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hi friends how are you today

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hi my name is Bailey Sarian and it’s Monday

which means it’s Murder Mystery and Makeup Monday

that’s my theme song

don’t know how we ended up with it

but we did and it’s here every Monday

I sit down and I talk about a true crime story

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and this week

the story was recommended to me by one of you guys

um shout out to Kalin Shay

99 on Twitter

she sent this to me

and it was really interesting and really kind of gross

to be honest as well

so you know

that’s right up my alley

and I thought let’s do it

so Barbara Daily

Barbara was born in Boston in 1922

I believe she was an only daughter

I didn’t read anything about her having siblings

so forgive me if I am wrong there

but I believe she was the only child

when she was 11 years old in 1933

her father actually committed suicide

he locked himself in the garage

he committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning

from the exhaust

Barbara was the one that found him

which I couldn’t even imagine how

how that affects a poor child

once he committed suicide

it was just her and her mother

and they just waited

for the life insurance payment to come through

now this was like

back in 1933

so I believe

um life insurance was different than

like you could actually get life insurance

if somebody committed suicide

now I think

if you commit suicide

you don’t get life insurance

I could be wrong there

it might be a fixed amount or something

but which is so stupid

but that’s so yeah

they ended up collecting a good amount of money

when the life insurance came through once

barbara’s mother collected the life insurance policy

that’s when the 2 of them

Barbara and her mother

they moved to New York City

that’s when they took up a residence in the Delmonico

Hotel in New York

based off like

articles I was looking at

it seems like the Del Monaco hotel was a pretty um

like elite hotel

it’s no longer there anymore

Trump actually purchased it in 2001 for

like a hundred

and $15,000,000

and turned it into the Trump Park Avenue

what I’m getting at is

they must have had

they must have got a good amount of money

in order to stay there

from my understanding

they were not wealthy

barber’s family

and so that’s kind of suspicious

like do you think the mom killed him

now the 2 of them are living in New York City

and Barbara is in her teenage years

like her early twenties

she’s thrown into the middle of the city

and she becomes a prominent social light

what is a social light

a social light is somebody who

like is wealthy

and is always at different parties

and always invited to the latest and greatest

those restaurants

that you can’t ever get into

a social light

will be there

it’s just somebody who

like networks

I don’t know

social light

I will Google

so I googled

social light

and it says

a person who is well known in fashionable society

and is fond of social activities

and entertainment

which like that could be any of us

anyways Barbara becomes a prominent socialite

in New York City

when she was there

you see Barbara would be named one of New york’s

10 most beautiful girls

and from that

she gained regular modeling contracts with vogue

and harper’s Bazaar

her social status and beauty

constantly brought her

invitations to high society parties

allowing her to date various wealthy admirers

very high brown high class

she just like

networked her way to the top baby

in her real life

she was actually suffering

from a mental illness

her mother also suffered from schizophrenia

but her I couldn’t really get that much


now this was a time when mental health was

not really even talked about

because if you were seeing a psychiatrist or anything

you were taken as somebody who’s crazy

am I saying that this is true

no but this

was a time when everybody thought that

she was also seeing a private patient


his name was Foster Kennedy

and but she

never mentioned it

she kept it a secret

she didn’t tell anybody

because if anybody knew

she would lose everything

now Barbara actually got invited

to fly out to Hollywood

for a screen test

she really want to be an actress

she just want to be famous

hold on why am I doing

let me do liner off camera

why do I try

and do it on camera

I don’t know

so while out in Los Angeles

Barbara did not get cast in a movie

but she actually left

with a new friendship

and that was from an actress

or an aspiring actress

named Cornelia Bakeland

Barbara met Cornelia

and they really hit it off

and they became friends

and they started hanging out a lot

and then Cornelia

introduced Barbara

to her brother

named Brooks

now Brooks was actually working as a

trainee pilot

with the Royal Canadian Air Force

now at first

barber’s like oh

that’s cool

like he’s cute

but like you guys playing

now back then

they didn’t have Google

so they had to figure out shit

on their own

you know I’m not sure

how exactly

Barbara figures this out

but I think

probably word of mouth

I’m assuming

but she finds out

that Brooks

this guy and Cornelia

come from a very

very wealthy family

I mean money

you and I will never know

there’s different types of rich

you know there’s the

self made millionaire

