Aware & Aggravated - 21. What I Learned From Rich People

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Hi friends! This is gonna be an episode of the things that I’ve learned from being

around rich people. And this is the shit you ain’t gonna find them as success

books and the self-help books and any of these books that you can fucking read or

any of this shit you see online. No. I’m gonna tell you the things that I’ve

observed from being in the lives of really rich people, from living day to

day with them, to interacting near them, just the way that their brain works, the

decisions that they make, the shit that they do, the way that they think. I’m

gonna expose it all in this episode. Honestly, I didn’t even realize how much

I’ve observed and how much I’ve learned just from being friends with certain

rich people and just from like experiencing being in the day-to-day

life of someone rich. Because it’s different when you see them like at work,

when you see them doing their job or running their business. It’s different

when you see them in their home, in their like habitat, where they’re relaxed and

where they make their decisions, where they like think through their thoughts

and like do you know what I mean? Like there’s just a difference between seeing

someone in action versus seeing them at home. And this is the shit that I’ve

learned from seeing these motherfuckers at home. So the first thing that I’ve

observed is really rich people are very fucking quick to take action. So they

have an idea, they’ll think a thought, and the gap between the time that they think

the thought and take their first action is like instant. Like it’s so fucking

fast and it’s something I have to call myself out on a lot because I get in my

head. Like I’ll think of something or I’ll have an idea and then I won’t act

on it or like I won’t take it seriously. I’ll just kind of like think about it

like oh that’s a cute thought, it’s a cute idea, and then I’ll either think of

the reasons why it’s unrealistic or whatever or I’ll just overthink it

because I love to fucking do that. I’m a rising Virgo. I overthink goddamn

everything. And this also applies to when someone tells them something. They’re

quick to like take it in and act on it. So whether someone gives them a book

recommendation, they’ll start reading it the next day. If they want to learn a new

skill, they’ll book a fucking class the next day or that day. If they want to

book a flight, they want to book a trip somewhere, they have an idea of like oh

my god I want to go on a trip, they’ll book a fucking flight. They’ll start

looking up flights immediately. They’ll look up their schedule, make sure they

have a gap, and then start looking for places they can start taking action to

make the trip come about. Or even like starting a new project. They want to

start a new thing. When they think the thought of they want to start a new

business or start a new project or whatever, they immediately start taking

steps to gain knowledge about it. So even if they’re not taking like an action

step to like building a new business, they start learning about it. They start

looking at the market like immediately as they think about it. Like it’s like

that day or the next day they’re researching, they’re learning, they’re

gaining knowledge on whatever they can that goes along with that idea. Like I’ve

just noticed the gap between very very rich people’s thoughts and actions is

short. Like they fucking think shit and they take action very quickly. Okay the

next thing I noticed, and this one I came to the realization of recently, was

really really rich people are so confident in their ability to create

that they’re scared of it. Take that in for like two seconds. They’re scared of

certain things because they’re so confident in their ability to create.

Like they’re scared to focus on certain things that could hurt other people or

damage other shit. Because they know once they start thinking about shit, it’s

gonna start creating. But it’s because of their action. You know what I mean? It’s

not just like this whole manifestation shit of like you just thinking it’s

gonna happen. Shut the fuck up. Alright that ain’t fucking real. Manifestation is

real. I believe in that. But the whole thinking into your reality, I don’t

fucking believe in that. You got to move your ass bitch. Like Kim Kardashian said,

you got to get the fuck up and you got to work. There’s too many lazy people

now Nate. Okay that was a little joke but it’s the truth. So I’ve noticed with

really really successful people like they’re scared of certain shit because

they know that what they want they create. But to be scared of something you

have to be certain of it. So they’re very certain of their ability to create. They

have such a solid confidence in it. But this confidence is something that we all

wish we fucking had. Okay and then I kind of figured out the way to like crack it

into like all of us had it you know. Like this is my little key to unlock it. We

all have the ability to create things. We all have free will. We all have the

ability to fucking bring what we want into existence. And if we don’t see right

now how we can make something big come into our experience or to create

something huge, we at least know that there are certain steps we can take now

to get there. You don’t have to know how to get to the end goal. You just have to

know how to start taking steps to get there. Does that make sense? But my whole

point in that is we can start creating now. You can start working toward what it

is you want now. But rich people’s confidence and their ability to create

comes from repeated action. Confidence comes from doing something over and over

and over. Everybody wants to be confident but nobody understands that it comes

from proving to yourself that you can do shit over and over. You become confident

