Aware & Aggravated - 7. Money

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Hi friends, so in this episode, we’re gonna talk about money the thing that everybody loves, but nobody wants to fucking talk about

I’m gonna share with you a

Lot of the things I’ve realized and a lot of the truths that I’ve come to about money

Which have made me be a lot less constricted with it because I’ve had a bad relationship with money for so long

And every time I’d have to spend money on something that I didn’t want to spend it on

I would get fucking pissed like I wear an aggravated

extra emphasis on the

Aggravated like it would piss me off to buy something or have to spend money on something that I didn’t want to have to spend

It on like car insurance. I get it. Like I understand it’s useful but like bitch get real health insurance

Fuck you

Birthday gifts and Christmas gifts that you feel obligated into you don’t really want to fucking buy them

But you got to so then you go swiping your card and you get pissed off because you just spent money

You didn’t want to spend I get it

I’ve been there

I’m still there sometimes

but it’s really really hard to relax around money when you don’t have it or you don’t have enough or

you don’t have a predictable income and like assurance that

More is coming and then you throw on top of that

Maybe you do have a consistent income

But you hate your fucking job or you hate what you have to do

To make the money then you’re gonna resent it then you resent the fact that you need it

We’re gonna clear all this shit up and I’m gonna tell you a lot of the things that have helped me

I’m not claiming to know everything. All right, so don’t come at me and be mean

Before I get into all that I have some exciting news

So for those of you that don’t know I have an app like a mobile app you can get on your phone

It’s called positive focus and for a while. It’s only been on

iPhones like it’s only been in the Apple App Store

But I have exciting news because I just made a bunch of changes to it

But I also made a Google Play version. Well, I had it made I don’t know how to code

But my app is basically positive notifications

Hence the name positive focus. It’s notifications that come through your phone that are messages of

Positivity like cute little things and then there’s also I throw in questions

To make you think for yourself because a lot of these affirmation apps and affirmation bullshit

It’s just the statement like you read it and it doesn’t actually make you feel better

But if I ask you a question

That will guide your thoughts in a positive direction or it will like make you start to think in a certain way

If I can make that be positive great. That’s what’s actually gonna make you feel better

so that’s been on the app, but the part that I just added that I am so excited about is

an entire section of

Shadow work journal prompts. So if you don’t know what shadow work is

it’s basically digging into your subconscious and fully meeting yourself and what I mean by meeting yourself is

You’re finding out all the reasons conscious and unconscious of why you do what you do

Why you want what you want? Why you like what you like?

It’s like, you know that saying you can only meet someone as far as they’ve met their self

This is the way to fully meet yourself and you’re gonna realize a lot of things

So my app will also serve as a resource of a place to go

When you’re struggling with something because anything you experience is based on the perspective you’re holding about it

So you can go on my app and gain new perspectives about a situation you’re dealing with and I know that seems simple

But sometimes it really is that simple of you flip a perspective about something you’re going through and it changes the whole experience

You can go from suffering to not suffering by flipping one thought in your mind

so the way this is set up right now in my app is

It’s just a list of topics and there’s 11 right now of different issues

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so the topics that I have listed right now are struggles I’ve had and shit that I didn’t know how to handle and

Then I had to learn how to handle it and then I now I’ve converted that into how can I help others handle?

Whatever I was going through so my list right now only has 11 topics, but I’m gonna continue to add to it

so I will definitely post about every time I add a new topic and if you have a topic in specific you want me to

Make a prompt about just message me

I’ll link my Instagram account in the description of this podcast and I’ll also put the link to my app if you want to check

All right now let’s get into money. So the first thing I had to realize about it is

It is a tool at the base level money is a tool. That’s it

It’s a resource money is just a tool a resource whatever label you want to throw on it that can give you power

It can give you access to certain things. It can bring you convenience

It can free up your time like shit can just be a lot more efficient

Because you have money you can pay for better options of things but that word right there options, that’s all money is

It’s a resource for options

It really is that simple because money allows you to not have to exercise

Certain skills and do certain things to get something that you want if you look at a lot of rich people

