Murder, Mystery & Makeup - Jeffrey Dahmer. Inside His Messed Up Mind & How He Almost Got Away

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kitty cats we have a long

story today

and a lot of

the times it’s really difficult to find information

about a case but

with this story

you see there’s

too much information out there there’s just too much

and it was like oh

crap grab a

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there are two people

that i get requested

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about the most

one ted bundy and two

jeffrey dahmer

you know and i get it

yeah they’re very popular serial killers

i have to give the people what they

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so i thought okay

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today i’m going to be talking

about jeffrey dahmer

so let’s jump

right into it i will just

stop rambling and get

right into it

okay jeff jeffrey

mr dahmer let’s go back

so jeffrey was born in milwaukee

wisconsin i would definitely say and

maybe you can agree

at least if you’re from the united

states when you hear milwaukee

i’m sorry but we think of jeffrey dahmer

a lot of us do i’m sorry

that’s where he was born may 21st

1960 it has been

claimed that jeff

was deprived of attention as an infant but

other sources suggest that the family was super close

and gave lots of love and attention to jeff

and that they were like this perfect little family

but when you kind of look up to

just how the family was

growing up for jeffrey

it seems like each family member had something else

say like the mom and the dad both

apparently had different

experiences they thought it was

everything was great fine and dandy

the kids are like

this was a very toxic

household they were fighting all the time now jeff

would say that his

mother was very tense

she was greedy

she constantly wanted attention

and was always in arguments with her husband when he

entered first grade his

mother her name is joyce she wasn’t doing well she

spent a lot

of her time in bed and she was struggling with

depression she also

was feeling very weak and

tired all the time

she didn’t seem

to want to give any type of attention towards her kids

which is sad

and then jeff’s

father he spent a lot of time

away from home he was attending

university so he

could get a degree in chemistry

he was a really

smart cookie so he wasn’t around

a lot because he was trying to get a degree so he

could get a good job and take care of the family and

honestly just

you know how it goes if you’re

going to school and

it’s just a lot

now it said when jeff’s dad was home

his wife demanded constant attention from him

he really didn’t get to

spend a lot of time with his children

jeff recalled his

early years of family

life as being extremely

tense because he

would see his

mother and father

constantly arguing with one another and then

sadly on one occasion

joyce the mom

she attempted suicide

she survived

but neither

parent really devoted

much time to

their son now jeff was described as being a

happy energetic

child up until the

age of four and i

guess at the

age of four

he had to go in

and have surgery

to correct a double hernia

it said after that surgery is when

he seemed to

change he just wasn’t the same he wasn’t as

happy he seemed to kind of just be

meh at elementary

school he was both

quiet and pretty timid

on his first

grade report card one

teacher described jeffrey

as a reserved

child this teacher did

note that she felt like he was being neglected at home

but like nothing really

came from it it was just kind of noted in the paperwork

so from an early

age mr dahmer he had an interest

in dead animals

i’m sorry dead animals

i don’t know why i said it like that now friends

would say that

initially he

would collect

large insects

like dragonflies and butterflies and he

would place

these inside of jars

and then he upgraded

to collecting roadkill

off the streets

so a big jump

we went from butterflies


to roadkill

but jeffrey

would say you know he was a very curious cat

okay road kill

was an easy way to

kind of they’re

already dead you know so he’s like i’m just

gonna take these dead animals take them back to the

house there was a little a woodshed

in the backyard

he would dismember the animals his reason was that

he was curious as to

what was inside

of these animals what did it look like

he wanted to know so he

would dissect animals

he would put them in

mason jars and he

would either

leave them in the tool shed or

he would just

leave them in the wooded area in

their backyard so he’d go back there

sometimes he

would dismember animals back there so nobody

would see him obviously

and sometimes he

would just go there to kind of leave

stuff he knew he couldn’t

leave in the tool shed

but god that probably had a

stink right

all i can think

about like how bad he probably smelled

which is mean

is it no because it’s probably true he probably stunk

sir you stink you

smell like roadkill you know

like now jeff

would tell his friends that

he was just curious how all of

these animals fit together

oh i am so sorry i forgot to add a disclaimer

disclaimer this

includes just a lot of

awful things and

right now i’m

about to talk

about a dog

so if any of this bothers you

or makes you uncomfortable please exit out of the video

there will always be next week

today’s episode

includes just

everything rape

murder sexual assault

just all bad

and animals

as well so i so

greatly apologize

so there was one occasion that at

least we know of there was a dog that got hit by a car

and it was left on the side of the

street so jeff was like hey cool like

dog i’m gonna go get it so he goes and he gets the dog

he brings it back with him to the

house now he goes back

into the like the tool shed area or his backyard he

doesn’t bring it into his actual like family

house and at this time

like his parents

weren’t home

so he could get away with

these things i

guess without getting caught anyway so he takes this

dog he cuts the head off

of the dog and then he decides to nail

the dog’s body to a tree he then took the dog’s

skull he cleaned it up and

okay so he got all of the dog hair off and

stuff he took it out to the wooded area behind his home

he put the skull on a wooden

cross kind of through the skull

do you know what i’m saying i don’t know

what he was doing you guys he was just doing it jeez

so in nineteen

sixty six the family

ended up moving to doylestown

ohio and during this time joyce

jeff’s mom she

was pregnant with their

second child

and she gave

birth to a baby boy

and she allowed

jeffrey to pick

out the name of his new brother so he picked the name

david and then in 1968 the family