and then there’s rich rich

which is old money

usually like

the oil industry

or the railroad company

those people are like rich

rich anyway

she finds out that

this family

rich Brooks

this guy that she’s like

kind of interested

but not really

she finds out that

his grandfather

invented plastic

he invented it

he probably stole it

from someone

but he’s the one that

like you know

got that patent

and everything

there was no plastic

before this man

so the 2 of them

Brooks and Barbara

they’re dating now

they’re official

barbara’s just

like oh my God

he’s the best thing ever

she’s like fuck yeah

I’m set for life

bitch come on

ask me to marry you

so as time goes on

allegedly the relationship was pretty rocky

from the start

they seem to always be bickering

fighting you know

eventually I think

Brooks is the one

who was like

I’m really done with this

I and I went out of this relationship

and then good ol

Barb was like

well guess what

I’m pregnant

now she knew

that Brooks

was just trying to get out of the relationship now

here’s the kicker

here’s the kicker

Barbara wasn’t pregnant

nene Barbara

just didn’t want this man to leave

cause then she

would have to go back to work

but she didn’t tell

Brooks this

until after

they got married

they got married

right away you know

getting a pregnant

before marriage

is just frowned upon

you know those times

doing anything wrong

it was frowned upon

it was frowned upon to breathe

just everything

was frowned upon

so they quickly get married

in California

because barbara’s pregnant

we have to get married

before anybody finds out

that she’s pregnant

they get married

boom barbara’s like

oh by the way

not pregnant

of course that

leads to a really big fight

Brooks is really


it’s fucked up

Barbara over here

is just so happy

because she sealed the deal

she’s now Barbara

Bakeland and

you know what

that means money

she’s now part of the family

Bakelite family

bakelite is

the plastic

company that

the family owned

so after the marriage

the couple had

set up a home

and luxury apartment

in the Upper East Side

of New York

and in this apartment

they held parties

all the time

they would invite

only the fancy

and well known

wealthy people

in the area

come on over

we’re gonna

have a party

an extravagant dinner

just to kind of

keep this socialite

thing going

I honestly don’t know why

Brooks stayed with her

after finding out

she lied about

being pregnant

couldn’t really find

much information

maybe she lied to him

and said she lost the baby

I don’t know

and maybe would have been

frowned upon it

now over time

Barbara in general

became well known to

to everybody

for her unstable


she had rude

outburst not fun

to hang out with

she was just rude

she was very rude

to people but again

it’s a time

where you can’t get help

and if anyone knew

she was seeing a


it would be

it would be

done for her

social light days

so it was also

reported that

Barbara was

an alcoholic

she would get

sloppy drunk

it was also said

as time went on

her husband

Brooks he had

many affairs

I’m talking

like a new girl

a week he just

was constantly

sleeping around

whoopsie Barbara

actually did

end up pregnant

for reals this time

with Brooks baby

she ended up

giving birth to

a little boy

in August of 1946

and his name was

Anthony Bacon

they called him

Tony for short

so every summer

beginning in 1954

and then onward

the whole Bacon

family they

would pretty much do

what a lot of

rich people do

they have the luxury

of having a home

well many homes

so they had

their main home

like in New York

and then they had

another home

Spain London

Paris and then

it just really depended

on the season

where they wanted to stay

like it’s cold

let’s go stay

in our summer house

why pay for heating

when you can

just go somewhere

warm you know

am I right peasants

and then in 1960 the family decided

let’s just go live in Paris

something happened in New York

I think it was at a party

Barbara I guess had gotten really sloppy

sloppy drunk and just was a mess

like embarrassed herself

so that’s why they decided to go stay in Paris

because they don’t know about that little hiccup I had

let’s just go stay there and start over

while they’re in Paris

Brooks her husband

he had met another girl

English diplomats daughter

and she was 15 years old

at this time

that wasn’t illegal

15 sounds great

so he meets this girl she’s 15

he’s like wow I love her

she’s the love of my life

and Brooks is like I’m gonna marry you

this is such a Lifetime movie

so Brooks goes to his wife Barbara

and he’s like hey

met this 15 year old

I want to be with her

I want out of this marriage

here are the divorce papers

I want out now

like any of us would be

Barbara was traumatized

she was so upset

plus she was jealous and bitter

that he was going with a 15 year old

a much younger woman

lady kid much younger kid

and she was quote

better looking than her

and then that’s when Barbara just lost it

okay she was like

my life is over

no more money

I love this man

so Barbara came up with this great idea

she’s like you know what

I’m gonna kill myself

so she tries to kill herself

it was more for show

Brooks is like

really Barb

she tried to kill herself

but it didn’t work

because she didn’t really want to die

