Aware & Aggravated - 59. Things I Hate That Most People Love

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Okay, hi friends. I’m gonna get myself in trouble with this episode maybe a little but fuck it

so one of you guys DM to me and asked me to do an episode about my hot takes and

Everything that everybody else loves that I hate and a little elaboration. So I thought it’d be fun

I do want to say these are all of my opinions and you’re allowed to have different ones

You’re allowed to be wrong, but you’re allowed to have your own opinion

But these are just gonna be some things that I just don’t understand the hype around or that I just flat-out don’t fucking like

And I’m gonna start off with life things. We’re just gonna talk about random shit that has to do with life then

media like TV

Itself shows all shit like that style and then decor and a little bit with cars

I’m gonna have fun with this episode and I hope you enjoy listening to it

But let’s jump into this shit with just life things

But the first thing that I fucking hate that everybody else loves is the idea of marriage

No, thank you, and I kind of have two reasons why I don’t like it one

Y’all have fucked up what it means to get married

You’ve ruined it so many people get married now just cuz they feel like they have to

Like everybody feels like they have to get fucking married like two people fuck and they get pregnant by accident and they’re like, oh my god

We have to get married now bitch too late too fucking late

Like you’re supposed to get married before you fuck if you’re trying to go but like the little Christian Bible rules girl

We all know what happened. We all see you. You’re a few months late

But shit like that and then couples where it’s like

We know you aren’t happy and we have to go and attend your wedding

You look a fool you look a joke and that’s what a lot of people fucking do they get married and behind closed doors

They’re a shitshow like they fight they cheer on each other like everybody in the audience like out there wedding knows what’s going on

We’re all like there to celebrate your love. You ain’t found real love like the idea of

Marriage is tainted and like spoiled now people get married for the benefits that I understand

Because there’s a lot of good benefits of getting married but like military people y’all fucked it up

You just want to get married so you can be with a little person and take them wherever you want to go

Like marriage has become so fucked up

It was supposed to be a thing where like two people who are truly in love

found each other

Not two people who are like painting an image that I love each other and then are cheating on each other and then like cussing each

Other out like dogs the whole thing just don’t stay right with me

It’s got a sour taste in my mouth and I just don’t enjoy it

Like I don’t like to go to weddings unless I’m getting fucked up. They won’t have fun

I’m gonna go be supportive. Like I’m gonna have my friends back. Even if I know she’s cheating on you homeboy. Sorry

Sorry, you didn’t go through her phone and catch her. You just go to my texts. We’re fucking gossiping about it

But I have my friends back. So you my loyalty lies with my friend if I have a friend my loyalty lies with them

Sorry, bitch, but the whole idea of marriage and like the whole like stigma around it’s a moneymaker

So many brands so many companies so many everything makes so much money off marriage and selling that shit to you and people just fall

Into it. But like I said, it’s like the whole idea of celebrating two people who finally found true

Love is gone

It’s dead

Like I’ve never seen two people be genuinely happy that are married and not saying that marriage is supposed to be easy or that you’re

Supposed to be happy all the time

But y’all get my point a lot of people just should not be getting married and my other opinion about marriage is why the fuck

Am I gonna legally bind myself to somebody?

What the hell I understand the benefits I understand all that but it just makes it so much more messy to leave

Like you’re your own individual person. You came into this life alone. You’re gonna leave alone. You’re gonna die alone

Why the fuck you’re gonna go tie yourself to somebody? I don’t like that. You can’t control other people’s behavior

So if they do something and you want to leave them for it, bitch

They make it so much harder like it’s like a trap kind of and I know I’m a little jaded and I’m like very trust

No one, you know

Speaking to trust no one my hoodie. This is one of the designs gonna be releasing

It says trust no one like I have it tattooed on my wrist, but that’s besides the point. It’s just messy to me

I’m good. I have no desire for marriage like the more aware you become the more

complex and like detailed and

Difficult you realize things are like there’s so much more to shit

It’s not just the idea of like, oh, we’ll get married

It’s a lot more to it than that, but do what you want to fucking do

Invite me if you have tequila

Okay, next thing that everybody loves that I fucking hate is how accessible and fast everything is now you can’t see my jewelry

