Aware & Aggravated - 36. How To Handle Anything

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Hi friends, so recently I found a hack for life. And of course, I’m gonna share it with you

So I found out a way to always know how to handle something anything that comes up

You don’t know how to handle it. You don’t know how to conduct yourself. You don’t know the answer. I’ve got you

I’ve found the solution

This is how to always know what to do and how to never get caught in the in-between of like not knowing which

Decision to make whether it comes to something small something big like breaking up staying together dealing with people dealing with a job

Dealing with money any fucking situation big or small beating the fuck out of somebody or not. I don’t care

This is my new hack

I found to always know what to do because there’s nothing worse

Than going through something and not knowing what to do or not

Trusting someone’s answer because I’ve been through a lot of shit where no one had an answer for me

No one knew how to help me get through things and a lot of shit

I just didn’t know at the time like I didn’t know how to handle certain things

I know a lot now because I’ve had a fucking go through it but going through it was a pain in the ass

So this is my trick for knowing what to do. Even before you’ve gone through it

The first thing you have to realize is that you’re always being looked after and what I mean by you’re always being looked after

Think back to a time in your life where you were going through something and it was fucking you up and you didn’t know what to

Do you didn’t know how to handle it?

You didn’t know if you would make it through

think back to that time and right now you can think back to the older version of you and you see the

Situation from your perspective right now

So you can look back and see all the answers that younger you needed and you can see exactly how the situation

Unfolded you can look back and see exactly how you handled it and exactly how you got through it

But when you were going through it in the time you felt alone

You feel like you didn’t know what to do. You were scared, but you were never alone

Cuz right now how you can look back on the younger version of you that was going through something your future self is

Looking back on you right now and they see the answers. They see how you got out of a situation you’re in right now

They see the changes that you had to make your future self knows all the answers and they’re looking back on you

Just how you can look back on your younger self. Your future self is looking back on you. You’re never alone

You’re never lost

You’re always being looked after by yourself and I don’t want to get too spiritual with the shit about

Time and how it’s an illusion and all that but there’s a version of you that has made it through what you’re going through right now

there’s a version of you that has the answer and this is something that has brought me so much comfort and

I never had this to remind myself of when I was going through my toughest shit. Like I felt so alone and

Some of the hardest things that I’ve gone through and I’m just like fuck having this realization would have been nice back then

Cuz I really was so hopeless for so long

But me now can look back on me two years ago

The me that was struggling as fuck and didn’t think he was gonna make it the me that almost didn’t make it

I can look back on him and see that you’re gonna be okay

So anytime you’re going through something or you’re having to deal with something just remember there’s a version of you

That’s already been through it and they’ve handled the situation. You’re currently in there’s a version of you that made it out and

Recently, I realized you can tap into this

You can tap into the version of you who’s already made it through for the advice

You don’t need anybody else to tell you a fuck thing

You can literally give yourself the guidance you need and since I realized this

Everything has changed the way that I’ve been living

My life has changed the way that I am has changed like bitch

I feel so much more supported than I ever have because it’s me. It’s me and future me and that’s it

So the trick that I’ve been using is when I’m going through some shit

I will envision my future self like the version of me

That’s a millionaire the version of me that can handle anything and it does not give a fuck like I don’t give a fuck now

But future me millionaire me don’t have time to give a fuck like he truly don’t give a fuck

And he truly knows how to handle everything. He’s just got this calm

Sense of security and his ability to handle whatever the fuck happens. And that’s what I like to try and tap into

So I will envision myself my future self. That’s a millionaire

that’s fucking figured it all out and is just like

Sitting here with his hands folded looking at me like what like, you know

I mean like I don’t know how to paint that picture, but the future version of me just pops in my head

I don’t have to create him. I don’t have to think of

Like the details like when I just envision my future self. I see the way he dresses

I see the way he conducts himself

He’s sitting there with a fucking little cigarette and a pinky ring looking at me like, okay

Tell me your problem and I’ll fix it for you in two seconds

Like my future me just don’t give a fuck like he just knows it all. He’s so smart. He’s successful

