Aware & Aggravated - 48. How To Be More Productive & Stop Messing Up

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Hi friends! This week we’re talking about productivity. I’m gonna give you all my

hacks that are not in the fucking books, okay? All this shit everybody’s teaching

you online, all the shit in the self-help books, that beginner type shit that

don’t actually work that long, forget about it. I’m gonna teach you the real

tricks on how to be productive. So I have a full list of tips in front of me on my

computer and I’m gonna run through everything I can teach you about

productivity and how to be more productive, alright? Like actually and

have it be consistent and not just like a boost of productivity for a week and

then you like fuck off again, you know? So the first thing I want to hit on is

being accountable and keeping yourself accountable. And this is very, very

important for being productive. You can’t just have like the I want to do

something, you got to have the ass behind it of like I’m doing it, you know what I

mean? You have to have both. But one of the ways that I hold myself accountable

is through making worksheets for myself and I’ve talked about this before on my

discipline episode and like my motivation episodes. I literally make

worksheets for myself like a fucking child and if you think about it like in

school when you were growing up, when you were going through school, your teachers

gave you worksheets for everything. Like we’re taught in school to use worksheets

to be productive, to learn shit, to do shit. Like we’re already trained by

school and by growing up the worksheets are like how you learn and how you do

shit. So I was like alright let me just try that because I’ve tried everything

to be productive and nothing really stuck. So I was like fuck it let me just

make a little worksheet where I can like cross everything off and like highlight

and like have it colorful. I felt very childish when I first started using the

worksheets and then they started working because you get the satisfaction of like

checking things off or like X-ing them out and you get to see your full

worksheet like completed at the end of the week and in order to like fill out

the whole worksheet you have to do shit daily. And the reason I like worksheets

so much is because I get to see my progress but I also get to see where I’m

fucking up. So I have a workout routine that I follow and I put it into a

fucking worksheet. I have a worksheet for every area of my life like diet, exercise,

social media growth. Like I have worksheets for literally everything

because it makes me so much more productive and disciplined. But by making

a worksheet if I’m like okay I want to look a certain way and in order to look

the way I want to look I have to do these workouts. I can see each action

step I have to take and if I’m sitting here saying I want to look this way and

my worksheet is showing me I’m not actually putting my ass behind my words

I don’t get to sit here and complain that I don’t have the results. So it’s a

way to keep myself in check and keep myself accountable. Like I can’t sit here

and be upset that I don’t look the way that I want to look if I can clearly see

how I’m fucking up and I’m not putting in the effort to look the way I want to

look. So it benefits in both ways. I get to see how I’m making progress every day

when I get to like check off the action that I do toward my goal. I get to see

how I’m progressing and then when I start fucking up I can see the

explanation of why I don’t have what it is that I want. Whether it’s money, a

certain body, a certain look, a partner, like anything that you desire. Keep

yourself accountable to what you’re doing for it and it will make a lot more

sense because a lot of the times when you have things in your head they seem a

lot bigger or they can seem a lot smaller than they actually are. So when

things seem like smaller here’s an example of that. Like if I have a list of

like all the things I need to do to look a certain way in the gym. Like I have six

workouts I have to do a week. If I skip a day and I’m like oh it’s not that big of

a deal. Like in my head I can play it out like it’s not that big of a deal and

then if I skip another day or I skip doing cardio one day after a workout I’m

like oh it’s not that big of a deal in my head. But when you take it out of your

head and you put it on paper and you can track it and measure it you’re gonna see

okay it is a lot bigger of a deal to skip two workouts than I thought. Like

I’m not doing what I need to do to get to where I want to go. So I might sit

here and convince myself oh no it’s fine take a day off it’s not that big of a

deal but I can actually see how much it’s slowing me down and fucking up my

progress. But that also works on the flip side so when things feel bigger than

they actually are when you can track it and you can see it and you can get it

out of your brain and you can look at it you’ll see it’s not as big of a deal as

you thought. Like I have a whole worksheet for my meal plan and my diet.

So I track what I’m supposed to eat and I have a separate box on the side for

extra things that I ate. And sometimes I’ll have a moment where I’m like fuck

it and I’ll just like start eating a bunch of random shit but I still hold

myself accountable and write it in the box to see how bad I’m fucking up my

goals. And sometimes I’m like very highly emotional I just like start

grabbing shit and eating and I’m like oh I’ve just fucking ruined my diet for the

