Aware & Aggravated - 43. Tired of Being Strong

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Hi friends, so this week I want to share something I’ve been dealing with and

then teach you how I got out of it which is being tired of being strong like when

you always have to be the one to be strong and you’re like you’re aware that

everything’s in your control but you get pissed the fuck off at it I got you

cuz I was going through it real hard the last couple weeks but before we jump

into that I want to say I want to add a new segment to my podcast and I’m gonna

call it what would Leo do WWLD so basically I want you guys to comment on

this video and give me your situation you’re dealing with and you’re wondering

what I would do like how I would handle it if you need advice on something leave

it in the comments because I’m either gonna start doing a full episode like

one a month or like add it at the end of my podcast like answer a couple

situations and give you what I would do I haven’t decided on that yet but leave

comments on this video of what you need help with and like your little situation

what’s going on and you want my take on it and I know some things are a little

personal and you don’t want everybody to see it so if you want to have

something like private sent in send it into my DMS on Instagram my Instagram is

the Leo Skeppy I’ll also leave it in the description but you can DM me your

situation and it’s all gonna be anonymous I’m not gonna reveal anybody’s

names and if you have a situation with somebody I’m gonna make them a code name

okay a lot of you guys have wanted me to start doing something like this so we’re

gonna have a whole segment now what would Leo do okay so now let’s jump into

what to do when you’re tired of being strong and I’m gonna have to open up and

be a little vulnerable in this episode and I’m fine doing that but watch your

fucking mouth don’t be mean don’t be rude don’t attack me because I will

attack you back but straight up the last couple of weeks I have been burnt the

fuck out tired exhausted resentful because I understand everything’s in my

control like all the things that I want I’m in control of bringing them about

the universe is there to assist and help and all that and like I don’t want to

get too spiritual with it because we’re living in real life I hate when people

talk too much in the fucking spiritual shit it’s like we get it girl but that

doesn’t help me with what I’m doing in the physical world so I was just so

frustrated because like everything that I’m working toward everything I want

everything I’m trying to create I just got so frustrated because I was like

it’s all in my control and I get it and a lot of people get happy once you

finally realize your life is in your control like once you take

responsibility for your full life and all your goals everything you want your

success your everything is determined on you it’s a relief for a minute until

you hit the wall that I’ve hit where you understand everything’s in your control

but it pisses you the fuck off because that’s so much pressure like I get that

I’m in control but goddamn girl I’m fucking tired and when I say that I’m

tired I’ve been pushing to an extreme my whole life basically but the last like

two years I’ve really just been pushing it and like driving into what I want and

taking a chance on myself and like being on social media and quitting nursing and

going for my goals and my passion because I’ve finally found it and I’ve

been going for it and I’m just fucking tired like I’m not talking about my body

is tired like sure but that’s the least of my worries me being physically tired

is not the problem my fucking heart is tired like I just feel like my soul is

exhausted my hope is tired like I’m sick of having fucking hope I’m sick of trying