moved to bath

ohio two years

later over a family dinner they were eating chicken

jeff asked his father what

would happen

if the bones of the chicken were to be placed

in bleach solution

and at this time his father

was he was kind of

worried for his son because he

wasn’t very social he didn’t seem to have many friends

he could tell his son was just awkward and weird

but when jeff

asked this question

his father said that he was delighted at the

initiative displayed by his son

towards what he believed to be

scientific curiosity he

willingly showed his son

how to safely bleach

and later preserve

animal bones his dad jeff’s dad was

thinking you know father son

bone bonding time

i’m showing my son

how to do what i do

essentially like or what i know best because

he was a chemist

and he thought

jeff was just showing interest in his profession

which he was


so during high

school many of his

classmates said that he

would bring beer or hard liquor to

school he would

smuggle it inside the lining of his jacket

and then he

would hide it in his locker jeff

would drink before

during and then sometimes even

after school

and this all

started when

he was fourteen years old now when jeff reached

that’s when it said that he discovered

that he was gay

he didn’t tell his parents

about this because

i mean they didn’t even have the best relationship why

would he tell his parents

but it’s said that he did engage in a

brief relationship

with another boy

jeff said that’s when he began

to sexually fantasize

about dominating and controlling a

submissive male partner

and he just

started you know

teenage boys

i hear that they just are like really

horny which is

gross i shouldn’t say that but like that’s what i hear

and that’s where he was at in life

by 1977 jeff his grades

they were declining okay he wasn’t doing well

and he said it was because of the alcohol

well no shit

so during this time also his parents

their relationship was just getting worse

and they were

going to try counseling

marriage counseling to try and save

their marriage because

they wasn’t looking

looking too good for them

marriage counseling didn’t work for them

and they decided to just get a divorce

jeff’s dad thought it

would be best if he

moved out of the home

and then in may of 1978 jeff

graduated from high school

and shortly

after joyce

she was awarded

custody of her

younger son

she ended up vacating the family residence

or the family home

and she moved in with family members of hers

she left jeff by himself at the family home

so he was living there by himself for a

minute which

not good when he’s eighteen

what do you

think if you

leave an eighteen year old at the home by himself

what do you think he’s

gonna do you

think he’s gonna be

productive yeah

no jeff had just

turned eighteen in that time like he was considered

legally an adult

so he’s living on his own in the family home on june

eighteenth nineteen

seventy eight

was driving home

and he noticed a hitchhiker

it was just four days

shy of his 19th birthday

he sees this hitchhiker

hitchhiker is a

young man and he

kind of cute

so jeff pulls

over and ask hey do you want to come over to my

place i have a few beers we

could just hang out like no big deal like i got the

house to myself

so jeff and the hitchhiker they go back to his

house they were

drinking they were listening to

music and he felt like he

like had a new friend

right i guess this hitchhiker finally got to a

point where he’s like okay i’m

ready to go home now

like i’m just

ready to leave i

wanna leave this

upset jeffrey

and i know it

it upset him because

instead of just like letting him go home

instead jeffrey was like you know what i’m

gonna grab this ten

pound dumbbell

and i’m just

gonna hit him in the head with it

so he can’t

leave solid plan

he grabs a 10

pound dumbbell

and he hits

this poor man

twice from behind in the head

while he was

this victim was sitting in a chair

after he hit him he then

strangled the poor man

until he died once jeffrey

knew that this

victim was dead

he then removed all of his

clothing and then he said that he

stood over the

victim’s body and masturbated

over his body

according to jeff this was like his

first time killing somebody

he was feeling

all sorts of ways

excited aroused

the next day jeff had this dead body

in his house

and he’s like

i gotta do something

with this he takes the body down to his basement

and that’s where

he takes apart the

whole body like like

just takes it up like what

what are you doing he just takes it all

apart and then jeff grabs a

shovel dig a

grave in his backyard

because he needs somewhere to put the remains

so he puts the remains

in his own backyard several weeks went

by jeff decided to dig up the body cut it up somewhere

i don’t i don’t know what’s

going through his mind i really don’t

it’s not funny

but it’s uncomfortable

and that’s why i’m

laughing so he digs up the remains

he takes a knife

okay he cuts the

flesh from the bones

and then remember his dad showed him how to

dissolve flesh from bones so

he can preserve the bones well he used that technique

he got some acid

he soaks the body in this acid

to try and get all of the flesh

and the meat and

everything off of the bones he wants to

keep them or something

takes the acid solution he

flushes it down the toilet then jeff

crushes up the bones

he then scatters

them in the wooded area behind the family home also

this is a side note just really

quickly i’m not

going to be

naming any of the

victims i’m just

gonna be referring to them as victim

reason being is because family members of

the victims

have sued different people who have

written books

or made movies and

stuff and like

named the victims they sued

because they didn’t give permission

their family members name to be used to protect

myself and then also the vic

i feel like

never mind i won’t get into it

it’s not me trying to be disrespectful by any means

i just don’t want to

upset anybody

so that is um

was jeffrey’s

first kill and he was

excited about it

it really got him

going he was like oh hell yeah killing

i think i like this you know i

wanna try it again

six weeks ago by jeff’s

father has found a new love you know

he’s got a new girl and actually a new fiance i’m sorry

and they end up

going by the old house

see like how jeff is doing to go

check in with him and that’s

where they discovered that jeff was living alone the

whole time he thought like he was living with his mom

he had no idea that he was just living on his own

his father thought it

would be best if

jeffrey went to college

did something

productive with himself in his life

and he actually offered

to pay for his

schooling he

ended up attending ohio

state university

