Aware & Aggravated - 12. Red Flags

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Hi friends! This episode is gonna be all about red flags, and yes, I have enough

fucking red flags to make an entire episode on them. Now these are gonna be

random things that I think are red flags. If you don’t agree, you’re wrong, but

you’re allowed to be wrong. That’s fine. If you do or are any of these things, I

don’t mean any offense to you, I just probably wouldn’t date you. And half of

these things are just things that piss me off, okay? So I have sections for this. I

have things people post and do on social media, I have a whole list of tattoos, and

then I have shit about a vehicle and someone’s car, and then I have a whole

just list of random ass shit too. And then I have some deep ones. There are

gonna be some that are like funny and you’re gonna kind of be like, huh, like

little quirky shit, then there’s gonna be a lot of deep ones. We’re gonna get into

all of it. Like, I have subcategories for this shit because I am so serious. So

something I’ve learned about red flags is there are little things you can look

for and spot that reveals how someone’s brain works. So these little things, they

might just seem like little weird fucking things that I’m pointing out, but

it shows that their judgment is flawed. If they think these things are

acceptable, their judgment is fucked, and for them to rationalize it in their brain

for this to be okay, something’s wrong. That’s a red flag in itself. These

are just things to help you notice someone’s brain don’t fucking work

properly, their judgment is bad. And also there’s some things that scream no

self-awareness, and that is a motherfucker you need to avoid. So let’s

just get right into this shit, and I do want to start with the category of

social media. So the first thing I want to talk about is people’s bios. I don’t

care if it’s Instagram, TikTok, whatever their bio is, if they have their

snapchat username in their bio, they’re a fucking whore. Don’t fuck with them. They

like fucking attention, they like to send in little nudey-dudeys on fucking

snapchat, they got snapchat for attention. No, don’t get

involved with this person. I don’t care, y’all can get mad at me about

that one, I don’t give a fuck, okay? The second thing that goes along with that

is their cash app. If they have their cash app or their Venmo in any of their

bios, get the fuck away from them. Don’t interact. Okay, I need to cool it. I’m not

gonna be so harsh with my delivery of this shit. You know what? Yes I am, okay?

It’s my podcast, I can say what I want. If they have their mental disorder in their

bio, no. That screams that they’re gonna use it as an excuse. I made a whole

episode on this shit, but if someone has their mental disorder in their bio, why

the fuck are you bragging about that? Why the fuck are you posting about that?

There’s a difference between sharing your experiences and what you’re going

through to help others relate, versus using it as a fucking personality trait,

and that’s what they’re doing. I kind of borderline want to say if someone has

the rainbow flag in their bio, it’s a red flag, but it’s not. That’s just my

personal thing. Like, you’ll never catch me with a rainbow flag in my bio, because

I don’t like to be associated with the gay community. I’m gay, but these

motherfuckers are embarrassing. They’re literally embarrassing. I don’t want to

be associated. So the rainbow flag is fine, because I know that we all want to

find each other and all the gays. Like, it’s just a good way for people to, like,

find each other. I get it, but that’s teetering for me. That’s, like, on the

fucking fence for me. So something else in their bio. If they have ten fucking

job titles, model, singer, songwriter, actor, entrepreneur, stock investor, broker,

like, bitch, why do you have so much fucking shit? Realtor. Add that one.

Everyone’s a fucking realtor. If they have, like, 25 things that they do, that’s a

red flag. Why the fuck are you doing so many things, one? And two, what are you

trying to gain by letting everyone know that you do all these things? Like, is it

feeding your sense of being important, or what? Because, like, that’s just, no, I’m

not gonna be mean. I’m just gonna say what these are. A big red flag. If they

post anything about their phone being dry, if they use that terminology at all,

whether they post about it, or they talk about it, if someone fucking posts about

their phone being dry, cut them off. Block them. Get rid of them. Another one. If they

lip-sync, but it’s wrong. Like, if it’s obvious they’re singing the wrong

fucking word, bro, like I said, this exposes someone’s judgment. They fucking

had to re-watch that video before they posted it. That’s how stories work. You

have to re-watch the video. And if someone doesn’t re-watch the video, that’s a red

flag. So if someone can just record something and post it, they have too much

trust in their self, okay? No. Could never be me. But for someone to lip-sync the

wrong fucking words and then post it anyway, babe, what? Just redo it. Redo it

and get the words right, cuz you look like a fucking buffoon. Another type of story

that’s a red flag is a black screen. Someone that posts a black screen, or a

blank screen, with something along the lines of, like, they’re upset, or they’re

mad, or whatever. All that is is for fucking attention. They want people to

swipe up and ask what’s wrong, or ask what happened. I don’t like those type

people. And since I’m on that, the black screen for attention, I’m gonna go ahead

and talk about the people that ask for prayers. So they’ll make a fucking post

asking for prayers and not say why. Bitch, you are just asking for attention. All you

want is for people to be up your ass asking, why? What happened? What’s wrong? Oh

my god. Like, bitch, no. I don’t like that. You know, asking for prayers itself is a

red flag. Asking for prayers and not saying why, it’s another red flag. So

let’s just stack these motherfuckers on top of each other. Your flagpole is full.

Okay, next one. If they post pictures of money, red flag. What the fuck is that? Are

we 13? Why are you posting pictures of money? That’s embarrassing. And the people

that are usually posting pictures of money, it’s not that much. It’s like a

grand. Maybe two, three grand. Like, bitch, if it’s not a million dollars cash, don’t

post shit. And even if there is a million dollars cash, don’t post that, cuz

someone like me now knows to come rob you, bitch. Like, don’t. Don’t. Don’t fucking

play like that. Don’t post money. Do not do that. It’s tacky. And what goes hand in

hand with that is posting the picture of the bill at a restaurant. Nobody gives a

fuck how much your dinner was, bitch. Just pay the bill and tip good, okay?

Cuz you didn’t post the tip. I saw you left that out. It’s cheap-ass. So another

red flag. If they only have pictures of theirself posted, that’s self-explanatory.

And also, if they’re overly perfect. Like, if they look like a fucking Ken doll or

a Barbie doll, like, if they’re overly perfect, something’s off. And my only

problem with looking too perfect is you’re fucking stiff. Like, to hang out

with one of these people that look so fucking perfect, they’re stiff, they’re

not as confident as they seem. Like, there’s just a lot of things to unpack.

That’s the term. There’s a lot of things you can unpack with each of these red

flags, and I’m not gonna fucking do all of it. If you don’t get it from me just

saying it, you don’t get it, okay? So just ignore it. I don’t give a fuck. The girls

that get it, get it. The ones that don’t, don’t. If you haven’t seen that TikTok, you

don’t get the reference. But just, whatever. The people that get it, get it.