They’re fucking dumb. They have no actual skills

They don’t know how to handle things because they’re used to paying people to do things

Do you think that most people that are filthy fucking rich know how to fix a toilet or change a light bulb or take a

Door off the hinges fix a door if it’s squeaking. No half of them don’t even know how to fucking drive

They have chauffeurs. They lack the basic fucking skills like people that have grown up in money like goddamn

I wish it was me, but people with money sometimes don’t have as many skills and the people that don’t have money

Have a lot of fucking skills that are really useful

Like if you snatched money out of the world today, all these rich people would be the first ones dead

I swear because that’s their only source of power

That’s like their main way of getting their needs met is they just pay to have shit done for them

The people that would survive are the broke ones that have had to fend for their self and learn how to take care of

Their self like it was

Do it yourself or it doesn’t get done rich people have the option of if I don’t want to do it myself

I can pay for it and it can still get done

But I don’t want to talk shit on rich people because I’m gonna be one one day

I’m gonna be one watch me watch me. I’m gonna be a fucking billionaire Bezos. I’m coming for your gig, bitch

So once you understand that all the stigma and all the bullshit that people have like thrown against money for so long

Like it’s the root of all evil and it’s all this and it’s all that no

money is not an

Animate object. It’s not something that thinks

people have this idea and throw this shit around like money is something that

chooses who it goes to and you only get it if you are like being rewarded for something and

It only comes after hard work like all these things that people have said around money and built up around it

They demonize money

They give it like a mind of its own and I believed it for so long and there’s so much shame and guilt

around wanting money

but like I just said money doesn’t choose who it goes to I’ve seen some of the

Stupidest motherfuckers make a lot of money and I’ve seen a lot of people that are really smart be broke

So if it’s not about

Smarts, is it about being a good person?

Nope, not about that either because I’ve seen some really shitty fucking rich people

Like some people that are just rotten at the core they are so unaware and oblivious and apathetic

It’s sad and I’ve also seen people that are great people and they’re broke dick

I don’t mean to bring religion into it

But there are a lot of corrupt priests that are out here fucking the altar boys and fucking the children at the church

Driving around in goddamn Porsches and Maseratis because they’re collecting money from the church

My point is not about the church

My point is about the money the money does not decide who it goes to it has no mind of its own

money does not care if you’re a good person whether you’re a bad person and

When I realized that it was like an immediate sense of relief. So if money is just a resource, it’s a tool

There’s nothing wrong with wanting more of it

Like if if something can bring you convenience and access to shit and options if something can make your life easier

Why would you not want more of it?

People trying to shame other people for wanting more money. It’s not a moral fucking thing. That’s not what money is. It’s a resource

Why would you not want it? I

Don’t want everybody to sit with that for like two seconds. Why the fuck would you not want money? It’s not evil

I just exposed that it’s neutral

It’s not good. It’s not bad. It has no mind of its own

It’s an inanimate fucking object people have just given it this like persona, you know what I mean?

So this means you don’t have to be worthy of money

You don’t have to do anything to be worthy of having it or getting it

It doesn’t choose who’s worthy and doesn’t so that whole argument goes away

Because there’s the priest worthy of it and anybody’s opinion fuck. No

But he’s getting it and there’s also starving children and people they don’t have to be children

But there are starving people all throughout the world that don’t have money. Do they deserve that?

Do they deserve to starve? No, there’s no deserving

There’s no being worthy or unworthy and the whole thing about money being based off of hard work

No, the fuck it’s not that’s what is taught

So people can justify being miserable with their fucking life if they think that is the only way to get money and you need money

To live they’re gonna do it and they’re gonna feel better about it because they’re like, okay, it’s normal to suffer

It’s normal to have to bust my ass and hate my life and work hard to get money. That’s what people are taught

So they feel validated when they’re busting their ass like yep. I’m doing this, right? I they get to feel justified

Yep, I’m doing it the right way when in real life

Hard work does not equal money

Yes, there are certain things where you need to work hard and put in effort into things but

Hard work does not always equal money

Because some people work so fucking hard for so little and some people

Barely work or do so little and get so much money

I know I dog Kylie Jenner on a lot of shit

But when I’m talking about money, it’s just so easy like any of the Kardashians and any influencer

They make ridiculous amounts of fucking money just to post on Instagram or to post on tik-tok

Like they will make a normal citizens

Salary yearly salary for one fucking post

So where does that equate hard work?


