Aware & Aggravated - 52. I Got Jumped in Berlin

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Hi friends, so I’m in Europe right now and shit looks real different because I did not plan on having to make this fucking episode

So me and my friend Randy planned a trip to Europe and we were gonna come here for like three weeks

And I recorded a bunch of podcast episodes to have ready so I could just edit them and then post them while I’m away

So that you guys don’t know like anything going on that you get your typical episodes like you’re used to right?

No shit can’t go easy for me

We had a little bump in the road our first stop on the Europe trip was Berlin and when we were in Berlin

We got jumped at a club

By some fucking losers who didn’t know how to jump people which was funny

But now I have to make a podcast episode updating you about all that. So everything’s fucking different. Everything looks weird

I don’t know how the sound quality is gonna be. I don’t have any of my equipment

I have Randy’s camera and a little fucking hope


So we’ll see how this episode goes

But basically I have some shit to talk and when I say I have some shit to talk

I have a lot of things I got to get off my fucking chest about Europe and Berlin itself

I quit smoking I quit vaping but I need a motherfucking cigarette

I’m right and I sound sick because I am okay. I’m sitting here drinking fucking tomato juice praying to God

I’m gonna fucking feel better. But like me and him been like sick as shit the past few days

But anyway, I’m gonna rant about Berlin I’m gonna tell you a couple things I like about Europe and then I’m gonna tell you about

What happened in Berlin with the whole fight thing?

but all of it leads into each other like I have to tell you the shit in the beginning so that the rest of it

Makes sense. So let me just jump into the shit me and Randy land in Berlin and I posted a tick-tock video of us

I was like, yo, we just landed in Berlin. What the fuck is there to do send us recommendations?

Tell us where to go things to do, you know, I wanted food recommendations basically

But like raves too cuz like the rave I’m out of breath. Oh my god

I’m fucking sick of shit the rave culture in Berlin like the rave scene is super big here

it’s known for that like every fucking thing you see online about Berlin is like

Raves like fucking sunglasses fucking all black and just gothic crazy scary grungy. Love it

Like that’s the scene in Berlin. So I was looking for recommendations cuz like we’re fucking not from there. We don’t know shit

We don’t know German. We don’t know nothing

Like we’re over here on Apple Maps like a fucking idiot

but anyway

I post that video and it goes viral and everybody’s like leaving all these fucking

Suggestions of where to go in the comments of the video and I’m like, oh my god fun

We have so many places to go

The one recommendation that we took for a restaurant was fucking shit and the one recommendation for a club

We took which was the matrix these motherfucking idiots tried to jump us

Moral of a story don’t fucking take no recommendations offline

Fuck all of you who tried to set us up if it was a setup. That’s the thing

It’s like I don’t know if it was a setup or not

I don’t know what the fuck was going on, but we got there

We posted a video of like give us recommendations and then the video blew up

So I’m like, I don’t know if it was someone that recognized me online

If it was someone that was setting something up or what but we’re gonna get there

So online like especially on tik-tok, you see everybody wearing the coolest shit in Berlin like the people in Berlin online

They look on fuck with the ball like they look like the top tier like cool people

Like, you know people in New York dress and they think that they eat bitch Berlin eats them like oh

That’s hard cuz people in New York look so fucking cool, but people online

I’m saying online for a reason cuz people in real life in Berlin aren’t shit. They’re literally average as fuck

They’re Joe fucking schmo when we got there. I was like, where’s all the cool people?

Literally, I was like what the fuck people online

Make Berlin seem like they just walk around and rave clothes all day

Like that’s what it fucking is. I guess the image that’s painted and let me just tell you

That ain’t how it fucking is

people look average as fuck during the day people don’t even look that cute when they go to raves like we went to

like a couple of places like we went out a couple places and we never saw anyone like

That fucking cool and it’s weird because I’m like, I’m in all these places

I see online where all these cool people are posting but where the fuck are they at like y’all are not there

So what is this little like for social media shit y’all are doing?

