I've Had It - The Pickleball Cult

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How many of the full do you drink per day, that full Stanley cup?

It’s 40 ounces.

I would say probably minimum of six.


Six times 40, what’s that?

Let me try it.

It’s heavy.

See, it’s heavy.

Oh my God, you just got it all over your white shirt.


Oh, 200 ounces of that per day?


I just couldn’t bear to put my mouth on that.

No, I thought it was a good look for you.

We’ve shared multiple germs, but that lipstick contaminated straw pumps.


What have you had it with this week?

I’ve had it with gated communities.

That is a fucking great one.

It’s unbelievable how stupid it is.

I can’t believe that we have not discussed this in 20 years of friendship.

Gated communities are the absolute worst.

The worst.

Because here’s my deal.

Every time I’m going into my neighborhood waiting for the gate to open, I think, why

are we doing this?

We’re paying for our own roads through our homeowner’s dues.

And anybody that’s going to rob you is just going to wait until the person in front of

you goes.

I mean, it’s not like a Cracker Jack fail safe system.


All you have to do is go in after somebody.

If there was a committee meeting and you could vote to do away with the gate?

You would assume I would go to the homeowners association, which would never happen.


Could you imagine if anything worse?

Something would be wrong with me.

Like take me to the emergency room if you walk in and I’m going to a homeowners association


For my job, I have to go to a lot of gated communities where I’m designing a home.

Most of the time, these security guards want to play hero.

Well, first of all, they’re 150.

My thought thing would be it’s a power trip for the security guard.

100% it’s the mall cop syndrome.



So let me tell you what I’ve had it with.


What have you had it with?

you’re getting close to like making a purchase and they’re like, prove to us that you’re

not a robot.


Identify the images that have a street sign in it.

I flunk those tests.

I flunk them all the time.


Identify the crosswalks.


Identify a picture with lights in it.


Traffic lights.

Traffic lights.

So then you’re like, is the pole a part of the traffic light?


We need to figure out who invented that thing.

And I want that motherfucker on I’ve Had It podcast.

We need to know who invented that.

And who are they trying to keep out?

Like robots?

Like if a robot has a credit card that works, why do they give a shit?

I mean, seriously, like who are they protecting themselves from?

It’s unbelievable.

I don’t understand.

And it’s like this crazy layer of security.

Everybody flunks the test.

Do you guys flunk the test, Jen and Nellie?

I don’t know if I’ve ever flunked the test.

I’ve flunked it multiple times.

My biggest thing is with you is the pole.

Is the pole part of the light?

Part of, right.

I don’t know.

The traffic light.


Like if you can see the back of the stop sign, does that count?




If there’s just – there’s no oversight.

Well, I’ll tell you what.

I just think what are they saving us from?

Same with the gated community.

Like what are you protecting me from in my gated community?

Fucking nothing.


What are you protecting me from on a website?




Killer robots.

If they have money, they can buy whatever they want.

If you’re a robot and you have an unlimited credit card, I’ve Had It Podcast merch, take

it all.

You can have all of it.

No robot questions.


Welcome to I’ve Had It Podcast.

I’m Jennifer.


I’m Angie.

We call her Pumps.

Jen and Nellie are here.

Richard’s here.

I’m so excited about this episode.

I have a feeling you’re going to be mad at me after the episode.



If it doesn’t take much.


But I am so excited because we are going to discuss Pickleball.

I personally have not had it with Pickleball.

You’re obsessed.

We have some guests that are coming on later that have had it with Pickleball.

They’ve written a manifesto.

But before we bring them on, I want to tell you and the audience.

So last year, I started playing tennis.

I’ve never played racquet sports, had zero hand-eye coordination, played tennis, took

lessons religiously, and then some friends and I started playing Pickleball.

I was like, well, this is even easier.

More people can play it.

So I play both tennis and Pickleball.

Pickleball, I play every single day, sometimes twice a day.

I mean, we’re serious about it.

Oh, I know.