to like hope things get better and hope things work out I hit a place where I

don’t know if I want to keep going with a lot of different things I’m not

suicidal again okay that that chapter is closed but I’ve hit a point where I’m

just so fucking frustrated and with trying to follow your purpose everybody

always fucking posts and talks about even not even your purpose your desires

anytime you follow a desire you have or something that you want things are gonna

be easy they’re gonna line up it’s like everything’s just gonna start falling

into place and working out for you and that’s the opposite of what I’ve

experienced like I’m pissed because I’ve been going for what I want I’ve been

going for my desires I’ve been trying to help people I’ve genuinely just been

pouring everything I can out of me to be of use and like provide value to

other people and it’s stressful as fuck and it’s not been lining up like I deal

with so many little ironic inconveniences and every time something

happens I’m like fuck like I know what to do I know how to handle it but it’s

like shit on shit on shit on shit and I’m like when the fuck is enough enough

you know and like I’m the most aware person I know and I’m not saying that to

sound like I got fucking like big britches but I see the possibilities and

the explanations other people don’t see so usually when I’m facing something I

know what to do I know how to handle it and even if I don’t in the moment I know

how to go into it I know how to go into myself and find the new solutions but

I’ve been doing that and I’m at a point where I see all the solutions in front

of me but I’m just like I don’t want to do them I know frustration and headache

is gonna come and it’s like it just doesn’t stop and it makes you get to a

point where like you’ve fought so long and you’re just at a point where you’re

just like why like to keep going for what like I know what I need to do but I

can see that it’s just gonna be fucking more shit on more shit you just want to

throw your hands up and that’s where I got to last week like I had a very very

dark weekend I fucking hate the weekends cuz I always like have free time and I

be like stressing the fuck out and it’s like everything be hitting me on the

weekends I’m like I’m supposed to be relaxing and here I am like having all

this shit come up I have to work through and like I just get very down and this

last weekend was a very very low weekend for me and I’m gonna share with you how

I got out of this fucking cycle and how I got my inspiration back because I was

at a point where like like I said I knew what I needed to do I just didn’t care

to do it anymore like sure my heart is good I have good intentions I have pure

intentions I want to help people I want to do all this shit right but it’s like

that doesn’t matter when you keep getting beat the fuck down and that’s

how I was looking at everything that was happening to me I just look like I was

being prevented I felt like I was so unsupported by the fucking universe I

was like this is not how it’s supposed to go like you’re supposed to help me

get to where I want to get to not make shit fucking difficult like why the fuck

are there so many inconveniences I’m supposed to be assisted I’m supposed to

be guided I felt so unsupported I felt prevented I felt like something was

pushing against me in every aspect and every direction I turned so that’s where

I got to the standstill of like okay every move I make is gonna be prevented

every move I make there’s gonna be fucking headache and there’s gonna be

frustration and I had to sit in that spot for a minute like I genuinely just

had to fucking sit there and be like what now what the fuck is life literally

what the fuck is this shit this is some sick-ass game and I did not sign up to

play it okay my soul might have but I fucking did it me but physical body me

I’m pissed I’m frustrated I’m over it and with all this frustration finally

getting to like the boiling point I also started to get really down and sad

because I was like I’ve had to be strong for so long like mentally emotionally

I’ve had to be so strong and I’m fucking tired like when I said I’m tired and my

heart is tired like I’m just emotionally tired mentally tired my physical body I

can push it as far as I want to I’ll push it until it breaks but I’m so much

more tired than just physical and I feel like I can’t have an off day I feel like

I can’t break like I’m not allowed to break or have time off I’m not allowed

to be down because something’s gonna suffer like I have so much pressure and

so much shit and like everything I’m working on at once it’s like I know I

get it but I feel like I can’t have a minute like I feel like I can’t have an

off day I feel like everything will suffer if I do if I break down or if I

even break a little everything’s fucked like I have no space to fall down and I

have no space to not be strong is basically it so now I’m at a point where

I’m like resentful of like I have to be strong I’m able to be strong I’m the

strongest person I’ve ever fucking met besides my mom that’s a tough bitch but

my strength is not what’s in question like I’m able to be strong and I started

to get so resentful of like I’ve had to be strong and I am very strong and I’m

fucking pissed that I keep having to be strong dude like the frustration I was

feeling this last weekend it was like it’s things I’ve been dealing with my

whole life and it’s like it just fucking hit a wall and I hit that fucking wall

too and something a lot of people don’t talk about with having a personality

online or being someone online and then also being a coach like I’m a one-on-one

coach and I get people through their problems there’s so much pressure that

comes with that because like I said I feel like I can’t break I have so many

people that rely on me depend on me that I’m scared to let everybody down

one I’m scared to let myself down and I’m scared for everything I’ve worked

for to be for nothing like I’m scared to lose it I’m scared to like for all of it