while attending the university

he received a

whopping gpa

score of 0 45

how do you achieve that i’m not sure

jeffrey’s father

had paid for

his schooling in advance okay

jeffrey thought it’d be best if he

dropped out of university

and he only attended for

three months

waste of money

jeffrey’s father

again is trying to help his son trying to find him

some kind of purpose in life

right so he’s telling jeffrey you

should definitely enlist

in the us army

jeffrey agrees and he ends up enlisting in the us army

and he actually

trained as a medical

specialist in san antonio

texas and then in july 1979

he was stationed in west

texas germany

where he served as a combat medic

how did you get that job you know like according to

published reports in his

first year of service he was a quote

average or slightly

above average soldier

quote two soldiers

would later attest

to having been

raped by jeffrey

while in the army

one stated in

2010 so years and years

later that jeff

had repeatedly

raped him over a 17

month period

while they were both stationed in germany

while another soldier believed that jeff

had drugged and raped him

in 1979 in march of 1981 jeff

was deemed unsuitable

for military service

and was discharged from the army because of his

alcohol abuse he was sent to

south carolina for debriefing

and he also was provided with the

plane ticket to

travel anywhere in the country

so you know if you

could go anywhere in the country like

where would you go oh my gosh you know

jeffrey was like well i know i can’t go

home because if i have to tell my dad that i failed at

everything like i don’t

wanna do that he’s like i’m

going to florida

miami beach

you know he’s like yeah i’m

gonna do it so he goes down to florida he

doesn’t tell

his dad he moves to florida and he actually

found work at a

local restaurant

and he rented a room

in a nearby

motel now jeffrey

would spend most of his income on alcohol and

sadly he got

evicted from the motel

he was living at

for not paying

once he got kicked out

he just kind of really was left

with nowhere to go and he was feeling very defeated

and he ends up calling up his dad and asking if he

could come back to ohio he moves in with his father and

his new stepmother

so of course

like any parent does they give you chores okay

so they’re like we have to make sure that jeffrey

is like staying busy or what he can’t be

freeloader in my home so they gave him

lots of different chores to do around

the home they heavily pushed him to go find a job so

he would spend

a lot of his days out and

about just looking

for work and then when he was home he

would just follow the

rules he was doing the chores trying his best i guess

now at this time he was

still drinking a ton

he would be arrested for

drunk and disorderly conduct

and he was fined 60

bucks and given

a suspended 10 day jail sentence

his father couldn’t help him

when it came to his

drinking jeffrey’s father

had enough he was like i am done with you

you’re drinking a lot

bedroom floor was just

covered with

empty bottles

and he tells jeffrey

you know what

you’re gonna go live with your

grandmother and anna west

alice wisconsin

so yeah his dad’s like go live with your

grandmother okay

because i just can’t take you anymore do you

blame him no

well now his


was the only family member

who showed any love and affection towards jeffrey

he loved his grandma

and when he went to go live with her

as he did it did help him change

things up a bit

and he seemed a little bit more happier

he would attend

church with his grandma

he would help around the

house on things like

she couldn’t really do and he even

found a job at the milwaukee

blood plasma center

fitting but it seemed

like he was doing better

and he was able to keep that job for ten months

but then he got laid off

then he remained

unemployed for two years

by late 1985

he had begun to visit

local gay bathhouses

when going to

these bathhouses

he would have sex with different men working there

and he would

later say that he

would become

really frustrated

at his partners

when he was having sex with them

because they

would be moving around

they would be talking too much and

he didn’t like it

he just wanted them to shut up

so instead of just

maybe telling them like hey can you stop talking he

laced their

drinks with crushed

sleeping pills that he would

sneak in there and this

would knock

his victims out they

would pass out

and then while they were passed out jeffrey

would rape them

while they were asleep

he did this

about 12 different times

and then eventually the owners

found out that he was

striking the workers

and they revoked his

membership banned him from coming

i don’t know why they didn’t call the police oh because

it’s a gay bathhouse

oh i answered my own question

but they still

should have called the police or something

right instead of being

upset about this

jeffrey was like you know what this is my opportunity

to just do it on my own i don’t need that bathhouse

i could just rent a

hotel room do it on my own terms so

he did on november twentieth nineteen eighty

seven jeff met a

twenty five year old man at a bar

and he asked if he wanted to return

with him to his hotel

and stay with him hang out have some

drinks according to jeffrey

he had absolutely one hundred percent

no intention of murdering

this man okay

but he did intend to just drug and rape him as he lay


but not murder him

i was just gonna drug and rape him

like come on following morning though jeffrey wakes up

and when he wakes up he sees that the

victim or the man that he brought home

the night before

he was laying beneath him on the bed

his chest was

crushed in and it was

black and blue with bruises

blood was coming out of the corner of his mouth

and jeffrey’s fists and one forearm were

covered in bruises jeff

would say that he had

absolutely no memory of killing

this person and

later told investigators

way later that

he just quote

could not believe that this had happened

and quote i just don’t know what happened man

i was just like hanging out i was just

gonna drug and

rape him and i woke up and he was dead so

weird someone

must have came in you know just own up to it you dick

okay tell the

truth i know you’re lying

you remember

remember pepperidge

bar remembers when jeff wakes up and he sees this

victim he’s like oh shit

i definitely have to get rid of the body he

decides to purchase a

large suitcase

and he stuffs the body into this suitcase

he ends up taking the body or the suitcase back to his


house just leaves the suitcase

unopened he just

leaves it there for

about a week

so once the week goes by

that’s when he decides to open up the suitcase

and dismember the body so he severed