I am aware of your seriousness with Pickleball.

I mean, I take lessons.

I have a coach.

Much to my surprise, all these articles in the news start popping up, Pickleball is taking

over America.

It’s a sensation.

Blah, blah, blah.

Well, then I see this rather alarming story in the New York Post.

The New York Post covers the story that there’s this playground in the West Village, which

is a neighborhood in Manhattan, and the kids would play on this playground.

Well, apparently, the Pickleballers have come and they’re taping off the lines and putting

up nets on the playground.

And I can’t get behind that.

These kids are all playing on the playground in West Village.

This is what the article says, the sun was shining, kids were laughing, riding scooters

and kicking soccer balls about.

Pickleball players lined up beside two designated courts on the concrete area of the popular


Then suddenly a commotion interrupted the picture perfect early autumn.

The father of one of the children playing started screaming at the Pickleball players

and threatening to call the police, leave, he yelled repeatedly.

So these parents are furious that these Pickleball players are out there on the playground taking

over some of the playground.

The kids are kind of huddled over on part of the playground because, you know, space

is not a big thing in Manhattan, obviously.

So then apparently the parents are encouraging the kids, just go ahead and kick your soccer


So the kids are kicking their soccer balls right through the Pickleball courts.

So it’s just pandemonium.

It’s chaos in the West Village at the Pickleball courts.

And so I personally am, I’m for the Pickleball players.

See, I’m not.

Let me tell you why.

What have those kids ever done with their lives?

They’re kids.


Kids are playground people.

That’s who they build playgrounds for.

Adults can rent space, they can, no, the kids win on that every time.

No, I’m for the Pickleball players.

I’m pro the Pickleball players.

Let’s say you and I were taking our Rugrats to play outside and we knew that that two

hours of playing outside was going to be the difference in an early bedtime, no tears at

bath time, all those things, like run, get the energy out of them.

And we march up there and there’s adults playing on the playground, even though it’s Pickleball

and you love it.

You’d be furious.

I’ll tell you exactly what I’d do.

I’d call a babysitter and say, come get my kids.

I’m at this park, bring me my Pickleball bag.

And I would send the kids to Chuck E. Cheese like a fucking normal person.

No, you’re wrong.

You’re just wrong.

And I would hop on the Pickleball court.

That makes no sense.

I think that there’s some pavement there.

Here’s my point.

What you think is because you’re in a cult, you’re in a Pickleball cult.

That’s probably true.

Lay it out.

There is no story that ends with adults playing on a playground and kids playing on a playground

that the adults should win.

It’s just, it can’t happen.

It’s a playground.

I think we’re empowering kids too much.

To play in a playground?


You’ve crossed over to the cult dark side.

I mean, you’re on the dark side of this Pickleball.

I’m just saying.

I mean, it’s changed your personality a little bit.

These kids are fine.

They don’t care.

So all the parks in Manhattan are all for kids.

First and foremost, yes.

When did this happen?

The kids get the parks.

They have not done anything with their lives.

These people did this.

They’re kids.

How could they do anything with their lives?

They were just born.

They’ve done the bare minimum.

Adults are out working, paying for all this shit for the kids.

The kids need to share these open spaces.

In New York City, those basketball courts, especially in West Village, they’re adults.

There are no kids there.

It’s also not a great playground.

Jenna and I were talking about that.

But in a situation where kids are trying to play soccer and adults are trying to play

Pickleball, which is what this article is, there is no scenario in which the kids should

have to stand down for the adults.

I got to say I’m with you on this one, Pumps, because New York City, these kids are so confined.

They don’t even have playgrounds at schools.

They have parking lots to play in with some jungle gyms over there.

Adults could do lots of things.

They could go to the movies.

They could go to the bars.

They could go run on West Side Highway on the path.

So I got to say I think it belongs to the kids.


I just think your perspective is from the Pickleball, like you’re a Pickleball purist


Like it’s the best thing in the world.

