Aware & Aggravated - 60. Hitting 900k Followers in 1 Year (My Story)

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Hi friends! So I figured it’s time that I be honest with you and I’m gonna tell

you the whole story about how I gained over 860,000 followers on TikTok in less

than two years. I’m gonna tell you the full background of what was going on

with me and then why I started on TikTok, how I blew up, and how I still blow up

consistently. There’s a lot of shit that’s gone on that y’all don’t know

about that I need to tell you about because I’m all about like self

development, self growth, and all this shit. So I wanted to share everything

that I’ve been through because it’s a lot and I really think it will help a

lot of you but goddamn am I anxious about this episode because it’s about a

lot more people than just me. So let’s just jump into this. I’m gonna tell you

about my TikTok from the fucking birth of it and we’re just gonna see where it

goes from there. I have notes in front of me to like keep me on track with the

whole story and everything that’s happened but it’s a lot. So I had a

TikTok account like everybody does where you just kind of like don’t post and

then you do fuck around and you eventually like do just post and you

start posting like little random bullshit. That’s what I was doing and I

was kind of like just fucking around with my TikTok. Nothing on my account blew up. I

just want to start that from there. Like it wasn’t an accident how I started

growing on social media and I want to make that very clear. It was very

strategic and like Alana Del Rey says, if I said I didn’t plan for it to turn

out this way I’d be lying. So what was going on with me at the time was I had

just left an ex of mine and I was going through the worst breakup you can

fucking imagine and the reason I left this ex was because of disrespect. There

was a lot of shit that went on and I don’t care how much money you have, how

great you are, who you are. I do not tolerate disrespect and I tolerated too

fucking much of it and I hit my breaking point and I was like Leo who the fuck

are you? Like remember who you are and I bounced. I did everything I could to make

it work. I put up with a lot of shit but I just want to say tolerating things in

a relationship that you’re not okay with, it’s never gonna go well. Don’t try and

convince yourself to be okay with shit you’re not okay with. Fucking bounce. Get

the hell out of there. But this person I was dating was very well off financially.

Like he had a lot of money and I’m mentioning this because it is a key part

and a really big like contributor to what the fuck happened after I left. But

basically I touched a lifestyle and got access to money I had always fucking

dreamed of. I’ve never been more unhappy in my life and I’ll do a whole podcast

episode about that. About like voids money can’t fill and I’m also gonna do a

podcast episode about how money does make you happy. I’m gonna have to play

devil’s advocate for both sides. But basically I got to a point in this

relationship the money didn’t fucking matter. Like it was cool, it was cute but

I just wanted out and the disrespect is the thing that I fucking ran from. I

don’t tolerate that shit like I said. Like I don’t give a fuck if you’re the

goddamn Pope. Eat shit. You got to understand something about people who

have money and it’s that they get what the fuck they want and if they can’t get

it they’ll find a way to buy it or help it. Like I don’t know how to explain it.

Like they get what the fuck they want and they buy ways to get it and even if

they can’t buy a direct way to get it they’ll be able to pay for some aspect

of it. People with money are just used to getting their fucking way and when I

left this person there was no getting me back. Once you push me to that point

where I’m ready to say fuck you and I leave, you disrespect me to the point

where I have to leave. It’s my self-concept or you. There is no getting

me back. There is no second chance. There is no fix it. So I was dealing with a

person who’s used to getting what he wants not having to deal with loss and I

was the thing that he lost. I don’t think he could handle losing me. Honestly I’d

be upset if I lost somebody like me too. But like I said people with money are

used to getting their fucking way but it was it was more than just that. Like he

got finally the love he had always looked for in life. Like he got to

experience what it’s like to truly be loved and cared for and that’s a big

thing with someone like me. Like when I love someone or care about someone

you’re never fucking finding that again. You’re not getting it twice. And I was

the thing he had always wanted. I met the needs for him he didn’t know he fucking

had. I lost myself because I didn’t know how to fucking do a relationship back

then but I became everything he ever wanted and everything he ever needed. So

for him to get to experience that great. Best thing ever. And then to lose it ah

bitch I would lose my fucking mind too. But people have a weird way of coping

with losing things and especially people. A lot of people have to justify losing

someone or losing something. So they’ll need to discredit what it was. It wasn’t

as good as I thought it was. Or they need to paint the person out to be evil so

they feel good about losing them. Like he was trying to convince himself that

what he got from me was not real. It was not true. I was a liar. I was a fucking

manipulator. I was all this and all that. Motherfucker you can’t fake the way that