These hoodies are like the perfect length because you can still see Judy

It was just tucked up on my arms, but how fast things are and how readily available things are

I don’t like it

like you remember when you were a kid and

You knew that you had like a certain TV show was like 8 7 central like you had to be home and have your ass

In front of a TV at 8 because your show was coming on like me with Disney Channel

Like whatever the fuck was coming on. I’d like look forward to it all week

My show was coming like you got the anticipation. You got the excitement. You got the fun

You got to make it a little event like hang out with your friends watch it with your family

Whatever that’s gone because you can fucking pull up Netflix or Amazon Prime or whatever buy the shit and just watch it whenever you want

it like the whole

Things being slow and not just given to you immediately like delayed gratification

I don’t like that because that sounds like hustle culture

But delaying gratification with shit like it’s it takes the excitement out of life. Like I don’t watch TV

I don’t watch TV shows anymore. Like why the fuck I can do it anytime

So I’ll get to it when I get to it

But you know if you have it like every week at this time you have to do it

Did you best catch it while you can you know?

But that’s just one example like there’s a lot of things where everything’s just so fast now and I don’t like it

I miss like having to wait for things and for things to be exciting and to be in a little event

Okay, the next thing y’all gonna get mad. I know it. I already know it pets bitch. Why the fuck do so many people?

Have pets like I understand you want to protect them and help them and like give them a good life cute

Sure, but like I don’t like the responsibility of it like for where I am right now. I’m 24

There’s people that got like pets at 18 when they went to college

Why the fuck are you getting a pet when you’re going to college half of them are neglected?

You’re fucking half drunk all the time. You’re not taking care of the goddamn dog

Yeah, it’s cute for you to have like the dog and something to look after sure

But you can’t travel can’t go nowhere

You can it’s just like another thing to take into consideration to make shit difficult

Like I understand pets love pets love animals

But I don’t understand the hype around having pets at such a young age and then people you see them

And I’m not gonna say no more descriptive details because you know, the motherfuckers I’m talking about

They get a puppy just to parade it around like they hold the puppy when they go out in public

They take it every fucking where they post pictures of it and they don’t want it when it gets old

Like and it gets like grown

They like the idea of having a puppy and having something to tote around because it gives them like attention from people people like oh

My god, it’s so cute

Yeah, like I don’t understand using puppies and using small animals and like young animals for attention

I don’t fuck with that shit. If you’re not actually gonna take the best interest of something into consideration. Don’t fucking get it

It’s a living thing, but I’m gonna I’m getting mad on that

I’m kind of off track but like just the the hype around pets. I don’t get it

I don’t get I want a black leopard like when I have like millions of dollars once I’ve like made it big

I’m gonna get a black leopard and I have that at my house

Don’t tell nobody cuz I’m not getting the certifications for it

But like I get pets at an older age, but like young that’s the part I don’t get next up

We got Zaxby’s the restaurant. I don’t get it. I don’t understand the hype around no goddamn Zaxby’s. It’s not good

I don’t like the Zaxby’s sauce. I don’t like shit from Zaxby’s and I just wanted to put that in here

I don’t understand people are so excited. Oh my god. We’re hungry. What do you want to go eat? And motherfucker says Zaxby’s

No, I don’t like them. I don’t trust them no more. I’m putting five feet of distance between me and that person

Your judgment is flawed. I’m scared of you now who the fuck likes Zaxby’s like it’s not terrible

I’m not saying it’s like I wouldn’t eat it if I was starving to death. I’d eat it but like people that prefer it. I

Don’t like that


So next thing I don’t understand the hype around is greens powders and like greens

Things that like you mix into a glass of water and it’s like a glass of shit

Like it’s like dark green look like fucking sewer water

People be drinking that all the time like the flat tummy teas the detox teas the greens and you’re like water

What the fuck eat a salad eat a vegetable?

Why the fuck are you making a glass of shitty fucking dirt water to chug it?