Money, it doesn’t because like I said Kylie Jenner the bitch is born into it

The bitch was born into the fame. Her mom is the best manager I’ve ever seen

I hope Kris Jenner writes a book

about like everything she does and knows about business because that fucking bitch is so smart and I

Envy her her children would be nothing without her and that’s not a bad thing. I’m not dogging them

I’m just saying how much I envy and how much I love Kris Jenner to prove my point of it doesn’t fucking matter

The kind of person you are because Kylie Jenner was born into it

She was born into a family that had some fame

She was born into a family that was able to capitalize on it and make a shit ton of money

People that are born into it are another example

Like some people are just born into better situations than others not better

But more financially abundant situations so to say hard work equals success

No, that’s not the truth in some instances sure

But it doesn’t go both ways because like I said all these famous people can make a post on Instagram

How hard is it to pull your fucking thumb out of your ass to click post on a picture?

not hard, but you got nurses or

Teachers out here actually making a fucking difference in the world

making peanuts compared to what these twats are posting on Instagram for

For Kylie Jenner to go do something that is actual hard work

She would make so much less money than what she makes by making a post on Instagram

if you make Kylie Jenner go teach a fucking high school or

Go do heart surgery make her go be a doctor like Kim Kardashian gonna be a lawyer great love that for you

But she’s gonna make so much less money

being a lawyer doing hard work then

Posting a fucking picture of her ass online. So the whole hard work equals making money is

bullshit and


That make an insane amount of money. I don’t understand how they can be so

Fucking asleep and not help other people, but that’s something I just don’t understand and we’re not gonna talk about that

But even with that that’s another tactic people use. Oh, you need to give to others

You need to be giving you need to this you need to that when you have money

When there’s people with billions of dollars that are selfish as fuck and don’t do anything but help their self

So be the whole like self-sacrifice and being like self-righteous shit that goes out the window, too

There’s so many things about money that don’t make any sense when you actually look at them

so the next thing I’m gonna tell you about money, I

Know some people are probably gonna get a little pissed off and I know I’m gonna sound like one of these hippies

For like two seconds, but it’s me. Okay, y’all know me like I’m not like that

I’m gonna bring it around and like put it into real life in two seconds

So money is not an essential need to live humans need air water shelter food

That’s it

Money can help you get access to these things. Yes

But as a physical human you do not need physical money or a credit card or any of this shit to actually


like I said, it is so much easier to have it but my point that I’m trying to drive home is it is not a

need and

It was so important for me to realize that money was not a need for being human

Because I despise that I need things

Because my experience in my life

Whenever you need something someone can manipulate you

Whenever you want something it can be used against you now

that is two different things because if you need something versus if you want something if you want something you have more of a

Choice if you need something you’re fucked

So wanting money that is not bad money is simply a desire. It is not a need

To desire money, that’s fine. That’s totally okay

But to convince yourself you need it

Someone like me that twists me up inside because I

Resent anything I need like I said because you can be manipulated you can be controlled

There’s a lot of elements where your power can be taken away when you need something

So when I realized money is not an essential need for me to survive

I felt immediate relief like I almost wanted to fucking cry because I felt free. I was like, holy shit, dude

Just realizing that

Made me feel so much better the mindset. I’ve kind of taken on since I’ve realized that is money is a luxury and

Money is just a tool. Some people have it and some people don’t but you can survive without it

Think about the old days. I know here comes the hippie shit where people would like trade things and

They would live in the fucking wilderness, babe. You can make it work

Okay, no one wants to fucking do that, okay, let’s get real no one fucking wants to do that