If they post too much of their body, and before y’all attack me for body shaming,

I’m not talking about body shaming. If someone wants to go be a whore, go be a

whore. There needs to be people that make porn because I need something to fucking

beat off to, okay? Like, I’m not mad at y’all for posting yourself naked and

shirtless and all this and that. Like, do what the fuck you want, I don’t care. But

for someone like me, it’s a red flag. Why are you showing your body so much? If

you’re just a normal civilian and you’re not an entertainer, why the fuck are you

doing that? Why are you showing off all the goods? Like, if I’m going to look at

dating you and you have everything posted online, if you have a picture of

your fucking ass online as a guy, I don’t want to fuck with you. Why are you

showing everybody your ass? Like, that’s for me. If I’m dating you, I don’t want

nobody else seeing what I’m dating. Bitch, no. I want you wrapped the fuck up like a

Muslim wife, bitch. I want you wrapped up. I don’t want nobody seeing nothing, just

your eyes. Like, I’m so protective and territorial. Like, if someone is showing

their body all the time, why is that the focal point of what you’re

posting? That’s the thing. If it’s the focal point of what they post is that

they look good shirtless or they look good almost naked, there’s a lot of

attention-seeking there and I don’t fuck with that. So, if they post some

shirtless shit, some cutesy shit, some here and there, that’s fine. But if it’s

the focal point of their entire personality online, ah, red flag. Okay, this

one’s kind of funny. If they’re always doing shit and they never post who they’re

with, so if they’re always going out to nice dinners or they’re always traveling

somewhere and they’re not posting who they’re with, you know what the fuck is

going on. Someone has a sugar daddy. Or they’re with someone that’s fucking

gross. So, that’s just not really a red flag, but that’s just one of those

signals to, like, dive deeper. Get curious, bitch. Start asking. Ask questions.

Cuz, like, don’t put puzzle pieces out because I will connect them. And

sometimes I put them in the wrong spots, but it makes sense and it’s funny. Okay,

if they have too much designer shit, like high-end designer stuff, if that’s the

focal point of most of their outfits and their posts, steer clear because that’s a

very asleep individual. I used to be one. I used to fucking think that that was

what made you important and that’s what was cool, but now I think it’s

embarrassing. Like, if someone is trying too hard to show off that they have

something designer, it’s gross. I tend to keep talking about Birkins, but everybody

knows what a goddamn Birkin is. When a girl has a Birkin and she holds it the

opposite way. Like, you know how when you see it from the front and it’s got the

little clasp things and it’s got the whole, you know what it fucking looks

like and it hangs open? You know what I mean. When bitches are so rich, they’re

not posing for the picture to make sure that you can see their bags. Like, when

girls have Chanel bags and they’re not trying to show it off. Like, if you can

just tell what it is, but the bitches that hold the Birkin backwards, like

they’ll hold the front towards them, you just see the back or the side of the bag.

That is the biggest fuck you and I love it. That is the funniest shit to me and

that is the most green flag, because they’re not trying to pose their Birkin

for social media. Green flag, green flags for you. Okay, the next one, if they always

post every single one of their thoughts. Like, if they are constantly on fucking

Twitter tweeting every thought that they have, any thought they think, if they’re

posting it, I don’t care if it’s on Twitter or their story or whatever, shut

up. Shut the fuck up. Like, you’re, it’s clear you’re neglected. Like, no one cares

what you’re thinking. Like, every thought does not need to be posted and half of

them are embarrassing. So, that’s just a red flag in itself. Unpack that on your

own. Next one, if someone is constantly taking breaks from social media, and I’m

not talking the person that takes a break and actually takes a break, I’m

talking the bitch that posts, I’m taking a break from social media and posts the

next day. Like, bitch, how, that was a quick break? You’re back very fast. But, you know

what I mean? Like, the people that are constantly, I’m taking a break, it’s so

toxic, wah, and they’re back on it like a day or two later, or that night, which is

funny. I just want to give a heads up to people that do that, no one gives a fuck

if you’re taking a break from social media. If you don’t post for a week,

people probably aren’t gonna notice. Like, no one is watching you that fucking hard,

and there’s so many other people to be entertained by, that people are probably

not gonna notice if you take a break. You don’t need to announce it. So, I feel

like that’s a ploy for attention, and that’s why I think it’s a red flag, is

when they’re constantly saying, I’m taking a break from social media, and

then they’re right back on it. Like, bitch, if you’re gonna say you’re gone for a

week, be gone for a week and fuck off. Like, don’t, I don’t like not

keeping their word, motherfucker. So, keep it. Okay, this one is a very personal one

to me, and I might, I’m gonna offend every fucking gay person that listens to this,

but this is just for me. If I’m interested in a guy, and I follow him, and

I see that he follows a lot of other gay guys, I’m out. I’m disgusted. I’m over it.

I’m done. My feelings are hurt. Why the fuck do you follow that many people that

aren’t me? I don’t like that. Like, that’s just messy as fuck to me, but I get that’s

a thing in the community. Like, all gays just follow each other. I don’t like that.

I don’t fucking like it. The stereotypical gays that post, like,

shirtless every fucking picture, and they’re just the typical, like, circuit

gays. I don’t like that shit. I don’t want to be near it. If you follow too many

boys, red flag. That’s for me, though. So, if you’re a girl, and you like guys, and

he follows too many bitches, that’s a red flag. Why you following so many people

that’s not me? Like, I’m upset about that. Like, I don’t fucking like, this is why

I’m single, y’all, because I understand it doesn’t make logical sense, but I can’t

help it. Like, I don’t give a fuck. Like, as soon as you start to like me, you

should be unfollowing every other single person that’s not me. Like, every other

attractive boy needs to be gone. You don’t need- why would you want to be

looking at him? You have me now. You have me to be interested in. Oh, this next one’s

gonna piss you off. People that post, happy Father’s Day, happy Mother’s Day, to

their fucking parents, and write this long-ass paragraph, and their parents

don’t even have social media. Like, bitch, you just made this whole Instagram

post for the person that’s never gonna see it. How about you go spend the

fucking day with your parent? How about you go talk to them in their face, and go

tell them this personally, instead of making a post they’re not gonna fucking

see? And honestly, if you’re posting a Father’s Day picture, and your dad is

ugly, you just wasted my time. Fuck you. At least give me something to look at

when I scroll past your long fucking paragraph. Ooh, one I just thought of, off

the cuff, if someone has someone’s death date in their bio, like, R.I.P. whoever, in

their bio, like, girl, why the fuck do you need that there? Why do you need that

there? Like, let’s think this through. I get your mourning, I get you’re upset, but

like, I guess I’m just too private about my life. I don’t want people to know too

much about me, and I’m, like, very private. So people that post too fucking much, I’m

like, no. Um, me with my whole ass podcast. But people with the death date shit, like,

why you got that up there? Like, they’re, they’re not, like, it’s okay. You don’t

have to do that. They know that you miss them. Okay, my final one for social media

is someone that sends too many fucking DMs. If I send someone a DM, and they do

not respond to it, I’m not sending them another one, okay? If we’ve had

conversation, and you’re not, like, I’m not gonna double message you, fuck you. And

also, if I’m messaging someone I don’t know, and have not talked to before, like,

if I’m trying to slide in someone’s DMs, which is very rare, it is a big thing for

me. So if I slide in someone’s DMs, and, like, 24 hours has gone by, and they

haven’t even seen it, like, I’m still in there requested, I unsend it. Fuck you.

