Aware & Aggravated - 39. Break Ups

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Hi friends, so this week I want to talk about breakups because people do not

fucking understand them. So I want to give you some explanations that I have

around breakups and why they feel so fucking terrible and also I’m gonna give

you some tips about how to navigate one because no one really knows what to tell

you like they fucking suck and people don’t understand how deep they actually

are and why they fuck you up the way that they do. Like a breakup is one of

the worst things you can go through as a human being. So I want to shed some light

on a couple of things, give you a couple tips and get you back on your way

because if you’re going through a breakup right now I know bitch how hard

it is. I know how bad you’re hurting and this podcast is about to help you feel a

lot better. I can guarantee it because this is all the shit I wish someone

would have told me but they didn’t. I just had to go through it and figure it

out and even if you’re not going through a breakup I still think you should

listen to this episode because it will help you understand them better and it

will help you be there for your friends who are going through breakups and if

you want to sound real smart and if you want to get close to people this is a

way to do it. Like just listen to what the fuck I’m gonna tell you. So the main

thing I want everyone to understand about a breakup is they are so much

bigger than people realize. They’re gonna fuck you up in a way that most people

can’t recover from. Like a lot of people never get over a breakup. They never like

fully get through it but your entire life as you knew it is over. It’s not

just that you’re mourning a person you lost and someone you care about. Your

entire life as you knew it is gone. That’s a really big contributor to how

painful it is and it makes it worse. A lot of people don’t understand why it

feels like hell and that’s it. It’s not just that you lost the person. You lost

your life as you knew it. So you’re gonna feel like your earth is shattered. You’re

gonna feel like you’re confused. You’re lost. You’re scared. All these emotions

are gonna be coming up at once and it’s totally normal and it’s not just one

aspect of your life that’s different. Everything about your life has now

changed. Like as soon as you break up with someone everything changes.

Everything is different. Like your daily routines, your habits, things you think

about, what you prioritize, what you take into consideration, how you spend your

time. All of these things are shifted. It’s not just one aspect of your life

that is going wrong. Like literally it fucks with every single thing. A lot of

people talk about your relationships are like your biggest contributor of how

your life is going. Like if your relationship is shit, your whole life is

shit. But if your relationship is okay, your whole life is gonna be okay. Like

it’s people always say that and they don’t understand why but that’s it. And

that’s because your person occupies so much of what you do and how you think

and like what you feel. But if you’re going through a breakup I just want to

reassure you right now you are not crazy. You’re not psycho. The way you feel

is not weird or bad or like you’re not overreacting. It’s very much one of the

most painful things you can go through. So like I said you lose the person you

care for but now you’re in a place where your whole life was just wiped out from

under you and you’re faced with the reality of like okay I have to construct

a whole new life. But the real fucking kicker is society just expects you to

keep moving. Like people just expect you to keep functioning like nothing just

happened. Like your life didn’t just completely stop and that’s what it did.

Like your life just stopped as you knew it. It’s fucking over and I keep saying

that because that’s the truth of it and that’s why you feel all these intense

things. But people don’t understand like I said how bad breakups are and everybody

just expects you to keep moving and keep going forward and to just walk through

it with your life. Like bitch you’re supposed to break down. You’re supposed

to literally like feel like the world has just ended. That’s how it’s gonna

feel and to expect people to just function normally after that is

unrealistic. Like your jobs don’t give a fuck. There’s no paid time off. There’s no

time off really and your bosses don’t even see it as a reason to take off work

if you’re going through something like a breakup. Like they don’t see like the

emotional damage and the emotional turmoil of it as a valid excuse to be

cut slack. So that’s why I want to bring that to everyone’s awareness. Like it’s a

lot bigger than you think and then the expectation of everyone around you

looking at you like you’re supposed to just hold it together. That makes it ten

times harder because even if you’re in the same place, like you live in the same

house or you live in the same city, everything about the way you’ve been

living is completely new. Like everything you’re used to is gone even if you’re in

the same spot and that’s one thing I suggest if you go through a breakup.

Bitch run away. Run the fuck away and go start a whole new life. Like I swear it

sounds dramatic but it will help a lot because you’re gonna think about the

person you just broke up with non-stop and that’s normal. Like you are gonna

have them in the forefront of your mind all the time because that’s what they

were when you were together. They’re what occupied most of your attention. So when

you now have a void because you lost them, what do you expect your brain to do?