But just bringing that truth up and making everyone aware of it

But I want to make sure everybody hears this that listens to my podcast like I want to scream this from the fucking rooftops

Like you will be okay, if you don’t have money you will not die

I know that can sound ignorant in certain situations

but just take that belief for like two seconds and just like look at that for two seconds and

Also, if you believe that you will die if you don’t have money you have zero faith in people

Because you think that no one would help you if you didn’t have money because if you think of people with certain medical conditions

If they don’t have money they could die because like anyone that can survive

Normal like me thank God I can run around saying oh, I don’t need money. I’m fine, but people that are born with disabilities or

Things that they need to actually buy in order to live

They’re definitely gonna be way more resistant to the whole. Oh

You don’t need money to live

That just reveals that we have no faith left in society

We have no faith left in human beings to help each other

Because the people that have so much are letting everybody else fucking suffer and this is something that’s gonna be a little bit hard to

swallow if

You think that you will die if you don’t have money you feel like you have no value you feel like you have nothing to

Offer because like I said in the beginning

Not having money teaches you to acquire skills

Now society constructs it where if you don’t have money

They make it seem like you’re worthless when you are actually so fucking valuable you have the skills that these rich people don’t have

The working class is being paid to do the things that these rich fucks can’t do

Whether they don’t know how to do it, or they’re not willing to do it

But if you think you will die if you don’t have money

You think no one could see any value in you and want to help you and to keep you around

You feel like you can’t meet needs for anyone

That’s the core belief there and

I can’t blame you for that because I was thinking the same thing for so long because this is what we’re taught

Everything is constructed for us to believe this

it’s just so funny once you become aware of that because you realize the rich or the worthless and

The ones that have to work for money are the ones that are actually powerful

Because what happens tomorrow everybody stops going to work. What happens the rich will fall

I don’t think we should do that because that’s just gonna cause too much fucking chaos, but

You get my point. I’m the type person if I see someone needs help. I’m gonna fucking help them

That’s just how I am if I was working out a hospital and I had a patient come in and they needed

certain supplies or certain things and they can’t pay for it or afford it and I see that they need it and

They’re struggling without it if I can steal it for them and give it to them

I 1,000 percent will a hundred times over and I don’t give a fuck about the hospital

But my point is everyone’s faith in humanity is shot

no one actually thinks anyone would be there for them and help them because it seems like everyone is just left to struggle and

That’s the way society is now like no one sees you struggling and helps you they shame you they make fun of you

Having a genuine heart and genuinely caring for one another is gone

That’s out. Like that’s like not the vibe as you fucking freaks like to say my point has been proven

I think about the whole you have no faith in people and you shouldn’t like I don’t either

I have trust no one tattooed on my hand that doesn’t come from living a life of

Experiences where I can rely on people and trust people and to be able to think that people will help me

I have that shit tattooed on my head as a fucking reminder


But you don’t have to look at what I’m saying as right or wrong or you don’t have to agree with it or believe it

I’m just saying if you look at things from a grand scale

Money is not a need to a physical human to survive

Because it is what a fucking tool it is just a tool to help you get the things you need to survive

water food shelter

Connection to because we’ve been eating each other y’all just don’t want to fucking have that conversation

the other part of my relief around this realization is

Since money is not a need I don’t have to suffer for it

So what I mean by that is I don’t have to work a job

I fucking despise for it

If I don’t have money I can figure out other ways to meet my needs like you have to get creative

You need to think critically like you need to be able to

Trust yourself that if you don’t have money, you will still be able to survive you need to like sit down and

Think of the like what the shit that you would do like prepare for it

That’s something that helped me a lot. Once I realized this I was like, okay since mr

You don’t fucking need money all of a sudden. I

Like put it to the test in my own head. I was like, okay

So if for the next 30 days I spend zero dollars, how would I?

