Aware & Aggravated - 65. Lack of Discipline Makes You Ugly

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This episode is gonna piss a lot of people off, but you know what? I’ll do it.

Hi friends, this week we’re talking about how lack of discipline makes you ugly.

And there’s a couple of different ways I’m gonna explain how it makes you ugly.

One is how other people see you and one is how you see yourself. We’re gonna break

all that shit down. But basically when it comes to discipline and looking and

being attractive and feeling attractive, it all comes down to respect. That’s the

core of it. Because even if someone’s kind of ugly, if you respect them, you’re

gonna want to fuck them a little more. But in all seriousness, when you respect

someone, you are more attracted to them. You find them more attractive. And when

you respect yourself, you feel more attractive. So I’m very excited for this

episode. But one little thing I want to throw at you before we jump into all

this is the only way that you will begin to respect yourself is by going through

hard shit. There’s no way around it. There’s no way to get the sense of

competence and the sense of respect for yourself or for anyone to get it without

going through hard shit or doing some hard shit. It’s just the way it goes.

Sorry babe. Sorry babe. I’ve tried everything. That’s why I’m here to show

you what actually works. And this episode is probably gonna piss a lot of people

off. So if you’re like a little sensitive, a little daffodil, like a little dandelion,

you can just be like fucked up with one little like blow away, click off now. I’m

just gonna warn you. This is for the people who really want to grow and

change themselves. So you’ve been warned. Okay so since this is about being

attractive, we’re gonna start off with how other people see you and then we’ll

get into your relationship with yourself and how you see yourself and how you

feel more attractive. So when it comes to how other people see you, first thing

we’re talking about is your body and fitness. And I don’t want to be that

motherfucker that preaches that shit all the time, but it’s true. And there’s so

much weight that’s held to it. And my rings keep clinking. I bought two new

rings. If you haven’t followed me on Instagram, why? But I bought two new rings.

If you want to go see them close up, go look. But having a nice body is just the

most unspoken silent flex you can fucking have. Because it’s a silent way

to display certain character traits. Because if someone has a nice body and

they’re into fitness and they’ve like built their body to look a certain way,

that takes a lot. And it reveals a lot about a person’s character. Like someone

has to be very controlled. Emotionally, physically, they have to be willing to

endure pain and physical things that don’t feel good. Like you think working

out is fun bitch? No. I hate it. It shows that someone is able to be consistent

and that they’re able to work hard. And those are really really big character

traits that will make someone more attractive. So like just by having a nice

body, it’s like people think having a Rolex is gonna like make people respect

you. They’re gonna think, oh they got some money. They’re not gonna respect you.

Being physically fit demands a certain respect you can’t get. Like your best

accessory to an outfit is a nice body bitch. I hate to say it, but it’s the

fucking truth. And I’m not fat shaming. I’m not fucking none of that. I’m not

body shaming. But a little. Like when I was fat and overweight and all that, it’s

like I didn’t feel as good as I feel now. And physically looking a certain way

does help. And these are the things that I’ve observed. And the big thing about

respect when you have a nice body, people kind of like immediately respect you

because you hold yourself in high regard. So it immediately makes someone

subconsciously hold you in a higher regard. Because people see it. Like if

they see the way that you treat yourself is good, they’re gonna know that you

expect that from them. They know you’re not gonna allow no fuck shit. And they’re

not gonna allow you to mistreat them because they don’t even mistreat

themselves. So it sets up this barrier of like respect and like, oh shit, like I

better come correct. So that’s just something I’ve really noticed and it’s

fucking hot. Like it’s really fucking hot. Like you don’t have to say shit. Your

body just speaks for itself. And that’s one of like the biggest things with

discipline is like having a nice body shows you are extremely disciplined. And

a lot of people are like, oh they’re born with a good body. A lot of people with

good bodies are a lot more disciplined and put in a lot more effort than you

think. So people that grew up like genetically gifted, these motherfuckers,

they don’t have to put in like that much work to maintain their body. Or they

don’t feel like it’s that much work. Every single person you see with a good

body has to do something for it. To maintain it. And to get it to look the

way that it does. Whether it’s the way that they eat or the way that they

exercise. There is something they’ve done to look the way that they look. People

don’t just look good by accident. I promise. People like to make it seem like

that. And the way people that look good and just have good genetics, you assume

that they just look that good on accident. Their daily habits and their

relationship with food or their relationship to being active might just

be different. So they don’t look at it as effort. Or like they’re having to try to

