Not Past It - Real Housewives, Real History!

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Hey, I’ve got a question for you, what do Dallas?

Salt Lake City, Miami and New York, all have in common.

It’s real housewives.

Bitches it all began with the ladies of Orange County.


Now, nearly 20 years later, the housewives have grown into a reality TV Empire fabulous.

Gone With the Wind Fabulous.

Okay, you are Psychotic.

Jesus jugs.

You’re psychotic, Jesus jugs and I said what I said, okay.


Well what you said was some bullsh but you don’t like it.

You don’t like the show takes a peek inside the Glamorous lives of wealthy women, as they work party.

Navigate love relationships, family life.

And yeah, throw a couple of drinks.


Along the way, the franchise has expanded to dozens of cities around the world featured the lives of more than 100 women and Run off a number of businesses, everything from Skinnygirl, Margaritas to Satin lined baseball caps.

And today, the Real Housewives are inspiring us, and our latest edition of not passed, it trivia.


From gimlet media.

This is not past it a show about the stories we can’t quite leave behind.

I’m Simone cullinan 17 years ago.

This month January 2006 Bravo announced its newest show.

The Real Housewives of Orange County the first of the Real Housewives franchise.


And today we’re bringing you another episode of not past, it trivia inspired by the reality TV sensation.

We’ve also got questions about Real Housewives, from history TV Through the Ages and a whole lot more.

So put on your sparkliest Giovanni gown the game begins after the break.


All right, it is time to meet our trivia players joining us today are Rachel Lindsay and Callie Curry from the podcast morally.

Corrupt from the ringer Network.


Cali and Rachel.

Hey, thank you so much for having us.


Not only do you share a podcast about the iconic reality TV franchise?

But Rachel you yourself are reality TV royalty, having been not only a bachelorette, which is already a big deal, but First, black, bachelorette, and ABC’s history.


Talk about iconic.

Thank you.

You know what I’m thrilled.

That I was on reality TV and despite everything that happened, it did not change my love for it.

Great, I’m glad to hear that now.

You know, some people might be listening to this and wondering like, okay, so this is a history show.


Why are we talking about the housewives?

Like what is the value of a show like this and I’m curious Callie How would you respond to those skeptical, folks?

I would say that there is a lot of value in this.

Because the way that TV has been filmed in made has completely changed because of reality television.


And the Housewives is a huge chunk of that success.

But also there are social issues that are kind of cracked on the housewives.

And it’s interesting to see like correlate that with like, what’s happening in the real world.

Oh, I love that.


So, Lee said my so simple - so simple, I would say for the people who talk like that, you clearly haven’t pressed play, right?

You’re reading a headline.

You’re seeing a clip on social media, you’re looking at a me when you press play, you will within 5 to 10 minutes.


Specifically, with the right franchise you will be hooked.

Well the Skeptics have been convinced so I think we could start playing the game.

Oh gosh.

Here we go.

Do it.

All right, we have got three rounds of Housewives.

Inspired questions coming.



And a special prize for whoever wins.

Would you like to know what is at stake?

Yeah, okay.

Well as always the winner of our trivia game today will get 20 seconds to pitch what topic they think should be taught in history class in the past.


Folks have pitched the history of bennifer, we’re gummy bears, come from.

And so, you’ll pitch us your great idea.

Okay, okay.

So let’s go ahead and start with our first round, which we are calling tagline, your it.


Oh Lord.

I think you can tell where this one’s going but for those who don’t know, during the opening credits of the Real Housewives episodes, each woman from the cast, introduces herself with a pithy one-liner like these from season 10 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, 10 years in the game.


And I’m still, the tasty is peach in Atlanta friends.

And go but family is forever.

Age is just a number but these cheekbones are Timeless.

All right, so for this game, what’s going to happen is I will read you to tag lines.


One is from a real bravo housewife and the other one we made up.

So your job is to guess which one was actually uttered by a Bravo leporidae.

Okay, if you get it right.

You get a point if you get it wrong.

Nothing happens.


No need to flip the table.

You just don’t get that point and Callie we’re going to start with you.

Yay, let’s go.

Which one is a real housewives tagline.

If you can’t handle the truth, you can’t handle me or the higher, the hair, the closer to God and my hair’s.



All right.

Which one is the real tagline and for a bonus Point, who said it.

Well I will say this both of these could be so you guys did a really good job making one out for some reason I can like hear someone saying fuck number two would be a Dallas house.


What I want to say?

One any any guesses as to who said it?


I want to say.

Someone in Beverly Hills Lisa Rinna.

All right.

