Aware & Aggravated - 31. Signs You Can Trust Someone

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Hi friends, so this is the last fucking episode

I thought I’d ever be making because I have the words trust no one tattooed on my hand

And here I am giving you a full fucking podcast of how to know you could trust someone

But that’s exactly what I’m gonna do

So as much as I want to say trust no one and I stand by that’s all the day that I die

You can trust people to a certain extent. I

Personally I have like that little boundary of like I’m never surprised by nothing

I don’t fully trust any human being

But there are signs that someone is trustworthy and that you can trust them and that’s what this podcast is gonna be

I’m gonna tell you all the shit that I’ve learned

From all the shit that I’ve been through and all the awareness that I have

These are the little things that you can pick up on there’s gonna be little things

There’s gonna be big things, but I’m gonna teach you how to spot all of it

And after you hear this episode all the things I’m gonna tell you

You’re gonna get a newfound sense of trust with yourself

Because you’re gonna feel like you can trust your own judgment of people now

Cuz I got your back and I’m in your ear cuz you’re never gonna forget this shit

You’re gonna hear in this episode like I’m about to completely fuck up the way you look at people and I’m so sorry

But like I’m gonna show you ways to protect yourself. Like these are the identifiers that someone is not safe

And if after you listen to this you realize that

You don’t actually trust anyone in your life and no one in your life is trustworthy

I’m sorry, like listen at your own risk bitch cuz like this one’s gonna hit you

so one of my favorite type of people and

The first sign that you know

You can trust somebody is the type person that will tell you you have shit on your face

Or you have something in your fucking teeth like the person that looks out for you

Regardless if it hurts your feelings or not

Don’t let me walk around looking fucking stupid if I have some in my teeth goddamn

Tell me like there’s just a certain level of comfort and just like assurance and safety

You feel with somebody when they’re honest like that like you’re looking out for me. You’re not worried about

Oh, is this gonna hurt my feelings? It’s like no your main concern is making sure that I’m okay and like you’re protecting me

There’s two ways people can point shit out they can make fun of you for it or

They can let you know

That something’s off or something’s wrong or they could try and fix it or whatever it is

They can show it as concern of like you I’m looking out for you

I’m protecting you or if they pointed out and make fun of you fuck them

That’s not the type you can trust if they try and embarrass you for it

Anyone that tries to embarrass you period fuck them don’t trust them

But if someone tries to point something out about you to embarrass you no, that’s absolutely not don’t fucking trust them

keep your fucking distance, but someone that’s gonna look out for you and be like

Hey, like they get they point to their teeth or they point to something on their face to like wipe your fucking face

Like that’s a down-ass motherfucker. That’s someone you can trust. That’s someone you can be comfortable with

Like that’s my favorite type of person and that’s how I am

Like I always feel bad to like have to point something out

But I know how good I feel when someone points it out for me

It’s like you’re not gonna let me walk around looking stupid. You’re not gonna let me walk around my hair fucked up

I know I’m bald right now, but when I had hair

like if when people would like fix my hair for me or like my friends like when I wear a gold chain like if it

Flips when we’re at the club because I’d be dancing like a motherfuck

When it flips like they’ll like readjust it for me and make sure it looks flat like thank you for looking out for me, bitch

Like thank you. Like that is number one sign. You can trust somebody

Do they tell me I have shit in my teeth or I have something on my fucking face?

And there’s a little bit more to that because you know

You can trust their compliments when they compliment you if they’ll also tell you when something looks bad

So you need someone that can do both?

Okay, that was the only like superficial one honestly like the rest of them are kind of like big and serious so

Let’s move on to the next one, which is safety

There’s little signs you can tell someone cares about your safety like the whole text me when you get home thing

The checking in on you making sure you’re all right making sure you got a ride making sure you’re watched out for

There’s little things like that that will show someone cares for your safety, but that is the main fucking thing

That you should be worried about is your physical safety and well-being does someone care about that?

Are they gonna make sure you’re okay? Do they show some kind of concern or consideration for your safety?