You’re not getting that upper hand on me. You’re not gonna, I know you saw it, bitch,

because everybody goes through the requested. I know you saw it. You’re not

gonna fucking ignore me, and I’m not gonna look like no thirsty fuck in your

DMs that, no, you don’t get to have me sitting in your DM requests. Sorry, fuck

you. It’s not happening. But I, that’s how important it is to me if I slide in

someone’s DMs. I’m watching for them to reply. So if someone is sending, like,

multiple DMs, and they’re not unsending their DM that they get ignored by,

they’re sending too fucking many to keep up with, red flag. I hope all that made

sense, because I just went five different directions, but if you get it, you get it.

Oh, one more I need to add really quick about the phone. If someone has a lot of

unopened text messages, I just, I need to calm myself down, because this one

makes me so fucking mad. First thing I have to say, it doesn’t give you anxious,

it doesn’t make you anxiety, like, seeing all the unopened messages, you, like, it

doesn’t fuck with you, see the red badge with all the numbers, but I’m talking to

people that have, like, over a hundred. Like, babe, what the fuck is going on? And

some people like to use the excuse, oh, it’s just a group chat. Motherfucker,

open it. Be active in the group chat. Why are you in a group chat that you’re not

active in, you nosy bitch? You’re just reading everybody’s messages? Clearly not,

you’re just letting it stack up on your phone. But I have two, like, bones to pick

with this shit. People that have a bunch of unopened texts because they think it

looks cool to have a lot of unopened texts, like, people are trying to get at

them. Bitch, you’re nobody, okay? You’re fucking rude, and nobody actually wants

to talk to you, because all you do is leave people on delivered, so that you

can have an extra number on your messages. I don’t fuck with that shit.

That is childish, and that’s fucking ugly when you look at your phone and you

have the little badge right there. I don’t like that. I open my messages when

I fucking get them. If I’m on my phone, I’ll respond. If I don’t respond, it’s

because I’m not on my phone. I don’t care about looking anxious to respond. Like,

bitch, if I want to talk to you, I’m gonna talk to you. So if I’m on my phone, I’ll

reply. I don’t play the whole waiting game when it comes to messaging. Sometimes,

okay? I’ll be honest. Like, sometimes I’ll do it, but most of the time, I’m just

straight the fuck up. Like, I’ll text you if I want to text you, and if I’m on my

phone, I’m responding. But these people with all these unopened texts, you got

some kind of fucking shit misfiring in your brain for you to think that’s okay.

It’s annoying, I don’t like you if you do that, that’s a red flag for friendships,

and for dating. Don’t fuck with nobody that has like hundreds of unopened texts.

They’re messy, they’re unorganized, they don’t care who they’re ignoring, they’re

inconsiderate, they’re gonna leave you undelivered. Like, that shit pisses me the

fuck off. You leave me on red before you leave me undelivered, you fucking rat. If

you have your fucking red receipts on, you leave me on red. I don’t play with me

what you’re doing. Oh, you’re gonna pretend I didn’t see your message. Well, bitch, now

I blocked you. So, did you see that? Huh. Oh, I do have one more for social media,

but it slides into my next topic. So, like, a vehicle. If someone has too many

posts with their car, or they post, like, leaned up, posing with their car, what the

fuck are you doing? Like, why? Like, post a picture of your car and be done with it.

But why are you, like, posing up against your fucking car in every other picture?

That’s weird. To me. To me, that’s weird. Another red flag when it comes to cars,

if they have a colorful car, any kind of, like, bright-ass colored car, red flag. And

I’m not talking about, like, a cheap beat-up car. Like, if that’s all someone

can afford, I get it. I’m talking about, like, a nice car. Like, if you have a

normal day-to-day car and it’s a bright-ass color, what the fuck are you

doing? And also, if someone has a super nice car, like a Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce,

whatever, if it is some bright-ass color, that’s a red flag. So the fact that you

have a really nice car, people are already gonna be looking. I love a

classy-ass black car. I like everything black. I only like black cars. Honestly, I

want to say, if you have any other color car than black as a red flag, but that’s

too hard to do, that’s gonna offend too many people. But I understand, like, a

white, black, or a gray. I get it. I fucking get it. Maybe, like, a dark, dark

green, a dark, dark blue. Anything that’s not, like, look at me, look at me. So my

point with the bougie cars, if you got a really nice fucking car, and, like, people

are already gonna look. So for you to go paint it, like, bright fucking orange, or

yellow, or bright pink, why are you, like, begging for attention that hard? Like,

look at, look at me, look at me, look, look, look, look, look, I’m important. Look, look,

everybody, look, I have a nice car, look. Like, that’s the vibe your car gives off.

When you have a bright-ass color on a really nice car, that’s pick-me. That’s

pick-me as fuck. Like, quit it. Fucking stop. Honestly, in my opinion, when you have

a really, really nice car, you have two color options. Black or matte black. That’s

it. Everything else is too try-hard. Oh my god, the next one just made me, like,

seize a little. If they have their Instagram or social media at, like, on

their car somewhere, like, typically it’s on a back windshield. Like, there’s these

fucking faggots in my town that, they’re straight, but I call straight men that do

stupid-ass shit faggots. I call everybody a faggot. That’s just a funny word to me.

Like, I don’t use it to, like, call a gay dude gay. Like, I mean, I do, but, like, I

use faggot for everybody. These straight fucking guys, like, with their big lifted

trucks, have their, like, Instagram at on the back of their window, like, the back

windshield. What are you doing, bitch? Like, what the fuck are you doing? I guess

that just goes back to my whole, like, privacy thing. When I’m on the road, my

car is all black. There is no, like, defining characteristics about my car.