Like it’s used to focusing on this thing. Now you’re experiencing a lack of this

person. So all your mental state is freed up. Like your brain is just gonna focus

on what it’s been used to focusing on which is this person. So you’re gonna

think about them all the fucking time. You’re in a routine. You’re in a habit of

having this person in your life and in your thoughts. It’s not just gonna go

away and stop as soon as the person isn’t there anymore. It’s gonna take time.

But that’s the main thing is getting out of the habit and getting out of the

routine of talking to someone and thinking about someone and having them

be such a big role in your life. It’s gonna be fucking hell for a while but I

promise you it does get better. And another big thing people don’t realize

about breakups is your partner, your person when you’re dating them, is your

main emotional support person. Like they’re who you go to when you have a

bad day or when you have a good day. Like when you have bad things to talk about,

you need comfort or you want to celebrate. Like your person is always

right there and that’s your go-to. Like that’s your emotional support system and

your emotional support person most of the time. But when you break up with them

you lose this. So you’re feeling all these emotions and you don’t have your

emotional support person that you’re used to. So you’re left to deal with all

your emotions on your own. That’s another explanation for why you feel so lost and

scared and why all these emotions feel so overwhelming. And this is the main

reason that I will always say you need to cut contact after you break up. Like

you need to sever it and have it be done. Because you’re both gonna be going

through all these emotions. You’re both gonna be fucked up in the head. You’re

both gonna be feeling all these things. And like I said, you are each other’s

emotional support system. So that person is who you’re used to going to and

they’re used to going to you. So if you break up and you try and stay in contact

you’re gonna try to lean on each other for support. Like that’s just how it’s

gonna go. And that’s a literal recipe for fucking disaster because you’re gonna

feel obligated to be there for each other. Like while you’re in your own hurt

when your ex comes to you and they’re upset you’re gonna feel like you want to

comfort them. Like that’s just how you are. You care for them. You’re gonna want

to comfort them. And that’s the wrong thing to fucking do. Like it’s good to

comfort them sure but it’s gonna fuck you both up. Like you have to understand

you lost this person. You no longer have this as an emotional support or a

comfort. Like do not reach out to them for comfort. And that’s where most

couples fuck up when they get back together and break up and make up and

break up and make up. And Ron and Sam. Like Jersey Shore. Ron and fucking Sam.

Back and forth all the goddamn time. Because they kept going back and forth

to each other for their emotional support. You have to use this period to

cut them the fuck off and learn how to be your own emotional support. And lean on

your friends. Lean on your family. Lean on people around you. Find another

emotional support system besides your ex. And agreeing to cut contact is really

gonna help that. But if you can’t cut contact because I know a lot of people

are like married or they’re really deep in relationships and you have a lot to

sort out. Like some people have dogs or like apartments and houses and shit

together. And you have to go about splitting everything up. If you can’t cut

contact then at least agree you won’t go to each other when you’re emotional. You

won’t go to each other when you need support or when you need to feel

comforted. Just go to each other with the cold facts of like what the fuck needs

to be done. And don’t lean on each other emotionally. And that’s really really

important to realize because like I said you’re both gonna be going through a lot

of different emotions. You’re both gonna be feeling all the fucking shit you can

feel as a human. Like literally you’re both reconstructing your entire lives

and trying to navigate it like a blind fucking puppy or like a brand new giraffe.

Like you know when it stands up and it can’t fucking walk and it like stumbles

around. That’s how you are emotionally after a breakup. But I want to dive a

little bit into the emotions of it. So you’re gonna have points where you are

in complete despair. You’re gonna be sad. You’re gonna be hysterical fucking

crying. You’re gonna be so fucking upset for a good period. But they come in waves.

So these emotions are gonna come in waves. They are not gonna come and stay.

Your emotional system does not stay in any extreme state. So for you to feel

positive emotions, when something good happens you feel positive emotions. You

feel happy. You feel excited. And then after like a couple of minutes, an hour,

whatever it is, after it dies down your emotional state goes back to a sense of

normal. Like you’re just you kind of rest at a state of neutral. That’s how all

humans are. And you don’t even have to try. Because when something good happens

you’re happy. You experience the heightened positive emotions. And then

you just gradually just go back to a place of neutral. You don’t have to try.

It just does it on its own. And I want to reassure you, when you’re feeling very

intense states of negative emotions, you’re not gonna stay there. Your

emotional system will get you back to a place of neutral. So there are gonna be

periods where you are hysterical crying upset. And you don’t know how to fix the

feeling you’re feeling. But you don’t want to feel it. Like it’s just the worst

fucking helplessness and sadness that you’ve ever felt. And in those moments

just let yourself cry. Because it stops. It does stop. I promise you are not gonna

stay there forever. And it’s very very hard to sit in these emotional states.