do things. They were just raised a certain way. They’ve behaved a certain

way and done certain things to their body for so long. It’s just their sense

of normal. So they don’t look at it as effort. Whereas if you’re someone who has

like a bad body and you were genetically fucked up like me, you’re gonna have to

put in a lot of effort to change those habits and behaviors and also the

genetics that you have to flip it. If that makes sense. And the other thing

with respect. If I was fat and ugly like I used to be. I say that so rough. But

like it’s the truth. It’s like I used to look like shit. And I had a lot of

misplaced confidence. And I’m gonna make a whole episode about that. Like I want

to write a book on misplaced confidence. Like that will probably be like my book

that I write. Like my first book is like the harsh truth. That’s probably what

I’m gonna name it. But if I looked now the way I used to look. Like out of shape.

Didn’t really take that good of care of myself. I wouldn’t be taken serious. Like

you wouldn’t take the things that I have to say seriously. Because when someone

just talks about shit. Like when they talk the talk but they don’t walk the

walk. Their fucking opinion and all the things that they’re saying are

immediately wiped out. It’s just like it’s so easily discredited. And I know

that’s not always the case. But it adds to it. Like having discipline and having

a nice body makes you more credible. I hate that that’s the way that it is. But

that’s how it is. From someone that’s been on both sides. Sorry. So for me to

talk about anything fitness related. It’s more trustworthy. And it kind of holds

more weight. Because I have the body to show for it. Like I have the actual

experience and results a lot of people want. So I’m more credible to talk about

it. Like I’ve talked about before. If you go to a therapist who has just read

books and got through school and has a degree. Versus if you go to a therapist

who has been through the exact situations you’ve been through. Who the

fuck do you think is gonna actually be able to help you? And who are you

actually gonna take the advice from? You’re gonna take it from the one who’s

been where you are. And has actual experience with it. Because they’ll be

able to teach you the tips and things that will truly get you out of it and

resolve things. Versus someone who’s read what’s worked in a book. That shit

barely fucking works in real life. Why you think so many people are on

medication? They don’t know how to actually help you bitch. They prescribe

you some shit. And I’m not saying that people who are out of shape don’t have

value to share. I’m just saying in the regards to fitness. But I do want to

bring that up. Like there are people who are out of shape that do know a lot. And

have so much value to contribute. Like you don’t get to just write someone off

because they don’t look a certain way. I don’t like that shit. I’m just saying it

holds more credibility. But there’s plenty of fucking rich white men who

know how to make money who are fat pigs. I know a few. Does that mean that

everything they say should be written off? No. You can learn from everyone. These

men clearly know how to make money. Are they the guy to go to for diet advice? No.

Are they the guy to go to for about money? Yeah. You want to listen to them.

They have plenty of value to share. But when the package matches the amount of

value you can share, it’s valued more and it’s more credible. If that makes

sense. So that’s what I’m talking about with the whole respect thing. And the

same thing goes. Like if I was a miserable fuck and I’m over here sad

drinking every night and like doing drugs just to fucking get through the

day. If I’m on here making a podcast sharing ways to like improve your life

and to feel better and to be happier. How much of that are you really gonna believe

if I’m living the opposite? You know? That kind of derailed for a minute but you

get my point with that. Now I want to jump into your relationship with food.