in something when it consistently performs. It’s like when you have a new

car. You don’t worry if it’s gonna start or not. It just fucking starts. And every

time you go to start it, you’re like getting revalidated that it’s gonna

start. And then eventually you just expect the car to start. You don’t have

to think about it. But you’re confident in the car’s ability to start because

it’s proven it has started a hundred fucking times. Weird example, I know. But

confidence comes from repeated fucking action and doing the same fucking thing

consistently so that you’re confident that you can predict it. That’s what

confidence is. So these really really rich people that have had certain ideas

and have had certain thoughts and then took actions to make those things come

about and come into their reality are the ones with the confidence that they

can do it because they have done it. So if you’re someone that wants the

confidence of like, oh I want to be so secure in my ability to create that I’m

scared of certain shit. Like I want to get there. But it comes from taking

action. That’s the main thing. You have to fucking do the shit to gain the

confidence that you’ll do the shit and that you can do the shit. But that

confidence goes for like anything. If you want to trust yourself, you have to

act in line with what you want. So if you want to be able to trust yourself to

look out for yourself, you have to look out for yourself and prioritize yourself

over and over and over. And then you will gain the confidence because then you’ve

just proven that you’ve done it and you can do it and you will do it. And that

goes the same way for achieving your goals. If you can prove to yourself over

and over that you will work toward your goals and you will prioritize your goals,

you will become confident in your ability to create. Because you’re taking

the actions and you’re doing it. Confidence comes from doing. Confidence

is not just this feeling you have. Like that self-love we talked about, it’s not

just this feeling that pops out of your fucking ass. Confidence is not a feeling

that just pops out of your fucking ass. It is something you build. It is

something you work for. It is something you work toward. And it’s something that

you create. Your ability to create, let that start with your ability to create

confidence. Become confident in your ability to create things by creating

confidence for yourself. Do the fucking actions. Become confident. The fact that

you just created confidence and the feeling of confidence establishes that

you can create things. So congrats. It is in your control. And that’s the main

thing I want to emphasize is it’s in your fucking control. Not everything. Not

circumstances. But your actions are in your full fucking control. So your

ability to create is in your full control. And I know that might be a little

hard to hear at first, but you can try and fight it all you want. But when you

whittle it down and you boil it down, that’s the fucking truth of it. And

that’s something that I’ve had to realize recently and I fucking got upset

about it. I was pissed off. I was real fucking mad because I had to like face

it. Tough pill to swallow. And I didn’t have no fucking water. And of course I

have to bring up the whole relationship to fear. And the fear of failure and not

succeeding and not getting something that you want. So whenever I talk to

someone that’s successful, when I throw an idea at them of something to try or

do, they’re like, okay do it. Like they, it just seems like they have zero

consideration for the potential of failure. Like they, they’re just like,

just try it, just do it. And I’m like, what if it doesn’t work? And they’re

like, so what? They do not look at failure and success the way that typical

people do. So when someone that is successful and they trust their actions

and they trust their ability to create, if they say, okay, I want to make $100,000

a month. That’s their goal. They’re going to stick that road post down and

they’re going to start working toward it. They’re committed to getting to that

goal. So they don’t care how many ways they have to try to get there. They don’t

care about how many different roads they have to take. All they know and all they

trust is that they’re going to find a way to get there because that is what’s

in their control. They’re not really that worried about, oh, well, what if I go

down this road and it doesn’t work and I have to go down another one? They’re

like, okay, I’m just going to go down the other one. But they’re committed to get

into that road post at all costs. So they don’t consider going down a road that

leads to nowhere as a failure where I would. And that’s, I’m having to switch

my mindset because I look at trying a certain thing and it not working or it

failing. I look at that as a failure. But that’s just one way to get to the goal I

wanted to get to. There’s unlimited possibilities of how you can get to

where you want to go. So just because you went down one route, it doesn’t mean you

failed. That is not a failure. It’s a failure if you stop. People that are

successful and people that are committed don’t look at it as failure because

they’re not stopping. They’re committed to getting to where they said they

wanted to go. So they’re gonna try a new route. Whether it takes 20 fucking times

or 20 different avenues, they’re gonna try them all. But they don’t get

discouraged when something fails or one of the roads they take is a dead end.