But you need to. Like I said it’s a wave. The wave is gonna come on very strong.

And then it’s gonna pass. Like you’re gonna get back to a state of neutral. I

promise. Like you don’t just sit in a state of despair for 24 fucking hours

when you’re upset. Like you’ll be really upset. And when I say like deep states of

despair, I’m talking about where you can’t function. Like all you can do is

just break the fuck down and cry. Or be angry or whatever it is. Like however you

go emotionally with all this. Like you’re gonna have very very intense waves where

it debilitates you. You can’t do anything. You can’t fucking function. And those are

the times that I’m saying the wave is gonna pass. It’s hitting you like a

fucking truck when it hits you. But it passes. I promise. Because if you think

about going through a breakup or being very sad, you can’t hang out in a very

very extremely negative state for too long. Like you can’t be debilitated for

too long. You always get back to a point where like okay I can go eat. Or I can go

take a piss. Or I can go drink some water. Like there’s points where it lets up.

There’s points where the wave will break and you get like relief for a second.

You’re not always gonna be in the very very negative like sad despair like

can’t function states. Because it takes a lot of energy for your body to do that.

That’s why you rest that neutral. Like it’s very exhausting to stay in a

heightened emotional state for too long. Like you’re gonna have periods of breaks.

And I just want you to remind yourself of that when you’re fucking bawling. Like

when you are debilitated by the way that you feel and you cannot function, just

remind yourself and comfort yourself. Just stick through it. It’s gonna stop. I

promise it’s gonna stop. If you have to replay this, play it. But I promise the

way you’re feeling is going to stop. It’s going to let up. It’s just a wave. The

waves of heavy emotions will never stop as long as you live. But there are gaps

in between them and you will get better at learning to surf them. You’re not

gonna be drowned by them for long. That’s just for now. I have a couple of

tips for dealing with this. But I do want to say my number one fucking rule is do

not act when you are highly emotional. Do not take an action. Okay? So when you’re

in one of these very very high states of like, oh my fucking god I’m gonna die. Do

not act. Don’t reach out to them. Don’t message them. Don’t call them. Don’t put

anything on social media. Literally just sit with yourself and let yourself cry.

Sit with yourself through that wave and get through it. Do not act when you are

highly emotional. You are not rational. So just remember me saying this. Do not take

fucking action. Do not act when you are feeling very very intense emotions.

Because that’s where you do shit you regret and you fuck up. And when you want

to lean on your emotional support person, when you’re in the very heavy emotions

is when you’re the weakest and when you will do it. So don’t. Literally just

remember, do not act. So once you’re back at a place of neutral and you can

function again, that is when you can take different actions. But when you’re sad

you have to just let yourself fucking cry. You have to let yourself sit in the

devastation. But do not act while you’re in it. So when I get emotional or get

very very upset, I isolate myself. I do not like people to see me cry. Like I’ll

cry at raves and festivals and like fun stuff like that. Like when I do mushrooms

I fucking cry. I always have some kind of realization and I cry. But it’s never a

sad like devastated cry. It’s like I just cry. You know? Like it’s just like a

weird little, I don’t know. But I don’t like for people to see me when I’m sad.

Like I was raised that that’s weak and I understand that it’s not now. But I still

am very very uncomfortable allowing people to see me when I’m sad. Because

I’ve been attacked when I’m down like that. So what you don’t want is for

yourself to be going through one of these really really heavy waves and then

break down in front of someone that’s gonna attack you. So the way that I would

avoid this and the way that I still avoid it is by just being alone. Just go

somewhere where you feel safe to let it out and be vulnerable. So like when I was

going through my biggest breakup, I would go get in my car and drive to an empty

parking lot and just sit there for a couple hours and just fucking cry. Like I

would just literally go isolate myself in the car and just cry because I didn’t

live alone. But I didn’t feel safe to be vulnerable with people around me or near

me or they could walk in. So I would literally just cry in my fucking car and

I would just get through it. Another place to cry is the shower because people

can’t fucking hear you and you can literally sit in there for like an hour.