There is so many little things that I do

Where I’m watching out for people like in a restaurant. I always sit facing the door, so I always know what’s coming in

What’s going out? You know what I mean like I need to know everything going on

So I always face the door when I’m with someone in a parking lot

I make sure they get in their car, and if you’re getting in the car with me

I’m not fully in the car with my door closed until you’re in the car with your door closed like I’m making sure if

Someone grabs you I can easily get to you

Does that make sense like I’m never just like locking myself in the car also

I’m not letting my friends that are girls walk by their self to their fucking car at night

When I’m dropping off a friend at home

I make sure that they get in their door and they close it when I’m dropping a friend off at their car

I make sure they get in and it starts and they’re able to drive because I’m not just gonna leave you stranded in a fucking

Parking lot and your car don’t start like there’s just little tiny signs

That you know someone is looking out for your safety, and those are just a few

But that is a really really good sign that it should be your fucking priority like there are some people that aren’t

Confrontational and I understand that there are certain people that are not violent

but I

Don’t care who it is when you care about someone you will protect them at all fucking costs

It doesn’t have to be an extreme and just because someone is not aggressive and feisty and in your fucking face

They might be doing other things that indicate that they’re concerned about your safety

So look out for them like the things that I said just see if they start doing any of that

These are like little telltale signs that you know that they care about your safety

And that’s a huge thing that you know you can trust them

okay, so my next sign you know you can trust someone is

Check them and watch what happens when they get mad when someone gets mad

Do their actions and their words?

Still line up or is what they’ve said they are and what they like and what they do and what they value does that flip?

All of a sudden just because they’re pissed off. Do they stop respecting you when they get pissed off

Do they stop considering your safety when they get pissed off. It’s like certain couples

It’s like whenever they get in a fight

It’s like I’m throwing all your shit out of the house fuck you get out of my house get out of my life

It’s like how are you just gonna show such a blatant disregard for someone’s well-being and their safety and their home?

You know what I mean. That’s just something that does not sit right with me like when you get mad

Are you gonna start attacking me verbally?

Are you gonna use shit that I told you in confidence like things that I was vulnerable about are you now gonna attack me?

With them like you got to watch when people get mad

Watch if there’s a flip or watch if they’re still consistent if someone is consistent even when they’re pissed off

That’s a sign you can trust them so with me I’m able to be extremely angry

I can be like foaming at the fucking mouth, and I still am aware of what I’m saying

I will be screaming at the top of my lungs, but I’m in control of the words coming out of my mouth

Some people aren’t so just because someone gets mad and they start screaming. It doesn’t mean that

They’re being inconsistent. They might be scaring you by getting aggressive, but

Check what they’re saying does what they say line up with what they say when they’re not mad

Do their feelings for you change all of a sudden because they’re mad do now they fucking hate you now

They’re disgusted by you. You know what I mean

You got to watch for the consistency

See if when they get angry or when they get emotional they use it as a chance to discard you

discard the way that you feel and all of that because if someone gets mad and they use that as an excuse to like

No longer take you into consideration. It’s just about them because they’re pissy

It’s like that’s not a safe person to be with so

You cannot fucking trust them. I’m sorry like you’ll be at the mercy of whatever emotional state that they are in

So every time they get upset your sense of safety is gone, and I want you to watch out for that

I want you to protect yourself from that and it will start with little things

One more little thing around this is like do they leave you places?

Like if you’re out together, and you go out and they get pissed off

Are they just gonna leave you are they just gonna leave you in a parking lot?

Are they just gonna leave you at a club like if you drove together?

Are they just gonna take the car and fucking leave you there?

Do not trust the motherfucker that does that you will only allow someone to do that to you once if you listen to my podcast

Bitch, we don’t let that shit happen wonder why I always drive separate

You will never catch me nowhere without my own fucking car because I’m not taking no chance with that

But if someone does do that like if you go on a trip somewhere

And they’re just gonna leave you somewhere, and they don’t care about making sure that you get home safe

That’s a big sign that you can’t trust them

Cuz even if I’m like pissed off at you like I want to punch you in your fucking throat

I’m still gonna make sure you get home. Okay. You know like if we went together. I’m gonna make sure you get home

Your safety will never be at risk

even if I’m mad at you, so that’s one way that you can know you can trust someone and

Another way you can test like if you’ve just met someone and you want to know how they react when they’re angry like maybe they

Haven’t gotten angry with you yet. Look at how they treat other people. They’re angry with

Watch that interaction listen to how they talk about people from their past that have done them wrong

Are they vengeful are they fucking hateful are they spiteful because they’ll do the exact same shit to you and trust me

I’ve learned from fucking experience with that like I’m like oh, it will never be me. It will never be me

Yes, the motherfuck it will people

Do not deserve for you to be hopeful about them. You’re gonna look at their fucking actions