You know what? I mean? And there’s this one club called Berghain

Berghain, I don’t know what the fuck I don’t know how to pronounce it

I’m not German bitch

But it’s apparently like really hard to get into and like they turned down Elon Musk at the door like they don’t care who you are

What you have they don’t care if you have millions of dollars

Like if you don’t look the vibe

They won’t let you in like if you don’t look cool, they don’t give a fuck then I’ll let you in and I love that

I think that’s so fucking cool. We didn’t try to get in there, but I wanted to try

But we did try to get into a club called KitKat club and

That club is a fetish club come to find out like I didn’t know it was a fetish club

But it was but my main gripe with these clubs in Berlin the clubs the bars

Everything if you’re going to be picky about who you allow to come into your bar

You better be cute as fuck. Okay Germans are very racist and that’s one thing I experienced firsthand

And if you want to tell me no, we’re not no, we’re not shut the fuck up. That’s my experience

All right, fuck you. Shut your goddamn mouth

My biggest gripe is these motherfuckers at the front door of these raves y’all want to judge off appearance?

Okay, so have a good appearance if you’re gonna do that

Like have a bitch looking like Bella Hadid at the door have her tell me fucking no, that’s some fucking 50 year old loser

This fucking idiot that’s like looks like shit

Like if you’re gonna base your opinion of someone based solely off of how they look

Have your motherfucking porch clean before you tell me mine is dirty

If you are gonna tell me I don’t fit the vibe of your club

Then be the vibe of the club bitch cuz you look fucking Trader Joe’s worker

You look fucking stupid and you’re gonna tell me I can’t come in

Okay, like I totally get people wanted to be protective of like the vibe of their club fully get it

I get if you want to be racist be racist. Don’t let people who aren’t German in your club

I get it if you’re gonna be racist

that’s fine because I know how protective it is of like

When you’re on drugs in a club and you’re raving and people fuck up the vibe when you’re on drugs

If someone is like being obnoxious or fucking up the vibe, it fucks up everything and it makes it terrible

So I get it be racist be picky, but be cute if you’re gonna do that bitch. Oh my god

I’m so fucking mad about it

I’m so fucking mad about it because if you have like this ugly motherfucker at the door telling me no, I’m gonna look at him


Right. Okay

Like you look stupid and I’m gonna be like fuck your club

You’re a goddamn idiot anyway

But if you have a bitch like Bella Hadid at the door and she looks at me and goes no, sweetie. Ah, I

Will gladly go fuck myself. I will gladly go fucking be on my merry way. I’m not gonna fucking bicker

I’m not gonna fight. Yes, ma’am, and I’m gonna fucking go. Okay, you get what I mean?

You get the fucking dynamic how it switches cuz I’m bigger and cuter than every motherfucker that I saw

Getting let in the clubs and the people that worked at the clubs

So if it’s just that I wasn’t German I get it

But you cannot look at me and tell me it was because of the way that I looked I’m self-aware enough to know

If physically I don’t look like the vibe of a place I get it

I would get it to not let me in if I didn’t dress appropriately bitch. I looked more Berlin than y’all fucking did

So that’s what I’m saying. I’m very confused. My outfit was like better than most people that were coming in

So what the fuck was the problem? I didn’t get like so I don’t know they’re fucking shit

It just pisses me off and one other thing I want to say about Berlin

We get the appearance thing


But people’s fucking attitudes are too bad for the way that they look if you’re gonna be butt-ass

Fucking ugly do not have an attitude. All you have going for you is being nice

So what the fuck is that? Like I don’t get ugly people that are mean

I truly genuinely wholeheartedly do not understand it. Like that’s all you have going for you is like to be nice

So like to be rude, I’ve never seen such misplaced confidence in so many fucking ugly ass people

I don’t get it

I really don’t like I’m not the type to like base people and like judge people off like superficial shit

But if you do it to me, I’m gonna do it right back if you’re racist to me. I’m racist right back

You want to be racist? Let’s be racist. You want to play appearance? Let’s play appearance

Let’s let’s degrade each other. But when I come back and I win don’t look at me and tell me I’m the mean one

That’s some shit. I don’t fuck with like with hate comments on social media

You want to come on my page and attack me unprovoked and when I attack you back just better. I’m the asshole

