Aware & Aggravated - 35. Alcohol

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hi friends I’m in a happy mood today like I’m a happy fucking dick right now

so here I am to talk my shit and I’m gonna tell you all the things you need

to know about drinking alcohol these are my requirements these are my rules bitch

like there’s so much more that goes into drinking then you realize and I’m gonna

tell you all the shit you need to know because the main thing you don’t want to

do is feel like ass the next day like you don’t want to feel like hell so

these are all of my tips to help you one not gain weight from drinking that’s

coming at the end though and then to how to not feel like shit like how to not be

hungover how to beat it okay and also I’m gonna tell you a couple little tips

and little tricks to take care of your body some do’s and don’ts you know cuz

we want to take care of that liver I really wish I could say just kidding but

this is all the shit that I wish someone would have told me like I saw I’m just

gonna tell y’all y’all my friends and I’m gonna give it to you straight so

first thing I want to talk about is like the main things for beating a

hangover that you can do when it comes to sleep because that’s the main reason

you feel like fucking hell the day after drinking alcohol is because your quality

of sleep is so bad like alcohol will fuck with it but there’s so many other

things that ruin your quality of sleep so I’m gonna hit on a couple of things

and then I’m gonna give you tips about actually drinking what to do and then

what to do the next day okay so first things first let’s talk about sleep a

lot of people don’t know you have to stop drinking three hours before you go

to bed I like to say like two to three cuz bitch you know when it’s just real

late and you just want like a little extra shot like don’t take it okay don’t

fucking take it stop drinking at least two hours before you’re gonna go to bed

put the shot down put the drink down toss it out and switch it for some water

babe it takes around two hours for your liver to get rid of and filter out one

drink or one shot so your livers already be working overtime bitch cuz we’re

drinking a whole bunch we’re drinking to get drunk you’re gonna be processing all

night but you don’t want alcohol still like in your system it’s gonna be in

your system but you don’t want your liver filtering out the most of it like

while you’re still trying to go to bed cuz it’s not gonna you’re not gonna

sleep good you’re gonna sleep like ass and then you’re gonna feel like ass the

next day so next thing is no caffeine after 2 p.m. oh my god Leo how the fuck

could you say that like you really shouldn’t be drinking caffeine past 2

p.m. on any fucking day because it ruins your sleep so the half-life of caffeine

is 5 hours so that means caffeine is in your system for 10 hours so if you’re

trying to go to sleep and you still have caffeine active in your system guess what

bitch 2 & 2 is 4 you’re not gonna fucking sleep good so try to limit

caffeine you could drink it after like 3 p.m. 4 p.m. fine but like you best go to

