I've Had It - Freeballin’

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Are we ready for me to clap us in?

We are ready for you to clap us in.

Clap us in.

One, two, three.

It’s end of the year claps, so it’s got to be a really good banger.

Okay, let me think.

One, two, three.

I like it.

I like it.

I like it.

Thank you.

Today we’re going to do something completely different.

Do you remember in the 80s when we were growing up and you would go to the skating rink?


You’d have couple skate and you’d have backwards skate and then you would have a free skate.

Loved a free skate.

Today’s episode is going to be a free skate.

We are going to free ball it, free skate it on all the shit that we’ve had it with that

we haven’t happened to have covered yet in this infancy stage of our fantastic podcast

about positive friendships and feedback and making people feel better about themselves.

I’ve had it.

And so what we’re going to do is we’re going to go around the room, producers included.

We’re going to list some things that we’ve had it with because this is our end of the

year wrap up.

Hopefully we’ll be able to do this annually.

I’m going to start first.

We’re going to go around the room.

Here’s something I’ve absolutely had it with.

The phrase, there is no such thing as a stupid question that just sends you into orbit, orbit.

Stupid questions are ubiquitous.

They are fucking everywhere.

I’m going to pull the room.

Have you had it with stupid questions?


I’ve had it with people that ask stupid questions.


But what really infuriates me is when you’re in a group setting, like at a seminar and

people ask them questions when we’re trying to leave.

It’s like even if it’s the smartest, best question that everybody wants to know the

answer to, we’re done.

Shut the fuck up.

So stupid questions.


But I’m more fired up about the person at a meeting that continues to ask questions

when everybody else is right.

It’s going to be laboring the meeting, laboring, laboring the milling.

I’m torn.

God damn it.

You’re a millennial.

So you were raised with unicorns and rainbows, popped up your ass all the fucking time.


You were told your whole life there’s no such thing as a stupid question, weren’t you?


But I mean, that entices people to ask the question when they actually need to ask the


There are stupid questions.

There are stupid questions.

Let me tell you an example of one.


What’s a stupid question?

I had a girl at work for me once and she said, yeah, this month is my birthday month.

Oh, okay.

First of all, people who celebrate their birthday month had it, stop it.

It’s fucking one day.

Everybody has one day.

There’s no month about it.

Quit being such a fucking narcissist.

And after 21, nobody, you’re just not dying.

And so anyway, she says on a Friday, she says, since Sunday is actually my official birthday

and on Monday I’m going to be super hungover.

So can I come in late?

Cause this is a person who’s probably been told her whole life.

Doesn’t hurt to ask.

There’s no such thing as a stupid question.

I think it was a stupid question.

I will always think it’s a stupid question.

You don’t announce to your boss that you’re going to be hungover on Monday morning and

you would like to come in late so that your boss can accommodate your hangover.

I’ve had it.

I agree.

I agree with that.

But there is a saying, a closed mouth never gets fed.

So if you don’t ask the question, you’ll never know the answer.



Here’s, this is my problem.

There’s also a saying though, there are no stupid questions.

Only stupid people who ask them.

That’s what I’m talking about.

That’s the kind of cynicism I need right now.

A good old Gen Xer to come in and just deflate the millennial.

I love it.

Richard, what do you think about stupid questions?

I’m with pumps.

I think I prefer people to ask a stupid question instead of giving me a stupid result, especially

now I’m transitioning back to the corporate world.

When you’re in training and then it’s like, we’re done.

It’s been like eight hours.

Let’s go home.

Any question you have right now does not apply.

We’re in training.

So just save it till tomorrow.

Write it down.

Text yourself.




Just please, please just shut up.

The trainer wants to go home.



Your turn pumps.

I’ve had it with people that leave voicemails that are long.

I mean, you can tell me in under 15 seconds what you need to tell me on a voicemail.

I don’t need all the bullshit backstory, context, whatever.

And then what really sends me into orbit is that deal where you record yourself while

texting and then it sends what you’re saying, what your voice is saying.

Voice text.

It is the biggest beat down on the planet.

I have a friend that religiously does it.

I refuse to listen to him.

I will not.