It’s the best thing in the world for me.

That’s right.


For you.

To the kids is when you get big enough, then you can have your own and you pay bills and

you pay for your kids’ stuff, then you can have your own place too.

Now we don’t have these problems in Oklahoma City because we don’t have a space issue.


We have tons of space.

So there’s not cross-contamination.


The Pickleball courts are not contaminated with children.



Children can’t play Pickleball?

I’ll tell you, some do.

And sometimes when I’m at the place where I play Pickleball, some kids will be in the

court next to me.

And they hit balls into our court nonstop.

And the rule is when a ball goes in your court, you immediately stop play and you have to

say ball because somebody could step on it and roll an ankle.


And also these kids like to do a lot of tomfoolery.

We’re in the middle of a grudge match championship, right?


It’s a big deal.

It’s a big deal.

It’s a big deal.

And Team Jennifer plays in the championship of Pickleball.


Multiple championships.

Every day.


I won two championships today.

This morning.

Before 9.30 a.m.

Before lunch.

Oh my gosh.


We are in the presence of greatness right here.

They’re obnoxious.

They’re loud.

There’s a lot of tomfoolery and it just happens over and over.

No, I’m 100% on Team Jennifer for that.


Thank you.

If you’re next to a Pickleball person and you’re dicking off and you put their ball,

then you should be expelled.


If you’re young, you’re just stupid.


Go somewhere else.


However, in a place where there’s one opportunity to play, I think the kids have to win.

I know that doesn’t make you feel happy.

I didn’t realize you were so pro-kids.

I feel-

I don’t even like kids.

But I’m just saying, you just can’t convince me ever that an adult should have priority

in a play area.

A dad who was also in the park on Friday put it more bluntly, meaning the Pickleball players.

They’re the lantern flies of the sports world.

That’s a great one.

So then I guess the parents called the police or the park’s department and so they come

and they tell the Pickleball players, get your shit and get your net and get out.

They’re like, no, we’re not going to go.

We’re not going.

Oh no, we won’t go.

And so she’s like, look, if you don’t leave, I’m going to send somebody back here and they’re

going to cuff you.

So it’s gotten really bad.

Pickleball players, so they’ve taken over playgrounds, which I support.

Which for the record, I’m against.

I support.

But here’s where I disagree with the Pickleball players.

They’re taking over tennis courts and this I oppose.

The kids, fuck the kids.


Taking over the tennis courts, I oppose this.

Our guests that are coming on, they’re in New York and they’re madder than a hornet

about the Pickleballers taking over the tennis courts.

I mean, they are mad.

They’ve written a manifesto.

I love it.

They have a club.

They think that Pickleball is like the demise of society.


It’s predicting the failure of the world.

I think they have had it with Pickleball.

I mean, had it on the same level of the same shit that we rail about, times a billion.

That’s how mad these guys are.

Even we haven’t written a manifesto about anything.

No, but we’re not above it.

Oh, heavens no, we’re not above it.

We just don’t have the discipline.

And I read their manifesto.

It’s excellent.

Lots of big words.

They’re as sharp as a tack.

Sharp as tacks.



They seem very, very, very smart.

I don’t know that we could write a manifesto.

I love it so much when somebody’s so fucking mad about something, and they’ve just got

a bee in their bonnet.

They’re madder than hornets.

I mean, fucking scorched the earth about Pickleball.

Even though I am a lover of Pickleball, cult member.

You’re Pickleball over children.

Chief Kool-Aid maker.

Fuck the kids, bring the Pickleballers.

I’m there.

When Jen and Nealey secured these guests- Oh, you were so excited.

I mean, you could get an A-list celebrity in here, and I wouldn’t be as excited as to

interviewing these people.

This is Mike and Charlie from Brooklyn, New York, and their organization is called Club

Leftist Tennis.

I love it.


Hi, how’s it going?


How are you?


How are you guys?

Nice to meet you.

I have to tell you guys, when you committed to be our guests, I am like, inject this anger

you have for Pickleball.