bed late so that’s just a really really big tip is no caffeine cuz I love you

just pop a 5-hour energy or like a lot of bitches drink like espresso martinis

I’ve never had one I will let you know how they are once I do try one but

you’ll never catch me at night drinking one because I want to go to sleep and I

want to sleep great because I have shit to do the next day like every time I

drink I have things to do like I’m busy now like I don’t have a day to just like

fuck off so these are my things that like keep me in check so next we know we

want to stay away from the stimulants and that also means no coke bitch

fucking put the coke down sorry like I know a lot of people don’t like to talk

about that but it’s so prevalent in the going-out scene stop shoving shit in

your nose okay I know it’s fun Z’s I know you’re like oh my god it’s fine

let’s just do a little bad but a couple bad it’s like no you’re gonna sleep like

ass the next day like if you’re gonna go out and party and drink and have fun

don’t fuck yourself up okay like unless you’re on vacation and you have like

free time go ape shit okay go have fun be safe god damn it but like go have fun

if you’re on a vacation but like don’t go out like downtown in your city and be

doing coke that’s not cute don’t do that it’s not worth it the next day you know

what I mean but you’re gonna be chemically imbalanced one but two you’re

gonna sleep like ass so no blow keep that fucking shit away from you okay

next thing we’re gonna talk about is nicotine and a lot of people be talking

shit on the fact that I like to have a little cigarette here and there until

they get some alcohol in them and then it’s oh can I hit it can I take a drag

oh funny how the tables turn how can I hit that vape well bitch weren’t you

just talking shit on me for having a vape and now you want to hit it look at

you cook it out I see you but yeah nicotine is a good stimulant good bitch

don’t let me say it’s a good stimulant don’t listen to me if you are under 21

don’t listen to this episode nicotine is a stimulant but it’s not gonna fuck

your shit up that bad so I’d say cut that shit out like two hours before

you’re gonna go to bed I want to say three to four hours but let’s be

realistic okay just fucking stop hitting your vape like as soon as you can before

you’re gonna go to sleep and just trust me on that one cuz it is a stimulant

it’s not like as bad as caffeine where it’s gonna like keep you up and fuck

with your sleep but it still will fuck with your sleep a little bit but I know

sometimes when you’re trying to get ready to go out or you’re like on the

way you’re feeling a little tired you want something to like a pick-me-up but

you don’t want to do no caffeine you need something so like I can’t take

everything away from you all right like I’ll give you at least a little fucking

vape all right fine I’m not talking to you personally this is just how I talk

to myself like I baby myself I’m like okay all right fine you whiny ass you’re

tired hit your little vape here you can have that like I have to give myself

things to keep me going cuz like if I can’t have a five-hour energy then you

think I’m just gonna raw dog it that’s a little difficult like unless there’s a

really really good song on or you’re with really fun people that’ll like get

you boosted back up but I totally get it but those are my tips on stimulants so

now let’s move into drinks and the first thing I’m gonna say is sugar stay the

fuck away from it it is gonna make you hung over as a bitch anything with

sugar in it don’t do it oh my god okay I can’t explain to you how much that

will fuck you up like anything with sugar in it you have to watch out for so

if you’re gonna do sodas do diet sodas if you’re gonna do mixers don’t add

anything with fucking sugar diet soda is fine grow up and just drink it I know a

lot of people that drink regular soda like diet doesn’t taste this good bitch

shut up and just drink the fucking liquor do you want to be hung over or

not okay great so listen the good thing about diet sodas I don’t want to say

the good thing cuz y’all are gonna misconstrue everything I fucking say but

the thing that I like about diet sodas is aspartame makes you drunker faster

and it’s scientifically proven like I posted a tick-tock saying that a while

ago and people were like no the fuck it doesn’t shut up you’re a liar and I’m

like you dumb shit fucking pull up Google and it will be right there in

front of your face there’s plenty of studies that have been done that prove

that aspartame makes you drunker faster so just shut up and just drink the

fucking diet soda okay but my main point with all this is stay away from sugar

don’t drink anything with sugar in it if you’re gonna get a margarita say a

skinny margarita so they don’t put the agave and the extra fucking shitty near

all right but just switch to diet trust me on that just trust me on it and stay

away from any sugary shots so like a green seat a white seat a lemon drop a

fucking what is the blue one what’s the blue like the snicker not snickerdoodle

dumbass the pixie sick shot oh my god those are so fucking good but don’t

drink them don’t drink anything with sugar I’m telling you I know how hard it

is to have to be the picky one of the friend group but trust me when you wake

up in the morning you’re gonna thank God oh you’re really gonna thank me for not

letting you drink the sugary shit like when I go to the bar everyone’s like

what do you want and I’m like shot of tequila I don’t like a drink we know

that but I don’t like a lot of liquid cuz I don’t want to have to fucking pee

but also like I don’t want sugar I don’t want mixers I don’t want anything that’s

gonna make me more hungover than I’m already gonna be so just remember me

saying no sugar okay stay the fuck away from it like the plague another little

tip that a lot of people talk about is drink a glass of water between each

drink or shot but for me personally that’s too goddamn much every other shot

every other drink I’ll have some water I feel like that’s more feasible because

like I said I don’t like to have to pee while I’m out cuz like once you break

the seal you’re fucked you know so I try to keep my liquid intake low I’d never

just take a shot take it to the face and like keep walking I don’t need a fucking

