Aware & Aggravated - 28. How To Feel Inspired & Motivated

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Okay, let’s fucking try this again.

Hi friends!

So, I’m trying my best to figure out the audio of this fucking podcast because last week’s

episode I was holding my phone literally just in my hand the whole time and the audio sounded

like ass for like half of it.

So I have my little phone right now propped up on a little stand above my head and I’m

hoping that the audio is good but like my closet is too big to make it not sound like


It’s like I don’t have enough clothes in here to make it like a padded room because that’s

what you need.

Girl, I might as well have to get a fucking microphone and like really actually do a podcast

instead of using my damn phone.

So what I want to talk about this week is motivation and inspiration and a little bit

of how to like stay disciplined when you don’t fucking feel like it.

I can do a full podcast episode about self-discipline so I’m not going to hit on it too hard.

This one is just going to be about motivation and inspiration because I’ve learned a lot

about it and the reason I kind of want to make it two different episodes is because

self-discipline is what’s in your control.

Like that’s fully dependent upon you.

Motivation and feeling inspired and feeling like energized to do shit, that’s a feeling.

You can do things to encourage that but there’s no way to guarantee that.

Like self-discipline is guaranteed.

You can make yourself fucking do something regardless but you can’t make yourself feel


So I’m going to run my mouth about motivation and inspiration in this episode and then I’ll

do another one on self-discipline if y’all want it.

I’m going to start this whole fucking thing off with like me trying to stop drinking.

I can’t even get it out of my mouth before I start fucking giggling because I love a


We all know this and I don’t drink like a daily at all.

I’m not like a drinker drinker but when I drink I drunk bitch.

When I go out I like to drink.

If I’m going out to be social I’ll go drink but I’m very picky about when I drink but

when I drink I drink is my point.

But with my move I knew I wanted to stop drinking.

So I was like alright.

Because I noticed my mood was getting fucked up from drinking.

We all know when you do drugs, like if you do molly or you do coke, your serotonin, all

your feel good chemicals, all your endorphins are fucked for like a couple days until you’re

back chemically balanced.

You’re not going to feel anything good.

You’re not going to feel anything happy.

You’re going to be a depressed piece of shit and probably want to fucking kill yourself.

But that’s a come down.

We all know that.

We all know that’s what you expect when you do drugs.

Emotionally and physically you’re just weak.

So my whole thing was like I quit that shit because it was like fucking with my goals

and it was fucking with my ability to work toward what I want to work toward.

And also I didn’t want to spend any extra time in a negative headspace than I needed


I never did them routinely but I would do them at like special occasions or a festival

or whatever.

You know, just throw a little bit.

You have some fun.

But I got to a point where I was like, fuck it, it ain’t worth it.

So I stopped.

So I just allowed myself to drink.

I’m like, all right, I’ll just drink.

I can deal with that.

Like I hang over, you’re fine.

But then after just drinking, I started to notice my mood was still kind of fucked with

even with just drinking.

And then I did some research and I looked into like alcohol and it’s kind of a depressant.

It’s not as severe as like the come down you’re going to get from drugs, but like alcohol

the day after it can fuck with your mood.

So I was like, Oh my God, I need to quit drinking.

Like I was like, fuck, like I can’t do nothing in this life.

Like I have to go raw dog life.

Are you kidding me?

Like this is not fun.

This is not fair.

So I was like, all right, I’m going to try my best throughout this move and through my

new life in Houston.

I’m going to try my best not to drink because I want to remain in a level headspace as much

as possible because now my job is coaching.

And if I wake up in a bad mood, it’s like, I’m not going to let that affect my ability

to help other people.

Like I, that’s not a trade off I’m willing to make to go get drunk and then be in a bad

mood and not perform for the people that need me.

No, fuck that.

I’ll gladly throw away the alcohol to be able to perform good at my job or even just increase

the chances of performing better at my job and having a better mental state.

That’s kind of like a side point I want to make really quick about if you know that feeling

motivated is not in your control.

Like you’re not able to have direct control over if you feel motivated and energized to

do something.

Don’t do things that you know are going to fuck with that if you do them.

It’s like drugs and alcohol.