It’s a blacked-out car. I don’t like people to know who I am. I don’t like

people to know, like, that’s me. You know, I don’t like a target on my back, but

that’s me and my own paranoia. But these motherfuckers posting their at on their

car, red flag. Stay away from them. Okay, my last one about cars is if someone

wears the merch for their car, like a Mercedes t-shirt or a Mercedes hat or,

like, a Ferrari shirt and a Ferrari hat, babe, just drive the fucking car. You

don’t need to wear the clothes, too. Why? Like, that’s just so fucking stupid and

tacky to me. Next one before I get mad. Let’s move on to tattoos, okay? These

are all of my tattoo red flags. Most of them are self-explanatory, but I will go

into them. My first three, they are the absolute fuck-no’s. It’s like a

Sagittarius. That’s the one sign I will take zero chances with. I don’t give a

fuck. Like, astrology is fun and Sagittarius is just the one sign I, that

is my absolute no. I don’t give a fuck. Sorry. Like, I’m talking about dating. Like,

friends, fine. Keep them under glass. So my first three tattoos are kind of like

that. So I don’t care. There, there could be, like, an exception to it, but these

first three are my absolute fuck-no’s. Then the rest are just like, eh, red flag,

watch out. Like, fucking look deeper into that, you know? So the first three, if they

have a tree or forest tattoo, and you know what I’m talking about. Typically,

it’s on the forearm. Like, that fucking twilight looking dark, just forest. Like,

it’s just trees, and it’s just black ink. What the fuck are you doing? That reveals

so much about this person. It’s self-explanatory. Next, if they have any

type of clock or timepiece on them. Self-explanatory. If they have any sort of

compass on them, run. Those three tattoos, if they have any of those, run the fuck

away. And if you don’t get it, you don’t get it. You’re gonna have to go interact

with a few of them to understand why I’m saying this. Okay, my other tattoo red

flags are praying hands. Self-explanatory. A cross or a rosary, and those kind of

tie into the God is greater than me or the he is greater than I tattoos. Like,

God is greater than the highs and lows and shit. If they got anything like that,

there’s trauma there. Next, if they have a thigh tattoo, and I’m talking the trendy

ones from TikTok, like the fucking, just right across the thigh, okay? I’m not

talking about, like, a giant picture that’s, like, their whole quad. I’m

talking just the little thigh tattoo that sticks out of these boys’ little,

like, five-inch seam shorts. Like, you get what I mean. The TikTok boys. Another one

from the TikTok trends is a snake or a butterfly. Self-explanatory. If they have

their birthday or their birth here tattooed on them, the judgment is flawed.

Don’t run from them. That’s just a weird one to me. Like, bitch, you wanted a tattoo that

bad, you just didn’t have nothing to give, so you got your own birthday. What the

hell? Okay, if they have the word loyalty tattooed on them or the word respect, oh

my god, that, that kind of goes up there. That might be with the, with the three,

like, the absolute fuck knows. That one might be in there. No, it’s okay. Everyone

can, everyone has a chance, except those first three I talked about. That one, we’ll

see, okay? Maybe they did time and they got it in prison, who knows, whatever. The

next one, antlers or any kind of deer tattooed on them, and I’m talking about

the hicks, the rednecks that get that stupid-ass shit, or, like, a fishing hook.

What? I’m not gonna go further. I’m not gonna bully them because that’s too easy.

I’m gonna just go to the next one, okay? If they have some kind of designer brand

tattooed on them, like Gucci, or Versace, or fucking Louis Vuitton, what are you

doing? What the fuck are you doing? I just keep hearing Azealia Banks in my head.

What the fuck are you doing? Like, that’s all I have to say about that one. Like, a

designer logo or a name, babe. Babe, no. No, babes, no. Okay, now moving on to my

random list of red flags. So these are in no fucking order, no rhyme or reason, just

random shit to look out for. If someone uses the phrase or terms alpha and beta

seriously, like if they genuinely use those terms in a serious manner, no,

absolutely not. If someone is friends with all of their exes. I understand being friends with, like,

one ex, okay? If you’re gonna date me, you’re not gonna be in contact with any of your fucking

exes. Sorry about it. If you don’t like it, leave. Friends with all of their exes is kind of a red

flag. Like, you got a problem with, like, cutting people off and commitment because you can’t commit

to leave them behind and in the past. So that’s just a red flag for me. And one that ties in with

that is someone that has a pet with an ex and still wants to see it. Like, if they have split

custody of, like, a fucking pet, that’s weird. That’s fucking stupid. No, that’s a red flag.

It’s self-explanatory why that is exposing someone’s judgment as fucked. And speaking of the

pet thing, if someone is too in love with their pet, like, some people are so obsessed with their

dog, like, they treat it like a human. And I’m like, I love animals. Don’t get me wrong. I will never

mistreat an animal. I’m always for, like, being sweet to them. I love an animal. But some people

take it too far. Like, some people are so obsessed with their dogs that, like, it doesn’t make sense

to me. And that’s a red flag. Like, stop it. That’s fucking weird. Okay. How they treat wait

staff or any type of customer service personnel. If they talk down to anyone that is in customer

service, they’re a fucking piece of shit. If they try to, like, if they treat them with anything less

than basic consideration and, like, respect, they can eat a fucking dick and die. Okay? That’s my

opinion across the board. If a wait staff is rude to me, bitch, I’m gonna be rude back. But if

someone just out the gate is rude for no reason just because someone works in customer service,

that’s the worst type of person there is, to be honest. And what ties in with that is tipping. If

they tip like shit, don’t fuck with them. And I will head back to, like, the whole loving the

animals too much because I do have one about how people treat animals. You need to watch the way

that people treat animals and pets. Because if something is fully dependent on them, and they

act annoyed by it, that’s a red flag. If they act annoyed by their pet, if they act like their pet

is an inconvenience, knowing that it is fully dependent on them, and they signed up for that

when they fucking got it, that’s how they will be to kids. So if you’re thinking about having kids

with someone, look at how they treat their pets. Also, if someone is gonna, like, mistreat or

neglect a pet that is fully dependent on them, that’s a red flag. They’re very disconnected.

If something can’t meet a need for itself, you have to take care of it. Like, yeah, you can,

like, mope and whine and be, like, be annoyed by it sometimes. But if that’s, like, a consistent

trend where they’re annoyed that the animal has needs, they’re gonna act the same way with you.

Next one, bad breath. If someone has bad breath, that’s not good. Like, it’s not good because it’s

bad breath, sure. But the fact that you can’t taste it or smell it yourself, like, you just

aren’t aware that your breath could potentially stink. I chew gum non-stop. Like, I always have

a piece of fucking gum in my mouth or I have a pack nearby. That’s just how I am. I’m very

conscious about my breath. And if someone is not, and, like, if someone has bad fucking breath and

they’re just gonna kiss you, like, before I kiss anyone ever, I make sure my breath is good. Like,

I’ll eat a piece of gum or I’ll take a shot of rumple. Like, there’s ways to make sure your

breath is good, even if you don’t have gum or, like, mints. Like, bitch. Or don’t kiss them.