No, I don’t like that

Bitch you’re fucking stupid. It’s not me. It’s not gonna fly with it’s not gonna fly with someone like me

It’s not gonna fucking fly. You’re not gonna try and tell me I’m an asshole

I don’t even consider it being mean if you come to me and be mean and I’m mean back mine doesn’t count

Two negatives equal a positive you see if you’re mean to me first and I match it. I’m not being mean

Okay, that’s my logic. That’s my reasoning. Fuck you

Let me get some tomato juice so I can calm down

But real life y’all like Berlin disappointed the fuck out of me like these the way that it looks online

It’s not as cool as it looks in real life and the main thing like Berlin’s architecture and

The city and like everything’s set up like I love it. It looks so cool. It looks like

Futuristic from like the 90s like what the 90s thought was futuristic, but it’s like rustic

It’s like if you took a modern looking city in the 80s or 90s and dropped a bomb on it

Oh, that’s what Berlin looks like. It looks like you blew it up

But then that’s what I’m saying

It doesn’t make sense why everything is so goddamn expensive like I shit you not

Berlin was more expensive than the United States

Like it’s $20 a drink to go into any bar any club like 20 bucks for one drink, babe

Are you have you lost your fucking mind?

How is your city gonna look blowing the fuck up and you’re gonna try and charge 20 bucks for one drink?

Please but also I get like people racially profile you so like if you look American if you look like a tourist

They’re gonna charge you more just cuz they can you know, I mean like I get that I’m aware of that dynamic

but no girl that wasn’t what was happening that was like everywhere and that was like the set price on the menu and I was

Looking around to see if like Germans got different menus than like people that looked American

No, everybody say fucking me. I genuinely don’t get why Berlin was so expensive

But it was obnoxious like for me to say something was expensive girl

It was fucking stupid like it genuinely just baffled me

I was like, how does this make sense? Like your your place looks like this and you go charge like this

What like I’m in Romania right now

Romania’s prettier than Berlin and the prices dirt cheap bitch

I love it here cuz I could eat like a fat fuck and like I spend no money

But I will say that the coffee in Berlin was 10 out of 10

Like I’ll give credit where credit is due coffee 10 out of 10 people

Shit, I don’t like fucking people

But the coffee and like the little pastries at the little shops and shit and then the pizza. Oh

My god, yo, that shit is good

It’s 10 out of 10 like best I’ve had and I’ve been a lot of places seen a lot of things

Berlin got good-ass food and good-ass coffee

Not food in general because that little schnitzel shit or whatever. They like it was that right?

Like it wasn’t nothing to fucking rave about, you know

But like the coffee 10 out of 10 the little pastries 10 out of 10 that one pizza place

We went to fuck 10 out of 10, but let me talk about the gym for a second

The gyms in Berlin are cool. They vibe they’re cool as fuck. They look super super nice

They look futuristic. They look cool. They have like red lights in them. So it’s like it’s just cool

It looks Berlin and then the music bro. Oh my god. The music is so good in Berlin gyms. I was like

The whole time working out and I’ve got my fucking Shazam like this every five minutes. It’s like what’s the song?

What’s the song?

But it’s like techno and there’s like some EDM hardstyle shit and it’s like that’s just what they’d be listening to here

That’s what I listen to like in my headphones

You know what?

I mean, cuz I’d be going to Alphaland in Texas and it’s just like trap shit and like some stupid-ass music here and there

But like they just be listening to EDM and techno like that’s just the norm. Like that’s just what their radio is

So I did love that but with the gyms, I forget people in Europe don’t wear fucking deodorant

So the gym smell like shit and when I say shit

I mean onions like it literally smells like someone’s fucking cooking a stew of just

onions like it’s

Europeans got the weirdest fucking body odor. It don’t smell like BO

It smells like fucking onions and like being in the gym

I would feel like I stunk just from being in the vicinity of like around these people, but I just don’t understand

How the fuck is it 28 degrees outside and y’all still fucking stink you can’t sweat so

Like it’s 28 degrees babe, how do you still smell like onions? I genuinely don’t understand

I can you just like please put a little bit deodorant like it should be a thing like if you’re gonna work out