And then she’ll call me and be like, I’m like, you sent me a voice text.

I’m not listening to that.

Like I can’t take it and that’s too much information, too much information.

And then somebody who sends a voice memo as a text instead of typing out the text,


Placing the phone call.


I can say that I can add to this genre of grievances and I can say that I’ve absolutely

fucking had it with a person who I have programmed into my phone.

Their name is programmed, right?

So when the text comes, I know exactly who it’s from.

Then they send me the message and then they put their initials at the end of the or name.

It is the, an extreme level of fucking narcissism that, Oh, I’ve got people that do it.

Not tech.




Sign their text messages.

And I’m like, okay.

First of all, the only person like who does that shit is like Barack Obama.

When he would tweet personally, he would sign his tweet, B O Barack Obama.

Well, then you just have fucking Larry and Joe and Curly over here that are self-appointed

celebrities in their hometown that have started signing text messages.

And I’m like, listen up, dumb shit.

We know who you are because your numbers program, you don’t need to take the extra time to sign


And it really chops my hide.

Nellie, what do you think about this subject?

I don’t like voicemails.


I think voicemails should be extinct.

Like we don’t need them.

I agree.

In terms of voice texts, I don’t do it, but I know a lot of people that do, they don’t

have time to text.

So it’s just easier to speak and multitask as they move about their day.

Then do Siri that have Siri do it.

It’s Siri.




I don’t really mind because I don’t like talking on the phone.

So if it gets me out of a phone call, I’m happy with the voicemail.


Signing initials.

I don’t know if that really bothers me.

I’m going to start doing it and then I’ll circle back with you and see if it, right.

I’m going to, I’m going to start signing JW and I’m going to do a dash JW after every

single time.

Hey Jen, how’s your day today?

Dash JW.

You want to go grab a coffee?

Dash JW.

Nellie, grievance.

What have you had it with?

People who chew gum in public, loud chewing and popping.

Oh no.

I think I could be an offender.

I think I, cause I chew nicotine gum like crazy.

Am I loud?

But I don’t like, I haven’t noticed you.

I have, I have friends that I’m like, I want to kill.

So you haven’t felt that anger towards me?

No, I haven’t felt that.

Cause I’m deeply addicted to nicotine gum.

I know that you are, but it’s not, I don’t know.


If I ever am, you have to tell me.

I fucking go to town on the bubbles, the little bubbles, the big bubbles, all the bubbles.

I’ll tell you this much.

I don’t chew virgin gum, so it doesn’t interest me at all.

I don’t chew virgin gum.

I have to chew gum that has a stimulant in it.

Stimulant is nicotine.

Otherwise I don’t want it, but I do sometimes kind of, I can pop it.

I know what you’re talking about.

It is kind of, I don’t blow bubbles with it, but I can kind of make it pop in the back

of my mouth.

And it’s super satisfying.

Yeah, it is.

But at the same time that I’m popping it, the nicotine is soaking into my body.

Into your teeth and your gums.

It’s awful.

It’s fucking awful.

But hey, listen, I haven’t smoked.

Cigarettes disgust me now completely, but pumps and I used to just chain smoke.

Oh God, it was horrible and awesome.

That’s so fun.

It was so fun.

Smoking was so fun.

Those were the days.

Smoking a cigarette with a friend.

The best part about it was like, Oh my God, I got to tell you something.

We would light up and the story would be so good, pumps would go, okay, let’s double


And that meant smoke another one.

I mean, we’re going to take two shots.

We would double shot.

You do a lot of Euro trips.

Don’t you crave a cigarette out there?

I smoke when I’m in Europe.

The first couple of times, so I quit smoking in 2015 and the first couple of trips that

I took, because if you smoke cigarettes in the United States of America, you feel like

the biggest white trash, loser motherfucker on the planet.

They’re easier on heroin.

In Europe, it’s like chic and cool and they’re all doing it.

It was kind of hard.

Now I’m, I’m completely past all of that and I’m solely into the gum, but, and, and I don’t

really, when I smell it and stuff, I’m kind of like, ugh, like I have zero desire to smoke

a cigarette.

All right, Jen, what’s next?

What have you had it with?

The world cup.