He can’t be stopped by anything and I don’t have to create that

So a lot of people are like, oh my god envision your future self picture it

No, it just comes up when you ask yourself when you and try to envision the future self like the version that you want to become

Don’t fight the initial image that comes up like whatever comes up is meant to come up. That’s your intuition

so when you think of your future self the the image of them is just gonna pop up and mine is a

mean motherfucker

My future self is not mean he just does not put up with no bullshit and I get worried sometimes like looking to him for

Advice cuz like he’s just so

Capable and is so just can’t see why I’m not

He’s just like here’s the answer not go do it like it’s gonna suck

It’s gonna be scary, but get it the fuck done like future me is no bullshit

So what I’ll do is when I have a problem come up or I have a situation come up

I will ask myself how would future me handle this?

What would future me do and I’ll like think of the future me and I just get the answer

It just comes out of nowhere

Recently I was dealing with a debate with somebody not really a debate. I was fighting with him

Okay, like I was arguing with

Someone that I used to be very very close to and the conversation was going nowhere

Like I’m very aware and I’m aware enough to the point where I can see where I’m jaded

I can see the entire mess of a friendship or a relationship

Like I under I can see it all like it all is unfolded in front of me. I can see my perspective

I can see theirs I can see what’s wrong with mine and what’s wrong with theirs and why there’s no resolution

I can see it all it’s very obvious to me, but I’m also at a point now with that awareness

I’m like, okay. I know the work it’s gonna take to mend this relationship and create repair

But I don’t have the time

To do that one

I’m gonna have to sacrifice my goals and what the fuck I want to work on to go create repair in this relationship and

To the type person that I’m trying to create repair with is that even a person that I want in my life?

I’m able to see things at a level that pisses me off because I’m like now I have to choose not to do it

So I was in like a text fight with this person like back and forth back and forth

Like I can just see it wasn’t gonna go anywhere

I was getting pissed off like it was physically like making me fucking mad like I was sweating

I was pissed like it was ruining my mood every time these texts were coming up

and I was just like goddamn and I literally just asked myself how what would future me do and

Future me would fucking ignore them literally just in the middle of the conversation. Just fucking ignore it

I said the things I felt I needed to say I got out what I needed to get out

But my boundaries are not up for fucking discussion future me can see it’s not gonna go anywhere

I can see that now too, but future me sees that and chooses accordingly. So you see it’s gonna go nowhere

So what are you gonna do dumbass?

You’re gonna sit here and keep wasting your fucking time

What a situation, you know is gonna go nowhere and you don’t want to create repair with this person because you don’t want this person

Close to you. So what the fuck are you wasting your time for ghost?

Protect your mental sanity protect your mood protect what you’re working on and quit letting this conversation

Continue if it’s pissing you off and it it’s useless like future

Me is no bullshit future means just like ignore it be done with it quit engaging in conversation

Like a future me holds me accountable. He’s like fucker. You know what you’re doing?

I quit and it’s kind of annoying like every time I ask future me for advice

I’m like damn like he calls me out

Like he just calls me out about how I’m choosing things and how I’m contributing and he gives me the solution

Y’all I sound like schizophrenic. I thought y’all gonna lock me up in a loony bin

Okay, this is it. This is the better way to explain it. It’s not that I’m talking to my future self, but I

Tap into my future self’s perspective and how he would look at the situation

Because how my future self looks at situations is different than how I do future me sees different solutions

Future me conducts himself differently and is a lot more prioritized and strategic than I am

Me currently going through what I’m going through means I’m wrapped up in the emotions of it. I’m stuck in it

Everything seems like such a bigger deal and I feel a lot more confused about what steps to take and what to do

Because I’m emotionally in it like I’m emotionally feeling things, but the future me is an objective perspective

Like he’s gonna look back. He’s not feeling it. He’s able to be strategic

He’s able to just look back and see what’s going on and call it for what it is

And if I’m the one fucking up

my future self like tapping into that perspective is when I’m gonna see that I am fucking up and where I’m contributing and

Also by handling

Situations like the future me would it’s doing nothing but turning me into future me the version of me