It’s required legally. You have to put on some kind of like smell good cuz y’all smell like shit

Like it literally smells so fucking bad. I don’t get it. And I wish I was being dramatic

I really do like I wish I was being dramatic like I’m gonna be straight up and real which guys like don’t waste money or

Time going to Berlin. It’s not what you think it is. It’s like it was fun to get the experience

We had like a good time, but

It’s not what you think it is online. I was very much disappointed

My expectations were fucking like they fell short like nothing about it was what I thought it would be

But it was still cool to experience don’t get me wrong that coffee I’m sitting I’d stand but at the supermarkets

We’ve only found them in Berlin so far. There’s these protein pudding things and they have like 40 grams of protein. Oh

My god, they literally taste like a straight-up dessert

Don’t taste like protein at all. Like they don’t taste like anything healthy me and Randy were fucking killing those

Like we got like three four a day

We’re just like pounding those cuz we had to hit our protein, but we’re tired of going out to these restaurants

So we would just go out to a restaurant once a day and then eat fucking protein pudding all day

So we could get our protein in but bro those little cups. I’m gonna put a picture in here, but goddamn

We’re so good. If you can find them try them the salted caramel one. That was the best one

Oh, I miss it. I miss it so bad cuz in Romania, that’s where we are right now

I don’t see any like I don’t know where to get that shit. Like I’ve looked everywhere. I can’t fucking find them

They’re just gonna have to live in Berlin where I’m never gonna go back

I’m gonna tell you about my tattoos and then we’re gonna get into the fight. Okay, so in Romania

Randy has a tattoo artist that he sees here

She did like his half sleeve like a year ago

And he was telling me like hyping her up like telling me how good she is and all this and that and I was like

Yeah, sure, whatever and he was like, yo, we have to like go get tattoos while we’re in Romania and I was like, okay

Perfect. So really we booked Romania just to go get tattoos by her

Her name’s Aria and I tagged her my Instagram

I posted like a video of like going to get the tattoos

But I got a Medusa right here and then I got

Words on my knuckles and I got like some little tribal shit on my pinky just cuz I’ve always liked that

But I’ll do a full podcast episode about what all my tattoos mean because I have a couple few

But they came out so fucking good. I’m so happy about them. Like literally blew my expectations away

I didn’t know what font I wanted

I just knew the style that I wanted but we created this one like we found two fonts

We liked and then like merge them and then I made her like sketch them to like be what I wanted

But like literally I fucking love them. I’ve always wanted my knuckles done. This is the most perfect fucking shit

I’m so excited about my tattoos, but they are like

Healing so I’m glad

We got in the fight before the tattoos cuz had I fucked these up. I would have been more mad

I’m ready to rumble again. As soon as these heal bitch as soon as these heal

I’m ready to go cuz I’m pissed like I’m fucking sick about what happened in Berlin. So let me jump into that

We got fucking jumped out of nowhere. Leo. Don’t get ahead of yourself. You gotta fucking set the scene first

So we go to this club called the matrix and it’s the one that everybody was recommending on tik-tok

So me Randy and Randy’s friend Nathaniel

He met us out here cuz he’s stationed in the military and he lives in Germany

But he just flew to Berlin to see us like hang out for like the five days. We were there whatever so we’re all at

the club

We don’t know where Nathan went

He fucking just disappeared. I don’t know where like it’s I don’t I don’t know like and he didn’t show up until the next morning

It like 11 a.m. Like we had no fucking clue where he went, but me and Randy

Are at the dance floor like just dancing minding our fucking business, you know as I fucking do

Okay, so we’re on like the corner of the dance floor and that’s where you’ll always catch me

I don’t go to the middle of a dance floor. I don’t like that shit. I like a quick exit

I like to be able to watch everything going on. I like to like, you know what I mean?