That’s a big one and that one’s a lot deeper than people realize. And from

someone who has had a very bad problem with binge eating in the past, I’m free

to speak about it. Suck me. So typically when people have an issue with food, they

get emotional and they’ll get upset and then they become very careless with the

food that they eat and how they treat themselves and what they do. So they get

upset and they want comfort. And they prioritize gaining comfort over

everything. So they will discard their goals, discard anything they’re working

toward. They’ll discard any of the consequences that are gonna come. Not

look at them, not pay attention to them, and just do right now what it takes to

feel comforted. Which is eat. And I used to do that a lot. But this is very off

putting. Very off putting to other people. And I kind of tie it with having the

nice body. But not being disciplined around food is very off putting. And

that’s the point I want to kind of hit. Because you can’t trust yourself. Like

you cannot trust yourself if every time you get upset you just throw away all

discipline and all of your goals and everything that you want just for your

right now sense of comfort. Because that’s what it is. So it proves that you

can’t trust yourself. And other people are gonna see that. They’re gonna see it

in your body. Or if you’re someone that’s skinny but still binge eats and has a

bad relationship with food, they’re gonna see it in your behavior. And then they’re

gonna think to themselves subconsciously, if they can’t trust

themselves, they’re willing to throw everything away for some comfort, why

should I trust them? Why would I expect not to be thrown away when they need

comfort? Because like if we’re friends or we’re dating and you prioritize comfort

and do not care about any of the consequences, it’s human nature to assume

and to want to stay away from someone. Because I’m immediately gonna think, it’s

gonna be subconscious, the way that you seek comfort and you don’t care about

any of the consequences and you’re willing to throw away everything that

you care about for comfort right now, if you get upset with me, you’re gonna

comfort yourself and you don’t give a fuck if the way that you comfort

yourself hurts me. So you’re a liability. And I know that’s like reading too much

into shit but I’m a Pisces. It’s what I do. But this is something that will make

you seem less attractive because you’re not safe to care about. You’re not safe

to be with. If like you show that you prioritize comfort and don’t care about

the consequences, what’s to say that doesn’t lead into your personal

relationships too? And I guarantee you it does, you’re just not aware of it yet

because I used to. So my next thing with discipline is people are going to assess

how you’ll treat them by watching how you treat yourself and by seeing how

committed you are to things and how much you care about things and what you’re

willing to do for them. And that’s just human fucking nature. We all do it. And

this determines how attractive they see you. Because the biggest thing with

humans is like the more people care about you, the more you care about them.

Like there’s this weird thing of like the more someone loves you, it makes you

think you love them more. Because like they’re seeing the value in you and it’s

like, like it’s, it’s the weirdest fucking shit. It’s the weirdest shit. But it’s someone

that you see value in. When they see the value in you, that’s when you feel the

love. But like there’s plenty of people who will be a goddamn simp and you don’t

give a fuck about them. But even with those, like there’s someone like so

beneath your like standards, if they show appreciation to you, it makes you

think that you like them. Because it’s like, oh you got good taste. So basically

with attractiveness, being controlled and being committed to something is hot.

That’s the hottest fucking thing you can do. Because that means you’re safe. And it

shows you’re willing to do what it takes for something you care about. That can

unravel in a lot of different ways. But like however it just hits you is how it’s

needed to hit you. So whatever that just made you aware of, good. So the next thing

I want to talk about is achievements with how other people see you. Because to

achieve anything, whether it’s socially recognized or not, like if you get a

title or a degree or you have some kind of accomplishment, that shows that you

have dedication. You’re willing to work toward something. You’re willing to

commit to something. And you’re willing to be disciplined for it. People that

have achieved a lot of shit are more attractive. Like when the fuck have you

been attracted to someone who’s like not done shit? Very rare. And it’s

because of what the achievements reflect about the person. Kind of like how having

a nice body and being fit makes you more attractive because of all of the silent

things that are reflected through it. Achievements are kind of the same thing.

Because people’s entire judgment and opinion of me flips when they find out

that I am a nurse. I’m an RN. I worked as an RN for three years. I graduated at 21

and became a nurse. I quit doing that because I’m doing my own shit now and

it’s doing good. But that, just knowing I’m a nurse, fucks with so many people’s

heads and it puts me like in a higher place of respect in a lot of people’s

minds. Because it’s a reflection of the knowledge that I have, the skills that I

have, the dedication that I have, and the fucking drive. And also the humility.

