Aware & Aggravated - 30. Why Things Seem So Difficult

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Hi friends, so this week. I’m gonna deconstruct some things around why everything seems so goddamn hard

I’ve got three points or kind of like areas to deconstruct and when I say deconstruct bitch

Y’all know how I do. I’m a deconstruct the motherfucker

So my three areas are kind of like just different things to take into consideration

But what I mean by why things seem so hard

I mean like why shit seems so difficult like there’s so many things that logically

Should seem easy and you plan for it to go easy

And it just don’t work like that like the shit is just hard, and I’m gonna go into my little theories about why?

They’re not even theories bitch because they’re that right like there’s just different perspectives around it

Okay, so for the first one. Let’s just jump right into this shit

And I’m just gonna give you an example because this is the easiest one so let’s say you want to start

Putting yourself on a schedule like you want to start working out

You want to start eating healthy you want to get on a schedule, and you want to like get your life structured, okay?

It is so easy

To fucking sit down when you’re excited and start listing out all the shit

You want to do all the things you’re gonna start incorporating the workouts you’re gonna

Do the outfits you’re gonna buy the foods you’re gonna buy and then start cooking the meals you’re gonna make the way you’re gonna start

Living you’re gonna get up at 6 a.m.. Like a happy fucking dick

And you’re just gonna like run off into the fucking sunset everything’s gonna be perfectly fine

I know I’m kind of being dramatic

but my point is it’s so easy to make a list of all these things that you want to do and it’s so like

Logical it makes so much sense and it seems so achievable. You’re like yes. I can totally do this

I can totally get up at 6 a.m.. And make my fucking

Veggie-ass smoothie that I’m gonna convince myself tastes good with my collagen powder

And then I’m gonna do my 45 step skincare routine

And then I’m gonna get in the car and go to the gym

With only one cup of coffee, and I’m gonna do that consistently like it’s so easy to see how it could logically make sense

Like it it’s so easy to make changes. It’s so easy to implement shit

until you go to implement it and the thing that a lot of people are missing with that shit is

When you’re logical and you’re like okay? This is how my day is gonna. Go. This is the new activities

I’m gonna do this is the new schedule

I’m gonna live on like I’m gonna start going to the gym and making my food and all of us in that like it’s so

Easy to make that up

So you basically set it up in your head when you’re being logical you set it up in your head

This is what you’re gonna start doing. This is how it’s gonna go and you’re like okay great seems relatively simple

It’s gonna be a little bit of hard work great

But like I’m gonna do this and you set it up in your mind to go this way

It’s like to get these things done, and you can set it up

And you can see how it’s gonna be so smooth how many times have we’ve been sitting there at night

And we’re like oh my god tomorrow

I’m gonna wake up at 6 and I’m gonna like get up early and I’m gonna start my day

And then we go to sleep and when we’re trying to wake up

We’re snoozing the fuck out of that alarm like we don’t want to fucking get up like it’s nice when it’s logical

It’s nice when it’s like the day before when you’re planning it because you set it up in your mind that it’s gonna go

Swimmingly that things are just gonna go smoothly

So that’s your expectation

That’s what you expect to happen, and then when anything goes off plan like that

It’s like it just seems so fucking difficult it seems so hard, but you don’t realize you’re setting that expectation up

You know like you’re not taking into consideration

You’re not gonna motherfucking feel like it is gonna be uncomfortable like you’re not gonna ever feel like fucking doing this shit

You will sometimes when it’s logical when it’s the night before you feel like doing it

But like when it comes time to do it

You’re not gonna fucking do it

But my whole point is you’re setting up this

Expectation in your head of how things are supposed to go and you’re failing to take into consideration a huge part

Which is your emotions you’re not always gonna feel good. You’re not always gonna feel motivated

You’re not always gonna be like wanting to eat your fucking spinach smoothie like who the fuck does you know what I mean like the?

