Murder, Mystery & Makeup - Entitled Pretty Teen Kills Parents? Or Nah?

hi guys how are you today

my name is Bailey Syrian

and today is Monday

which means murder mystery and makeup

so today’s case involves

words that I’m having a hard time pronouncing

and of course

when I’m looking into this case

and I’m reading all into it

I’m like yeah

yeah yeah yeah

and then it comes down to me

pronouncing it

like the names and stuff

and I’m like

why did I do this to myself

look we’re going to Brazil

okay the name of the city is

I watched 1t of pronunciation videos

okay come on

Bailey Sal bao

Sal bao wait

Sal bao Brazil

did I say it

this is embarrassing anyways

so if you are new here

every Monday I’ve been doing murder mystery and makeup

where I sit down

I get ready

I do my makeup

and I talk about a true crime

that has caught my interest

something that’s on my mind

and we just have an open discussion

today I’m going to be talking about Suzanne

von Richthofen

we’re gonna talk about her

this happened back in 2002 in Brazil

south South Korea

you know what

guess I can’t go to Brazil

should I do a dramatic voice

when I talk about these things

suzanne’s father was a German engineer

so suzanne’s father was a German engineer

and her mother was a Brazilian of Lebanese descent

working as a psychiatrist

very smart successful parents

Suzanne also had a younger brother Andreas

this is so embarrassing

Andre I can’t roll my r’s

and Andre you know what Andreas

This is why I stick with cathy’s

Suzanne had a younger brother Andreas

who was born in 1987

susanna studied at a German high school

and then went to study law at a Catholic university

so she was very smart

she was described as happy

a little shy

and was known to have a really good relationship

with her family

her brother

her mom and dad

like everyone got along

and they seemed like a happy family

every single one of these stories goes right

am I right so far

her parents were very successful

so they lived in a really nice neighborhood

it was a gated community

it was a beautiful home

she was well educated

and she was pretty

she was blonde she’s cute

the estimated

wealth of the family was 55 million dollars

and there were 2 anonymous accounts in Swiss banks

containing at least 10 million euros

which were opened by suzanne’s father

when she turned 18

2001 summer 1999

she started practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu

and that’s where she met Daniel

her and Daniel hit it off

she thought he was cute

he thought she was cute

and they ended up becoming a boyfriend and girlfriend

reports had that

like the relationship happened pretty quick

you know when you’re a teenager

you’re not really taking anything slow

you’re like

you meet someone

you get into a relationship right away

not everyone

but you know

you don’t really get to know the person

her parents were okay with their relationship at first

they liked him

and they thought he was really nice

so the parents being okay with the relationship

did not last long

so after some time

they realized that Daniel

the boyfriend

that he was just smoking weed 24 7

he didn’t have a job

he wasn’t going to school

he just wasn’t doing anything with his life

and they didn’t like that

and they didn’t want that

for their daughter

well he just wasn’t doing anything with his life

and you know

how parents can be

they just don’t understand teenagers

so they were really pressuring

Susan to end it with Daniel okay

he wasn’t benefiting her in any way

they didn’t want her daughter wasting her time with him

and they certainly did not want

their daughter getting into drugs

or just who knows what this boy’s up to

so naturally

of course she’s not gonna break up with him

no I was reading about the story whatever

and it said that the mom and dad went on vacation

right for a month

who goes on a vacation

for a month

anyways so Mom and Dad went on a vacation

for a month

where I don’t know

I couldn’t find where

and while they were on vacation

Suzanne had her boyfriend

Daniel move in with her

into the family home

while they were gone

but she’s already

she’s turning into this rebellious teenager

we know how this goes

okay so then

a month goes by

and her parents return

when her parents returned

she asked her mom and dad if

they would buy her her own apartment

that way she could live with Daniel

and she could have some freedom

and just do whatever she likes

when you’re teenagers

really all you wanna do

is move out

of your parents house

she knew that

they had the money

her dad her father

quickly shut that down

he was like nope

you are not moving in with him

you’re not getting a place with him

no no and no

her mother and father

being you know

the good parents

that they are were like

you can move out

just make money

get a job make your own money

and you could afford your own place

Suzanne did not like that idea

again the teenage brain

you just think

like no Mom

that’s not how it works

so Suzanne kept seeing Daniel

and as their relationship progressed

there became a strain on

the relationship

with Suzanne

and her parents

they really wanted Suzanne

to end the relationship with Daniel