whole week. And then I go back a couple hours later and I fill in my worksheet

and I put what I actually ate extra and I see it’s actually not as bad as I

thought. And I skipped a meal yesterday so I’m actually like in more of a

deficit so what I ate today wasn’t really that bad to begin with plus I was

in a deficit yesterday so it evens itself out. So it nixes your fucking

stress immediately because like when things are inside you they’ll feel

bigger you have all the emotions going on but when you can clearly see your

actions and the result that they’re gonna have you can measure if it’s good

or bad or if it’s really fucking you up as bad as you think it is. Because like

when I say fuck it I just start eating I’m in my head like oh my god I’ve just

ruined my whole meal plan for the whole fucking week and I’m fat like I feel so

big in my head because my emotions are so big but when I actually look at it

logically and I just see it on the worksheet I’m like okay no I’m fine it’s

a way to like put my mind at ease but also if I do fuck up like extra and it

is worse than I thought I know okay add more cardio cut these things these extra

days cuz you just ate enough you know what I mean. It gives me a way to like

rectify when I’ve fucked up but it also gives me a way to like settle my mind

when it’s not as bad as I feel like it was. Also the biggest thing that comes

with like motivation and being productive with these worksheets is

seeing that my actions are actually having an impact and my actions are

actually meaningful. Because when you break your goals down into daily habits

you start to feel like it’s just the same redundant bullshit and it’s not

that important but when you go through and you can see how each action is

getting you closer to where you want to go you feel better about taking those

actions they don’t feel like they’re for nothing they don’t feel like they’re

meaningless. You see how each little action even though it’s small and it

seems like a little thing how it is important and how it does apply to a

bigger picture. Like these worksheets I’m telling you have literally like

kicked myself in the fucking ass and it’s the way that I coach myself and a

lot of my one-on-one clients I give them worksheets and I like for their specific

situations and it like pulls everything out and like makes it more real. Like

everything seems so much more real but with that like the consequences seem

real but the progress feels more real and it’s so much more emotionally like

reassuring than you think. Because in order to track something you have to be

able to measure it. So you have to track things you have to track your actions

and what’s going on so that you can measure your progress and measure your

results. Like even if you fucked up consistently for a month you still have

something you can track and measure. So it’s good either way whether you’re

making progress or you’re not but it will make it very clear if you are or

not and what to do about it once you have something you can measure and track.

But the biggest thing when I said it’s reassuring when you’re working towards

something especially with your body when you’re trying to diet whether you

want to gain weight or you want to lose weight. When I’m trying to lose weight

every day you’re gonna fluctuate in your weight and with water. Like some days

you’re gonna wake up feeling bloated and it’s gonna make you feel fat you’re

gonna feel bigger you’re gonna feel heavy you’re gonna feel sluggish and the

next day you’ll wake up and you fucking drank a little extra water that day so

it flushed you all out and the next day you wake up like lean you’re like and

you’re like sucked in everything feels tight and good you feel light like you

took a shit the day before and you’re like yeah like you feel all good but

dieting like the mental side of it is so hard to navigate so these worksheets

literally make it so easy to follow and easy to diet because you’re able to

reassure yourself because like I said every day you’re gonna wake up feeling

different even when I eat clean for three days straight on my meal plan some

days I wake up a little bloated and I’m like oh my god I’m fat the diet plans

not working like I start like catastrophizing and my brain starts

running like it’s not working something’s wrong but it’s been four

fucking days you know what I mean it’s like I just feel a little fat today it’s

fine I’m holding a little water you’re gonna piss it out but the whole thing

I’m saying with reassurance when you can track what you’re eating and track what

you’re doing losing weight is a science it is a numbers game calories in versus

calories out if you have a piece of paper that you can look at what you’ve

been eating you know you’re under your maintenance calories so you get to

reassure yourself with the numbers even though you feel a little fat today

because you’re bloated you are still in a caloric deficit you are still losing

weight and it gives me the biggest peace of mind because it’s not just like I get

to reassure myself in my head I get to factually see it in front of me on my

worksheet of like no you’re not fucking up you’re not gaining weight you’re not

fat it is working just give it time wait how you feel in a couple days once you

piss once you shit once you do a little cardio and you start sweating the water

is gonna come out you’re gonna get back balance to feeling good because there’s

so many ups and downs with dieting that it’s very hard to stay mentally sane and

to feel like things are working because when you wake up and you feel fat you

feel like everything has gone wrong but that worksheet is gonna give you that

reassurance and that peace of mind of like no I’m on track I’m gonna forget

about it I’m a little bloated today like Leo said I’m gonna keep going with what

I’m doing I’m not gonna get mad and say fuck it and go bingy because it’s not

working it is working it’s taking its time it’s running its course this is

normal and it’s gonna allow you to stay consistent and be productive with your

goals so since I’ve used these worksheets long enough and I know that

they truly fucking work I decided to release them so in the link of the

description of this episode you’re gonna be able to download my worksheets that I

use I’m gonna put a blank template of each worksheet you can fill it in

however you want you can change it however you want suit it to yourself and

then at the bottom of every document you’re gonna see an example of how I

fill it out but I’m also gonna throw some like little tips on like things to

know like especially in the diet one I’m gonna put some like things to know and

like words of reassurance at the top so that you get a peace of mind and you

feel like I’m there with you but I like the idea of making these worksheets for

you guys because it’s like my ability to coach you guys without having to like

actually work with me it’s like you get to have me in your back pocket kind of

and like keep you accountable and like you’re gonna read this worksheet in my

voice of like alright bitch come on like get with it but like I said I don’t

promote things that don’t fucking work so now that I know that these do work I

want to give them to you because it’s a tool that I’ve found that has changed

fucking everything like I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in because of how