Oh, let’s hear it.

What’s going on with the world cup?

Every country in the world calls it football.

Except us.


Except us.

So during these games, these Americans get together and they chant, it’s called soccer.

That’s bad.

That’s bad.

Why do we have to be so ethnocentric?

Can’t you just go to a country where it’s called football?


Which technically makes more sense, which is football, American football.

Because they don’t use their feet.

And actually I think if it touches your feet, it’s more football.

That’s embarrassing.

And I’ve had it with that.

It’s called soccer.

And it’s a, it’s the biggest sport in the world, which everybody calls one thing, except

for us.

Also, it’s the biggest sport in the world, except for here.

So it’s not even something that we care about that much.


We only care during the world cup.


That’s it.

I’ve had it with that.

I’ve had it with that.

Elon Musk.

I’ll say.

I’ve had it with Elon Musk.


That’s what I don’t get about Elon Musk.

So you have this green energy, right?

Conservatives aren’t big purchasers of plug in cars, electric cars, right?

So that’s, so it’s mainly like environmentally, you know, conscious people that are going

to buy a Tesla or buy a solar panel.

That’s his market, right?

So then he goes off the rails and is like paddling around with Trump and Kanye West

and carrying the sink into Twitter and all this shit.

And I don’t quite understand the business plan because it seems like he’s alienating

both sides because now there’s no liberal or progressive person that’s going to buy

a fucking Tesla.

He’s ruined that brand.

Conservatives aren’t going to buy it because for them, that’s a pussy car.

That’s what a pussy snow, no, they don’t care because global warming isn’t real to them.

And that’s what a pussy snowflake would drive.

So they wouldn’t be caught dead.

So it’s interesting.

What is he thinking with all of that?

Number one, and number two, if I had that much goddamn money, as much as I enjoy doing

this podcast, I’m going to have, I mean, I’m probably going to have an Instagram that is

completely private, buttoned up.

I’m not really doing anything with the exception of maybe three to four people.

I might add a couple of French bulldogs to the collection, but that’s it.

I think the whole thing about him that drives me crazy, first of all, he’s a DOG dog, but

he’s Mr. Free Speech.

Free speech does not include hate speech, and free speech is a guarantee in the constitution

by the government.

That doesn’t mean I have to grant you free speech, it just goes all through me.

He’s also doing free speech unless you make fun of him.


What a titty baby.

His penis is probably that big.

So true.

That’s very reminiscent of our former president.


Both weird shaped or very small penises, you can tell.

A hundred percent.

So your theory is they have a weird shape or small penis.

We know he has a weird shape because Stormy Daniels, and she would know, she blew the

whistle on Trump’s penis.

What did she say?

It was almond.




So both those men scream inadequate penises.

Inadequate penises.

I don’t think there’s any doubt about that.

Richard, what do you think of Elon Musk?

I’m not really a fan.

Jen said it.

He claims he’s for free speech until people make fun of him.


That’s right.

Doing the rules of this free skate.


Because we’re free balling it, we’re free skating.

You can phone a friend.

You can have a lifeline.

So right now I’m going to offer to the free skaters, does anybody want to make fun of

Elon Musk?














So you’re debating, does anybody, would anybody like to use a lifeline?

I have a lifeline.

You do?

Oh my god.

I would like to use the lifeline.

Is it a couple skate or life line?


No it’s a lifeline.

A lifeline.


What lifeline would you like to use?

I would love to phone up our friend.

Phone a friend.

Phone a friend.

I love it.


Tell us who your friend is.

His name is Andrew Feldman.


And why would you like to phone Andrew?

I’d like him to show you why.



Let’s do it.

Neilie’s using her lifeline, we’re phoning Andrew.

I love this Free Skate episode.

Hi Andrew.



Hi Andrew.

How are you?

I’m great.

I’m Jennifer.

This is Angie, but we call her Pumps.

I think you know Jen and Nealie, and then we have a second.

Very, very well.

And as you can see, I combed my hair and took a shower for this.

Oh my gosh.


We’re very impressed.

We feel very privileged.


Nealie wanted to phone you.

Nealie, why don’t you tell us why, why did we need to phone Andrew?

