of slogans.


Which one is real.

Is it where’s the beef or more than just peanuts?

All right, moving on, from our food-themed, slogans, to our fourth matchup.

These are probably some of my favorites.


Which one is the real one?

Is it Shame?


Look at Blaine a big.

Fat Liar from the state of Maine or Mama?

Where’s my paw gone to the White House?

Ha ha ha!



It’s interesting that if the first one is true, then the campaign slogan would be about the other person, right?


You’re putting your you’re putting your opponent’s name out there, right?


And no publicity is bad publicity.

All right, I’m gonna give you your last pair of slogans here, our last matchup which one is real in your guts, you know, he’s nuts or do we or not Dewey?


That is the question.

Oh man.

Well, let’s see how well you did.

So our first pair of slogans was don’t swap horses.

When Crossing streams or vote yourself a horse so Ima.


Which one did you think was the real one?

I chose vote yourself a horse.

Put yourself a horse.

What about you Mike?

I did I put I chose Crossing streams but I think it probably is vote yourself a horse.

Hmm, interesting.

Well one of you is correct.


And that person is Mike.

Oh God, it was the crossing streams.

Yep, the real slogan was don’t swap horses.

When Crossing streams, and this was Abraham, Lincoln slogan in 1864 lipstick, okay?


That the slogan was supposed to discourage voters from switching, their allegiances, Midway through the Civil War.

Wow, that’s what that’s about.

All right, let’s move on to slogan.

Number two, the options were make your way.

Dreams come true or full bellies and fat.


Pockets are one vote away Mike.

Which one did you guess for this one?

I do.

I went with the wet dreams and the reason why?

Is because if that’s not true, then you guys had to make that up, put that in there so no matter what.


Even if I’m wrong, it’s on you because you put make your wet dreams, come true as a slogan, it has to be true, right?


Does that make sense?

So I I said, the same thing and my reasoning was that I thought maybe there was some kind of flood or like, people or drought people wanted water.


And also, I also like the idea of you guys making that one up and I wanted to give you my vote of confidence, so I appreciate it.

And I got to tell you that, you are both correct.


The real slogan was, was it wet dreams come true?


That was from Al Smith and 19. 28 but was running for president on an anti prohibition platform.

Oh that’s what that’s reverse drought.


Drought of sorry.

Yeah, sure.

A drought of sorts.


Get it anti prohibition.


The wet dreams are that you get to have a drink.

Some alcohol, a beer?

Yeah yeah the are a sex cells Mike.


Not quite as sexy as it sounds was today but you know little scandalous still dealing with liquor.

All right, so our third.


Bird slogan match up the options.

Were, where’s the beef or more than just peanuts?

Emma, what did you guess for this one I said more than just peanuts, because I assume that our bees would sue, if they heard, where’s the beef?


Mmm, I did the same thing.

Yeah, I said the same thing.

I assumed it was about Jimmy Carter.

I’m for peanuts, that is a very good assumption.

Why Jimmy Carter’s from West Virginia?

He was a businessman, a farmer.

I think, right?

He was yeah, kind of looks like a peanut to yeah, because he’s a hundred years old.


Yeah, I know.

Good for him.

Unfortunately, for you both the real slogan was actually where’s the beef, really?

It was and it was a reference to the famous Wendy’s commercial which came out the same year 1984 and it was coined by Walter Mondale little boy, he used it as a way to gesture at what he felt were some in substantial.


Mrs. From his opponents.


Let’s move on to our fourth matchup of slogans.

The options were Shame.


Look at Blaine a big fat liar from the state of Maine or Mama.


Where’s my paw gone to the White House?

Ha ha, ha.


Mike which, which little, which little Limerick did you choose?

I went with the second one, the mama one.

And what about you and Mom?

I went with the first one because it’s both informative and has a ring in it.


All right, well, be real slogan was mama.

Where’s my pie gone to the White House.

Ha ha, ha Mike.

You’re killing it.

That’s Logan was from James Blaine and his 1884 race against Grover Cleveland.



And he was actually slinging dirt against Cleveland who had allegedly fathered an illegitimate child in.