Well I can tell you chose the correct tagline you if you can’t handle the truth, you can’t handle me.


However, that one was uttered by Miss Skinnygirl.

Margarita herself Bethenny Frankel of the Real Housewives of New York.

Oh, I wouldn’t have guessed that at all, but I’m on the board.

You’re on the board.

Got a point.

All right, Rach.


All this next one is for you.


Which one of these is the real tagline Lord, I’m as genuine as a million dollar bill or I may be married to a plastic surgeon but I’m 98% real, okay, I’m gonna go with to mhm and I’m going to go with Lisa, hochstein hochstein, whatever is that right?


You got the correct tagline, but that one belonged to Our Dubrow of the Real Housewives of Orange County.

As you may know, she’s married to Terry Dubrow a plastic surgeon with his own reality TV, Fame.

I thought you guys were trying to throw us off, I was like, it can’t be.


Heather Dubrow.

That’s too obvious, too obvious, right?

Listen trip is all about psychological warfare.

Okay, I’ll just about knowing the answer.

It’s about trusting yourself and while we’re on the topic of taglines, I have to ask.


Have you ever thought of what Your own Housewives tagline would be.

I have, I’d have to use one of my dad’s sayings because my dad, my dad, grew up on a farm.

And so, he always says things that are related to animals.

And so one of his sayings is, I’m too old of a cat to be fooled by a kitten myself.


How about you Kelly?

I feel like I would do some sort of play on my height and be like, I’m too tall to spend time with.

You got a wrap bitches, something like that.


My is straight to the point.

All right, let’s get back to the trivia for question 3.

Callie we’re going back to you, which one is the real tagline?

I can save your life, but not your reputation or come.


Doctor and I’ll give you a taste of your own medicine.

I can save your life but not your reputation.

And who do you think said it?

Who Could It Be?

Who Could It Be?

I’m thinking of I don’t know why I’m blanking on her name right now but also Miami housewife my God I told you know who I’m talking about right now?


Yeah Nicole Nicole yeah, there we go.

Thank you.

How very helpful opponent.

She asks You are correct about the tagline.


It was, however, Tiffany Moon of the Real Housewives of Dallas.

Yeah, she’s an anesthesiologist.


So, that’s why final question in the round is going back to you Rachel, which is the real tagline.


I may be a chef but I never spilled the beans or I like to have fun but I don’t play games.

Okay, I would like to say that.

I’ve said number two before I like sports, but I don’t play games.

That’s what I said.


I’m gonna go with two, mmm.

And who do you think said it?

Okay, I don’t know why.

I want to pick somebody from Atlanta or Potomac Karen Huger.

Hmm, you did get the correct tagline.


But again, not the right house wife, this one, belonged to housewife of Beverly Hills and mother to supermodels, Gigi and Bella, Yolanda Hadid.

Oh, I never guess that I never never never never would have guessed that.


That is that there’s a.

So someone wrote that that’s not her personality.



I’m like does she like to have fun?

That brings us to the end of our first round which means that it is time to check in on our scores our producer Carla is keeping track Carla.


Where do we stand?

You say, you don’t play games but you both crushed it.

That round you’re tied with two points each - exciting.

You know, it’s funny the taglines feel like such a specific part of the show, but I also feel like they Become like their own language almost.


So, you know, I’m curious.

Where do you guys see Housewives being influential be on the show?

I would definitely say in memes.

Mmm, no, like Nene’s everywhere.

Of course, the iconic, Atlanta housewives, NeNe, Leakes.


Yeah, I would say Nene’s lines have been so iconic that I hear them all the time in everyday life.

I said what I said, close has your legs to married men.

Close your legs to married men.

Close, close your legs to married men.

She’s hurting close your legs to married men.


Wow, the list goes on, and on, and on.

Yeah, I would also say that like, the brand of housewife is kind of influential like.

Now all of a sudden every housewife wants to have a job and wants to have a company, and I think that they’ve kind of made that into a thing, something that’s cool.


And now women Like maybe only looked at themselves as like, I’m a stay-at-home wife now.

They feel like, kind of like, oh well, she does that.

And she says, this this and this.


Yeah, I totally see that.

All right, we’re going to keep rolling with our trivia game.


And we’re heading into round two, which were calling which came first row to the rules are pretty simple.

I’ll give you an important event from Real Housewife related history.


Curry and one from just general history and you’re going to have to tell me which came first, that will be hard.

Well, they’ve all right, Rachel we’re going to you first, we’re going to kick it off with one of the most famous Real Housewives moments of all time.


The table flip.

I’m sure.