I’ve been able to stay consistent and productive with what I’m working toward

so this is my biggest tool I fucking found so if you’re interested in giving

the worksheets a shot the link will be in the description I’m gonna have one

for diet exercise growing on social media saving money because that’s a big

one prioritizing what you need to do toward your goals and I’m gonna get into

that in a second but I made a full worksheet for prioritization and like

making a correct to-do list and keeping your ass in check and I also added a

worksheet about how to process your emotions so that you can continue to

stay productive so like while you’re on your journey of following a certain goal

or working towards something every day is gonna feel different some days you’re

gonna feel like it some days you’re not some days you’re gonna be upset and

crying and acting like the fucking world ended that was me last night I was

fucking crying on the way home from the gym but I gave you guys my process and I

put it into an actual document where you can type out your answers and like coach

yourself the way that I do with your emotions because your emotions can stop

you easily so I gave you a worksheet of how to get them all in check to keep you

on track with your goals like you don’t want your emotions to stop you or fuck

up your progress trust me you will kick yourself like hell if you keep letting

your emotions run you so I gave you a worksheet about how to process them for

you to get back on track and like stay consistent so my next tip for

productivity is something that is talked about in the self-help books but I’m

gonna expand on it a little bit because they give you kind of like the intro to

it but I’m gonna like wrap that shit up for you in a pretty little boat so

there’s this thing called the 80-20 rule and it basically says that 80% of your

results come from 20% of your effort so like 20% of your actions dictate

80% of your results like typically when you have a to-do list there’s a lot of

actions that are not directly correlated and directly influencing your results

they like have a part to play but 20% of your actions that you actually have to

take are gonna give you 80% of your results like let’s say your goal is to

make more money I’m sure you can think of a list of all this shit that you need

to do that it would allow you to make more money but whenever you have a goal

for something you have to look at the most important actions what are the

actions that are going to directly get me the outcome that I want so with

making money you need to do the action steps that are gonna lead to the

transaction and to you receiving the money those are the most important

actions to take because you can think about oh I need to learn this I need to

learn that I need to set this up I need to fucking meditate I need to like do

all this shit there’s so many things that you can do to prepare but you don’t

need to focus on those most of the time like if you have a way to make money go

straight for it go for the actions that are gonna get you straight to your goal

as fast as possible because a lot of people get caught in like the

preparation part of like thinking they need to learn more or be more prepared

or be more ready or like get certain shit in check before they go for the

actual actions that will make them more money when you’re gonna learn what you

need to learn as you go so as you just dive into the bitch you’re gonna figure

out everything you need to know versus if you go start looking up YouTube

videos and trying to read books you’re wasting time and slowing yourself down

reading the books and watching YouTube videos and like preparing and trying to

educate yourself it’s good but one you already know a lot more than you think

and two those actions are not gonna lead to you making more money like they don’t

correlate directly it’s like you learn more you do more you get money you need

to just go as fast as you can to do more to get money like go to the action

steps that get you to the goal that you want to get to and a lot of shit will

speed up for you you will feel so much more productive and you’ll start seeing

results so much quicker as soon as you start going at the actions not the

little ideas and the other shit that’s gonna like prepare you or like

sidetrack you like just go straight for those fucking actions that are gonna hit

that goal trust me and this really can stress you out because a lot of times

you’re like oh my god no I need to prepare more that’s more just giving you

peace of mind like the more you prepare the more confident you feel but when you

just jump into something and do it and try it that’s when you learn the most

because all these dipshits making YouTube videos except me are gonna teach

you all these things that you might not need to know so you’re only gonna learn

what you actually need to learn once you start taking the actions to get you to

where you want to go like that’s when you’re gonna learn what you do need and

don’t need it’s like school like they try to teach us all this shit in high

school middle school elementary school that they think is gonna help us with

our life we don’t use half that fucking shit you know what I mean so don’t get

caught in the loop of like the actions that are not gonna actually get you to

what you want focus on the 80-20 focus on the fucking 20% that are gonna lead

to 80% of the results and a way to do this is make a to-do list sure duh but

categorize it and the order of priority like what are the most important things

to do in order and especially take into consideration things that have a

time limit or a deadline like whatever needs to be completed first work on that

because if you have a whole list of shit to do and you start knocking out certain

things that are not due at a certain time you’re still gonna have to do the

other shit that is due by its deadline so you’re gonna feel like you’re doing a

lot but you’re gonna feel like you’re not doing enough because you’re not

doing what’s actually due at that time like you’re gonna be working double when

you could just knock out what needs to be knocked out in the time frame it

needs to be done and then save the other shit that’s not time-sensitive for after

