Aware & Aggravated - 61. Money DOES Make You Happy

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Hi friends! This week we’re talking about money and a whole bunch of it. I want to

talk about my two cents about how money does make you fucking happy because

everybody in the little entrepreneur space really anybody online anybody with

the fucking mouth be running it and saying that money doesn’t make you happy

so I’m gonna tell you all the ways it doesn’t make you happy because in

episode 60 I told you about how I touched a lifestyle where I was spinning

around $100,000 a month and I was a happy dick for a lot of different

reasons but there are certain voids money can’t fill that’s gonna be for

another episode but for this episode we’re gonna talk about how money does

make you happy because it does to an extent so I got a little list of all my

key points I want to hit on really I’m gonna just ramble and talk my shit from

my own experience and tell you what I’ve learned what I’ve figured out in the

awareness that’s hit me like a ton of fucking bricks so the first thing I want

to talk about is people’s whole like money doesn’t make you happy it’s not

that having more money directly leads to you being more happy there’s two reasons

money kind of makes you more happy first is the absence of stress there are

certain stress that just goes the fuck away and it’s so nice it’s so fucking

nice because you get your focus back like when you have money you’re allowed

to focus on the things that you want to focus on you’re allowed to do the things

that you want to do whatever tickles your fucking peach you get to do it you

don’t have to be worried about oh the dread and the fear and the worry and the

concern about not having enough money oh it’s a shit show absolute like I’ve been

up and down in both lifestyles I’ve been struggling and I’ve been balling out but

you don’t have that constant everything feeling like a setback and like dread

that’s the word that keeps coming to mind is dread it’s like everything is

fucking dreadful when you don’t have money it’s just annoying like waking up

cost you a hundred fucking bucks I swear to God like to leave the house 150

stay your ass at home that’s how it feels a lot of days when you don’t have

money it just feels like everywhere you turn there’s a new bill there’s a new

expense there’s a new something and it just will piss you off when you don’t

have excess money to just throw at shit like little inconveniences what like you

have this fear about just stupid little shit when you don’t have money that kind

of goes away like if a rock comes up and cracks your fucking windshield or like

someone breaks in your car like they fucking did to me on New Year’s Eve I

had to pay to go get it fixed annoying as fuck but the other part of having

money that does lead to happiness so we talked about the absence of stress so

when there’s less stress you just feel better you feel happier you get to focus

on what you want to focus on whatever tickers you peach remember but then

there’s also the whole aspect of money being a tool money gives you power

because it allows you to bring about what you want to experience so the more

ability you have to get what you want great what the fuck like it’s gonna be a

lot easier so to have more money gives you more tools in your tool belt

basically so nothing really feels unattainable or that you can’t have it

or experience it in some way like you can get shit and manifest it please I

still have to do my episode about manifestation but it arcs the fuck out

of me but y’all know what I mean about the money thing but I’m gonna give you a

couple of examples I want to talk about about when I didn’t have money and how I

was like living on a budget and I was like trying to be like a frugal fuck and

then how I do have some money now where I can have a little bit of disposable

income and buy what the fuck I want like I bought a fucking Versace bath mat for

my kitchen cuz it was cute but my first example when I was budgeting and when I

didn’t really have much money to just do what I want with like I lived on a very

tight budget like I couldn’t fucking fart and spend money like I couldn’t do

nothing so everything was very tight so unexpected expenses came with so much

emotional charge like I was aggravated and just pissed off every day I fucking

woke up when something happened so like face wash oh my god I remember this

clear as day I literally was on such a tight budget but my fucking frugal ass

still bought a $40 face scrub because it was just good best I could find so I’m

like I’ll cut a corner somewhere else I didn’t go out to eat I didn’t do shit

like a couple years ago and I was like I’m buying my face wash though sorry

skins number one but I remember waking up one day and I went to use my face

wash and I was like about to be out like I had like one more use out of it and I

was like so mad I got so mad because I had been saving a little extra money

that week and then I was like oh my god I’m on top of shit like yay I have like

a little like I’m okay right now and then the unexpected expense hit and it

ruined my fucking day I was so pissed off I had to go buy the new face wash I

know I didn’t have to go buy it but like I was just so agitated like mother fuck

it’s like you feel like you can never get ahead when you don’t have money for

shit I’ve been there I know it all too well and that’s where I’m confident to

say money makes you motherfucking happy because when you don’t have the money to

buy even basic little shit some people can’t fucking afford food dude so when

that time comes where you need to eat and you can’t afford food you’re gonna

get pissed off every time you have to eat or you’re gonna get extremely sad

there’s so many situations that come emotionally charged because of the

powerlessness and just the aggravation and feeling like it’s a setback like you

have this goal and you’re saving this money and then all of a sudden you have

this unexpected bill come up and you lose all the money you were saving the

fuck that’s the most like disheartening thing but when you have money living

day-to-day is no longer an aggravation like when I run out of face wash now I

go buy a new face wash and it’s not like oh my god I used the last bit in the

shower I’m like okay I’ll go buy more I don’t have the emotional charge anymore

I don’t get frustrated I don’t get annoyed I’m always a little bit like

god damn it but it’s not as emotionally charged does that make sense and that is

alleviated throughout your entire life and another example of something where I

had to like rebuy it I don’t lose anything ever especially if it’s nice so

I have these Versace sunglasses and they were like three four hundred bucks

something like that I don’t know I bought them a couple of years ago and I

fucking loved them I love them so much and I’ve taken care of them like

whenever I buy designer things I take care of them because I don’t want to

lose them unless it’s something that like you’re meant to trash up because I

have this weird fetish for like having things that other people want and just

like treating it like shit like to have a Birkin or like some kind of like

expensive ass bag or like a pair of shoes that everybody wants and you just

trash them oh my god that’s the ultimate fuck you it’s not cool to have something