You know, which one I’m talking about, but here’s a clip, if you need a refresher She knows the same so that was Teresa Giudice flipping out and then literally flipping a table in an episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.


But my question for you is, which came first that table flip?

Or another famous flip, the razor flip phone Rachel, which one do you think came first?

The flip phone, That is correct.


The Motorola Razr V3 hit shelves, in 2004 and that iconic Real Housewives moment aired in 2009.

Yes, Callie.

We’re going to you for this next one which came first.

The debut of the Bravo network or the debut of MTV I don’t know if this is right but I was definitely watching MTV way before Bravo.


So I’m going with MTV That is incorrect.

I am sorry.

I would have said mtv2 actually Bravo, predates, MTV believe it or not was on their Network.

They used to have shows like Inside the Actor’s Studio.


If you’ve ever heard of that one, we’re a long ways away from that.

I don’t even know what that is.

Yeah, Bravo has been around since December of 1980 MTV came along the year after and 1981 And in those early days of Bravo at sort of touted itself as the first television service dedicated to film and the Performing Arts false, they sold their soul could be a performing art anyway, if you think about it, all right, next question we’re going back to you Rachel, which came first the incorporation of Orange County, California or the rise of the Stiletto heel.


I mean, I guess I’d say, I feel like I’m going to say the Stiletto Hill that is incorrect.

I am sorry, I’m sorry.

Orange County became an official County.

And 1889, as for the Stiletto heel, the exact inventor is a topic of much debate, but historians agree, that it happened.


Sometime in the early to mid 20th century, okay?

Alright, last question.

And we’re going back to you Callie, which came first Real Housewives, executive producer, Andy Cohen, or the premiere of The Mary Tyler Moore Show.


Oh you mean like his birth?

Yes, Andy Cohen.

The human being.

That makes it a little trickier.

I’m gonna say the Mary.

Tyler Moore Show came first.


That is incorrect.

I am sorry.

I thought it was right, Andy Cohen was born first in 1968 when he’s 54 he’s 54, okay?

The Mary Tyler Moore Show premiered in 1970s.


So two years after Andy Cohen was born, all right well that brings us to the end of our second round, which means it’s time to check in on those scores Carla.

How we looking?

Well, we told me that nice that round and has the lead with three.


It’s but Callie, don’t worry, you are right behind with two points, not a stronger address.

You know what?

Callie, don’t worry because much, like a real housewives, luncheon.

Things can change dramatically.

So, stick around, we’ll be right back after the break.


Welcome back.

Friends, looking all Gone With the Wind Fabulous.

This week we’re playing not passed.

It trivia inspired by The Real Housewives of Bravo this reality TV Empire has given us so much juicy drama funny memes iconic quotes but also vulnerable moments real-life challenges and a whole lot of mess.


We Stand our players today are Rachel Lindsay and A curry from the ringer podcast morally corrupt.

How are you guys feeling?

Not confident.

I feel confident in our Housewives knowledge, not confident in our historical knowledge, so much.


I feel like you guys got this.

I’m confident in you.

For round.

Three will take a small step away from the Bravo Housewives, to talk about the Real Housewives of history, and we’re calling this round House Wives a her story.


Just trying to get our puns from it as high as possible.


As a reminder, Rachel is in the lead with three points, but Callie is right behind with two.

So anything can happen in this final round and Callie we’re going to start with you.


King Henry, the 8th famously married, six, different women.

And he said I do to his second wife 490 years ago this week.

Callie for one point what was his second Brides name?

I mean, gonna go with Margaret, that is a good old timey.


English name.

Good guess, unfortunately, that is incorrect.

His wife was named Anne Boleyn.

The only reason I know that is because of that, Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson movie, The Other Boleyn Girl.


Wow, as for an and Henry their marriage didn’t last long, a few years.

Years later she was accused probably falsely of adultery and treason and was beheaded.

Oh my God.

Yeah, no.


Wait, but it actually gets worse because he remarried just days later.


Yeah, pretty bad.

Oh my God.

What that?

Bit of dramatic history?

We’re gonna go to you.

Rachel for question number two, this famous and controversial wife said she met her husband?


A charity event, 79 years ago.

This week, a fictionalized version of her life and death is the subject of an Andrew Lloyd.

Webber musical.

Now, for one point, Rachel, can you guess who this woman was?


And I’ll give you a hint Madonna, later.

Got a Golden Globe for her.

Portrayal of this historic wife, Evita That is correct.

Evita also known as Ava Peron.


She went by the nickname, Evita Don’t Cry For Me.

Argentina muy bien, Rachel, that’s all I got and spit.

It was bit.