Continue to do what I do or survive and what would be the consequences like I fully sat down and

Went through everything I would need to do to be able to survive and it helped me relax around money

So much because I realized yo

this shit is just a social construct like social media and

Society and the news and every the way shit is now is just so backwards

But at the core of it you can survive you will be more than okay

I know it seems like catastrophic and it seems fucking terrible to even think about it

but if you’re scared of something you need to face it you need to be able to look at it and

Prepare for it because that will give you the confidence and make you less scared which makes you less resistant to it

Because whatever you resist persists

So if you keep fucking resisting not having money you’re gonna keep not having money

So we’re gonna job that you hate if you’re aware. I don’t need money to survive

You immediately right there take your power back over your life so you can look at your job and say, okay

I’m aware. I don’t need this but I want it because it makes things easier

So I’m gonna choose to continue working this job

I’m gonna choose the whole thing

The whole power thing is in the ability to choose and once you’re aware that you can choose

Your whole perspective and attitude towards going to that shitty booty ass job

You hate will change because you know that you’re choosing it now

Like I said with the whole awareness thing if you’re aware that you’re choosing it

You might want to choose different and if you want to go look for a new job do it you can choose that

It’s in your power. You can choose whatever the fuck you want to do

So money not being a need means it can’t be held against me when you convince yourself. You need money

You can be controlled by it. It’s like water if you tell me

Leo you can’t have water and you hold me back from it and you’re like, okay

the only way you can have water is if you go become a prostitute or you go work this fucking job you hate or

XYZ I would feel like I had to do it because if that’s my only way to get water

Which is something I need to live I’m fucked if I don’t get it if that is the absolute

Only way I can get the water then I’m gonna have to do it if I want to live, but even then I get a choice

What I would do personally my stubborn ass is I would start looking for other ways to get water

Before I just committed because if you have a need

That’s something people can use to bargain with you to

Cross your own boundaries and to give up your boundaries and your self-respect and make you do shit. You don’t want to do

When someone holds something over your head that you need they can control you now that you’re aware that money is not a physical need

People can’t hold that shit over your head anymore. And if they do it’s because you choose it

You don’t have to throw away your boundaries for money. You don’t have to throw away your self-respect

You don’t have to do shit

You can choose to

But you now have the awareness that it’s a choice

You do not have to and that becoming aware

It’s a choice is gonna help you stop

Resenting money like I have to go to this fucking job

To not even make enough to fucking do what I want to do

All I can do is pay a bill and jerk off. I can’t even fucking go on vacation

Like you know what?

I mean you get that frustration of like I have to go do this thing

I hate because I have to have money because I have to pay my bills or I will die

Because you convinced yourself of that

Question it if you don’t believe me question it question your own life and the way that you look at shit

Because the awareness that I just shared that I gained helped me completely

Relax around that because now it’s not oh my god. I have to go work this fucking job. I hate it’s no

I’m choosing to go work it. Like I said money gives you options, but if you can start thinking of options

You’re gonna find the money

There’s other ways to meet your needs you just have to look for them

Money is not the only way. It’s a great one. It’s a fucking easy one, but it’s not the only way

so let’s talk about some illusions of

money and what I mean by that is like

People seeming like they have a lot more than they do

Very common on social media, but it’s also very common in real life

So because you see someone with something number one, it doesn’t mean it’s theirs

It does not mean it belongs to them number two

If you see someone with something it does not mean that they bought it or paid for it

Someone else could have bought it. They could have been gifted it. It could be a loner

Like I said, it might not be theirs. But what do we do when we see someone with something? We just fucking assume

That’s the way we are

It’s just your brain just fills in gaps when you don’t know something it just fills things in you can’t control that

But when you notice that you start your brain starts filling in certain gaps certain things you can question what’s being filled in

You know, I mean for an example if you see some girl walking on the road and she got a fucking Birkin

For those of you don’t know what a Birkin is. It’s an Hermes bag

Like it’s one of the most expensive bags in the world. They start at like $10,000 for a fucking purse. I know right?

so you see some girl with a Birkin and

You’re immediately gonna be like fuck. How did that bitch so I can do that by herself?

