I've Had It - Stupid People, Stupid Questions

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Listen up, listeners.

It is time to hear what you’ve had it with on this special bonus episode of I’ve Had

It Podcast.

I’m Jennifer.

I’m Angie.

But I like to call her Pops.

I do love, love, love the listener DMs.

I thought you were going to say, I do love, love, love the nickname you gave me.



All right.

Well then, speaking of an attitude of gratitude that you don’t have, because everybody fucking

loves your name.

But you know what, Kylie, will you please play for us our first DM?


This one is from Adrian G.



I’m extremely tired of acronyms.

They’re getting out of hand.

It was cute at first, but now everything is an acronym.

Oh, oh, oh.

What is that?

Out of office.


It was that hard to type that?

And now it’s, if you know, you know.

I had to look it up.

I am looking up acronyms weekly to figure out how to answer my emails or how to read

a message.

It’s insane.


I have to say, Adrian, I have the same problem exactly, and you’re good at acronyms.

So she’ll send me an acronym and I will have to Google it.

Like what does this mean?

I have to Google them a lot too.

But then once you Google them, Adrian, and then you realize like LMK, let me know, then

I start using it all the time.

FSS, for fuck’s sake.

Oh, see, I didn’t know that one.

It’s a good one.

It’s a great one.

FML, fuck my life.

That’s overused, I think.

That one, just in general, not related to this, but yes.

I just used that one when I lost the pickleball tournament, FML.

Perfect example of overuse.

No, I think that I can totally see where she’s had it and it’s true because the OOO, I recently

had to look that up.

Somebody put, it was like an auto reply email and I was like, I’m currently OOO.

And I was like, what is OOO?

So I’m constantly on the Urban Dictionary because there is a lot of acronym abuse.

100% acronym abuse.


And OOO, that’s ridiculous out of the office, especially on a professional email.


Sounds like she’s getting them, too.

I bet the person that uses OOO-

Talks like this.

Engages in vocal fry and possibly a sign of baby Tom.

Let me ask you if you know what this one means, Angie.


Greatest of all time, Tom Brady.


Nailed it.

I’ve got the sports acronyms.

Or do you think Tom Brady’s the GOAT?

Yeah, for sure.

Let’s not go down a rabbit hole and turn this into a fucking sports podcast.

I know, I know.


What about I-M-O?

In my opinion.

I didn’t know that.

I didn’t know that.

Did you just know that or did you-

I knew it.


And I’m-

Oh, fuck off, Nellie.

And I’m as sharp as a tack.


I mean, I immediately sniffed that out.

Um, the baby of the podcast.

Kylie, do you- can you throw some out to see if we can get them?

I got one for you.

Let’s hear it.


What would Jennifer Welch do?

Don’t you guys regularly use an acronym every single day on your podcast?


We do.

Yeah, we do.

So, Kylie, you’re right.

We have to eat a little crow on that.

We do.

We do.

Adrienne, we are a part of the problem.

We’re kind of doing a play on words, though, a little bit.

It’s a little cheeky.

It’s a little cheeky.

It’s a little cheeky.


If you know what I mean.

Well, I just, for the record, had no idea what that was.

C-U-N-T Tuesday.

Like, I legitimately did not know that.

You did not know until 2017 that C-U-N-T Tuesday was a way to call somebody a cunt?

Had no idea.

And this one just rubbed it in my face for weeks before she told me.

I think we need to resurrect that rubbing in the face.

Kylie, what’s that?

What’s next?

We’ve got Lori.


I’ve had it with stupidity.

I have no patience for it.

When do people lose common sense or just the ability to comprehend basic information or


Let me give you an example.

I’ve worked in a pharmacy for 27 years.

And as you know, when you pick up prescriptions, they all have directions on it.

Well, one time I had a client come in, pick up their prescription,

go home, and call right back.

Reason they were calling back is they had picked up a cream.

And on this cream, the direction said, apply locally to affected area.

I said, OK, what’s the problem?

They were going out of town that weekend and wanted to know if they could still use the



Again, stupidity.

I’ve had it.

Apply locally.