the head the arms the legs the

torso well the legs from the torso

and then he cuts

the flesh from the bones of the body and he cuts the

flesh into a

bunch of different pieces

he places the flesh into

garbage bags

and then wrapped the bones in

paper where

he then used a

sledgehammer to

crush down the bones

so he wraps it in

paper and you

know so it doesn’t

go everywhere at the bones he’s doing

this in his grandma’s basement by the way poor grandma

she has no idea okay so then he disposed

all of the remains except

for the head

and he put all of the remains in the

trash two weeks

later yeah two weeks baby

he was letting

everything marinate i

guess i don’t know

jeff takes the head of the victim

wants to preserve the

skull he really wants the skull

so he’s like i’m

gonna do what my dad

taught me right to

clean off the meat and

stuff from the bones so he

could preserve

the bones he takes the head

he boils some

water and he puts in a mixture of soil

x and bleach

and soil x is like a

cleaning solution it’s pretty powerful

and he’s doing this in an

effort to retain the

skull now unfortunately for jeff the bleach made the

skull way too brittle

and it it just

completely fell

apart he was

super bombed all that hard work

and he lost the one

thing he really wanted

right so he

threw it away he’s determined though

to get another one

jeffrey decides he wants another

victim he’s

found his passion in life and he’s very passionate

about killing people he

began to actively seek

victims most of them he

would meet in a bar

or close to gay bars

and then he

would ask them to come back to his

place he would drug them

and then once they were passed out he

would have sexual relations with this person

he would rape them let me call it what it is he

would rape them also he

would kill them by strangulation two months

later this one is really

it’s all disturbing but this one is just

whatever okay look

two months later jeff

comes across or meets a

14 year old native american sex worker

first of all there’s all sorts of

wrong with that sentence but

like what is a 14 year old

doing working as a sex worker

and i’m sure he was being trafficked

which is just

awful and the fact that he ran into this

this disturbing man mr dahmer

lost his life over it like that’s just

horseshit and i feel so bad for this poor 14 year old

child like i said in my last video

the lord says we

should forgive

but boy do they make it difficult

anyways 14 year old sex worker

jeff went up to him and was like hey

would you pose for nude pictures

i’ll give you 50

bucks just come over to my place

you don’t have to have sex with me

i just want some nude

photos and i need a

model and you

would be perfect

and this young boy he’s like 50

bucks hell yeah

i’m there so he agrees

so they go back to his grandma’s

place once they get there

actually engage in

sexual intercourse jeffrey ends up drugging him

he crushed up a bunch of

sleeping pills put it in his drink

offered it to him and

just waited

once he passed out

that’s when

he strangled him

and he killed him jeffrey

left this young

victim in the basement of his

grandmother’s house

for a week and then when he got the chance

he dismembered

and discarded

his body in the

trash except for

again his skull jeffrey

just really wanted a

skull a trophy

jeff does the same

thing but again he made

the bones too brittle

and it didn’t work and he had to just

throw away the

skull jeffrey was bummed because like he’s like damn it

i really wanted to keep the

skull jeffrey was kind of

experimenting trying to find this

right formula

that way he could

again keep the

skull now on

march 24th 1994

this is a side note just really quickly

have you noticed that like

march kind of seems like to be the month

when a lot of

these things take

place is it just me who’s noticing that


going on obviously something’s

going on bailey

march always comes up back to the story

march 24th 1988 jeffrey

now meets a 22 year old man outside of a gay bar

jeff asked hey i’ll give you 50

if you just come and hang out with me

the remainder of the

night with me this 22 year old was like

okay they go back to

jeffrey’s grandmother’s

house again

same thing drugs him

with a bunch of

sleeping pills

and then once he’s passed out he

strangles him with a leather

strap this time though

jeffrey decided that he wanted to perform

oral sex on this

victim and once

he was done

bitch what is he doing

this guy is so fucking

weird this victim though

was dismembered within

twenty four

hours of his murder

this time jeff was quick

about it okay and once

again with the remains he disposed

the bones he

crushed him up

puts him in the

trash keeps the

skull this time though

it said that jeffrey didn’t really want this guy’s

skull so instead of trying to boil it and keep it he

ended up just

crushing it up

and throwing it away jeffrey

lehner said that

he didn’t find this

victim very

attractive and

that’s why he didn’t really want to keep the skull

so why did he kill him then i

practice i’m not sure so many questions

april 23rd jeffrey

lured another

young man to his house

however this time

after giving this victim

drugged coffee

both he and the victim

heard jeffrey’s

grandmother calling down towards him

cause they’re in the basement

his grandma is yelling like jeffrey

is that you

this obviously

freaked him out and he

tried to play it off as if he was there

by himself as if he didn’t have a

guest with him

but his grandma

knew that someone

was with him because

she heard she

heard it so

she knew that someone was with him so he’s like

okay i can’t kill this guy because my grandma knows

that i’ve got someone down here

jeffrey had already drugged this

victim and the

victim was unconscious

so he ends up

carrying him out to the car

and then he

drives the victim to the county

general hospital just

drops him off

and then leaves that

victim is so

lucky you know in september of 1988

jeffrey’s grandmother

asked him to move out of her

house because of his

habit of bringing

young men to her home

late at night

and she also said like there’s just some really foul

smells coming from both the basement and the garage

and it must be your

stuff i don’t like it it’s bothering me

it’s like she was so close

to stopping this if she just

would have went down to the basement

we could have

ended this grandma we

could have stopped this

but she didn’t and i mean i don’t

blame her by any means but you know like so she

asked him to move out he ends up finding a one bedroom

apartment on september

25th he ends up moving out and i’m not even kidding you

the next day jeff

was arrested

what was he arrested for

well he actually got caught

he lured a 13 year old boy into his apartment