like whole drink I’m grown I can handle a shot you know my little tip for not

getting too drunk too fast or not getting too drunk is get drinks that

taste like shit and I’m talking like a tequila soda lime that’s my go-to but I

weirdly I’m getting a taste for it but get drinks that are not easy to drink

because if I have something that tastes good it’s gone in three seconds like I’m

gulping the shit I can’t handle something like that like I can’t handle

things that taste good I’m gonna finish them so you want a drink that’s gonna

bite you back like when you drink it or sip it it’s gonna make you make that

fucking face of like yeah you want that you want that so you drink it real slow

okay and you will get your money’s worth and you’ll be able to taste that you get

your money’s worth of like I taste that fucking liquor it’s there cuz I hate

when you get a drink and you’re like where’s the fucking alcohol I hate

drinks like that like if I have to question if there’s alcohol and it’s not

the drink for me like I like that shit to hit me in the face and also that will

help you stay away from sugar but also this is the biggest tip I have for

anybody that’s gonna drink like a soda drink do not ever fucking order tonic

water tonic water has sugar in it it tastes the same as club soda but it has

sugar and calories in it bitch I thought for so long I was so healthy being like

oh can I get a tequila tonic and I thought I was like doing something like

oh I’m so skinny bitch no I’m a fat ass I’m fucking over here drinking a cup of

sugar like I just thought cuz it tasted bad that it was healthy no you have to

watch out do not drink tonic water always soda always club soda always soda

water never tonic if you ever take anything away from this take that

because the night that I was drinking my drink and one of my friends was like oh

you know there’s sugar and tonic water right I said shut the fuck up I said

shut your mouth and you’re talking to me what the fuck did you just say and I

literally googled it and I was like traumatized and I put my drink down and

never ordered it again so I’m here to share like learn from my mistake my

headass mistake of ordering tonic water and don’t okay so when it comes to

liquor stick with one okay pick and stick for the night so I only drink

tequila but there’s some nights where I will like if someone comes up to me and

like tries to pour a shot in my mouth like cuz they bought a bottle I’m like

okay and it’s vodka I’ve noticed when I mix liquors I’m hungover as fuck the

next day and also when I have vodka I want to fight tequila makes me horny a

little bit and it makes me want to dance and have fun like I just have a good

time on tequila she’s my friend she tastes good she’s an activity to do a

tequila shot it’s like con limonisa like you have it with some fucking lime it’s

cutesy it’s fun but vodka like that’s not an event like you just take a shot

of vodka there’s no nothing to go with it like it’s not dressed it’s not cute

it’s just like a shot of shit to your face but not me judging vodka drinkers

okay anyway I’ve noticed when I mix liquors I feel more like fucked up the

next day so just pick one and stick with it so if you’re gonna do tequila stick

with tequila if you’re gonna do vodka stick with vodka if you’re gonna do

whiskey stick with whiskey if someone drinks whiskey red flag I’ve talked

about this and my red flags podcast episode but what the fuck happened to

you as a child that you prefer whiskey that’s your drink of choice what the

fuck I will say when I drink tequila and I mix it with beer like I don’t mix

them together but like if I drink a shot of tequila and then I drink a beer and

then I have some shots and have some beers like I have an iron stomach I can

handle that shit but a lot of people are pussies and they’ll be like throwing up

and they’ll be like all upset and crying and like sick I can’t relate so a lot of