What’s going on?

Andrew always has a laundry list of things he’s had it with.

Andrew, let me tell you what we’ve discussed so far.


Run it.

Let’s go.

The thing I’ve had it with is this phrase, there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

As being a Jew, I’m always tired of everything and complain about everything.

So yeah, this is right in my wheelhouse.

Okay, let’s go.

So I see it.

I mean, off the top, what I’m just, you know, what am I fed up with and tired of?

You know, Hollywood, I’m over it.

Because for example, I grew up, you know, watching, you know, grand movies, you know,

like the King and I, you know, dressing up in like a tuxedo with tails when I was three

or four.

Like when I turn on, you know, when I turn on like the Oscars, for example, where are

all the stars?

Like, where are they?

They don’t exist anymore.

I mean, back in like the 90s, you used to have, you know, Sir Anthony Hopkins, I mean,

Robin Williams, I mean, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino.

All these people were always nominated.

Where are all the stars?

I mean, I watched something like the Oscars to escape from my miserable reality, not to

be reminded of it.

Right, right.

What do you think about Elon Musk?

I’m just tired of billionaires.

I mean, I’m tired of them.

I mean, look at what they’re doing with their money.

I mean, even like the good billionaires, you know, why we always say, you know, why can’t

billionaires, you know, try to like solve world hunger?

Bill Gates did, or he tried to.

I mean, Elon, I mean, yes, I mean, obviously, you know, he’s done some things that have

been successful.

But I think he’s probably at the end of the line should just, you know, shut up and go


I agree.

I mean, free, yes, I mean, free speech, I mean, he’s, you know, bragging about free

speech and just another boob that free speech is only okay when it agrees with you.

Don’t we have enough of that already?

You know, you like you said, there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

You’re sort of over that.

Of course, there is.

I mean, we’re getting ready for a lot more stupid if they’re increased, you know, characters.

We’re normalizing stupid and praising stupidity.

Listen, I mean, yeah, expertise and the love of expertise has, you know, flat out gone

out the window.

I mean, you know, Dr. Fauci tells me to take a shot.

I’m going to take a shot.


Because, you know, for whatever reason, this guy, you know, decided for 30 years to all

he does is study this.

If I studied something like that for 30 years, I like to think that I would know a thing

or two about it.

I listened to him, not my friends on Facebook or the Internet or whatever.

I listened to that guy.

I have a solution for that.

Here’s my solution.

All of the people that get their medical advice from Facebook, there should be at the hospital

in the parking lot, Facebook tents with the people that post this stuff.

And if you get sick, you have to go to the Facebook doctors in the parking lot in the

tent of the hospital.

And the people who want to go to a medical professional who have studied this get to

go into the hospital.

And I just think that’s the way we need to play it moving forward.

I think that’s brilliant.

That’s a great idea.

I do.

I just think if you’re going to listen to Facebook, you go to Facebook doctors.

And I think I think it could solve a lot of problems.

All the stupid questions would be at those tents, a Facebook tent with Facebook doctors.

You know, I mean, it’s like because here’s the thing that cracked me up about the shots.

People would be like, I’m not getting the shot.

I don’t know what’s in it.

I mean, that motherfucker sitting there drinking Mountain Dew and it’s like, you don’t fucking

know what’s in that Mountain Dew that you’re drinking, do you?

You don’t know what’s in it.

Of course, you don’t know what’s in it.

I mean, you know, people work like, you know, 24 hours a day for like six straight months.

I mean, you know, in a lab to put it together, I mean, to save us, I don’t care what’s in


Like, I don’t care what’s in it.

I put a lot more ridiculous things in my body in the last hour prepping for this shot of



My God.

It’s nothing compared to that.

No, absolutely nothing.


So, Andrew, here’s my, I’ve had it.

Voicemails that are too long.

People leaving forever ending voicemails and then voice texting where they leave you a

voicemail on your text stream.

What do you think about those two things?

So the, so the first one, I actually, I like to, for people’s birthdays, I like to leave

messages and I’ll rhyme their age with something that’s like sort of, you know, funny or whatever


And so I believe I’ve, you know, left a message, a birthday message or two for some folks in

the room there, but like that.