Oh, my God, Lori.

God love you.

That’s the best.

So good.

What a fucking idiot.


I’m going to go ahead and say that wasn’t just a stupid question.

That was just a stupid person.

It was a stupid person asking a stupid question.

And it’s fantastic.

I cannot get enough of it.

That shit is rock solid gold, 24 karat diamond encrusted.

Great shit right there.

I mean, that might go on the wall of fame.

Lori, I think you’ll find this interesting as a pharmacist.

So Pumps had had all three of her kids and she decided she was going to get this procedure

called an ablation or something like this so she wouldn’t have a period anymore.

And she asked me to drive her to the procedure.

I hate blood.

I hate hospitals.

I hate medical procedures.

I’ve never watched one second of ER despite thinking George Clooney is a total smoke show.

That’s how much I don’t like hospitals or hospital procedures.

But because I love Pumps, I selflessly drove her to her OBGYN appointment.

So they take her in and she’s like, can Jenny sit right outside the room?

And they’re like, yeah, we’ll put a chair.

She’ll sit right outside here.

So I’m literally right outside the door.

So the doctor goes in and then all of a sudden I hear this huge ruckus in the room.

Big ruckus.

A big brouhaha, if you will, right?

Everybody was dying laughing.

The nurse opens the door.

Angie’s legs are in the stirrups and there’s kind of a sheet over it.

And the gynecologist has his hands on her knees.

And then his head is bobbing up and down, dying in laughter.

I mean, it almost looks like he was performing oral sex.

But he’s fucking dying laughing.

And I go, oh, God, what has she done?

And they said, well, we gave her a pill to take prior to the procedure.

So it would kind of open up the vagine a bit.

And I asked her if she took it.

And she said, yes, I did.

I stuck it right up my vagina one hour before the appointment, just like you told me.

And they said it was oral.

You were supposed to swallow it.

And I was like, oh, my bad.

We have Angie over here cramming shit up her twat, you know?

And I think she, you know, I could see you falling prey to the local.

I mean, after my performance with the ablation, I can’t throw too many stones.

I mean, but I have had it with stupid people not getting shit.

I mean, Laurie, please bring more of those to our yes.

Laurie might just have to be a weekly segment if she can put things like that up.

All right, Kylie, who’s next?

The next one is Jennifer J.

Jennifer J.

Jennifer J.

I have had it with the guy at the front desk at my office building.

I have to say good morning to him.

And then he says, how was your night?

And then when I go out at lunch, he says, have a good lunch.

Or if I stay in and fix lunch, he stands in there and talks to me and asks me what I’m fixing.

Or if I go to the bathroom, he’s like, how are you having a good day?

And when I leave at night, he says, have a good night.

I just want to say good morning to you and smile and not talk to you anymore the rest of the day.

That’s all I ask.


I 100% agree, Jennifer.

100% agree.

This goes right into our wheelhouse of unnecessary interactions.


Unnecessary interactions in the office, in the house, with friends.



Those are all completely unnecessary interactions from this dude.

And I think he’s hawking her out while she’s making her lunch.

Now, that’s just worse.

He’s grandstanding around the office.

Let’s face it.

He’s grandstanding around the office trying to be everybody’s favorite.

And it’s backfiring spectacularly because she got out her phone and sent a voice memo

to bitch about his ass, which I support, Jennifer J.


No, she’s completely right.

No small talk.

Do you remember that episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry has to go to the bathroom

and Richard Lewis’s girlfriend’s named Cha-Cha, and she keeps commenting,

hey, Larry, you going to the bathroom?

Boy, you were in there a long time, Larry.

I think there are these people at offices that are way, they’ve got their pulse on way

too much in the office.

Go in, keep your head down, do your fucking job, crack a joke from time to time, and move

on down the road.


No, agree.

I agree, Jennifer.

I’ve had it.

Maybe we should get Jennifer a card that says, I’ve had it podcast, and you flip it on the

other side, and she can just flash it on and it says, no small talk today.

I like it.


I think that’s great.

It’s a good idea.

What’s next, Kylie?

