I've Had It - Mediocrity is Trending with Amanda Hirsch

Listen up, listener.

We have a special guest in our pre-show today and it is my favorite son, my soulmate, my

companion like none other, Tubbers.

Little Tubbers couldn’t be separated from mama.

He’s in my lap and he wanted to be on the podcast today.

And we have received some messages on the social media of people saying, I’ve had it

with not seeing Tubbers.

And so today is their day.

Yes, yes.

And you know, we also have received some messages on social media claiming that you are the

real star of the podcast.

So in that vein, I’m going to let the real star tell us what she’s had it with.

What I’ve had it with is people filming themselves crying and posting it on the internet.

It’s unbelievable.

Like I’m going to cry, I’m going to record myself, and then I’m going to post it for


I mean, I cannot wrap my head around it.

Are you getting this in your like for you feed?

Like with the mukbang?

I don’t know.

I think it just came up.

I think it’s TikTok.

I think that’s, that was the offender.

And I’m just like, why is this happening?

Who would do this?

I mean, of course, they’re exponentially younger, like 20s, young, young, maybe even younger

than that.


But then I’ve also seen specifically where Emily has sent me somebody that I know that’s

posted about herself crying.

And I just, I’ve had it with that.

Is there no decorum or etiquette?

To me, that’s such a, pardon the pun, cry for help.

It’s such a cry for attention.


I mean, that is so pathetic.

It is so pathetic, especially when it’s like, my boyfriend broke up with me, so now I’m

going to record myself crying.

Like bitch, have some pride.

I think people are just doing too many things on the internet.


There’s just, the oversharing is out of control.


There are people that are like crying and they’re holding up like pieces of paper and

it’s like, I just, and then they do another page, found out my mom has breast cancer and

they keep doing the pages when they could just speak, but they do it via, you know,

like- I’ve had it with that.

Love Actually, where the guy does it.


That’s cute.

That’s adorable.

And that’s a movie and it’s fiction and it never happened, but people are doing this

on the internet, like, you know, to bring awareness to maybe an earthquake or hurricane

and they’re doing the cards.

It’s too much.

I just completely would not even watch till the end because I’m like, if you can’t tell

me within the first few seconds, I don’t want to know.


If I have to go through 47 card changes to find out why you’re upset.

I also have seen where it’s like, I’m feeling really lonely today, if you could give me

a shout out, that’d make me feel better.

And I’m like, is that necessary to say you’re feeling lonely and ask for random strangers

to say hi?

And does that help?


Let’s talk about this.

Let’s talk about when people just randomly post, like, I’m going through a lot, pray

for me.

And that’s all they tell you.


I think they’re dying for you to direct message and ask.

Tubby has left the podcast, everybody.

No more tubs in the chair.

When people post something super cryptic, like everybody pray for my sister.

She’s going through a lot.

See, I think that is just, you are dying for somebody to reach out and say, oh my gosh,

what’s going on?

Like your friends that have your number or people on direct message that you don’t know.

Well, the problem with that is, is when I see something like that, that I’m going to

mutual friends, I’m clicking on the people that comment on that.

I’m trying to figure out what happened.

Because you need to know.


Because they’re putting it out there.

And I think it’s chicken shit to not just say what it is that’s the problem.

They’re trying to control and make the attention last longer.


So they get more attention of, oh my gosh, what’s wrong, blah, blah, blah.


And all the comments are the same.

You can do it or I’m with you.

Just like stupid shit.

Prayer warriors unite.

I mean, it’s just too much.

I’ve had it.

I’ve had it.

And it’s like if something’s going on, if it’s super juicy, that’s all the more reason

if you’re going to go to the internet, just go ahead and take it over the finish line.


Take it over the finish line.

Please pray for me.

My husband, I just busted my husband with a bunch of cocaine and a prostitute.


Then I’m like, okay.


Thank you so much for landing the plane and for not being cryptic about this because now

we all know what the fuck is going on and that frees up the rest of my day and I don’t

have to deep dive into Facebook or Instagram or whatever it is to figure out what the hell’s

going on.


I think those kinds of posts are designed to keep people asking what the problem is.


I mean, I think it’s a total and complete attention seeking behavior.

It just amazes me how much people feel like they need to share online with other people.

Like crying.