he drugged the young boy

and then he

was what’s the word

sexually fondling

him he got caught and he was arrested

and then in january of 1989

he was convicted of

second degree

sexual assault

and of enticing a

child for immoral purposes

sentencing for the assault

was suspended until may

of 1989 so a few

months later well i mean i

guess you could say that jeff over here didn’t last

too long on his own

literally hours

after moving out on his own he

ended up getting caught and arrested then he

ended up moving

back in with his


that’s when he

would murder his

fifth victim

a 24 year old aspiring

model who he met at a gay bar on

march 25th 1989 once again

according to jeffrey he was not looking to commit a

crime it just

shortly before closing time

this victim just came up and

started talking to him

so jeffrey just you know

asked him if he

wanted to go back to his grandma’s home the two of them

ended up engaging in oral sex

and then jeffrey drugged and strangled him

it just happened

he didn’t mean to

the following morning he

ended up placing the corpse in his

grandmother’s bathtub

where he proceeded to cut up the body he decapitated

the body before

attempting to take the meat off the bones

he stripped the

flesh from the body

he crushed up the bones

he disposed it

again in the

trash he kept

the skull and according to jeff

he found this victim

exceptionally attractive

and was the

first victim

he permanently kept

body parts of

he preserved the

victims head and

lower region

the penis and he put it in acetone

and stored them in his work locker

the following year when he ends up moving he

he took these

these items with him like he was

really like this guy he was something special to jeff

at this time i’m so sorry i

failed to mention but jeffrey got a job

prior to his arrest

at a chocolate factory

i know who is he willy wonka

what a creep

not that if you work at a

chocolate factory you’re a

creep but like this guy is just such a creep

right like he’s just fucking creep

so yeah he was working and he was making his own

money and that’s how he was able to afford the

apartment on his own in the

first place i apologize

so remember

that time i mentioned that jeff got caught doing

things with a thirteen year old boy

his sentencing was postponed

until may well

may twenty third

nineteen eighty nine that’s when his

sentencing takes

place so in my mind i’m

thinking yeah he’s

gonna be in jail for a long time for that right

of course not

jeffrey got five years probation

and he had a work release permit

that way he

could keep his job he also had to register

as a sex offender

but like what the hell does that do

yeah whatever i

guess i can’t

obsess over it

i let these

things sometimes

make me very

angry because how

could you not get angry

and it’s just so frustrating but

it is what it is bailey

it is what a damn

is so in may

1990 that’s when jeff

moved to his own

apartment again

and this time it was

located on north 25th

street in milwaukee

that’s pretty

famous because

all of jeffrey thomas

colt’s following followers

know this location well okay

now this apartment was located in a very high

crime area the

apartment was

close to his workplace at the chocolate factory

come on that’s

funny the chocolate

factory and it was furnished so awesome it was 300

dollars per

month for his own

apartment which was a steal

he didn’t care if there was like high

crime or anything he knew he’d be just fine

within a week of moving into his new

apartment jeff was

ready to get his

sixth victim

who was a 32 year old

male sex worker jeff had lured

to his apartment

with the promise of 50

for sex he gave the

victim a drink

laced with seven

sleeping pills

and then strangled him the following day jeffrey

had purchased a

polaroid camera

which he took

several pictures

this victim’s body

in suggestive positions

before dismembering him in the bathroom

he boiled the legs

he boiled the arms

he boiled the

pelvis in a

steel kettle

and then rinsed the bones in his sink

he dissolved the remainder

of the victim’s

skeleton in a container filled with acid jeffrey

later spray

painted the skull

which she placed

alongside the

skull of the previous fictum

inside a metal

filing cabinet

oh it keeps

going baby so june

1990 jeffrey

lured a 27 year old acquaintance

to his apartment

same shit different day he drugged

strangled he placed the victim’s

skeleton in his

freezer for several

months in the hope it

would not retain moisture

freezing the skeleton

it didn’t remove

any moisture

and the skeleton of this fictum

would be put in acid

but several

months later

jeffrey accidentally destroyed the skull

when he placed it into

the oven to dry

caused the skull to explode

jeff then met a 22 year old chicago native

and he agreed

to come back to jeffrey’s apartment

jeffrey was like hey if you just come back to my

apartment hang out with me i’ll give you 50

so this victim agreed

when they got back to his

place jeffrey

had attempted to perform

oral sex on this victim

but jeff was informed

quote that’ll cost you extra

end quote this

obviously pissed

jeffrey off at this time he only had two

sleeping pills left

and he knew that wasn’t enough to

knock him out

completely so instead

of knocking this victim out

he just cut his throat

he just went

right for it he did it and

sadly this man

bled to death

jeffrey had just gotten this

polaroid camera remember and he’s all excited

about it he’s like yeah i’m a

photographer now so he

poses the victim’s body

again he poses the body in a very

suggestive way

and he takes polaroid


before placing the body

in his bathtub for dismemberment jeffrey said that

while the body was in the bathtub

he repeatedly kissed and talked to the severed head

that’s a hundred percent not

funny i’m laughing at the fact that

i’m just saying this so like nonchalantly

you know what we’re

gonna just continue

so yes he’s

repeatedly kissing and talking to the severed head

while he dismembered the remainder of the body

so it was like his friend

wrap the heart the

biceps and portions of this

victim’s flesh

from his legs in plastic bags

and then place them in the fridge for

later consumption

jeff boiled the remaining

flesh and organs into a quote

jelly like substance

using again

soilex which was that chemical

cleaner and that was able to help him get the

flesh off of the bones and then he

painted and coated the

skull with enamel

he’s creating like his own little museum

on september 24th jeff lured another

victim to his

place but jeff said that this time

he wasn’t attracted to this

victim so instead of keeping any of

the body parts

aka the skull

he instead just


the dismemberment

process and then discarded the remains completely