You’re gonna look at their fucking patterns. You don’t give people hope you give them what they show you

so if they show you that they’re unsafe and they have patterns of

Disregarding people when they get mad or when they get upset or when they’re mad at somebody like they start fucking with them and they get

Despiteful you don’t give them the hope and the benefit of the doubt that they’ll treat you different

They’re gonna treat you how they’re showing you so I want you to remind yourself of that. You’re not special. You’re not different

It’s not about you

It’s about them and them not being able to control their emotions and their reactions when they’re emotional

So it’s not about you, babe. I don’t care if you’re the fucking best thing they ever met

They’ll fuck it up if they don’t know how to get a grip on their emotions and when they’re upset

I’m sorry to say that but I got to tell you the way it is because I’ve been burnt so many times

from giving people the benefit of the doubt and just hoping that they cared about me, but

someone can care about you and still hurt you so a

Big thing you can use from this podcast is I’m the know I’m saying signs

You can trust someone but look for signs that you’re safe with someone. That’s a good thing too because most of these are that

Okay, so the next way, you know

You can trust someone if they don’t let things prevent them from helping you

So they’re not gonna let something get in the way of being there for you or helping you and I have an example for my own

Personal life with this one

So one night I’m at a bar bitch and y’all but like trigger warning gag warning throw up warning

All right. I love watching people throw up, but I don’t want that fucking shit near me. I don’t want it on me

There’s just that’s a weird fetish of mine

I like to watch people cry and I like to watch people throw up like I don’t want it near me

I don’t want to smell it. Like I just want to like it’s just satisfying to watch it, you know, but I’m at a bar

One night with a couple of friends and we’re like outside of the little like area and I’m having a fucking cigarette

I’m hanging out and we’re all just like chilling and apparently this dude gets sick and like he’s about to throw up

so he takes off running and he like runs through me and my friends and as

He’s running through I like do I wasn’t aware of like what the fuck was going on?

like I was like talking to somebody mid-conversation and I pointed over at something on the other side of the club and

As I put my arm out and pointed he starts throwing up as he’s running by and it fucking like goes

Straight on my arm like full arm covered and fucking some random dudes vomit and he wasn’t even cute

Oh, that’s the fucking worst like you’re gonna be ugly and you’re gonna throw up on me, please

Oh my god, but I’m a nurse

So I’m used to very very nasty ass shit, and I don’t get grossed out by things

I kick in the fucking like fix-it mode and I like I dissociate from the situation and I control it

But I’m just standing there for a second like taking in what the fuck just happened

I’m like this dude really just fucking threw up on me and everyone around me is like, oh

Oh my fucking god, like girls are gagging guys are like what the fuck like everybody’s shocked and like all the people

I was friends with were just kind of like looking around like you so I take my drink my fresh drink

I just got from the fucking bar and I pour it on the top of my arm and like just let it run down and

I got everything off of me and I was just like

Fuck like one. I just lost my whole fucking drink. I just got it and it was good

And then two that’s gross as fuck I just got throwed up on by ugly guy

But that was fucking nasty and then all of a sudden my friend Amra comes running up to me with

Napkins and starts like wiping off my arm

Like she didn’t care that I just got thrown up on she was there to help me and was the only one

That like came to help me made sure I was okay one

but to like helped me clean it like everybody else was standing around like

And like Amra as soon as she saw it happen took off to the bar grab the fuck ton of napkins and came running back

over to me and

Like she was the only one that was there for me and in that moment. I felt so cared about

Because like she showed me she had my back no matter what and yeah

It was fucking nasty that it was throw up on my arm, but I’m the same way if I see

You’re dealing with something if I care about you you’re not dealing with it alone. I don’t care how bad it is

I don’t care how nasty it is if you’re thrown up on I’m gonna be right there with you getting it the fuck off you

Just like how Amra was for me. She didn’t let anything stop her from being there for me

She was right there with me cleaning it off like everybody else let the throw up stop them

They’re like it was gross. She dove in to give a fuck and was like helping me. She saw I needed something and like she

Prioritized me making sure I was okay and

cleaned it like

She was fucking there for me

And that’s what I mean by do people let things get in the way of them being there for you

So like what the throw up like she didn’t fucking did she didn’t budge. She didn’t think twice like yeah

It’s fucking gross, but like I was more important to her and she cared more about

Making sure I was okay, then being focused on how gross it was does that make sense

But it’s deeper than just the throw-up. It’s like in that situation everyone around us was so fucking grossed out

That she didn’t care if people looked at her like she was fucking nasty because she was coming to clean it off me like