First day when you start a new routine. It’s like ooh easy-peasy

I’m so happy with this dry-ass fucking oatmeal and then the next day you’re like man fuck this shit like it’s easy when you’re

Optimistic, but then when reality sets in of what it’s actually like to work towards something

You’re like what the fuck, but you don’t plan for it like nobody plans for

Not feeling like it. It’s like when you’re in that happy phase of okay

I’m gonna make these changes, and I’m gonna do this thing. It’s like great cool fun, and then that feeling doesn’t last

But you didn’t plan for it to wear off so everything is just gonna seem really difficult

For no fucking reason and then that’s where a lot of people will be like oh my god

Something’s gone wrong like it shouldn’t be this hard, and I just want to reassure you babe

You just failed to take into consideration

The reality of what was gonna happen like when you were planning

You only took half of the reality and the other half that you left out was your emotions and the way this shit’s gonna feel

So that’s my first little perspective around why shit seems so goddamn difficult

It’s because you’re not planning for the emotions

That don’t feel good like you’re only planning for the ones that are happy and like whoo like if we can do this

Let’s go drink our fucking spinach

So my second theory around this piggybacks kind of off of that one, but kind of not really so just hang with me

When people try something new like anytime you try something new it’s gonna feel uncomfortable as fuck. It’s gonna be weird

You’re gonna be anxious. It’s just not gonna feel good all the time

there’s a lot of emotions that come up that are uncomfortable when you’re trying something new and

Part of me wants to be like yeah

No shit

like every time I’m trying something new like when I went to the alpha land for the first time like the gym that I the

Big gym that I joined when I went there for the first time. I was anxious as fuck cuz it’s like

It’s a new gym. I’m starting a new thing. I’m around all new people around a whole new environment

I don’t know yet, but I feel anxious and I observe myself feeling anxious and I’m like, yeah, no shit. You’re anxious

everything you’re experiencing right now is new and

The meaning you assign to the feeling of new things is what will make it a good experience or a bad experience

Because you can take this anxiety and these feelings when you’re trying something new or you’re doing something unfamiliar

When you make that shit mean something is bad or something has gone wrong. You’re fucking yourself

You’re literally fucking yourself and you’re gonna ruin the entire experience

Like it’s gonna become negative as soon as you say these feelings are not good. I should not be feeling them

So that makes sense. I promise my third theory has nothing to do with feelings

I don’t know why the first two do but

My third one’s kind of like off on its own little thing

That one’s gonna get deep but I don’t know why I’m getting flustered right now like recording this right now

It’s like pissing me off. I don’t know why

It’s not like it’s pissing me off. I’m just like I

Always start this bitch. Hey friends. So like hey friends, like I’m gonna let y’all know it’s like I’m upstate like I’m venting right now

Like I don’t know why I’m just aggravated like these first two points are about emotions and feelings like okay girl

We fucking get it. I don’t know why I’m annoyed with myself right now

But this is a really important thing

With the whole newness like you guys get what I’m talking about. You guys fucking get it

You’re aware and aggravated just like me like you fucking get it

I don’t have to explain myself, but that’s a really big thing

So with trying something new when you have those feelings come up of like, oh my god, I’m anxious. This is new

This is weird. If you’re a little scared, that’s kind of normal

But one if you didn’t prepare yourself to feel them

They’re gonna kind of throw you off like you’re not expecting to feel them

so they’re gonna throw you off and then what you tell yourself about the way you’re feeling is

What can make shit seem really really difficult like my example with trying the new gym all those feelings I was feeling it was like a

lot to take on and

There was so much more to it then. Oh, I tried a new gym

Like I just sounded real fucking dramatic, but like I’m someone that’s known online

So I get recognized a lot. I stick out like a sore fucking thumb

I’m six seven but going to this gym

it was like a very influencer filled gym like everybody knows everybody and everybody’s seen everybody on fucking tic-tac and