That’s like sitting there with a pinky ring smoking and has no fucking care in the world because he knows he can face anything

Behaving like him is what’s gonna turn me into him. It’s what’s gonna bridge that gap between me now and him

So when I say pinky ring now, I’m gonna go into how I actually tap into the future version of myself

So last week I bought a pinky ring and I know that future me

I said has the pinky ring, but this is just funny how this all lined up

So I’m gonna take you back before I had this realization about tapping into my future self a week ago

I bought a pinky ring from Gucci

It’s a gold lion with two crystals in the eyes and then inside the lion’s mouth is a red Swarovski crystal

And it’s like the lions biting it it’s the most sexy fucking ring you’ve ever seen in your life

this is a very sentimental thing to me because when I

Was 19 I went to Miami with my cousins and me and my cousin Adrian got matching Gucci rings

It was his exact ring

But it had a yellow stone in its mouth and he got a silver one with like a green stone or a blue stone

I can’t remember but we both got matching Gucci rings

But over the years like I just

transformed into so many different versions of myself that I stopped wearing it and then I lost a bunch of weight and now the

Ring doesn’t fit anymore. So it’s like two sizes too fucking big

But I came across this gold one with the red stone and I was like, oh my fucking

God, like I have to have that like I just was so drawn to it. I’ve never loved something more in my fucking life

I saw it online. So immediately I go texting my Gucci sales associate. I’m like, hey, babe

Do you have this in my size and I sent her a picture of it and I was like pretty please and she said yes

So I took off to the store and bought it immediately

But I can’t explain to you like the way that I just don’t give a fuck when I have this ring on

Since I put it on when I got it

I got it and wore it out of the store

Like I just I haven’t given a fuck about anything since I’ve had this ring

It’s the weirdest but the best little like mind fuck

It’s just something about a pinky ring, but only a certain type of person could pull off a pinky ring

You know like it’s got it. You gotta be like bold. You can’t be no pussy bitch with a pinky ring

You know what? I mean? It just fits my aesthetic perfectly. It’s the prettiest fucking ring obsessed with it

I have it on right now, but how I said, I just don’t give a fuck when I have on this pinky ring

I started using it as a way to tap into my future self. So this is where my trick comes in

So the other day I was sitting at my table and I had a long list of shit to do and I was like

I really just want to go take a nap

Like I don’t want to fucking do none of it like there was just so much work shit

I needed to do and I was just like, ah like god damn it

I looked at my ring and I put it on and as soon as I’ve slid the ring on my finger

it was like I jolted into this fucking energy of like

Not giving a fuck like it was so like just get up and get it done like that power

It’s like that’s what it is

It’s a sense of power like came over me me acting like I have a magic fucking ring

I’m being dramatic but like really I’m not

but I put this ring on and it’s like my entire attitude flipped of like

Whiny and bitchy and being like I don’t want to do this way

I want to take a nap it flipped into like alright fucker

Let’s get it done

Like that forward moving like don’t give a fuck version of me came out and I was like, oh shit

Like that was very much like future me energy. And then in that moment, I realized yo

I can use this ring as like a time to tap into that energy that I want of like fuck it

Let’s just do it

And then I was kind of like at the same time having realizations about the future self thing and I was like, you know

What I’m gonna declare right now. Like I want to use this ring to

Tap into the future version of myself the version of me. That’s a motherfucking millionaire and knows how to handle anything

I want to say billionaire, but I don’t want to be a billionaire that just comes with a lot of pressure

You know, like I’m okay. I’m really okay. I’ll take a couple hundred million to be on my way

But I am dead ass. I have never

Felt something like this before like with the ring analogy with tapping into my future self

so I had a coaching call later that day and

I was kind of like feeling down and not like the most energized for it and I was like, okay Leo

You need to get on this call and like you need to help this person

You need to give them the advice that they need like you’re here to like help them

Like you don’t have time really to be down that you got to kick your ass in the high gear

so I

Didn’t force myself to try and get in a better mood or like try and be up or anything like usually that’s what I’ll do