Because it takes a very humble person and a very like down-to-earth person to

be a nurse and to take care of people at their worst. Because you have to do a

lot of disgusting shit and I’m willing to fucking do it. And that right there is

just like a big communicator of things about my character that you wouldn’t

assume just by looking at me. And that makes someone more attractive. Like if

I’m just like a cute little face and I just like dance on TikTok and whatever

it’s like okay cool. But when someone has the character reflected behind it and

they’re so much more than what meets the eye and what they’ve had to do took an

insane amount of discipline, you’re ten times hotter. It makes you so much more

attractive. Like I don’t know how to explain it. I’m explaining it right now

so I don’t know why I’m saying it. I don’t know how to explain it. You fucking get it.

You get it. We all get it. And another thing with like achievements, when you

see what I’ve built for myself online, people immediately respect me more. It’s

kind of like they hold you in a higher regard and like they, I don’t want to say

they put you on a pedestal, but they kind of do. Because it’s a silent

communicator. Like what I’ve built online was not fucking easy. It took a lot of

time, a lot of fucking hard-ass work, a lot of internal work, and a lot of

courage to post myself online. A lot of people don’t have that. A lot of people

don’t have what it takes. And you get this sense of respect for someone when

you see them do it. Like it’s very very fucking hard and people are not gonna

tell you that. People make it seem like oh it’s just easy you post a couple

videos. No bitch. It’s a lot. It’s a lot to try and like manage and grow and deal

with hate and then deal with yourself and then stay consistent and post more.

Prioritizing your time. Like oh my god. It’s a Saturday night and I’m recording

this podcast episode. You think I have a work-life balance? No. My life is work. And

sure there are guys and girls and whatever and like they’s and them’s that

get famous online just for being hot. But still you respect them a little more

because of what they’ve had to do to get there. Sure they pop off fast and they

get a lot of followers but there’s so much discipline that goes into the way

that they look and then there’s discipline that goes into how much they

post and what they post and creating this image that everybody loves. It’s

very hard to do. Like you can’t deny the fact that you do respect someone more

off of their accomplishments that reflect their character. It’s just how it

fucking goes. And what did I say about respect? The more you respect someone

the more attractive they are. Two plus two is four. Okay so now we’re gonna jump

into how you see yourself and the whole thing with discipline and like feeling

attractive. Your character is what makes you beautiful. And no whoa I just got the

biggest fucking chills from that. Like it’s the truth. Your character is what

makes you attractive or not. And I don’t give a flying fuck what you look like.

When you’re dealing with people who are truly with it and truly get it and can

truly appreciate you, it doesn’t matter what you look like. It’s your inside.

It’s the way that you make people feel. It’s the way that you care for them. It’s

your heart. It’s your character that makes you more attractive. And that is

what breeds confidence in yourself. Because if your character is solid, you

feel solid. And when you just know you have good character, you don’t give a

fuck about shit. You are so much more confident and there’s nothing anyone can

do. It’s like okay you called me ugly. Okay so what? But I’m reliable. I’m

consistent. I’m committed. I’m disciplined and I’m there for people I care about.

And what? So what if I’m ugly? Everything about you that you don’t like turns

into a so what when you have good character. And when someone has that

level of confidence, I don’t care if you’re a two. You’re now an eight. Maybe a

ten. Maybe get a haircut or something. But like you can make that person so much

hotter physically. But that inside is what’s gonna breed that confidence. And

confidence is attractive. And you’re just gonna feel it. Like it doesn’t matter

what you look like on the outside. When you know you’re solid inside, you feel

hot. You feel attractive. You feel fucking great. And your character is fully in

your control. That’s one thing I want to say. You dictate your actions. You dictate

the way that you handle things. I know things happen and you can choose to

handle them a certain way or not. But your character is fully in your control.

And when you feel like your character is solid, you feel more attractive. That’s

why I wanted to bring this up. So something that will make you feel

unattractive is if you do not show up for yourself. Because you’re showing

you’re unreliable. When someone’s unreliable, it makes them ugly. I don’t

give a fuck how hot you are. If you’re unreliable, you lose hot points. You lose

a whole bunch of them. You get knocked down from like a 10 to a 5 real fast. And

you got one chance to have one other character flop. Boom! You’re a 2. Or it

will just make someone that’s very hot so unbearable to be around if they don’t

have the character to match it. So it doesn’t matter if you’re hot. It’s

discredited. But showing up for yourself and doing what it takes to like reach

your goals and doing what it takes to get to what it is that you want basically

shows yourself that you will endure pain and discomfort for yourself. And that

breeds self-trust. And when you trust yourself, that is the most attractive

energy you can fucking walk around with. And when you finally do trust yourself, I

have a whole podcast episode about how to trust yourself. But when it comes to

discipline and showing up for yourself, when you are disciplined and you know

you’re gonna show the fuck up for yourself no matter what and you do it,

that relationship that gets built with yourself, that shit’s gonna make you walk

taller. It’s gonna make you feel different. It’s gonna make you feel hot.