They don’t get discouraged because they know that they’re gonna go down another

one. They’re gonna keep trying. They might be like, damn, they might be

disappointed that this road wasn’t it. But they are never discouraged. They

always just come back to home base and start down the next fucking road. They’re

gonna get there. And that’s where their solidification and their belief and

their commitment of like, I said I’m gonna fucking get there, now I’m gonna

get there. And they don’t look at coming back to home base and having to restart

and go down a different road as a setback or going to the same spot they

were before. Because they know who they are. Coming back to that same spot is a

whole different person. You have a whole different set of skills going down a

certain road. You have a whole different set of knowledge and experience to draw

off of. So you might be back in the same position, but you are not the same person

in that position. You are a more advanced person and you’re a more equipped person

to go down the next road. So they never look at it as a setback. But an

important thing to remember is setbacks only exist if there’s been progress. So

I’m someone that gets caught up by- I look at shit as a failure. I’m like, nah I

tried four things already. I’m like, no they all failed. So I look at it as a

failure. But it’s not a failure if I keep going. It’s only a failure if you stop

trying. I’m just trying to look at shit as like a redirection is when something

doesn’t work. Because every time I’ve tried to do something on my road to

success and I’ve run up against the dead end, I’ve had to get on a new path. And

this is like my sixth fucking path with this shit. So I just happen to keep

reminding myself like it’s only a failure if I stop. If I keep going and

keep trying, eventually I’ll fucking get there. But if I say I’m committed to

getting there, I can’t stop. I have to keep trying until I get there. But I will

get there. And that mindset is something I’ve seen consistent throughout all

successful people I’ve been around. And it is so annoying sometimes because when

you are someone like me, that’s like a normal person. And then you try to talk

to someone with this level of like confidence, fearlessness and also someone

with resources like money to fund the risks they want to take. They’re like

just fucking just do it. But like for me, I just feel like there’s a lot more to

take into consideration because I could lose this, I could lose that. But you

need to adopt that mindset of just fuck it, just figure it out, commit to

figuring it out and you will. That’s it commit to figuring it the fuck out. And

you will no matter where you are. So the next thing that kind of goes off of that

but it’s really is its own point is really really rich people don’t talk

themselves out of taking action. So if you have something that you know is in

line with your goals or there’s an action in front of you that you’re

considering taking that could get you closer to where you want to go, a

successful person would not talk their self out of taking that action. They

would talk their self into taking that action. An example of this from my own

life is this is a stupid fucking example. Alright it’s a little fucking example

just leave me alone, don’t attack me. But it illustrates the point well. So I told

myself I’m gonna post every day on tik-tok on my life coach tik-tok so that

I can build that audience and I can just share knowledge that I know because I’m

working toward getting certified as a life coach so I can do one-on-one

sessions with people. I’m gonna call them awareness appointments. You can book an