I was like one taking on the fact of I’m in a whole new environment

Everyone looks fucking hot and that’s intimidating and then who is looking at me and recognizes me and is not saying anything

that is something I live with all the time when I’m out in public like who the fuck is seeing me right now and

Recognizing me and not saying anything that shit trips me out

But like that was on the back of my mind, too

And then also I don’t want to look dumb like I’m already like lost in this gym

I don’t know where the fuck anything is

so I’m trying to like keep it together and like there was just a lot of feelings going on with that whole experience, but I

Literally just tell myself all the time. Yeah, no shit. Like when I’m anxious. No shit. You’re in a whole new gym, babe

Like it’s totally normal. You’re totally okay. That’s how I talk to myself

I’m like, you’re okay. Like I literally comfort myself. Like I’m a little kid. I’m like, you’re all right. You’re okay

Come on, like I know that sounds so stupid, but I say it out loud to myself

So you if you ever see me like talking to myself in public leave me a goddamn alone. I

Need comfort for some whatever reason so I just give it to myself

But that experience at the gym like I was able to comfort myself through it and get through it like it was fine

I actually had a really good fucking time because I didn’t tell myself anything was wrong with how I was feeling

But if that was my first experience trying this new thing and it came with all these heavy feelings and all this like

Uncomfortable like all these uncomfortable sensations like if that was my first experience

People sometimes don’t know to remind their self. That’s gonna fade away

So like when you try something new, it’s very uncomfortable at the beginning

But if you tell like if I were to tell myself

I’m gonna feel that way every single time I go to my new gym alpha land if I was like

Anticipating those emotions and those feelings every time I was gonna go it would make me not want to fucking go and I would look

At it like it’s hard like goddamn. I don’t want to fucking go work out

It’s like to work out is a fucking bitch in itself

And then it’s like to psych myself out mentally and be like, well

I’m gonna feel the same way I did if I go to work out like it’s just extra headache

That like you play on your own mind like you’re telling you’re like fucking with yourself. Does that make sense?

So this is my reassurance if you try something new and it’s uncomfortable it’s not gonna be uncomfortable forever

It’s gonna get easier

And I don’t want you to psych yourself out like that because it will make you not want to do shit

Like it will make things seem really really intimidating and just make you want to throw your hands up and say fuck this shit

Alright, I’m not doing it

It’s like with waking up early like if you’re like, okay

I’m gonna try and start waking up early and

You wake up one day and it’s a fucking shit show and you hate it and you’re groggy and you’re tired

And you’re just like fuck this. It’s like to think about okay. So the next month I agreed to get up early

It’s gonna be like this like you know, it’s like the catastrophizing thinking

It’s like this experience of waking up early has been fucking hell. I want a nap my coffee didn’t even work

It didn’t even do anything like when you’re at that level of like fuck this shit

You’re telling yourself. Okay the whole next month. I’m about to be waking up early. I’m about to be feeling like this

I’m gonna want to take a fucking nap as soon as I wake up

You’re instantly just gonna assume

based off of your first day waking up early how uncomfortable it was that it’s gonna continue to be that

Uncomfortable and I’m here to tell you it’s not it’s gonna get easier. You’re not gonna need a nap by like day three day four


But does that all make sense?

Like you’re just your brain kind of just like assumes and sets this shit up in your head and you don’t even realize it’s going

On but I just want you to like be there for yourself and learn to comfort yourself through

Trying new things or just doing things in general if it seems difficult

It’s not always gonna be difficult. It will get easier and it feels bad because you’re telling yourself something’s fucking wrong

Okay, so my third little perspective theory thing this is the long one

This is the one I got a lot of bullet points to hit and I’m like scrolling to my notes app right now

I’m like, oh, that’s the whole way. I want to talk about it all but our phones make shit

so easy

Like everything like literally our phones make everything so fucking easy any need we have

We can kind of meet through our phone and we can have it quick and like instantly