I mean, that’s the number one example.

It is too much.

It is too much.

It’s too much.

I mean, I only cry maybe like once a year.


And I’m dead serious about that.

I mean, I’m not a crier either.

I just, it takes a lot for me to cry.

The last thing I’m going to think about when I’m crying is filming it.

Getting a phone and filming it, making sure I look cute.

I mean, that is ridiculous.

It’s bananas.

It’s bananas.

Let me tell you what I’ve had it with.

All right.

I’ve had it with this racket.

And it is a total fucking scam perpetrated on the American public every single day.

And it is breaking news.

Oh my gosh, I hate.

It’s not breaking if you’ve been talking about it for five hours.

And it’s abused.

It is abused.

So much that I’m so desensitized from what breaking news actually is.


And all of the news channels do it.


And everything is breaking news.


It’s breaking news.


There’s nothing breaking about it because like when I get up in the morning, I would

turn it on.

And then that night I would turn on the news.

They’re still saying breaking news.

And it’s like, we’ve had 12 hours.

I think.

It cannot still be breaking news.

I’ll get an alert on my phone and it says breaking news and I don’t even really look

at it anymore because I know it’s a blowhard event.


It’s a total blowhard event that is a nothing burger.


I absolutely could not agree more.

I do think that CNN got a bunch of backlash on always having the breaking news and supposedly

they’re better.

But I don’t know because I don’t watch them anymore.


I only watch the BBC and it’s only breaking if it’s major.


It’s breaking if a war starts or it’s breaking if somebody dies.


Or a presidential election is called.



It is not breaking for a week.

Donald Trump sends a 3 a.m. tweet.

I mean, that’s not breaking news.

Like breathing oxygen.


You know, it just was not breaking news.


And so, I mean, I am just up to my eyeballs with the American news system.

So I want to welcome everybody to I’ve Had It podcast.

And I am a minor supporting player in this podcast.

I’m Jennifer.

The real star is Angie.

Hi, I’m Angie.

Why are you acting that way?

That was two comments.

The real star is Angie.

We call her Pumps.

This is I’ve Had It podcast, a podcast where you can visit twice weekly and get all the

shit off your chest so that when you go back out into the real world, you’re nicer and

calmer and ready.

You can get all your bitches out.


And know that you are amongst your people.

This is a dump truck of petty grievances via a mass therapy session.

Because one thing that we oppose fundamentally is the statement, you can find positivity

in everything.

Oh, my gosh.


There are some things that are so insufferable, the only option you have is to get with friends

and bitch about it.

And bitch.

And that is therapeutic.


Oh, my gosh.

I have a story I haven’t even told you.

What is it?

So I went to a deal at my youngest school.

They had a speaker that was talking about being congenial and high character.

And she starts going into when I go to the grocery store, I always ask the checker how

their day’s going.

I asked the bagger how their day’s going.

I chat with the people in front of me and behind me in the grocery line.

And the whole time I’m breaking out in high school, please never let me have to go to

the grocery store with her.

This is a classic not taking into account the feelings of the checker, the bagger.

None of them.

And the people in line.

And she thinks, you know what she is?

She’s a bragger, fake do-gooder.

And assuming that everybody wants her to ask them how they are, they don’t.

And that she’s doing them a favor by doing so.

This is faux do-gooder shit.

Faux do-gooder.

Faux do-gooder shit.

And she is a problem, a huge problem for every grocery store that she enters.

Like, she’s like the person you want to avoid in a grocery store.

The last thing I want somebody to do when I’m in line at the checkout counter is to

turn around and chit-chat with me.

I can’t imagine anything worse.

And I’ll tell you what would be worse.

I just imagined it.

If you’re in a hurry, you’re trying to get your groceries checked, and she’s yak-mouthing

with the checker about something no one cares about.

And you’re waiting on her to be quote-unquote congenial.

With her fake do-gooder shit.

Fake do-gooder.

I wanted to stand up in the middle of the auditorium and go, bitch, nobody wants to

talk to you.

But I didn’t.


Because I am the beacon of the high road.

I think it is an immediate red flag when somebody tells you what a great fucking person they

are based on their behavior in a grocery store.

You know, like that is an immediate, you know she’s fucked up immediately.

And I can’t believe that somebody would think that this person should be a public speaker.