I love people okay. But basically me leaving him put him at war with himself

because he was trying so hard to make me out to be the fucking bad guy and he

just couldn’t. Because the way that I cared about him was so fucking genuine

and I handled every situation right. It wasn’t about the fucking money and it

was obvious. And so many situations explained that and exposed that and it’s

like people can’t just sit with the fact that they fucked something up. They need

someone else to be the problem and someone else to take the responsibility

of that. They can’t handle it. So he tried to make me out to be the bad guy. He had

to like convince himself I was evil and I was fucked up. So he felt good about

what he did to me and what he did was try to fucking destroy me. And he did. He

did fucking destroy me and my entire life. And that entire experience is a big

key component to how I am the way that I am and why I am the way that I am. And

all the mental like strength I have now because I was broken down to nothing. So

I’m from Florida. That’s where all my family’s at. I lived in Florida. Grew up

in Florida. And I moved to Atlanta Georgia to be with this person. And when

I left him I moved back home to live with my dad. And that was a mindfuck of

its own to go from spending like a hundred thousand dollars a month on just

whatever, traveling the world, doing whatever the fuck I want, eating at the

best places, buying the nicest shit, to choosing back into going to work as a

nurse. Because I’m a nurse. A lot of people don’t know that. I graduated as a

nurse, an RN, at 21 years old. So I chose out of that lifestyle, out of respect for

myself, to go back and take on working to only make like three to four thousand

dollars a month. And that was a huge mindfuck that I’m gonna talk about in

the money episode. Like going from those extremes of lifestyles without something

I’m very good at. And that’s why you can’t sway my character with money or

anything. Because I’m able to bounce back and forth. I’m able to adapt very well.

I’ve been up and down in lifestyles before and I have no problem doing it

again. But that lifestyle is something I never touched. Like that level of money,

when I left that shit, that was so fucking hard. Because when you have that

lifestyle, you get to escape a lot of fear and worry. And what am I gonna do

with my life? All that’s solved for you. Because you don’t have to fucking think about it.

So when I chose to come back home and like rip myself out of that lifestyle

and put myself back into like reality of like a normal working person, I chose

that shit and I did it. But that alone is enough to fuck someone up mentally. So

now I’m gonna tell you what the fuck he did after that. But when I moved back

home with my dad and started working again, I was fucking harassed like you

cannot believe, bitch. Like anything you can make up for a fucking movie happened.

Like I should write a book on this shit. But I really don’t want to give people

ideas of like how to hurt someone because what he did to me is

unforgivable. And I will be mad about that until the end of time. Like I’ll be

in hell fucking burning and just stewing with the fucking hatred I have.

I do have a lot of like compassion. A little. Fuck you. Fuck you for what the

fuck you did to me. I don’t believe in forgiveness. I don’t deal with that shit.

You did what you did. It fucked me up the way that it did. I am who I am now

because of it. But still, fuck you till the day I die. I do look back and I have

like my soft heart moments where I’m like appreciative of certain things and

I thought I missed certain things. But me ever having a conversation with this

person and ever saying thank you for what they did for me is so destroyed. The

entire potential of it is destroyed by what the fuck they caused and what they

did to my life. So the biggest thing that happened when I said I was going through

all the harassment shit, I was working as a nurse. And when you’re a nurse you’re

licensed by the state that you live in. So I was licensed by the state of

Florida. So this person, him and his mom, concocted a fucking plan and reported me

to the Florida Board of Nursing and submitted false claims against me and

said that my license needs to be terminated and revoked. The Florida

Board of Nursing has to investigate any claims that are made. Like they have to

see if it’s true or not. You know? It’s not that you’re like guilty or you’re

innocent. It’s like this claim, okay we need to assess it. So they launched a

full investigation on me for six months to figure out if these claims were true

or not and my license was on the line the entire time. But your license doesn’t

go inactive just because someone submits a claim. So I was still able to work as a

nurse but this person started calling the company that I worked for and was

harassing the fuck out of them. Was making all these false claims with them

was threatening to sue them because they still employed me. He was trying to

get me fired. He was doing the most fucked up shit you can imagine but he

also sent pictures of me. Nude photos that I had sent to him when we were in a

relationship. He sent my fucking nudes to my boss and to every email in my office