And that’s one thing that I used to do a lot when I was going through it is like

just cry in a shower. Like just fucking get it out. Let it out. Learn to comfort

yourself when you’re upset. So like hug a fucking pillow. Like that’s the biggest

thing is just sit with yourself and let yourself cry. Let yourself be absolutely

beat the fuck down by the wave of emotion you’re feeling. Don’t resist it.

Don’t try to fight it. Just let yourself fucking cry. Like you’re going through a

big mourning process. You’re mourning the person that you lost and you’re mourning

the life that you had. Everything you knew is gone. You’re gonna feel scared.

You’re gonna feel unsafe. Like everything’s gonna be uncertain. You’re

gonna be lost. You’re gonna feel all these things and that’s not easy to

manage. So don’t try to manage it. Just let yourself fucking cry it out. And my

next tip for dealing with situations like this when you’re really really

emotional is do not try to be logical with the way that you feel. I will open

up because I need to for this example. When I was going through my worst

breakup I knew the person that I had left was not good for me. They’re not

what I wanted. But when I left and I was sad and I was dealing with the emotional

waves like this. This is where I say don’t be fucking logical. Like all I

kept repeating to myself as I was just sitting in my fucking bed like crying.

Like I was just like rolling around hugging a pillow. Like literally like

it was like a fucking child throwing a tantrum. Like I literally was going the

fuck through it. I didn’t think I was gonna make it and every wave I was like

wondering am I gonna make it through this and I did. And I’m just I want to

reiterate that like it gets the best of us. As strong as you see me now it’s not

easy. I had to go the fuck through it to be able to stand as strong as I am. But

when I was at my lowest and I was the most sad all I was repeating to myself

was I just want to go back. I just want to go back. I just want to go back. And I

kept trying to fight myself and be like Leo he’s not what you fucking want. You

know you don’t want that. Like what the fuck why are you saying you want to go

back. And I learned do not try to be logical when you’re upset. Like when I

just kept saying I just want to go back I just started saying I know. Like it’s

two different people I’m trying to comfort. I was like I know I know I know

I know I’m sorry. Like I just kept apologizing to myself because I wasn’t

letting myself go back. And I was no longer trying to fight myself about

wanting to go back. I didn’t tell the part of me that wanted to go back to

shut up or question it or try and fight it and be like no you don’t want to go

back because all I felt was that I did. So I had to learn how to take care of

the part of me that wanted to go back. Like I just had to be there for him and

let him fucking cry and let him be sad. Like I know you want to go back and I’m

sorry. And I just learned to be there for him. I stopped trying to be logical. I

stopped trying to talk him out of it. I stopped trying to look for proof of like

why the person I left was like a fuck up and why it was never gonna work and why

it wasn’t what I wanted. Because that didn’t do anything for me. It made me

feel worse. So stop punishing yourself for wanting to go back. Stop punishing

yourself for missing them. Don’t try to convince yourself you don’t miss them

and that you don’t care about them. Oh fuck them. Don’t say any of that. Just be

there for the part of you that does want to go back. Because that’s a part of you

that’s screaming for your attention. Like you’re literally so fucking upset. Because

part of you does want nothing more than just to be with this person and to care

about this person. But you have to govern that part of you. And you just

have to be there for yourself. You have to let yourself break down and just

comfort you. Like learn to truly comfort yourself for the first time. And that

comes by not fighting yourself. So don’t try to be logical. Don’t try to talk

yourself out of how you feel. Just feel it. Just literally let yourself feel it

and be there for yourself through it. It’s way easier said than done. But I had

to learn this while I was going through it and it made such a difference. So I

wanted to share it. And I’ve been wanting to make this episode for a long

time. But there’s just so much that goes into it. And this is such a heavy topic. I

wanted to make sure I like hit it right. So the next part I want to talk about is

everything in your life when you’re going through a breakup is gonna seem

difficult. Everything is gonna seem hard. Everything is gonna feel like it takes

so much energy. Like getting out of bed is gonna seem like the biggest fucking

task of the day. Taking care of yourself. Like don’t beat yourself up if you’re

overrun with all these heavy emotions and your life kind of like slips for a

minute. Like you’ll get it back together in a second. Like you have to go through

it. You have to feel all this shit. And to feel debilitating emotions you can’t

expect yourself to function at the same time. So be easy on yourself. Everything

is gonna seem hard. And that’s normal. Like everything is gonna seem so

difficult. Because you have a giant hole in your life now. You literally have a

giant fucking hole in your life. And I’m talking every aspect of it. So it’s like

I come up to you and I shoot you with a shotgun and I blow a giant hole in your

chest. Bitch you think it’s not gonna impact you? You think it’s not gonna

affect you? You think it’s not gonna make everything difficult? You think it’s not

gonna hurt? Like that’s exactly what happens to you when you lose someone.