You know, like let me tell you kids, here’s the trick to life.

Be nice to people in grocery stores.

Here’s my problem with that.

That’s a given.

Be nice to everybody.

You should not have to tell people to be nice to people in grocery stores because that should

be your default setting.


It should also be your default setting not to start chit-chatting and hold up the line

and do all that nonsense in a grocery store.

You can very kindly look at the checker and say, hey, how’s it going?


While they’re scanning your items.

Scan your card.

Have a great day.

Move on down the road.


Have a good one.

That’s a good one.

Have a good one.


Have a great week.

Today we’re going to have a guest and this guest is going to talk to us about pop culture

and all of the fuckery that’s going on on Instagram and TikTok.

So let’s go ahead and bring out Amanda Hirsch.



Hello, Amanda.

We would like to welcome you to I’ve Had It Podcast.

How are you?

I’m good.

Thank you for having me.

Thank you for coming on.

We’re so excited to learn pop culture stuff.

I’m excited.

I loved the concept of your pod.

I was like, I’ve had it with so much shit.

It’s a minefield of had it’s.

I mean, there is just so much shit that happens when you go out on the internet in public

to an airport.

It’s a minefield of fuckery that can go down.

We consider this place a holy place where you can come and dump all of this stuff out

in a very therapeutic way so that when you have to go back out into the world again,

you’re kinder and lighter and a better person having done this dump truck of petty grievances

with us.

I love it.

And so does that mean you don’t get people who are like, you know, annoying about things

you complain about?

Like people don’t tell you that you’re, you know, privileged and that you’re complaining

about things.

Oh yeah.

We get all kinds of stuff like on Tik Tok and everything.

Let me ask you this, Amanda.

I was the most hated woman on Tik Tok because I’m like women, adult women that baby talk

are ridiculous.

I mean, huge backlash.

What’s your position on women that baby talk?

Wait to a baby or like to a grown up to an adult, to another adult, not a pet, not a

child or a baby.

I’m fine with baby talk with a pet or a baby, but like, I don’t think that men and women

need to talk and baby talk.

Oh my God.

And you got real backlash.

No, this is why I need to stay away from Tik Tok.

I have a feeling it’s not the place for me.

And I have been, you know, like old people that don’t want to like conform to the times

and like stay with their Nokia phones.

And like, that’s me.

I feel like I’m like, Tik Tok is just, I don’t get it.

It doesn’t get me.

Like I just signed up like a week ago.

My algorithm still doesn’t get me.

It’s showing me women putting on concealer.

I’m like, why does it think that this is what I want to see?

Like, and everyone’s like, the algorithm will get you.

And I’m like, it’s not getting me.

So what do I think?

I think it’s creepy.

I am not into it.

I don’t even think, you made me think if I baby talk my baby and I don’t even think I

baby talk my baby.


Well, let’s get to what you have had it with.

And I think that you just tapped into it, which is this makeup tutorials, which we’ve

kind of had it with acronyms too, but I’m going to teach you a new one.

It’s the GRWM.

Amanda, I’m going to let you take it from here.

Teach the old lady what this is.

I don’t even know what that is.

First of all, I feel like this is really a safe space for me.

So it’s get ready with me.

It took me forever to even have the motivation and the, you know, to care enough to Google


Cause at first I was like, groom, like I didn’t get what it meant.

And I had a friend came on my podcast.

She said she thought it meant like grown woman, like a acronym for a woman.

So for some reason I was saying about my algorithm and I feel like a lot of these people that

get famous on Tik TOK, part of what they do is just like, so it used to be a makeup tutorial.

It used to be like, okay, this is what I use.

You know, if you’re a fucking idiot and don’t know how to apply mascara here, I’m showing


So that alone, stupid.

I’ve had it.


The new thing.

So everyone’s hopping on this trend is like they put the headband.

So it’s either the headband with like little ears to be cute or it’s like these clips.

Oh my God.

I have them right here.


No, these clips.



These clips.

I had to get them.

See how fucking influenced.

I don’t even know what to do with them.

Um, they’re supposed to like, just make your hair go away from your face to like put on

makeup or whatever.

So now it’s like these people are doing the same thing, but they’re talking to you.


So they’re doing shit.


Like trauma, you know, not about the makeup, right?