Or don’t get in their face and talk close to them. Back the fuck up. Like,

someone that’s just not aware that their breath could be a problem, that’s a red flag.

Okay, remember when I talked about people that have tons of jobs in their Instagram bios? So,

this isn’t about Instagram or, like, social media. This is just about real life. If they have a lot

of LLCs and they claim to have opened a lot of businesses and they have all this shit that they

do, bitch, why do you have so many LLCs? Why do you have so many, like, things opened up? You don’t

own a business just because you have an LLC. Like, you did some paperwork. There’s no actual, like,

business going on. You don’t have, like, a place of work. You know what I mean? Like,

I mean, technically, on paper, it’s like a business. It’s a registered business. I get it.

But if you have a bunch and they just have them and they, like, brag about them,

bitch, you’re not actually, like, working or doing anything with these things. You’re just

saying you’re an entrepreneur and have all these businesses. They’re not operating. They’re not

functioning. You’re filing zero on your tax returns, bitch. What are you doing? You don’t

get to brag about that. That’s embarrassing. Red flag. So the next one, if someone is a recovering

addict and them being sober is their entire personality, that’s a red fucking flag. That’s

the most annoying fucking shit to be around because I have friends that are addicts and

are dealing with sobriety and all that and they don’t make it their whole personality.

If you want an example of this, Jersey Shore, Mike the Situation, how when he got sober,

it turned into his entire personality. Everything about him was about being sober. Like,

it’s fucking exhausting. It’s annoying. Shut up. Go find something else to have be interesting

about you because I swear that’s not the serve you think it is. It’s not as exciting and, like,

riveting to people as you think it is. It might be to you, but everybody’s annoyed.

And I’m not shaming addicts. I’m not shaming people that are sober. I’m shaming the people

that make it their entire personality trait. If you didn’t get that, you didn’t get it. All right,

whatever. Speaking of Jersey Shore, if someone has not seen Jersey Shore, that’s a red flag.

Sorry. That’s that raised me. That show raised me. And if you haven’t seen Jersey Shore,

that’s just a certain element of your personality that’s not developed.

You’re not going to get the jokes. When I go running around the club and I’m like,

where’s the beach? Like out of fucking nowhere. We’re nowhere near a beach. I don’t want you

being like, huh? I want you yelling. I’m a good person. Get off. Get the fuck off. Like,

when Snooki got arrested and she’s yelling at the cops, I want you to yell a quote at me back.

Like, I deadass when I’m out with my friends. Who’s your fat friend? Like, we yell at each

other. This Jersey Shore quotes. People think we’re fighting all the time because when I

yell at my girlfriend, who’s your fat friend in the club? Like, people don’t fucking get it.

And then she’ll yell back at me. You don’t even look at Sally and you fuck like we just Jersey

Shore back and forth. And you just do quotes back. It’s so fun. And if you don’t have that,

like, I’m sorry, you’re missing out. If you weren’t raised by Jersey Shore, red flag.

If whiskey is someone’s drink of choice, self explanatory. If someone cannot take a pill,

like swallow a pill, you are past 13 years old and you can’t take a pill.

Mmm, some character development has been lacked there.

Don’t trust that motherfucker. Baby talk. Self explanatory, self fucking explanatory. If you are

an adult, and you baby talk to other grown ass people, go to hell. Go to fucking hell. Go to

the middle of hell. Okay, this one’s kind of personal, but it makes sense. If someone doesn’t

use what wipes when they shit, I do. I haven’t never not use what wipes like if I’m ever out

somewhere and I have to use toilet paper. I’m like sad about it. That’s fucking disgusting.

Like use what wipes clean your fucking ass. This boy gave me an analogy a long time ago,

and I’ve never forgot it. He was like, if you get shit on your arm, like on your skin,

you’re not just gonna grab some toilet paper, like paper and wipe it off and be like, Oh,

that’s good. I just wiped it off. It’s fine. No, you’re gonna want to wash it. You’re gonna want

to like, clean it the fuck off. So it’s the same thing with your asshole. Like it’s still skin back

there. Don’t just throw a piece of paper on it and think that’s fine. Like a wet wipe is as close

as you can get to like washing your ass. So use a fucking wet wipe. That’s weird. Okay, next red

flag. If they do some sort of substance every single day, like they smoke pot every day,

multiple times a day. They do hard drugs every that’s duh, like fucking dove at the hard drug.

But if they’re doing some kind of substance, every single fucking day, whether it’s they’re

drinking today, they’re smoking tomorrow, they’re doing coke the next day. It’s like if you’re

constantly doing something, that’s a red flag for me. Like you have no day when you just have

nothing in you. Nothing altering your mood and your mind. That’s that’s weird. That’s a red flag

to me. You can’t sit with yourself. You can’t just be Okay, next red flag is near and dear to my

heart. If someone is soo happy. Like they get in a car accident and they look at it as an

opportunity to sue someone and get money. If you’re not actually hurt, don’t fucking sue nobody.

That’s some pussy shit. And I hate that also goes in line with this a cop caller. If a motherfucker

is first reaction for everything is to call the cops. Don’t come near me. Don’t fucking be near

me. You’re weak. I don’t fuck with that shit. I don’t like no cop caller. Okay, self explanatory.

So the next red flag kind of goes with that if they’re against violence, or they’re scared of

guns. Like if you don’t understand that, like violence, you need to be prepared for it. Like

you can’t just be like a powder puff your whole life. And just be like, No, you should never hit

anyone. Oh my god, like violence is bad. Like bitch, I agree. Violence is not good. I don’t

ever like to have to get violent when I do. But sometimes you just got to hit somebody. And I

don’t want nobody around me that’s going to be like chicken shit and scared when that happens.

I need someone that’s gonna stand the fuck up and have my back. You know, like we’re not gonna go

out looking for fights. But if something happens, I need to know that you got me. I don’t want to

feel like I have some like puppy next to me. I have to defend in the middle of a fight because

you can’t defend yourself like bitch, you need to be right up there with me. We need to be like

in this together. I don’t need to feel like I have a toddler next to me. I need to protect like be

grown. Oh, next one. Someone that does not stand behind what they say someone that backtracks when

they say something. If you’re gonna be fucking bold, and talk some shit, or say something,

stand behind it. Own it. If you’re gonna say some shit, own it. Because when I get in your fucking

face, and I tell you to repeat yourself and you start stuttering, I’m hitting you anyway,

because fuck you. And that goes with talking about other people too. Like, when I talk about people,

I’m very bold in what I say, because I’m never wrong. If I say something about somebody and

you perceive it as talking shit, I’m not talking shit. It’s a fact. Whatever I’m saying is true,

or I wouldn’t be saying it because I’m the type person. I will stand behind what I say. I’m

prepared at any moment for someone to confront me about what I’m saying. So when I speak, I’m very

like strategic with it. And I’m very sure of what I’m saying before I go run my mouth. Because I’m

gonna stand there and own it. And if I’m gonna have to stand there and own something, I’m not

gonna say no stupid shit. Like, you know, those friends that like talk this and that, and then

they get called out by the other friend? And they’re like, no, I didn’t say that. Bitch, yeah, I did.