that’s so hard to get in perfect condition like people that are scared to

crease their shoes like when you buy an expensive pair of shoes and are scared

to crease them or they have like a Birkin and they never take the plastic

off girl throw that motherfucker around that’s the flex okay having a brand new

like perfect little bag and perfect pair of shoes like I don’t know that’s my

own little fetish I like to trash things but I had this pair of sunglasses that I

loved and I wore them every day and I lost them and the thing about those

sunglasses was I liked them enough to rebuy them and that’s how I knew I

really liked them because I was like okay I lost them fuck but I do like them

enough to rebuy them so I’ll just rebuy them now to go rebuy those sunglasses I

was like and whatever I’ll just buy them three four hundred bucks however the

fuck much they were three or four hundred bucks me a year ago would have

crippled me to just have to like have that unexpected expense and like to just

rebuy something like that to go rebuy these sunglasses wasn’t a big deal for

me and I was literally sitting in the car when I was like I was fucking sitting

there having a cigarette and I was like oh whatever and I just went and like

reordered a new pair and I was like whoa that was my moment where I was like Leo

you kind of made it like you’re okay like you have disposable enough income

where you can just like go buy something for a few hundred bucks and

not blink well that was so weird to me but having a little bit of extra money

and like having disposable income now and losing something or breaking

something or having to pay for something it’s not a big deal anymore like things

are not a big fucking deal okay it sucks sure here’s the money like I’ll just buy

it whatever get it over with I don’t dwell on it I don’t sit there and get

emotionally charged by it because I have the money to pay for shit and I’m not

gonna hurt another area of my life because I have that money now me a year

ago had I lost some glasses oh I would have beat myself the fuck up I’d have

been so upset I’d have been so pissed off because I could have rebought them

I’ve always been very good with managing money but I would have had to take out

of my savings or like take out of something else to rebuy them and I would

have been so pissed off it would have ruined my whole fucking day because I

lost those glasses and I have like oh my god I have to rebuy them and then to not