If I knew drugs are going to decrease my motivation, decrease my will to fucking live basically

and decrease my inspiration, like my goals require me to be inspired and motivated.

And if I want to perform, I’m going to do what I can to make sure I’m able to perform


So like I have to stop doing shit that I know is going to prevent me from performing.

Does that make fucking sense?

And there’s a lot more things than just that, that I had to do.

I had to simplify my life a lot too.

Like with my wardrobe, it’s very simple.

It’s very basic.

It’s very multiples of the same fucking thing.

Like I don’t have like where I go pick an outfit.

It’s like I know what I’m going to wear for different occasions and it’s the same fucking


So I’m cycling my outfits.

I have multiples of the same thing.

So it simplifies it.

My meals are planned.

Like my life is very like planned out right now because I’m tired of wasting my decision

making energy on stupid fucking shit.

Like I need that energy for other things.

Like I’ve never been more busy in my fucking life.

Like I’m happier than ever.

But I moved to Houston to fucking work and like put myself forward and I’m doing what

I have to do to remain in a place of motivation.

And like I said, you can’t control if you stay in that spot or not, but you can control

the things that you know will knock you out of it.

There’s a point to all this.

I promise.

So with doing that, I was like, all right, I’m done drinking.

But then when I moved my first weekend here, I was having a lot of shit go wrong and I

was just like, I want to drink so bad, but I didn’t let myself, I was like, I’m not going

to drink because I’m upset.

I’m not going to allow myself to do that because tomorrow I’m going to be fucking pissed that

I’ve let myself drink because I was upset and now I have to deal with like my mood being

fucked up for a day or two, you know?

So I was like, if I’m going to drink, it’s going to be because of like a happy thing.

It’s not going to be because I’m like upset dealing with all this shit.

So I literally was raw dogging all my problems and I did it and I was great.

But when the weekend came, this girl named Alyssa that I follow on TikTok, she was in

Houston visiting.

So I was like, oh my God, this is the perfect chance to meet.

So like she invited me out with her and her couple of her friends and I was like, oh my


I really want to fucking go, but I don’t want to drink.

And I was like, Leo, just fucking go drink.

It’s your first week here.

You’re not upset anymore.

You’re handling your problems.


Like just go have a good time, but just don’t drink too much.

I was like, let me test this.

I was like, maybe getting drunk and having a lot of alcohol is what fucks with your mood

the next day.

So I was like, I’ll go test this out.

I’ll go like, here’s me with my fucking excuses to drink.

But I was like, let me go test this out.

I was like, I’ll go have a couple of drinks.

I’ll go out.

I’ll go be social.

I’ll go meet people because that’s why I moved.

I wanted to meet people and I was like, okay, Leo, just go have a couple of drinks.

See how you react.

See how you respond.

You can’t do coaching calls for a couple of days cause you don’t have fucking wifi.

So basically you’re fucking free.

Like even if it does fuck your mood up, you ain’t got nothing to do because wifi can’t

come over the weekend.

Like they can’t come fix your fucking wall.

So I do have wifi now and I’m all fine, but this was just my little mindset I had back


I was like, all right.

So I let myself go out.

I had fun.

I met Alyssa.

I met her friends.

We were meeting each other for the first time.

Like she wasn’t tight with the people she was meeting.

Like she had just met them and then I was meeting all of them for the first time.

But like when we all hung out, we fucking just clicked immediately and it scares the

shit out of me because I’m like, I’ve never been so comfortable with someone so fast and

like not had my trust issues flare up.

I’m like, what the fuck is going on with these goddamn people?

But I went out, I drank, I drank a little bit more than I wanted to, but I didn’t get

like drunk.

Like I was just having a good fucking time.

I was okay.

We had a fucking blast.

I absolutely am so happy I went.

So at the end of the night, me, Alyssa and Randy agreed, okay, tomorrow we’re going to

go to the gym.

And I was like, okay, perfect.

I need something to get me out of bed cause I’m going to be fucking like sad is what I’m


I’m like, all right, I need something to like get my mind off of it.

So I go home, I wake up, it’s the next day, it’s Sunday.

First day hungover.

I don’t feel all that awful.

Like I took my little hydration packs.