People were looking at me like you because I was like I got thrown up on but like I did like I just look at

Them like you’re fucking immature like shut the fuck up like you’re you’re a titty baby-ass bitch if you can’t handle a little throw-up

But anyway, they didn’t have the background that I have which is nursing like I’ve been shit on I’ve been thrown up on

Like nursing you see the worst of the worst especially in nursing school

But yeah, my whole point was like she didn’t care how people were looking at her

Her priority was being there for me

And that’s something else that someone could let

Prevent them being there for you like if someone is worried about how they’re gonna be perceived if they’re worried about other people

It’s like if they show that your safety your well-being you making sure you’re taken care of you’re okay

You’re not upset if they show you they make that their priority and they care about that

That’s a solid fucking person, and you know you can trust them

Okay, so my next pointer for knowing you can trust someone is do they exhibit a deeper understanding of things like do they seem like

They just get it do they seem like they understand shit at more than just a surface level like do they are they?

Situationally aware like do they understand that there’s more to things that there’s more perspectives

There’s more possibilities solutions explanations like you can tell when someone’s with it or when they’re fucking not like it’s like they’re switched on are

They switched on or are they not because it’s a very clear distinction of do people get it or do they not get it?

And one way you can tell if someone is switched on is seeing how they treat other human beings

Are they in touch with the fact that other human beings have feelings?

Like if you look at how people treat wait staff or any customer service

Personnel it’s like they’re a human being okay

They’re not some fucking slave. They’re not someone that owes you shit

Alright like I don’t like people that have big fucking egos when it comes to like thinking

They are somebody when it comes to customer service you ain’t fucking shit

All right be fucking polite or get the fuck out like literally don’t do not be mean to people

that shit pisses me off, and I’m not even gonna go there, but

You can see are people cut off from the fact that other people are human it doesn’t matter what position

They’re in do they only respect CEOs and people with fucking titles or do they respect the janitor, too?

Are they fucking nice to have a janitor do they speak to the janitor do they hold the door for the janitor?

Do they say hi do they smile are you aware that every single human being has feelings?

Not just the ones that you respect

That’s how you can fucking clock if someone’s a piece of shit one or two if they’re switched on

Cuz motherfuckers that are not switched on I want to smack upside the fucking head

and I’ve gotten into a lot of like altercations with people for

Being so fucking like unaware that people are human goddamn beings like Jesus Christ

I don’t understand how we’re still so in the dark age with that like these people that are in establishments like

Screaming and showing their ass like over their coffee that got made wrong shut the fuck up

You need to be hit you need to be fucking sat the fuck down

Bitch one you need a reality check of what the fuck’s really important in life your little coffee

You can wait bitch, but to like where do you think you’re gonna be so disrespectful to somebody just because they made a mistake

And they did something wrong like I understand some people need to be like

Checked and you got to show a little tough love or for you to just berate somebody because they made a mistake

Realize they’re a human being

Understand like even if you’re in a coffee shop understand baristas if you go to a Starbucks

They’re constantly fucking moving go go go they have so much shit. They’re doing it’s easy to make a little mistake. They’re overwhelmed

There’s a lot going on like you got to cut them a little slack shit happens. They’re humans. They’re not machines

That’s a really really big thing that I look for I just unpacked a lot of little points on that one

But you get my point just check are they switched on to the fact that other people are human and that everyone has feelings

Regardless of their position regardless of everything like even the homeless people you see on the side of the road

They still feel all the exact same emotions that you feel so if they seem disconnected

There’s a good word switched off switched on disconnected connected

Whatever you want to word it as just look for that because if someone is switched on and they understand people have emotions

They understand you do too

Okay, so your chances of them hurting you and fucking you over and treating you like shit are lower

So that’s a sign you can trust somebody

Okay, so my next thing to look for you got a check do they fold under pressure and what I mean by do they fold?

Under pressure is can they be convinced against their self and their beliefs and their values?

Can they be forced out of their character?

Because a lot of people will switch the fuck up for money one

That’s like the most common one to

Societal pressure fear of rejection fear of not being liked like people want to be liked and accepted

So they flip the script and they’ll flip who they are. Basically. It’s like

They want to appeal to who’s in the room and they want to appeal to what like makes a situation best for them

There’s no consistency in their character

There’s no consistency and their beliefs and like you don’t I mean that they don’t have a solid sense of self like they can be

Put under pressure and fold like a fucking napkin. That’s someone that you can’t trust

that’s a big big red flag is if someone is not able to stand up in a room and

Stand solid and what they believe and what they stand for like do they give in to temptation?