So if you want to have discussion with somebody or like human interaction, it’s not gonna be human interaction

but you can go on your phone and

interact with other people

Instantly, so if you’re feeling alone, you’re feeling lonely

You can go meet that need for yourself really quick

Like it’s right at your fucking fingertips

If you want food order the shit and it’ll be at your fucking door in 40 minutes

Uber Eats or whatever fucking apps there are like I don’t use that shit

Like if I’m gonna go out to eat, I’m a goddamn go I’m making an event

Like I want to go to a restaurant and sit down

I don’t want to fucking have some soggy ass food

Been sitting in someone’s car for 40 fucking minutes on the way to me

But anyway, my point you can literally bring anything you want like quick into your experience

And you don’t have to put really any effort into doing that

So we’re like before in the olden days before there was fucking phones

Like if you wanted to interact with a human being if you didn’t want to feel alone

you couldn’t just get on your little fucking phone and satiate that need you would have to get up and go out and

Be around other human beings and talk to other people if you wanted interaction

The same with food if you wanted food

You had to get the fuck up and go out and get it

Like your girl you can order groceries to your goddamn fucking house

Like you don’t have to do nothing really you barely you don’t even have to fart on your own

Like I’m sure there’s some machine that will like suck it out of your ass

What the fuck am I saying?

My point is like everything’s just so goddamn easy like everything is just takes no effort now and

the fact that everything and

every aspect can

be simplified and be like

Sped up and then you can get it quicker. You can get it faster. You can get it now

Without really having to exert any effort

That’s kind of setting up a baseline in our head

So like when I talked about social media setting a baseline for what we think is attractive in my other episode

Where social media shows you hot people over and over and over again, and then you start to believe that’s normal

You being able to meet needs for yourself instantly and quickly over and over and over

Makes it set up in your mind that the expectation is like that’s what’s normal

It’s for shit to be quick right now instant. I can do it with like barely any effort

so there are still things in life that require a lot of effort and

When you start to go to do them

It’s gonna feel like fucking hell because you’ve just been programmed that everything is quick and easy with little effort

So like even if you want a date

Like if you want to find a date

You can literally download an app and go meet up with someone in less than a fucking hour if you want to fuck you can

Download an app to go fuck somebody and literally have them at your house within an hour. That’s

Like insane and people don’t realize that we just like have that and we don’t understand what the fuck like is going on

You know

Cuz we’re before

You’d have if you wanted a date you had to go talk to people if you wanted to fuck somebody you had to go to

A bar like you had to go do things you had to put effort

Into anything you wanted or needed. So that’s why people are like kind of turning against ourself

It’s like anything you want or need that you can’t meet for yourself quick

It’s like you turn against yourself for even wanting it and you get mad or annoyed or frustrated and it’s just like fuck it

Like it’s that frustration

Because it’s not simple but people aren’t aware of like why things seem so goddamn hard and it’s because

We’ve all been trained with this new generation of phones stuck up our fucking asses like literally at our fingertips

Anything we can have we can get it right now. Like it’s insane. Like I ordered protein the other day

I literally was standing in my kitchen and I was like damn I need protein

Like I’m out and I’m not used to living in a big city

So like I got on my phone because the kind that I buy is very hard to find

So I can’t just go to GNC and fucking buy it or like vitamin shop. They ain’t got the shit. So I

Get on Amazon and it says it can be here within four hours

And I was like what the fuck what

Like I literally put in the order and then four hours later. It showed up right in my doorstep. I was like, what the hell?

Like I’m I’m from a smaller town where that shit was not like useful

But now I see how a majority of people have been living for so long and I’m like damn y’all

That’s why I hate your fucking lives

Like you think everything is that quick easy simple and so many of the best things in life are so fucking hard

And take so much time

so it’s an it’s interesting like what I’m observing with the ways that

Dynamics are set up with our phone and like accessibility to shit because I’m not the type that’s like complaining about it. I’m just saying

understand this perspective and take it into consideration because it’s an explanation for the way that you feel because I love that shit is

Convenient. I sure as fuck do I’m not anyone to talk against technology

I think they need to fucking quit with the AI shit that scares the fuck out of me

Stop playing with robots. Stop trying to make like fake humans. That’s fucking weird and it’s scary

Have y’all not watched any fucking movie?