april seventh

jeffrey encountered

a nineteen year old guy walking to get

his key cut jeffrey

uh saw this person

right and he

asked like hey you

wanna come over to my

apartment and just hang out

they go back to the

apartment drugged him again

but this time as if it couldn’t get

worse enough it gets worse

this time he

drills a hole into this

victim’s skull

and he pours acid into it

now mind you this

victim isn’t dead

this victim was simply

knocked out from

um the medication from the drugs he’s still

alive and he

drills a hole into his

skull i’m not

kidding you is that not disturbing because it really is

according to jeffrey

this victim

woke up after he

drilled a hole into his head he wakes up

he fucking wakes

up he wakes do you know that he wakes up

the fuck jeffrey was kind of

excited about this

because that’s what he wanted

he was hoping to induce a permanent


submissive state somebody who’s

still alive

someone that he

could control and keep around and if he

could do this and achieve this that

would be his like

ultimate goal

so this victim wakes up

and it makes him excited

cause he’s like oh my god it worked oh my god it worked

jeffrey says that the

victim said quote

i have a headache

what time is it and quote

so he didn’t even know that he had a hole in his head

which honestly good

you don’t wanna know

in response to this

jeffrey again was like okay i need to drug him

again he needs

to go back to bed go mimis this time he strangles him

and then he decapitated and retained his

skull i’m not

quite sure why

he ended up killing him

because he wanted to have a

victim who was

still alive

easy to control and keep

and whatever now this time he really wanted to keep the

skull because it had a hole through it so he’s

using cold water

and he’s using a little bit of salt in the

water for several weeks

and letting it soak and hopes to permanently keep it

it didn’t work though

so he had to discard it

again in 1991

there were fellow residents in the

apartment complex they were

repeatedly complaining to the manager that

there was foul

smells coming from jeffrey’s

apartment and

on top of that they also complained that there was like

sounds of falling objects

and occasionally a chainsaw

so of course people are complaining there’s a smell

chainsaw so

they’re calling the manager letting them know

so the manager contacts jeffrey

doesn’t go see

him in person of course just calls him up on the

phone and he says hey you know

other people are

complaining that there’s a

smell coming from

your place and jeffrey was like yeah well my

freezer broke

all the food inside of it it just became

spoiled and that’s why

they’re smelling this

the manager was like oh okay yeah

so just get that cleared up

people are complaining blah blah blah hang up the

phone click

like a week or two goes by

and the manager calls him

again and he said bing bing hey

so your neighbors are

still complaining that there’s a

smell coming from

your apartment

like i thought you had

cleared this up and jeffrey said that oh my god

you don’t understand

several of my tropical fish had died

and it’s causing this horrendous smell

and that’s what it is

and the manager’s like

okay just get it

fixed up what

about that chainsaw

and then jeffrey’s like

what chainsaw

if the manager

would just have simply gone there

actually it’s probably better for his

safety if he didn’t but

definitely should have had someone go by

anyhow so on the afternoon of may 26 1991

one jeffrey

found another 14 year old boy

and offered him

money to hang out with him at his

apartment jeffrey said that the boy was

initially pretty reluctant to go

with jeffrey

so finally this boy’s feeling

i guess i don’t want to say comfortable enough

cause i can’t

speak on his behalf

but he ends up

going back with jeffrey to his home

and the boy

ended up posing for some

pictures and then jeff drugged him

the poor boy passed out jeffrey

now getting creative with his

whatever the fuck he’s doing

again he takes a

drill and he

drills a single hole into the victim’s

skull and again

he injected

hydrochloric acid

into the frontal

lobe this victim is technically still

alive jeffrey

had led this boy

into his bedroom

in his bedroom

the body of a

victim he had killed three days

earlier was laying

naked on the

floor the boy sees this

before he passes out he sees this

he kind of panics but then he gets dizzy

and then he falls


while this boy was just kind of laying there jeffrey

drinks several beers

while laying next to him and then for some odd reason

jeffrey takes off

he leaves his

apartment and he goes to a

local bar to have a

drink and then

after that he purchases more alcohol at a liquor

store and then comes back to his

apartment when he comes back to his

apartment it’s pretty like

still early in the morning

he’s walking back and sees outside of his

apartment is that young boy

sitting outside

naked on the corner of the

street now there were

three young

women surrounding him

and they were

asking him like are you okay what’s the matter

hello like to this

young boy but can’t

think can’t answer

but they’re trying to like get some answers from this

this boy that they they

found on the street

so jeffrey sees this and he’s like oh sh

so jeffrey goes up to the trio

the three of them

and he’s like oh my gosh

this is my friend he’s

drunk don’t

worry i know him

we’re just gonna go back to my

apartment he

tries to grab the

young boy and takes him back to the

apartment but

these women just have

you know that gut feeling that something’s not

right they had already called 911

they were trying to get jeffrey to stop

delaying him from

going back to the

apartment with the

young boy so police pull up oh yeah baby police pull up

and jeffrey told them that the

young boy was his 19 year old boyfriend

and that he

drink too much

and the police seemed to

not question

any further

for good reason this

upset one of the

women who called

911 she was like no no no something’s not

right here one of the

women actually pulled the knife

officer aside and she

tried to tell them that this

young man was

bleeding from like his back

or like his butt

he had struggled

when jeff was trying to get him back to the apartment

and she was

just expressing how she felt like something is

going on and the officer told a

woman to quote

but out shut the hell up and to not interfere and

quote great

the police officer

said this is between them it’s not your problem don’t

worry about it

run along poor

women are just trying to do the

right thing and

so the officers

ended up like

covering the

young man with a

towel they walk him back to jeff jeffrey’s

apartment jeffrey

still trying to

prove to the officers that this