It’s just the best shit. And that changes like the way that you present to others.

Like when you’re fucking with someone who trusts themselves, they’re hot. I

don’t care how ugly they are actually physically. Like they’re hot inside which

makes their outside hotter. And that specifically will make you respect

yourself. Like when you can trust yourself and you know that you’ll show

up no matter what, the trust breeds respect. And it’s like, yeah I’ll go

through hard shit for myself. And that’s hot and you’re gonna feel more attractive.

But the character and the self-trusting has me so confident I don’t even care if

I’m up against someone hotter than me. I don’t give a flying fuck. I’m not

intimidated. I’m not nothing. Like if I’m trying to date a dude and this is never

gonna happen because I would cut them off. Like I’m never an option. If like a

guy was trying to pick between me or another guy who was a 10 and let’s say

I’m like not that cute, I don’t even know if I’m a 10 or not. I feel like there’s

work to be done for me to be a 10. But let’s say this guy I was interested in

was trying to pick between me and another guy. Even if the guy is hotter

than me, I’m not intimidated because I know what the fuck’s in here. I know how

I treat people. I know my character. I know how I trust myself. I know how I

feel about myself. I know the needs I can meet for people. I know the way my brain

fucking thinks. I know the way that I behave. And like I said, emphasis on that

character part. Like I know that’s so strong and the people who are truly able

to see that will value it beyond comprehension. Like they’ll choose me

over anyone once they see that character and once they see what the fuck is in

front of them. So once you establish that confidence with yourself and you get

that character set, bitch you’re the most hot thing in the fucking world. Like it

doesn’t matter if someone’s hotter than you. It doesn’t match internally. Most hot

people are stupid. Most hot people are just dumb. Like empty. Like they’re so

based off their instinct, it’s just annoying. Like if they’re hungry, they eat.

If they’re horny, they fuck. That’s hot people. Typically. Like people get so

confused when they hear me speak and they understand that I know how much

that I know. Like the same thing I said about being a nurse. It just like fucks

with your brain a little bit. And the next part of this I want to talk about

is having discipline to take care of yourself. So when you’re disciplined and

you do things that will better yourself, whether it’s a fucking skincare routine

or you work out or you eat better or you work toward a goal business-wise or like

you make more money, whatever it is, if you take any step toward caring about

yourself and caring about what you want, when you invest energy into yourself, you

care about what you invest your energy into. So if you feel like you don’t care

about yourself and you don’t like yourself, as soon as you start putting

energy into yourself, you’re gonna care about it more because you’re invested.

You have things invested into it now. It’s easy to just walk away from

something you’ve put no effort into and you invested nothing into. So when you do

start investing into yourself, that shit’s gonna flip. And you’re gonna feel

like you care about yourself. And you’re going to feel better. Like the thing you

invested in is gonna make you care about it more. And if that’s yourself, perfect.

That’s the first fucking thing you should always invest in. But when you put

energy into taking care of something, you feel better about it. And you’re gonna

feel more attractive. So if you’re doing things and putting effort into yourself,

you’re just gonna feel more attractive. And you’re gonna present more attractive.

And then you’re gonna gain this confidence that comes from that. Like

that’s truly how to flip it from like not liking yourself or not caring about

yourself. Just shut up and go through the actions and pretend like you care about

yourself and just do the actions that are caring. And you’re immediately gonna

start feeling better because like I said you invested energy. You’re gonna start

to care about yourself. There’s no way around that bitch. Try it. But when you’re

disciplined like that and you put that effort into yourself and you show

yourself you’re worth caring about, as you keep going through those actions,

things are just gonna get better and better. You’re gonna look better. You’re

gonna feel better. You’re gonna achieve more. And then the confidence you’re

gonna have from that alone. Bro, like I said before, you’re gonna walk taller.