of my company I worked for. So everyone I worked for saw my fucking dick and he

was trying to say that I was taking nudes while at work and sending them to

him and I need to be fired for it. And he was also saying that I was taking

pictures of patients and like sending their addresses. I fucking never would

you dumb shit. I’m too fucking smart for that. Like one, I care about people too

much to violate fucking HIPAA. But two, you think I’m fucking stupid enough to

violate HIPAA? They will come down on you like a ton of bricks. Hell no. But

basically he was just trying to ruin my fucking character and he caused so much

headache with the company that I worked for that they didn’t fire me but they

asked me to go inactive. Which means like not work. So it’s not that you’re

fired. You’re still an employee but I’m not an active employee. You just go

inactive. So I wasn’t working while the investigation was going on and to get

this motherfucker to stop because he was fucking with the company not just me. And

there was so much more happening than just this but I was so excited because I

was in contact with attorneys. I was in contact with the fucking police many

times because of the extent of the harassment I was under. But everything

was dismissed because it was like just under the law. Like nothing broke the law.

So I was finally like yes finally you do something where I can get your fucking

ass arrested you little bitch. Because it’s one thing if you want to come to me

and have a fucking problem let’s have a problem. If you want to fight let’s fight.

If you want to fucking try and kill each other let’s do it. But for you to fuck

with me in ways where I can’t protect myself and because you have money you’re

gonna abuse it. I don’t fuck with that. So I don’t like calling cops. I don’t

like doing that shit. But I had no fucking choice. Like bitch wouldn’t come

to my face and I couldn’t find him. Motherfucker kept fleeing the country

because he knew if I got my hands on him he’s toast. And my my life was at a point

back then where I had nothing to lose. He had taken it all. So going to prison for

murder was not an issue for me. I had nothing to fucking lose. The potential

for my life was gone. It was fucking ruined. So I was excited that he finally

sent my nudes. Because I was like now you’re getting arrested you punk fuck.

Nope. And I tried to put in a fucking report. And the cops basically said that

the way that he sent my nudes was out of concern. That I had violated some shit in

my company. So it’s different if he just sent my nudes to someone like his friend

or something. But he sent them to my company. Sent them to everyone in it. But

because it was showing concern it’s not illegal. So this motherfucker again was

just under the law. And I’m over here just left to fucking be embarrassed and

have no way to defend myself. So I considered okay I’ll just go get a job

at a different place while I’m under investigation. He won’t know where I

work at the new place. So like I’ll be fine from this. You know like I can still

make some money live and be fine. And then this motherfucker bought and made a full website with embarrassing ass pictures of me.

And fucking ripped me. Made up fucking lies. Made up fucking stories. Literally

plastered anything bad he could about me to try and ruin me and ruin my name.

Because what this does when I was gonna go look for a new job. The first thing

new employers do is fucking Google you. The first thing that comes up with So it inhibited my ability to get another job. And it was

like checkmate. Like what the fuck am I supposed to do financially you know. So

luckily I just started working for my dad. He’s got his own business. He does

fine. But like I didn’t want to fucking do that. Like I fucking have no interest

in that shit. And I went to school so I never had to go work for my dad. I went

to school and became a nurse so I could have my own branch off in life. I could

go do something separate and support myself and be okay. And that was fucking

taken from me. So I ended up right where I fucking avoided being. Which is working

for my fucking dad. Went through three and a half years of school for fucking

nothing at this point. Because I’m right where the fuck I didn’t want to be. Like

I’m right where I started. So I start working for my dad because it’s the only

place I can get a fucking job. And I’m fucking dealing cards on the side.

Because fuck this shit. Like the system is not here to help you. The justice

system is a bunch of horseshit. And I was attacked from every angle. I had no

other option I saw at the time. So I did what the fuck I had to do. I literally

looked at my life like it was ruined. And I was in such a point of hopelessness

and just fucking despair over everything. Like you can only imagine where the fuck

I was at mentally and emotionally. And that’s when the suicidal tendencies and

the suicidal ideations and all that started for me. I hit that fucking point.

And hung out there for a goddamn while. I got comfortable in it. It was like my

sense of normal. And I’ll make another episode about how to get out of

suicidal thoughts and like deal with all of that. I’m just trying to make sure I

execute that episode very very very good. That’s a slippery slope bitch. And I

don’t want to get caught up in no fuck shit. So I can give you the real life

things that I learned from being in that place. And staying in it. And feeling

stuck in it. And this was my little phase where all I did was fucking party. I

would work Monday to Friday. And then I would go out and get so blacked out

fucked up on the weekends. I didn’t know who I was and what was going on in my

life. That’s when I started doing extracurriculars and rolling my ass off.