people will say to stay away from mixing beer with liquor there’s like

sayings of like liquor before beer you’re in the clear beer before liquor

and never been sicker like there’s sayings like that but like I don’t

believe that shit it’s all going to the same spot so what does it matter who you

did first you don’t I mean whatever I don’t mind it I can handle it but a lot

of people will say it makes you more hungover and feel like hell if you mix

liquor and beer so just stay away from that if and try it and see if it works

but one thing I will throw in one thing I couldn’t handle yo one time me and a

friend drank shots of tequila then we had some beers you know like it’s that’s

just kind of how it goes and then this bitch pulls out wine and we drank two

bottles of wine and I have never been more sick wanting to die like you know

when you’re on the toilet and you’re like pulling your hair because your

stomach is cramping so bad that’s the type of sick I was okay so that’s one

thing I will never recommend is wine tequila and beer do not do that to

yourself honestly I don’t like wine I’m not a

wine person I’ll drink it if it’s there but I just don’t get it like I maybe I’m

too young to understand wine right now but it’s just not for me like I’m just I

don’t like I I’m okay I’m fine like I’ll just have a shot don’t mind me okay so

now we’re gonna talk about the quality of alcohol do not ever in your fucking

life drink Jose Cuervo if you’re gonna drink tequila do not ever drink Jose

Cuervo I will say that until the day I die it is not a hundred percent blue

agave like you want tequilas that are a hundred percent Jose Cuervo is some

other shit okay that’s why you feel like hell after you drink it and just in

general buy the little bit nicer bottle like I understand and I know like you

don’t want to pay for it but your body will like your body doesn’t want to have

to pay for the cheap shit so like just get the nicer bottle you don’t have to

get the one that’s like 50 60 bucks but like step it up a little get a liquor

that is not bottom shelf like just do that for your body be nice to your body

money will come and go okay pregame in the fucking car off the bottle you bought

because you can go buy a bottle of fucking liquor for 30 bucks that’s like

not the worst shit in the world and you can pregame with it and have fun on it

like that’s cute or you can go to the club and get two fucking drinks and

there’s your 30 bucks you know like you can get a bottle or two drinks be smart

that’s my version of couponing so just take notes from me I’m able to buy

expensive shit because I know where to penny pinch okay okay so my next one is a

little weird tip but a lot of people don’t know it you have a three-hour

window to get alcohol in you because after three hours your body prioritizes

sobering up so when you start drinking you start having those euphoric effects

and you’re cutesy it’s fun it’s like yay it’s go go go and then all of a sudden

you start feeling fucking tired after a few hours that’s because your body’s

prioritizing sobering up you have about three hours to get the alcohol in you

and then you’re gonna start sobering up so if you drink after that it’s not

gonna hit like it would before it will still hit but like it’s not gonna be as

euphoric and funsy as if you took it within three hours and it’s not gonna

make the tired go away once it hits if you keep drinking you’re just gonna keep

getting more tired you’re just gonna get a lot more like dizzy but that’s just

something to keep in mind so remember me saying that like you got three hours to

get that shit in you and then start drinking water to like help your body

start sobering up because it’s gonna do it regardless okay so now let’s get into

other random little tips you need to know a couple of them are diet related

so you need to understand each shot of alcohol is around a hundred calories and

that’s just straight liquor so if you get a drink and you just get soda water

and a shot of tequila that drink is a hundred calories if you get a tequila in

Sprite it’s most likely 200 calories because there’s real Sprite in it now so

the calories will stack a lot of people don’t understand how calorie dense

alcohol is so watch your ass with that so just keep that in mind that’s so

important to know is each shot is around 100 calories some alcohol might be more

tequila has the least amount of calories though so that’s just something to keep

in mind depending on the drinks that you get or the shots that you order if you

order a shot with something sugary mixed in it it’s like calorie overload so it

will fuck your diet up okay so since we’re on the fitness route might as well

go that one don’t eat shitty food okay when you’re drunk a lot of people will

say greasy food like coats your stomach and it absorbs the alcohol no the fuck

it doesn’t oh my god that is the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard I have