that you’re gonna feel a progression of being productive over the course of it

instead of like I feel like I’m drowning in shit I have to do but if you would

just do what’s time-sensitive first that will free up a lot of your mental

energy you’ll feel a lot better you’ll feel a lot less cluttered a lot less

overwhelmed and you feel a lot more productive because you feel like you’re

actually getting shit done because like I said if you work on the things that

don’t need to be done right now you still have to do the things that have to

be done so you’re gonna feel like you’re doing a lot but you’re not gonna feel

productive you feel productive when you do the task that needs to be done first

and that was the worksheet that I talked about where I said I had one for

prioritization that’s the one I’m talking about that will help you

prioritize what actions to take first like the 80-20 rule but also like get

you a to-do list that’s actually efficient like you want it numbered you

want it like in order so my next tip for being more productive is something that

all these fucking people promote in the self-development community and like the

success community about being more productive they just add more shit to do

before you actually start doing what’s productive and it frustrates the fuck

out of me so how I just said like do the most important things first and don’t

get caught up and trying to learn more before you do more take the example of a

morning routine y’all know I hate fucking morning routine videos I like to

watch them to make fun of people but these fucking people that are

millionaires and they’re over here posting like oh I meditate when I wake

up and then I journal and then I read for 30 minutes and then I go on a walk

and then I stretch and then I have breakfast and then I play with my

fucking crystals and rub them on my I can’t Leo be polite and then they start

getting to work on what they actually need to do for the day they have a

fucking two-hour window in the morning of all this shit that they’re doing that

they feel is making them productive but it’s not like all that shit that people

do in their like morning routines like for health and wellness it’s like yeah

girl but you didn’t actually get shit done like you’re two hours exhausted

when you start work you know like you’re the most creative and like ready to go

in the morning like if you can shorten that time between waking up and working

you’re gonna actually feel a lot more productive because the things that

people do like all the meditation and the journaling and all that shit it’s

not actually productive it feels productive but you’re not actually

knocking out anything on your to-do list those things might help you sure but

they’re not productive like I said you know you picking them what I’m putting

down it’s not that they’re bad it’s not that you shouldn’t do them but you don’t

have to do them like a lot of people get stressed out like if I don’t meditate

and read my 30 minutes in the morning oh my god I can’t fucking function like

bitch you can promise I promise you can do it but just shorten that gap between

when you wake up and you start work because that’s what’s actually gonna

lead you to doing the things that are more productive so if you wake up and

you start work and you work for two fucking hours instead of meditating

fiddle your dick for two hours and like read oh you’re gonna start the day

feeling like you’ve already accomplished so much like actually accomplished

things that are moving you forward toward your goals not just taking care

of your mental state by fucking meditating and having a lemon water and

going on a walk girl there’s time for that at the end of the fucking day get

your shit done first I’m just telling you like I’m speaking so intense because

I was this asshole trying to do all this shit because that’s what everybody

promotes like everybody promotes all this like health and wellness take care

of your mind meditate we don’t touch your phone for the first hour of the day

shut the fuck up like there’s all this shit and it just made me so tired like I

wasn’t productive but I felt productive and then I was so frustrated like why am

I not getting results it’s because all this fucking time I’m spending is not on

what’s actually what I need to do does that make sense so literally shorten

that time between waking up and getting to work then you can meditate and fiddle

your dick and play with your crystals and read after like get everything done

that you need to do first so that you can relax because there’s nothing worse

than like prolonging that shit all day and it’s like you wake up and you do all

of your like morning routine and then it’s like motherfucker I need a nap I

don’t want to go to fucking work right now and another example I want to talk

about with this is studying like people that are in school when I was in school

I had to like reality check the shit out of myself because I would spend so much

time studying I was convincing myself oh my god Leo I study so much like I’m

getting so much done but I still feel like I don’t know shit it’s because the

time that I spent studying was small the time I spent preparing to study was

fucking huge like I felt like I had to make flashcards for everything I felt

like I had to like read the PowerPoints and print them out and like categorize

my notes and make everything presentable so that I could read it literally just

cut all of the steps before what you do to actually study like the more time you

can spend actually studying the more you’ll retain stop trying to make it

pretty stop trying to organize shit be low organized but know what you need to

study and then just study it cuz like for me to sit here for a fucking hour

two hours and make all these flashcards I could have just read the information

twice and I would have run through it in my mind two times more than if I would

have made the flashcards like to waste two hours on making the flashcards and

then have to study them I’m tired by the time I finish the fucking flash cuz I

don’t want to study them so if I just studied the information I would have it

through my brain twice by the time it took me to prepare to start so that’s

what I’m saying like with studying girl I am telling you that’s one of my

biggest hacks for productivity in school and like actually being efficient

with your time you’re gonna feel like you’re doing so much work but you’re not

actually spending your time on the actions it’s gonna take for you to learn

what you need to learn you’re preparing to learn what you need to learn you need

to just focus on learning it and then you do go on the test you do it on the

class you learn it see and another thing for like preparing to get ready to do

shit is like stop focusing so much on like preparing to get ready like get

your little water go take a piss and go study you don’t have to spend 30 minutes

trying to find the perfect playlist of like background study music you don’t

have to like set the lighting and light a candle and fucking get a snack girl

just sit your ass down get to it get what you need as you study so if you

realize oh I need water go get water you realize you have to piss go piss after

you’ve started studying like on your first break you’ll realize everything

that you need and then go do it but just sit down as soon as you have that

inspiration of like okay I need to go study I’m gonna go sit down and work on

my shit go do it act on inspiration as soon as you get it you have five seconds

and I know that’s the whole Mel Robbins like five second rule but with

inspiration you literally have five seconds to act on it whether it’s an

idea it’s insight it’s inspiration anything it is you have five seconds to

put an action behind it shorten that fucking gap and just like go for it as

soon as you feel it just do it unless you’re thinking about like killing

yourself don’t be so quick on that okay so my next tip for being more productive

is give yourself a certain amount of time to get certain things done like set

a deadline for how long you have to do certain things because you will be

shocked at how much you get done just by putting a time cap on it but like

respect the time cap when you set it because like when I have shit to do I’m

so much like quicker with everything that I’m doing like when I’m working out

if I have like coaching calls or if I have like appointments to be out or like

meetings to be on when I have to go to the gym before all that and I’m like

okay Leo you have an hour to get your workout in I literally get that shit

done in an hour like everything like I’m very focused I’m zoned in and I just get