Cuz it looks aesthetic and it like looks healthy

Okay, I had a company send them to me and I tried them once and they taste like shit. I’m really okay

I’m not investing money into it. I’m not buying it. There’s nothing enticing about a glass of swamp water

Especially in the morning. Alright, I’m already getting a little hot because I get agitated with this shit

Sports that is something I do not understand for the life of me

What the fuck are people so into sports about like I genuinely don’t get it

It’s the most gay shit

I ever seen like men so excited about other men and buy jerseys and clothes of like other men

What the fuck is going on? I don’t understand. I genuinely don’t understand sports and like people’s addiction to it like their

Investment they are so emotionally invested like I wish I had something I cared about that much like how straight men care about sports

Ah, I wish I loved something that much maybe love your girlfriend that much

Things would get better but genuinely I don’t understand it. Like if I go to a sports game of any kind, I’ll be very into it

I’m invested like I’ll be excited about like I’m with it

I’m like happy to be there having a good time drinking eating the pretzel or something like I’m down for the experience

But like to sit at home and like fiend over like what’s the score?

What’s the score like people that be checking their fucking shit and like you go to dinner like I’m sorry

I have to watch the game and they like set their phone up to watch the game

Are you a fucking three-year-old at the restaurant with your fucking Looney Tunes on why do you need to watch the game?

Why are you sitting there stalking it seeing who won like I don’t understand people’s obsession with it

I genuinely have tried to understand it. I don’t get it. I wish I cared about something that much

I just don’t care and it’s so pointless like there’s no

Nothing, like there’s nothing to it. It’s just watching a little game. I don’t understand

I love when I see people get excited for them


I don’t like when they inconvenience me

But I like when I see my friends like watching the game and they get happy they get excited

I like I’m happy for them when I see people I care about expressing joy and having a good time

Makes me happy for them. I like to see it. I just don’t understand

I don’t get it. All right, next up. I’m gonna piss a lot of you little investment bros off but investing

Why the fuck do I want to be a millionaire when I’m goddamn 60 I want to be millionaire now

Don’t tell me to go take my money every month and go put it in this little fucking fund the S&P 500

your fucking little stocks and shit, whatever it is

Don’t tell me to go put money into that and sit here and cross my fingers and hope it turns into like millions of dollars

But it’s when I’m 60 who the fuck wants money when they’re 60. I want it when I’m 30

Okay, I don’t want to be too old. I don’t want to be some old fucking geezer with money

I want to enjoy it when I’m young and you never know if it’s actually gonna increase sure

There’s like a track record of people putting money in a certain like bond stock. Whatever the fuck you want to call it

I don’t know shit about investing cuz I’m not doing it. I can make money other ways. I can make money to have it now

I’m not putting it in some little account and being like Oh wishing for the best. Hope it grows

Hope I get rich like that’s a passive way to get rich. I’m not fucking doing it

Okay, I’d rather put my money and effort and time into like building shit making shit now so I can have the benefits now

I want to be 30 rolling around in a Rolls Royce not 60. What the fuck are you good for by 60?

Like you can’t even walk barely. What am I gonna have a gold cane?

I’m still gonna be on the cigarettes. But what the fuck is that?

I don’t want to be rich like that when I’m I don’t want to live past 55

Why the fuck don’t I’ll be rich at 50, you know, and I know it’s the safe route

But I don’t resonate with people like living their life safe. Why are you trying to arrive at death safely?

I like taking risks. I like saying fuck it. You only live once like I

Hate to bring back YOLO, but it’s true bitch. Like why are you gonna play the safe route?

Gamble investing is just a longer form of gambling. Just gamble now fast. You know, I mean, I

Just don’t understand investing and people like get their fucking dick off for it. I don’t understand truly genuinely I

Can make money other ways?

All right. Next up. We got cruises. That’s something else. I don’t get I

Would never be caught dead on a fucking cruise

No, bitch

I’ve seen Titanic you’re gonna put me on a fucking floating little thing that could pop at like any minute or like hit an iceberg

And we all fucking go under no bitch cuz I’m a male and I’m very big women and children got to get on the float

I’m fucking dying, you know, cuz I am gonna get the women and children on the boat. I’m gonna prioritize them putting me on a raft

I’m gonna take up the whole fucking thing. I’m six foot seven. I’m like 235 pounds

I’m gonna sink the bitch like I gotta save for other people instead of just me but like I know I’m not putting myself in

