I've Had It - Burning Man

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Jay Welch, let me tell you what I’ve had it with today.

Let’s hear it.

So I went to this yoga studio, and they make you sign all this shit.

So I gave my phone number.

So when I’m leaving afterwards, I tell the girl straight up to her face, I can’t ever

come back because it’s too hot.

It was 85 degrees.

So I come out and tell her, and I was like, take me off your list.

Like I will never voluntarily go anywhere that’s 85 degrees.

And they text me all the time, and I’ve texted back.

I’m never coming.

It’s too hot.

It’s not personal to you or yoga.

But I just-

You would do like 50 degree yoga.

I could do 50 degree yoga, but not 85 degree yoga.

And they always try to sell me on, well, it’s good for your joints, and I’m like, I don’t

give a fuck.

I don’t give a fuck what it does.

I don’t care if it makes me look like J-Lo.

I’m not going anywhere for 85 degrees.

No hot yoga.

No hot yoga.

I’m hot enough.

And they’re harassing you.


Had it.

Had it.

Had it.

All right, pumps.

So before Jen and Nealey came to Oklahoma City, I FaceTimed them to see what they were

up to.

And this is no surprise where they were.

They were at REI.

What does that stand for?

REI, it’s like a camping store.

Oh, I’ve never heard of it.

You’ve never heard of REI?


It’s like they sell like tents and shit.

So I said, well, what are y’all buying at REI?

And I had to have them bring it because I’ve got to show you this.

A tent.

So this-

A bucket.

Is a bucket.


It looks like a bucket, right?

It’s got a rope.

Do you have to go get your own water at the well or something?


So there’s a bucket.

I’m taking the lid off of the bucket.

Audience, wait.

Hang on here.


It’s a fucking toilet seat.

It’s a toilet seat.

It’s a potty in a-

On top of a bucket.

Did you poop in that?

Did you pee in that?

Oh my gosh.

What do you do for fun?

Poop in a bucket?

So you can imagine my horror.

And so I said, why on earth would you buy that?

This is 2022.


We have modernized plumbing, waste, sewage.

It’s been modernized for decades, actually.

And they announced to me that they were going to buy a bucket.

And I was like, what?

And they said, well, it’s a bucket.

And I was like, what?

And they said, well, it’s a bucket.

And I was like, what?

And they said, well, it’s a bucket.

And I was like, well, it’s a bucket.

modernized plumbing, waste, sewage.

It’s been modernized for decades, actually.

And they announced to me, well, oh, we’re getting this for Burning Man.

And I was like, so wait.

So like it’s Burning Man, do you sleep there?

And they’re like, yes.

And so then I said, what is Burning Man?

It’s like a outdoor concert, right?

I thought it was just a concert.

That’s what I thought.

Like a day trip to a music festival, right?

Where people dress like hipsters and run around playing dress up like they’re unicorns.

And I’m all for it.

If that’s what, swing for the fences, knock yourselves out.

They’re going for eight nights in 110 degree weather.

And there are tented neighborhoods.

There’s like, we’re in such and such, exactly.

There’s lined up rows of tents for people to sleep in.

It’s a full on infrastructure out in Nevada.

With no plumbing.

There are porta-potties.

Oh, I’d rather pee outside than on a porta-potty.

In the middle of the night, especially Jen.

She’s not going to want to get, climb out of her tent and walk over to the-

So is the porta-potty in the tent?

This will be-

Oh, the bucket is in the tent.

The bucket?

I mean, okay, but your port-a-lug or lug-a-log.

The porta-potties in the neighborhoods of the infrastructure that all these fucking

people go to in 110 degree-

How many people are there?


It’s for that week.

They pay money to go.

They pay.

Do they have like a shower?



I mean, I went in 2018 and I showered maybe once.

Like you bring your own portable, you know, you fill up the water and you just-

That’s not a shower.

That’s not a shower.

That’s pouring water over your head.

Yeah, but I still had shampoo and everything.

That’s not even a hooker bath.

Yeah, no.

That’s not even tits and bits.




That is not a shower.

In no way does that resemble hygiene.

When do people start smelling?

You have to think people smell.

70,000 people, 110 degrees, a porta-potty in their living area.

You’re out in the desert.

The alkaline is really good for you.

You don’t really smell that much.

You’re good.

I mean, you still-

That’s bullshit.