my shit done and knock it out but on days where I don’t have anything where

I’m like I have to do it I’ll fucking lallygag in the gym I’ll play around I’ll

just like fiddle and fuck around and it takes me two hours two and a half hours

sometimes but it’s not on purpose like I just take a little too long during the

sets I’ll like pick a new song I’ll talk to somebody that I know like I just

fuck off like when I have unlimited time to do things so it makes it feel like it

takes a lot longer but you will be shocked at how quickly you can get shit

done if you just set a time limit on it because like I said when I put the time

limit on my workout it’s not like I have a better workout in the two and a half

hour period that I’m there versus when I make it one hour I still have a really

good workout and I get everything done but I’m more on top of my shit I’m more

productive with the time that I’m spending with what I’m doing because I

realize okay don’t fuck off don’t take so long picking songs knock your sets

out quit like lollygagging and like looking around and just like fiddling

your fucking thumbs like get on it and go like the time limit will make you do

that and another thing that I do this with is like chores so I will literally

like set up the chores of what I have to do in my house for before I have like a

meeting or coaching calls because I’m never late ever to shit like that like

I’m very punctual and I will not be late to it so I use the hour before to be as

productive as possible so the other day I had to clean my apartment I had to do

dishes I had to shave my head and I had to shower this would usually take me

like three hours if I just let myself on like a Sunday do like oh I’m having a

catch-up day like I put on music I’d like frolic about I’d fucking like take

my time doing everything and it would take me like three hours to do it but I

told myself before my coaching call Leo you have to get all this shit done I got

it all done within like 45 minutes like I gave myself an hour but I got it all

done in 45 minutes because I was like not rushing but my ass was in check like

I was in gear and I was focused like okay I have a deadline I have to get all

this done before that like I was buzzing the fuck out of my head like I got ready

in the hour so I’m so much more productive when I have a time frame

around how fast I have to get things done I swear it works and you will

literally be shocked at how much you can get done because the other day

before I was going to the gym I was like all right Leo you got 20 minutes like

clean up do dishes and fucking make your pre-workout and put on gym clothes and I

got it all done within 20 minutes and I was like damn girl that would have seen

me like two hours in the other day but I’m just telling you for real set a

time limit on shit and you’ll be shocked at how much more productive you are and

how much more you get done like you’re capable of a lot more than you think in

a shorter time frame and you’re only gonna realize that once you start giving

yourself that time frame it got fucking dark I’m giving like spooky vibes now

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neck and it just looks more expensive you can see it I don’t have to fucking

tell you but I don’t want you guys to think I’m just over here like repping

this fucking company because they like pay me like I’m associated with the

brand like I actually bought their shit before I started working with them like

it was funny how we all met and it all lined up but I like to promote quality

shit so when I find that I’ll tell you but I’d luckily have a code so I have

two tips left and then we’re gonna get into what would Leo do but my next tip

is when you’re setting goals for what you’re trying to do so like you know how

I say when you have a goal you have to break it down into daily action steps

that you can take that’s important but you don’t want to overshoot it with the

things that you’re expecting of yourself but you have to be realistic you have to

like take into consideration how much you can actually do consistently so I

want you to get honest with yourself about what you’re willing to give up and

what you’re willing to do for what it takes to get to what you want like you

have to get very clear like you’re totally allowed to have boundaries and

have goals you’re allowed to say I don’t want to give up this time that I spend

hanging out with my friends every night so I’m gonna make time for my other shit

throughout the day even if it means I have to do a little less this is not

something I’m willing to give up that’s totally fine and you should do that

because a lot of people lose themselves and they start resenting the fact that

they have goals and they’re working so hard at something because they feel like

they lose their whole life because they just throw it away so get very clear on

what you’re willing to give up and what you’re not and then set realistic goals

for what you can do and what you’re willing to do like how much time you’re

willing to put into certain things how much energy you’re willing to put into

them and there’s a lot of actions that have to be repeated so like consistent

actions those are the ones you got to be honest with yourself about but if it’s a

one-time thing here’s my little hack for these two like if it’s a one-time

thing I have to do and it’s gonna take a lot of effort and a lot of energy I will