That position to have to do that cuz I will handle it correctly, but fuck that I’m not getting on no boat

What to look out and see nothing but water I know I’m a Pisces but fuck no, no

I genuinely don’t understand people’s like

Obsession with cruises and don’t fucking tell me you you don’t feel like you’re on a cruise like it feels like a hotel

I don’t give a fuck. I know what I’m on a floating fucking piece of metal with a lot of other people and

I’m not willing to take that risk. I just don’t understand the hype around a cruise like

Go fucking to a bar if you want to go party

Go to a resort all-inclusive

You can stay in the one spot like cruise get fucking shit-faced dirty ugly walk to one side

You feel like you’re in one country walk to the other you feel like you’re in the next you know

I mean, I just don’t get cruises. I’m scared shitless. No

This last one is my last one for like life and just general things then we’re gonna get it to media but


Everybody pops their little pussy for brunch. I don’t get it

I don’t like brunch because typically you have brunch after you’ve been drinking all night

I don’t want to wake up early for it to be considered brunch

I’ll see you at fucking dinner if that but like people that go to brunch

Even if you don’t drink that night before you’re not hungover. Why the fuck you going to brunch?

You like you go to brunch people like to get shit-faced. They like to get like fucking drunk off champagne

I get a headache on champagne and I don’t like to be drunk during the day

I don’t like to be seen you know, I like to be in the dark when I’m drunk. I like to be at night

But I don’t know bro like brunches does not appeal to me to go have like breakfast food and then be drunk

I don’t want to drink a lot and then feel like I’m nauseous with like eggs and bacon in my stomach

What the fuck? I don’t know dude. I just don’t understand brunch. Like it’s cute. It’s a fun idea

Maybe when I’m like older, I’ll be into it. But right now I’ll be fucked over some brunch. No, I don’t like it

Alright, let’s talk about shows and movies and things number one anime

Why the fuck do so many people grown-ass adults like anime

They’d be getting off to that shit like how straight men get off the sports people be getting off to anime

What the fuck is the deal with anime your little Naruto, whatever the hell it’s called like your little sushi roll

I get the Naruto roll when I go to get sushi

But like what the fuck a little cartoon. I

Feel like that shows flawed judgment if you spend your time watching fucking anime like if y’all like it

Please explain it to me because I genuinely don’t get it and I’m not gonna fucking watch it

I don’t care like I do. I genuinely don’t give a fuck

To even try it. Do I sound like an ass a little cuz I’m like, I don’t like this thing

But I’m not even gonna try it. I don’t have to fucking try it to know I don’t like it. It’s a fucking cartoon

I don’t like that. I like to live in real life reality. Not some little like

Fanfic shit. That’s what I really get is

I feel like it’s a fucking like, you know those little tumblr stories people used to write like a little fanfic

That’s what I feel like anime is just like cartoonized and I know a lot of them are like with like violence not violence

But like fighting and shit and it’s like they got little powers. What the fuck we’re grown

grown adults

next up is the news and

Politics. I don’t watch the news. I don’t give a flying fuck cuz what they say is a lie big fat lie

They are the biggest clickbaity ass bitches

But you don’t know where they get the information from they spew what sounds good and they’re like, I don’t like the news

I’m not gonna waste my time. I’m very greedy with my time. I’m not gonna waste it on the news

Okay, I hate commercials on TV. I’m not watching no guy them commercials and I’m not watching the news. The next thing was politics. I

Don’t know a fuck thing about politics barely know who the president is Biden. I

Had to think on it. Yes, who’s the vice president?

Couldn’t tell you don’t give a fuck. I don’t fucking vote

I don’t give a shit about politics cuz like what for like what the fuck for what am I gonna change?

What am I gonna control and I know some people are gonna be like, well if everybody has that attitude, that’s a thousand missed votes

I don’t give a fuck you can go spend your time and dedicate your life to learning about

politics and all these pieces, let me not all these people who are like corrupt by fucking money and

Feed you a bunch of horse shit. You can go learn about it. I don’t care. I don’t give a fuck

I know how corrupt the system is. I’ve experienced a little judicial system

Firsthand many a time and I don’t fuck with nothing to do with court. I don’t fuck with nothing to do with politics

I don’t like it. I have no interest. I never have and I never will cuz like I said, what am I gonna do about it?