awareness appointment with me coming in June when I finish this fucking

certification. But part of that is I’m trying to get people to understand how

my brain works so that they’ll feel confident and feel like I have something

that I can provide them because I do see things from a lot of different fucking

angles that a lot of people don’t think of. But I need to share that. I need to

expose that. I need to post about that. So I’ve been posting daily on life coach

Leo on tik-tok and one day I was gonna post a video and I was like oh it’s not

a good time it’s like 11 a.m. it’s like the algorithm doesn’t really hit at this

time like whatever but I was like I’m not gonna be able to post this later so

it’s like I can post it now or not post it and I was considering of just being

like okay I’ll post it tomorrow so that I can have a better like chance at the

algorithm or whatever the fuck and in that moment I was like okay no fucker

you’re not talking yourself out of taking an action that is gonna get you

closer to your goal side note I did post a tik-tok anyway at the time that I

thought of it just in this moment and it did well anyway so that was good but I

became aware in that moment of like don’t talk yourself out of taking the

actions that are helping you get toward your goal like the whole point of what

I’m doing by posting on the fucking tik-tok account is to share the

knowledge I have and the perspectives that I’ve gained and that is my goal is

to share that shit and I was talking myself out of doing the action that

would get me to that you know like I talk myself out of it because I was like

oh it’s not a good time yada like my fear not really my fear but I was just

trying to have too much fucking control over that it’s like just do the actions

that are gonna get you where you want to go even if posting these tik-toks

don’t work for me and they don’t make anyone want to fucking have a call with

me I at least took the actions and I’m confident that I’ll now take the actions

and I’ve posted every fucking day and like that is building in itself in me

but anyway the direct action that was helping me achieve what I set out to

achieve I try to talk myself out of successful people do not fucking do

that they don’t get in their fucking head like that they don’t like hold

their self back when they have the urge to move forward like success is a

forward-moving energy masculinity is a forward-moving energy too but like being

driven reaching your goals moving towards shit it’s a forward-moving

energy so you can feel it in yourself it’s like you’ll get this sudden urge to

do something when you feel that urge when you feel that energetic pull that

pulls you forward take the fucking action because I felt it when I was like

okay I should post a tik-tok right now I felt that forward-moving pull and I

talked to myself against it do not fucking do that successful people do not

cut off their forward-moving energy they walk in the direction of it that’s a

huge fucking realization I had but that’s a sensation you can feel in your

body when you have an idea or an urge to do something and it feels like taking

action take the action do it don’t talk yourself out of it literally use this as

a reassurance of motherfucker take that action trust me now I do need to say I’m

not talking about if you’re out in public and somebody says some shit and

you feel that urge inside you to lunge forward and swing on them I’m not

talking about that I’m talking about go with the feelings that make you feel

pulled forward with what comes to your goals okay even if it don’t make fucking

sense just do it like starting this podcast it only happened because I

didn’t cut off my forward-moving energy the day I had the idea to start a

podcast I just got the fuck up and did it I for once in my life was like I’m

done overthinking shit I’m done with that like I just got the random urge on

a fucking Saturday on a random Saturday I got the urge of like huh maybe I

should start a podcast and it made me sit up in my chair so I was like fuck it

let’s do it so I literally walked to this fucking closet I’m standing here

right now I record this in a closet so it’s like padded and you can like the

sounds good you know but I walked my ass this fucking closet I sat down and I

fucking recorded my first podcast episode I didn’t let myself overthink

it I didn’t let myself get stressed out I just was like fuck it even if it

doesn’t go anywhere I at least had fun but I was like let’s just do it like

just do the fucking podcast so I did it I set that on my computer I edited it I

fucking got online made the little cover art for it in 10 minutes I found out how

to host the podcast I googled it and I posted the fucking podcast and I

scheduled it for the next day Sunday that’s how this podcast started and

because I followed that forward-moving energy that one day it’s got me to where

I am now I’ve had to do it multiple times like every week I have to follow

that forward-moving energy to make the fucking podcast and sometimes that ain’t

there sometimes I have to push myself to do it but my whole point is when I had

the initial idea to create the podcast I felt that forward pull and I didn’t cut

it off I was at a point where I was so tired of talking myself out of taking

actions and acting on my ideas that I was just like you know what this podcast

is gonna be the one thing I don’t overthink I’m just gonna fucking go for

it and just do it and it’s been the one thing that has been the most rewarding

for me so when you feel that fucking pull to get up and do something do not

talk yourself out of it get up and take the action get up and do it okay my next

point my next observation from these rich motherfuckers I’m trying to get

like is they accept a reality very quickly so when something happens they

accept the situation at hand immediately they don’t get caught up in their

emotions they don’t dwell on it they don’t freak out about oh my god this

could have went this could have happened this could have went different I could

have done this the you and so-and-so could have done this is their fucking

fault they don’t point the finger they don’t get mad about what could have been

different they get clear about what they can control right now they damage control