to break it’s like if I break everything breaks and that’s gonna hurt ten times

worse so I’m like I was faced with a decision of like keep pushing through

and just being strong or face everything you have being gone and losing it all

like that’s a hard position to be in it really is so weird because some days I

wake up and I’m like yes let’s rock this shit let’s fucking rock and roll we got

this and I’m like confident and I’m ready to go and I’m able to be strong I

feel able and willing to be strong and face what comes up and then other days I

feel very weak I feel very like I don’t want to fucking do this shit I’m pissed

I have to keep it all together and I’m just like if one thing goes wrong I’m

gonna shatter is how I feel some days and then other it’s like the weirdest

pendulum swing it’s like I’m extremely strong nothing can penetrate me nothing

can hurt me nothing can fuck with me nothing can stop me and then I swing to

like I’m so fragile if one thing goes wrong like the other day I was in the

kitchen and I was eating and I was like cooking and I just kept dropping little

shit and I was like oh my god like so many little frustrations and

inconveniences I was like bro fuck like just quit and my breaking point was like

I was I had a handful of almonds and like I went to grab one to eat it and it

fell in the floor like it just fell and I was just like that’s where I mean I

feel so fragile on the off days where it’s like I’ll have like four or five

days where I’m extremely strong and then I’ll have a couple of days where it’s

like I’m the most fragile and like sensitive person and I can be stopped by

like the simplest thing going wrong but it’s not even be stopped it’s like I can

just be like down like it will just wreck me okay so by now you understand

the way that I’m feeling a lot of you feel the same fucking way and that’s why

I want to be so vulnerable about the way that I’m feeling is because I want

everyone that watches this to understand you are not alone you are not the only

one that feels the way that you feel a lot of the times everybody feels special

everybody feels different everybody convinces themselves look at me using

the proper term themselves instead of their self that their problems and their

feelings are special they’re different but we all are different we all are

special in our own way but the way that we all feel is the same throughout every

human being we all feel the exact same things we might have different

circumstances but I promise you your pain is not different than mine we all

feel the same shit you are never alone and anything that you fucking feel I’m

getting goosebumps talking about this shit cuz it’s like I truly mean it and I

get it and I’ve experienced it and I’ve seen it like we all feel the same things

but don’t convince yourself you’re special and you’re different you are but

not the way that you feel the way that you feel you can relate to any other

being that breeds like we all share it okay so now I’m gonna tell you how I got

out of this place I was stuck in so I looked at all the inconveniences that

were happening and I was like what the fuck this is what I mean when I’m like

okay I see solutions and possibilities on their own but then when I need to go

into something I see all the other shit that I wasn’t seeing before like it just

takes a little bit of digging for me now and I just see everything I need to see

so I have all these inconveniences happening all this shit I feel like is

working against me and pushing against me and holding me back so I looked at it

all and I was like okay I have the belief that nothing in your life is

against you so I asked myself how am I a match to so many fucking inconveniences

like what are these inconveniences allowing what are they helping me with

what the fuck do I get out of being a match to all of the inconveniences and

all the headache and all the shit that I’m going through and I’m talking like

just little things going wrong like nothing lining up everything being way

more difficult than it seems like it fucking needs to be that’s where I’m

talking about inconveniences and my shit is ironic like the amount of things that

have to line up for the things that happen to me to happen it’s like the

inconveniences I go through it’s like someone is literally orchestrating it

cuz I’m like no way this shit just happens like I can clearly see

everything is lined up so I’m like okay if I feel like something is lining it up

that means it’s happening for a reason a hundred percent so what the fuck is the

reason so asking myself why am I a match to so much frustration how are all these

inconveniences serving me had to go into myself and be honest for a second when I

suffer for things and I fight for things and I feel like I have to overcome a lot

I feel like I finally deserve what I just got so without all of the

frustration and all the headache I don’t like to feel like things are just given

to me subconsciously I like to suffer for shit because it allows me to feel

like I deserve it so it’s like if I say oh my god I want this vape and it’s just

handed to me I feel uncomfortable taking it weird I know right but it’s my little