But instead I was just like fuck it

I grabbed my ring and I was like I’m gonna tap into future me like I’m just gonna turn into future me as I put

this on and I’m gonna give this person the fucking advice that they need and I put the ring on and

Immediately I felt like the level up it wasn’t like an Ascension

But kind of like I just felt like boosted and like leveled up of like I’ve got this I’m capable

I can do it like this overwhelming sense of capability and like trust in myself just like

Came up

But that’s when all the vision of future me started pouring in of like how he looks how he dresses how he handles shit

The perspectives he holds of like what’s serious and what’s not like being tired is not gonna hold you the fuck back from giving advice

That’s not gonna get in the way of you helping someone fucker get up. It was the nicest

Supported feeling I’ve ever felt like I just feel so capable and empowered when I tap into future me

But giving myself something physical to actually use

To signify that I am tapping into him. I can’t explain to you

How fucking intense that is so I’ve been toying with this like I’ll never just propose an idea to you guys

Like I’m always gonna apply it first make sure it fucking works and it works like the more that I’ve

Been tapping into future me. I know how to fucking handle anything. I just have the answers

They just come to me like I I don’t even have to fucking question it basically tap into the perspective of my higher self and

Think the way that he does what would he do in this situation?

Not what the fuck I’m doing so then I immediately know like what to do

This is a very powerful tool

But it’s a painful one because I have to step into a full place of accountability when I do this like there’s no more

Lying to myself and pretending. I’m doing better than I actually am and pretending that shit’s actually hard

It’s like once I tap into that perspective like I see shit for what it really is and there’s no denying it

There’s no getting out of it. There’s no like lying to myself or trying to comfort myself

It’s like you’re hit with the abrasive reality of like the truth and then it’s not keep walking forward like

The answer is just fall out like they just are there

But it’s painful to have to be facing the reality of a situation all the time

You know like sometimes it’s nice to distract yourself

But tapping into future me is what it’s gonna fucking take to get to where I want to go

Like just think of the version of you that’s already got what it is you want. How do they fucking behave?

What do they do and then find a way to tap into them you can do it just mentally like I was able to do

It mentally and I still can because sometimes I don’t have the ring on or like when I’m in the gym

Like I don’t have the fucking ring because I’m not gonna work out on my nice-ass ring. I

Do still tap into myself. I just like having the physical

representation of it and like a physical

Ritual I can do to like feel like I’m fully switching into future me

But like at the gym if there’s somebody there that I want to talk to I no longer I’m like

Oh in my head thinking about it talking myself out of it. Like if I find a guy

I’m interested in if I like the way somebody looks and I’m like, oh, he’s cute

If I consider like talking to them before I’ll talk myself out of it

I’ll say what would future me do future me would walk the fuck up confidently and talk to them if I’m interested in them future

Me don’t hesitate future me. Don’t give a fuck future me is not walking away from a situation

Wondering and having a mystery future me likes solid. He likes knowing he doesn’t like the unknown

So he’s gonna go up and if there’s a chance for it to go somewhere

He’s gonna go for it so he can know

But this has helped me talk to a lot more people at the gym and recently

I just posted a tick tock with my friend Leslie of us working out at the gym and we just talk shit and we recorded

Ourself and we had the microphone on and when I first got there

I was a little bit in my head about like, oh my god

I’m about to be the asshole in the gym recording himself with a fucking microphone on but I immediately just tapped into

Future me and I said, what would future Leo do?

What would millionaire Leo do and the answer was not give a fuck

The answer was make a good-ass video if people are gonna look give them something to fucking watch

Future me don’t put up with nothing and future me especially does not put up with second-guessing myself

Being insecure or questioning my value. I made the video. I had so much fun with Leslie

We literally had a fucking blast and I have watched our tick-tock together so many times

We’re so funny. Like she’s just I’ve gotten to know her the past like a couple of weeks months

Maybe I don’t know like she’s one of my first like good friends in Houston

Like I have a few now like I have some friends but Leslie like we just blend so fucking well together our personalities

She’s just so fucking great. And I’m so glad I didn’t let myself get in my head about it

I’m always so resistant to like record myself in the gym

But she kind of like helped me with that and then also it’s happening to future me future me

Knows he can make a good video and if he has to make it in front of a bunch of people so be it

That’s not gonna stop him. Like basically future me looks at me and

Kind of judges me. He’s like, are you really not gonna do something because you’re scared?