I mean, she was so excited.

Inject that shit into my veins.

The manifesto is fantastic.

I love the manifesto.

It is great.

Thank you.

But I want, okay, I want our audience to know, tell us what a leftist tennis player is.

We’re both tennis players, lifelong tennis players.

We are both on the left politically, and we figured that it’s been too long of a time

that tennis has been slandered as a country club sport, and we’re reclaiming it as the

people’s sport.


I love that.

So I have to let you know, I am a huge tennis fan, but I also play Pickleball.

She’s in a Pickleball cult.

I’m a part of the problem.

She’s a cult.

Playing both sides.

I am a part of the problem, and I will admit it.

But I want to know, first of all, what is your tennis ranking?

Oh, not too high, but our leftist ranking is way up there.

You know, we’re egalitarian, so we don’t actually believe in tennis rankings.

I love that.

Who’s your favorite tennis player?

My favorite growing up was always Monfils, because I loved that he would just implode

and then bring back like the most incredible athleticism.

So I would go with him.

You know, I grew up as an Agassi fan.

I caught like the tail end of Agassi.

One of the most vivid matches to me was when Federer beat him in the finals.

So let me ask you this, which tennis player do you hate the most?

And why do you think Novak Djokovic is such a dick?

We have ongoing beef with two tennis players right now.

Oh, good.

Who are they?

The first is Raelio Pelka.


Are you aware of him?

Seven foot tall, American, know exactly who he is.

Allegedly was dating Venus for a while.

I didn’t know that.

There were like lots of rumors swirling.

And if you go on their social media, they would be like at each other’s events for a

long time.

And then it seems like that’s dissipated.

But that was the gossip that we were told.


And then who else do you hate?

Well, Raelio Pelka, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen him on Twitter.

He’s a big anti-vax type guy.

And then our number two that we have started to hate is Stefano Tsitsipas, who came out

today against feminism ruining the world.

Are you serious?


He should really stay in his lane, which is like he makes good like himbo travel vlogs

where he’s like, wow, I love having yogurt in Turkey.

And it’s like, yeah, stay in that lane.

You don’t got to talk about feminism or anything else.

Mind your business.

But I mean, Novak Djokovic has to get up in your crawl with all the anti-vax stuff

and him saying get prey over a glass of water and remove bacteria from it.

I feel like sometimes he’s so crazy that we can’t help but laugh.

Like the thing where he just like touched bread and then decided off of like touching

a piece of bread that he needed to become gluten free blew my mind to the point where

I’m like, I don’t even know that I can hate this.

I’m just like, you are on a different level.

You’ve got to get on to what you’ve had it with because that’s the name of this podcast

is I’ve had it.

So I want to hear what you’ve had it with.

Let’s go.

Well, it’s pickleball.

As like a devoted tennis player, what made you pick up pickleball in the first place?

So I had long COVID and it drug on for like seven months.

I’m fit.

I’m tall.

I’m thin.

I work out all the time.

I just had this debilitating, like long COVID.

That’s her dating profile.

We just did an episode on horoscopes because I’ve had it with those.

And it said that as a Leo, I was arrogant and I just proved that.

I just totally proved that.

But anyway, so, but I had this debilitating brain fog and my doctor suggested try playing

chess or tennis or something.

So I started playing.

That shit is hard.

Tennis is so hard.

So at the time I was 47 and I’m trying to learn, you have to do 75 things to hit a forehand.

And I was consumed with it, watched all the time and I’m a nut.

So I’m taking like seven tennis lessons a day, right?

So then some girlfriends and I were like, let’s go play pickleball.

So we go play pickleball.

It’s a million times easier.

There’s a great place by my house.

It’s all designated pickleball courts, no cross contamination with tennis and it’s called

chicken and pickle.

It’s only pickleball.


We’ve heard about them.


I don’t know if you want to take them down.

But I Googled the owner and the owner is a big Democrat.