I took my vitamins.

I was okay.

And then I noticed my mood was not off at all.

Like I was so excited to get out of the fucking bed and go hang out with my new friends.

I went to go meet them for coffee and then we went to the gym and like bro, my mood was

not fucked with at all.

I was so happy.

Like I was so convinced myself that like if I drink, I’m not going to be able to feel

good emotions for two days.


The place I used to live in and where I used to be and how I used to be mentally is why

I was upset and unhappy with my life.

It’s like once I moved here and I was around people hanging out, going to a gym, we went

to fucking alpha land.

And if you don’t know what alpha land is, it’s the biggest gym, like it’s the biggest

influencer gym.

Like everybody that is somebody goes there and it was very intimidating and it was a

really fucking lot to take in because everybody was hot.

Every time I turned around, I was like the ugly one and I’m not used to that.

Like I’m like, I’m used to being like one of the cutest ones in the room and like there

I was like very much average Joe Schmo.

All I had going for me was that I was tall and that’s not common for me.

So I was very much insecure, but I had a fucking blast.

I met some cool ass fucking people.

I got to hang out with my new friends and the whole day was just beautiful.

Like I had so much fun.

I wasn’t sad once.

I wasn’t sad at all.

Cat, be quiet.

Inside voice, library voice.

I’m recording a podcast.

So this made me look at everything like, what the fuck?

Like literally what the fuck?

Why was I so happy to get out of bed?

Like I’m supposed to be fucked up in the head today because of the alcohol, you know?

But I wasn’t because I actually was around people I wanted to be around.

I was doing things I wanted to do.

I was doing things that excited me and I was with people that pushed me and I was with

people that had the same goals in mind.

So like I’m used to running off of straight, just fucking pure self-discipline and it’s

very, very hard like to do things alone, to be by yourself, to just run off of self-discipline

and just push yourself.

It is 10 times harder to do shit from that place and you are going to need to feel motivated

more than ever when it’s a situation like that.

Everything seems 10 times fucking harder and it’s just so difficult when you’re alone or

you’re not like inspired or motivated.

And this is not me in any way saying that alcohol is not bad for you.

I’m just saying what I thought alcohol was doing to me was not what was really going


It was kind of like exacerbating what I already wasn’t happy with and because I was living

my life before, very no one around me working toward what I was working toward.

I’ve never worked out with someone since my fucking stepdad died.

Like I don’t have a gym partner.

I don’t have a gym buddy.

I don’t have anyone doing shit with me.

Like my life at home in Pensacola was very just like me and I was secluded.

I was by myself, but being around new people, being around people that were driven, having

friends to go to the gym with, we pushed each other.

We had a great fucking workout.

We took pictures and it was just like the best fucking day.

Alcohol only made me feel bad when I wasn’t happy with my life.

The fact that I was happy with my life and what I was doing the next day, I didn’t even

notice if I was chemically imbalanced is my thing.

There was so many little things going on that made me so happy that like there was no sadness

and I don’t know where I’m going with this, but like I have other points to get to.

I’m just so shocked because it’s such a little thing.

Like just having people around you and being in a different city, like being in Houston

is so like motivating itself.

Just like being in a big city with big buildings and people and it’s like, go, go, go.

And it’s like everyone’s always around and everyone’s moving.

But I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal.

Like I didn’t think it would make this big of an impact on me, but it’s literally changing

everything for me.

My motivation level, my mood, my inspiration, my hope, my everything.

Like I’m literally not sleeping near as much as I used to sleep and I’m easily getting

up in the morning because I’m excited to go do shit and I’m excited to work on what

I have to work on.

Like it’s just this weird natural progression.

It’s like I’m not having to force myself to feel motivated.

I’m not having to every day talk myself into doing the things I know I need to do.

It’s like I’m just excited to do them.

I still just can’t wrap my mind around how easy it is, like how simple it is to feel

motivated and inspired.

Like who fucking knew your surroundings played this much of an impact?

Like I genuinely just want to better the fuck out of myself and like I’m so excited

to share things with them and like move forward and progress because it’s like I’m around

people that are also like doing shit and achieving shit and it’s like it’s making me want to


Big cities in Houston especially is full of people that are fucking like going toward

what they want, but they’re not just going toward it.