So I don’t, I actually like doing that, but I will say the, the voice memos, um, uh, you

know, thing in, in the text messages have to stop my brother, but I got two brothers.

I love both of them.

I like one of them more.

The one that I liked the least, uh, doesn’t all the time and it just has to stop.

I mean, I’m not playing these things.

I don’t care what you say to sound like you’re walking and huffing and puffing to the subway


I mean, it can obviously wait, but I totally agree with the voice memos.

It’s absolutely horrible.


Let me ask the group about this in our free skate episode.

I saw an article in the news that said the national park services have, are advising

people not to lick psychedelic toads.

Several things I immediately think is now they’re going to have a bunch of crazy motherfuckers

going to the national park to lick the psychedelic toads because without the announcement, the

frogs were safer.


They had no clue.

Why would they put national park services through these toads under the fucking bus

by making this announcement?

Why would they inform everybody that toads are psychedelic?

I had no idea.

I didn’t either.

I mean, I got to believe park attendance is down, right?

Revenue shrinks, baby.



I mean, something.

I just couldn’t believe that they announced it.

Did you all see that in the news?

I did, but now I want to try it now that I know.

See, that’s what I’m saying.

We need to go trap Simon and take him to Burning Man next year.

Let me ask you.

I’d be freaked.

Burning Man.

Oh, that’s gross.

I mean, they said, I mean, please take a shower after this episode because they saw dirt rubbing

off of them.

It’s taken them 60 days to get the whole thing fucking cleaned up.

It’s unbelievable.

It’s a lot like coal mining.

You come home and you can’t wash it off.

It’s just gross.

Not that this has anything to do with toads, but the tea sort of reminded me of this.

So when a few months ago or maybe a year ago when Starbucks changed to like paper straws

because of the turtles, I’ve never met a wild turtle.

I could give an F about the freaking turtles.

I mean, the fact that my straw, you know, gets soggy, you know, before halfway through


It’s ridiculous.

I will kill a few hundreds of thousands of turtles with a straw.

For a straw.

For having plastic straw.


It’s like the person.

I’m a huge straw person, but I mean, it’s like they get like limp and flaccid in the


Does anybody consider in making a straw that it would get wet eventually?

And I live in Oklahoma.

There’s enough going on in my bedroom with that.

Yeah, no, I can’t stand paper straws.

They should be banned from the plant.


Let me throw this out there.

Let’s just free ball this.

Here’s another thing that really chaps my heart and gets me all worked up.

The phrase, everything happens for a reason.

I think is bullshit.

I think it is the biggest.

I don’t know.

I don’t know.

I don’t know.

I don’t know.

I don’t know.

I don’t know.

I don’t know.

I don’t know.

I don’t know.

I don’t know.

I don’t know.

I don’t know.

I don’t know.

I think it is bullshit.

I think it is the biggest bunch.

I think it is a jet stream of bullshit.

I don’t think there’s any truth to it.

I think it is so dumb.

Andrew, what do you think?

Yeah, I would agree.

I would agree.

I, I, one of the, the healthier people I know in my life recently, you know, passed away

from cancer.


No, there, there is no good reason for that.

There is, there is no good reason.

Not everything, you know, happens for a reason.

Some things are just unexplainable and fucked up.

Some things are fucked up.

Shit happens to nice people.



And it’s sad.

And there’s no reason.

We don’t have to have an explanation.



We don’t have to have an explanation for these things.

I mean, sometimes I totally agree with that.

Life can be cruel and random and unfair.

And I don’t think there’s it.

Good people get fucked over all the time.

All the time.

And there’s, there’s no good reason, bad reason or reason for that.

But shitty people get away with stuff all the time.

Not mentioning any names, but think about DJT, you know, people get away with just a

bunch of stuff.


I mean, listen, stupid is stupid is stupid.

I mean, I think there’s plenty of people out there today proving that.

I mean, if they would have been told once or twice that, you know, they were stupid

earlier on, maybe they’d be, you know, I had it with slow drivers in the left lane.

No problem with you driving slow.

Just get the F out of my way and I’ll move over for a guy driving faster than me.