So that made me feel good about all the money that I spend there.


I read an article before y’all came on to Pumps that was in the New York Post about

apparently in the West Village, there’s this park where these kids are out there trying

to play and the pickleball players have put down their courts.

And you know, I, I, every, I’m the skunk at the garden party.

I said, fuck the kids.

I think that they haven’t done anything with their lives.

I think the pickleball players, they’re adults.

They’re paying for this shit.

They deserve to go play pickleball.

It wasn’t a popular opinion.


I was accused of being in a cult.

A lot, a lot of terrible things went down before y’all came on board, but I still maintain.

Fuck those kids.

Well, the city, the city actually, I think today or yesterday just put up big signs banning

pickleball on those premises.

So unfortunately the city sided with the kids.

The kids won.



There’s just no argument you can make where a play area is for adults and not kids.

I mean, you just can’t sell that shit.


There was a, there was a crazy article.

I don’t know if you’d go this far, but there was a crazy article and I don’t know if it’s

the one you saw where a lady was threatening to call child protective services on parents

whose kids were playing on that playground for not respecting the pickleball space.

So she might be more hardcore than you.

I want to dive into the rage.

Well, to be completely honest.

We first found out about pickleball like through the media and at first our hatred of it was

like more of a joke.

It was like this thing that I’ve been talking about and it’s really annoying and I’m tired

of hearing about it.


And the more and more we heard about it, the more insidious it became to us.

All of a sudden it’s like, wait, why is every single media publication publishing like five

articles about pickleball that are just like how to play the game of pickleball?

It’s not even like covering the game, nothing interesting going on in the sport.

Have you guys ever played pickleball?

I mean, I know that that would be.

We’ve stayed strong.

We’ve told the line.

We’ve got a couple of friends.

Not fucking around.

We have a couple of friends who have invited us and, you know, I just feel like we would

be letting down the movement, you know, as leaders of this nationwide campaign, we really

got to hold the line.

You’ve written a goddamn manifesto and you cannot turn that, you can’t get back.

We’re not going to name names on this podcast, but they know who they are and they’re on


Pickleball is loud.

There’s a lot, a lot of smack talk going on, which I love to do.

And there’s a lot.

She smacks talk during pickleball.

I’m not lying.

That’s true.

A hundred percent.

I do.

I’m getting the sense.

She smacked talks during a lot of parts of life.

Ding, ding, ding.

We have a winner.

But I think you guys want to completely dismantle and eradicate pickleball, abolish it off the

planet is what it sounds like from this manifesto.

I mean, I don’t think we’re going to have to, I personally, we’ve talked about this

a lot.

We’re pretty convinced that this is a fad.

It’s going to go the way of racquetball, eventually not going to be hearing about pickleball too

much in five to 10 years.

I’m going to say, I do think this is going to have a little bit more longevity just because

of the accessibility aspect of it.

My goal at the end of each day is just to be alone.

The last thing I want to do is go to dinner with a bunch of women and hear a bunch of


Pickleball’s perfect.

You show up, you can talk for about two minutes before, then you play, smack talk, fun, then,

okay, bye, got to run, and that’s it.

You’ve spent time with people, but you don’t have to hear about the boring, mundane bullshit

that’s going on in their lives.

Are the courts that you all play on in New York, are they cross-contaminated generally?


We play on public courts always here.

There’s some really nice ones.

There’s some ones that are cracked and not so nice.

So far, the pickleball rise in New York has been limited either to private clubs or children’s


They’re picking their enemies wisely.

I want to play a game with you guys, a game of would you rather.

Would you rather go on a hunting trip to South Africa with Don Jr.?

You have to ride in a plane with Don Jr. and Eric.

You have to share a hotel room with Don Jr. and Eric, and you have to kill two animals

in Africa.

This is horrible.

No one would ever pick that.

With Don Jr. and Eric for five days, or you have to play pickleball 10 hours a day for

five days in the most high-profile public pickleball court in Manhattan.