go full throttle into it and like literally throw everything away and put

all of my attention and focus into it to get it done because it’s a short

timeframe I’m gonna have to do that for now with other actions if they have to

be repeated and it’s like a consistent thing that I have to do over a long

period of time that’s when I get realistic with letting up on how much

I’ll put into it like you have to get something that’s maintainable for

actions that have to go over a long period of time like for me to try and go

to the gym two and a half hours a day every day is not something that I can

maintain without getting pissed the fuck off or tired of it like I like to have

my workouts be an hour hour and a half and like crunch that shit so that I can

still make progress and feel like I’m putting a lot into it without letting it

consume too much of my fucking life so if it’s a one-time thing you have to do

be relentless with it give it your all let it consume your life for the couple

of days week whatever that it’s gonna take but then what the actions that you

have to repeat over a long period of time be more realistic and don’t go full

throttle 110% into it like go into it with how much you’re willing to do and

how much you can maintain and continue doing because the whole thing about

being productive is you have to be able to stay consistent with what you want to

do if you just go full throttle into it and you keep burning out every weekend

you’re not being productive you’re not being consistent like you could just

split the effort up a little bit so that it could be more consistent versus

like going full throttle and then burning out another tip I have for this

is check in with yourself every week like especially if you’re gonna use the

worksheets even if you don’t use the worksheets you want to check in with

yourself every week and track your progress so even if you just do it on

your own and just keep track of what you’re doing check in with how you felt

over the week did you feel like you’re doing too much do you feel like you can

bump it up and do a little more like check in each week because your

threshold is gonna go back and forth with life what you’re dealing with what

you’re feeling and then how much progress you actually want to make so

you’re gonna be able to take on more than you think and there’s some weeks

you’re gonna be like no I have to cut it back like you’re gonna have to go back

and forth like that’s one thing I learned from my nutrition coach is we

check in like multiple times a week but at the end of the week he’ll be like are

you comfortable cutting more food or do you want to stay where we’re at or do you

need to add a little more food to not be in such a drastic deficit for a minute

like how are you feeling how are you able to manage like you have to check

in with yourself and make changes consistently to keep yourself consistent

like you can’t just at one point in time set that you’re gonna do these certain

actions and continue with them at the same intensity because like I said you

might be able to do more and you might need to pull back for a little bit so

you can stay consistent because some action is better than no action and

that’s one thing I fully believe and like even if you can just muster up a

little bit something’s better than nothing and remember me saying that

because a lot of the times you can get caught in the whole mindset of like all

or nothing because I do that I’m like a perfectionist my rising broke up I’m

like I’m not doing it if I’m not doing it perfect but I had to get rid of that

once I started doing all the shit that I’m doing now like opening my businesses

and like doing all the shit that I do sometimes just doing something is better

than nothing and it will wear you the fuck out to try and be perfect and a

hundred percent every time you have to go out something like it’s totally fine

to fluctuate because one day you’re only able to give 80% the other day you’re

able to give 120 and you make up for it so that’s what I’m saying check

in with yourself and reevaluate readjust and like check in every week

just remember me saying that cuz it’ll keep you consistent and also checking in

every week lets you see your progress you’ve made if you fucked up if you’ve

done good it’s all in front of your face like just writing it down oh my god I

can’t explain whether it’s my worksheet or not like writing it down dude getting

it out of your fucking head you can see it you can give yourself the reassurance

that you are progressing because a lot of the times you do a whole bunch and

you feel like you’re doing nothing but when you can actually see the actions

you took it’s like so reassuring of like okay I know I feel like I’m not doing

enough but I actually am here’s my reassurance and boom you have peace of

mind but also with checking in every week when you set what you’re gonna do

for the week I want you to fully fucking commit for one week like that week that

you commit commit to that bitch whether you think it’s too much commit to it

literally commit and just push yourself through it for that week because at the

end of the week you get to recalibrate and see if you can handle less but the

whole point of like checking in every week is you commit to that week once you

set it of what you said you were gonna do you stay consistent with it even if

it beats your fucking ass you’re able to suffer and it feels like you suffer a

lot less when there’s an end date to the suffering so if you know I only have to

do this intense shit for a week you feel like you can endure it because it ends

when you have suffering with no end it beats you up a lot fucking quicker you

burn out ten times faster trust me I’ve been there so my final tip for being

more productive this is the biggest tip this is the biggest thing that’s helped

me and it’s not about actions it’s about your mental state because that’s the

biggest piece of the puzzle a lot of people forget a lot of people promote

all this success shit they’re like neglect yourself fuck everything fuck

friends fuck everything fuck your life like be miserable suck it up and just

grind it’s like no bitch you got to take care of yourself mentally because I

am somebody that can push myself to the extent of like I can’t go no further

like I will burn myself the fuck out I have plenty of times so if you’re

someone that has that level of drive and determination you have to take care of

yourself mentally and I don’t like the idea of working less if I want to work

so the way that I go about this and give myself like the mental reset even when

I’m working is I will tell myself every night at 8 p.m. I’m off work so I work

from the minute I wake up till the minute I go to bed sometimes I wake up

at 8 a.m. and I go to bed at 1 a.m. like I literally like fucking work and just

work on shit all day but what you’re doing when you’re working is forcing

your focus on certain things and certain tasks like you’re forcing your mindset

to be at this one place and it takes effort and energy for you to force your

focus so if you don’t have any periods where you let that force off you’re

gonna get drained a lot faster so every night I tell myself at 8 p.m. I’m off and