They’re fucking running.

It’s like everyone around you is sprinting for what they want.

They’re like running for it.

So when you’re the one standing there walking, you’re like looking around like why the fuck

is everybody running?

It’s like oh my god I guess I should run and you get motivated to run and it’s like now

you’re sprinting toward your fucking goals and that’s where I’m at now and that’s the

visual I can give you to explain the energy shift in me just by moving to a bigger city,

just by going out and meeting some new people and just seeing what the fuck I could see.

I finally feel motivated and inspired and I don’t feel like it’s just a fucking temporary


Like this is very much sticking.

It’s not gone away in a fucking week.

Like I’m still the same level of inspired when I shouldn’t be like given what I thought

the problem was which is alcohol making me upset and sad and not excited and not nothing.

Like it was my life that was doing that.

It was my surroundings and where I had myself and who I was around that was doing that.

My big point is it’s very easy to be uninspired in average places but you have to go where

you’re the misfit.

It’s like how I explained I was the one walking here and everybody’s running and then it made

me start running.

It’s like if you’re in the town or if you’re in a place or you’re around people that are

all walking and you want to run, no one’s going to push you to run because all they’re

doing is walking.

It’s going to be so hard and take so much more effort for you to push yourself to run

when you’re around people who are just walking.

Like it’s not going to feel good.

You’re going to feel more alone.

You’re going to feel more isolated.

You’re going to feel dragged down and not uplifted because everybody walking is just

fucking moseying around.

That drags you down.

That like makes you feel okay doing the bare minimum.

It’s like even if you just jog one day, you still feel accomplished because everyone around

you in comparison is just walking.

But when you’re fucking walking in a city or in a place or around people who are sprinting,

just jogging is not enough.

If you’re not sprinting to that, you’re not shit.

Like if you’re not sprinting, you’re not satisfied.

So it’s easier to sprint around people who are sprinting and I’m going to fucking just

leave it there.


Cause I keep running around that topic.

But my next little point is finding an accountability partner or someone that like is there with

you cause I cannot tell you how big it is to just have someone there with you and checking

in on you, checking in with you, you holding them accountable, them holding you accountable.

And it’s this weird thing of like when you start talking to someone who is also working

hard, you feel instantly inspired when they’re doing something you want to do too.

Even if they’re at the bottom with you and they’re working their way up like you guys

working toward it together.

It’s like for you to associate yourself with someone who is working, it makes you want

more for yourself and it makes you push yourself and it helps you push yourself to associate

yourself with that person.

Like if I want to be friends with this person, if I’m working with this person, it’s like

I can’t be this lazy piece of shit that I was before.

It’s like we got to keep each other going and I can’t tell you how much of a difference

that makes.

So a way to do that is like find a fucking coach.

If you’re working on the gym or whatever, find a fucking personal trainer, find that

accountability coach, find people online like there’s literally so many groups on Facebook

of accountability partners or just find someone on Instagram or text one of your friends that

you see is very, very serious about it and be like, yo, I want to be accountability partners

and they’re going to fucking love it.

Trust me.

But you, like I said, associating yourself with someone that’s like very driven, it’s

going to make you feel driven because you’re comparing yourself now to someone that’s sprinting,

not someone that’s walking.

You can also hire a fucking life coach.

People that will check in with you daily.

People have programs for that.

I’m a coach.

I’ll do sessions with you.

And that’s a good thing is like if you know you have a call with me every week, then you’re

going to know throughout the week, oh fuck, if I want to be able to admit what I’m doing

to Leo and like tell him good things, I have to do them.

So that’s one way you could do it with me.

But there are other coaches that will text you daily and we’ll check in with you daily

and make sure you got all your shit done.

So it just depends what works for you, what you want, but there’s options out there.

And if you’re feeling unmotivated, please just literally listen to what I’m saying because

I was in the same position.

Okay, so going on the motivation, my next point about that is about checking in with

yourself to seeing what makes you feel energized.

So a lot of people don’t know what they should be doing.

But my biggest tip for that is go after and follow what makes you feel energized.

So just start paying attention to what gives you a boost.