So it’s not cool anymore.

It’s passe to talk about what you’re doing and be like, this is my concealer.

This is my, you know, I shout out now it’s like, so this guy was, you know, dating and

people are fucking into it.

So that’s all that’s popping up for me.

Lots of concealer.

I was also influenced.

They all use Koses.

So I bought it.


You ran out and got them immediately.

I have, it’s not like I ran out.

It’s like, I need this because apparently people just wear concealer all day everywhere.

Like I don’t even know you put on your chin.

Oh, I didn’t know that.

Here’s my deal with this, Amanda.

I don’t want to get ready with me.

No, I don’t either.

So the last thing I want to fucking do is an invite Instagram or Tik TOK to get ready

with me.

My husband brings me coffee every morning and I spend time with my adorable French bulldogs.

I do Wordle.

I do some other puzzles that you end up doing when you hit, you know, 40s, late 40s ish.

And then I’m like, God, I don’t want to get out of the bed and get in the shower.

I’m like dreading the getting ready part because the fluffing in the bed is so fucking good.

So then I finally go to get ready and then my husband will start talking to me and he’s,

he’s like a total metrosexual.

Like he has these serums, the sea salt spray.

He’s totally into it.

He would put any gay man to shame.

Every Paul, he could put him to shame.

He would do, he would be a hundred percent into it.

And he starts staring at me and I’m like, I’m ready for him to leave so I can just get

ready by myself.

The thought of putting a camera on me while I’m getting ready, that’s no, that’s an immediate


But secondly, to start airing out shit that nobody cares about.

And here’s what bothers me is clearly people do care what these nitwits are saying.

They’re feeding these stray cats.

They’re feeding stray cats.

And you know what happens when you feed a stray cat?

That motherfucker comes back for more food.

Oh, here’s another thing about the GRWM.

They’re always in a rush and don’t have time.

So they’ll sit down, they’ll put the clips, they’ll put the headband, they’ll be like,

I have to go to this wedding.

I have five minutes to get ready.

GRWM with me.

I think they say the whole thing.

I think they’re like, get ready with me to go to this bat mitzvah.

I have five minutes, let’s do it.

And I guess the more rushed they are, the better views it gets.

I don’t know.

They’re always in a rush.

They never have the time.

The reason I gave bat mitzvah as an example, ladies, is because I actually watched a 12

year old get ready for a bat mitzvah.

That is a new personal low, I imagine.

And you know why, though?

On many levels.

But one of the levels is because her routine is much more expansive than my routine.

And her products and everything this fucking 12 year old has with the three minutes she

has left to get ready before her mom drives her to a bat mitzvah, I mean, I can’t.

I’m getting hot.

I can’t.

It’s a wild world out there.

I am so grateful that I didn’t have that when I was 12, that I was just focusing on which

boys liked me in the class and writing in my journal.

Because what would I have been?

These are monsters.

You know what I think this is?

This is belabored one-hit wonders.

That’s what this is.

You have a one-hit wonder song and everybody knows it and it’s a banger and it can come

out decade after decade and everybody’s into it.

Well, this generation, they hit one viral TikTok video or one Instagram and that should

be it.

It should be their one-hit wonder.

But people start feeding those cats, those stray cats, and they keep going back for more

and more.

And they’re really boring, one-dimensional people.

Because I think putting on makeup is really uninteresting to a degree.

Now if the girl was putting on makeup talking about, oh my God, I did a threesome the other


I was so fucked up on cocaine.

I’m in.

I’m 100%.


I might be way more interested.

I’m watching the whole makeup video.

I mean, at least if you’re going to do the, let me refer to my notes here, the GRWM.

Put some juice with that thing.


Maybe there is a niche for that though.

I don’t know.

Maybe there are GRWMs that are like raunchy, you know, that are more raunchy than my bat

mitzvah one.

I have a friend, she’s also a podcaster and she says it like it is.

And she said to me, we were talking about this phenomenon.

And she was like, Amanda, I think mediocrity is trending.


That is a great point.

That is.

It was like, I think people, and she has a whole philosophy, like she wants to write

a thesis.

I think people want to feel better about themselves.

So they watch mediocre people because like, imagine like we’re watching like Hollywood


Like I want it to be, you know, like Julia Roberts, you know, like, but that didn’t make

me feel good about myself.