You’re gonna be the tallest motherfucker in the room. Like once you put that

fucking discipline towards yourself, like your fucking dick is gonna grow ten

inches and you’re not gonna give a fuck about nothing. Like you’re literally just

gonna be like so confident. And what is the most attractive thing? Confidence.

Even if it’s misplaced, you know, if it’s misplaced, it’s ugly. But confidence, just

because you know that you’ll take care of yourself. The way people walk around

that act like that, like me, bitch, it’s just hot. It’s so hot. And you’re gonna

feel hot because you’re just confident. Like yeah, I take care of myself. There’s

no better feeling. So if you’re lacking the motivation to take care of yourself,

listen to my episode on motivation. I have a whole podcast episode about

motivation. I think it’s on the audio version. So it’s on Spotify and Apple

Podcasts. Just search up Aware and Aggravated. But you don’t have to have

motivation to care about yourself and to do a skincare routine and to eat right.

You don’t. You just got to have the willpower and the discipline to do it.

And that confidence I was talking about when you start to care about yourself, it

just comes from contentment. Because you know you will achieve things. Like when

you put your ass behind it, you just know you’re gonna do it. And sometimes all you

can control is how committed you are to something and what you’re willing to go

through for it. You can’t control how a situation ends up or how things go. All

you can control is how committed you are and what you’re willing to go through

for what it is that you want. So the discipline is gonna get you to a point

where you have courage as fuck. And what’s hot? Courage! Courage is so

fucking hot. But courage makes you feel more attractive. Let’s throw it to the

side how other people are looking at you. Of course other people are gonna look at

you like you’re more attractive when you are courageous. But you’re gonna feel

more attractive. And that’s one driving point I wanted to throw in this episode.

Okay so the next thing is emotions with discipline and being controlled. When you

do not let your emotions dictate what you do or don’t do, your life no longer

falls victim to the way that you feel. If you just do what needs to be done

regardless of the way that you feel, sure take your feelings into consideration. Be

there for yourself. Comfort yourself. But if you do not let being upset or being

tired sway what you need to get done, you’re no longer gonna walk around this

earth feeling scared and uneasy. Because when you just live based off your

emotions like, oh I’m gonna skip the gym today or I’m gonna skip work today

because I’m tired. Whenever you have a goal for something, if you’ve proven to

yourself every time you get tired you’re gonna give up, you’re gonna be uncertain

about everything in fucking life. Because you cannot control anything. If you can’t

control your actions even when you’re feeling a different emotion, you’re

always gonna feel insecure. You’ll never feel secure with yourself, with anything

you want, with what you’re gonna get out of life. It’s just this uneasy feeling

that I’m so fucking glad I got rid of. And you’re gonna have that until you

just do what the fuck needs to be done. And you’re gonna present with an energy

of certainty and stability. Those are another two very attractive traits. Like

when you can just feel that someone is certain and they’re stable with

theirself because they know they’ll do what needs to be done regardless. That

shit, again, hot. But this basically leads you to feeling impenetrable. Like if

nothing can stop you, it’s more like unstoppable. Like if nothing can stop you,

bro, the way that’s gonna make you fucking feel, I can’t explain it. Like

you’re just, you’re gonna feel hot as fuck. Because like I said, how I go up

against someone that’s hotter than me, I don’t give a shit. Because I know that

they don’t have all the character that I have. When you have that character trait

specifically, being unstoppable, you know you’ll accomplish anything you set your

mind to. Shit. There’s no like beating that one. Okay, so now I’m gonna talk

about something with motivation when it comes to discipline. And how to kind of

make motivation easier. Like I said, I have the whole episode of motivation but

this is just like a little nugget for this episode. So many times, most days out

of the week, I do not feel like going to the gym. Right now, I do not feel like

recording this podcast episode. I have a hundred fucking things to do. I’m sick.

I’m tired. I don’t want to be doing it. But here I fucking am. I post on Sundays.