they kept pressuring her to end it

and Suzanne of course

just did not want to

so she just really wasn’t budging

so then finally

suzanne’s parents gave an ultimatum

break up with Daniel

or we’re gonna stop giving you an allowance

see Suzanne was

still receiving an allowance

from her parents

and they were

about to cut it off

because Suzanne was not

obeying the family at all

so they’re saying

break up with him

or you’re not gonna get your allowance

that simple

but a lot of us don’t think

to do this next thing

this is a mess

okay October 31st

2002 Suzanne

and her brother

went to a cyber cafe

to play video games

and meet up

with friends

then Suzanne

met up with Daniel

and daniel’s brother

his name is Christian

so daniel’s 21

and Christian is 26

so earlier that day

Suzanne had deactivated the home

security cameras

at the parents

house at her house

she deactivated them

she turned off the

alarm system

and this would

trigger the alarm

if somebody opens the door

obviously the security cameras

would be there

to catch anybody

coming in and out

so she turns all of that off suspicious

suspicious Daniel the boyfriend

and Christian the brother

pull into the home

she opens up the gates

and they pull into the garage

they put on their hoods from their jackets

and they head into the home

so Suzanne goes in first

Suzanne goes up the stairs

to make sure that her parents are indeed there sleeping

she comes back downstairs

to let the boys know they’re upstairs handle it

she didn’t say that

but like I think that’s what she said

Suzanne sat on the couch

and both of the boys headed upstairs

to the parents room

the 2 brothers had iron bars with them

iron bars and they started to beat the parents

with these iron beat them

they started to beat them

they bashed their heads in

we’ll try to at least

but the parents did not die

they were still alive

and they were holding on

because they were being attacked

the parents

obviously were screaming and yelling

they were being loud apparently

so that’s when Daniel decided to run to the bathroom

and grab wet towels

put it over their face

to drown out the noises

guess they also tried to strangle the parents with the

towels as well

apparently the parents were still not dying

they were not dying

so of course

because these are bright young men

they decide to go downstairs and grab a jug of water

because well

Daniel goes downstairs to grab a jug of water

and because he got this idea to drown the parents

with a jug of water

now that’s all I could find

was that Daniel Drought

was trying to drown the parents with this jug of water

but I don’t really know what that means

and then I read one website that said

they just strangled them with a towel

but okay daniel’s pouring water on their faces

this did indeed kill

suzanne’s father

so suzanne’s father passed away

but suzanne’s mother was still holding on to dear life

so the boys

Daniel and Christian

they ended up getting a plastic bag

they tied it around her head

and they waited until she suffocated and died

they died a very like slow

painful death

which is so sad to Zan

was just on the couch the whole time

which I don’t believe that

but whatever

I wasn’t there

so what do I know

so once the mother had died

and things had quieted down

Suzanne went upstairs

to make sure

are they dead

and then the 3 of them came up with a plan

to stage the scenes

they wanted to make it look like there was a robbery

in the house

so they’re so dumb and sloppy

they scattered some papers around

but it wasn’t like messy

I guess it was like

you could tell

it was a perfect

little scatter of papers

they also took a bunch of money from the parents room

they just kind of shuffled things around

to make it look like it was indeed a break in

this part of the plan

that they had

was just done so poorly

they did not think this through

they staged a break in

and the break in

didn’t even look like a break in

it looked like someone staged it

apparently they left behind some

important stuff

like they left behind a cell phone

one report said that they left behind a gun

my thought was

if they had a gun

why wouldn’t they use it

when they were attacking the parents

because they seemed to be having a really hard time

I shouldn’t have picked one with a language barrier

that was a bad call on my end

but what I do know was

it was sloppy

but the one thing that they did take off with

was 1t of money

good for them

they’re gonna start their life

with all this money

Cha ching so

then their idea was okay

let’s go check into a hotel

and use that

like as an alibi

see we were at a hotel

and then Christian

the Daniels brother

he went to a fast food restaurant again

to use like

as an alibi

I’m assuming

showing the receipt

at this time

he was at this fast food restaurant

so they were trying to get their alibi straight

after some time

Suzanne then checked out of the hotel

and she went to go pick up her brother

he was still at the cyber cafe

so she went to go pick him up

Christian and Daniel had left

picks her brother up

and they head home

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so Suzanne picks up her brother