fucking thing it’s a behavior and a subconscious belief that I’ve just like

adopted and I’ll go into that shit later but if I see something that I want

and I feel like I have to jump a couple of hurdles to get it now I’m confident

about taking it I fucking earned it I fucking deserve it now it’s mine and I

don’t give a fuck the second thing I realized about asking why do so many

inconveniences happen like how does it benefit me why am I a match to this shit

when I am frustrated when I’m working towards something when I’m facing

challenges and consequences I feel more free to be truthful about the way that

I’m feeling I feel more free to be more direct even if it sounds rude like I get

an excuse to not have to be so understanding it’s like I’m frustrated

I’m pissed off I’m going straight for what the fuck I want I don’t have to

worry about navigating other people’s feelings and navigating the situation

it’s like I’m straight up just going for what I want and I don’t have to hide the

way that I feel I see where I want to go I’m pissed off trying to get there

but that’s my goal so it’s like I feel free to just be lying for it and not

have to like pussyfoot and like be considerate and sweet and like overly

sensitive it’s like I just I get an excuse because I’m pissed off that I can

just straight up go for it and be honest about the way that I feel and the thing

that I want so feeling like I suffer for things and feeling like I have to fight

for something makes me feel like I deserve it so that was a real addition

that came out of that and then I looked at am I actually being prevented because

I said I felt like I was being prevented like I was saying all these little

weird-ass things were lining up to like be inconvenient as fuck but then I had

to look at am I actually being prevented and the answer was no because I just saw

how everything being a convenient and why I was a match to so much frustration

was to help me it allowed me to feel like I deserve something and to feel

free to go straight for it so asking myself am I being prevented was a no

that’s just the way I was looking at everything happening like it’s the way I

was looking at the universe it’s like you’re fucking preventing me like it’s

not fair I felt like it was very unfair but then I had to look at my idea of how

things are supposed to go so in the universe and in the world and everything

there is contrast there is good and bad there is black and white with everything

so even with the things that I want there are good and there are bad with

the things I don’t want there’s good parts to it and then there’s bad parts

to it but with whatever you go for in life or whatever you try to do it’s not

just gonna be smooth sailing for anything or anyone it might seem like

that for other people but it’s because they’re fucking hiding the truth they’re

not showing how much they’re suffering they’re just showing how much they’re

gaining but that is the universal truth contrast there’s good and bad with

everything so I was sitting here telling myself me going for what I want I’m

being prevented I’m really not we discovered all that but then I looked at

oh my god it should be easy to follow my desires and follow my purpose no it

shouldn’t it’s not going to be for anyone because like I said there’s

contrasts and everything there’s good and bad in everything so for me to

follow my purpose and for me to try and do the things that I do and make the

content that I make there’s gonna be bad parts to it too and it doesn’t matter

how pure your heart is and how pure your intentions are and how much you truly

want to help you are still gonna be shit on either way like you’re gonna be

blessed and shit on at the same time it’s just how it’s gonna go with

everything you try and do so like people even with ill intentions there’s gonna

be good and bad with that like people with bad intentions they just want to

steal and like make money real quick they’re gonna manipulate people and like

fuck them over for the money they get the positive of getting the money they

get the positive of feeling successful and then they have the negative of

everything that comes with that so they’re gonna face frustration as

they’re moving toward it too they’re gonna face the frustration of getting to

a point where they realize they’ve scammed all these fucking people they no

longer have clients they no longer have people that want shit to do with them so

they got what they wanted but they lost everything at the same time like they

lost what’s truly valuable does that make sense like it doesn’t matter good

or bad there’s shit that’s gonna come along so even with all these

realizations I didn’t feel better because I was still faced with all right

I still have to fucking be strong like I still am back at that spot so now I’m

gonna tell you how I got through that I’ve had to pick myself up so many times

I’m sick of picking myself up and you guys have no idea what I deal with

emotionally and mentally because I see things that normal people don’t see I

feel things no people don’t feel like people that have expanded awareness and

higher awareness levels we see a lot but when you expand and you’re willing to

feel things and see things you can’t control what you see and feel but

everything about those experiences is gonna get higher so in emotions I feel

emotions ten times stronger than normal people so the happy times I have are ten

times happier but then the sad times and the painful times is ten times stronger

and it gets debilitating at times so my strength has built because when I was

like asleep before I started like waking up it wasn’t that hard to pick myself up