Y’all watch the news and you watch all this shit about politics just and you get all riled up and all fussy and it fucks

Up your whole day. Why am I gonna do that? I’m gonna go do something productive make some money or something. Oh

My god, I’m gonna breeze past this one real quick

Country music. I don’t get it. I don’t like it. I don’t get it. I truly don’t it’s so fucking whiny

It’s the most like that southern fucking twang. I don’t like it. It’s just annoying to my ears and

They’re so fucking whiny like I don’t like Bruno Mars cuz he’s whiny

I don’t like country music cuz it’s so whiny like it’s like the straight country man’s fucking like

Way to get in touch with his feelings my dad has a joke if you play any country

He says if you play any country song backwards he gets his wife back he gets his dog back he gets his house

Cuz all country music is like men complaining about their fucking shit and their little heartbreaks and whatever like girl

Go fucking shoot a deer or something

Okay. Now I want to talk about a couple of shows. I don’t understand the hype about I don’t watch

Shows I barely watch movies. I don’t even own a TV and this new place

I moved into it’s like booze like I have to buy one cuz it’s like there’s a giant hole in the wall

Like what the fuck am I gonna put there and there’s like a place for a TV stand

So I gotta buy a TV stand and a TV. I’m not gonna fucking turn it on

It’s just for looks and for when company comes over. They can watch it. I don’t give two fucks about TV

I have other things to learn. Like I said, I’m greedy with my time. I’m not spending it watching some fucking show

Let’s it’s American Horror Story. I love an American Horror Story

And charmed the old one charmed a show with the witches. I ate that shit up as a kid

I was raised on it. Me and my aunt would watch it every fucking day. I loved that shit

I’ve seen every season like ten times. I haven’t watched the new one. I don’t give it to fucks charmed

Already has like a good memory and place in my heart

I’m not watching a little remake because it’s gonna tarnish it go fuck yourself

I don’t like when people do remakes cuz they always fuck it up

But with certain shows I don’t get the hype behind the office

Who dropped you on your head as a baby for you to find that shit funny

What the fuck is funny about the office that show is just the type of sense of humor

I don’t get and I don’t like like it’s the most generic shit. I don’t think it’s funny

You want to see something funny watch a fucking drag queen?

Those are the bitches with the smarts to make actual jokes that it like

Takes you putting two or three pieces together to get the joke and then when you get it you fucking belly laugh

You know what? I mean? I don’t understand that dry humor shit. I’d like the office. I think the office is for straight people

I don’t get it. But the other one is Breaking Bad never got into it

Never gave a fuck Game of Thrones walking dead. Ozark criminal minds Grey’s Anatomy

Don’t give a flying fuck about none of them. There’s so many shows

I just don’t get the hype around and I’m sure I missed a lot

Like I don’t know what shows are out the show you I like the first season the second one

They did too fucking much. The third one haven’t watched it. Is there a third one?

I don’t know, but there’s certain shows. I’ll like give a chance

But it takes a lot to impress me to watch something but with a lot of shows

I just don’t get it. And now I want to talk about movies like any of the superhero movies

Star Wars

Harry Potter what else we got Hallmark movies? Oh fuck. We got to talk about that Hallmark movies are all the same thing

It’s like a little town with one girl and two guys and she got a pick between one of them

What the fuck like we get it girl we get it it’s the same fucking shit every time it’s the most white-ass shit

Oh, I do like Madea movies

Those are funny, but really any of the Star Wars movies any of like the superhero movies any of the Disney movies?

I never really watched as a kid. Like I saw Finding Nemo

I like Nemo a lot, but I haven’t really seen any other movie like all the movies people care about so much

I don’t care scream is a good movie and a good series

I like that like the horror movie scream like one two, three, four and five. I like all of those

I grew up on those but there’s so much hype around certain movies. I don’t understand like Harry Potter

That one bothers the fuck out of me, why do people like that?

Like it’s giving knockoff Wizards of Waverly place, but like Star Wars and shit like that like, huh?