And what I mean by that is like, if you’re just sitting down and then you think about

doing something and you’re just like normal, normal, whatever, you have these little ideas

and then all of a sudden you think of something that makes you sit up, Oh my God, wait, that

caught your attention.

If the boost of energy just made you sit up, like, so pay attention to whatever makes you

feel energized and then fucking follow that.

So literally like when you’re just thinking thoughts, whatever thought makes you like

open your eyes wider or sit up a little straighter.

That’s a boost of energy right there.

It’s happening in your body.

Follow that.

Go act on whatever that is because that’s a natural motivation that’s going to continue

to come.

There’s something going on intrinsically with you that’s pulling you toward that.

And if you work on something that you are naturally already feeling pulled toward and

to do, it will be a lot easier to do that than if you have something that you’re like

logically like, okay, I know I need to do this, but I really just don’t fucking feel

like it.

It’s going to be a lot harder to do that stuff.

But if you can help yourself find the things and do the things that make you feel energized

as you do more of it, your energy will not deplete.

When you’re doing the things that you feel good doing and the things that you want to

do, you don’t need motivation to do them and then it will just cycle and it will just build.

So you will have more energy and you will feel more accomplished and more esteemed and

ready to face and handle the shit that you don’t want to do.

Like I swear it doesn’t make sense, but it does make sense.

Like logically you’re like, okay, sure.

Until it happens and you do it and you’re like, oh my God, Leo was fucking right.

And one other way you can kind of look at that, like another perspective you can take

on finding what makes you feel energized, do what you can feel valuable doing.

Like do the things that you can feel useful while you do it.

Because it takes no motivation to provide value when it feels good to do it.

Like providing value is reassuring to yourself.

You can’t not feel good while you’re providing value to anything or anyone.

Like as long as you’re contributing, you’re being of use.

As long as you’re feeling useful as a human being, you are not wired to feel negative

in that moment.

You cannot, sorry, you can’t.

So go about the whole energized thing.

But if you don’t feel like you know anything that’s making you feel energized and you’re

not able to observe that, just start thinking, where can I be of use?

Where could I feel useful or where could I contribute value?

Like how could I contribute value in any way?

It’s like this podcast.

I look at it like I just want to share awareness.

Like I’m trying to offer things that are of use to other people.

And whenever I’m like, fuck, I don’t want to go sit down and make a fucking podcast

right now.

I’m like, okay, Leo, your only goal is to share awareness.

So how can you do that?

And then I’ll sit down and I’m like, I really just don’t fucking feel like it right now.

Like whatever.

Like, and I’ll literally start making a list of like little points I could bring up.

And by making that list and thinking of the ways that I could contribute value, it makes

me feel energized.

And the list gets longer and longer and longer than I have to fucking redo it.

Because now I’m excited.

And now I’m ready to go provide the value.

Now I’m ready to go record the episode.

I’m literally recording this at 10pm.

Because I just got this burst of like, I’m so fucking excited to come in here and talk

about this shit.

But it’s not even just talking about this shit.

It’s providing value.

I’m providing value in a way that I’ve found that I like and that I’m good at and is relatively


Like I just come in here and talk to my fucking phone.

There’s a lot that’s gone into me learning how to articulate what I’m thinking and feeling

and learning how to explain things the way that I do.

My whole point is once I switch my focus from looking at a task like, oh, I need to put

out a podcast for this week because Sunday’s coming.

I need to go record one.

Instead of looking at it like a task that needs to be done.

I look at it like an opportunity that I can provide value or share something.

And another way you can ask yourself that is asking what is trying to express itself

through me.

Like whenever you’re feeling anything, just ask yourself that that’s kind of like weird

off on a tangent, but it came out of my mouth for a reason.

So we’re just going to run with it.

But that’s something I use a lot is whenever I’m feeling like lost or confused or whatever.

If like if I feel a weird feeling come up, I’m like, what’s trying to express itself

through me?

Or if I have an urge to go talk to somebody or tell somebody something or call somebody

or interact with, like if I feel called toward anyone, I think for a second and I ask myself,

what is trying to express itself through me?

And it opens up my eyes to so much shit.

And then that’s a key way to find the value.