Because I didn’t want to feel what I felt. And I looked at it like there was

no fucking point. Like my life was ruined. It’s done. Who gives a shit? Might as

well go have a little fun if you fucking can. You know? I escaped. Like I had to

spend a big period of my life coping to escape what I was dealing with. Because

I was in court too. And I’m about to get into when I started my account. So I

started the username on TikTok not Leo for legal reasons. And the reason I

picked that name is because I was going through court. The motherfucker. All the

shit he was doing. He was also suing me in court. And making up all these fucking

cases he could make against me. Try to get a restraining order on me. Try to

fucking sue me for multiple different things. Just to drag me through court.

Because court is very expensive. And I didn’t have money to hire an attorney. So

this motherfucker just wanted to ruin me mentally. Which he did for a while. And

drag me through fucking court. So I couldn’t stop thinking about him. He was

still in my life. And I couldn’t get away from it. Like it was literally like the

worst fucking shit. And I hate court. I hate everything to do with court. It’s

not about who’s right and wrong. And who’s good and who’s bad. And who did

wrong and who did bad. It’s about their fucking little rules and their little

laws. And if you know how to skate around them you can get away with so much shit.

And a judge will literally look at you in your fucking face. And let the other

person go who has ruined you. The justice system is not for justice. And I’m gonna

leave it at that. So basically I picked the name Not Leo for legal reasons.

Because I was going through court. And I was like I don’t want anything I’m

posting or doing to be able to be brought up in court. So Not Leo for legal

reasons. Fuck ya. Try and pull it up. It ain’t me. But I started to like post

videos on there. Because I was just making fun of what the fuck was going on

in my life. Like I literally was just making fun of this shit. Like I had to

figure out a way to feel better about it. So I would just make jokes about it. Like

I recorded one fucking video when I was in court. And I literally just was like

I’m in fucking court because my crazy ass ex or whatever the fuck. Like

couldn’t like fathom losing me. Like I was like making a joke of it. Because I

couldn’t find any other way to deal with the situation. So I just started posting

random ass shit on Not Leo for legal reasons. And it was just like whatever I

wanted to fucking post. Problematic shit. I didn’t care. I didn’t give a fuck. I was

just posting to post. It was funny to me. So I didn’t give a shit. But like I said

he was trying to drag me through court. And he was trying to sue me for all this

shit. And the videos did get brought up. And I didn’t give a flying fuck. Because

I wasn’t paying for attorneys. One thing about me is I am very fucking stubborn.

And I was not letting this situation cost me any more fucking money. Like I

had already been out a lot trying to like deal with certain shit. I was like

fuck this. So instead of hiring an attorney. I really didn’t have an option.

But I spent a lot of time studying law. And figuring out how to represent

myself. So I didn’t have to get an attorney. And guess what bitch. I fucking

represented myself every time. And I won every single time. Put it on my fucking

resume. I’m a goddamn attorney now too. No but really like it was the most

satisfying fucking thing. And that was such a big character building moment.

Like I know so much about the law. I had to learn how to like control my emotions.

Get it together. Speak. Even though I’m dealing with all this shit inside. Like I

went and represented myself. And I fucking won. Every single time. The

gratification I got from that. Like oh like you spent like thousands of dollars

on an attorney to fight me. And I just shut them down. And I didn’t pay nothing.

Ah so satisfying. But basically this ex of mine had plenty of fucking money. And

plenty of time. And his goal was to destroy me. And he made it very clear he

was never going to stop. That was his only life mission now was to fucking

ruin me. And he did for a while. And where I was at mentally was like not a good

place. And that like I said is a big component why I know so much that I know

now. I’ve had to like get myself through some of the worst shit. And this was the

period where everywhere I turned no one could help me. No one in my life knew

what to tell me. No therapist. No counselor knew what to do to help me.