I’m very aware of my surroundings. I’m hyper aware of my surroundings and

All of a sudden me and him are just dancing having a good fucking time and he’s straight

So we’re not like dancing on each other. Like it wasn’t like a hate crime. I don’t think I don’t fucking know what it was

But like we weren’t dancing on each other near each other

It was like we were just like dancing like I’m over here like fucking fist bumping like Jersey Shore in this bitch

We’re just dancing but we’re like near each other and all of a sudden five fucking dudes

I don’t know if it was five or six, but five fucking dudes like start surrounding us and I was like, what the fuck?

so I immediately get on guard and I’m like

I like I turn around and I see a fucking dude to my back one over here and there’s there’s three in front of us

And I was like, uh-uh

So I immediately get like my hair fucking stands up and I’m like, alright like I get ready cuz like y’all know my past

I’ve I want to say I used to fight a lot but I

Can’t get away from it

We’re literally fucking saying they’re minding our business these dudes surround us and then this one right here

Like comes up to me and like pushes me. No words are exchanged

Nobody says shit. These people just fucking surround us and this fucking dude pushes me

And I was like, what the fuck and as soon as I get like ready to like recalibrate I’m like, alright, bitch

Someone over here throws their fucking drink in my face

And that’s a typical tactic when you’re gonna jump someone is take their eyesight out

So a couple things people will do that though a drink in your face

Someone will hit you like on the on your back. So you turn around and they’ll fucking sucker punch you

They’ll try and take your vision out with a drink. They’ll pull your shirt over your head and then start beating you

There’s a lot of tactics people will use I already saw the situation for what it was. We were surrounded


I knew there was no way out. So I

Start swinging and I start swinging for the fucking life of me and I’m not the type person

To be with the hit me first hit me first. I will gladly hit you fucking first

I’m not letting you get a hit on me


If I can swing first

I will if I see a situation is gonna go to that if I don’t see a way out

I’m swinging first and I’m swinging ten times for you hit me once like I don’t play that shit

I’m very paranoid as soon as I get scared. I attack that’s y’all know that about me

Like I’m the sweetest person you’ll ever meet but if you scare me

It’s like that protector aspect of me fucking takes over and I’m like unleashing and there’s no fucking stopping it

But this fight turned into hell. So whoever this was that threw that fucking drink at me

That’s the first motherfucker. I swung at and when I tell you I swung through their fucking face

Like there was follow-through in that bitch. Like it was golf. Whoever’s face that was don’t look good no more

So I catch this bitch and immediately I come back to the one that pushed me

I’m like, ah, you motherfucking you started it

so I come back here and I’m just swinging for the fucking life of me rights left anything I can fucking do and

Then me and this dude go to the ground and when we get to the ground

I don’t ever get fully on the ground. So I’m kneeled down on one knee just fucking

Cranking this bitch like any way that I can I can’t like fully show you like how I’m like gripping my hands cuz my knuckles

Are still like scabbing but I’m just like on one knee just fucking going to town in this dude

I was hitting him so fucking hard. I dislocated my pinky. I cracked my fucking pinky ring

But while I’m over here like fucking just pounding this dude

One of the friends or like one of the other people in the group kicked me in my face

And that’s why my face was so fucked up like they kicked me this way it hit my fucking nose

My nose is still bruised it hit my lip and then there was like boot marks up on my like mustache area

I was like damn and they caught my chin

So they kicked the fuck out of me and like hit me in my face, bitch

It takes more to stop me than a kick in the face. Like once you get me mad like that. You gotta shoot me

You gotta choke me the fuck out or shoot me and I’m just I just keep going going going

I’m like he kicked me in the face. I don’t give a fuck

I keep going and since I don’t stop the motherfucker stomps me on top of my head

Like I have a scab here

It’s been like a week since all this fucking happened now

But like I had a giant like scratch over my head and I had a big scab

He stomped me on my head and that’s what stopped me because like I felt my neck like do that and I was like

Oh fuck

Like I stopped for a second and I immediately just like

Swifted his legs like grabbed his legs and fucking just slammed him on the ground and that’s when I stayed on one knee and

Like had to like catch my balance for a second cuz like if you don’t know when you get hit in the head

Your equilibrium is off like your brain fucking rattles around inside your head and you get dizzy

You ever see me drop into fights cuz I got hit but I’m coming back up bitch

Once I recalibrate on the bottom, I’m coming back up. But like I get like my center gravity back. I’m like, okay