Like be fucking for real BFF are and the superhero movies

It’s the same shit with the same little villain and they always get them

Can we make one where the villain is hot and gay please and he wins?

Can we rewrite the narrative? Can we rewrite it, please?

I just want one that is gay and hot somebody get the fuck on that

I just don’t like anything cookie cutter and the cookie cutter stories and other type of movie

I don’t like is the Avatar shit with the blue people. I don’t get it. There’s just a lot of movies. I don’t

Watch or give a fuck about and now it was just a few if you’re thinking of a movie right now

I’m gonna fuck about it. But one movie I really do like is peppermint because it’s fucked up

It shows the reality of like situations and it’s not the typical

Ending with the good and the bad guy and I fucking loved it

There is no being the bigger person in that movie and I like that. They killed her daughter

What do you think she’s gonna fucking do?

She’s a burn the whole world down and I wouldn’t be mad at her but her daughter dies in the first five minutes

It’s in the fucking trailer. Okay, I didn’t ruin nothing for you

But peppermint really good movie. I like that a lot

Okay. Now I want to step into style and I y’all know a lot of my opinions about style and things people wear

So I’m just gonna bust through these real quick

But a couple I am gonna like elaborate on things. I don’t understand the hype about

Silver jewelry, we know we know and white gold too. It looks the fucking same Crocs



Jordan ones the shoes that are very popular right now every motherfucker and their mom has

Jordan ones and they be rocking them like did the coolest thing ever and one thing about me

I don’t want to be that motherfucker. That’s like all before the trends

I liked it before you liked it, but I am like back in 2019. I was rocking Jordan ones

I was having trouble finding any in my size because I’m size 16 and Jordans. I’m size 17 and Yeezys and

Finding shoes in my size was hard, but I found some I was rocking the fuck out of those

I was over them by

2020 really like the end of 2019 like I started wanting it and then at the end of 2019 I was over it

But now in 2022 and 2023, they’re fucking booming. Everybody’s wearing everybody’s got him

I’m already over them been over them for a few years and now just seeing them is like

Y’all think that’s a serve. I know that’s judgment. I know that’s kind of rude

But it’s just like I don’t get the hype behind those like and that also ties into my whole

I don’t understand people who like to look like everyone else

I don’t understand wanting to fit in and that’s partly because I’ve never fit in I’ve never felt like I had a sense of belonging


If I like something that everybody else likes, okay, that’s fine. I like it

I don’t give a fuck that everybody else likes it

But I don’t like things just because everybody else likes them like I don’t dress like everybody

I don’t wear things just because other people wear them like I have my own

Sense of style that makes sense. Like I’m very aware. You can’t try and clock me on all this shit girl

I already assessed it in myself. Okay. Next is a couple of brands. I want to talk about Louis Vuitton

It’s dead. It’s over with I have a couple things from Louis Vuitton and I’m like over it

Like I do have a wallet and I love it, but it’s all black

It’s like the epi leather pocket organizer and you can’t tell what it is

Like it just has a tiny little logo

But like on the corner and it’s just black leather

The monogram shit is so over with like everybody has a fucking Louis Vuitton something. Everybody has a fucking Louis Vuitton bag

I’m just sick of Louis Vuitton like as a whole

I feel like it’s very like

Overdone and not in a cute way like a lot of their shit is bad since Virgil came in

He fucked Louis Vuitton up

But I don’t want to get too deep into that because a lot of people don’t know like the designer fashion world like I do

But y’all do know Michael Kors and I don’t like that fucking brand at all. Genuinely. I don’t like Michael Kors

I’m sorry. There’s just something about it. Like I’d rather buy coach to Michael Kors

I’d rather buy Kate Spade than Michael Kors like Michael Kors is just a little rat

Like he just fucking steals everybody’s ideas like Steve Madden. I like Steve Madden though

he’d be having good shit, but like

Michael Kors is just like the little wannabe. I don’t know explain it like Michael Kors is just not it

I don’t know. Next is Tiffany like the jewelry company

Cartier I get Cartier love bracelets

I don’t think I’ll ever own one because like Michael Kors is over fucking done

I know Cartier love bracelets are like very popular

everybody has them but like

They lost the meaning of what they were supposed to be and people just get them now as like a status symbol like look at