she just wanted Brooks be scared

and like stay with her

Brooks comes home finds her

he’s like I’ll break off the affair

I just wanna be with you Barb

so Barbara ends up being fine

and she gets what she wanted

Brooks is breaks off this affair with the 15 year old

and just wants to be with Barbara

as far as the relationship goes with their son

it’s really not talked about much

because it doesn’t seem like

there was much of a relationship

there was nanny’s taking care of Tony

Barbara just giving him whatever he wanted

because she didn’t really want to be a mother

so she just gave him stuff

and that was good enough

poor Tony this little kid

he’s just growing up super wealthy

but he really doesn’t have parents around

to take care of him

pretty much ignored the son

after the age of 18

he decides to kind of travel around

and live in different areas

than his family

like he wants to be on his own

plus they’re wealthy

he can go wherever he wanted

and the parents didn’t care

which is like the dream

when you’re a teenager

so Tony was like

I’m just gonna go through Europe to like

different places

and then kind of figure out where I’m gonna live

so then in 1967

Tony is now 20 years old

he decides to go live in Italy

and at this time

Tony ends up meeting a guy named Jake Cooper

and Jake Cooper was a bisexual Australian man

now Jake would become a really close friend to Tony

Jake would be the one

to introduce Tony to various different drugs

tony’s like oh shit

this is cool drugs

so Tony and Jake are getting pretty close

they’re pretty much living together

you know a little bit of time goes on

they’re experimenting with drugs and stuff

and then tony’s like

I think I’m attracted to dudes

and I’m gonna be with this guy so

they ended up being in a romantic relationship together

the 2 of them

but they didn’t tell anybody

because again

this was a time when no no no

Barbara was still living in Paris

while her son was having this relationship

down in Italy

word got back to Barbara

that her son was in a relationship with a man

and Barbara was like

oh hell no he is not

so Barbara was like

I’m gonna drive down there

and I’m gonna go get him

bring him back

and we’re gonna fix this

he will not make this family look bad

so Barbara drives down there

to where her son staying at

and she’s like

get your shit

we are getting out of here right now

so Barbara actually

wanted to set her son up with a young girl

Barbara firmly believed that Tony just didn’t meet

the right girl

and that’s why he was gay

he needed a girl that he actually liked

and he wouldn’t be gay anymore

so Barbara hit up one of her friends

her friend had a young Spanish daughter

and her name was Sylvie

and pretty much

Barbara was like

this is the girl

you’re gonna date

like you’re not dating a guy anymore

and this is who you’re dating

she’s moving in

so the relationship was moving

quite quickly

sylvie Barbara

Brooks Tony

they were all living together

barbara’s plan actually backfired

and she found out that her husband

Brooks was sleeping

and had a relationship with Sylvie

yeah it’s messy

so then in 1968

Brooks decided that he was just

again once again

he was done with Barbara

and her shit

he wanted to be with the Sylvie girl

so Brooks goes to Barb

and tells her

once again like

I want out of this

I want to have this marriage

luckily for Brooks

I guess they ended up getting a divorce

and Brooks ended up marrying Sylvie

and Tony tells Barbara that I’m

I’m gonna be with a guy

that’s what I want

I like men this time

I just really set her off the rails

like she was livid

okay look Barber was having a lot of affairs as well

throughout her marriage

it wasn’t just the Brooks guy

she was also

engaging in some affairs

and I’m mentioning that because

her thought process here really doesn’t make sense

it’s just different

so Barbara was determined to

fix her son

so she would hire prostitutes

force Tony to have sex with them

and like none of it was working

Barbara here was like

you know what

I’ve had many men tell me

that my pussy is bomb

maybe if I sleep with Tony

he’ll be straight

hey her ego

is that big my vagina

is that special

that it will heal Tony

of his gayness

oh yes this is what

she thought

Barbara was alleged

to have manipulated her son

into having sex with her

which is absolutely disturbing

now her son

was really good looking

so I don’t know

if she was like

actually attracted to him or what

but at the end of the day

that’s still your son

so that is and it said that

during his young adulthood

Tony displayed

signs of schizophrenia

with paranoid tendencies

and his erratic behavior

caused concern

and then eventually

he was diagnosed with schizophrenia

however his

his father refused to

allow him to be treated

by a psychiatrist

he believed that

it was immoral

it was against everything

they believe in

and there’s no way

he’s gonna get help

he’s not schizophrenic

he just needs a nap

so when Barbara is having this relationship with him

having a sexual relationship with him

it’s even worse

because she’s taking

advantage of her son

who is suffering from a mental illness

that’s going untreated

and she’s just

like making

everything worse

with her selfish actions

got tongue tied

so they’re having a

sexual relationship

for a little bit of time