You want in the right or middle, but never in the left.

When I pass you, I’m making it more dangerous for everybody.

Slow walkers.

I mean, I personally have always ever, I am never walking for leisure.

I don’t really do leisure activities when I’m walking.

I want a place to be.

So please, like, you know, step aside or like, you know, when you feel me coming, because

you can feel me coming, move.

Let’s see.

We’re, this is the same thing that I’ve sort of had it with is that we’re Jews.

I’m not a fan of, you know, Christmas decorations.

That’s your thing.

I mean, we have a couple of, you know, candy canes up in our house.

I don’t like that.

I mean, you know, separation between, you know, church and church.

Well, here’s, let me jump on that really quick because I am not a religious person at all,

but I celebrate Christmas, but I’m not of any faith.

I’m a non, I’m in the non category, but I do celebrate Christmas.

One thing I’ve absolutely had it with is everybody claiming that there’s a war on Christmas and

it’s just total bullshit.

Christmas won.

It won.

Yeah, what war?

You know, everybody’s claiming there was this big war.

There’s no war on Christmas.

Christmas won.

It’s already stolen Thanksgiving’s vendor.

It has.


I mean, so, I mean, the war on Christmas does not exist.

In fact, it was actually, I believe, you know, a bunch of Jews that wrote all the famous

Christmas songs.

I mean, back in the day, I mean, if you look it up, I think now to go to, to, to go to

sports, you know, for a little bit, I watch a whole ton of sports.

I’m such a horrible athlete, but I love watching sports.


And one of the things that is an issue for me is that all this technology, right, they

literally in tennis, right at Wimbledon or US Open, you can like tell if a ball is going

in or out.


I watched the NFL every Sunday, like so often, you know, every time the referee comes back,


And it says the call in the field, you know, stands not confirmed, confirm it.

There are a thousand cameras.

There’s so much technology.

Confirm the call and stand by it.

If it’s a crap call, just stand by it.

Stand by it.

None of this stands up.

I mean, we live in, you know, a black and white, you know, world when it comes to that.

I mean, you’ve got the technology used, right?

I, I a hundred percent agree.

In fact, we’ve even talked about that in tennis, like one little tiny bit is on the white line.

You can see it.

Why can’t you spot a first down appropriately in football?

It makes sense.

It’s terrible.

I mean, it’s, it’s terrible.

I mean, these, these got these NFL refs.

I mean, they don’t have, they are, they don’t have full-time jobs.

They don’t study the yearbook year round.

I mean, obviously the NFL is still making a whole crap ton of money, so they don’t really


But yeah, I mean, it just takes away from the game.

I agree.

Take up too much of your time.

And by the way, we loved it.

You are a woman of a certain age and I have a thing for so gorgeous.

So this has been a nice little pick me up is he’s got mommy issues.


No, no, no.

She just passed away from cancer.

So, yeah, I’m so sorry.

That’s all right.

That was okay.


But that was a good joke.

I’ve had it with the city of Philadelphia.

I’ve had it.

I hate it.

What’s going on in Philly?


What’s going on?

What’s going on?

So I just had it with the city of Philadelphia.

One, the bell is broken.

Does not work.

How long has it been broken?

The Liberty Bell.

It’s been broken forever.

The Liberty Bell.

Oh, the Liberty Bell.


That’s a dumb question right here.

We just had one.





I mean, commitment, commitment to the cast.

I love it.

I love it.

So yeah, the bell is broken.

You know, Rocky, they have a real statute for a fake boxer.

It was fake.

Like, real life, you know, exists.

It was a made up story.

They have a statue right in front of a really good art museum that nobody ever goes to only

to take a photo with that stupid, you know, statue right in front of it.

Of a fictional character.

Of something that was fake.


And lastly, if they expect me to believe that they were the first group of people to put

cheese on a steak sandwich, I’m calling bullshit.

I’m just calling bullshit.

I mean, first of all, I mean, it’s the reason why, like, 74 percent of, you know, America

is obese.

Is sandwiches like that.

Secondly, I mean, you know, in terms of sandwiches, I’ll take a bagel with lox any day over that



It’s just, it’s just, overall, it’s, it’s just, I had it with that entire place from

top to bottom.