It’s like what’s trying to express itself.

And that’s something valuable coming out of you.

Like it’s trying to come out of you for a reason.

So when you tap into it and you try to understand it, and then you realize what it is and you

realize how you can go express it and provide that.

You’re going to feel that boost of motivation.

You’re going to feel that energy.

And it’s not going to be like, Oh, I drank coffee and now I have a little energy.

It’s like this weird, real energy, like a fucking soul energy where it’s like, it’s

not caffeine.

It’s like, it’s no type of stimulant.

It’s like something’s pushing you forward.

It’s not even pushing you.

It’s like, you just got this like surge of like, like I’m so ready.

I’m excited.

You can feel it through your whole body.

Because like, I was tired a little bit ago and then I thought about the podcast.

I literally was like, okay, I’m just going to sit down and write out my list and organize

my thoughts of like the little points that I want to hit and I’ll record the podcast


And by making the list, I tapped into that, what I could contribute.

And here I am recording the podcast immediately as I wrote the list because I was so inspired.

I was so ready to do it, but it beat sleep.

Like I was fucking dog ass tired about to fall asleep at my desk earlier.

And then I’ve got myself to start doing the little list and the like it ignited in me

and like here I am.

I’m not tired at all.

And that’s another thing is the motivation will come after you start.

So if you, as long as you can make yourself focus in one direction for a second and you

can just force your energy toward one thing, as soon as you start to focus on it, it will

just start unfolding and the energy and like the motivation will heighten and it will just


But it’s just a matter of like initially forcing yourself to do something you don’t want to

fucking do.

Like when I was sitting there tired, I was like, I don’t want to make this fucking list.

And then I started thinking of all the realizations I’ve been having and I was like, you know


All right, let me just start writing some shit and then it just snowballed.

So yes, that’s my big point with all of this one is do what you can feel useful doing or

provide value in a way that you can provide value.

And also if you want to talk law of attraction for a second, when you’re in a place of trying

to provide or give or share, that comes from a place of abundance.

So you’re not going to be able to be in an energy of lack and energy of like being drained.

You’re not going to be out of energy.

You’re going to be full of energy when you’re trying to provide.

And I’ve kind of turned my back on the whole law of attraction thing.

Like I use it as a way to stay stagnant for a long time and I have a lot of like anger

toward it.

But I do have a deep understanding of the law of attraction and energies and frequencies

and all of that.

It’s like I’ve just gotten very rooted in the physical and I’m just letting, I see what’s

unfolding energetically.

I see how I’m becoming a match to meeting these people, having these experiences, moving,

acting on the urges and like all the things that I’m doing, I see how the law of attraction

is at work, but I’m just kind of ignoring it because I’m like, no bitch, I’m done sitting

around trying to manifest things.

I’m going to fucking do it.

Like I’m done asking the universe for shit.

I’m done asking people for shit.

I’ll fucking do it.

I’ll get the fuck up and do it.

Don’t worry because you’ve let me down too many times, me trying to manifest it.

But that’s the thing is like when you fall in that trap of trying to manifest things,

you’re never going to feel motivated in that spot of when you’re asking for things.

When you get up and you’re like, I’m going to go do this, I’m going to go create this.

When you stand in your power, you’re motivated.

When you’re not in your power, you’re not motivated.

My last point to drive all this fucking home.

If you are the best in the room, you’re in the wrong room.

Like I said, I’m used to walking in the gym and I’m one of the best looking ones there.

Like where I was in Pensacola, I was like one of the best looking ones always.

And when you’re one of the best in the room, your inspiration will drain.

It’s like you’re playing a video game.

Let’s say you’re playing Grand Theft Auto.

It’s a challenge and you want to keep playing while you’re earning all the weapons, while

you’re building yourself up, while you’re building your skill set and his cars and his

collection and all his shit.

It’s like when you’re building things and you’re doing the missions, you’re more inspired

and more inclined to keep going.

But once you get all the cheat codes and you’re able to have a fucking rocket launcher and

shoot down anything, shoot a helicopter down, you can shoot all the cops, you can make yourself

invincible and you can’t die.

So it’s only a matter of time before you get bored and turn off the game.