That is bullshit.

You still have the whore’s bath.

You take care of yourself every day.

Do you shave your armpits?

Yeah, I bring a razor.



I would do it daily.

I don’t grow it out.

As long as it’s not like a-

Do you shave your vagine at Burning Man?

I’ll try to be clean before I go.


Where would you do your vagine at Burning Man in a porta-potty?

Do you do it in the tent?

In my tent.

That’s where you do all your private stuff.

Just have a vagine cleaning in the tent?

Now, who all sleeps in the tent?

Just the two of you?


Do you have like assigned to a neighborhood within the 70,000?


You have a camp.

So, this year will be 22 people in one camp.

I remember you talking about some sort of like meal plan and casserole at Burning Man

where you’ll take turns cooking.


Every evening.

110 degree heat.


Like over a fire?

We use propane.

Give us an example of something.

What are you preparing?

I’m Turkish.

So, I will be bringing some börekas, which is like puff pastry with cheese and spinach.

Oh, yeah.

It’s a really nice meal.

We have a pizza oven.

So, I’ll just pop it in the pizza oven.

At Burning Man, you have a pizza oven?


So, okay.

Let me ask you this.

So, are you going to take a shit in this bucket?

Yes or no?

If I have to, if I absolutely have to, I will.

But then I will get rid of it.

Where do you take the shit once you’re done?

The portos and dump it in there.

We have a shit ton of Clorox wipe, all kinds of antibacterial wipes.

Do you have a blow-up mattress or do you just sleep on the ground?

We have the whole setup.

It’s really nice.

We have a comforter.

It’s 110 degrees.

Multiple pillows.

Pee in the bucket.


It’s not always 110.

Super nice.

Super nice.

In the evenings, it gets down to 45, 50.

It gets cold, which is another reason you don’t want to leave your tent and you just

pee in the bucket.


What if you’re in the middle of the night when you get up to pee and it turns out it’s

a poop?

So, you’re in a tent taking a dump in the middle of the night while someone’s asleep

in that air.

I will kill you, Jen, if you poop by accident.

I mean, it happens.

I make no promises.

It happens.

It happens.

I think it’s your species.

It happens.

If your relationship can survive eight nights in a tent with a bucket to shit in, I think

it’s golden.

I do too.

I mean, how could you not?

What drugs is everybody on?

All kinds of drugs.

I would think that would be the only thing that would make it even remotely palatable.

And so, what’s the age group?

Gotta be young.

I’m telling you, it’s from age three to seven.

People take their kids?

People take their kids.

They bring their nannies so that they can party in the evenings while the nanny watches

the kids.

I would suggest if you just leave your child at home with the nanny.

Yeah, that would be optimal.

As much as I’ve had it with everything that’s been said so far, and the people pooping in

the bucket.

Had it.

Had it.

Had it.

Had it.

I have one more question.

Is there a concert?

Or is it just people in tents shitting in buckets?

No, it’s a whole thing.

It’s an experience.

There are art structures all over the playa.

Everyone comes in and is gifting something to the 70,000.

So there’s the man and there’s also the temple.

The temple is this structure that’s your sacred place where people go each year and they drop

something off there where they want to just let go of it.

And then on that Sunday, after the burning of the man, that burns down too, so you’re

letting go of-

You can get drop pumps off there.

You totally can.


I think they’re more talking like a picture of your ex-husband, right?


I saw a wedding dress last time that was hanging in the temple, ready to be burned.

If this isn’t alarming enough, when I was FaceTiming, that’s child’s play compared to

what they told me happens next, and you’re going to lose your fucking mind because I’m

still not over it.

They have these tents and this activity called the Cuddle Puddle, and people bring life-size

stuffed animals and all the people go into these tents and cuddle each other and the

stuffed animals in the Cuddle Puddle.

And I want to remind you and the audience at large, these are adults paying money to

go to 110 degree heat in a tent, shit in a bucket, and cuddle a goddamn stuffed animal.

Pumps, wouldn’t you cuddle with me in a Cuddle Puddle?

I would cuddle with you, but not in a Cuddle Puddle and not outside and not where I had

to shit in a box.

No thanks.

We’re not shitting in a box.

Forget about the shitting in a box.

I can’t forget about that.

That’s a big deal.

Right, but what about the Cuddle Puddle?