Like they didn’t know how to help me manage my emotions. How to deal with what

I was feeling. They just literally looked at me and was like I don’t know. I had

doctors prescribe me Xanax for anxiety and shit. Because every day I woke up it

was more and more shit. And also antidepressants. Which I didn’t fucking

take. I was just raw dogging it bitch. Oh my god. Now that I think back I should

have taken them. Because that was a really really tough time. But my

reputation was fucking tarnished. Like anyone I was potentially gonna try and

date was gonna find out about that website and see all that shit. Anywhere I

tried to get a job I was gonna be fucked because they were gonna see that. Like my

reputation was ruined by this person and I didn’t know how to get away from it.

And I truly like self-destructed because I didn’t know what to do. And I didn’t

know how to escape the reputation that he fucking destroyed of me online. I

genuinely didn’t know how to fucking do it. And again I contacted attorneys and I

tried to figure out how to have the site taken down. I tried to have police

reports made. And basically they said it’s freedom of speech. People are

allowed to say whatever the fuck they want about you with no slap on the hand

even. You’re free to fucking say whatever you want. Like I said go buy your

fucking website domain of your name. Please. Trust me I’m looking out for all

of you. But I did try to look into a defamation of character lawsuit. And I

was like I’ll go get an attorney and sue this motherfucker for defamation of

character because he’s just ripping me with a bunch of this bullshit. Like it’s

all lies. So I was like I’m gonna get your ass now. Until I went to an attorney.

And I went to multiple. And they all said it would be around thirty thousand

dollars for the case. I didn’t have that. Didn’t know how to get that. And no

attorney would represent me without payment. So that’s not like a legal thing.

That’s like a civil thing. I don’t know what the terms are honestly. I don’t I

don’t get it. But if I didn’t have thirty thousand dollars at least to shell out

for a fucking case I wasn’t gonna be able to get anything or get him to stop.

Like he was just free to fuck with me because I didn’t have money to fight him.

So the website was up and it wasn’t coming down. And there was no way for me

to escape this reputation that he made for me. I literally was like powerless. I

was like there’s no way for me to do anything. I can’t control it. And then I

had a little realization one night. And I was like okay Leo what can you do?

Because you’re focused on all the things that are out of your control. But what

can you do? Because you’ve got this reputation now. And people think this

certain way about you. Even though it’s not true they don’t know. Anyone that

doesn’t know me and sees that they’re just gonna assume it’s the fucking truth.

So I looked at what can I do. And the idea I had was to start posting

consistently. Because I was growing like a little bit. I think I had like eight or

ten thousand followers at this point from like a little funny shit I was

making. But I was like I can start posting consistently and show people my

heart. And show people who I truly am. Because there’s no way to change it.

There’s no way to change the reputation and the shit that was plastered online

about me. So my only fight against it was to just show people the real me. So

basically I realized you can’t change your reputation. You can’t change what

people say about you. But what you can do is be so yourself. And show people the

real you. So much that the claims and the shit talked about you doesn’t make

fucking sense. That is your only way out of a bad reputation. You can’t worry

about trying to change everything. All you can do is just be more of yourself.

And be more genuine. And be more fucking real. Like let people see the real you.

That’s the only way out of it. So that’s when I started posting consistently on

TikTok. And I just started posting videos that showed like my true heart. My

true feelings. My true thoughts. No matter if they were problematic or not.

Everybody knows my intentions are to help not hurt. Like I have so much love

to give. So I had to start giving it. And I started posting consistently. And I

started just showing people my personality. Showing people the real me.

And just being my fucking self. A lot of people say be yourself. I had a different

motive behind it. I had a whole like people have to see who the fuck I am.

There is no other option. It’s create a name for yourself or be buried under the

name that someone else has made. Because like I said I didn’t have money to fight

this in court. I didn’t have money to go about like the legal route with this

shit. So I had to get strategic. I had to get smart. What can I do? And it started

working. I started blowing up for my personality. I started blowing up for my

little tips and tricks I shared. And like the insight I shared. And then I was just

entertaining in a lot of them. And people liked it. People liked how just true and

raw and real I was. Because I couldn’t be anything else. I was literally forced

into being my authentic self. And it’s the best thing that I ever did. But it

wrecked the fuck out of me. So I started gaining a little bit of a following for

my personality and my videos that would do well. Like on TikTok I think I had

like 60,000 followers or something. And I was like okay people are seeing my

personality and my heart a little. But like how can I make this more? So I

started my separate TikTok account Life Coach Leo. And that is the account where

I only shared advice and realizations and insight and things that I learned to

help other people. Because I genuinely want to fucking help people. And I was

going through so much shit and learning so much shit. I was like if it can help

anybody else, great. Let it be worth something. Because only for me to know

about what I was learning and like from what I was going through is a waste. I

want to give it to as many people as possible. Like I want to save as many

people as possible from their fucking suffering. So that was what that account

was for. And then that one started blowing up. And that one’s at like 209,000

followers now. I wanted to make my following worth something. You know so I

just started sharing all of my advice on the one page where people got to know me