Will they be able to be swayed easily?

You know what?

I mean, you gotta have someone that can put their fucking foot down and say no and then have that be consistent or like a

big example of this is

discriminatory things people say like there’s certain times where people just say

discriminatory shit or like certain words that you shouldn’t say

By society’s standards like oh that words off-limits

I get it, but judge the context of what they’re saying it like with the word faggot

I don’t give a fuck if people throw around the word faggot like if you throw around the work

I think it’s a funny ass word throw around faggot. I don’t care

But as soon as you flip into being disrespectful with that word, I’m smacking the fuck out of you

I’m not putting up with that shit

You need someone that’s not scared to speak up especially with like racist shit

Like if someone says a certain term and it’s not like harmful. I get like not

Needing to make it like a big deal

But if someone’s saying something in a derogatory way check them stand the fuck up and speak up

You need someone that will speak up regardless. That’s how you know

You can trust someone is whose values stay in line. No matter who they’re around, you know, you know, sometimes it’s like

Oh, I just don’t want to cause any trouble and it’s like nah

Cuz if it actually bothered you you’d speak the fuck up. It would not feel good to shut up. Does that make sense?

So someone that’s consistent with their beliefs and what they stand for you got to watch out for that

That means they’re trustworthy if they be flip-flopping and folding like a napkin. They’re not trustworthy

Okay, this is just a little quick one, but people that are worried about looking broke

That is a type of person

I don’t fucking get like it’s so common now that P everyone tries to not look poor to not look broke

It’s like the people that are actually concerned about not looking broke are broke people rich people don’t care

If someone thinks that they’re broke because they know that they’re not

So anyone that’s like always having to do the bougie shit and can’t do nothing ratchet

It’s like they’re the brokest fucking ones the ones that are always like I only do the best like I only do a filet mignon

It’s like bitch if you go to a restaurant with somebody and they order a filet and they say filet mignon. They’re broke

Only broke people say the full fucking name. It’s a filet bitch. It’s clear that you don’t eat them often

Okay now I’m just talking shit

I’m just talking shit

But I really do mean it about the filet like do not ever say mignon in front of mignon mignon mignon

Don’t say that in front of me bitch. It’s a filet. It’s a filet period done shut up after that

But yeah, my whole point with that is like people that can go back and forth with

The shit that they do so like someone that’s down to do bum shit and someone that’s down to do bougie shit like but not

Someone that always has to do bougie shit like someone that is so scared to look like broke

I don’t trust you because what are you willing to do to not look broke? Are you willing to sacrifice me?

Are you willing to?

Embarrass me put me down put me in a weird situation just so you don’t look broke

That’s not safe because you don’t know if they’re willing to put you down to look better in front of others

That’s someone that cares too much about other people’s judgment of them

And I don’t fuck with nobody like that like I understand why they are the way that they are

But I don’t want you near me

That’s unsafe to be around because it’s gonna be at my expense that you don’t look broke

It’s gonna come to that eventually and I don’t like to have to be around people like that

Like I’m someone that like girl my fucking couch is from Goodwill. It was $200

You know what else was $200 my fucking Versace ashtray

I’m very picky about where I’ll spend my money. I’m not broke

I’m not rich, but I don’t care about looking rich like I don’t care if people look at me like oh my god

He’s broke cuz I know I’m fucking not you know

But that’s how you know somebody’s broke is if they’re so worried about looking broke like I’m able to do

The bougie shit and the ratchet shit like I can do both and I need that in all of my friendships like you need someone

That’s like that and that doesn’t care about how they’re being perceived

You know so if they’re down to pregame with you in the car before you go into the club

Or if they’re down to save money in certain spots are down to go to thrift stores

They’re down to do just anything like if they’re smart around money, and they don’t give a fuck about looking broke. They’re trustworthy

Okay, so my next one do they own the shit that they say

So I’ve talked about this before on my podcast, but it is such a big one like if I say something

I’m gonna own it

That’s why I’m so bold with the shit that I say like anything. I say that’s very like stern or harsh

I’ve thought it through and I know I’m right, and it’s a solid point, and there’s no negating it

There’s no fucking fight in it

There’s not a rebuttal like if you look at my tick tocks with like where I like cuss people the fuck out

There’s no rebuttal bitch your case is closed like drop that hammer dung dung law and order face ass like it’s done