Like once you’re the best in the game, once there’s no way to level up, once there’s no

more challenge, it’s fucking boring and your inspiration is going to dwindle.

And that’s the same thing about real life.

Like if you keep going into places where you’re one of the best in the room, your inspiration

will soon drain because at first it’s going to be like, Oh yeah, I’m excited.

Like, Ooh, I feel so good about being one of the cutest ones here.

But when you’re not being challenged, it’s not fun anymore.

Like it’ll be fun for a minute, but not enough minutes to keep you fucking going.

Like you’re going to be looking for more and it’s just going to get difficult.

So you want to go to the place where you’re the minority.

And that’s basically like where you’re not the best in the room.

You need to go to the next level.

So once you get comfortable on one level and you’re like, Hey, like I’m doing pretty good.

Enjoy it for a minute.

Enjoy having all the cheat codes on that level.

Enjoy having the rocket launcher.

And then once you notice your inspiration starts to drain and starts to go down and

you’re not inspired and you’re just kind of like, uh, like I’m bored.

As soon as you have that sense of like, all right, I’m a little bored now.

That’s your sign.

You need to go to the next level.

You need to go to the next room where you’re not the best because you’re not being pushed.

Like when you’re one of the best in the room, people aren’t challenging you.

People aren’t pushing you.

People aren’t inspiring you.

It’s like when you’re the source of inspiration for others, where’s your inspiration in the

next room?

So you have to go if you want to keep moving forward.

Does that make sense?

I hope I did a good job of explaining that one because that one’s fucking weird.

I know.

But my example of this is going to that fucking gym.

Like bro, going to Alphaland made me want to just, I was like, excuse the fuck out of


I’m gonna go home and eat nothing but air for the next week, bro.

Like I felt like a fat fucking cow.

Like I’m in good shape.

I’m in good shape compared to normal people.

Like I look really good compared to normal people.

I look good.

I look fit.

But in the gym full of all of the best of the best, I was the fucking ugly one.

Like I was the duff.

And it’s just like, I’m not, I’m being fucking dramatic.


But like, I felt so like, what the fuck?

But being in that gym made me like, oh hell no.

I ain’t eating nothing but rice and broccoli and chicken for the next fucking year.

Like I’m not touching a single bad fucking food, any type of chocolate.

Get the fuck away from me.

Like I was so inspired.

Like I was so insecure and so humbled that I was inspired to like, no more fucking around.

It’s game time.

Like now that I’m playing in this gym, now that I’m on this field, there’s no more like

peewee level shit.

It’s like, you about to get the fuck up on this level.

And it like pushed me and like, I have not binged.

I have not had a cheat meal.

I have not eaten bad.

Like bitch, I’m on my shit right now for like a whole week straight.

And like being around those people is what did it.

But I was binging and I was like fucking myself up at my old gym where I was one of

the cutest ones there.

It’s like, it’s easy to go home and binge because like, even if I binge, then I look

bloated tomorrow.

I’m still going to show up and look better than most of the people there.

But I’m not on that level at Alphaland y’all like I can’t be fucking eating bad.

Like if I show up bloated, I’m ugly.

If I show up bloated, they’re going to fucking throw me out.

They would never like, I’m just kidding.

But I feel like you’re getting the point that I’m making, but I’m very, very inspired with

the gym that I went to Alphaland like girl, I can’t fucking explain to you.

Like I’m so pumped.

I’m so motivated.

I’m so ready.

Like I’m pushing myself so hard now, but it’s funny cause I’m not even, I don’t even feel

like I’m pushing myself.

Like I just, I’m so ready to fucking run like bitch, I’m ready to sprint and I’m not having

to force myself to sprint.

And this is the first time this has ever happened in like a really fucking long time.

So I just wanted to share all the little mindset shifts and all the things that I’ve learned

with this, but also with career wise, like the people that I’m friends with now, everyone’s

on their shit.

Like everybody’s like networking and doing their thing and building their businesses

and building their followings.

And I’m like, Oh my God, here I go.

Like, let me go get on my shit real quick.

Don’t mind me.

It’s just so nice to be around people who are also running.

So yeah.

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But anyways, thank you so much for listening.

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