They have like a restaurant, like if you didn’t bring food, you could go buy food, like a

concession stand, a food truck.

There’s no monetary, the only thing you could buy on the playa is ice.

There’s no money.

No legal tender.


Do people fuck each other for stuff?

I want nothing to do with organized fun, group activities, Cuddle Puddles.

I’m all about pickleball.

Seems like I know somebody that went and took like a motorhome.

Do people take motorhomes there?

RVs, yeah, they take RVs.

That’s more like glamping.

That’s really glamorous.

For me, 70,000 people-

Is enough now.

It’s an immediate now.

110 degrees is where you-

Immediate now.

I didn’t even have to get into the plumbing issue.

Stuffed animals, cuddling with other human beings that you don’t know well.

I don’t even know where you get a life-size stuffed animal.

You should see all the shit.

She sent me an image.

They have these crates and all this shit packed up that they’re taking to Burning Man, like

literally like they’re moving out of their house.

All this shit in Jen and Nellie’s dining room.

Are you going to get a little U-Haul?

How do you get it all down there?

We have a team that’s working on all of that.

Our campmates.

But look at you.

You’re right there.

It’s the oil painting of Pops with her smoking glove.

Pretty as a picture.


Do you take your bicycles too?

We take our bicycles.

We bring our own water.

Like every-

So all the blue things are water?

The biggest thing is radical self-reliance.

So we rely on ourselves.

I support that.

I support radical self-reliance.

I support that too.

In a four season.

Flipped up with room service.



The best kind of self-reliance.

The help of the butler and the concierge.


All of it.

We have a guest who is somewhat of a Burning Man aficionado.

This guy has such a heart on for Burning Man that he has, he’s bi-continental Burning

Man boy.



I guess it takes all kinds.

Hi Bobbitt.


How’s it going?

Hi Bobbitt.

Any relation to Lorena?

There is none.


We’re probably the last generation that will remember that.

Nobody younger than us is ever going to understand this.


Given my marriage, I think it was a missed opportunity on my part.

I should have followed her lead.

Would have saved me lots of time and energy.


I mean, what I like about what she did is like, you know, women have thought that.

It’s just like, and then you get over it, rational thought resumes.

You realize that you can’t do that.

It’s homicidal, somewhat sociopathic.

She committed.

She committed.

Threw it out the car window.


And then she took it, drove off with it, and threw that penis out of the window.


She actually morally did the correct thing, yet he was able to profit off it and do his

like weird porno and all that kind of stuff with a ton of money.


And he was clearly like a piece of crap.



He’s just a bad person.

So Bobbitt, we just found out about, I mean, I’d heard of Burning Man, Pumps had heard

of Burning Man.

I thought it was a concert.

I’m Jennifer, and this is Pumps, by the way.

I thought it was like a music festival, a one-day event.

And kind of like an overnight Coachella kind of thing.




I had no idea that what goes on, because these ladies, I FaceTime them, and they’re at REI

buying a toilet bucket.

Just alarming revelation after alarming revelation that leads to the cuddle puddles, which I

cannot wrap my head around.

All right.

How many burns?

I’ve been to four burns at Black Rock City, and then my wife and I have also been to Burning

Man, what’s called the Africa burn in South Africa.

So do you sleep outside, or do you take like a mobile camper?

I’ve done it a couple of different ways.

I’ve done tent twice, and I’ve rented an RV once, and I had a camper van one time.

The RV was nice because it had like not a generator, it had air conditioning, it had

a microwave.

There you go.

There you go.


I did it up.

I had my own little bathroom and everything.


You’re not shitting in a bucket in a tent in front of your spouse.


But that was special because that was the second year anniversary of my wife and I meeting

and falling in love with Burning Man.

So we wanted to go back and do it up with style, but ever since then, it’s just nothing

but tents.

That is sweet.

And I will say, I use the portos, but I’m still a little bougie.

I have a portable bidet, because I got to stay a little clean.



I like that.

That’s the effort.


I think he’s way more, a much better burner than you two are.

Listen, he doesn’t need a bucket.

He can use a bottle if he needed to.

That is true.


So he needs a bottle.

That’s all he needs.

But the bidet is kind of a stroke of genius.

It’s like a gallon jug with a funnel and a hose, so that I can be lazy if I’m too drunk

and I don’t have to go to the portos.

Let me ask you this.