rebuy them I would just sit there and be pissed off you know what I mean so it’s

like damn if you do damn if you don’t but that’s the difference between these

situations like not having money to like when you lose something it would have

ruined my whole day I would have been pissed off probably a goddamn week

probably a month about it I’d have been so goddamn mad and the people who are in

the boat I used to be in I fully get you and you guys get what I’m saying where

it’s just like little shit just bothers the hell out of you and money does solve

it money solves a lot of fucking problems and it makes your life like I

said it just removes certain stress and you get to just go about your life and

it seems easier it seems better it’s like you’re not constantly hit every

time you like turn around with some new annoyance or new inconvenience or new

fee or charge or whatever the fuck so yes if you’re chasing money chase that

shit okay people trying to talk people out of making money and starting

businesses do it bitch fucking do it stop making yourself go through this

daily turmoil of not being able to afford things literally if you want

money go for it go for it make it give yourself this sense of freedom and give

yourself back the privilege of focusing on what you want to fucking focus on not

having all these things pop up and take your focus away from them because when I

get to work on my businesses now I get to do it without distraction of little

things out of my control I don’t feel so powerless because if my car gets broken

into if I lose something if I get a charge to fee for some shit or whatever

I just get to pay it it’s like this little annoyance comes up I pay it get

rid of it and I’m back to work and I get to focus back at what I’m doing you’re

not constantly like swayed and so overwhelmed but a shit that happens I’m

rambling a whole lot but money does make you happy in that aspect fight me on it

so like I said nothing seems like a big deal and this kind of ties me into my

next point shit just don’t seem like such a big deal anymore like my first

example is you just get to focus on enjoying things like when you go to

dinner with some friends or you go to dinner you go out to eat you don’t have

to fucking like stock the menu and eat as cheap as possible and sit there and

like be worried about oh are they gonna split the bill am I gonna have to cover

it for the table like there’s no like all that fear all that stress is gone

you just get to go eat and have fucking fine meat if you want a drink get a

drink if you want five get five you can fucking afford it you know it just takes

the frustration and the headache out of everything and you get to just enjoy

experiences so like going to dinner something as simple as that going to

get fucking gas when your car is out of gas you’re not like fuck when it’s on e

or like a quarter of tank I always fill up on a quarter of tank cuz I’d be

paranoid I’d be scared to break down I don’t like to ask for help but when my

car was out of gas now I’m like okay I go to the gas station and I go to the

gas station it’s not like oh like I have to go pay for this shit you know what I

mean but like especially with dinner like I used to have such a bad

relationship with going out to eat because I would sit there and just be

like annoyed and if I didn’t have a good time at dinner I would secretly in my

mind be pissed that I just wasted this fucking money going to eat with this

person and it was fucking worthless like oh I used to get so frustrated about

that shit but now I don’t care I have the money to go have dinner and it’s so

nice the next thing is traveling one you get to travel and two like I said you

get to just enjoy the experience of traveling you can pay to upgrade your

seats on a flight you could pay to get a nice Airbnb you could pay for

convenience where you stay you can pay for ubers and being comfortable you

don’t have to get into a carpool or like some weird shit you can literally just

gain comfort and buy comfort for yourself when you have money to travel

like basically when you have money at all this is just shit you can use it for

and how it makes everything better so like when you go traveling on a budget

or you don’t actually have a lot of money to spend you’re gonna be trying to

find the cheapest uber trying to find the cheapest Airbnb trying to find the

cheapest flight sitting next to the fucking bathroom smelling everybody’s

shit like it’s just gonna be a bad experience and it’s like oh it’s so much

better like money makes all that shit so much fucking better and like I said you

don’t have to worry at a restaurant when you go out to eat you don’t have to

worry about when you go out you don’t have to worry about where you stay

you’re in a safe spot you’re literally just it just heightens every experience

and the biggest thing with all these points I just made with like dinner and

travel and all that you don’t have to take so much into consideration with

like trying to find the cheap shit it’s like all your focus is is getting to

have fun and enjoy where you are it’s not distracting you your focus is not

being yanked from you and put on you got to find the cheapest shit you got to

find coupons you got to find anything you can to make shit cheaper and you

don’t have that stress when you’re doing things like oh my god how much is it

gonna be can I afford it a lot like you just get to go and just have fucking fun

dude it’s a nice freedom and I’m not at the point yet me and my ex would go

fucking on a vacation and spend 30 grand and just do literally whatever we

fucking wanted that’s the experience I’m speaking from when I go out now and like

I travel now I’d be upgrading my seat in my flight sure cuz I’m six foot seven I

gotta get the big one but I still like watch my dollar I’m not crazy with

Airbnbs I still am very conscious and aware like how much I’m spending cuz I

don’t have that much disposable income to just be throwing out tens of

thousands of fucking dollars but it is so nice and there is such just like a

freedom in it and you truly get to enjoy the fuck out of life because your

attention like I said you get your attention back you don’t have it on

other shit it’s just having a good time now I want to talk about everything

seeming possible so like when you don’t have money everything is like a

challenge or a chore or like it doesn’t seem like it can happen for you when you

have money you got a fucking shortcut to anything you want I got a pretty good

list on this one so dating you could date anybody you fucking want distance

is no longer an issue fly to them go see them what the fuck like move them to you

move to them like when you got money your dating pool fucking gets real fat

you can pay to go places you can pay to take people to dinner you can pay to go

have experiences it’s literally like what if you want to go fucking hook up

you ain’t got to bring no one to your house go buy a hotel room for the night and go

fuck some stranger if y’all are into that money just gives you so many

options and your limit on dating just seems to go away like you have so much

potential and so much opportunity like when you see someone’s a thousand miles

away up let one of us get on a flight and it’s like there’s no hesitation it’s

like when you when you have a desire for something you could just be lying for it

instead of having to like not have it or be like sad about it because you don’t

see a way to get it money just kind of like solves that it’s more tools to get

you to what you want so why the fuck would you not want more of them also

with dating is making friends because you can pay to go certain places you can

go out you can do whatever you want to do you can go to dinners freely like

whenever I was trying to save a lot of money a lot of people like to hang out

and eat like that costs money the only activity me and my friends in Pensacola

would do would be like go eat and I was like I’m tired of spending money so I

got isolated because I was like if I’m not eating I’m not seeing anyone if I’m

not going out downtown and drinking and doing drugs I’m not seeing anyone and

now all that shit’s expensive so I literally was just like isolated but

when you have money to go to dinner when you have money to go drink when you have