like deeper than my personality page. But everybody still knows the real me and my

personality page. It’s not two different people. It’s just two different topics

that I talk about. And then my advice videos started doing well. And people

liked those. And people liked me. Like a lot of people liked me for who I am and

the things that I share. And everybody saw how like just genuine I am. Like I

put my fucking heart out and people saw it. And a lot of people fucking attacked

me and ripped me to shit. But fuck them. Like it touched the people that I wanted

to touch and it worked. And when those accounts started blowing up, I finally

felt a sense of protection. Because this person fucked with me in every way I

didn’t know how to protect myself in. Like physically. Like my past before I

met this motherfucker, I learned how to physically protect myself. There’s no

threat physically I’m scared about. I know how to fucking deal with anything. I

have a high pain tolerance. I can get through anything physical. But I didn’t

have the emotional resilience and the emotional strength. The mental strength.

The perspective. The awareness. Or the knowledge of how to protect myself in

other ways. Like either it’s online or just work shit. Like your money flow. Like

I had to learn how to protect myself across the board. And gaining a

following kind of helps me with that. Like I felt so protected for the first

time. Because that was one of the big things that fucked with me was like I

just want to get my hands on him. Because I know how to protect myself physically.

Like he was ripping me and ruining me in every way I didn’t know how to fight.

And the only way I knew how to fight was physical. Like come here. Let me get you.

And I will fucking handle this shit. You know what I mean? But not being able to

do that fucked with me so hard. And I felt so weak and vulnerable and fragile.

And like anything could hurt me. And I felt so powerless. And I hate that

fucking feeling. Everybody does. But going through all of this gave me like my sense

of power back. And taught me how to truly be fucking resilient and protect

myself in all aspects. Not just physically. So I thought I was tough

before. Now? Impenetrable bitch. You can’t fuck with me. But like I said I got a

feeling of a sense of protection when I started blowing up. Because I was like

people see the real me now. You know? Like they see it. They get it. Like I felt a

little bit more like relief. And I felt a little tiny sliver of fucking hope. The

smallest little sliver. Smaller than a bump. But hiding took my power away. And

that’s exactly what I wanted to do when all of this was happening. Was just hide.

Because who the fuck wants to be seen or be known with a reputation like that?

Like I just wanted to disappear. But the exact opposite is what saved me. Like I

had this terrible reputation I just wanted to hide from and not be seen and

just disappear. But the cure was to hide in plain fucking sight. And show everyone

the true me. So that it made every claim made about me invalid. Y’all aren’t gonna

believe shit if someone just gets online and starts running their mouth now. Like

now I feel confident because I have shown you the real me. It takes a lot of

courage to do that. But it’s a lot of safety in that too. Like I feel very

protected now. Because you guys know the real me. And not even that you know the

real me. You care about the real me. And for that I cannot thank you enough. And

then the whole process of this shit show is when I was starting my app Positive

Focus. And this motherfucker went on there and left one star reviews on it to

try and bring me down. Like literally any move I made was countered. Like when I

had no like reviews on it it was just one star shit. And he left multiple and I

can’t get them taken off. So if you’re watching this and you have an iPhone or

an Android. Will you go download my app please. And just leave it a 5 star rating

to counter some of that shit. Like I hate to sound like a fucking pick me and ask.

But like there’s no other way to counter it. I can’t get them removed. I’ve

contacted Apple. I’ve contacted anyone you can contact. There’s no way to get

them out. So I just need as many up votes as I can get to counteract the bad votes.

So they would mean the world to me. Thank you. But also with starting my app. My app

was like one thing that gave me a little sliver of hope again. But when I was in

the process of making it and then I made it. The motherfucker messaged me. Like

emailed me. And I had to change my email 25 times. I had to change my fucking phone

number five times. Because like I said the harassment was that. And he kept

getting my fucking new information off of legal documents. Like when I

copyrighted my app and I trademarked everything. That motherfucker like found

the public information. And then started harassing me again. So I had to change

all my shit again. And there’s no way to like completely get everything about you

taken offline. So it’s just a goddamn shit show. I’m fine now. But I have so

many emails. And I have so many different like phone numbers. You’d shit yourself.