Maybe it makes you feel better to aspire to be someone who ain’t that, that amazing.

That’s attainable.



So I can be just like the girl that got 500,000 views that put concealer on.


And then went to the coffee shop.

Those are two goals that I can achieve today.


I can buy concealer.

I can go get coffee.

I’ve also had it with the photographs of the goddamn coffees.

We’ve seen it.

It’s not new.

And every time anybody goes to the coffee shop, they’re Instagramming it.

Like I got coffee and I’m like, okay, that’s just being a person.

Like you’re just a human that went and got a beverage.

Enough with posting about it.

Because everyone thinks that everyone wants to know their coffee order.

You know what was so great.

And by the way, I want to make it very clear.

I am part of this.

I think people want to know my, I want to make it very clear that I’m a giant hypocrite

because so, cause I’ll, I can post my coffee and then people will be like, I’ll get a few

messages being like, when are you gonna, and then I’ll fucking share it, you know, I’ll

be like, okay guys, I’m really into, get this, almond milk lattes.

I know it’s groundbreaking, but let me tell you, changed my life.

Don’t you love things that change people’s lives that don’t actually change life.

Like nothing has ever changed my life.

Like I’m not going to take a probiotic and it’s going to change my life.

Like stop telling me change your life.

Cause like nothing has changed my life.

The only thing that changes one’s life is a child.

Is a child.


A baby changes everything.

Aside from that, um, can’t say that any, that lemon water or fucking anything changed my



I don’t want to hear that it changed yours.

Cause like, what am I doing then?

If nothing changes mine.

So Amanda, I have, I want to play a little game of would you rather.



So the first one is, would you rather GRWM and let me refer to my notes again, get, would

you rather get ready with me five days a week, three hours each session on your Instagram

with enthusiasm.

You cannot deadpan it like you do.

I’ve seen your Instagram videos where you deadpan the shit and it’s great.

I mean, your delivery is excellent.

You have to do it with, so what I’m doing first and you then go into personal stories

and you have to be sincere about it.


Monday through Friday or every Christmas for the rest of your life with your family, post

yourselves in matching Christmas pajamas on the internet.


I’m going to do the five.

Get ready with me.

Cause that’s like, I don’t want to do it for the rest of my life.

Every Christmas I posted, um, something making fun of that cause I was just kind of like

who made this up?

Like who was like, this is a thing we do.

And now everyone fucking does it and you have to see everyone’s, you know, photo with matching


Um, and, and everyone laughed.

And then there are people that are like, like, you know, the people defending it, it’s like,

are you really going to defend it?

Like even if you do it, you can make fun of yourself 100% doing something that is, you

know, the word Chugi isn’t really cool anymore.

Do you know what Chugi means?


It’s Chugi.

It’s just like so basic.

So vanilla.

So whatever.

And I’m not saying I could never be caught in matching pajamas, but I’m just saying I

could do not want it as a yearly tradition.

I think it’s cute as like a one time maybe thing, but now people do it every year and

it’s like, they feel like it’s a necessary part of their holiday.

I will tell you I, this year I succumbed because I see pictures, I see people’s Christmas cards

with their matching pajamas and I think, oh my gosh, that’s so cute.

So I did it this year, but I, I’m with you.

I mean, it’s kind of dorky, especially because my kids are almost all grown.

This is the problem with, with you get sucked in and you feel like the asshole mom that’s

not doing the matching pajamas.

That’s what happened with me on national Sunday, son.

Like I have a son and everybody’s posting their son and I’m like, well, goddamn, I better

post a picture of my son.


I totally fell prey to the entire internet racket of the entire thing.

I’m going to tell you something.

I’ve had it with, with Christmas and this needs to end.

Our snail mail Christmas cards, right?

I don’t know why we have them anymore.

Everybody has seen what everybody is doing on the internet for the entire past year.

And so back in the day, like in the late nineties and early two thousands, there wasn’t social


So you really looked forward to seeing the card and the image of the family.

Now you know what everybody looks like.

And then I’ll hear somebody saying, well, you know, I’m not going to post this picture

until after my Christmas card goes out.

I’m like, I’ll tell you what, sis, I bet everybody’s fucking chomping at the bit stocking their

mailbox going fucking bananas waiting for that hot piece of photo to come in.