Me look look. I have Cartier. I’m important like people that’s how people fucking behave now with it and I don’t like it

It’s just you know, it’s $7,000 when you see it and people harp on that. So like I don’t know

I’m just not big into the flexi shit, but my whole point with that was saying Tiffany. I don’t like Tiffany at all

I don’t I don’t get that hype and then watches that’s another thing

Maybe I’ll grow into watches when I get older, but I have a Rolex

I have a couple of nice watches and I don’t fucking wear them because I don’t like watches

My Rolex was a makeup gift from getting cheated on

Bitch if they fuck you over you best make them shell out some shit

Okay, but I don’t wear it haven’t worn it in like a year. I genuinely just don’t like watches

I’m not a watch person

I was for a minute when I was all big into like

Trying to be flashy and look like oh I have all this designer shit. I’ve outgrown that I’ll do a podcast episode about like the

Psychology of designer fashion. I still appreciate it a lot. I still love it. But there’s a lot of shit

I wouldn’t touch now and

Watches are just one of those things. I don’t understand like

People have they’re like status symbols and I look at more of like who is the person wearing it?

I don’t look at what watch you have like I was sitting next to this dude on a plane like a couple of months ago

And we were in first class

We’re sitting there both minding our fucking business and my brain just wants to have some kind of realization

I look over and I see he has a Rolex on and I’m just looking at him and the person he is

not the watch and I’m like

You’re a waste of someone to wear that watch because you absolutely have nothing going the fuck for you

Like he was bad hygiene very out of shape

Low confidence very insecure like the watch doesn’t make you look

Cooler it’s a sign to people that you have money

Potentially because a lot of people with all this designer shit don’t actually have fucking money like you have this status symbol

But if you look past the symbols, who’s the motherfucker wearing it?

I assess that now like I don’t think people are cool anymore just because they spent two hundred thousand dollars on a watch like

Okay, who’s the motherfucker that it’s on? You know, I’m gonna assess you

I want to see you as a person. What else do you have to contribute?

What’s great about you not just your wrist game, you know, that one kind of like derailed, but I

Don’t like watches. I just don’t fuck with them. They’re not me. I haven’t found one. I love I guess that’s the problem

I don’t know

But I like square faced watches like old vintage II looking ones like Cartier has some but they’re still kind of like me like nothing

Speaks to me. I don’t have no interest in a watch maybe because I’m 24. Maybe I’ll grow into it

But yeah watches or something else I just don’t get the hype around like it’s a status symbol cool, but what else

Okay, my last couple of things are about decor and furniture. I don’t like none of the furniture out now

I don’t like the style

It’s ugly like everything out is so ugly and shit quality all of my stuff that I have is from the 70s and 80s

Most of everything that I own my beds from Wayfair because I didn’t want to buy a bed

I wanted to just leave my mattress on the floor

But I moved into this bougie ass fucking place and I was like, you can’t just have you mattress on the floor

You know what? You need to like get it up. So it’s like on a

Frame that’s like that big I got to do something because my side tables are two mirrored cubes

So I needed something low enough. I could still go with shut up Leo. What’s not the point vintage shit?

I like vintage shit like the style of it like the style of like postmodern 70s and then like the 80s

Furniture was that bitch back then like the quality of it

My fucking dining table is 50 years old 50 50. It’s from the 70s. It’s so fucking sturdy

It’s still in great condition you buy a table now

It ain’t lasting you three fucking years without looking mad fucked up

like the quality of everything made now is so ass and

That’s just one part but to the look of it like everything’s very generic basic Joe Schmo

I don’t like it. Like nothing is like a vibe. Nothing is cute

It looks like a fucking catalog like everything’s the same, you know, or everything’s from restoration hardware

That’s cool. And it’s fucking $40,000 for a couch. Hmm. But yeah, I’m just very unimpressed with like

Furniture because our generation has nothing to show for like what the fuck we’ve done like you have 70s 80s 90s

2000s you got like the little like what’s it called?

Why 2k shit and then after that what decor style is there?

Ikea what the fuck is the style now, you know, like there’s no

style or trend for

These last couple generations like girl. What the hell are we doing?