Do you go to the cuddle puddle?

I do not go to the big one.


It kind of scares me.

It terrifies me.

It’s literally a dark room, and there’s like a hundred people, and they’re just touching


I don’t want them to touch me.

I don’t know them.

I agree.

It’s so weird.

Does it smell?

I don’t know.

Someone just opened the door for me last time and showed me what it was, and I immediately

turned around.

I was like, no, thank you.

Yeah, I would be.

I don’t need any of that.


But I’m down to cuddle with people I’m friends with and I’ve made friends with.

That’s fine.


I just don’t want to be in a dark room with people I’ve never met.


So do you cuddle at Burning Man with other people in a small, like in your neighborhood?


Our whole camp will end up doing a cuddle at some point.

I’ve cuddled with Bobbitt before.

Are you still burning?

Are you spooning?


Is it like a row of spoons in a silverware drawer?

I think that’s too organized for us.


It just kind of happens naturally.

Bodies just start kind of forming and you’re like, oh, coziness, putting your fur coats



My question would be, are these people attractive at all?

I mean, we know they smell, so they’d have to be pretty attractive, but I would always

fear that I’d get stuck with the unattractive people.

I would not want to just strut around naked in front of 70,000 people.


I don’t know.

I can’t do the naked walk around for everybody, but I would say there’s some really beautiful

people out there.

So like Burning Man for you, is it like kind of the climax of your year?

Like everything kind of, like for me, I go to the Amalfi Coast every summer and I love


And when I’m not there, I can visualize in my brain the sun hitting the water and the

water kind of sparkles.


Is that what Burning Man is for you?

Yeah, absolutely.

We have a gigantic 50 by 30 foot room that all it is right now is Burning Man prep.

It’s nonstop.


We just saw Gin and Nilly’s.

We’ll even hang out with some friends.

We just saw Gin and Nilly’s and we were like, are you all moving or what?

I mean, it’s unbelievable.


It’s like, that’s the fun.

It’s a huge process.

I get to bring all my tools and I like to build stuff and I always do find out new little


Like when it comes to engineering, you know, we’re building our own sinks, we build our

own showers.

You’re just learning things all the time.

This year I’ve been learning about how to splice LED wirings.

So you can light your tent, your little neighborhood with your.

We’re going to light the tent, we’re going to light our bikes, going to light the backpack,

you know, a whole bunch of things we got to do.

I appreciate how industrious you are because like me, you said you like learning all this

new stuff.

I really, I don’t want to learn anything new.

I really am completely content.

Like going to a hotel and saying, y’all know how the inner workings of this hotel, you

know how to change the sheets, you know how to wash the towels, you know how to refill

the shampoo.

I’m going to let y’all have it.

Burning Man is a way for me to learn cool things and new things.

But in the same vein, I am also a very posh traveler.

I don’t like Airbnbs.

They always ask me to like fold towels for them and do dishes.

I’m out.

I’m out there for that.

I just give you money.

I want to go to a nice hotel.

Like the first thing we do when we’re leaving Burning Man is we’re going to a very fancy


I like it.

Nice hot bath.

I’m going to get the hot tub.

I’m going to get a massage.

I like it.

I’m going to go for it.

I like it.

What I would do is I would forego Burning Man and do all 10 days at the fancy hotel.

I mean, and I would just be tickling, but I have a couple of questions.

Number one, is anybody worried about monkey pox or COVID at Burning Man?

I’m sure some people are.

It sounds like the perfect petri dish.

That cuddle puddle.

I mean, there’s going to be some monkey pox, COVID, and maybe even a new hybrid.

We’re talking about the same exact kind of hippies that thought drinking urine could

cure COVID.



There is a lot of potential.

Thankfully, I had COVID recently.

I’m not that worried, so I’m just going to get through it.

How much does it cost to get a tent spot at Burning Man?

All you’re doing is getting a ticket, and the tickets are like $600.

Per person?


And then you bring everything else on your own.

You can buy ice out there, but that’s it.

So it can be as cheap as you want or as expensive as you want.

So I want to reveal something to pumps that you probably know that Jen and Nellie told

me, and this is, I mean, this gets worse.

When you leave, when you’re ready to get the fuck out of there and you’ve got the vision

of this nice hotel, the bath, clean your ass, cold, refrigerated air, it takes six hours

to drive out of the facility.