money to do you can do them and not think twice about it so like I said you

can pay to go places you can join a fucking yoga class if that’s what tickles

your peach you can go fucking join a little MMA fighting class or kickboxing

class you can literally do whatever you want to do you can go pay to get around

these people a lot of people have country club memberships because they

like to be around a bunch of fucking prudes with their little polo shirts and

shit I would get kicked the fuck out of one of those in two seconds please I

don’t like their pretentious bullshit I still I don’t care how much money I make

I’m always have a bottle of tequila in my car to take shots for I go in the bar

why did that rhyme I’m gonna just leave it there but yeah you can literally do

whatever the fuck you want you can it’s so easy to meet friends when you have

money to buy experiences and do all this shit like it just kind of like

takes the cap off and you don’t feel so lonely because like when you don’t have

money it’s like you have to start getting creative also taking care of

yourself is ten times fucking easier when you have money to do it you could

pay for massages you can get facials you can afford to go get routine blood work

done and go see doctors consistently when something’s wrong when you’re sick

you can pay for fucking treatments specially with like being hungover if

you’re hungover go get a fucking IV they’re like 200 bucks go get a fucking

IV and it’ll hydrate you the next day like a lot of rich people do that

they’ll literally just go to a fucking place or have the IV place in their team

out and they’ll come to your house and give you an IV and it like rehydrates

you and get you back to life and you don’t feel hungover like what there’s so

many cheat codes to everything also with hangovers you can afford to buy

expensive alcohol so it doesn’t hurt so bad when you wake up the next day win

win but back to taking care of yourself like I started getting massages last

week and it’s so weird that I’m able to go and afford to just do that like I

started ordering my groceries because going to the grocery store takes me like

an hour and a half because I have to go to two different grocery stores so I

just started instacarting them because now I have money to pay the little fee

and I don’t give a fuck about it like to pay 20 bucks extra to have someone go

get my shit and bring it to me gladly it’s usually more than that because I’m

gonna tip them on top of it but so like buy that convenience back and just like

have it done for me it’s so nice it’s what the fuck like it’s just so

convenient but literally with taking care of yourself like I can afford to go

get a massage now I can afford to go see a chiropractor I can go afford to do

whatever the hell I want to do I can afford to do things that make it a lot

easier to take care of my health and make it kind of fun so money opens that

door to also eating right like you’re able to buy healthier shit better

quality shit you can buy a personal chef if you want you can buy those meal prep

companies that send you everything already pre-made save you all the time

cooking and cleaning you can afford to go out every meal if you goddamn want to

and it’s just fresh good food if you go to nice restaurants I’m gonna goddamn

McDonald’s but if you can afford to go to a nice restaurant two three times a

day you got more money than me bitch cuz the way I eat please like a good 50 60

bucks to go out to eat no but eating right is a whole lot easier so taking

care of yourself in that aspect too and my whole point behind this video is just

like to give people inspiration that if you’re trying to make money or you have

a goal to make more money you’re not wrong for it you’re not an asshole

you’re not selfish I don’t want you to be listening to these people who are

like trying to discourage you and be like money doesn’t make you happy you

shouldn’t chase that chase that for a while chase it till you get it okay

because you can’t unwant something that you want so like in the position that

I’m in right now I came from a place where I wanted money so fucking bad got

with that motherfucker that had a lot back to my lifestyle with not having

much and then I still had the desire to make more money like it even was like

heightened because I wanted my own fucking money this time I wanted my own

shit and I could have just sat here and be like oh Leo you were so upset and you

were more unhappy than you’ve ever been when you were over here spending $100,000

a month I wasn’t happy for a lot of reasons but money made a lot of shit

better and you can’t deny that so wanting money nothing’s wrong with it

nothing’s fucking wrong with it and I want to give you that reassurance so if

you’re in a place where you want money motherfucker shoot for it get it because

where I’m in the place I am right now I now have disposable income where I’m

comfortable and I can do what the fuck I want and now that I’m here I get to

decide what do I want to do next like it’s there’s nothing wrong with pursuing

money there’s nothing fucking wrong with it watch your ass don’t fuck people over

for it stick to your morals stick to your values stick to your standards

don’t be inconsiderate don’t be disrespectful like do it the right way

but there’s nothing wrong with going for money and wanting to and wanting

money like I’m telling you it’s a lot better than these people even fucking

explain they’re so asleep they’re not in touch enough to even be able to explain

the things that I’m telling you how much of a relief money fucking is they’re

just not with it enough to tell you that’s why I want to make this episode

because I used to when I didn’t have money try and convince myself oh it’s

not that great anyway all these rich people are so fucking miserable they’re

miserable for their own other reasons but there’s so many fucking problems you

have that can be solved like that once you have more money promise you watch

just make it and see so something else that seems more possible because that’s

kind of a note I was on was starting businesses your fear of failure kind of

goes the fuck away when you have money and disposable income like what’s the

worst that’s gonna happen the company is gonna fail oh okay I’ll start a different

one when you’re not scared of a financial loss and trying to start a

business is not gonna lead to financial ruin where you’re like oh my god how am

I gonna pay the bills am I gonna lose my house am I gonna lose my car am I gonna

be able to feed my kids when you don’t have that stress on you you’re free to

pursue what it is you want and not be so fucking fearful like my ex was literally

not scared of starting shit and we had such a disconnect because I would talk

to him about wanting to start certain businesses and he’s like what’s the

worst that’s gonna happen you fail and I literally was like yeah and lose all

this money and he goes so what and I’m just like I never looked at his money as

my money and that was one of our big fucking fights was like motherfucker I’m

not stupid I came into this relationship with what I came in with it and I’m

leaving with that like what I’m not fucking thinking that your shit is my

shit but he was in a position where he had money to just throw at shit he was

able to lose it because like starting a business is gambling so he was able to

just like try that and have no fear of failure where I was sitting here looking

at this opportunity was starting a certain business and I was fucking

fearful because it would lead to so much ruin if it didn’t work out for me to

invest so much into it like it just seems like such an unfair

disadvantage because you don’t have to take so much into consideration not so

much as riding on the business succeeding when you have money versus if

you don’t like for me to try and start something back then oh I was too fucking

scared there was too much potential risk with it I guess I went to fucking

nursing school I wanted something secure and stable but people with money

genuinely are not scared to start things or invest in things or buy things they’re