What do you pick?

I’m going with Don Jr. because they have the best cocaine.


They’ve got the best cocaine.

You know that’s going to be a great time.

And then I’ll just get some earplugs for the rest.


Mike, what about you?

Are you playing pickleball?

Yeah, we’re going on the hunting trip.

See, I’m telling you that’s how much these guys hate pickleball.

We got to stay on message.

We’ve come this far.


I’ve got another one.

You have to go campaign with Ted Cruz at his fundraisers, at his political speeches.

You have to go fucking crazy with Ted for one week, 24-7 with Ted one week, or play

pickleball for two days.

These options sound so equally balanced.

I may choose pickleball in this and kind of wear a shirt that says, like, I am a political


I may play it that way is how I’m getting out of this one.

Here’s my point.

That’s how fucking bad Ted Cruz is.

You’d go with Don Jr. because you’re wrong.

Well, but Don Jr. has the good drugs.

You probably do a lot of blow.

You can tell by looking at Ted, he’s not doing cocaine.

I mean, that’s an evil.

No, no.

He doesn’t have fun.

No fun.

He hates fun.

I’m going to vote on the tennis pickleball issue because that’s like the only political

thing I vote on.

What is your intention?

You know, like I read an article in Vanity Fair like a year ago that Obama was playing


Larry David was playing pickleball, both of whom I love passionately and like cool people

are playing pickleball.

Are they on your list?

I think they’re on watch.

We’re looking into who they’re getting paid off by.

You’re following the money.

We’re following the money big time.

I like it.

It’s kind of like that thing.

Like when you see celebrities endorsing something this far, like there’s no way they’re doing

it for free.


So we know that there’s like some money involved.

We know there’s a ton of people who are investing in like Major League Pickleball and such.

Well, I liked watching, I liked watching when Tom Brady and LeBron both bought their

Major League Pickleball teams.

The main sport they played, they started to do horribly.

So we’re thinking there could be a little bit of a pickleball curse going on.

So watch out for celebrities.

LeBron bought one, I think Steph Curry bought one, Tom Brady bought one, a bunch of celebrities

are buying them.

Which is really fitting because it’s like the most Shark Tank sport ever.

Do you consider it a sport deep down in your heart or do you just consider it?

It’s more of a game.

I think we consider it kind of alongside maybe a cornhole or like the spike ball where you

hit the trampoline ball.

Have you watched on YouTube, have you watched like a professional pickleball?

Are you a fan of those?

Because I’ve watched those with people who like pickleball and even them are like.

You watch tennis and then you’re watching Wimbledon and then the commercial comes on

and it’s like timeless and it’s Roger Federer.

He has this beautiful forehand.

It’s like Rolex.

So then we start getting into pickleball, God, I really like pickleball, but I mean

God, I mean that pickleball channel, I mean it’s really trashy.

It’s really hard on him.

It’s the double-edged sword of being the, you know, this is accessible and not so snooty

is that tennis gets to have, you know, not that we as leftists would love it, but you

know, Rolex, you know, Miu Miu did a tennis line, Lexus, that’s a lot of class.

Pickleball kind of gives me the vibes of like when you go to like a new brewery and they

have like fat ass IPA.

This is not giving me like a Roger Federer in like a white and gold cashmere sweater

vest going out on the Wimbledon center court, exactly.

And I think like there is like some impressiveness, but like the same level as like watching someone

do hacky sack tricks, like well-timed and such.

What cracks me up about pickleball is very, it evokes a lot of emotion.

Like you guys wound up like cheap clocks over pickleball so much so that you’re willing

to go on a cocaine bender with Don.


But here’s what I would say about the emotion of pickleball is I think when you have all

these fights over, you know, local tennis courts being taken over, child protective

services getting caught on kids, like all of this, I feel like that’s this, this, these,

these pickleballers getting hyped up on this, like this juice of just like, we’re the most

popular sport.

We’re the fastest growing sport.

Everyone should play our sport.