All right, Callie we’re going back to you for question number three.

And this one is about a first lady.


So, 70 years ago, on January 20th, 1953 this woman became first lady Lady when her husband, a general was inaugurated president and at the time the medium of Television was emerging and reportedly, this first lady had a soft spot for soap operas now.


For one point Kali who was this first lady and you can just give me the last name from the 50s.




That is unfortunately incorrect.

I’m sorry.

It was Truman Eisenhower, the wife of President Dwight D Eisenhower Mamie Eisenhower.

How did you know that Rachel?


I always mix up Truman and Eisenhower.

I don’t know why I always mix those two up.

Well, just so, you know, reportedly one of Mamie’s favorite soap operas was, as the World turns on CBS which in the 50s it debuted in 1956.


And it ran until 2010, perhaps Mamie Eisenhower would have enjoyed the housewives.

Who knows?


All right, we’ve got one final question, this round which is going to you Rachel.

So, the creators of the Real Housewives, franchise site a television show called an American family as an inspiration.


It premiered, 50 years ago, this month January 1973 and it followed the real everyday lives of the loud family.

That was her name.

It is considered a precursor to reality tv as we know it today.


So for one point Rachel, what network did the show an American family are?

And I’m going to say, well, it’s 73.

So Bravo’s out.

As this MTV, nice paying attention, I am going to say.



Was that even a real interesting?


Unfortunately, it is not correct.

The correct answer kind of blows my mind but it was in fact, on PBS.

Actually, that makes sense.


That makes sense.

It was probably more documentary style.

Yeah, exactly.

It was, you know, unscripted, it was raw and sort of controversial for the time.

So on the show, The Matriarch of the family.

Emily Pat loud.


She openly discussed.

Divorcing her husband and was also shown supporting her son Lance, who was openly gay?

Oh wow.

Love that.


Well that concludes the final round and our trivia Extravaganza which means it’s time to check in on our final scores Carla.


Do we have a winner?

Well, I’d like to say Bravo to both of you for a game.

Well, played with winner today is Rachel with four points.

All right.

Well, we have our winner.



Thank you.


And you have one, one of the most coveted prizes and all competitions, which is 20 seconds to share, what you think should be taught in History, Class Housewives related or not.


Do you feel like you have an idea of what what you’d want to pitch?


I do.


We’re putting 20 seconds on the clock.

And your time starts now.

Well, it’s probably already been done but I would do the history of reality television.

And the reason that I would do that is because well as I just learned it started in the 70s but it’s everywhere now, right.


There’s so many different shows out there for a number of different topics and so much of reality is based on reality television, I feel like the way a percept I ran out Okay, finish your sentence.

I was gonna say because perception is reality.


I feel like a lot of people make certain assumptions and stereotypes based on different demographics based on things they see on reality TV.

And so, I think going through a history of, it would actually be really interesting because reality TV is so prevalent, okay?

I’m alright.


Yes, Professor Lindsey class is in session.

Let’s go.

It’s been such a thrill to talk about Housewives, history, Bravo, and Beyond.

But before I let you go I have one more question for you as fans of the housewives.


What are you guys hoping to see in the future of the franchise?

I’d love to see a franchise and every state, I think we’re kind of over the bigger cities.

I think what’s interesting is learning someone’s way of life, which is why Salt Lake’s been so interesting because you’re learning about Mormon, it’s like a culture.


It’s not just a religion.

And so, I think that that’s been really eye-opening.

Would be cool to Branch out to the middle of nowhere and always here for diversity and inclusion.

I agree on diversity inclusion.

I also think that and I don’t know just maybe because I’ve been watching it for so long but I don’t think like the over-the-top dramatic fights are as fun as like the really smart like witty quippy Shady those are the like little arguments that I like to watch.


So I would like to move away from the table flips and into, like they’re going to hunt you down with words.

Yeah, I could see that.

So you’re saying, like less table, flipping more word smithing, I like it.



More wordsmithing, got it?

Yeah, I would, I would agree with all of that.

You know, it feels like reality TV shapes, so much of How we think about the world and how we think about specifically what this show women and middle-aged women and you know it’s like a more multi-dimensional depiction than we’re used to seeing on TV, just seeing them outside of the context of, you know, just their families or just their relationships and seeing them as these fully fleshed-out individuals.



Well, thank you so much.

Rachel Lindsay and Callie Curry from the podcast morally corrupt.

It’s been a pleasure.

You’re Come back, anytime.

Thank you for having us.

This has been fun.

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Every state should have a Housewives franchise.



Real Housewives of Topeka.

Now we need it.

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