like oh what’s the worst gonna happen oh you lose the money whoopee like girl oh

I’m excited to get to that level cuz I still be scared I still be scared

about shit so I want to talk about a couple of things that having money makes

more convenient that you probably don’t think about moving literally when I

moved to Houston from Florida I did it by myself no one helped me lift the

fucking box no one helped me move shit I did it all myself and I fucking hated

it when I moved from my old apartment here so my new one this one I hired

motherfucking movers okay I have the money now to be able to do shit like

that fucking do it if you have the money to hire a mover hire a mover it

will save you so much time and headache and frustration and muscle soreness and

dropping shit on your feet trust me but make sure you get one with insurance in

case they fuck your shit up but yeah like it just made it so much more

convenient and it was such less of a headache to move all I had to do was

literally come to my new place and unpack all of my shit it was all moved

for me that’s what I’m saying nothing seems as big like moving when you don’t

have money it’s like oh fuck like everything just seems like such a big

chore or task because you can’t pay to make things more convenient or pay for

help that is something I fully get bitch I fully get it and like when you are

living a life where you have money and you don’t feel like everything is such a

big deal and such a chore you’re a lot happier to get up in the morning you’re

a lot happier to try things and do things because you’re not fucking

discouraged every time you turn around with how much effort everything’s gonna

take you can pay to make it a little easier and another thing with convenience

is overnight shipping that’s something I still have a hard time paying for like

if it’s like 30 bucks I’m like oh depends how bad I want what it is I’m

ordering but a lot of the times I’ll just pay for overnight shipping because

I can like 20 30 bucks it’s not gonna fucking kill me and it’s so nice like I

used to always be looking for the cheapest option and always be looking

for a coupon code girl I still be looking for coupon codes the fuck I will

never put in an order just put it in I’m always discount code coupon code

Google bitch I’m always looking for a goddamn coupon forever till the day I

die I don’t care how rich I get but I will pay for the fast shipping now

because I want it quick only pays the next thing that makes very convenient is

getting famous online getting famous online or growing on social media is not

hard when you have money so let me break down some shit people are doing okay so

let’s say someone that has a lot of money all of a sudden decides they want

to start getting on social media and they want to blow up easy fucking peasy

they can hire a photographer to get cool pictures of them made they can hire an

interior decorator to give them a nice setting and a nice setup or they can go

rent a fucking studio and get some professional ass pictures taken get some

cutesy little funsy shit they can get a content scheduler someone that’s like a

social media manager that can tell them what to post how to post the hashtags to

use times to post all that to optimize their growth you can pay for platforms

that automatically generate likes and put you on people’s for you page and

shit and like explore page on Instagram and TikTok then you want to take it a

step further once you’ve got like a little bit of a following or it looks

like you do then you can start going to other people’s podcasts or meeting up

with other people that are influencers in your place or like where you live

start going to the places that they go run into them you might have a little

bit of a following now or it’s gonna look like it because you bought some

fucking followers and then you’re buying the likes to make them look real it’s a

whole fucking shit show in this and then you can pay blogs and newspapers

for articles to be written about you and once you have a few like articles and

blog posts and like if a news station writes about you you can apply for being

verified on Instagram and you will get verified if you have articles written

about you that’s just how it fucking goes you’ll see people with two or

three thousand followers and they’re blue check verified because they have

articles written about them whether they’re a little athlete from some

podunk ass school if they got articles written about them from a credible

place they’re gonna get verified that’s how the shit works also you can pay to

become verified on Twitter you can just buy it but for Instagram and tik-tok if

you can weasel your way in with a social media manager and like get in the right

doors and pay the right people you could pay a few grand and get fucking verified