now given what just happened what are we gonna do it’s like if a plane crashes

smart and successful people are not gonna start freaking the fuck out

because the plane just crashed what they’re gonna do is they’re gonna grab

their fucking shit they’re gonna help whoever needs to be helped with a safety

slide they’re gonna get their fucking ass out of the plane and they’re gonna

get on the little safety fucking boat they’re gonna take the actions that need

to be taken in the moment and they’ll reflect later when you reflect on

something you reflect because in the past when something happens like the

plane fucking crashing sitting in your seat and freaking the fuck out is not

gonna do anything you need to get it together you need to grab yourself by

your fucking hand and help yourself you need to do what you need to do in that

moment given what just happened sitting in the seat freaking the fuck out

blaming the pilot oh my god I can’t believe this just happened saying shit

like that just sit in there freaking out is gonna do nothing it’s not gonna help

you at all it’s gonna fucking hurt you cuz the plane sinking bitch I don’t know

if planes sink I’m just giving you a fucking example okay don’t yell at me

I’m not a pilot I don’t be knowing how planes work but that’s the thing is they

focus on what needs to be handled in the moment so when the plane goes down

what needs to happen like your safety needs to be your priority you need to

find a way to make sure you’re safe and that you’re okay so successful people

are gonna be very direct in getting to that they’re gonna take the actions that

are in line with getting their self to safety same thing when something happens

with fucking business it’s like if I run a business and I have two employees and

they get into a fight and they fuck up something and I’m supposed to send

something to another company and their little altercation made it where I

couldn’t send what I needed to send I’m not gonna waste my time yelling at them

and trying to sort out their fight and I don’t care who’s in the wrong I don’t

care who’s to blame what I need right now is my motherfucking shit done so I

can send it to my other company I don’t give a fuck whose fault it is I don’t

give a fuck what’s going on what I’m concerned about is the goal I need and

the objective I have if my goal is to send whatever information I need to send

to another company and these people just inhibited that I’m not focused on the

people I’m focused on the problem at hand and how I’m gonna solve it because

whoever’s to blame it doesn’t fucking matter right now I’m objective I need to

get done what I need to get done successful people focus on what is

urgent and they’ll reflect later I’ll go cuss my fucking employees out and fire

who needs to be fired and hear out the situation after my problem is handled

successful people handle the problems at hand and do the shit that needs to be

done now they don’t get caught up in the bullshit of whose fault it is how it

could have been different yada fucking yada they handle what needs to be

handled and they reflect later like I said you reflect on things that are in

the past you don’t reflect while they’re happening I guess another way to

put it is really successful people and forward-moving people don’t let

theirself get distracted by what is not fucking important and by what is not

gonna get them to their goal and to what they want to accomplish they stay

objective and something else that I kind of learned from nursing about like a

chaotic situation so I gave the example about being in a plane that crashes a

lot of people have an emotional reaction and they can’t control whether they

freak the fuck out fight or flight you know or freeze some people freeze but

these people that don’t allow for distractions are very controlled and

going into nursing I had to learn to become very controlled in the face of

trauma literal fucking traumatic events people being mutilated coming in with

limbs hanging off you have to learn how to fucking gather yourself because you

can’t make a mistake you can’t fuck up someone’s life’s in your hand so you

need to learn how to fucking gather yourself and one way that I’ve learned

how to do that is to observe the moment whenever you’re facing something that is

serious and you need to gain control of yourself in that situation observe it

take literally feel like taking a step back inside your body and observe the

situation just look at the situation from like a top-down view and look at

what is the priority what is the most important thing right now in this room

or whatever the situation is what is the top priority what is the main goal so if