Your last one is Amanda G.


I have had it.

Had it with people driving slow in the fast lane.

Move out of my way.


This lane is for the people that can afford the speeding ticket.

I love it.

That’s 100% agree.

That’s a great, I’ve had it.

It is a great, I’ve had it in there.

It is unbelievable how badly the people in this country, in particular, do not follow

that rule.

It’s actually a law in certain states.

You cannot drive slow in the fast lane.

They’ll pull you over for a ticket.

It is unbelievable how they just go, and they just take their time.

I’ve started getting kind of aggressive because I have to drive to Dallas a lot for work.

Not you.

Yeah, I know.

It’s shocking.

It’s such, I can’t believe it.

I will flash my brides at them to say, hey, I’m here, you need to get your ass over because

I’m staying in the left lane because that’s what they do in Europe.

I mean, there is zero tolerance.

The left lane is to be used for passing only.

Everybody drives on the right, use the left to pass.

I mean, that is 100%.

It needs to be dealt with.

And it’s applicable across the board.

Escalators, those trams that you take in the airport, all of it.

Don’t even get me started on this.

I know.

I’m just saying we’ve touched on it.

But left lane is for passing.

That’s correct.

Across the board.

For people that want to move slowly.

No, it’s for people who want to move quickly.




Almost had it.

You almost.

Almost had it.

You almost nailed it.

In so many ways.


No, I completely and totally agree.

I have had it with that.

The only thing I can see doing the aggressive light flash on the highway, but honestly,

if you do that in town, you don’t know they’re not going to road rage and shoot you.

I mean, that is the fear of any of this or the guns.


And I’ve had it with the guns.

And that’s going to be a whole other episode.


Unto itself.

But that is a whole thing.

Like I’ve told my boys, just pump the brakes on having any sort of road rage.

Because some people have guns and they’re crazy.

Oh my gosh.

That reminds me of a story.

So when I was in high school, we piled in the car.

We’re 16.

We’re playing the music.

We’re loud.

I mean, we probably are the coolest people to ever be born in history.


And I’m driving.

And this guy’s going slow.

So of course, I’m honk, honk, honk.

And we’re all like, fuck you, just totally being the biggest assholes.


So then we stop at the stoplight.

That motherfucker got out of his car and banked on the window.

He is like, that is disrespectful.

That is rude.

And we were all just like tail between our legs.

Boy, did we find out how not cool we were.

Nowadays, he could have blown our heads off.

Oh, yeah.


So you got to really watch the bird and all that.

Did you just say nowadays?


You really do prove again and again that you are the oldest person in the room.

And prettiest.

Oh, for sure.

For sure.

But I get best dressed.

For 60, I think I’m looking pretty good.

Listener, Pumps is starting this new thing where she’s going to start telling everybody she’s 60.

So that everybody’s like, oh, my God, you look so good for 60.


I think it’s pretty smart.


Amanda had the best sound design.

With the blinker.

With the blinker.

Love it.

We had some car sounds going and she had the blinker on, which made me think that she was so mad.


That someone was not getting over that she actually picked up her phone in the moment.

On the highway.

And just did it right there in the moment.

Love it.

So Amanda, great sound design on that.


Bonus points.

Yeah, bonus points.

For Amanda.

So listen up, listener.

We need these voice memos sent to I’ve Had It Podcast on Instagram, direct message.

What do they direct message?

I’ve Had It Podcast.

I thought you did say dot com afterwards, but you don’t.

What about, but what do we want them to direct message to us?

That direct, oh, a voice memo.

I mean, nails it.

Steel trap.

You guys, it’s unbelievable how good Pumps is at delivering information.

Round of applause for her.

She delivers information to the listener.

A voice memo to our Instagram.

I’ve Had It.

There you go.

I mean, nailed it right there.

Dot com.

I was about to say it.

Okay, listener, we will see you next Tuesday.

Or Thursday.

See you next Thursday.

But either way, what does that spell?

There you have it.


I’ve had it with that.

I’ve had it.

Had it.

Had it.

Had it.

All I can say about that is I’ve had it.