I’m like, what do you really think they’ve, they know what you look like.

They’ve seen your stories.

They’ve seen you get coffee.

They’ve seen you do yoga.

They’ve seen you drop your kids off at school.

They’ve seen it all.

And now all of a sudden they’re rolling out.

Look at this new material, our new Christmas card, put a sock in it.

Everybody knows.

What’s the worst?

Like that?

You’ll get it from like you’re a lawyer, like people that you work with, love you, but like

needeth me this card.

Oh, I don’t.

And then what do you do?

Like throw it out.

That also feels like mean I save it.

No, I’ve struggled with that forever.

I have, I know people that inventory every year’s Christmas card, like in a photo album

and they go back through over the years and I’m like, I just throw mine away.

Their friends’ Christmas cards?



Well, I mean, put them in a photo album, like a normal photo album.

They’ll put all the Christmas cards they receive in there for all these years.

So they have like 20 years worth of other people’s Christmas cards, which I always feel bad.

Like I need to throw them away.

And then I end up throwing them away.

I throw them away immediately.

Unless the card is about me, I don’t want it.

If it’s like a whole essay about how amazing I am, I’m going to save that card in my, in

a box.

And put it on the refrigerator even maybe.



But I don’t need like, you know, your story or your well wishes, you know?


Let me ask you another one.

Would you rather do the, get ready with me, five days, enthusiasm, sincerely, no dead

panhamer, Amanda, none of that.

I mean, you have to be into it or go to burning man from start to finish, sleep in the tent,

no electricity.

And you have to, how did you know, how did you know this?

How did you know, cause how did you know I wasn’t a burning man gal?

We’ve already done two episodes about how we’ve had it with burning man.

I, you know, the burning man people are like so pathetically into burning man.

It’s like, it’s their whole personality.


We know.

I just went to lunch somewhere and the owner of the restaurant came to talk to us and he

was a burning man guy.

It’s like, they managed to bring up burning man in everyday conversation.

I was like eating hummus.

And how did burning man come up?

I don’t know.

But he started talking about it.

Wouldn’t shut the fuck up.

I even like made it very obvious.

I was like, I hate it.

Like I would never be caught dead at a burning man.

It’s not for me.

And it was trying to like convince me, no, you have this kind of camp.

The art, the art, I’m like eating the art is going to get me there.


And that’s the thing.

They want everybody to be converted.

It’s like evangelical Christians, you know, where they want everybody to be saved.

It’s similar with the burners.

They want everybody to go to burning man and they can’t.

We’ve had it with burning man.

So no, I’ve had a t-shirt on our website that says boycott burning man on our, I’ve had

it podcast.

We’ll send you one.

It says boycott burning man.

I’m going to go back to the hummus place with the owner and wear it.


No, I agree with you.

I’m on your team.

But it isn’t a really nice though.

Like I realized that we’re negative and we don’t like a lot of things, but it’s really

nice to just know that you’ll never be convinced to like something.


Like I feel so confident that I’m never going to want to go skydiving.

Like it’s really nice to like know that, you know, be like never in my life.

So wow.

Get ready with me or burning man.

I’m going to, I’m going to fucking get ready with the story.

You know what I would do if I was single and I was on a dating app, that would be one of

my filtering questions.

You know, like are you into burning man?


Now, right.

I’d be at immediate cutoff mark.


Like swipe left.


So now we’re going to play another game.

Kylie is going to read, um, pumps and I are not good at pop culture and we have been deep

diving in your Instagram and you have got this shit on lockdown.

She’s going to read a quote and then we’re going to guess which celebrity said it.

You’re probably going to win because we don’t know.

Come here from Sikkim.

That’s what they say in Oklahoma.

We don’t know.

Come here from Sikkim and pop culture, but we’re going to try.

Wait, are you in Oklahoma, Oklahoma city?

Oh my God.

I know.

Oklahoma city, Oklahoma fly over state.


Here goes Kylie.

Who said I get to go to lots of overseas places like Canada, Sarah Palin, Christina Aguilera,


Britney Spears.



Oh, that’s such a Britney thing to say.



I’m so bad at this game.

I know.

I thought you’d be a lot better.

Follow me for pop culture.

Follow me for up to date news.