because I didn’t feel my emotions that strongly but now I’m in a place where I

feel my emotions to a point that they’re debilitating to have to pick myself up

out of that state takes ten times more strength so when I say my strength is

exhausted it’s for many fucking reasons but this is the side of getting in touch

with yourself and the side of self-development that other people don’t

want to talk about they want to make it sound like it’s all gumdrops and roses

and happy times and fucking peaches and cream it sucks ass okay it’s the best of

the best and the worst of the worst you have you can’t say yes to only the best

of the best without also saying yes to the worst of the worst that’s where I’m

also about contrast but getting in tune with yourself and gaining awareness like

bitch it gets rough it’s the most rewarding thing but your pain is gonna

seem so much bigger because it is you see it for truly what it is you feel it

at the level it’s meant to be felt on and that shit is like not fun so

realizing all that shit was cute and fun but like I said I still felt so pissed

off that I had to be strong like just these realizations didn’t set me free I

still had that resentment of like okay now I know all this I’m still gonna have

to go live life with these new beliefs and these new outlooks but I’m still

dealing with that like I’m tired of being strong I can give you a visual I

felt like I was trapped in a hole like deep in the ground and it’s like I keep

trying to climb out of this hole and every time I get up to the top of the

hole something kicks me the fuck back in and I fall back down to the bottom or as

I’m climbing up my ladder breaks or I fucking something happens and I fall

back down I hit the bottom it’s like you can only try and climb out of the

fucking hole so many times and you can only get kicked back down so many times

before you just throw your hands up and say fuck it I’m just gonna fucking lay

at the bottom then and that’s exactly where I was I was faced with a decision

of like okay I’ve been kicked down this many times so I can choose to just sit

here or I can choose to keep trying and this was one of the scariest things

I’ve ever done and ever gone into but for the first time I felt relief by

throwing my hands up and just laying at the bottom and not trying to get out

because your only options are to die or to keep trying to get out or you’re

gonna be stuck in the hole until you die it’s like that’s it and I always follow

the feeling of relief and it felt like relief to just sit at the bottom and

stop trying because I knew no matter how strong I am no matter how many times I

climb up something’s gonna kick me the fuck back in so when I say it was scary

what I had to do was fully face the situation for what it is and where I’m

at like if I feel like I’m ready to just give up then I’m gonna stop toying with

that possibility and just do it so I made myself lay like imaginatively like

lay in the bottom of the hole so that what I did in real life was I fully

allowed myself to give up I literally took a piss and I laid in my bed and I

was like you never have to get up again you can lay here until you fucking die

and just give up like I let myself just give up and I got to fully explore the

freedom and experience the freedom of no pressure no stress no headache no oh my

god I have to get up oh my god I’m gonna lose all my social media oh my god I’m

gonna lose all my clients oh my god I’m gonna hurt these people by giving up I

just let myself lay in the bed and I stopped reasoning with anything I felt I

no longer was thinking oh my god I have to get up to go do this thing I gave up

I mentally told myself you never have to do anything again you’re free to just

lay in this bed and give up and I made myself but I said Leo if you’re gonna

choose to give up give the fuck up you’re not getting up to pee you’re not

getting up to eat lay in this fucking bed and give up and that’s exactly what

I did like I said I didn’t judge how I was feeling I didn’t feel anything

anymore I was so happy to be relieved of all the pressure and all the fucking

stress I was under with everything I’m trying to do it’s like I don’t have to

think about the future I don’t have to think about anybody else or anything

else it’s like I’m I just got to give up I got to relieve myself of everything

and I just got to lay there and it was so fucking peaceful for about an hour

and I didn’t shame myself I just let myself lay there and fucking do it I

didn’t beat myself up mentally oh you’re a fucking fuck-up you’re a waste like

you just wasted your life I didn’t say none of that because that’s one thing

I’m so worried about is like wasting my potential could have done should have

done would have done it’s like I didn’t have to think about any of that for the

first time like I literally just was free like truly fucking free and it’s

like I just laid in the bottom of the hole and I’m like I’m never I never have

to try and climb out again and I just like was so relieved and so happy but

like I said it only lasted for an hour because I got to experience the relief I

was looking for and I no longer had any pressure no longer had any obligations

but I committed to giving up I didn’t let myself get up to pee I didn’t let

myself get up to fucking do anything like I just laid there after laying there

for a little bit I was like okay now what like I literally was just laying in

the bed and I was like okay this was fun this was cute but like I felt everything