I’m so bold with what I say

Because I know it’s the truth, and I’ll stand behind it like I’m not the type to backtrack

It’s like if I say something, and I need to clear up something

I said I will but I’m so strategic when I speak I don’t have to take shit back

And I’m fully fine standing behind something. I said so like if I say something about somebody

That’s the thing is I don’t talk shit about people if I say something about you

And it sounded like I was talking shit. That’s a wake-up call that I’m not talking shit

I just said something I observed about you, and you don’t like how it sounds so that call is coming from inside the house, babe

You need to fucking reflect on that. I’m not talking shit. What you’re doing is just shitty

But that’s a big thing like if someone says something about someone or says something about a situation or voices an opinion

Do you stand behind it or do you backtrack if someone backtracks don’t trust them?

I don’t give a fuck unless it’s about your safety cuz like if I like I’ll talk all this shit on cops like fuck cops

Fuck the system, but whenever I get pulled over or whenever I’m interacting with a cop. I’m a manipulative little fucking shit

I always start out nice. I always start out like I honestly don’t fucking I don’t engage them

I don’t talk to them

I size them up and I look at them and I watch their mannerisms cuz I just need to know you don’t I mean

But if they interact with me, I’m like I don’t overextend myself

I’m fucking keeping my distance, but if I get pulled over or something. It’s like I’m very

Manipulative and if I have to be nice to be manipulative here I go

But that’s because my ass is on the line

And that’s a situation where like my safety is involved because if you piss off the wrong cop these corrupt little motherfuckers

Will fuck with your life and arrest you for blinking too many times like they’ll find some stupid ass example

You got a little you look a little cock-eyed you must be drunk no bitch

I just got a lazy eye you’re arrested boom like if you piss off the wrong one. You’re fucked so I understand you got to like

Navigate certain situations so like that like if your physical safety is

At risk I get it, but I’m talking shit

That’s not like that like people that just be talking shit, and I’ll stand behind it. I don’t fuck with that

Okay, so we got two more

my next one is look for

Does someone need to justify what they do like do they always need to feel the reason to explain

What someone did to them that justified them doing something back you know?

It’s like if someone asked me Leo. Did you just call that woman a fucking cunt? Yep? I sure did I?

Don’t feel the need to explain further. Well. She said this to me first or she did this first

I’m I’m fine. Just sitting here and owning up to what I did does that make sense like I’m not afraid to look like a

Bad guy because I know I’m not a bad guy so when people constantly feel the need to explain

It’s because they’re scared of looking like a bad guy because they feel like one if I do some fucked-up shit

You best know the motherfucker deserved it that I don’t care if I look like a bad guy

so just look out for that if there’s any allegation made against the person and

They all of a sudden like they feel the need to quickly defend their self

And they’re eager to do it, and they’re like antsy to defend their self constantly

They can’t take the pressure of possibly looking like a bad person. That’s the red flag

so someone that can stand and what they did and

Not be like ruined by the fact that you think they’re a bad person. That’s a good sign

Okay, so moving on to my last thing

This is the most important one and it’s gonna be short and sweet and like to the goddamn point

When you say you’re uncomfortable

What do they do?

Do they all of a sudden make a change do they change something do they care that you’re uncomfortable and try to make you more

Comfortable or do they ignore it do they try to tell you you’re annoying do they try to discard it?

Do they try to invalidate it do they try to make you seem like you’re being dramatic?

What is their response?

to hearing that you are

Experiencing something uncomfortable, and you know the answer for fucking that okay, so I want to leave the podcast off on that one

I feel like I’ve prepared you

I feel like I’m sending my kids off to school

And I’m like I’ve just taught you everything you need to know before you go to the school of life

Good luck. Love you so much be safe

That’s how I feel right now. I feel like a proud parent, but if you’ve made it this far in the podcast

Will you leave me a five-star rating because if you made it this far. I taught you something goddamn it so

Give me the five stars. Thank you

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But thank you so much for listening

I hope you feel a newfound sense of like security with yourself and like okay now I can trust myself

Because I know how to know if I can trust someone else

So that makes sense like you can now trust your judgment if someone is trustworthy

So I hope I’ve supplied you and equipped you with what you need to know

If you have any questions feel free to DM me and I can post a story if I need to elaborate more if people keep

asking the same thing, but

Thank you so much for listening

Stay safe. Take care of yourself. And even though I just told you how to trust someone

It’s tattooed on my hand for a reason. So I’m gonna remind you of it

Trust no one. I will talk to you next Sunday