But if you catch yourself and you’re like, no, I don’t know who bought it

I don’t know if it’s actually hers. Is it her friends?

Did she steal it from somebody?

Like there’s so many more things that can be filled in than what your brain just told you other than she bought it herself

So you never know some bitches actually do buy their own Birkins and I love that for them

They’d be selling the shit out of some hair extensions

But let me throw a little shit at social media because you guys know I like to do that

With influencers and people that have a lot of followers a lot of the times the things that you see them with

They got gifted or they got for free

There’s a lot of brands and companies that will give influencers certain things

Just because their followers seeing them with something will make their followers want it like Emma Chamberlain getting sponsored by Louis Vuitton

Was the best fucking move they could have made because all these girls

Want to look like Emma Chamberlain and that they associate Emma Chamberlain with a Louis Vuitton bag or the Louis Vuitton brand

This whole generation as they grow up and get money, they’re gonna start wanting that shit

Like it’s a big branding move, but you think Emma Chamberlain is paying for a motherfucking thing from Louis Vuitton?

Absolutely not. You think she’s paying for her own flight to go to Paris for the fashion shows?

Absolutely the fuck not. Maybe I don’t know but we fucking know what’s going on

I’m over here winking at you like we’re in the same room hanging out together like wink wink bitch

We know they’re actually like paying for everything

Another thing you don’t realize is these vacations you see influencers taking they’re paid for I know this one guy

I follow on snapchat. He was like transparent about it

He went to Bora Bora for two weeks

two whole ass weeks

With his little girlfriend and then they’re these two couples that were friends

They both went and they were posting about it and I followed them the whole trip. Like I was like eating this shit up

I loved it

Like they were posting about their trip everything they ate everywhere they went everything they did

They were posting posting posting posting posting and they had a blast like you can’t do much in Bora Bora

You’re like stuck to your resort

But they were posting the shit out of this resort and it just looked like they were just enjoying their vacation

Nothing seemed sponsored. Nothing seemed like fishy like they were advertising

But someone had swiped up and asked him a question of how he affords

Vacations like this because this guy goes on vacations all the time and he came clean and said oh

The resort paid for everything for me to come they bought his flight they paid for all his room

They paid for all his food. They paid for

Everything as long as he posted about it and made the resort look cool

So he just had like a fucking $50,000 vacation for free. So you’re looking at these influencers

Like how are y’all affording like $50,000 vacations every goddamn month? Like how are y’all doing this? They’re not it’s free

most of the time

They’re getting some portion of the trip

Compensated so even if they buy their flight there the hotel they’re staying at gave him a free room and that shit’s expensive

So that’s an illusion that people

Don’t realize is actually going on because I was shocked when I found that out and realized how common that was

like people are sponsored for fucking everything and

It’s in ways that you don’t even know that they’re sponsored like just come do this and we’ll pay you to come here and post

That you’re here. What that shit happens with clubs and bars and all kind of shit like in bigger cities

Like these insta models and all these influencers you see showing up places. They’re getting paid to be there or

their entire bottle section and all their shit that they’re drinking is free as

Long as they come and post about it and bring their other influencer friends and everybody looks like they’re having a great time

I actually saw this like firsthand at

Icebox the jewelry store in Atlanta

I was there one time and the influencer Jackie Anna. I don’t know if I should say her name or not

But there’s nothing bad. I do have one thing to say about her and she is pretty as fuck in real life

Okay, like she’s not gonna know about this podcast

Like it’s a tiny podcast who gives a shit

But that bitch pretty is fucking real life and I just got to say that like the way her body is built the way she

Moves her mannerisms like that bitch is just like perfect

And she was really sweet like most people that are really hot are assholes sometimes or influencers are kind of like dicks

But she was like really sweet and like was very

Humble and was like cool and she likes bitch spent some money


Let me just clear that up because where I’m about to go with this story bitch spent some money

She bought some bracelets and they were fully iced out like she spent a good chunk a change in there