Do y’all not have any critical thinking skills like bitch once you give a computer? No, don’t talk about it

I’m not I don’t want to speak it to into existence because I’m ski it like that fucking shit is so scary to me like

They’re gonna blow up the world

Like what the fuck are you doing?

Like they’re gonna turn on your ass don’t give them consciousness

Don’t fuck with computers like Amazon’s great

Like just leave us with our little Amazon and our little eBay and our fucking Google like that’s fine

You don’t need to be making like robots and shit. Like I’ll clean my own house

I don’t need like a fucking like electric robot made. I’m okay. I promise. I’m okay

I really don’t want that like that scares the fuck out of me. Stop trying to make like AI. Oh

My god, okay here. I keep going off a fucking tangent back on track. I


the like convenience of

Technology, but yeah, I wanted to share this perspective because it explains why shit seems so goddamn difficult and it’s because we’re not

Trained to like put effort into things anymore

Like reading books like if someone reads books still it’s like God Wow like round of applause

Like if you read a book, I’m so like envious of you like bitch you have patience you have

Determination you have time and I’m proud of you. Like that’s a fucking like

Accomplishment to read a book now. I listen to them on audible and shit like audiobooks

I’ll do that

But like for me to sit down and read a physical book bitch fuck no like that takes so much

Concentration and energy and it’s like I want information quick and fast like I like a YouTube video

I like a tick-tock where they like spit that shit at me really quick and books are like diluted and

Long-winded and it’s like not quick information. Like once you hit a certain awareness level nothing’s fucking impressive and

Once you read so many books, it’s the same repetitive fucking shit like most self-help books

They’re gonna they tell you for the first like two to three chapters

How your life is about to change and how things are gonna get better and I’m just like motherfucker

Just tell me what the fuck you have to tell me stop convincing me that my life’s gonna get so great

I already bought your goddamn book. So just give me the value now, like give it to me straight

I want it fucking force-fed like fucking just give it to me right now

I don’t want to have to read your fucking intro

I don’t have to read your preface and your goddamn two chapters of like

Explanation. I’m good bitch. Just give me the information. I can handle it. I promise but right there. That’s something also like

Information is so readily available all the time. Like you don’t have to fucking

Struggle to learn anything. Well, you can just fucking Google it and it’s there and

That’s like when I have when I can’t find something online it pisses me off

Bro, like I get so fucking mad. I’m like how the fuck has nobody like

Talked about this. Yeah, like my whole podcast is all the shit that I couldn’t find

I’m like how the fuck are there seven billion people in the world and nobody has like

Talked about the shit that I talk about the way that I talk about it and like make it digestible and not like these concepts

Floating around in the air that sound nice and pretty but you can’t apply it to reality like bitch

How has nobody done this? I’d like it aggravates the living shit out of me when I can’t find something but that’s because I’m like

Conditioned that everything is like right there easy accessible

Everything’s been done by somebody like nowadays you can’t find shit that someone else hasn’t done

So that’s why it was so frustrating for me to try to find what I’m creating

But that’s the thing also

Everybody’s doing everything like so everything has already been basically fucking done in one way or another

It’s weird. Like if you have an idea now for something to make or an invention or anything

it’s like someone has already thought of it and put it into action unless it’s something like very far-fetched like very

specific that no one’s like put time or effort into but it’s like

There’s not really a problem without a solution anymore

Like there’s always I don’t is that the thing?