what that does is free my forced focus after 8 p.m. because I’ve fucking worked

on goddamn day I’m good okay like I’m allowed to do what the fuck I want after

8 so at 8 p.m. I allow myself to do whatever the fuck I want to do if I want

to go lay on the couch and do absolutely nothing I’ll do it if I want to lay on

my fucking bed and go to sleep early so be it but if I want to continue working

I allow myself to it’s not that I’m forcing myself to stop working I’m

stopping myself from forcing my focus so I don’t feel that exhaustion which

usually leads to resentment about whatever you’re working on so I’m

telling you that has helped me so much just setting a time for when I’m off

work like I said a lot of the times I’ll continue working but I don’t feel that

guilt and I don’t feel that voice in my head like yelling at me to keep going

even till I go to fucking bed like you have to set yourself free from that

pressure or you’re gonna burn the fuck out and be sick of it so that is my

biggest tip for productivity just set a time for when you’re off the clock you

can do whatever you want after that time whether you want to go fucking fiddle

your dick you want to go lay in the bed like I said do whatever you want if you

want to keep working keep working but what I’ve noticed is when I’m not

forcing myself to focus on things I know that I’m free after 8 p.m. but when

I choose to continue working I have so much more joy in it I find so much more

fun I feel a lot more creative I feel a lot more like light about continuing to

work because I want to work I don’t feel like I have to I’m not forcing myself to

it’s natural it’s like a natural inspiration and boost and I feel better

about continuing to work up until I go to bed sometimes some days I fuck off

and do nothing but I’m just saying give yourself that option to take your

mindset off of shit like just give yourself that freedom from all the

pressure you have yourself on or just take that off after a certain time my

time is 8 p.m. alright so now let’s jump into what would Leo do and that’s where

you guys write in and you send me your situation and you basically ask for

advice like I tell you what I would do but most of the times I just give advice

about your situation and if you want to be featured on an episode I have a link

in the description where you can send in your situation or whatever you’re going

through like whatever you want my hot take on there’s a link in the

description it’s completely anonymous you don’t have to put a name you can

just put the situation but let’s jump into this so the first one someone asked

how do you become the hardest working person you know and I saved that one for

this episode because I have some tips so first things first looking busy and

being busy looking like you’re working hard and actually working hard are two

different things so I’d say stop trying to look busy or stop trying to look like

you’re working hard and put your effort into working hard you know but the ways

to do that are when you have an idea or you think of something that you could do

shorten the gap between the time that you take action so in action should come

very quickly behind the idea so a lot of people will like have an idea they’ll

wait they’ll wait they’ll wait then they’ll take the action if you want to

be more hard-working shorten that fucking time when you have an idea take

action start fast start doing shit quick and when you do that my next point is

focus on results like don’t worry about how much time it takes to do certain

shit focus on the results focus on getting things finished done and getting

them to completion because that takes a lot of fucking work but when people get

caught up in like I have to put this much time into it like I said before if

you focus on time people will lollygag and fuck around and they’ll be worried

about looking busy versus actually being busy you’ll worry about looking

like you’re working hard versus working hard so when you focus on the result

that’s what’s most important whether it takes you two hours or 20 hours your end

goal is the result you’re gonna seem a lot more hard-working when all of a

sudden you just have all this shit that you’re completing versus all this shit

that you’re just working on if that makes sense my next tip is don’t look at

any task like it’s beneath you a lot of people do that and a lot of people get

too big for their goddamn fucking britches but I don’t look at any task

like it’s beneath me like I will do anything that I need to do to get to

where I’m going whether it’s like the CEO position or the fucking janitor

position I’ll do it all I’m not above shit I have no fucking ego when it comes

to me getting to what I want that is a hard worker like you’re not gonna sit

here and just wait around for other people to do certain shit because it’s

beneath you or whatever like don’t look at it like that if there are certain

things that will allow you to buy your time back like hiring a housekeeper or

hiring someone to help manage a team like I get that you have to buy your

time back so that you can focus it on like more important things but don’t

look at it like it’s beneath you like if you’re hard-working you’re gonna do

anything that comes up that needs to be done not just what you think that you’re

like fit for and the last way that I’m one of the hardest working people that I

know is I work on a lot of shit at once like I have a lot of goals that I’m

working towards at one time a lot of people just say pick one and then go for

it no bitch I allot time for each goal that I have like I have like 25 fucking

goals at one time not really I have like five main goals and I allot time daily

to each one so you’ll feel very hard-working if you allot all of your

time to just one thing but if you really want to feel like you’re the hardest

worker you know have a lot of different shit you’re doing and use your judgment

with that don’t just be doing a bunch of shit just to be doing a bunch of shit

like I said don’t do things just to look like you’re hard-working do the things

that make you feel hard-working which is gonna be having certain times to work on

certain shit because y’all know I’m a trick of all trades I’d be doing so much

shit and like I don’t understand how I manage it all at times but really the

worksheets help a lot because I literally have worksheets for everything

I work on so I can keep it categorized and organized like I don’t have a

routine I don’t follow a routine at all I follow what I need to do for each of

my goals like and I do it when I need to do it and I just get it all done okay

so let’s dive into the second situation so someone wrote in and is basically

considering moving somewhere or not and they just quit their current job but like