Really? Like is that your excuse? Oh, I was scared

Future me don’t allow me not to do things just because I feel scared or feel worried

I push through and go through in any way because that’s what future me does

But that’s really it. Like are you really not gonna do something because you’re scared bitch for real?

Being scared of something is just your imagination

It’s just the way that you’re looking at a situation if you make up your mind that something can go bad or that something is

Scary, you’ve just made up your mind that it’s scary. The unknown is not scary

So whenever you feel fear, it’s something that you have in your head

You’ve decided how this situation is gonna go and if you say it’s gonna go bad

Then you’re scared when in reality, there’s a 50-50 chance if it can go good or it can go bad

There’s two sides you can focus on if you focus on it going good

You’re not gonna feel that scared if you focus on it going bad, you’re gonna feel fucking scared

So when you realize fear is just a figment of your fucking imagination and that the unknown is not scary

The unknown is neutral

You’re just scared of what you think is in the unknown

Same thing with the dark if you convince yourself as a fucking monster in your room with you when you turn the light off

You’re gonna be scared

But the dark itself is not scary

So you’re really not gonna do something just because you decided something in your head that might not even be right

There’s so much uncertainty to that that I don’t feel comfortable taking the chance of not trying something just because I’m scared

Because I don’t fucking know at all. I

really hope all that makes sense because now I’m like off on a tangent and I’m kind of just like ranting about fear and

Future me don’t operate that way and since I stopped operating that way

Shit’s been changing girl

Like a whole bunch has been changing like I’m doing a lot of things differently and I’m making so much progress

Mentally and in my physical life with things that I’m doing and also the way that I feel

While doing everything is so different. Like I just feel so much better and I feel very

Supported and that’s something that I haven’t really felt

Before but it’s not like a support from somebody else

It’s like future me’s always got my back future me. I can always lean on he’s always there

I can tap into a person that is all-knowing and that has my best interest at heart at all times

And I guess that is what I don’t feel like I’ve had

It’s someone that I know that I can trust that they’re just looking out for me

Like most people have had a hidden motive and they’ve convinced me that I need to do something because it’s the best

But really it just benefited them. It wasn’t actually for me

But with future me, there’s no ulterior motive

There’s no hidden agenda like when I tap into future me I get that like parent aspect

I guess and like the sense of someone’s got me and it’s real like I can trust it

That feeling is one of the best ones I’ve ever felt

This has been the only thing that has helped me not

Overthink something or second-guess it like I’ve never thought I made the wrong decision

Anytime I’ve acted from what would future me do like I don’t second-guess shit

Because that’s the smarter version of me that knows everything and he knows exactly what to do

And if I just tap into that and ask him I’m not making a mistake

There is no chance to make a mistake

The only mistake I can make is acting off of me in my emotional state right now

But when I get into the logical all-knowing state of my future self, there’s no mistake to be made

So then you don’t second-guess anything

Something else I noticed about tapping into future me is all of my insecurities go away

There’s a confidence that lives there. There’s not any insecurity there like the version of me that’s been through it

Knows what the fuck he’s doing. He’s confident

He’s not insecure and when I use his lens to look at my situation

I can see where the insecurities that I have are not real

They’re not valid and I know how to kick them and then I have this confidence of like, yeah

I fucking know what I’m doing

Like even if there’s a situation where it’s like, I don’t know exactly what I’m gonna do

I’m confident and the fact that I know I’ll be able to handle it either way

Because I have future me to rely on like I have that perspective to tap into at all times

It’s like of the version of me. That is smarter richer faster better than me. I

have no problem taking advice from that person and

Alex Hermosi has posted something along the lines of this is like when you’re confused or you’re in a situation where you don’t know what

To do think about how someone who is ten times smarter than you would handle it

How would they handle the situation that I’m going through and I kind of do that with my future self and I promise you