I’m trying to like take in the situation for what it happens. I’m like looking around and I look over and I see Randy

Randy and these two fucking dudes. He’s just laying into them

Like he was like fucking these two dudes up, but I looked and saw on his head

He’s bleeding out of his ear when they were like starting with me

Somebody cracked him in the side of his head when he wasn’t looking and he started bleeding out of his ear

But I looked up and I saw Randy bleeding and I fucking lost it like you can beat me up

You can hit me you can fuck with me

When you hurt someone I care about or you hurt someone I’m with that’s a whole different story

And that is when I lost my fucking mind. That is what I hypothetically

for legal reasons

May or may not have pulled

I’m not talking too much about that because I don’t want no legal shit

Like I don’t know what the fuck’s gonna happen. If anybody sees this and you were trying to prosecute some shit. It was fake

I’m lying. It’s for the story time. I’m giving Tana mojo. I’m lying about my story and that’s what I’m saying

I don’t know if people saw me from tick-tock and thought oh, he flew out the country. He don’t have nothing on him

I always got something on me bitch, but that’s when I come up off my leg cuz now I’m like, uh-uh

No, you heard that motherfucker. I’m with no while I’m standing up

someone comes behind me and grabs me by my throat and like pulls me like

Someone was hanging off of my back like a fucking monkey by my throat. They thought they were gonna pull me down, bitch

You’re fucking five eight. You’re you’re like a fucking necklace. You’re not gonna do shit

so there’s someone hanging off the back of my nap got me in a fucking chokehold and I grab him and I’m about to

Sling him to the fucking ground and get him off me cuz bitch. You’re like a little fucking child, please

That was security and I didn’t know but I lifted his ass up off the ground

But as I’m getting ready to like whip his ass like four more security grabbed me like everything had like

Spread out like the whole dance floor was like vacant

Everybody like made a giant circle around us was just watching like what the fuck security grabs me. This was my only free arm

I’m just swinging over like anyone I can hit I’m just fucking swinging

I’m fucking trying to uppercut like I’m just swinging any direction I can with my one free arm. They finally grab my PR

But the security grabs us and starts dragging us outside. I have like six fucking security guards

I mean when we get out of the club, like we’re walking toward the exit

I grabbed the wall like for the exit of like the club

They’re pulling my body and I’m holding on to the doorframe because I want to catch the motherfuckers that are coming out

Cuz they’re escorting us all out. I

Thought the only people they grabbed was me and Randy

they only had us and

When I saw the guys

Coming out like they were behind us like there was like five fucking dudes like coming

I was like, I’m gonna fucking get him and security like wouldn’t let me go and I was like, let me the fuck go

I was like, they just jumped me. I’m Albanian. I don’t play that shit. Like I’m fucking screaming

My nose is bleeding to my lip was busted. So I’m like bleeding. I’m like spitting everywhere

I’m like screaming and as soon as I said, I’m Albanian. I don’t play this shit like you they just jumped me

Let me get them like once they once I started saying that

They were like, oh fuck and that’s when they all grabbed me and we’re like

Holding me the fuck back and they told the guys go run like they told all the fucking guys that jumped us to run

Held me and Randy and let them run away

That is the part

That don’t fucking sit right with me like I’m about to start sweating that shit pisses me off so bad

They let them jump us and then let them run

Security was being so fucking disrespectful and rude to me

They were screaming at me like you’re going to fucking jail all this and that I said call the fucking cops

I said they jumped us and I said you just let them get away

I said call the fucking cops. I knew I was going to jail already girl

I’m fighting five fucking dudes in the club, but I made it very clear. I didn’t give a fuck. I was getting arrested

I knew I was getting arrested. I didn’t give a fuck. My brain works in a very specific way

I’m like if I’m getting arrested, I’m making it worth it

So that’s when I get fucking pissed off and I start going at security cuz I’m like you dumb motherfuckers

I was like, I’m Albanian. You know what you’ve just fucking done

You just let these motherfuckers jump me and you told them to get away

You held me and let them get away and they were like, whoa, wait, they attacked you and I said, yes

I don’t fucking know who they were. They attacked me. They attacked me and my friend and they were like, oh shit