it’s saving this person’s life that’s dying in front of me okay get objective

what would need to be done takes you out of the fear it takes you out of all the

chaos everything going on you organize your thoughts you get your action steps

going you ask yourself what step would need to happen next and then do it and

then keep asking yourself what would need what needs to happen next and then

do it what needs to happen next for this person and then do it do the same thing

with your goals what needs to happen next and then do it but it’s very easy

to gather yourself in a chaotic situation after you do it a bunch like

the confidence thing I talked about that’s a skill you build and you’ll

learn how to get very controlled it does not matter the circumstance and

you’ll still be able to think clearly under pressure just looking at the

situation and observing the situation okay this is what is going on and these

are the interventions that would be helpful you don’t focus on anything else

you focus on what needs to be done so that’s kind of like my two cents and how

I relate that to my life and how I’ve gained this skill but I learned how to

do it in an extreme environment I need to learn how to fucking do it with goals

and other shit too like remain objective remain goal-oriented and focused and

stop letting other shit get in the way because that is something I’ve observed

across all rich people I’ve encountered is they’re very objective now some can’t

control their fucking emotions so when something chaotic does happen they do

freak the fuck out because they’re not emotionally controlled but with

everything else they’re objective and what needs to be done and the actions

that need to be taken when they’re not in a high emotional state okay my next

point so they invest money into different things than like normal people

air quote normal people and I’m not saying a stock market a lot of them be

in the stock market but I don’t fucking get it I don’t understand the stock

market so I’m not even gonna try and tell you to get into that shit cuz I

don’t even know the first thing to fucking tell you but they invest into

gaining knowledge and they invest into gaining skills a lot of them buy online

courses and there’s certain courses you can take for like anything you can find

a fucking online course for anything they range from like $100 to $1,000 to

$5,000 whatever it is you can go and take these online courses and I’ve seen

a lot of people talk about online courses are gonna become the new like

air quote college because the amount of information and the amount of skills you

can gain from some of these courses for $1,000 beat the shit out of a full

degree that are like tens of thousands of dollars and way more time so that’s

something really high on like the new wave is like you can learn anything you

want to learn now online you can get any kind of like knowledge you fucking

need because there’s people making courses on everything definitely look

into the people you’re getting a course from because some of them are fucking

wackos but my main point with this is like people invest in their knowledge

and then skills so whether that’s courses podcasts wink wink what you just

did so I’m proud of you look at you and skills so it will take classes for

things to like they’ll go to like a physical class if they need to learn a

new skill but rich people invest in their self and I’m not saying they go

take their self to the fucking beauty salon and they get a massage and they do

this and they do that they invest in the things that will increase the value they

have to offer so adding more knowledge adding more skill sets adding more

perspectives which is like comes with like reading and listening to shit like

this that increases the value you’re able to offer which makes you able to

make more money because having more skills means you can provide more value

the more value you provide the more money you make it’s a basic equation but

my point with this one is instead of buying a fucking Gucci bag or going to

buy some stupid-ass shit look at the skills you could purchase instead look

at the knowledge you could purchase instead because there’s plenty of time

to buy a fucking Gucci bag okay I’m wanting to speak because that was a

motherfucker with a with a ton of designer shit for no reason but now I’m

investing in courses and all these things that are gonna help me grow like

my life coaching thing has cost me about $4,000 and I’m okay with investing in

that girl that shit hurt my feelings okay four grand oh I’m gonna be really

real like I hurt my fucking feelings immensely and I will not be eating out

for quite some time but I’m willing to invest that money into the skill sets

I’m gonna learn and into getting the certification that I need because that

is gonna make me better at what I’m trying to do which will make me be able

to charge for it so it makes sense because right now it’s like I have my

podcast to stand on but I don’t have really any certification so it’s like as

soon as I get that and then gain some more knowledge for the business aspect

and the like one-on-one coaching aspect I’m gonna be able to provide a lot more

value so I’m investing in that I’m investing in the knowledge that I need

and that’s something that I’ve seen is very consistent throughout all the

successful people I’ve been around they’re all down they don’t skimp on

that shit like that’s another thing is rich people be weird like sometimes

they’ll skimp on like certain things and like sometimes they’ll blow a lot of

money so like I know one guy that buys like $100,000 guitars and like blows

money on stupid-ass shit like that but will like trip over like drinks being

too much at a bar like it’s the funniest shit because like it’s like if two shots