But I got an email when I launched my app. That a new app was being created.

Just like mine. That was going to take all of the content that mine shares. But

is going to be paid to be advertised above mine. So that mine looks like the

copy. And that mine looks like the fake. I tried to start the app. And he was

gonna counter it. And he had a team build another app. Just like my app. To steal

the content from it. And because he had more money. He could pay to advertise it

more than mine. And make mine shrivel away and be nothing. So when I told y’all

I was hopeless. And I saw no way out. I fucking meant it. Every move I made was

countered. But with posting everything online. It truly helped me a lot with

everything. And then I started my podcast. Which is a whole separate story about

how this came about. Because it was one of them little suicidal things. And I was

like I need to make a podcast. But this podcast helped you guys get to know me

even more. Like there is no doubt that you guys see my heart and my true

intentions. Like I have no anything. Like I have no hesitation. No worry. No fear

about anyone saying shit. Because like you guys get it. You guys know me. Like

you fucking can’t not. You know what I mean? Like this brought me so much security with

my audience. And all of you that follow me and listen to me. Like I feel like I

can trust you. And I trust you guys’s judgment. Because you’re not just gonna

believe something that you fucking hear. Because you’ve heard everything from me

personally. Like if someone makes this claim. Oh Leo’s racist. You fucking know

me better than that. I’m too goddamn aware to be fucking racist. Are you kidding me?

You would never think that I let skin color dictate what I think about human

beings. Are you fucking kidding me? Y’all know me better than that. See? Like I have

so much confidence with y’all. Because like y’all fucking know better. But

luckily the websites that were created are down now. All that shit’s gone. It’s

in the fucking past. I had it handled. And handled some of it myself. But all that

shit’s over with. That I know of. And I don’t give a fuck if things start up

again. Because of what I’ve created for myself. I’ve created connections and

relationships with all of you. That can’t be fucked with. Like I said anyone can

say anything and you’re not gonna fucking believe it. Because you know the

real me. If they say something accurate you’d be like okay that was accurate. But like you

know the real fucking truth. But that’s the main reason that I blew up online. Is

because I was just straight the fuck up. Honest. Real. Authentic. And I just I have

nothing to fucking hide. And I’m genuine as shit with my presence online. And

anything I post and share. And that’s why I still continue to grow. So anyone

that’s considering getting online. If you got a situation similar to mine. Or you

just want to be online. And you want to know how to grow. I hate to be cliche. But

be your fucking self. And not just be yourself. Have something to fucking share

and contribute. Whether it’s gonna be valuable information. Insight. Comedy.

Entertainment. Whatever it is. Just share your heart. Share everything that’s true

inside of you. And people will like it. And the last thing I want to say about

this episode. I’m gonna have to get heartfelt for a second. Is the only sense

of safety I’ve ever felt is alone. And by myself. And this entire experience has

brought me close to so many of you. And has taught me that my true sense of

safety is with other people. Not myself. So I just want to say like the biggest

thank you. From the bottom of my fucking heart. Because you have no clue what I’ve

been through. You know snippets of it. You know little shit. But if you could cut me

open and see the things that I’ve felt and been through. You wouldn’t believe it.

But thank you all for caring about me. For real. Like I appreciate every single

one of you individually. And I’ll never fucking let you down. Ever. Like what I’ve

built is the most genuine shit I could have ever built. And I’m proud of it. And

you guys have no clue how much of a big and like important role you play in my

life. And also the way that I feel. And that’s the best gift I could ever get. So

I’ve had the money. I’ve got the fame. I’ve got all this fucking shit. And the

way that y’all make me feel is the only thing I give a fuck about. And that’s

what truly matters in this life. So if you could tell me Leo I’ll give you a

billion dollars. Or I can give you your followers. I’ll take the followers. I’ll

take the people who care about me. And I mean that with my whole heart. So again I

just want to say a big thank you for caring about me. And for sticking with me.

And I’m gonna leave it off there. Everything you need from me is in the

description below. If you want to follow me on everything. If you want to download

my app and leave me a good review please. Links in the description. But everybody

be safe and take care of yourself. And I will talk to you guys next Sunday. On a

more positive note I feel.