And what? I get being like, yeah, I shouldn’t have said it. I feel bad that I said it. But

you look like a fucking bozo. You look like a clown. Ew. Okay, next one is natural long nails.

So girls that have long nails, and they’re their natural nails, like, you know how they have that,

like that yellow tint. And they’re like, not clean and pretty. They look fucking like little

witchy finger. They’re gross. Like if someone has naturally long nails, ew, acrylics are fine.

I love a long acrylic. But you know what I’m talking about? It just gives like librarian,

assistant teacher vibes. And I’m talking unpainted. If they’re painted, they’re acceptable

sometimes, like as long as you can’t tell their natural nails, you’re fine. But the bitches that

have like the unpainted, unkept just naturally long fingernails. What the fuck, dude, like,

that’s just gross. I was talking about girls with that. But especially guys, if a guy has long nails,

like naturally, ew, make sure they’re fucking clean and kept or just get acrylics. You fucking

faggot. Just do it right. If you’re gonna do it, do it right. Don’t do no nasty fucking raggedy shit.

Oh, another thing about boys with the whole painted nails thing. Guys that paint their

fucking nails. And I’m talking about the guys that are like masculine. I’m not talking about

the twinkie little feminine acting guys like paint your nails on the fuck, go get your acrylics.

But these guys on TikTok that have recently gotten to the trend of painting their nails,

like they look straight, they present straight, but they got painted nails.

That’s not personally for me. I don’t like it. But the thing that pisses me off with it is when

it’s chipped. Like I said, if you’re gonna do it, do it. Don’t look fucking nasty. If you’re

gonna paint your nails, make sure they look good. I don’t like that chipped, nasty fucking nail

polish like, ew, that’s gross. Dude, you look dirty. Now. You look fucking dirty. You thought

you were being cute and quirky with your painted nails, bro. But now you look fucking dirty and

dusty. And no girl is gonna want you digging up in her fucking pussy with some chipped nail polish.

No, take it off, fix it and make it perfect or fucking take it off. One that kind of goes with

this is if someone has no skincare routine. So if they don’t have like a certain few steps that

they do, even if they don’t do it all the time, because I don’t do my skincare routine all the

time. I don’t have the energy sometimes I just fucking do a like a face wash and I fucking

throw moisturizer on and I’m like enough. I don’t tone every fucking night. I don’t care. But if

someone doesn’t have like any sort of rhyme or reason to like a skincare routine, red flag.

If someone wears Converse, they’re a really popular shoe just like Vans. Vans are a red flag.

No ifs, ands or buts. Converse, they’re not really that much of a red flag, but the all black

Converse are our red flag. Do not trust a motherfucker that rocks some all black Converse.

The black and the white. All right, they’re doable. But the all black ones, no bitch run for the

hills. Okay, if someone is greedy with food, I’m Albanian, so I’m kind of jaded with that. But if

someone is greedy with food, that’s the most unattractive fucking shit. Like I want to feed

everybody I want to make sure everybody ate. I’m not a cheap ass when it comes to food. Like I

like to just make sure everybody’s good. And if someone is greedy with food, that’s fucking

disgusting. I don’t like that. If someone cannot hit a beat, or if they have no rhythm, I know some

people can’t dance, but you understand how to like nod to a beat. You can like nod to a beat,

you’re fine. I’m talking about the motherfuckers that can’t even do that. If someone has no rhythm

in their body, and they can’t like bop to a beat even like that’s just a red flag to me because it

means like they’re not in touch with their body. And if they’re not in touch with their body,

they don’t know how to use it. And that goes into my next one. If someone can’t kiss,

that’s a red flag. It means they can’t fuck because if you can’t kiss, you can’t do nothing

else. That is the biggest red flag. If someone has no rhythm, and or they can’t kiss, because

there’s so much disconnection with them in their own body. They don’t know how to work it. They

don’t know how to move it. Like if you can’t kiss, you can’t do nothing else. Sorry. It’s the truth.

Okay, I know y’all are gonna get real mad. But this is just my personal opinion. If someone has

a septum piercing or a septum or like a nose ring that hangs like a bull, I’m sorry, we’re just

gonna move past that one really quick because I know a lot of you guys have those. That’s just

a red flag for me personally, because there’s a lot to unpack there. And I’m not gonna unpack it

because I don’t want everyone to unfollow me. That’s one fight I’m not willing to have yet

maybe in a couple years when this trend dies out. But right now I’m gonna shut the fuck up on that.

Okay, this next one. If you get it, you get it. If someone wears a Gucci belt.

And I’m not talking any kind of Gucci belt. I’m talking the one with the two big gold G’s

right at the front. The little ones are fine, I guess. But if they have the big G belt,

if it’s a guy and he is tucking his shirt in, and the Gucci belt is the focal point of his

fucking outfit, that’s a red flag. That’s a fucking loser. If they are trying so hard to

show off their belt. That’s weird. That’s weird behavior. Okay, just wear your belt. And fucking

shut up. It doesn’t need to be your whole personality for the night. And honestly, that

belt is so over with it’s so done with, like it’s so far overdone past the point. It’s not even a

classic Gucci piece anymore. Like it’s just that overdone fucking one. You know, it’s like the

never full for Louis Vuitton. It’s gross. When people see bitches with a never full Louis Vuitton

bag. They’re not like, Oh my god, she has a Louis bag. It’s like, Oh, she has a fucking never full.

Like it shouldn’t even be considered a Louis bag anymore. And a Gucci belt with the two gold G’s

should not be considered a Gucci belt. Like it’s just fucking gross. Like that’s my opinion. I’m

sorry if you have one I used to have one I would wear it. And I’m only able to speak to you about

this because I’ve been through it. They’re tacky. Okay, now there are three jobs, I guess you could

say that I’m gonna say our red flag. If someone is a cop, red flag if someone is a nurse, red flag,

I know I’m a nurse, but still bitch red flag, I can give credit where credit’s due. It doesn’t

apply across the board. It’s not fully everybody. There’s always a good apple in the bad bunch,

I’m sure. But for the most part, steer clear, cops, nurses and military. I said it. I sure

as fuck did. And not all military are bad. Not all cops are bad. Not all nurses are bad.

But motherfucking red flag look deeper with that shit. Because military boys, every single one of

them is emotionally stunted. They’re not aware. They’re the they’re like worse than frat boys.