Or more, right?

Or more.

I actually have sat through 25 hours once.


I’m not even kidding.

It was the year I met my wife, it was 25 hours.

There was a 17-year-old girl who had come there, who’d gone with their parents, and

they couldn’t find her.

She went off on her own little adventure, but they released an Amber alert.

And so they shut down all of Exit It.

They shut down everything.

So no one could go in or out until they found this girl, and this girl had just been out

partying with some friends that she made.

I’d fucking kill her.

Oh, it was all over her mind.

I would strangle her with my bare hands.


Okay, let me ask you this.

Why don’t they have more than one road out of Burning Man?

It sounds like the infrastructure could use an update.

I think it’s because you’re on an Indian reservation that literally has one road.

And so they try to manage it as much as possible, so you’re not ruining the entire lives of

these 30,000 people that live out on this reservation.

So they try to keep it narrow as possible, but I wouldn’t mind having a second road.

I could get to Reno faster and get a cheeseburger and go to my hotel.


What’s the big deal that you’re going to do for the group?

I’m here to build everything.

I bring my tools and I get to work.

You’re a man.

Okay, so you said you built a shower.

It brings tools.

How do you…


Do you bring the stuff to make the shower?

Like the plumbing?


So we have…

It’s like a wooden structure that’s built off of a pallet, and then it’s on top of like

a heavy, thick, black plastic that’s also wrapped around a gigantic rectangle that’s

about 20 feet by 20 feet.

So the excess water goes down onto this thing and it evaporates out, so we don’t have to

take any extra water out.

Did you kind of black out when he described all that?

No, I was just thinking if I ever have to go like on survivor island, I want him.

Just because I thought…

He knows so much.

No, for sure.

I want him.

For sure.

I mean, if like apocalypse comes, I’m going to be like, hey, Jen Morton, remember that

Bobbit dude giving me his address?

Yeah, we need him.

Thomas and I are going out.

Your wife would be like, get these fucking women out of here.

I hate them.


I don’t think she needed that handy.

My dad’s like, you need to marry a handyman.

Pops, you’re getting a hit on married men on our podcast.

No, I’m just saying in general.

We interviewed a guy the other day and she said she’s basically opening up herself to

butt play.

Now we’re hitting on married men.

You have got to contain yourself, for God’s sakes.

I apologize, Pops.

I’m just saying a handyman is hard to find.


And you can’t find him because he’s married to a nice lady from Belgium who is a chef.

All she wants to do is cook food for her man and all he wants to do is build shit for

his woman.

And you can throw a grenade right in their fucking relationship.

I am so sorry, Bobbit.

I apologize from the bottom of my heart.

I didn’t realize it was sexual harassment.

That’s all right.

I’m from Texas.

I’m used to it.

I’m actually impressed that you hit on Bobbit, even though I disapprove.

I didn’t hit on him.

You clearly did.

I was just making the point.

You clearly did.

It was obvious.

You did.

It was.

I’m going to go back to Sona later.

What’s her name?



Tell Sona I didn’t mean to.

It was accidental.

I’m just so averted.

I feel crazy.

So Bobbit, let me just tell you one thing that I could get down with cuddle puddling


It’s not human beings.

It’s not oversized stuffed animals, but I can cuddle puddle with my dogs.

I could for days on end, for days on end.

I love my dogs so much.

My kids come into my office and I have a framed picture of Larry David on my desk, a picture

of me and my dogs.

And my son says, Mom, why do you not have any pictures of me in your office?

And I mean, honestly, it never occurred to me until he said it.

Like I love humanity.

I really don’t like human beings.

No, exactly.

But I love dogs.

I love dogs.

Do you take the dog to Burning Man?

No, you can’t take animals.

It’s actually a really harsh environment.

And like, even people who have actual disabilities and service animals, they’re encouraged to

not bring the dog.

So what’s the most, like is pot the most, the drug that’s used the most?

I cannot believe you just said pot.

Or what do you call it?



What do the kids call marijuana these days?

I like saying marijuana.

It’s funny.


But what’s the most prevalent drug, like psychedelics, pot?

You know, I don’t know.

I guess this runs with whatever circle you’re in, but I’m going to say it’s probably things

like either psychedelics, coke, or molly is probably the thing that you’ll see most people

have out there, I guess.

But I mean, pot, marijuana, weed, whatever you want to call it, that is like just a given.