Like emotionally you have a giant fucking hole. With your attention you

have a giant hole. With your entire life you have a giant hole. You’re such a

void everywhere. And it’s so obvious now because this person is no longer there.

So everything’s gonna feel difficult for a minute. It’s gonna feel tiring. It’s

gonna feel exhausting. But just how you learned to live with this person. It’s

just gonna take you a minute and you will learn how to live without them. Like

it’s coming. It’s just a matter of time. You’re not gonna be sad forever. You’re

not gonna be confused. And everything’s not gonna feel difficult forever. It’s

just gonna take you a minute like I said to get out of the habit and the routine

of having this person in your life. You’re gonna learn to live without them

again. I promise. You can’t not. Like you’re it’s gonna happen. It’s just it’s

gonna happen a lot more effortless than you think. But the first few days, first

few weeks, first month is gonna be the hardest part. And once you get through

that, the hard work is basically done. Like just sitting through all the

emotions is done. Now you just have to start taking different actions and

implementing different things into your day and boom like you’ve learned to live

without them again. I’m not saying it’s gonna be easy. It’s gonna be one of the

hardest fucking things you do. But don’t get scared and convince yourself that

you can’t live without them. You can. You did before you met them. And life is not

always gonna feel bad. So the next thing I want to hit on is something that a lot

of people don’t really talk about. But it’s something that fucked me up big

time when I was going through my bad breakup. I felt like no one else would

want me. Like I don’t know why that’s a thing for breakups but the more people

that I’ve talked to about it, that’s universal for everyone. Everyone kind of

feels that way. It’s weird. Like I was so scared when I was going through it that

no one would want me. I felt ugly. I felt like no one was attracted to me. I felt

like worthless and I was like this is the only person that will ever care

about me. Like I convinced myself of that. And it felt so fucking real. Like I

didn’t know how to not feel like that because it just felt so real.

Like I just felt like the reality of it. It wasn’t like oh I’m making myself

think that. It was just there. Like it wasn’t even a question. It was just

that’s the reality as I just felt no one would want me. Nothing was ever gonna be

okay. Nothing was ever gonna be good. And I felt so unattractive. And that’s why

staying broken up is so hard sometimes. Because your brain kind of convinces you

that you’re undesirable and nobody else wants you. And even if you know that

you’re physically hot, you’re scared no one else is gonna care about you. And

like worry about the way that you feel and love you. And it’s just a weird

dynamic that goes on in your fucking head. But we all feel it. And I promise

it’s not true. Because that’s one of the things that really fucked with me. And

really made it difficult for me. As I was so just worried no one would love me. And

no one would care about me. And no one would like me ever again. Like I don’t

know why I thought oh this is the only person that can do it. But I just want to

reassure you. You’re not ugly. You’re not worthless. You’re not void of value. Like

other people will want you. Other people will care about you. You’re just got to

get through this little patch. And another thing I want to bring up is when

you go through day-to-day life, it’s gonna feel different. It’s gonna feel a

lot different. Because the way you move when you’re single versus the way you

move when you’re in a relationship is two different things. I fucking hope for

all y’all. I hope it’s two different goddamn things. But when I’m in a

relationship, I don’t look around really like other people. Like I’m aware of

what’s going on. But like I’m not checking people out. I’m not being flirty.

I’m not being like overly nice. You know what I mean? I’m always trying to make

sure that my behavior is respectful of the person that I’m with. But when you’re

single or when you’re newly single, all that’s gone. And you get your freedom

back to do whatever the fuck you want. So like just stepping out of your house is

gonna feel different. And also the reassurance of just having someone at

home is something that you no longer have. Like you don’t have to worry about

trying to look cute or presentable or like trying to get other people’s

attention when you’re with someone. Like when you have a partner. I hope, like I

said for the other one. And I don’t really know how to explain that. But

y’all get what I fucking mean. Y’all get it. You’re not worried about shit when

you have someone at home. Like everything is just like eh. Like it’s this

just reassurance in the sense of like safety. I don’t know how to explain it

but we all get it. But when you’re not in a relationship anymore, you’re gonna

have to give yourself a second to readjust of like okay I can talk to

these people. I can flirt. I do actually want to put effort into my appearance.