heard people say eat a bread eat like a piece of bread and it’ll absorb the

alcohol that I swear to God it’d be doing something like cuz I be like a

piece of toast and I feel better but eating some greasy ass food don’t fuck

up your diet like that so like when you’re out you know when you’re like

leaving the bars and there’s like hot dog stands and tacos and shit like I’m

with you like it smells so great but like self-control babe don’t fucking eat

it don’t eat the greasy food don’t eat the shitty food especially when you’re

hungover too because a lot of people say like oh if you eat greasy food it’ll

help you feel less hungover no it’s not fucking true you might emotionally feel

better but you’re not gonna feel better like physically and I’ll probably do a

whole other episode about hangover anxiety and like dealing with a

comedown cuz I got you on that bitch there’s a lot to know but my trick for

this is prep food like take care of drunk you so this is something that I do

my rising Virgo this is something I do every time I drink I will have food ready

for me when I get home and I’m talking like I’ll prep something so I can walk

in the house and just fucking eat it like in the fridge I’ll either have to

just heat it up in the microwave real quick or I’ll just like grab a burger

cold out the fridge and just fucking chow down like I love a cold food when

I’m drunk have something prepped and easy cuz like you don’t want to come

home and have to fucking meal prep or like cook some food like bitch a box of

cheese it’s in the diet 7up that’s what I fucking go to when I don’t have

anything prepped a cheese it there’s just something about it ask anyone I’m

friends with they know I chat on on some fucking cheese it’s okay especially when