from the Internet cafe

they go back to the house

and then that’s when they discover

the family together

obviously for the brother

it was like tragic

both of his parents are dead

looks like someone broke in

they instantly called the police

and when the police got there

they were told that somebody broke in

and killed their parents

but the police knew

by looking at the scene

no this looks a little fishy

police suspected that

it was somebody close to the family

just because of how it was done

somebody who knew them

they also noted that the alarm system was turned off

so somebody had to be inside of the house

and that was a red flag

this break in

looked there were papers

kind of like

scattered perfectly around

it just seemed a little bit more planned

than the family was making it out to be

so so they suspected sister and brother in general

but then they narrowed it down to Suzanne

and the reason that they narrowed it down to just

Suzanne was because it was her 19th birthday

the next day

and she had friends over to the house

and her boyfriend

and they were hanging out

celebrating her birthday

and swimming in the pool

her parents just died

and you’re having a party

super suspicious

come on girl

sloppy so that’s why investigators

really cute

in on Suzanne

and also her boyfriend

oops oh my gosh

so Christian

the brother

daniel’s brother

he ended up buying a motorcycle

like a couple days later after

the murders

and he paid cash for it

now coming from his background

he didn’t come from a good neighborhood

he didn’t have a job

this rose red flags

because where did he get that money from

so that was stupid on his end

he couldn’t wait a little bit longer

he did it just a few days after the murders

Christian was the first one to get arrested

and he paid in all 100 bills

so you got something to do with this

after being questioned by police

Suzanne eventually broke down

and she confessed to killing her parents

and this actually turned into like

a huge media focus case

because of the big contrast between the 2 brothers

Daniel and Christian

and Suzanne

this is so sad

but it’s just

we stereotype

when you look at the 2 brothers

they looks like criminals

okay Suzanne was this pretty


blonde hair girl

people did not want to believe

that Suzanne had anything to do with this

there’s just

they were all on her side

like no she didn’t do it

there’s no way

the brothers did it

so it created like

a really big divide

Suzanne was just well educated

she spoke 3 different languages

there’s no way she killed her parents

what was the motive

she already had money

public was heavily questioning

whether Suzanne did this or not

there was actually a TV interview with Suzanne

and she was talking about what had happened

playing the victim


but there’s this part

where she was getting coached by her attorney

the cameras were rolling

and this guy

leans in and tells Suzanne

when you’re talking about it

make sure to cry

and cry loud and cry hard

because then people will believe you more

so the camera is caught him

coaching Suzanne

how to act and they rolled it on TV

so that’s when everyone was like

okay she did it

we take everything back

she did it honestly

it was looking like Suzanne

could have potentially gotten away with this

just because everyone was on her side

but that TV interview

is what really sealed the deal

July 2006 4 years after the murders

Suzanne Daniel and Christian were put on trial

for first degree murder

Suzanne pointed the finger

and put the blame on Daniel and Christian

saying it was their idea

and they were the ones who did it

her lawyer also said that there was no motive

and she was directed to follow through with the

crime by Daniel

she looked up to him as a god

and it was just

she was obsessed with him

she was so in love with him

that’s why she went along with it

but Daniel and Christian

pointed the finger back at Suzanne

saying it was all her idea

they followed through with it

because they were gonna get some of the money

sounded like

a promising future for them

in different documents

it was saying that in court

Susanna had no emotion

she wasn’t crying at all

and both brothers

cried a lot

throughout the trial

there was a point

where Suzanne started to laugh when

they were being questioned

which isn’t a good look in court

they had a motive

they knew what the motive was

and why Suzanne did it

her parents

passed away

Suzanne was going to inherit


from her parents


she wouldn’t have to go to school

she could move out

with Daniel

she could just live this awesome life

without having to work

so that’s like

this teenage girl’s dream in court

they also made a lot of low blow

so Suzanne said that

her father was sexually abusing her

and also that her parents were alcoholics

she was just pulling

everything she could

out of a hat

she’s like yeah

what about this

though okay

they’re alcoholics

now yep uh huh

oh no okay uh

sexually abused me

yeah he did that

but Andreas

her younger brother testified

and actually

their parents were not alcoholics

there was no

sexual abuse happening

in the autopsy

of the parents

they found no alcohol

in their bloodstream

does that prove that

they’re alcoholics or not

no not necessarily

but it didn’t really help her

claim at all

prosecutors said that

Susanna was the mastermind

behind all of it

and they wanted to give her 50 years in prison

that was the goal

July 22 2006

is when Suzanne Christian

and Daniel all got sentenced

so Suzanne ended up getting

40 years in prison

Christian and Daniel got 38 years

in prison in 2009

Suzanne appealed

she wanted to get

house arrest

which it was denied

in 2011 suzanne’s younger brother Andreas

he sued his sister

for half of the inheritance

she got from her parents

so brazil’s different

with their laws

obviously so

she was still

going to be able to get the money

when she gets out of jail

if it was in her name

she was still

gonna be able to get the money

so even though she went to prison

she has something to look forward to

when she gets out

as long as it’s in her name

it’s still hers

but her younger brother

had sued her

for half of the inheritance

so he ended up winning

and he got everything

also in Brazil

I was reading that

they have this law where

if you’re in prison

as long as it’s not

like some horrendous crime

you have good behavior

you can actually get out of prison

for holidays

so Suzanne got out

on mother’s Day Christmas

there was another holiday too

just every holiday

if you have good behavior

they actually release you from prison

for up to 7 days

and then you come back

and you finish up your sentence

isn’t that weird

it’s kind of interesting

I wonder how that works out for them

like is that a

successful thing

I could imagine

it might be good

but it could also be very

very bad so

to this day

sitting her ass in prison

she only got 50 years

so once she’s out she’s done

first and foremost

just wanna apologize

to all of Brazil

for mispronouncing everything

lesson learned

but other than that

she obviously did it

she was entitled

she was a spoiled

little brat

and she was

a narcissist

random thought

do you think

if Suzanne had broken up

with Daniel

do you think

she would have

still killed her parents

or do you think nothing

would have happened

I guess the

moral of the

story here is kids suck

I don’t know

I don’t know

because it sounded like

they were raising

their daughter

really well

do you think

people are just born like that

or did she learn that

anyways I hope

you have a good day today

you make good choices

thank you so much

for hanging out with me today

and I will be seeing you guys later bye

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