I wanted to feel I experienced it all I got relief from the pressure finally

because I fully committed to giving up and I allowed myself to do that you

can’t just half-ass like give up you have to like fully give up and that’s

what I did that’s why I said it was so fucking scary because I literally in

that moment decided to throw my life away as I knew it I was like okay it’s

done like I was dealing with that much internally I don’t want to say I was in

that much pain but kind of like I was just at that level of hopeless that I

fully just let myself give up I got bored I genuinely got bored and I was

like what now like to lay at the bottom of the hole to lay in my bed and just

give up I was like well I’m still here like there’s nothing left to fucking do

it’s like I’m just there I got to experience no positives and no negatives

I got to just experience true like neutral and that’s not good for a human

being we be getting bored like I said like it’s just fucking like it’s not fun

and allowing myself to get there I realized I don’t actually want to stay

there like to not feel anything at all and to just live in neutral and like

numb I was like and so then I started thinking okay if this is what giving up

feels like and everything in life is hard and difficult and it all comes with

positives and negatives like every time I try to climb out of this fucking hole

it’s like it’s gonna come with positives and negatives but is there anything that

I would be willing to say yes to the positives and the negatives of it like

in life is there anything I want bad enough that I’m willing to suffer for it

and I’m not saying it’s all just gonna be suffering there’s gonna be good and

bad with anything you decide to do so I was like thinking is there anything in

life that I’m willing to take on the negatives as well as the positives for

it and if nothing was ever gonna be worth it like for me to be working

towards something it’s like if I never truly got out of the hole what would

make me happy to just keep climbing like what about just trying to climb out of

the hole would make me happy what could I climb for even if I never got out like

is there anything I’d be willing to climb for that like I never got any

reward out of and I never got anything out of is there anything I’m willing to

suffer for was number one and number two is there anything that I would just try

and go for just to try and go for it whether I get it or not because I just

want to go for it you know what I mean and those two questions are what got me

back in front of this fucking camera because this podcast and doing what I do

in my life and sharing the awareness I’ve gained is what I would do even if

I never got anything for it like I would gladly just continue to do this

just to do it because I like to do it so now I’m climbing with no hope of

getting out of a hole I’m just climbing to climb and that’s what I’m now

dedicating my energy and my goals to like I had to reset all new goals and I

was like I’m done doing shit I’m not willing to suffer for so everything I am

willing to suffer for and do just for the fuck of it now I’m doing that and I

feel relief I don’t feel like I have to be strong the whole obligation and

resentment to like being strong is gone like I’m happy to go for the things that

I’m doing now because I’m not doing it for an end goal I’m doing it to do it

like I’m sharing what I know to share it I coach people one-on-one to help them I

don’t need anything back like these are just the things that I genuinely feel

like energized to do and these are the things I’m willing to say yes to all of

the headache that comes with it just because I enjoy doing it but this whole

experience brought me a lot of new awareness of like how I want to structure

my life and how I want to live my life like I want to spend more time with

people and friends and I’ve been making time for that and I feel so much better

and this does not feel like one of the times where I was having to just fight

through and be strong this feels like true strength this feels like true

resilience because resilience is not how many times can you get up after being

knocked down resilience is being able to keep moving and keep going through

things I feel like I truly have that because of all this shit that I realized

and just went through and also there’s been a lot less inconveniences since

I’ve like recommitted like it’s just weird how it all worked like I’ve

realized the shadow behind it and why I was a match to it but there still are

little inconveniences and headaches but like now things are lining up for me and

they’re lining up in like a better way and in ways that I haven’t fucking

imagined like I didn’t realize shit could like happen like this so it all

flipped once I did the internal work of everything I felt like was lining up

against me so things are lining up now to go with me and to help me like this

has been some real life-changing shit and if you want help with anything

you’re facing or going through or you just need a little direction you look

kick in the ass you need some realizations you need some awareness you

can work with me one-on-one that’s why I do one-on-one client calls and zoom

calls with people I like to share and help and I’m able to truly do it and

truly make the changes people need and help them really transform not just what

these fucking self-help books do because I’m doing it to myself like I will never