So like when I have a problem that I can’t solve it pisses me off because I’m used to it being solved

There we go. That makes sense

You hear my brain turning the little mouse is running in my brain like it’s on its little wheel and it’s running

Like it’s turning like things are making sense

But another thing I want to talk about is like being entertained

like if you have any moment of

Boredom like you don’t have to like sit with yourself and sit in your thoughts or try to think of a way to entertain yourself

It’s like you just pull out your little phone and you play on an app and you’re entertained

Forever like tick-tock bitch. I could stay on it forever and like never be bored. I really I’d have to pee or something but like

Tick-tock like an Instagram and like social media. It’s just so easy to be entertained and distracted. It’s right there. So

People in the olden days you’d say you still have to go the fucking movie theater or like if you wanted to hear music you

Had to go to a concert bitch

like now you just play anything you goddamn want like you just play anything you want at any moment at any time and

I don’t know. Like that’s just another little thing. I wanted to point out but my biggest point about this is

If you are feeling a way that you do not want to feel or you’re feeling something uncomfortable

There’s so many

airquote quick fixes out

there so like

distraction being one like getting on your phone and playing on something that’s a distraction from your current reality of the current things you’re feeling and

Facing you got drugs and alcohol and if you don’t want to go to a store order them text your fucking plug

Drop them in my mailbox bitch

Like there’s so many ways to get things so quickly to you that like in order to not feel the way that you do

It’s so easy. It’s so fast. Whereas before people were sat down and like made

To sit in the way that they felt like if they wanted to distract their self

It took a lot more effort and energy like people were a lot more in touch

I believe a long time ago cuz like the shit that I’m observing now in the world is some asleep ass

Snoring ass shit, like everyone is so out of touch with herself and it’s insane

They’re out of touch with their self the people around them and the fucking world like bro

But that’s the whole thing is like you don’t have to sit with yourself anymore

So, how are you ever supposed to get in touch with yourself? Like you’re able to just distract yourself

Instantly and all these apps are so fucking addictive that like even if you don’t plan on

Getting on one like if you just like you’re you’re habitually trained to click an app

So it’s like if you start moving the icons around on your phone

You’ll realize your finger automatically clicks to Instagram or clicks the tick-tock or clicks to snapchat or like whatever it is

Like whatever you fucking get on all the time like your brain just like clicks on it automatically

So that’s something fucking weird that I’ve like started thinking about a lot is like people can instantly

Not feel the way that they feel

one the way that I do it is

If I’m feeling something, I don’t want to feel I always it’s like a bad little trait of mine

I know I’m supposed to give myself attention and like focus on myself, but to be honest all the time

I don’t want to fucking do that. Like I’m so goddamn fucking needy

I’m like, can I just not like I’m tired. I haven’t a comfort myself, bitch

so I just jump online and I try to look for a new perspective about what I’m going through and

That will change the way that I feel about it

like that’s something I do a lot and that’s another reason that I made this podcast is because I ran out of places and

Perspectives to look for so I started sharing them so y’all can do it. But that’s my thing is I might be gaining awareness and

That’s great and all like I’m waking up and I’m growing I’m seeing new perspectives, but I’m still not sitting with myself

I’m still distracting myself with the new perspective. I just gained so that makes sense. Like everything is pulling us away from ourself

Like it’s so easy to get away from yourself and the way that you’re feeling like it’s so insanely easy that it’s kind of scary

But something that makes shit seem hard is when you can’t use your phone

Like if you try to go live a day without your phone

You’re gonna be sitting there forced to face how you’re feeling and it’s gonna fuck with everything. So like going to the gym

Whenever I’m not feeling motivated

Instead of having to sit in that and work through that on my own to get myself to get up and go to the gym

I can put on a good song

I can look at people online that makes me insecure and like looks better than me

So I want to go or I can fucking

Watch a YouTube video and see someone that is inspiring to me like there’s so many ways

To deal with the emotions that come up throughout the day that it makes it so easy

Like but if I didn’t have my phone and I had to like find motivation, it would be a lot harder

Does that make sense like so shit seems so fucking difficult when you can’t use the typical things that we use