We got Sunday service with Leo. Literally, I post on Sundays. And if I’m

gonna identify with that and claim that and state that, I gotta put my ass behind

it. But my point with the motivation is having a track record makes things so

much easier. So basically, it gets easier to do shit the more proof you have that

you’ve done it and that you can do it. So how I have like 60 something episodes

now, all the times I have been like, fuck, I don’t want to record right now. But I

have to get the episode out by Sunday. Right now, I feel like I just don’t want

to do it. And it’s easy to let those emotions take over. But when you have a

track record and you can see the strength that you’ve exuded so many

times, it gives you a sense of credibility and it assures you and it

kind of validates how strong you are. And it’s very hard to feel incapable when

you have a fuck ton of proof to back up you will do what needs to be done. And

that is the biggest motivation. Because knowing I have posted for the last

Sunday, for the last like year and something, I’m like, girl, what is this

Sunday? I’ve been tired before. I’ve not wanted to do it before. Huh, I could do it

right now and here I am. But the point I have with that is it’s easier to go as

you go. Like it’s easier to continue as you go and as you have more proof of

like times you’ve done it. So if you’re trying to go to the gym, if you can look

back and say, oh I’ve been to the gym for the last two months. What the fuck, I

can go today too. It’s just gonna stack on itself. So you have to get through that

first like brunt of like not having any proof to like look back and have proof.

You have to just do the hard shit and build that proof for yourself to be able

to look back on. And then shit gets so much easier. Like I used to have to fully

fight myself to make podcast episodes sometimes. But like tonight, having 64

episodes to look back on, I’m like I got this shit. Like the more proof you have

of your strength, the easier it is to be reminded of it and see it and the easier

shit will feel. Just goddamn do it. And also with that, the more you invest in

something, the harder it is to quit. So how much I’ve invested to this podcast

already, like how much time and effort and energy, 64 fucking episodes. You think

I’m gonna fuck up now? Like I’ve invested so much that I’m like I’m not fucking it

up. So that’s my biggest trick. If you want to make sure you don’t quit

something is invest so much into it that the pain of quitting is worse than the

pain of continuing. And that is truly what the fuck is gonna keep you on track

and kick you in the ass when you need it. The only time you feel the urge to quit

is when you feel like there’s a relief from pain. But if you have so much pain

on the other side of quitting, you ain’t choosing that. Like it’s easier to just

continue forward. So one more thing about discipline and kind of like being more

attractive is the most endearing thing that you can do is look out for your

future self. It’s to do something now to make sure you get where it is you want

to go or you feel good or you just do something you know you need to fucking

do. Like the most caring thing you can do is take care of your future self. Because

you don’t want your future self to have to deal with consequences. Like sure is

it easier to just lay in my bed right now? Yeah. But I’m in front of this

camera doing this because it’s in line with my goals and my values and what I

want to do. And also it’s preventing me from tomorrow feeling regret and shame

and like fuck and feeling disappointment. Like I’m preventing my future self from

feeling that way. So I’m doing this now so tomorrow I get to have a good day. But

looking out for yourself and showing yourself how you can care for yourself

and take yourself into consideration. That’s hot as fuck to other people and

that’s gonna make you feel hot as fuck. Okay? That’s one thing you can’t deny.

Like just feeling how you can love someone is fucking beautiful. So for you

to give yourself that same love. Oh my god it just makes you feel so hot. Please.

I know I’m being very like superficial like oh it makes you feel hot. But like

it’s very attractive and it makes you feel so good when like I said you

experience the love you have to give. So the way you take other people into

consideration take your future self into consideration. Experience that love that

you show toward yourself and it’s gonna make you feel so much more beautiful

because you are. And on my final note the last thing I always tell myself before I

have to do some shit I don’t want to fucking do is you’re gonna be happy when

you’re done or you’ll be happy tomorrow. Because right now I feel the biggest

sense of relief because I’m done with this fucking episode and I’m happy I did

it. I’m so glad I just got this shit over with. So I hope this episode was

helpful. If you liked it leave it a thumbs up. If you’re listening to the

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On that note everybody be safe, take care of yourself, and I will talk to you guys

next Sunday.