teach something that I have not used on myself and have done first like I know

how to create the real change that’s why you guys like what I share is because it

really fucking works so if you’re interested in scheduling with me and you

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but I also want to get into one more thing I realized about this whole

situation and it’s about feeling like I have to do everything alone and face

everything alone because like I said like I’m very aware of things and I tend

to isolate a lot when I’m dealing with shit because I feel like I’m the only

one that can like help me and having to face everything alone or feeling like I

have had to face everything alone also built my resentment to having to do

shit and be strong I’m like I’m sick of fucking doing shit because I have to do

it all alone one and two which is inconvenient piss me off but I’m gonna

give you permission right now to ask people for help to ask people to help

you whether that’s them doing something for you or just allowing people to

comfort you and I want to break down a lot of people’s fear of like being a

bother because me too bitch I don’t want to be a bother to nobody but allowing

people to help you allows them to feel useful to you like with people in your

life friends relationships parents whatever it is anyone in your life they

want to feel valued they want to feel useful to you so if you’re someone that

just is strong and handles everything alone people are never gonna truly feel

connected to you or feel like they can relate to you because if you never share

what you’re going through they don’t know that you feel the same way that

they do so if someone is always coming to me to vent and talk about their

problems and ask me for help and ask me for advice and I just stand here solid

like I’m dealing with nothing if I never share back it’s gonna push them away

because who the fuck wants to go to someone who has it all together all the

time nobody like if you truly want to connect with people you have to let them

know that you’re struggling too you have to let them be there for you whether

it’s emotionally or do a favor for you or ask you for help because there’s

times where I love to help people I love my friends asking for advice I love when

people come to me but I also need to give them the chance to be there for me

also it’s a give-and-take you have to do both for many reasons like I said it’s

gonna make them feel like they can relate to you you’re gonna feel a lot

more connected they’re gonna feel a lot more comfortable because they don’t feel

like you’re just this thing that’s so strong and impenetrable like I’ve been

for so long like they feel like you’re a human and they’ll be able to care for

you more and they’ll be happy to help you now there are certain people in your

life that are gonna fucking make it seem like you having any type of need or

needing any kind of help is an inconvenience don’t go to those fucking

people because that’s how I felt growing up that’s why hyper independence

developed in me there were consequences anytime I needed something or wanted

something I was looking as an inconvenience so I didn’t want to bother

anybody with anything I was going through but I had to get through a lot

of things personally to get to where I am but these are some of the

realizations I’ve had around that with like the self-doubt the worry the fear

it’s like being hyper independent is keeping you distant from people so like

I said in my other episode on hookup culture we all want to feel connected we

all want to feel close to people so you have to do the things that are gonna

allow you to feel that and the first thing is breaking down that wall but

breaking down that wall to the right people is not gonna make you feel like

shit it’s gonna make you feel better than ever you’re gonna feel supported

you’re gonna feel cared for you’re gonna feel seen if even someone can just make

you feel seen for what you’re going through like I see that you’re

struggling just to feel like someone can see that is the best fucking feeling

like I had a girl DM me on Instagram today and say like she loves the podcast

she was being so sweet and then she said thank you for following your purpose and

that shit almost made me fucking cry because I felt like she saw me like she

was basically saying thank you for following your purpose because it

benefits everybody else like thank you for facing the struggles that you’re

facing and doing what you have to do to land in your purpose because everyone

gets to benefit so like it made me feel like all my suffering and all my work

was for something like I felt appreciated I felt seen so stop trying

to do everything alone well you can try to do it alone but stop forcing yourself

to do everything alone understand you can lean on people there are people who

are going to derive joy out of being there for you I promise if you have not

found them yet they’re coming they’re on their way they’re coming into your life

we’re all a match to it because we all have to be waking the fuck up if you

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