is like 30 bucks he’s like he’s like disgusted he gets mad but it’s like girl

you buying $100,000 fucking guitars but most rich people have like places where

they’re very frugal and places where they’re willing to spend ridiculous

amounts of money but the one area that all of them are fine with investing a

lot of time and money into is building their skill sets and their knowledge

that’s one that’s been consistent throughout all of them so remember when

I said I was gonna be real vulnerable about something this is the point my

next one that I’m gonna share so really successful people are not afraid to look

like an asshole so when they have a goal and they decide that they want

something they’re gonna go for it and they don’t let potentially looking like

a bad person or looking like an asshole get in their way so if they need to take

certain actions to get to where they want to go they’re gonna do it they

don’t care that they’re gonna hurt other people’s feelings or that other people

are gonna look at them like they’re an asshole they prioritize their goal and

they fucking go for it they don’t let things get in their way they don’t let

people’s opinions like fuck with them like they’re so they put their blinders

on so they’re so focused on their goal that they don’t even consider what other

people are like thinking about it you know but another thing is with my life

right now I just came back from Cabo and I had a full like revelation like a

whole mindset flip and shift while I was there part of that is like when I

got home I was like I’m about to turn into a fucking like workhorse like I’m

about to drill so hard into the things that I want to achieve and what I want

to work on like I’m about to fully put all my energy into the goals that I have

and I’m gonna be unapologetic about it but with doing that here it comes we

come back to the part about being afraid to look like an asshole the

people around me are about to think I’m a fucking dick because I’m not gonna be

hanging out with my friends I’m not gonna be going out to party anymore I’m

not gonna be out doing the shit that I used to do I’m about to be so fucking

busy I’m about to neglect all the relationships in my life to a certain

extent and I feel bad about that but I need to fucking do what I need to

fucking do to get to my goals but if I sat here and stress myself out and told

myself all the reasons why I need to be a good friend and how I’m a bad friend

if I start focusing on myself and I need to still make time for other people and

I need to not work so much that I can have extra time for others it’s like no

if what I want to spend my time on is what I want to spend my fucking time on

because I have goals then so be it if people aren’t understanding of that I’m

sorry no love lost I still care about you but I need to do what’s best for

fucking me and I need to finally just crack down and run straight fucking

headfirst into my goals I’m done fucking around I’m done feeling bad I’m sick of

it because I’m trying to do a balance of like chase my goals but also people

please and make sure everybody’s not mad at me but it’s getting to the point

where worrying about what people are thinking of me and worrying about

people’s reactions to me is holding me the fuck back from what I want so now I

get to pick one I get to pick ruthlessly go for your fucking goals or pick the

people and the life you have now I don’t fucking want the life I have now so I’m

at a point I have to just go for what I have to go for and that’s what I want

and it’s the life that I want to create and I have to just do it and I’m gonna

have to look like a fucking dick I’m gonna have to hurt people’s feelings and

pull back and not be as available and it sucks but I don’t fucking want this life

anymore I want better I want more and I’m finally at the place where I’m like

alright I need to go forward with it and I talked to one of my friends about this

that is really successful and he said Leo I’ve been watching you and I’ve been

waiting for you to get to this point because I see it in you you just had to

get pushed here because you have too big of a heart you needed to get pushed to

the point where you just said fuck it and just did it and he’s like I’m happy

that you’re finally here because now you’re about to skyrocket and that was

really nice validation but this is the point I took from him was you can’t be

afraid to look like an asshole if you want to achieve your goals you have to

go for them you can’t you can’t have the best of both worlds you can’t fucking

try to be leveling up and still be dealing with the people that are on the

level that you were on before you’re gonna have to go you’re gonna have to

step up the staircase and fucking go and if people don’t grow with you then

that’s on them so that’s my biggest point with all of

this and that’s what’s been the hardest for me because I care so much and I

don’t want to hurt people and I don’t want anyone to feel bad about their self

but I’m at the point where it’s me or them and I’ve picked other people for so

long and that’s what’s gotten me to where I am now and I don’t fucking like

where I’m at so I have to pick me if I want to get out of here I have to pick

me if I actually want to get to a life that I want to live so moving on to my

last point I feel like it’s like two points being smart it’s gonna fuck you

when you try to become successful and what I mean by being smart is being too

much of like a street thinker being too paranoid being too like analytical and

trying to outweigh everything and like think of the bad options thinking of the

way shit can go wrong and bad it’s gonna bite you in the fucking ass cuz it’s

bit me forever so really really dumb people it’s easy for them to make money

and there are so many stupid fucking unaware ass emotionally immature ass

people that are so rich because achieving success for them is easier

when you only see one perspective you’re able to just drill forward and only see

that when you see a lot more perspectives there’s a lot more to take

into consideration people that are asleep have a lot less to consider

people that are aware and people like you and me are gonna have a lot more

trouble because we’re gonna be so overwhelmed because we see so many

perspectives to consider smart people have their brain working against them

like we’re aware we have our brain working against us in this way but you

have to learn from the dumb motherfuckers you have to learn from the

ones that are so blind to their one perspective and just go for it like it’s

it seems simple for dumb people because they’re considering a lot less so I just

want to validate you on that if it seems like stupid people are making it work

and they’re just taking off and it just works out so easy for them it does it

literally seems like it for them because they’re not as stressed out as we are

they’re not overthinking like we do they’re not trying to consider every

fucking thing that we see they don’t see it so they’re free to just work

toward what they want but my point here is we can still make it work we just

have to remember that simplicity is key and we have to learn the skills to

reassure ourself and to be there for ourself and to calm ourself when we’re

emotional and fucking keep taking action the necessary part of what we need to do

is in the action stop with the overthinking stop with the fucking

bullshit just do the action reassure yourself that the action is what is

gonna get you where you need to go like with my tick tocks when I was gonna post

that one tick tock and I was like oh the algorithm it’s not a good time don’t

even worry about it take the actions that are gonna get you where you want to

go because even if the algorithm was bad at that time I still posted the video it