for real there’s plenty of people that do it so if you ever look at someone’s

page and you’re like who the fuck are you why are you verified they might have

bought it but once you get that blue check when you start trying to go hang

out with other influencers they’re gonna take you more serious when you start

posting shit and it like blows up a little bit because of your little

fucking algorithm shit that you bought people are gonna start following you

because they think you’re important because you have the blue check like it

just buys you credibility you can go from a nobody to a somebody in 30

fucking days and there’s this couple that I follow that I’m fucking obsessed

with and I love them and I’m not talking shit I’m just saying like how they did

it and what expedited their growth Alex and Layla Hermosi they both have grown

so much on social media so fast in the last like year and a half two years

they’ve blown the fuck up like hundreds of thousands of followers on every

fucking platform and they have an entire team of people that helps them film and

record their content okay so they’ll record like a YouTube video and then

their team will edit it turn it into YouTube shorts turn it into tik-tok

videos turn it into Instagram reels turn shit into written copy like written

stories written posts tweets they’ll literally take their one video and

repurpose it into like 30 different forms of content so their actual input

of time and energy to make a video is however long it takes to sit down and

record the fucking video everything else is handled for them and they’re blowing

the fuck up because social media is a numbers game how many videos can you get

out how many eyes can you get in front of they have their team posting for them

like three to five times a day every fucking day and when you have money you

can pay for that they said that they paid their team around seventy thousand

seventy thousand dollars a month seven zero zero zero seventy thousand dollars

a month but they’re growing like wild fucking fire and they should like they

honestly like deserve to grow because they share good ass shit like they’re

genuine ass people and they share such good information they’ve helped me a

ton like some of the best business advice I’ve ever fucking heard and I’m

obsessed with Leila oh my god I just love her but it’s not that they’re

cheating or doing anything wrong they’re doing it the correct way because

all you have to do is just post a fuckton if I’m over here posting five

videos a month and they’re posting a hundred videos a month who the fuck do

you think is gonna grow faster them it’s because they’re doing the numbers game

they’re just paying for someone to help them reach the higher numbers and put

out as much content as possible so it’s not that they’re buying fake followers

and shit they’re doing it the legit way them having a lot of money allows them

to be more efficient and effective and pay for the convenience of having it

done for them like they make the content like they’re recorded they’re the ones

that say things they have the content to share the values to contribute they’re

the ones making the content they’re responsible for it but dispersing it

they get to hand off which is very fucking time-consuming like me trying to

make my little clips and shit I’m a one-man team with this shit and it’s

hard it’s a like four full-time jobs bitch like it’s literally 148 in the

morning right now on Saturday night and I’m recording this podcast my life ain’t

fucking sweet and peaches the cream bitch like it’s rough it’s difficult but

if I had a fuck ton of money to just throw 70k editors I would be millions of

followers right now it’s just a numbers game and it’s anybody because there’s so

many fucking Joe Schmoe loser ass people online that have millions of followers

they’ve done the numbers game they’ve done the time that makes sense that was

a long little like tangent but money makes it convenient

that’s another thing that money can help you feel like is attainable is fame but

one of the biggest things I noticed about having more money is you’re so

much less mentally tired because you’re not spending all of your time constantly

thinking of ways to be resourceful instead of just buying something or

paying for something like if you’re always constantly trying to think of

little covert and like different ways to get things that you need when it’s so

much easier to just buy them but you can’t cuz you don’t have the money

that’s a lot of fucking energy you’re spending on trying to like meet needs

for yourself in other ways so when you have money you’re a lot less fucking

tired because you don’t have to think outside the box and constantly like

divert your energy all these different places non-stop if you want something

buy it it’s as simple as that instead of trying to go oh my god I can’t even

fucking get into it it’s just stressful and you’re a lot less mentally tired

when you have money trust so my next little topic I want to talk about with

money is when you have money you have a better sense of safety or more of a

sense of safety like you feel more safe when you have money because like I

talked about in my last episode you can represent yourself in fucking court okay

you can defend yourself you can protect yourself legally you can go about things

the right way and especially with taxes like you can just pay for someone to do

your taxes and you don’t have to take on the stress and the burden of like

dealing with doing it wrong and then having to go to court and like get

fucked but also if someone does you wrong you can go have it rectified in

court like you can make them and force them through like a ruling in court to

do what the fuck like they were supposed to do for you if something is like gone

wrong you know or if someone damages you or causes damage to you you can afford

to get justice bitch well try to cuz like I said justice system ain’t for

justice it’s so much a horse shit but you have a higher chance and if someone

is attacking you and trying to take you to court and sue you if you’re gonna pay

an attorney you’re a lot less like you’re a lot more peace of mind you’re

like oh you just get to throw that pressure into the attorney’s hands and

they get to handle it and represent it you’re still gonna be a little stressed

but you get to have guidance and feel supported and feel a little more safe

because you have the money to pay for that also with a sense of safety you get

a sense of safety with your body because if you get sick or you have an

illness or you have something go wrong you break a bone whatever when you have

money you got access to shit other people can’t fucking access there are

cures to cancer and I don’t want to die just in case I go missing after this

shit I worked in the fucking medical field people with money got the cures to

everything Alzheimer’s can’t Leo do you want to talk about this there’s cures to

everything you can fucking think of you’re just broke and can’t get the

access to it I’ve heard about some crazy-ass shit from people that have a

lot of fucking money just go look at Tony Robbins and when he had his brain

tumor and how he got rid of it go look it up when you have money you can access

technology and science and doctors and resources that the public can’t access

you get a sense of safety with your body because everything can be reversed I’m

scared I don’t want to talk about this the government’s gonna kill me but it’s

just so fucked up like feeling scared for your own health or someone you care

about health that’s awful because I had a patient one time who was diagnosed

with cancer and her health insurance would not cover the treatment like the

medication it was $30,000 a month for her to take this medication or else her

cancer was gonna get worse and she was gonna die so every month that was 30k

for something just to stay alive what the fuck is that oh my god like I’ve

seen too much at such a young age I’ve seen way too much at such a young age

the justice system is not there to help you the medical system is there to fuck

you out of money literally one Tylenol in the hospital is $80 don’t ever take

Tylenol at a fucking hospital I’m gonna just warn y’all now have someone bring

it to you fucking uber eats that shit instacart it okay don’t ever take

Tylenol or don’t ever take no little like shit you could buy at a grocery

store or like a convenience store from a hospital if you need Benadryl get your

own fucking Benadryl because they’re gonna upcharge the shit out of you

Tylenol it’s 80 $80 per one pill they charge your insurance company y’all

want to know why the fucking medical bills are so goddamn high this is a

tangent another one but if you ever get a really high medical bill call them

back and ask for an itemized receipt and watch that fucking total drop bitch just