Sometimes they’re married after meeting a bitch for two fucking weeks. They always got a Mustang

or a Camaro. Like no, just no, no, just look deeper. Okay, because you might find the good

one out of the bunch. But bitch, you got to hunt for him because especially a gay in the military.

If a gay guy is in the know, bitch, absolutely not. I’ve had my fair share. I have not met a

single one. That is the slightest mentally bit sane, bitch. No, absolutely not. If you don’t

agree with that, that’s fine. You can have your opinion and I can’t. Okay, so the last few red

flags is probably like 10 left. They’re gonna be a lot deeper. So this other shit was a little

more superficial. And these are things that you’re gonna have to like read into. If you experience

them. First one out the gate. If someone says I love you before three months, red flag. And if

you don’t understand why you got to go through it. So go have fun. You will end up in therapy.

If someone instantly talks about sex, like that is their first approach at you is sexualizing you

or commenting on something sexual. That’s a red flag. Very, very big red flag. I’ve touched on

this kind of in a lot of my episodes about value and shit. And the one about dating apps, just

trust me, it’s a red flag. I’ll do a whole episode on hookup culture that’s going to come soon.

And I’m really gonna dive into that. But just know if someone’s first fucking like interaction

with you is sexual, steer clear. Okay, if someone doesn’t have an iPhone, I saved this for the

serious section because that’s kind of serious, like, androids and anything that’s not an iPhone,

they just look messy. Like I’m sorry, like you’re allowed to have one if you like it. My best friend

Genevieve has a fucking Android and she has since high school. Like I have fought with this bitch

every year since we were 16. About getting an iPhone, she won’t. She just likes her little

Android galaxy, whatever the hell she’s got. I don’t know the name of it. But I’ve always been

an iPhone person. I like the way it looks. I think it’s pretty. But I just don’t like the look of

Android phones. And there’s no iMessage. There’s no red receipts. There’s no delivered. It’s just

green fucking text. I don’t like it. And for someone to like that type of phone, their judgment

is flawed. I’m sorry, Genevieve. I love you. And for everybody else that has a fucking Android.

It’s the truth. And you know, you can’t fight it. You’re mad because you can’t fight it.

And don’t think I fucking hate you just because you don’t have an iPhone. It’s fine. Have whatever

phone you want. I just think it’s a little bit of a red flag. And of course, I’m not making fun

of people that can’t afford an iPhone, bitch. Don’t try to make me a fucking dick. That’s not

what I’m talking about. Because honestly, I wish we could just go back to having razors like that

was the best fucking phone little flip phone, a little mind your fucking business snap that

fucker shut when you’re done and you’re mad like you get to prove your little attitude

snapping your phone shit. Ah, I wish we could go back to like flip phones. I swear.

Okay, next one is someone is divorced before the age of 25. Babe, whether they were the problem,

or they dated someone that was the problem, their judgment. If they got married before 25,

their judgment and decision making abilities and skills are undeveloped, not undeveloped,

underdeveloped. Okay, just a red flag. Just keep that in the back of your head.

Leo on his podcast saying if they’re divorced by 25 bing bing bing red flag, bitch.

Okay, the fattest red flag of them all is if they send you a picture of their self crying.

Under no fucking circumstance. Should you ever send a picture or a video of yourself crying to

somebody? Now I’m not talking about posting a little story of like you being sad. Okay,

do it. Don’t be excessive with it. All right. Don’t be fucking annoying. But you should under

no circumstances ever in your life, send a picture or video of yourself crying to the

person that made you cry. No, big fat fuck. No. If you do that, unfollow me unsubscribe from my

podcast. Do not ever they don’t associate don’t associate yourself with me, bitch.

Like none of my followers. Actually, I’m confident none of my followers do that because

no, like if you like me, your brain works a certain way. And we’re not sending pictures

of ourselves crying to people bitch. Like that is so embarrassing. Do you not have any ego?

Do you have no ego at all, bitch? For like, you’re giving someone that much ammunition on you?

Uh, no, no red flag. That’s the biggest red flag out of this entire podcast, I think.

Okay, this next one is something that makes me cut people off nonstop. And like very quickly.

It’s sudden and consistency. So if things have been going a certain way, and all of a sudden,

they flip or change it with no explanation, red fucking flag. So if you’re texting with someone,

and you text every day for a week, and you text all day, there’s like, it’s a little routine.

Like if you’re in a routine with someone, and you’re doing this, and then all of a sudden,

they stop, they stop that routine. And when I act like nothing happened, that’s a fucking issue.

Like my best analogy is like if you have a gym buddy, so you go to the gym every day with your

friend at 10am. So every day you two go to the gym, and you work out together. It’s like you’ve

been going to the gym together for a month, and you just know you meet at that time, and you work

out, and then you’re done. And then one day you show up, and they just don’t come. And they’re

just gone. Like, that’s sudden inconsistency. And then it’s like them showing up the next day,

at 10am, and acting like nothing happened. Bitch, what the fuck? Where the fuck were you?

You’re not going to give no explanation? You just want to walk in like nothing just happened?

Like, fuck you. No, you’re very unaware. If someone does that, they’re extremely unaware.

Sudden inconsistency. That means they’re not even aware enough to be able to be considerate

of the way that you feel, and how it could be perceived for them to just all of a sudden be

inconsistent. So that’s a fat red flag. Okay, my next red flag is something that I do, and I hate

that I’m about to call myself out on it. But I need to be able to warn everybody. But it’s going

to bite me in the ass with the people in my life. Once I warn you about it, is if someone is always

FaceTiming you, like out of the blue, randomly FaceTiming you all the fucking time. And even if

it’s not all the time, but they just randomly will start FaceTiming you. They’re checking where you’re

at. Okay? So if you’re going to cheat on somebody, you don’t want them rolling up on you. So you’re

going to call them FaceTime and pretend like you’re just saying, Hi, how are you? How’s your day? Yada

yada. You’re going to have some bullshit conversation. What you’re really doing is checking where

they’re at. Are they at work? Are they driving somewhere? Where are they headed? What are they

doing? What are their plans? You know what I mean? Like you’re checking to keep up with where they’re

at and what they’re doing. So that’s just an example. Like if you’re going to cheat on somebody,

you need to check where the fuck they’re at. So if someone is FaceTiming you out of the blue,

they could be cheating. They might be trying to figure out where you’re at so they don’t get

caught. I’m not saying always, I’m just saying, look at that. Like that might be a red flag.

So one of the reasons that I FaceTime people randomly is I’m seeing where the fuck you’re at,

because I want to see if you’re lying to me about where you’re at. So if I just FaceTime you out of

the fucking blue, that’s what I’m checking. Because if you told me you were going out with

so-and-so or you were doing something that night and I didn’t believe you, whether it’s a friend or

someone I’m interested in, I’m calling you to find that out. I don’t like being fucking lied to.