young man is like his lover

he showed them the

polaroid set he had

taken of him

trying to prove like

he’s my boyfriend he lets me take like sexy

pictures of him and then the officers

they leave the home

and they tell jeff

to just take good care of his lover

so once the police officers

had left his apartment

jeff once again

had injected


acid into this young

victim’s brain

this time noah killed him okay hold on this is

definitely too much

so the following day jeffrey had called out of work

because he really

wanted to devote his day to dismembering two

bodies that he had

in his home at that time

so he was like i can’t come in

today like i’m sick

jeffrey would lure

three more men

kill and dismember

them in the same way he did with his previous

victims he would call out

for more to

dedicate his time to dismembering his victims

which eventually

led to jeffrey

getting fired

because of that

he said that it made him kill

and dismember another

victim on july 22

1991 jeffrey

approached three men

with an offer of 100

to accompany him to his

apartment to

pose for some nude


drink beer and simply

him company one of the trio

was a 32 year old man

and he agreed he was like okay sure i

could use 100

bucks so he goes back to

jeffrey’s home

and this fictum said that instantly

when he walked in the door he got a whiff

of just like a

foul smell and then he noticed several boxes

of hydrochloric

acid on the

floor and he’s like hey so yeah what’s that all

about you know

cause i mean

who just has that shit laying around

maybe you do

a little suspicious

you know so he’s asking what’s that all

about and jeff told him oh i use it to

clean bricks and

okay uh huh

so the two of them go into

jeff’s bedroom

and there in the bedroom was a 57 gallon drum

in the corner

which the victim said

there was this

definitely coming

from this drum

jeff then placed

his head on the

victim’s chest

kind of like in a romantic way

but instead he was holding out a knife

so not very romantic

jeff said i’m

going to rip your

heart out of course

of course the

victim’s like what the fuck man

and he freaks out now at this

point the victim

he just knew like some shit’s

about to go down there’s

weird smells there’s

suspicious boxes

this dude is just fucking

weird he’s gonna rip my

heart out i

gotta get you know and this

victim was kind of like looking around trying to

plan his escape and he’s like there’s windows around i

could try and like jump out of a window

i could just run

right out the

front door or i

could just wait

and this victim knew

if i wait i’m

gonna die like

there’s no waiting

so he’s trying to

think fuck what do i do

maybe if i go to the bathroom i

could like jump out the window in the bathroom this

victim asked

jeffrey like

can may i use your restroom please

and he goes in there no window

so he’s like fuck so he comes

back out they’re hanging out in the living room at this

point now when they’re hanging out in the living room

the victim again is like

hey can i use your bathroom one more time

not sure what his thought process was at this point but

whatever at

least he’s he’s trying to do something

right so he goes back to the bathroom

now at this

point when he

comes back out he sees like jeff isn’t really

fully paying attention he just

punches them in the face as hard as he can

and then he runs out the front door

at 11 30 pm

the victim he flagged down

to milwaukee

police officers

like hey this dude

just like fucking try to attack me there’s some fucking

weird ass shit

going on over there

and fictum had handcuff

a handcuff on his wrist

now i failed to mention

that at some

point when the

victim went to jeffrey’s home the

victim wasn’t

paying attention he was kind of looking the

other way and jeffrey had placed a handcuff on his

wrist and he was

going to handcuff him

but the victim was like what the fuck

are you doing jeffrey was like well you know i thought

we could hang out he couldn’t get the handcuff

off so he was

still wearing it when he ran out of jeffrey’s home

so when he finds

these police officers he’s like you

gotta come over with me and he shows him he has

a handcuff and he’s like can you get

these handcuffs off of me so they try to use

their own key to try to get the handcuff off

but because it’s like

an off brand the keys didn’t fit

police officers

were like well let’s just go down to jeff’s

apartment and get the key so we can get these off

when the officers

and the victim

arrived to jeff’s

house you see the

victim felt safe enough to go back to jeffrey’s home

because the two police officers were with him

so they all go

to jeffrey’s house

jeff invited the trio

inside and acknowledged he had indeed

place the handcuffs on him

although he offered no explanation

as to why he had done so jeff told one of the officers

that the key to the handcuffs was in his bedroom

dresser they all walk to the bedroom

jeffrey’s kind of like trying

to box him out like i’ll get the key i’ll get the key

trying to get to the key before them

but instead police officers are like get out of our way

we’ll get em

and this is when one of the police officers saw the

dresser drawer it was open

and guess what

it contained

many polaroid

pictures many of

which were just

human bodies in various

stages of dismemberment

upon further inspection they see that the

decor in the

background of

these polaroid pictures

indicated to them that they had been

taken in the very

apartment in

which they were

standing the police officer had

taken some of the polaroids

walked into the living room to show his partner

these are for real

when jeffrey

saw that the police officer was holding several

of his polaroids

he fought with the officers in

effort to resist

arrest because they were trying to

put him in handcuffs

while they searched the rest of his home

and called a

second squad card

for backup at this

point one of the officers they

open up the refrigerator and they see like a freshly

severed head of a male

on the bottom shelf

it’s one thing to

see the polaroid

pictures and then

to open up the

refrigerator and just see a head staring at you

i feel so bad

because you know

these officers have

got to be really fucked up then they do a more detailed

search of the

apartment when they’re

searching the

apartment they reveal a

total of four severed heads

in jeffrey’s

kitchen a total of

seven skulls some were

painted some were

found in jeffrey’s bedroom

inside a closet

there were just

skulls and body parts kind of just scattered in

random places

and a surprise at

every corner

they also found two

human hearts

and a portion of an

arm muscle each

wrapped inside a plastic bag in the bottom

shelf of the

floor jeffrey’s

freezer investigators discovered an entire