watch just watch trust me I’ll help y’all I just can’t say too much cuz the

government gonna kill me but let’s get past all that the next thing I want to

talk about is confidence because when you got money bitch you have no excuse

to be ugly there’s been this quote that’s been going around that’s like

you’re not ugly you’re just broke that’s the goddamn fucking truth because you

see so many people who are butt-ass ugly and then they get money or they get

famous and all of a sudden they attend they all of a sudden hi they all of a

sudden shape like they wasn’t shaped like before but money allows you to fix

anything you want about your face about your body about your skin you can afford

all kind of fucking shit so if you want to talk about cosmetic things like

filler Botox you can get all kind of shit like that there’s so many

treatments that you can get like Kyabella for like oh my god just look it

up just so I can google it y’all it’s there’s so much shit you can get done

it’s sick but like if you have the money to do it you can complete change

the way that you look which will lead to more confidence you can change fucking

anything you want then you can go under the knife and get surgery and then you

can get your teeth done there’s so many things you can get you get your hairline

done like literally you can fuck it there’s like dick extension surgeries

and like vaginal rejuvenation you’ve been a hoe too long your shits like a

fucking hallway go get it sewed back up like there’s so many things you can do

to just alter your body and make yourself more confident any insecurity

you have you can get it fixed if you have money and with that comes steroids

steroids are so fucking expensive I literally like didn’t realize I genuinely

didn’t realize how expensive steroids are but when you got money bitch you can

afford to go get steroids you can afford to get the little cheat codes for going

to the gym you want progress faster boom get some steroids you can afford it and

you can afford the medical care to make sure you get the good shit you can

afford to get your blood work drawn every week and read by a physician to

help you to make sure you’re safe with that with the steroids and going to the

gym thing you can fucking pay to go to a nice gym going to nicer gyms motivate

you and make you feel inspired and make you just feel better like to have a

clean environment where people around you are motivating because everybody’s

in goddamn shape you can pay for a trainer that can teach you what the fuck

to do you can pay for a trainer to just have someone to be accountable with

there’s so many things you can do when you have money that will expedite all of

that and just make it so much easier and so much better so the next thing

with confidence is you can literally pay for a wardrobe and a lot of us have a

certain style we’ve always wanted we just couldn’t afford it like we have

certain ways we want to look we just don’t have the money to buy the clothes

that we want to fucking buy and when you have money you can finally express

yourself and be fully confident and put the effort into your appearance a lot of

people are like I don’t have time to worry about my appearance yeah bitch

you’re stressed the fuck out working too much like you don’t have money so your

attention is on making more money not in the way that you look but like I get it

but we all have a way we want to look and when you have money and you can

afford to dress the way you want to dress and like exhibit your style and

like embody it oh it’s the nicest fucking feeling but that’s a big sense

of freedom you’ll get is being able to like fully express yourself through your

clothes and I know I only wear black but I do it with personality leave me alone

and dressing the way that you want to dress will make you feel better it’s

just the weirdest little thing and money gives you that freedom all right next I

want to talk about being lonely you’re way less lonely when you got money and

I’m gonna give you an example from when I moved to Houston I didn’t know anyone

I had my cousins who would live like 30 minutes away they all had COVID when I

first came to Houston for my first like month I was like not seeing anyone I was

isolated I met a couple of people randomly one from social media who

introduced me to like two more and then it was just like it just spiraled from

there and it was great but I wanted to go to pride in Houston like the gay

pride parade and like the whole little shebang and I didn’t have anyone to go

with because all my friends were busy and my family was busy and I was

literally like it’s my first pride and I don’t want to go alone but I’m not gonna

miss out on it like I moved to a bigger city to get to have these experiences so

I’m gonna go and I have to go to my first pride alone I had a fucking blast

I met so many people I met this little friend group that I hung out with and I

fucking loved them to death like I went and hung out with them we fucking hung

out all night until like 4 in the morning we ended the night with a

fucking blunt on the sidewalk and we just like had the best night like they

were just they were so genuine I met them cuz I went alone it was just weird

how it all fell but I also met some of you guys that recognized me and that was

fun but I was kind of bummed that like I had to go to my first pride alone

because I feel very uncomfortable like going and being around gays is stressful

for me and I want to do a full podcast episode about my experience with the gay

community and why I feel so fucking uncomfortable and unwelcome but my whole

situation with the pride thing if I had money I could have just flown one of my

friends from Florida out to fucking spend the weekend with me and I

considered it but flights were like 400 bucks like minimum and I was like shit

like I don’t want to go spend 400 bucks this is right when I moved to Houston so

I wasn’t like figure nothing out financially yet but I literally was like

if I had money right now I could pay to have someone I care about come with me

or I could pay for one of my friends in Houston to be off work I could give them

their money for their shift they were gonna make and just skip it and then

come to the pride parade with me but I had to go fucking alone being lonely is

not really like a thing like you miss someone fly them to you you miss someone

fly to them you miss somewhere fly there like it’s just money gives you

that freedom to not feel alone if you exercise it and use the money right so a

couple more ways that money has made me more happy is tipping like when you get

to go somewhere I love to just tip people and like when someone is a good

waiter a good waitress a good service provider like customer service anything

I always like to tip people and when I didn’t have money I would always like I

I’m a type where if I don’t have the money to tip right I’m not going out to

eat period if you don’t have the money to tip your fucking server right don’t

go out to eat you can’t fucking afford it sorry going out to eat is a luxury and

too many people have gotten fucking comfortable with that shit and expect it

like it’s just an extra to go out to eat it’s like yeah it’s like an expected

thing y’all fucking think you’re entitled to that shit going out to eat is

a fucking luxury remember me saying that if you can’t afford to do it right don’t