I’m drinking but yeah that’s a really big tip for not fucking your diet is

just have something easy and ready for a drunk you also hydration so I take

care of a drunk me like I said I will make a pitcher of water and I’ll put a

packet of Pedialyte in it you can use Pedialyte you can use liquid IV any kind

of electrolyte replacement I’ll pour a packet of it into like a gallon of water

I’ll mix it up and I’ll have it in the fridge for when I get home I’ll drink a

little bit like not even a glass before I go to bed and then when I wake up in

the morning I have the whole fucking pitcher just sitting there I can just

start chugging because you’re gonna be dehydrated as shit and you don’t just

want to throw water in yourself you want to have a little bit of electrolytes in

there too I drink the full gallon within like an hour of being awake and I’m not

being dramatic like you will literally feel like brand fucking new once you

hydrate but that’s something that I do also do not take Tylenol before or after

drinking especially the day after like you have a headache do not reach for the

Tylenol get ibuprofen instead or some other shit but like Tylenol is too hard

on your liver you can look it up if you don’t fucking trust me I’m a goddamn

nurse I know this shit okay so ibuprofen if you need it but stay away from

aspirin too because alcohol thins your blood so you don’t want to take aspirin

because it’s gonna thin it even more so don’t fuck around with that just stick

with ibuprofen make sure you have that if you need it try not to take it but

just remember me saying do not take Tylenol when you’re drinking also one

more thing I needed to note about the sugar do not eat sugar like a few hours

before you start drinking either like during the day like don’t fucking eat

sugar like five hours before you start drinking because you don’t want it in

you don’t mean that you want to avoid the hangover I just remember that so I

want to throw that in but now I want to tell you about vitamins okay I am the

fucking most annoying human being okay I literally take vitamins before and

after I drink and I put them in little ziplock baggies like people think that

they’re fucking drugs all the time I’m like no bitch it’s vitamins you’re fine

you want some but no deadass I have two packs of vitamins that I take and I name

them bitch oh my god it’s so embarrassing I have a pregame vitamin

pack for before I go out and then I make an after-party vitamin pack for

when I get home I’ll pop the vitamins before I go to bed and then I also have

a couple of vitamins that I take in the morning when I wake up after I drink

when I’m hydrating so if you want to know what the vitamins are I’ll put them

in the description of this podcast like I’ll just list them out I’ll also post

them on my Instagram I’ll make a highlight reel and I’ll post the

vitamins that I take the pregame the after-party and I’ll also post what I

take after I roll or do should I say that out loud like should I do you know

what it fucking is okay I’ll put the vitamins that will help get you back

chemically balanced if you’re dealing with a come down to or like just the

shit that I take that I think helps I’ll put it in the description of this

podcast you can look at it and I’ll also post it on my Instagram as a highlight

I’ll just make it vitamins like I’ll just title it vitamins so like the

people that know know so like if you ever need it just go to my Instagram and

see it but I just buy the different vitamins and then I’ll just put them

together for myself in the little bags and then I’ll take them before and after

I drink and then the day after but the vitamins that I take help my body filter

out the alcohol and get back to like functioning normal after you drink so

the vitamins I take before like preparing my body for the alcohol and

then the vitamins after like helping my body get rid of all the shit and then

the shit in the morning is too it’s like just it’s best to damage control like I

understand alcohol is a toxin and it’s gonna hurt my body so if I’m gonna do it

if I’m gonna like put alcohol into me I’m gonna at least do damage control and

take care of my body yeah now like if I’m gonna hurt it I’ll at least help it

but when I’m telling you sleep is so important like you’re never gonna sleep

that well after drinking alcohol like it’s never you’re never gonna get a

fresh night’s sleep like you would if you didn’t drink but a lot of a shit

that I mentioned at the beginning of this is gonna help with sleeping better

so like none of a stimulants none of that stay the fuck away from it no

fucking sugar and your vitamins they’ll definitely help you too also before you

go popping vitamins like I do research them and understand the dosages

understand any conditions that you have like I’m just sharing what I take I’m

not telling you to fucking take them I gotta say this to cover my own ass but

definitely research what I’m listing if you don’t want to take any of it don’t

take it if you only want to take a couple take a couple some is better than

none that’s my opinion on it so even if I run out of a certain vitamin I’m still

taking the rest but seriously check into medications you’re already on check into

your height and weight and what you can handle in the correct dosages for you

because I’m a big motherfucker all right I take what I take and that’s my

business but I will share it with you if you want to look into it for yourself

okay so now that I’m done with all my tips a lot of you guys asked me the

alcohol that I drink a lot so I’m gonna give you a couple of my recommendations

cuz when I said don’t get like the expensive bottle so I mainly drink

tequila but I do like a vodka martini here and there at dinner I’m not going

out on vodka please I’ll go to a dinner and have a vodka but for vodka I’ll do

Grey Goose just because the bottle is so cute like I love the frosted but

Belvedere is another common one it’s like a little bit better than Grey Goose

but it’s not cute I don’t like the tree I don’t like the tree on the bottle like

alcohol has to look a certain vibe or I’m not drinking it and when I say

Belvedere is a little bit better than Grey Goose I’m not talking the taste I

like the taste of Grey Goose the most but I think Belvedere costs a little bit

more a couple more that I know that I don’t like are the skull vodka that

shit’s awful Tito’s is too ugly for me to drink the bottle is disgusting I

don’t like the way it looks I don’t like the way it tastes either but like it’s

just ugly like it doesn’t taste that bad it’s doable but Tito’s is hideous

like I’m not fucking drinking that Ciroc though Ciroc summer watermelon that one

is good it’s hard to find it’s a little expensive but it’s worth it trust me but

that’s really all I know with vodka when it comes to tequila my go-to’s like if

you’re trying to be a cheap-ass 1800 that one is fine you can’t go wrong with

it the Coralejo I think that’s what it’s called that bottle looks like a

carnival it’s so fucking cute it gives New Orleans like I fucking love the

Coralejo bottle I hope that’s the right name of it if it’s not I’m so sorry like

it’s real cute Casamigos duh like that’s like a really

fucking good one Patron I love Patron cuz I just think it has like a nice

taste to it but a lot of people say it’s not like the best kind I don’t give a

fuck you know like it’s fucking tequila the bottles cute it tastes is great leave