was still seen by certain people even if it did bad which it didn’t but even if

it were to have done bad I still am one step closer that action still got me

closer than if I didn’t take the action at all

it’s like going to the gym so the action of going to the gym and working out is

what determines the growth you are only going to grow if you go to the gym and

work out or lift weights or wherever you need have to go to the gym if you just

lift weights and your goal is to gain muscle lifting weights is the only thing

that’s gonna get you there but someone like us will overthink shit we’re like

oh what supplements do I need what time is the best to go what should I eat

before let me look at the diet let me look what I needed to be eating let me

make sure I’m doing all the right exercises let me look up and make sure

all the scientific proven fucking shit it’s like that’s not what’s important

the micro details the supplements the bullshit on the side is not what

determines the growth the literal just the act just the act of lifting the

weights is what determines the growth so focus on that focus all of your

energy on lifting the fucking weights which means doing the action that is

gonna get you where you need to go don’t focus on the fucking supplements don’t

focus on the fucking bullshit don’t distract yourself from taking the

physical action that is gonna get you where you need to go and that’s my best

example with the working out thing because I stress out and I get all up in

trying to find the best of this and the best of that and I’m always trying to

find a shortcut in a quick way but it’s like that all that energy I could have

been using and just doing the action of working out more put your focus on what

actually need to take simplify it stop overthinking listen to this podcast as

many times as you fucking need because I need this reassurance too and I know

this sounds like stupid but I listen to my podcast sometimes because it feels

like a smarter version of me like when I feel dumb or I feel sad or I feel

whatever I feel like it’s the smarter version of me that’s like talking to me

so I get to feel comforted by it and that’s why I say just listen to it if

you need to because I do sometimes like when I’m down and I don’t feel like

smart Leo and I’m just like sad Leo sad depressed Leo like I need smart Leo to

knock some sense into me so my last point is something I’ve observed that

successful people never do and it’s taken a long time for me to realize

through the contrast because this is something that I’ve done in the past

where I’ve had to learn to stop doing it and it’s trying to make myself

comfortable with being uncomfortable so when something happens or I realize that

I don’t like something about my life a successful person will never try to just

cope with it and make their self be okay with it people that are wired for

success instantly look for ways to start changing it and bettering their

situation they’re not gonna try to comfort their self and make their self

cope with whatever they’re dealing with they’re gonna look at whatever’s in

their control to make their situation better and this is something that I

observed about two years ago and I’ve actively started doing it but it’s one

of those things like with awareness it’s like once you gain the awareness you

have to act I’ve talked about it before this takes it to a whole new extent

because successful people I’ve seen like they don’t try to make their self okay

with the bare minimum they don’t try to make their self accept less they want

more and they don’t try to make their self even settle for less they don’t

even try to make their self settle for less they understand it’s not acceptable

and they’re gonna do what they can to change it and I’m not talking about when

you’re emotionally uncomfortable or like you’re upset by something that’s a

different process of how to handle yourself I’m talking about a situation

you’re in whether it’s a relationship in your life or financially you’re in a

certain situation you’re not happy with it or like your job and you know you

want more as soon as they become aware they want more or they want better they

start moving toward it they start looking at what’s in their control and

taking actions that they can to improve their situation they do not waste energy

and they do not waste time trying to become okay with where they are they’re

okay with not being okay where they are and using that to change shit so that’s

a huge part of it that has made a big impact on my life like I don’t cope

anymore and I don’t try to make myself okay with shit being bad or less than I

want and I’m the type person you can ask anyone that’s been around me I’m the

type to make the best out of a situation like even if we’re stuck in a shitty

fucking situation I’m gonna find a way to have fun because sometimes there are

situations where there’s nothing you can control to change the situation so you

might as well have fun while you’re in it you might as well extract what you

can out of the situation while you’re stuck in it reminding yourself that it’s

gonna end but look for all the ways that you can control the outcome and you can

control the quality of the position that you’re in and motherfucker act on it

like trust me there’s so much more that you’re not seeing than you even realize

because as soon as you open up to trying to see what is in your control only then

will you be a match vibrationally to seeing all the possibilities you weren’t

seeing before so switch your mindset from trying to get comfortable and make

yourself okay with not living the life that you want do the opposite look for

ways to make yourself uncomfortable with the life that you have so it lights a

little fire under your ass to start making changes if you like this podcast

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