It’s like every single camp.

Like there’s like 800 people just smoking it in a two-person corner.


It just happens.


And it is what it is.

But I mean, obviously alcohol I think is the number one consumed thing.

But you have to keep it cold.

Which is the worst.

I guess you don’t have to keep it cold.

You don’t have to, but I would recommend it.

Like a beer.

You don’t want a hot beer.

So this time that you go with Jen and Nellie, are you sleeping in the tent?

Are you taking the…

Well, this year we got fancy.

We’ve got a 10-person tent that has two rooms.

And I went and I bought a futon.

So we’re sleeping on the ground.

We’re bringing full sheets, bedding, everything.

I’m building like a swamp cooler to keep the tent room cool.

You are doing it right.

How many nights are you sleeping here at Burning Man?

I think it’s going to be…

It’s eight or nine nights.

Eight or nine nights.

I think it’s nine nights.

A long time.

With 100,000 people.

And then you have to wait for six to 25 hours.

Six to 25 hours.

Six to 25 hours to GTFO.

I would leave two days early to avoid the rush.

I really would.

Like I can’t.

We can’t do that.

We have to watch the burn.

You’ve got to watch it.

You’ve got to wait and watch the burn.

See, that’s the deal.

That’s how they get their hooks in you.

They name it Burning Man.

They make a big fat sculpture.

They make a big fat man.

And then you think, like Pomp said,

I’m going to get the fuck out of here two days early.

I’m going to beat the crowd.

But then you’re like…

You know what?

I would leave and I would feel zero guilt about missing the burn.

Would you?



So will you and your wife cuddle with Gin and Neely?

Oh, 100%.

We’re trying to do that every time we see them.

We don’t even need to do that.

We don’t need to be at Burning Man to do that, by the way.

Just do a little cuddle.

I will cuddle with him on a Tuesday night.

That’s sweet.

I have one more question.

So you’re a diehard Burning Man fan.

What do you think of the people that bring their, like, toddlers?

You know, actually my wife and I, once our kids get to a certain age,

we haven’t figured that age out yet,

but we plan on taking our kids, too.

See, I would think that you would be like,

why the fuck are you bringing your kids?

There’s definitely some people that bring their kids out

that are not being appropriate

and, like, maybe getting too high around their kids.


But I don’t plan on doing that.

Like, I plan on showing my kids that they can be inventive,

artistic, and have fun and explore

and play throughout the rest of their lives.

But I don’t plan on being totally shit-faced around my kids.


I can’t wait to see all the pictures.

I want to see the pictures.

Yeah, I want a full…

We’ll have some fun ones for you.

We should do a recap.

Yes, let’s do a recap after Burning Man.

We should do a Burning Man recap, and I want videos.


And everybody thinks that we can put them up here.

Bobbitt the Builder,

I cannot thank you enough for coming on this…

You’re a treat, Bob.

…stellar podcast here.

Don’t start calling him Bob.

Quit hitting on Bobbitt.

I’ve told her, like, 10,000 times, Bobbitt’s married.

You’re getting Bobbitt nice and red now.

Just a man with a beard and tools.

These look so red.

Man with the power tools.

I need a man with power tools.

Pops is over here, like, you know, she just learned about…

I just said, it was great seeing you, Bob.

She just learned about the ass play,

and then you’re hitting on Bobbitt the Builder.

Oh, my God.

What a day.

All right, thanks, Bob.

Thanks, Bob.

Have a great trip.

Yeah, have fun.

Feel the burn.

Feel the burn.

I can’t believe how turned on you were

by how industrious he was.

I need a man with some power tools.

He mentions the tools,

and you immediately are like,

you know, you just can’t find those kind of men anymore.

My dad always told me,

if you find a handyman, grab him.

It’s a shame you’re married, Bob.

You said that.

You said that.

Rewind the tape.

I see this.

Bob was single,

and he lived in the area.

Why are you so much younger than me?

Well, that’s not hard to do.

I’m so much younger.

Fuck off.

You are not.

You’re such a bitch.

I am.

Have you had it with me?

I’ve had it.

Had it.

Bye, everyone.

I’ll tell you what I’ve had it with.

Let’s hear it.

I’ve had it with that.

I’ve had it.

Had it.

Had it.

Had it.

All I can say about that is,

I’ve had it.