they feel comfortable where they live but they want to move somewhere else but

they asked what would I do to remain committed to my goal and you asked the

right motherfucker so first thing I would do is get very clear on what my

goal is like get clear on what your end goal is because that will give you

clarity about like all the other little goals you can set to get there but the

whole point about getting clear on what your ultimate goal is is you have to

detach from any specific way of getting there so if you have one goal and you

declare you want this thing and your actions are back in it I don’t know if

you’re religious or spiritual or whatever the fuck but the universe knows

your greatest shortcut to get you to where you want to go so if you know

where you want to go you might think this way is the quickest route universe

knows that this way is the quickest route so it’s gonna pick you up and drop

you over here because this is the shortcut but when the universe snatches

you out of where you’re at and ruins everything that you have going for you

and then drops you into a new spot you’re not gonna understand that you’re

in the new opportunity to get to where you want quicker like you’re being

relocated because it’s faster so if you feel drawn to this opportunity to move

do it and take it get clear on what your goal is and if you can see okay this

opportunity moving to this place or wherever starting this new job is gonna

get me closer to where I want to go or even if you just say I’m open to seeing

how it could get me to where I want to go perfect but if you know where you’re

at right now it’s gonna limit you and all you feel is comfort because you’re

just there you don’t feel like it’s gonna actually get you to where you want

to go hop out like I know you have to leave the comfort and take a minute like

enjoy being comfortable for a minute get ready and then go on your next adventure

but when you get very clear on your goal you have to detach from like knowing the

way that you think you’re gonna get there because what I have for my goal

and all the different ways I’ve been yanked the fuck around to get to where I

am now I didn’t see none of it coming like I had literally no fucking clue I

just committed to my goal and committed to wherever the universe snatched me and

dropped me I would keep going toward my goal and I’ve gotten so much further

than I thought versus if I just stayed with being a nurse and was like oh it’s

comfortable it’s easy I know it like not easy but like it’s what I know it’s

comfortable I can do that but I knew it was never gonna get me to where I wanted

like it would have been a lot harder to get to where I wanted to go from staying

in that position you have to release your definition and what you think is

the best way to get you to where you want to go because you are being guided

whether you’re religious or not okay so don’t play it fucking safe if you feel

like you are drawn to this new opportunity it’s for a reason you’re

gonna learn a lot you’re gonna learn more than you fucking realize and you’re

gonna have so much experience to draw from and this sense of stability you

have will always be there you can always come back and even if you can’t go back

to the exact spot that you’re leaving you can go create this sense of

stability somewhere else with the same thing that you were doing you can find

it somewhere else you always have a fallback plan and it’s yourself so go

for it okay so our last situation for what would Leo do someone wrote in and

said I have to read this one like from the thing because you’re gonna get it

I’ve been working on getting rid of the toxic in my life as in my toxic ex the

one I always go back to I can block him on everything and then months down the

road I have a gut feeling I need to check in on him and I do and he does the

exact same thing he keeps tabs on me but I didn’t have any idea about me I’ve

been working so hard on healing myself and trying to meet new people and going

on dates but I just go back to him and he’s not good for me and I know this he

knows this so what I would do in your situation is when you feel that urge to

check in on him observe what’s going on in yourself first why do you feel like

you need to check in are you concerned are you worried like what’s going on

what are you feeling first like check in on you and look at what you’re

worried about and why you feel like you want to reach out because when you’re

worried about something if your only way of getting the reassurance to stop

worrying is by checking in on this person you’re gonna continue to do it

and so you learn to comfort yourself so when you’re worried when you’re stressed

stop looking for comfort outside of yourself and give it to yourself turn

toward yourself figure out why you’re worried what you’re upset about what

you’re feeling comfort yourself through it because checking in on him is just

alleviating you from the stress that you feel because you were in some level of

stress if you feel like the urge to reach out and check on him so as soon as

you learn to comfort yourself you’re not gonna feel the urge to check on him

you’re gonna be able to get yourself through these stressful periods when

your brain starts telling you shit like oh something’s wrong I need to check in

it’s like wait hang on do I need to check in what’s wrong has anything led

me to think that something is wrong or am I just concerned for myself and then

look at how can I reassure myself everything’s okay how can I comfort

myself without reaching out because that will help you stay on track with what

you’re trying to do like you’re aware this person’s not good for you but you

keep continuing to go back so figure out why you keep going back what part of you

needs comfort and how can you give it to yourself and one piece of advice I want

to give about this situation is you don’t have to continue proving that you

care about him not checking in on someone doesn’t mean you don’t care

you’re you’re allowed to care about someone and be concerned about someone

and still not check in on them if you know it’s gonna hurt you or fuck up what

you’re trying to do like the whole thing with this productivity podcast is to keep

you on track so I want to give you that because a lot of people feel guilty like

they need to prove that they care if I don’t check in it he’s gonna think I

don’t care about him you’re off the hook for that you no longer have to prove

that you care about this person you’re allowed to do what you need to do for

yourself to stay on track with where you want to go and if you want to heal from

the situation and move on from it you have to stop visiting it you have to see

what needs are being met for you and what comfort you get by revisiting it so

you can do it for yourself so you no longer feel the need to go back to that

situation you come to yourself first so that’s where I’m gonna leave you with

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