I don’t trust people for shit. So that’s just something that I do is I just FaceTime people

out of the fucking blue. It’s usually a test. Okay, sometimes. Sometimes it’s a test with me.

But if I’m dating you or I’m about to start dating you, it’s a thousand percent a test.

I’m not just calling you because I want to talk to you, bitch. I’ll just show up where you’re at

if I want to see you. But if I’m calling you, bitch, I’m checking. I’m taking notes and I’m

checking where the fuck you’re at. I’m not saying always. I’m just saying, look at that. Like that

might be a red flag. Okay, my next one is something I despise. And it’s when someone uses their bad

childhood as an excuse for doing some fucked up shit. That’s not an excuse because you had a hard

or bad childhood or because your parents didn’t love you. It’s not an excuse to be a piece of

shit. Grow up. Take accountability. Go to fucking fair. Honestly, go get euthanized.

Okay, next red flag. If someone is going to talk shit about their partner behind their back,

and I’m not talking about they’re going to their best friend and they’re confiding in them about

something and they’re just like venting. I’m talking if they’re with a group of friends

and they’re like dogging the fuck out of their partner. That’s a red flag. Whether you’re going

to be friends with this person or you’re interested in this person. Like if someone comes to you

talking about their partner, and they’re talking shit like dogging them and disrespecting them.

That’s a red flag. I don’t give a fuck what the situation is. Even when you’re venting,

you need to watch your fucking mouth about your partner. Your partner is someone you should never

embarrass. You need to keep their sense of respect and like their sense of self in the forefront of

your mind no matter how mad you are. Like there’s no excuse to disrespect your partner to other

people if they’re going to continue being their your partner. And that’s the worst shit is when

someone breaks up. They dog the shit out of their partner and they expose everything they were

dealing with and they get back with them. You look like a dumbass. Okay, if you’re going to break up

with somebody, don’t run your fucking mouth about them. If there’s any chance of you getting back

with them because then you look stupid. Sorry. Okay, next red flag. If someone unprovoked

bullies somebody. So if you’re out with your friend or you’re out with your partner and

someone walks by you and your partner or your friend just starts like bullying the other person

and like talking shit to them. That’s a red flag. You need to check them and you need to leave.

You need to never talk to them again. There’s a difference between someone walking by and us like

kicking and like talking shit. But it’s a different thing to talk shit to somebody and to

try and be mean to somebody and embarrass them. That’s mean. Don’t fucking do that. Don’t own

provoke just bully somebody. You can talk shit with your friends fine. Don’t do it where they

can hear you like be polite and talk behind their back. Okay, have some respect. But be ready to own

whatever the fuck you’re saying. Like I said earlier, if you’re going to talk shit behind

someone’s back, be prepared to own it. It’s a red flag when someone is just mean to somebody.

I don’t like that. So one thing that someone can say to you, that’s an instant red flag and should

throw you right the fuck off is, well, I’m sorry you feel that way. Because that right there exposes

that they do not understand why you feel the way you do. They’re just judging it. They don’t

understand it. They don’t get it. Because they’re like, well, I’m sorry you feel that way. Like

that’s dismissive. And that shows that there’s a big disconnection. They don’t understand your

perspective. And if they’re fine, just walking away from a conversation, knowing you’re upset

by something and saying, well, I’m sorry you feel that way. If that’s all they have to fucking say,

big disconnect, big red flag, real lack of emotional intelligence and emotional maturity.

And if you don’t understand why that is so deep, bitch, read a book, read a fucking book,

go learn something. Because that itself, I feel is very self explanatory. But a lot of people say

Because if you’re telling me something happened to you, and you feel a certain way, even if I did

something to you, and you’re hurt by it, I’m not just going to tell you, well, I’m sorry you feel

that way. Like, I don’t say sorry, we know that. But I’m going to try my best to understand where

you’re coming from. And I’m not going to be able to say, well, I’m sorry you feel that way. I’ll

be able to say, I understand why you feel that way. That’s what you can say. That’s what you

want to hear. You don’t want to hear I’m sorry you feel that way. Like that shit pisses me the

fuck off. I’ve heard it from every single person in my life, my entire life. And me and my sister

Beja, we fucking talk shit on everybody that says that that is the most annoying thing. And me and

her don’t say that to each other. Like we have both been spit that our entire life. Because that’s

like the biggest cop out like, well, I’m sorry, like, the person feels like they’re apologizing

for something. But they’re really not like, Oh, I’m sorry, you feel that way. That is so invalidating

and like, fuck you. I hate it. I’d rather you not say anything. I’d rather you shit on my chest.

Okay, that was a little dramatic. I don’t want you to actually shit on my chest. But I’d rather

you just not say anything and say, Well, I’m sorry you feel that way. shove that in your fucking

dickhole. Okay, a big red flag for relationships. And someone you’re interested in is if you both

can’t be upset at the same time. So if you’re aggravated, or you’re upset and hurt by something,

and then they get mad, they try to immediately district credit and like discard the fact that

you’re upset. Like if they can’t hold space for you both to be upset. That’s a red flag.

It has to be like one or the other. I don’t fuck with that. I don’t like that. That translates

into so many things. And I don’t have the time to unpack that. That’s a fucking two year podcast.

Another one is this someone treats you bad, and then says I love you. If someone treats you like

shit, or does something that actively hurts you, and they keep doing it, and they know that they’re

doing something that hurts you. They don’t get to say I love you. snatch that word out of their

fucking mouth. They’re not allowed to treat you like shit, and then say I love you. That’s not

love. And then that kind of goes into my next one. And my last point is, if someone thinks that

sacrifice is them showing that they love you, sacrifice is not love. And if someone thinks that

that is a very dangerous person to get involved with, whether it’s a friend or a partner,

do not fuck with nobody that thinks that sacrifice means they love you. And sacrificing what they

want is them proving that they love you. That’s not love. That’s gonna lead to resentment. They’re

gonna fucking hate you eventually. And then when everything goes wrong, or anything goes wrong in

their life, they’re gonna blame you. Well, I fucking gave this up for you. I did this because

of you like it’s No, don’t just trust me. Just fucking trust me. If you only listen to one thing

I ever say is do not get involved with someone that thinks that sacrifice equals love. That

will ruin you. I’m gonna polish it off there. We had our fun, then we got deep. But I’m over it.

Like this podcast has me sweating. I’m fucking aggravated. Right? Like all these things that we

just went through, y’all, you have a new like, guidebook for your life now, if you are trying

to find someone that’s aware, because someone aware ain’t doing none of this shit. Okay,

so you’re welcome for your new cheat sheet for all the people that you’re going to be friends

with or date. Much love. Good luck. Many wishes. I hope you guys enjoyed this episode. If you did

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