What y’all got going on cuz whoever’s designing all this shit

Oh, like I know you have to buy certain things. Like I can’t have all my shit be vintage, but

Certain things are not but most of my big pieces are like my leather couch is vintage in my bedroom

My bed is not my side tables are my big dresser is it’s coming. I just ordered it

It was so fucking expensive. That’s one bad thing about vintage furniture is it’s so goddamn expensive one because I like the cool shit

I like the shit that’s like when you see it, but my dining room table my coffee table

All my shit is like vintage to an extent

There are certain things that you have to like just buy cheap like the bed fuck the bed

But you get what I mean?

Like if you can pull in the vibe by having a lot of vintage stuff you can find things here and there that aren’t

But I’m just not impressed with none of the furniture nowadays like it’s ass

Okay, next thing with like my little category of decor and cars we’re gonna get to that is

chevron print

like the little

People that like that what the fuck are you okay? I

Just don’t understand that that’s it was such a trend before I still see it here and there

But it’s the ugliest shit ever. Like I hate anything Chevron. I like herringbone print

That’s like these two bracelets here where to go

there it is like these two bracelets are herringbone style, which is like it’s not Chevron, but it’s like a

Dumbass would not know the difference but Chevron. I just don’t like it and I’m gonna leave it there next is silk pillowcases

Everybody be going on about their silk pillowcases. Oh my god. I love them. They help from an acne motherfucker

Just get a regular pillowcase and wash it flip it over, you know, but silk pillowcases be sliding everywhere

How do y’all stay propped up on them? I be hoop sliding right the fuck off. I don’t like silk pillowcases

I don’t get the hype behind them people love them. I hate them. They’re so inconvenient

They’re just not they’re pretty sure. I’ll give you that if you get black ones, that’s it

Maybe like a white but you bitches wear makeup. You can’t have white ones, but silk pillowcases just be flying everywhere

They just slide all over the fucking place. I don’t like it. I don’t get the hype

All right

last thing



That shit gripes my ass, oh my god, like not loud cars where it’s like, oh, okay

Like it’s just built loud

Motherfuckers that do mods to it like cut the exhaust and do shit to make it loud

Why you obnoxious bitch and I am very jaded about that because I do have a past that

Made me very paranoid. So anytime I hear a sudden loud noise

I like jump or like flinch or like I’m like on guard and my fight-or-flight kicks on so it’s like every time I hear some

Obnoxiously loud fucking shit, like all you driving your little car is 20 miles an hour

Which I don’t get your little fucking rice rockets why it’s so loud and you don’t drive it fast

Oh that pisses me off

This is not a pet peeve video, but y’all like that shit and I don’t that’s what this video is about

If you got a loud car drive the motherfucker so fast. I only hear it for two seconds

But I’m just very jumpy. So y’all enjoy your little cars. Just don’t fucking do it near me if they’re loud and obnoxious


Genuinely, why like that just gives me the vibe of like look at me. Look at me like

Look at me. Look at me like

Girl, and typically they’re a colored car

Can you not just have a normal ass car or like be able to turn on the loud and turn it off?

Cuz what the fuck like do you want that bitch like screeching and like roaring every time you start it

I know when you wake up at 6 30 in the morning to go to work

You just fucking sit in that bitch like like what is it necessary?

it’s not as cool as you think it is and

I think I’m just a little triggered because I’m like jumpy and I don’t like that shit

But I don’t get the hype behind it. If the car is not over a hundred and twenty thousand dollars

It should be quiet as fuck. I shouldn’t hear it like a Tesla Tesla sound like little bees

They’re so fucking funny

But one thing to know about Tesla’s if you pull out in front of one of them it emergency brakes itself

So you can pull out and cut off Tesla’s and they’ll stop theirself

So don’t be scared to pull out in front of one, but if you get in a wreck, you didn’t hear from me

That’s why I love when Tesla’s are like in traffic cuz I’m like, oh free slot. I just

But that’s all the yelling and bitching I’m gonna do for this episode

I hope you enjoyed this my little hot take on things that people love that

I don’t if you agreed with some things leave me a comment and tell me which ones cuz I’d like to know and if you

Didn’t agree

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