To help ourself. So that’s just another random perspective with all this

But I do want to say if you’ve made it this far in the podcast

I’m not done yet, but I am gonna ask you to leave me a 5 star rating

And if you made it this far

You don’t want to give it anything less than 5 stars cuz bitch you really invested in this episode of you this fucking far

So go ahead and give my love 5 stars cuz I’m entertaining you you’re still here. Thank you so much

But another example of this that’s like fucked me up is trying to find furniture, bro

Like I’ve talked about it before my taste is so fucking picky and I don’t like anything

So trying to find furniture, like I’m used to just being able to go on Amazon when I want something and buying it


When I tried to do that

With furniture, I can’t like I can’t find shit on Amazon. I can’t find shit at IKEA

I can’t find shit anywhere like I had to physically

go to a bunch of different antique shops to find the things that I want and

It’s taken like a lot of effort and work and I’m hunting like I’m on the fucking prowl for some furniture I like

When I first moved in I got a bunch of shit from Goodwill

Like I got a couch and a table from Goodwill in a little chair because I was like, okay great

This is enough to like move me in and get me like livable until I can actually find something

I love then I’ll like

drop some cash on it and I just found a table that I love and if you follow me on Instagram then you already saw

The table and tick-tock I posted on there, too

I’m so excited about it

But I finally found the table and now I get to get rid of the Goodwill one

But I spent so much on that goddamn table. Oh my god, it makes me fucking sick. But I do love it

It’s from the 70s and it’s real pretty

But I’ve had to like check myself with trying to look for furniture

Like I’ve been looking at it and telling myself this is so hard for no reason like

Why the fuck am I not able to find what I want at places and I’m like Leo

Hello like, you know, you don’t like normal shit

So you’re trying to find special things in normal places. I’ve talked about that before but

Telling myself it should be easy and then experiencing it being difficult

Pissed me off ten times worse and made the experience even worse

So I have to check myself a lot mentally like y’all aren’t the only ones that have to do it

like I’m constantly on my own ass like having to call myself out and

Check the assumptions that I make and watch the shit that I speak over myself

Cuz it’s not been hard to find furniture

Like I’ve just had to go to a lot of places like I’ve had to put a lot more effort into finding things

Then I usually do because I can just find it online real quick. But that’s the thing is I’m not

Doing something that’s extremely hard

I’m just having to put more effort into it than just tapping some fucking buttons on a computer

Or like tapping the screen on my phone and then having it show up and be delivered

Me telling myself that that was hard and that was difficult is what made me feel like it was difficult

but once I told myself, okay, you’re looking for a bunch of special shit and

You’re you’re putting in the expected amount of effort like the amount of effort

It’s taking from you to find the things that you want is normal

Like that’s the expected level of effort it takes to find what you’re looking for

So watching the meanings I assigned to that shit made it seem a lot easier

Cuz once I put myself off the hook, I was like look Leo like you’re not

Exerting extra effort like you’re actually doing the normal amount like this is not actually that difficult

It’s just not what you’re used to

That set me the fuck free and it made me kind of enjoy this little hunt now because I wanted it fast quick now

But it’s taken me a month to find some shit that I actually really like

So that’s not really that long because the things that I want are very specific and special. So

The amount of effort I’ve put in hasn’t been awful, you know

But that kind of brings me back to point one with the expectations thing

Look at what you’re going through and look at what you’re dealing with and check yourself. Are you actually working that hard?

Are you actually like having to put in too much effort?

Is it actually difficult or is it just more difficult than what you’re used to because everything is so fucking easy now

That was a pretty goddamn good question. Damn. I’m gonna leave it off on there

I’m gonna shut the fuck up and just in the episode here before I start like

Going too much ruining that cuz that was a really good point

Once again, I’m gonna ask you to leave me a five-star rating in case you forgot cuz now we’re at the end

I have to remind you. Thank you so much

Love you so much

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