torso plus a bag of

human organs and

flesh stuck to the ice at the bottom

of the freezer

throughout the

apartment investigators discovered two

entire skeletons

a pair of severed hands

two severed

and preserved

penises a mummified

scalp and in the 57 gallon

drum remember it was in the bedroom

three further dismembered

torsos were dissolving in acid solution a

total of 74

polaroid pictures detailing the dismemberment of

jeffrey’s victims were

found obviously jeffrey was arrested

on july 23 1991

jeffrey was brought in for questioning

he’s already

been arrested he’s been sitting in prison they

bring him and they got a question him you know

what the fuck is

going on with you bro jeffrey had admitted

to investigators to having murdered

16 young men

in wisconsin

since 1987 and on

january 30th 1992 his

trial began

for the 15 counts of

first degree murder

the trial had lasted

two weeks and jeff was sentenced to life imprisonment

plus 70 years

the death penalty was not an option because the

state of wisconsin had abolished capital punishment

in eighteen

fifty three

so he was just gonna

spend the rest of his life in prison

personal opinion

here one hundred percent personal opinion

i don’t like the

death penalty i like the thought of people who’ve done

awful things i like

i don’t like it i like the idea

of them being miserable in prison for the rest of

their lives

versus getting

an easy way out you know like when you get the

death penalty

you get like injected with something and then you die

no not on my

watch you go there you sit and you suffer

i think that’s the best punishment

sorry not sorry but it’s a personal opinion

thank you so much

jeffrey had

spent the first year

of his incarceration

in solitary

confinement due to concerns for his physical

safety amongst

his fellow inmates

people were threatening him

people wanted him dead he then

was transferred to a less secure unit

after a year

on the morning of november 28 1994

jeff was found on the

floor of the bathrooms of the gym

suffering from extreme

head and facial wounds

he had been beat in the face

and head with a 20 inch metal bar

and it seemed his face had also been

slammed against the wall during his assault

when he was

found jeff was


he was still

alive okay and he was rushed to a nearby hospital but

was pronounced dead one hour

later there was a fellow inmate

who was serving a life sentence

he is the one who

actually attacked jeff and authorities had asked him

hey man like why did you attack jeff

he said that him

the killer jeffrey and then another

inmate the trio they were set to go

clean the staff locker room together

and normally an officer

watches you to make sure

something like this

doesn’t happen but for a

split second

an officer left from my


i think the officer was in on it

according to this inmate who killed jeffrey

when he was beating jeffrey

with a metal pole jeffrey didn’t make any

noise he didn’t say anything

he didn’t cry he didn’t even flinch

he just beat him and yeah he said it was

weird when they

asked him like why did you do it this inmate said

quote god told me to do it

and quote not only did this inmate kill jeffrey

but he also killed another inmate who is

cleaning with them

again he said god told him

that he needed to do it a lot of people were very happy

about it when they

heard that he was murdered but inside the prison

a lot of the

guards were very

upset because at the end of the day

like murder is murder

you know it was like a big deal it was a very big deal

plus a lot of people wanted him dead though so to

think that he was

gonna like actually be fine

so he died this guy was just really fucked up

you know jeffrey’s

mother had passed away in

the year 2000

and his father retired father

ended up writing a book

about his experience and his life with jeffrey

jeffrey’s younger brother remember his name was david

he ended up

changing his last name he wants nothing

to do with it so don’t even look him up and i don’t

blame him he want don’t

he’s like don’t involve

me i want nothing to do with this shit good for him

and that my friends is a

story about jeffrey

dahmer it’s a long one

right i lost my

voice so sad

there were so many

victims who had died a horrible

horrible death at the hands of this

gross ass dweeb

sorry but he’s a

he’s a dweeb don’t even get me

started on the fans

okay jeffrey

thomas one of

those people who has so many fans

it’s disturbing

if any of you guys

have netflix

and you haven’t

watched a show

on netflix called

the dark tourist

go watch it if you

haven’t seen it yet there’s this episode

about jeffrey dahmer and how

they have like a tour you can take

this tour takes you around the city to

where jeffrey dahmer hung out and shows you

the different

gay bars he hung out at and then shows you the

apartment complex and

where he left his victims

where he killed his victim

and the main people who like to take

these tours are like

bachelorette parties

yeah i’m not even kidding you

look i get it

like being curious and wanting to go on one of

these tours like i get it like you know i

would want to do it but bachelorette

party like what the fuck

that should not

be allowed but whatever on this show they like ask

a couple of

women who are taking the tour

like why are you interested

in jeffrey dahmer and the girls are like oh my god

like really good looking he’s handsome

and like he just

loved love and like trying to romanticize the

whole the whole

story is weird

because first of all ma’am

he wasn’t even interested in you he liked dick and

second of all

he didn’t love love

he loved bones and

skulls but i just i don’t get it

i don’t get it

there are so many books there are so many

movies there are so many tv shows that are

based off this man’s

story why they

claim he’s like one of the

worst but i

could think of

worse ones i think

truly what captured a lot of people’s attention

was the fact that he was good looking

we’re shallow like that let’s be real here same with

chris watts

remember the

chris watts case i was obsessed with it i did my very

first murder mystery makeup on the chris watts case

people were

obsessed with it because he was good looking

like let’s be honest here same with jeffrey dahmer

i think he looks like a nerd

what can you say

i will do ted bundy

sometime in the future

and i have a list which is

stories in general

you guys are constantly

sending my way

which i so greatly

appreciate i

appreciate you guys for always


stuff i just

appreciate you guys

so thank you so much for hanging out with me today

i hope you have a wonderful day today

make good choices alrighty

have a good day i’ll see you guys later bye

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