me alone but 1800 and Coralejo will be your cheaper options Espalon is really

good too oh my god that’s like a happy medium between 1800 and Casamigos and

Patron I feel is it I don’t fucking know y’all I don’t be looking at the price

that much I just know when I was like bumming it and trying to save money I

was rocking the 1800 and I’ll be drinking Casamigos and Patron because

it’s cute and I can afford it but oh my god my favorite tequila of all time it’s

so hard to find but it is the bougiest fucking bottle I’ve ever seen in my life

like it’s not expensive it’s like 60 bucks but I was at a party one time why

am I hanging out with y’all and just talking you like we’re best friends on

the phone that’s how it feels so I was at this party one time and it was like

booze just fuck it was my old party group I used to have when I live the

Pensacola it’s like a bunch of doctors and engineers and like high up there

people that are like too big for their fucking britches and I love them but

there was this bottle sitting on the counter and it was Corzo C-O-R-Z-O bitch

this fucking bottle is it’s like a brick it’s like a square rectangle I

don’t know shapes bitch I know psychology but it was the cutest bottle

and I was like yo that’s booze and the guy said it was like a $300 bottle and I

was like oh get it the fuck away from me then like I don’t want that like don’t

it was brand new and I had the seal on it he was like open it and I was like no

like if I drop it like I don’t wanna fucking have that pressure like fuck you

you you play with it so he was like no just do it so I fucking opened it I

poured everybody shots and we all took it it was the smoothest shit I’ve ever

tasted I really believed him that it was $300 and when I looked it up online it

was like 60 something and I was like you lying sack of shit you were just trying

to look bougie I ain’t mad at you for it because then I started buying it but

it’s so fucking hard to find but I just had to tell you guys like if you can

find Corzo tequila like bitch that’s the one it’s good like and it looks booze

and I believed it was 300 bucks y’all like I have good taste I could spot

money and I really believed it I wholeheartedly was like that’s 300 oh my

god better than Don Julio oh that’s another good tequila is Don Julio the

silver that one’s cutesy that’s like a nice um I think it’s the same as Patron

same price range but it’s cute I like it but the Don Julio 1942 that shit’s like

150 160 a bottle that’s the tall skinny brown bottle you see all the insta

thotties posting with I posted with it the other night cuz I bought my friend a

bottle when he moved into his new place so I very much was one of the insta

thotties with the fucking Don Julio but that’s the tall skinny brown one like

that’s just the bottle everybody knows like you just know that’s Don Julio

1942 and if you don’t know look it up and I just cultured you you’re welcome

honest review it’s fucking good okay like I hate that it’s good it has like a

little sweetness to it but it’s like too fucking ridiculously expensive to like

even play with like get that for special occasion but don’t even worry about it

for a night out like that’s what this whole podcast was for if you ask me

about whiskey go fuck yourself I don’t know I don’t play with that I don’t like

that what other alcohols is there like gin what my fucking best friend

Genevieve she was a Hendrix bitch she liked Hendrix gin like she would just

drink it straight like we were the most chaotic fucking two like I would show up

with a bottle of tequila and she would show up with a bottle of Hendrix and we

would just run around the town like and we would just shoot it straight that was

so ugly of us like oh my god what an era I really am treating this like I’m on

the phone with y’all okay I’m gonna go ahead and go um if you have any

questions or you want anything clarified about this message me on Instagram I’ll

put all my social medias in the description of this also all the

vitamins will be there I hope I taught you a whole bunch with this like this is

all the shit that I know and all the things I’ve learned so if this was

helpful for you give it a five star rating give me five stars thank you so

much but in all seriousness you guys please stay safe these are all of my

tips about not being hungover and just keeping your diet and check and just

random shit to know and how to take care of your body but understand drinking is

like a serious thing these are just my cheat codes for how to do it and not

like fucking ruin myself so please be safe be careful tag me in all your

drinking pics and you’re going out pics I just want to feel like I’m involved I

just want to see and I’ll come in you know like just I’ll I feel like I’m

involved on my night out because I gave you all the advice all right stay safe

and I will talk to you next Sunday