go cuz the motherfuckers that don’t tip are the same ones that complain about

every fucking thing there was too much ice in my drink shut the fuck up I

couldn’t be a waiter I get fired in two seconds but literally with tipping like

I love that I’m able to tip people more now and I’ve always been big on that

like when I was with my ex there was this kid that drove valet and when we

pulled up like it was freezing fucking cold outside and he was sitting in his

car like in between people coming up and it’s like as soon as someone pull up he

would hop out and like go greet them get their car park it and then you would go

get back in his car to get in the heat and his car was like an older car it was

a kind of beat up and I just felt so fucking bad for the kid I was with my ex

at the time who had a lot of money but I was still working as a nurse so like I

had my own little bit it wasn’t a lot but after we left the restaurant and the

kid came and gave us the car I was sitting in the car and I was like I get

this weird intuition where people need money and I always give it to them I

don’t know what it is but I will just feel something with waiters waitresses

any anyone that I see like they all randomly just get an urge to go up with

someone just like hand the money and I never second-guess I never question it

and it always like hits who it needs to so I let money like do its thing through

me like I’m very intuitive and in touch with that and I’ve always been like that

so I made my ex stop the car I got out and I went back to the kid and I was

like hey I want to tip you and I was like I don’t have cash like is there an

ATM around or do you take like Venmo like do you have PayPal anything like

that and he was like yeah I have Venmo so I got his Venmo and I tipped him a

hundred dollars and it didn’t feel like enough like I was literally standing

there in a fucking Balenciaga jacket with a fucking Rolex on I didn’t even

fucking like and I had all this Cartier shit on and I was just like I feel

embarrassed so I tipped him another thousand bucks so I gave the kid 1100

bucks and like the way he lit up for the $100 like I didn’t send him the

money until I left like as I had his Venmo so I just sent him the money like

after I pulled off like he got happy about the hundred and then like I didn’t

feel like satisfied with it like I felt just weird and like I needed to like

give it to him like if anybody fucking deserves it it’s him he’s there fucking

working his ass off I’m over here just dating some rich prick what the fuck I

don’t I’m I will give as much as I fucking can so I sent him the money

after we pulled off and like he left a comment and like commented back to me

and was like so grateful it’s so thankful and was like basically saying

something broke in his car and he didn’t have heat in his car so when he was

sitting between taking people’s like cars for a ballet he would just sit in

his car to get away from the wind I thought he had heating in there he

didn’t and he literally was like thank you so much now I can afford to go get

like the heat repaired in my car and it just like listen to your fucking

intuition if money tells you to give it to somebody fucking give it to them I

don’t care if it’s a goddamn stranger just give it the more you give it the

more it comes back I don’t know how it works but it always just has just worked

like that for me if you’re too scared don’t try it but I’m very in touch like

that seeing suffering like that or seeing someone like uncomfortable and

just being able to help them is the best fucking feeling I could like ever

describe you know like oh my god just being able to tip people and do things

for people and give them money and like help them and give them things it’s just

the best freedom like I want to help you not be uncomfortable if I can do

something to help that whether it costs money or doesn’t I want to do it so like

if I’m able to just like have money to throw at shit oh my god the whole thing

about giving to other people when you have a heart like mine and you want to

give to others but you don’t have enough to give you’re put in like a standstill

of like I can choose to hurt myself because I want to help my friend or I

cannot help my friend and not hurt myself and just keep the money it just

sucks cuz like when you don’t have the money and you want to help or you have

to take something from yourself to give it to them and I don’t like to be in

that position so being in a position where like I have a little bit of extra

money and I can help other people and like give it out that shit makes me so

goddamn happy like it’s such a relief and like it’s such a battle that people

will never really talk about when you have a good heart and you want to help

people but you don’t have money like it’s such a battle because you’re

constantly with like me or them me or them me or them that’s not fucking fun

so money sets you free from that and you’re able to just let your heart out

and just do what you feel called to do freely that’s a fucking relief I can’t

explain and the last thing I have to say about money making you happy this

episode is too goddamn long it is 2 15 in the morning and I want to go to bed

tired but when you have money you don’t have to tell yourself no to your desires

you don’t have to tell yourself no to the things that you want and when you

constantly have to tell yourself no to shit it’s painful and it hurts like to

look around and see things that you want or see things that can improve your life

or improve your confidence or things that would just make you happy and you

have to constantly tell yourself no to that that’s fucking miserable and I’m

not saying like a spoiled brat I’m just saying like little shit like there was

this story I saw a long time ago about this homeless woman and they asked her

like what she spent her last like $40 or $50 on or so I don’t know the context of

the story but basically she had like 50 bucks left to her name and she went and

bought like a lobster dinner from some restaurant and like sat there and ate it

and the people interviewing her were like why would you spend your last 50

bucks on that like a one-time dinner you’re not gonna be able to eat again

and she’s like cuz it just made me fucking happy and something people don’t

understand about people that don’t have money to like do shit is little moments

mean a lot like when you don’t have money you’re so upset and life is so

just it seems unfair and it every time you turn around it’s more headache it’s

more just upset and so for someone to go spend 10 bucks and go buy a pack of

cigarettes and they get to like have a cigarette like 20 times because they

have 20 like that little box of joy for them like it’s worth the 10 bucks even

if it’s their last 10 bucks like homeless people that go just buy liquor

bitch if I was in that position I would be buying liquor too if I was fucking

homeless on the street my only excitement would be oh my god I get to

save up enough money I’m about to have a few more bucks I’m gonna go buy a

fucking shot I would be doing the exact same shit because the places people are

in you got to look at their situation before you judge what the fuck they’re

doing not having money like you can’t judge how people spend their money like

oh my god my brain is like not making words I don’t know if it’s just late or

this topic but people that don’t have money want a lot like they want a lot of

things they feel like they cannot have and when you’re sitting here and you’re

like oh my god I would just love to have a car or I would love to have a

house or have a home or not have five fucking roommates or to have a job or

let’s say they want a consistent place they know they can get food from that’s

a valid fucking want and a lot of people don’t have that and they don’t see a way

to get that so if they go buy a box of fucking cigarettes or they go buy a

lobster fucking meal they get to go forget about the worry for a second and

just enjoy themselves in the moment they don’t have to sit here and worry

about all the shit and how they have had to tell their self no so many fucking

times because they just can’t have shit it’s like they tell themselves no but

also everything else tells them no because they don’t have the money to buy

it like how cornered you would fucking feel so don’t judge a homeless person

for going to buy a goddamn cigarette or shooting up with fucking heroin I’d be

doing the same shit maybe not shooting it I would just start it because once

you shoot it it’s like you know coming back from it but that was my last point

you don’t have to tell yourself no to things which is a painful thing you

still have to tell yourself no no matter how much money you have but it’s not a

constant no it’s not a constant feeling like you want something and having to

shove it down and be like no you can’t have it or you can’t afford it or what

like there’s just no longer that block and like that hurt y’all know what I’m

talking about when you want something so much and you just can’t have it and then

you have to cope with not having it and it’s like you didn’t even realize you

didn’t want it until this thing came up and you’re like oh my god this new

desire can I be like oh my god I want that but you don’t see a way to get it

so now having that new desire causes you pain because you don’t think you can

have it oh money saves you from a lot of that so that’s the last thing I want to

say this is a long fucking episode but I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did

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guys have to say about this episode but I’m going to do another episode I don’t

know if it will be next week or just sometime in the future about voids money

can’t fill because I was just devil’s advocate and I talked about how money

does make you happy in certain ways from my experience but I’m also gonna talk

about the voids that money can’t fill and also the heartbreak that comes from

making a lot of money and getting a lot of money that I’ve never heard anyone

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Sunday a little less tired