Oh, Heiio, just sharing out his dirty laundry, right?

And his slogan.

Very, that’s rough.

Alright, now we’re going to reveal the answers to our final slogan matchup and the final question of the whole game, the choices were in your guts.


You know, he’s nuts or Dewey or not Dewey.

That is the question Emma.

What did you guess?

You know I guessed in your guts but now I feel like the other one I did the same thing.

I also So did in your guts?

I think do or not, do he’s too clever, somebody wrote that.


That is someone someone smart wrote that in your guts.

Feels like, that’s, that’s a real slogan.


Wow, you guys are both correct?

Oh, nice.

It was in fact in your guts.

You know, he’s nuts.

That was from Lyndon B Johnson, in 1964 was responding to his rival.


Barry Goldwater.

Slogan, your heart, you know, he’s right?

And Johnson was calling Goldwater and not because of his opposition to the Civil Rights Act of the same year.

Okay, I mean, that’s pretty good there.

Ally has a slogan of an ally.


All right, well, that brings us to the end of Round 4 and the end of our whole game.


Oh my God, the end.

Thank you so much.

What a treat, what a great do you feel proud of yourselves?

You know how, like at the end of all of this?


Where you at?

Ocean Ali.

Well, I guess because I lost I’m proud of myself because my main goal in this competition was to just confuse you.


And I think I achieved that and I’m happy with that.

I feel as a manager, I did a poor job of not, I don’t know, spotlighting, an employee somebody who I admire, so very much and wanting to do well, and that’s you Emma.


I did a bad job by cool trouncing.

I assume that I just just beat your ass.

So, Only on this thing. - yeah, I think you did.

I can’t tell if that’s like generous or like you, like, it’s a little bit, it’s classic.


Mike guess what it is.

Well, I will tell you what the final score is.

But before we get to that, let me just remind you, what is at stake?

The winner is going to win 20 seconds to give their best pitch for what they think should be taught in history class.


And this is truly one of the world’s most coveted prizes.

So, you know, the stakes are high.


But let’s get to what we’re all waiting for our final scores, Naomi.

All right with all precincts.

Reporting West Coast included.


It looks like Mike one with nine points.

Oh nice Emma.

You weren’t that close behind with a nice six points?

Yeah man, there’s a real Mike wave.

That’s great.

It was down to the wire but ultimately Mike, you are the winner of not past it.



Yeah, thank you so much.

This is terrific.

This feels really good.

Feels like, I’ve worked my whole life to get to this point.

It’s a real Slumdog Millionaire moment where every experience I’ve had came back to this moment.

It really I feel terrific.

Wow, amazing.


Well top it all off.

You have just won 20 seconds to tell us what you think should be taught in history class.

We’re going to give you a timer.

You’ll give us your best pitch.

Oh shoot.

All right. 20 seconds to talk about something.

I think should be In school.

All right, I’m ready.


Let’s go, you’re ready.

All right, your time starts now.

Alright, based on my experience here at.

Wait, wait, don’t tell me where we have writers room?

That’s always filled with Gummy Bears.

I feel like we need to know more about where gummy bears come from and how they are decided, where do we get the Coke bottles?


Where are the cherries?

Come from why our twin Snakes so good and what about those crocodiles with marshmallows on them, Wow, very good credible.

Kids need to know, teach the kids, the real stuff.

Ideally, you would teach that class and get free candy.


Oh, I said the game your little bit here, a little bit.

Okay, well this has been such a thrilling competition.

Thank you to you both for joining me.

Thanks a lot.

Thank you for having us.

Not past.


It is a Spotify original produced by gimlet and DSP, media, this episode was produced by Naomi Bronner next week.

There’s no crying or girls in Baseball, sports is the most sex segregated institution in our society, more cassette segregated in the military.


Our producer is Olivia Briley.

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I Do a lot of trivia I know.

Do bar trivia or Pub.


Do you do that?

Emma know.

I do a lot of cross words.

I know you do crosswords to I like crosswords.


Have you reached genius-level on today’s spelling bee yet not yet Michael but soon.