it’s even said that

Tony was seeing another guy

and they were like

at the house

and then Barbara had a

threesome with them

Barbara felt like

she thought

if I have sex

with my son

he’s not going

to be gay anymore

but she did that here

on October 17th 1972

Tony ended up murdering Barb

Tony goes down into the kitchen

and he grabs a kitchen knife

he went behind Barb

his mother and he ended up staring stabbing her

just a couple of times

because his first stab

almost killed her instantly

I think it was only like 2 times

but he stabs her

and Barbara ends up dying

she was 50 years old at that time

Tony at this time was 25

so you see this story was pretty old

and there wasn’t that much information on it

so there’s a lot of stuff

I’m not really clear on like I’m not sure why

police came to the scene

who called I’m not sure on that

but police do end up coming to the scene

and they end up finding Barbara

she’s she’s dead on the ground

and they also find Tony

he’s still at the house

police arrest

and they take him in

and he confesses to the murder

he’s like yeah

I did that shit

he also goes on to say that Barbara was abusing him

and he just couldn’t take it anymore

so he went up and he killed her he was gay

he also had mental health issues

that were going untreated

and it was because his mother

wasn’t allowing him to be himself

but also was preventing him from getting more help

as far as the mental illness goes

and she was abusing him

so he just had all this rage built up

and he’s like

I’m just gonna kill her

it’s sad but like

at the same time

I’m kind of like

well I don’t really

it’s like the Gypsy Rose story

I mean it’s nothing like that

but it’s kind of similar with Gypsy Rose

she wasn’t sexually abused

but she was being abused

and then she just had somebody else kill her mom

with this story

Barbara is abusing her son

he the only way he thought he could get out

was killing her

do I think it’s right

no but I I guess I’m sick

don’t come for me

but I kind of understand

I guess like I Yeah

you don’t want to agree that yeah

it was the only option

but sometimes

it’s like dude

I don’t know

anyways so he confesses to the murder

he gets charged with murder

but instead of going to prison

he was institutionalized at Broadmoor

which is a psychiatric hospital

and he was there until July 21st of 1980

he seems to be doing really well

and the doctors were like you know what

he seems like

he’s doing well

he’s gotten better

of this illness

I’m not sure again

what the thought process was

I read that a group of his friends

had a petition to get him out

said that he was being abused

and he shouldn’t even be there

he’s fine but then

I also read that

that wasn’t the case

so he did get out in 1980

and he was 33 years old at this time

and tony’s like okay

I can’t go with my dad

because his dad

he doesn’t want anything to do with him

so Tony was like

I can’t go to my dad

decides to fly to New York City

to stay with his 87 year old maternal grandmother

so this was barbara’s mother now

it seems that they also had a very toxic relationship

and it only took 6 days

after he was released

July 27th he attacked his grandmother

with the kitchen knife

and he ended up stabbing her 8 times

and he broke several bones

it seemed he was very upset towards his grandmother

for a couple of reasons

one she didn’t believe him

that Barbara was sexually abusing him

and then also

she didn’t approve of him being gay

so then he was arrested

by the New York City Police Department

he was charged with attempted murder

and sent to prison

after 8 months

of being imprisoned

he actually was expecting to be released on bail

at a court hearing

March 20 1981

however it didn’t work out

because there was a delay

in the transfer of his medical records from the UK

so this made Tony extremely depressed

he went back to his cell

and then he ended up putting a plastic

bag over his head

and he killed himself

there are a lot of people who do not believe that

Tony killed himself

they believe that

he was murdered

but there really isn’t any proof

to show that he was murdered

so I’m not really sure

I’m not really sure

what I think

either anyways

so that is the story about Barbara

and Tony Brooks

Bakeland I know

I was kind of all over the place

with the story

because again

there wasn’t much information

about a lot of things

there was actually a movie made

based off of this story

it’s called

Savage Grace

and it stars like

Julianne Moore

I think it has

plays Barbara

and it kind of shows

the relationship

and what happened

a lot of the families say that

like it’s a movie

so a lot of parts are over exaggerated

that’s not very factual

but it is a pretty good movie

if you wanna watch it

I don’t know

yeah so that’s the story

sad gross and sad

I feel really bad for Tony

I mean um he had a pretty

rough ass life

and Barbara

over here suck balls

like she sucked

it just goes to show you

you could be the

richest little bitch in the world

but guess what baby

your life still probably sucks

Barbara was a piece of shit

I really don’t know what else to say

I hope you have a wonderful day today

you make good choices

I appreciate you guys so much for always sending


it means so much

make good choices

and please be safe out there

okay I’ll be seeing you guys later bye