But then when like she was walking by this one case like going to check out

She saw this necklace and I think it was like two grand or some shit like that and she was like, oh, oh my god

like I’m gonna buy everything else, but can I post for this necklace and

The guy was like, hang on. Let me go get the manager and the manager comes over and he checked how many followers

she’s got on Instagram and

Then he was like, yeah, just post the story and I’ll give it to you

So homegirl posted a literal fucking 24-hour story and got a $2,000 necklace for free

like I saw it with my own eyes and I was shocked like there was no paper receipt that he just handed her the

Necklace and I was like shell-shocked because like you you like speculate, you know

But I didn’t realize that shit actually was a real thing the day

that I like gained enough of a following to do this like my tick-tock has like

92,000 followers and I’m like bitch I can get a necklace

No, but the day that I can do this and people are paying me to do shit

I will be telling all of you about it. I will be so transparent about it

If that day comes like I will get more enjoyment coming on this podcast and telling you. Oh, I got this for free

Oh, I got that for free who wants to go to Bora Bora, bitch

We got a free trip, you know what I mean?

Like I would be so excited to tell everybody about it

Other people like to hide it because they’re embarrassed and they like to flex and like have this whole image of like what it is

But I look at it like a celebration of like yo, look what you guys gave me

you know what I mean, and I would give the fuck back with shit like I would honestly probably go to icebox and ask to


Posts for things air quote posts for things and then do giveaways and like give away the shit that I just got for free to

You guys you know what? I mean? Because you’re the only reason I would be in that position

but anyway, that’s not my point my whole point with all that was

People really be getting shit for free just because they have followers

Okay, so I want to finish this off with the last tip that really helped me

With spending because like I said in the beginning like when I go to spend money, I’m stressed out. I don’t like gay

I don’t like spending money. So what I did was create a budget and I know you’re like, yeah, Leo shut the fuck up

I’m turning the podcast off annoying, but I’m not gonna be one of those people that preaches a budget

I’m just gonna share like what it did for me

so I made a budget of

Every week the amount of money I bring in the amount of money

I have to set aside for certain things like so that all of my bills and everything is paid for

And then I have the amount that I can spend and the amount that I save so my spending money

I can do whatever I want with it

I can fucking throw it off a bridge if I want and everything else I have is paid, you know

So it’s like I give myself free reign with this specific amount of money

Every month and when I go to spend this money

I feel a lot more relaxed around it because I’m not like worried and stressed that

It’s gonna

Prevent me from paying one of my other bills or at the end of the month

You know what?

I mean, that’s something that’s helped me like not be so constricted around spending money and I think that would really help like bitch

I know where every single dollar I spend goes. I’m not like that dramatic with it, but I

Keep track of what I spend

So that I cannot be stressed about it. Does it make sense? Like some people would look at

budgeting as something stressful like to count

Everything that they spend they’re looking at that like oh my god, that’s fucking stressful. I don’t want to do that

It’s a waste of time yada yada

I don’t look at it like that anymore because I’m like I’m finding out how much I get to spend

You know, like how much I can freely fucking spend like if I have 200 bucks for this week

I can spend on whatever I want if I think oh, I want to go out to eat with my friend

I don’t have to feel guilt. I don’t have to be anxious. I don’t have anything that I feel other than oh my god

I’m excited. I can go do this

It’s like you have a toolbox and I said money is a tool you need to keep track of how many tools are in your

Toolbox before you try to go fucking build something, you know, you need to be aware of what you’ve got

before you go and

That’s what helps me. Like I like to count what’s in my toolbox before I go building shit

So those are some of the things that help me relax around money

I hope you guys enjoyed this episode and like took something from it. I do look forward to hearing what you think

If you don’t mind, could you leave my podcast a five-star rating?

Thank you so much. And if you want to hear me talk about any other topics

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Please let me know what you think of that too. I like feedback. I like to talk

I like to like converse, you know, I want to know everybody’s thoughts and opinions and feelings

Anyways, thank you so much for listening and I will talk to you again next Sunday