Like they were like, oh

But immediately their fucking attitude switches they start bringing me water they start bringing me fucking napkins

They’re like hugging me. They’re trying to make sure I’m warm cuz I’m in a tank top. It’s 28 degrees outside in Berlin

I’m in a tank top

Okay, a skinny little fucking tiny like material like my gym tank tops that are like no fucking material

I’m in a fucking tank top and a gold chain and I’m standing outside

Shivering to fucking death, you know because we had to check our jackets like I had a leather jacket

But I checked it inside in the club. So Randy was like going to get our jackets. They let him go get our jackets

He’s trying to get them while they got me outside now

They’re trying to take care of me and with the guy that kicked me in the face

What’s funny is I really don’t blame him because if someone was on top of Randy

Beating the fucking shit out of him the way I was beating his friend how to kick the fuck out of him, too

I’m not mad at it. I get it

I’m very fair. That’s my thing. I’m very fair

So they’re fucking babying me now after they realized what actually just happened in this situation

They they bring me a heater like an outside heater because I’m standing there fucking waiting on Randy to get our jackets

They can’t find them all of a sudden

My Versace glasses that I had on are lost and I realized it I was like wait where the fuck is my glasses

But I’m not being sweet. I’m not being nice

I’m screaming and everybody’s fucking face all the security any security that comes up to me. I’m spitting on him

I’m literally like my nose is bleeding and I’m like like blowing snot but bloody fucking snot all over these fucking people

I’m spitting on him. I’m fucking pissed like what they just did. Uh-huh. You let them go

No, and it looked like they were like associated with them

Like they looked like they knew the club owners and like the security so they like let them go

So now I’m being a motherfucker. I’m being so mean to these fucking people. I’m saying anything mean and disrespectful

I can say I’m spitting on him. I’m fucking blowing my blood all over them

Like fuck you, and then I realized my sunglasses are gone

My Versace sunglasses that I paid so much fucking money for I said go the fuck inside and find them now

I said bring them to me now and

They found them. I

Don’t know how

In a giant club. They found these little tiny black Versace sunglasses

I don’t know how they did it, but they did and then one of them brings me one of my gold bracelets

Cuz one of them fell off. I

didn’t even realize but what pisses me off the most about this whole experience is like

They didn’t even jump us right like at least jack my chain at least like do something bitch

Like you didn’t even fucking jump us, right? Like I still had all my jewelry

I still had all my shit like y’all didn’t take my wallet

Y’all didn’t take my chain y’all didn’t take nothing like what the fuck kind of wack-ass losers jump like that

Like if you jump somebody you jump them to like get shit like you make it worth my time

You don’t just jump me make me get in a fight kick me in the face

Just to waste my time like that like if you’re gonna jump me do it properly bitch

Don’t waste my fucking time with that just take my chain pussy

But anyway, I’m sitting there just like shivering like really really bad. It’s 28 fucking degrees. It’s snowing outside

I’m just standing there like just shivering cuz like my adrenaline is wearing off at this point. I’m fucking mad

I’m still screaming but like my body’s like shutting down because it’s so fucking cold the one fucking black guy

That worked at that goddamn club. He was the sweetest one. He was the nicest one. Fuck all the Germans

Like I said now I’m racist. You’re all racist to me. I’m racist to you. Fuck you. You’re nice to me

I’m nice to you

I don’t go fuck what you look like what skin color you have but the black guy was a sweetest fucking one nicest one

But he saw me like freezing to death and he was like, okay come here like and brought me inside

Stood with me inside was like rubbing my back was like being sweet to me. It was like trying to talk to me

I’m still just cussing him the fuck out cuz I’m like, fuck you. You’re associated with them. Fuck you

He was being nice though. I was being an ass, but Randy finally finds our jackets comes back and the guys like

Why are you screaming at me? Why are you fucking screaming at me? And I broke it down for him

I got in front of his face and I said look

Imagine you’re at my club. I let these five guys jump you attack you

I hold you back and I let them run and get away

How are you gonna fucking feel and then it clicks and he goes, okay, I would be pissed too