It’s gonna be so much different than how you thought to handle it

But the first answer that just pops into your head, that’s that intuition and that is the future you it’s the it’s the answer

That comes without you having to try and pull an answer out

It’s just this sense of knowingness that comes when you ask yourself the question

So that is my little hack that I’ve found that has been changing my entire fucking life if you start trying this or you start

Doing this, please DM me and tell me if it works, bitch

Don’t tell me if it works

Tell me when it works

Tell me how much it works because I know it’s going to and like I said, you don’t have to go buy a ring

You don’t have to go buy anything. You can tap into this at any time

Mentally, but if you want to get something get some kind of symbol that you can use to like put on yourself

So that you can feel like you’re turning into the future you it’s like you’re tapping into that

perspective and that energy

Immediately because another thing I noticed with this ring is when I put it on I get energy like I don’t know what it is

Like I get a boost of energy

Like if I’m thinking about doing something and I’m like, I don’t want to fucking do it and then I’m like, okay

What would future me do when I put the ring on?

It’s like I get this boost of energy of like handle it like I’m just ready to do it

So having a physical ritual and like a little tool has helped me

I’ll post the picture of my ring on Instagram

So you guys can see it because I know you’re all gonna want to know what it looks like now, but just cute

it’s so fucking pretty and

One more piece to this cuz you know, I gotta take things too fucking far

I look to my future self a lot of the times for comfort too because I can look back on me two years ago

Wondering why the literal fuck are things happening to me the way that they are

Like when I was freaking out and I was so confused and I was so scared and I didn’t understand why things were happening

Your future self knows

Because right now I can look back on me two years ago and see exactly why everything had to line up the way that it

Did for me to get to where I am now

So your future self has that so anytime I get confused or worried or scared or I’m like why the fuck is this happening?

There’s a reason for it and I will become aware of the reason shortly

But just knowing that future me made it through and knows exactly

Why this all had to line up the way that it did it’s so comforting like I get a weird-ass

Comfort out of that because I love to know things

I’m so fucking nosy like I like to know everything all the things all the time like I’m so aware and I practice

Being able to recognize shit like at the level that I do cuz I need to fucking know

I don’t like to not know things. I’d like to know everything

But I’d really did just want to bring that up for the people who are wondering why certain things are happening to them

Your reassurance is it’s all gonna make sense in time. It might not be quick

It might not make sense soon

It’s taken me a fucking two years to finally see why what happened to me needed to happen to get me here

But the answer is there you’re gonna line up with it in time

Future you already knows it like all the things that I know about my life so far being 24

I can see everything that’s happened on my road of success and the goals that I’m trying to hit and I’m like mother fucker

I can see everything I’ve had to do and I’m like, holy shit and future me is sitting there like boy

You are only a third of the way fucking through buckle up like future

Me is just looking back on me like laughing like oh look at you

Look at you doing all the little beginner stuff like the version of me who’s already achieved it

All is appreciative of me going through what I’m going through right now and what I’m doing. He’s acknowledging it

He’s seeing it. I’m being watched over and you are too

Like your future self is watching you your future self has your back and you can always trust that

Any insight you get from asking these fucking questions you can trust it and you have free will so you can go against

What you think you should do to become your future self

But acting in line with the version of yourself that you see is what’s gonna turn you into them

So I’m gonna send you off there

But I will leave all my usernames to my social media in the description of this podcast, I’ll put my Instagram

I’ll also put my tick-tock or you can watch the video of me and Leslie at the gym

I think it’s funny as hell

If you have any topics you want me to make a podcast on

Please DM me on Instagram and let me know I have a list of them

But like I said, I’ll get to them eventually but shit like this comes up

So like this week I discovered all this so I wanted to talk about it

But thank you so much for listening

if you made it this far leave this podcast a 5 star rating and if you want to share that you’re listening just share it

to your Instagram story and

Tag me and I’ll reshare it and we can like tag each other back and forth

But thank you so much for listening to me ramble. I hope you found this helpful and I will talk to you next Sunday