This speech has been going on, like, we’ve heard this several times.


I’ll let you go right after this.

I just have to tell you that.

So, Rocky Balboa, Sylvester Stallone, he just finished shooting a TV show in Tulsa.

Oh, Tulsa, right?


It’s like Tulsa Kings, I think.

Tulsa Kings, yeah.

Everyone that was around him said he is the biggest motherfucking asshole on the planet.

He’s not friendly.

He’s demanding, entitled.

It’s like never heard more people gripe about one person ever.

I’ve heard that before, too, and it’s shitty, right?

Because didn’t he start his Hollywood journey by having to sell his dog and then buy it

back for like, you know, he bought it back for like four times the amount he sold it


He had to, he had to sell his dog to, to, to, to, for, for money to like eat or for

food to, for a few hundred dollars and then bought it back after he became rich from the

same person for like $40,000.

Like you would think somebody that had that little, would be a little more mindful.

How long, how long did they, how long did the other person have the dog?

Only a few years, but then he blew up right after Rocky.


Also, the thing about Rocky is like, it’s like the first, you know, it’s like the, you

know, it’s one of the only movies that is set entirely in English that I need subtitles


Like, I mean, I just can’t understand what he’s saying.

Plus on the waterfront with Marlon Brando, it’s the exact same story 40 years before

and he just did it better because he’s Brando.


Andrew, I have to say you’ve been an absolute joy.

Your cynicism and the shit you’ve had it with is like tap my veins and inject that shit

right in it.

And then I would back it up with a snort.

That kind of shit just fuels my fire.

I love it.

You might have to be like a monthly commentator.

Maybe I have a thing for Jewish men.

I love Larry David.

I love Andrew.

They’re just bitch about shit.

Are you hitting on Andrew?

Don’t you know he’s married?

I mean, that’s, you know, quite right.

I mean, it’s one that’s been great, but this is actually what they taught us in the Hebrew

school was things that you’ve had it with.

There’s this Jewish contract, a marriage contract called a get to look that the man and the

woman sign.

And in that, you know, it says that you are not the man is not allowed to have it, you

know, have had it with anything anymore, ever.


Like you give that up.

I’m kidding.


No, no, no, no.

So, but to get it out here, it’s just so great.

That way I don’t have to get it all out upstairs, which she’s tired of it.

Here’s the deal.

Maybe one day we will meet up.

We’ll, we’ll do a live podcast, but it won’t be in fucking Philly.

I can.

No, it will not be.

Rest assured that.

Thank you so much for your time.

We’ve so enjoyed.

It was such a pleasure.

Oh, the pleasure was, was, you know, all mine.

Thank you so much for, for inviting me and taking the time.

This was a, this was a real treat.

I absolutely loved it.

And I, you know, hearing, you know, the shout outs that the podcast has been getting and,

you know, listen, my wife has been listening to a whole bunch of stuff.

So, I mean, it’s going great and I wish you all the luck.

This is absolutely wonderful.

Thank you.

Thank you.



Thanks for jumping.

All right.

Thank you for having me.

All right.

I loved Andrew Neely.

Thank you.

Your phone.

A friend was five stars, five stars off the chart, obsessed with Andrew.

That kind of just how he has had it with shit is just fucking drugs in my veins.

I love it.

So fun.

It’s so good.

So fun.

Hey, what a great year.

So much fun.

What a fun venture that I’ve had at podcast has been.

I want to thank my co-host pumps who, you know, I love more than anything on the planet.

My soulmate, my sister, wife, the love of my life, Angela Dawn, Jen Morton, Neely.

We love you girls so much.

This has been so fun.

Richard, we love all of your input and all of the wonderful things you do to make us

sound great and the whole breast milk thing.

But we can talk about that.


What’s going to come out of Richard’s Pandora’s box next time?


Next year.

So anyway, I think what we can say now is what pumps see you next Tuesday, a new year,

a new Tuesday, a new grievance, a new cut, subscribe, like do all the stuff, do all the


I’ll tell you what I’ve had it with.

Let’s hear it.

I’ve had it with that.

I’ve had it.

Had it.

Had it.