And then he tries to like calm me down lava situation. He’s like, okay. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry that happened

It wasn’t on purpose like it happened this don’t be mad. Don’t be mad. Just calm down go home the nights over

They called the cops get out of here while you can bitch. He was so fucking sweet for that

So we I immediately call a fucking uber as we’re getting in the uber

It’s like we get in the uber and we’re driving this way. The cops are pulling in this way

So he kind of like saved my ass on that one, but I didn’t get arrested which is fucking great

But like I said

If anybody is like from Berlin or like from Germany and you think you’re gonna watch this shit and try and claim me fuck you

I’m never coming back to your fucking little city again eat my shit

but the part that scared me the most was I was standing there outside the club and

When they were going inside to get my glasses, I was realizing my face is swollen. Like I felt my lip was huge

I was like bleeding out of my face like my nose and my mouth like I just kept spitting blood

I was like what the fuck and my lip was busted and I remembered Leo check your teeth and I

Like licked in my mouth. I was like

Trying to feel if I had my teeth and it was so swollen and numb

I couldn’t feel it and I got so fucking scared. I was like, please don’t let me be missing teeth

That’s my biggest fucking fear is to like lose my teeth

So I pull my phone out and I put the selfie camera on

I’m gonna put the picture in here because of how fucking mad I looked I look like a demon

Like I was checking my teeth. I was like to make sure I had them and as soon as I realized I had my teeth

I like calm down a little I was still fucking mad. I was still spitting everywhere, but I felt so much better

Knowing that all I had was a busted lip a fucked up nose and a chin like that’s fine

I’ve been through a lot of fights. I’ve had my shit fucked up plenty of times it heals

I’m like basically back to normal in like a week. I know how that works

I was like as long as it’s a flesh wound, I’m fine. But if you want to knock to my teeth out. Oh

My god, I mean I’m close to Turkey. So I’ll just flew to Turkey and got them done but bitch

Oh, I would have been fucking mad

So after that we spent the next day like exploring and then we bounced then went to our next country, which is Romania

So now we’re here, but Romania has been so fucking cute. Like I love Romania

It’s been such a blast the tattoo artists that we have like we spent like four days with her

I fucking love her like Randy’s getting a whole fucking sleeve done

But we’ve really had so much fun hanging out with her and like just eating Romanian food and like doing all the shit like every

Day, she like orders us food to the studio. Oh my god. I fucking love her

But yeah, we’re still trying to figure out where we’re gonna go next or if we’re gonna go anywhere

We’re just gonna go home or we’re gonna go to Rome. I don’t fucking know

This trip has been a shitshow a little

But we’ll see like I don’t know fucking follow me on Instagram

I’ll post pictures and shit, but I have a lot of podcast episodes pre-recorded

So I’m gonna be releasing those the next couple of weeks

I just had to make this one as like an update because I can’t just like

Post about getting jumped and then not fill you in, you know, let me friends like this is a missed FaceTime call

So I wanted to make this like catch everybody up, but we’re all okay. We’re safe

I don’t know anything going on legally if anything’s happening. I don’t fucking think so, but we’re okay. We’re fine. I’m healing

I’m good. I’m just a little sick. I have a little cold, but Randy’s fine. He’s getting a haircut right now

Like everything’s fine. Everything’s good

Don’t nobody stress but I’ll be posting a little pre-recorded episodes that I had like over the next couple of weeks

I just want to fill you in about all this shitshow

So if you enjoyed this video leave it a thumbs up. Leave me a comment what you think

I will do an episode about my tattoos because I know you were all curious. Don’t worry

It’s coming but thank you all for checking on me

A lot of you saw my Instagram stories and my tick tocks and we’re like, oh my god, what the fuck happened?

So thank you for checking on me. I appreciate all the well wishes

I love you all so much, but I will never be taking a fucking recommendation and get offline because fuck all of you

I know there’s ones of you that care about me, but there’s also motherfuckers that want to set shit up like that

So I’m not taking no more recommendations because I don’t know if it’s a setup or nothing

So love you all to death, but trust no one

Perfect timing. Thank you so much for watching and I will talk to you guys next Sunday