Who said, I don’t know if this is too much, but I can actually mentally give myself an


Oh fuck.

I remember.

Oh my gosh.

Taylor Swift.

Oh, Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga can give herself an orgasm.

No, she can’t.

No, she can’t.

No, she can’t.

That would be a trick though, wouldn’t it?


There’s one final thing I want to talk to you about.

In my deep dive of your Instagram, you did a complete autopsy of Emily in Paris.

What I loved about this, because the whole hypocrisy thing that you say you have, we

have too.

I mean, we totally have that.

We can flip on a dime about certain shit, but you tell your followers how much you dislike

Emily in Paris and then go into detail, which proves that you have seen Emily in Paris all

the way over the finish line.

Let me tell you what I think about Emily in Paris.

I watched every bit of it.

It’s stupid.

It’s vapid.

It’s so unrealistic and I couldn’t get enough of it.

And then when it’s over, I feel this like subtle depression because I’m never going

to be in my twenties and have that wardrobe, fucking hot men in Paris.

That ship has sailed, completely sailed.

And so I kind of get sad.

But you know what you should feel better about?

It’s like, it’s not like it’s hot.

You know, that’s one of the things I said, like there wasn’t any chemistry between any

of them.

You know, it was like they weren’t even opening their mouth for like a kiss.

It was like, I remember like Emily and Alfie just like, and they’re hot and young, open

your mouth a little bit.

You know, that’s what I want to see, you know, just a little French kiss in France.


You’re in Paris and like Gabriel, that hot man, couldn’t he be like more into women for

a minute?

You have Camille, you have Emily, like just fucking also like make out, make out.

And I just feel like no one was, was passionately making out.

The sexiest one is the French boss.

Love her.

The old, the French woman.

She was the sexiest one.

So if you watched the reel, I think I say there, like, I want to watch Sylvie in Paris.

You know?


That would be cool.

Like she is just, she’s doing it.

She’s smoking the cigs.

She’s having the young, uh, hot husband that she’s not really her husband, whatever she’s


Like she dresses so French and I don’t know, Lily Collins kind of gets on my nerves sometimes.

Oh my God.

Somebody I follow on Instagram wrote this, Emily, Emily Ferris needs to get Botox.

And like, that was also distracting because like, I’m, I, I just got Botox for the first

time, like a few months ago and up until then I was very like, everyone be natural and like,

you don’t need it.

And blah, blah, blah.

Some people need it.


You know?

And sometimes it could be distracting.

Like Emily from Emily in Paris, like that note spoke to me because I think I was focusing

on her forehead the entire season.


Very expressive.

Let me tell you both how bad this is.

So yesterday I went to get Botox and I had let about four and a half months pass.

So I go and the doctor’s looking at my forehead and she’s like, Oh, there’s this new thing.

It’s like this heat treatment thing.

I want to sign you up for it.

It’s like a natural way to produce collagen.

And so I can book you for that like in a month.

But today we’re going to get onto that Botox because you really need it.

And I just died.

But I mean, I mean, it’ll start kicking in like tomorrow, the next day, but it takes

longer to kick in nowadays.

I have Botox next week.

I’m desperate for it.

I’m usually like, I don’t like needles and I get like anxious about like procedures,

but I was like flying.

I was flying.

It was so cool.

It didn’t hurt.

It was like such a positive experience.

So I flipped, like hardcore flipped under that.



And also I just don’t feel like it like maybe like filler changes you and people go overboard

and look weird.

I do have filler in my lips.

She does.

She is an offender.

She calls me Daffy Pumps.

Well, she swings by the studio because we like to read our hate comments for like Instagram


They’re hilarious.

And so she swings by.

And the great thing about pumps is her give a fuck meter is broken and has been broken

for years and years.

She could give two shits what anybody thinks.

And her lip is swollen up.

I mean, it is so swollen.

And I go, how are we supposed to do?

She goes, oh, I don’t give a fuck.

Let’s just do it.

Her lips are all, I don’t give a fuck.

Let’s just read the hate comments.

I don’t care.

And I am crying laughing because she looks like a duck.

It was fantastic.

Oh my God.

I love it.

Amanda, we thank you so much for joining us on.

I’ve had a podcast.

I hope you feel better and lighter.



Uh huh.