That’s gonna come a little bit after you’re through like the whole traumatic

cry-cry part of the breakup. But everything’s gonna feel different. It’s

just the way it’s gonna go. Like I said you have to get used to being single

again. Like it’s a whole different mindset. It’s a whole different way of

like being for most people. So if you notice everything feels different in

that aspect to like the way you just feel in public, that’s normal because you

don’t have the security at home and you now have to behave like you’re single

again. Not like you’re fucking booed up. So my last point and I think it is one

of the biggest is you can want to go back to them and you can want to be back

in the relationship and still not go back. Okay you can still choose to not go

back even though you feel all these things inside you and you think that’s

what you want. If you can logically look at a person and say okay that is not who

I want, you can miss them and still not go back. If you know they’re not what you

want and they’re not ever gonna be what you want, you don’t have to choose them

just because you love them. If you know that they’re gonna be damaging to you, if

you know they’re gonna hold you back from what you can achieve in life or

what you want out of life and you feel like you’re limiting yourself or you’re

settling by being with them, you’re free to move forward. You don’t have to choose

to go back to them just because you care for them. Just because you love them you

don’t have to choose them if they’re not right for you. And if they’ve just hurt

you one too many times and you know you’ll never be able to trust them, you

don’t have to go back. Everything inside you is gonna pull you toward them.

You’re like oh my god I just want to fucking go back. I went through it. I was

literally fucking crying hysterical and all I could say is I just want to go

back. I just want to go back. But the reason I felt like I just wanted to go

back is because that is how I was gonna alleviate the way that I was feeling.

Being without him fucking sucked. It was just a pain I wasn’t familiar with. So

being with the person I was with, I knew what it was like and I was used to that

level of like discomfort and kind of like the weird feelings of it and like I

want to say pain but not being with him and experiencing losing him and losing

the life that I had with him, that was a pain that was new to me and it was very

overwhelming and I didn’t know how to deal with that yet. So my brain

immediately resorted to a time when I wasn’t feeling the pain I was currently

feeling and it was when I was with him. So my brain thinks the solution is going

back because it alleviates the pain. But I just want you to know both options are

painful. To go be with someone and be in a relationship that you do not want and

you know will limit you is pain. To learn to be without them is pain. Only

one of them stops. Because once you learn how to live without this person, that

pain is gone. That’ll take a couple of months. You’ll get the fuck through it.

You’ll be just fine. You’ll be better than ever. But being in that relationship

you know you shouldn’t be in, that’s a pain you will endure forever. So I don’t

want you to look at, oh going back alleviates the pain. No. You’re just

choosing a different kind of pain. That’s the thing. You need to understand

it’s a choice. And you need to ask yourself, which pain do I want to choose?

Do I want the pain of being in the relationship I know I don’t want? Or do I

want the pain that’s temporary of learning how to be without them? And that

makes it very clear when I said you can want them and still choose not to be

with them. So I just want you to remember that. You are picking your pain. So choose

the one that is gonna get you what you want. Alright, I’m gonna leave you off

there. I hope you enjoyed this episode. If you found it helpful, leave me a five

stars before you get to crying again if you’re going through a breakup. But

please if this helped you, message me on Instagram and just let me know. Because

hearing that my podcast helps people is what helps me keep going. It makes me

want to keep making them. So I would love to know if any of this helped you. If

you’re going through a breakup, I promise it gets better. You’re gonna get through

this. Just understand your emotions right now are waves. They’re gonna come

and go. They’re gonna feel very intense at times. Sometimes there’s gonna be

fucking tsunami type waves. Like the biggest waves you ever seen in your life.

You don’t think you’ll make it. Other times it’s gonna be like little kiddie

pool waves. It’s like it’s like a little wave. It just hits you in the knee and

you’re like that’s it. Like there’s gonna be different levels of emotion. But I

promise you will get through all of it. So stay strong. Lean on your family and

friends and do not let yourself down. That’s the biggest thing. I have just

opened up some new appointment times and days and I’m taking on clients again. So

if you want help with going through a breakup or anything else you’ve got

going on, you can submit an application to work with me one-on-one. I will put

the link in the description of this podcast. The link will also be in my

Instagram bio and wherever else you find me on social media. The link will be

there. Just know you’ve always got someone there for you. I’ve got you and

you’re gonna get through this. I just want to reiterate that. You’re gonna make

it through. I fucking promise. But that’s all I got for this episode. Please be

safe. Take care of yourself and I will talk to you guys next Sunday.