And then it’s like, you know, we’re, we’re going to end in a Jonestown type situation

pretty soon.

Let me tell you what, I will make the goddamn Kool-Aid.

She is in.

Well, we’ll, we’ll come back and we’ll co-host the podcast with you pumps after, after that.

We’ll talk about what a nut she was that it actually was a cult.

We knew it all along.

You sniffed it out well before I did, but definitely we all landed at the same place.

Who do you think’s behind this, this pickleball movement?

I don’t think that there’s any necessarily one person behind it, though.

It’s very fun to allege that.

And when you have just a subsec account on Twitter, no one can really stop you from saying

whatever you want.


So my question is the only question that I couldn’t wrap my head around in the manifesto

was why is tennis less capitalistic than pickleball?

Because we say so.


All right.

That’s good enough for me.

I like it.

The serious answer is, I think like there’s a lot of people who play on public courts,

especially in New York city who aren’t like country club people and they get like kind

of ignored as being part of like the tennis community.

That’s probably true.


So they’re not just rich white people playing tennis.

Who is your goat?

Who do you think is the goat?

I hate to say it, but it’s Novak.

God damn it.

Well, Michael, you’re missing the, you’re missing the best answer here, which is Serena

is the obvious.

I agree with that.

I agree with that.

I’m doing a step in a city class right now.


We’re going to invite him in the U S open next year.

Open invitation.

If he wants to talk about, you know, communism, if he wants to talk about vaccines, anything

he can come to our small Brooklyn apartments and we’ll just have a great time.

I bet he does that.

Sounds exactly.

Maybe he can take all the bacteria out of your drinks for you.


And we will have no gluten around.

I’ll knock on my neighbor’s door and say, I can’t have gluten in the building.

I love it.

We are all for a open and civil debate, no matter how wound up we are or you are, you

know, we’re going to, we’re, we’re down to have it out.

Everything should be, um, at club leftist tennis.

So on, on Twitter it’s at club left tennis, but I think we have merch on big cartel and

we have articles from ourselves and a lot of actually really incredible, like professional

journalists, um, on our sub stack.

So club leftist tennis dot sub stack.com to, to read more, to, uh, to come, to come be,

uh, tennis pills.

All right.

Bye Charlie.

Thank you guys.

So much.

Nice to meet you.

Loved it.

Love them.

They’re great.

How much do you love?

Because I said so was the answer.


I mean, on the capitalist question, why is pickleball worse than tennis?


Because we said so.

So Nealey, you live in Brooklyn, you’re around people like this all the time.

How fun is that?

They’re so great.

They’re so great.


So what I want to do is I want to take all of you ladies to play pickleball.

I really want to play pickleball.

I love it.

I love it.

I love it.

I love it.

I love it.

I love it.

I love it.

I love it.

I love it.

I love it.

I really want to play pickleball.

I really want to play pickleball.

I don’t know if this is a stupid question.


Is this going to be a stupid question?

It could be.

I’ll try lightly.

I’ll let you know.

Why is it called pickleball?

So the story, it’s a dumb name, I’m going to give it to you.

I wish it was named something cooler.

But the story is that on the West coast in the state of Washington, there was a family

and they were bored and they had like a whiffleball and some paddles and they kind of made up

this game.

And I’ve read one article that said like their dog’s name was Pickle.

Really weird name.

It’s not a pickle.

It’s a weird name, but it’s a great, fantastic and contrary to what club leftist tennis says,

it is a sport.

Like cornhole is a sport.

Fuck off.

Like cornhole and that other game.

Hacky sack.

Yeah, the hacky sack.

I’m going to tell you what, I’m going to get you guys out there and we’ll check your heart

rates and then y’all can tell me if you think it’s a sport or not.

That’s true.

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Only if it’s really hateful.

We will see you next Tuesday.

I’ll tell you what I’ve had it with.

Let’s hear it.

I’ve had it with that.

I’ve had it.

Had it.

Had it.