This is like, this is, this is, this is a really, I appreciate this podcast.

Thank you.

I appreciate it.


I appreciate like podcasts that have like a purpose, you know, that it’s not just like,

here we are to like, talk to you about, you know what you do.

It’s like, no, you have a whole shtick and it works.

And it’s like, I love that.

It’s therapy.

We don’t have to get this shit off our chest.

I know.

We’ll have to come back.

I’m going to have to come back.

I have a good one.

Do you use Ubers in Oklahoma?


We also have the internet.


So we’ll talk about Ubers next time.

Oh yeah.

No, I want.



We definitely should talk about Ubers next time.

And I want to thank you for coming on listener.

You can find Amanda at not skinny, but not fat and her podcast goes by the same name.

Great name.

Thank you.

Thank you.



Thank you.


Thank you.

I love how you call them like individually.


We have to bring the listener in.

Oh, you’re like, oh, it’s like a tactic.

It’s like we’re talking to the one person or one listener.

We have one list.

Your Instagram is going to blow up.

You’re going to have 741,000 and then that when you see that one uptick, that’s going

to be the I’ve had it hit.

That’s right.


The listener.

The one listener.

That’s right.

Uh huh.

All right.

Thank you, Amanda.

Bye guys.

Thank you for having me.




She’s great.

She is so great.

I love her like default setting of, okay, I totally have had it with this.

Two days later.

I totally did it.


Which is us.

A hundred percent.

I love that.

Half the shit that we’ve had it with.

We’re offenders.

A hundred percent.

Like we started with the grocery store thing and I can totally see you start yakking with

somebody in front of you in line.

I’ve actually been to target with you and you’ll start, oh my God, are you buying that


I just read that book.

That book is so good.

I read it in two days on the beach.

You know, we went here.

I probably do do that, but I feel like it’s not premeditated.

I’m not walking into target thinking I’m going to chat up the person behind me.



It’s just, you know, right.

I am kind of a chatter.

You are.

A little bit chatty.

You are.

You are a little chatterbox.

I’ve got one more quote that I want to give to you.


See if we know it.


I don’t think she could find her own ass with both hands and a flashlight.

Oh, that’s me.




That was easy.

Well, I’ll tell you who is the originator of that is Linda Martis, my mother.

Linda has got some sayings.


She definitely, definitely has some sayings.

The one I wrote down for pumps.

Anybody want to give me a pelvic exam?

When did I say that?

It’s on the internet.

It’s on the show.

You say that shit all the time.

See, I don’t, I don’t remember half the shit I say.

I don’t even know when it’s coming out of my mouth that I’m saying it.

It’s kind of diarrhea of the mouth sitting over here.

Do you remember this one?

I need to go smoke right now because I don’t want to get unaddicted.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.

So I stand by that when I was a smoker.

Back in the day, pumps and I both smoked.

Our kids were super little.

There was this giant ice storm and she’s like, Hey, come over.

And we had these fucking mink coats and I don’t know why on earth we had these mink


No, we were at the club.

No, but this day we wore them during the day.


Because it was like, it was an ice storm.

And I don’t know why in our thirties we had old lady mink coats, but we fucking had these

brown old lady mink coats that we both had.

And it’s so cold outside.

We’re like, okay, let’s wear the minks.

So we both wear the minks.

We go outside and pumps is like, I’m certain I have the flu.

And she has like 102 fever and I’m like, are you sure you want to smoke?

And you’re like, it’s the last thing I want to do right now, but I can’t be not addicted

to cigarettes.

I got to push through.

The flu with a cigarette in the mink coats and how dorky were we running around with

the mink coats?

I’ll still wear a mink coat, like to a football game.

If it’s cold and snowy, I’ll have no shame at all.

I remember we were at some party at the country club.

We went outside in our mink coats and we were lighting up cigs, hiding from everybody.

And you go, well, look at us out here in our mink coats.

We were undercover as proper ladies.


Proper ladies.

Well, listener, please DM us a voice memo to I’ve Had It Podcast.

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Go give us five stars.

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We have a Facebook.

I don’t think anybody does anything to it, but we have one.

Technically, if we ever needed it.


In a pinch.

In a pinch.

If we had to put out an urgent message.

Breaking news.

Breaking news.

Breaking news.


All right.

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