Murder, Mystery & Makeup - Thrown Overboard or Cruise Line Cover Up? Rebecca Corium

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so today’s story is unsolved

and it takes place on a cruise ship

i have never been on a cruise before

i don’t really know why either

i don’t know why

i’ve never been on a cruise

but but after deep diving into this cruise ship story

and learning

how many people go missing on a cruise ship

it actually makes me realize that

maybe cruise ships aren’t for me

cruise ships just remind me of gilligan’s island

a three hour tour

a three hour tour

i know they weren’t on a cruise

but it’s still like a boat on water same thing

so i was talking to kate the great here on youtube

she does like

makeup stuff

but also she’s really funny

and she understands sarcasm

which i greatly appreciate

i love somebody who just like

speak sarcasm

we were talking about cruises

and then because my iphone listens to me

listens to all of us

or like reads our texts or something

everything that was like


all of a sudden started to be about cruises

that’s like a suspicious video in its own yeah

so then i got recommended

like this story about rebecca corriem

and let me tell you

rebecca corriem

she was born march of 1987 in england

she lived in chester

england with her parents

her sister and her two foster brothers

she graduated from a catholic high school

and in her youth

she worked at the chester zoo

she joined the british army in her teens

and attended university

where she studied sports science

she then spent four months teaching sports

at camp america in maine

so in june 2010

she went to london

to interview for the disney cruise positions

along with hundreds of other people

i mean everybody wanted to work for disney cruise

you would get to travel

you would have somewhere to stay

and you would get to make money goals

she ended up getting hired

and went to the company’s theme parks in florida

for training

after about four months on cruises to the bahamas

where the ships are registered

she went back to britain for two months off

when she returned to work

it was on the disney wonder

and this one was based in the port of los angeles

it just seems like a a fun job

i’ve never even been on a cruise so

what do i know

so during one of her work

cruise trips

sadly her grandfather passed away

and she ended up returning to chester for two weeks

and sadly that was the last time her family saw her

after the two weeks

when she was visiting her family

she returned to the wonder

and her duties as a youth worker

she communicated with her family on facebook or skype

and also on the phone as well

so she was always in communication with her family

back at home

six weeks later

on the 21st of march 2011

the ship pulled out of los angeles

and she sent what would be her last message

to her parents

via facebook

saying she would call them

the next day

so 12 hours

end up going by

rebecca hasn’t called home yet

so it’s not super concerning to the family

but at the same time

it kind of is

cause it’s like okay

when she says she’s gonna call

she calls like

maybe just something’s going on

or we don’t know

but like it’s just kind of weird

where is she

at 9 am pacific

standard time

that morning

on the wonder

so we’re back at the ship

off the coast of mexico

bound for cabo san lucas

rebecca had missed the start of her shift

she was not in her room

or anywhere else on the ship

and did not respond to pages

over the intercom

a review of the security camera footage

found one appearance of her

it was at 5 45am

another crew member had said

that she had gone overboard at 3am

which was nearly three hours

earlier than the timestamp of

the footage

and the person who made this account

goes unnamed

so cool like okay

but anyways

so in the security footage

rebecca’s talking on one of the ship’s internal phones

in the crew area

which is like

it almost looks like a

it’s a dark room with

like no windows

in this video

she appears to be like

really distraught

and it was also very strange

because she also seemed to be wearing

men’s clothing or

like clothing

that wasn’t hers

because it seemed very baggy

just not like

her clothes

this is what the parents said

once they saw this footage later on

because if like

you and i watched it

we probably wouldn’t know

now that they pointed it out

it did seem

not her clothing

also in this footage

you see rebecca

is on the phone

and then a man

approaches her

and he asks her if

everything is all right

and you can clearly see her mouth moving

and she says yeah

fine and again

she’s on the phone

this whole time

so she’s like yeah fine

and then she hangs up the phone

there’s always a phone

in my stories

that’s not unusual

i take that back

that’s not okay

anyways so then

she ends up hanging up the phone

she pulls her hair back

and then she walks out of frame

putting her hands in the back

of her pockets

her jean pockets

and her parents say like

it wasn’t unusual

that was like

her mannerisms

she didn’t seem like

she was intoxicated

or on drugs

or anything like that

cause she wasn’t

stumbling around

so once it was reported

that she was missing

within the cruise ship

the crew searched the ship

but they found no sign of her

supposedly they looked everywhere

found nothing

also ships of the us

coast guard

and mexican navy

they searched

the international waters

because it was reported that

maybe she had gone

or she did go overboard at 3am

so they searched

the international waters

which the boat was at

during the said times

that rebecca

like supposedly

jumped overboard

what i’m trying to get at

is that they

search the waters

okay side note

can you like

just go overboard

on a cruise ship

is that common

do people just like


fall overboard overboard

and not just

regarding this case

but i know i’ve like

heard other cases

where people

are just like

went overboard

and it’s like

do you is that

how does the wind come

again this come

from someone

i don’t know

i’ve never been

on a cruise ship

but i’ve seen titanic

and when jack

and rose are like

on the edge of the boat

they didn’t fly over

and then if

you fall over

is it something

where you die instantly

or it’s like

you just fall into the water

i have a lot of questions

and i need someone

to answer them for me

okay anyways

so they search the waters

and they don’t find anything

since the wonder

this is the cruise line

is registered in

the bahamas

a detective

from royal bahamas

police force

he flew to the ship

to begin a formal investigation

once it returned to la

which was three days

after the disappearance

so i mean that’s frustrating

because in three days

so much can be hidden

i mean and you’re out

on the sea so like

if you need to hide evidence

you just throw that shit out there

so three days

after her disappearance

this guy flies in

so this detective

was reported

to have undertaken

several days

of on board


this detective was

he wasn’t really

like good at

his job or like

good at asking questions

he would just ask

basic stuff

like have you seen rebecca

no okay he only asked

about ten people

and then said

he was done

so this guy

wasn’t really

doing the best

that he could

to help out the family

rebecca’s parents were flown

from england

to meet the ship

when it came into la

they met the detective

and the parents

said that the detective

told them he

spent only one day on board


before he flew back

i appreciate his honesty

but i don’t

think that’s how you do it

the parents

claimed disney

kept them in a car

with blacked out windows

and brought them on board

via a little used

side entrance

after all the

passengers had


so the parents felt like

they were really trying

to keep this hush

they didn’t want to

scare any of

the passengers

or even like

bring it up to them

cause it might

worry them but

they also feel like

they didn’t

bring it up

because it would just make

the disney cruise

line look bad

and give him

a bad reputation

the captain

of the ship

met with the parents

and he gave

his condolences

and expressed his theory

that rebecca

had been washed

overboard by a wave

while she was at

the crew pool

is this normal

does this happen

naturally the parents

doubted his theory

because the crew pool

had a very high

wall around it

so you can’t

really just get

like washed out

but after that

they were taken

to a meeting

with disney executives

and the woman

rebecca had been

speaking to

on the phone

i guess it was determined

when rebecca

made that phone call

because it was recorded

everything’s recorded

on the ship

she was speaking

to a certain lady

but disney wouldn’t release

like any of

the footage

of that or like

the recorded call

they they just

wouldn’t give

that away so

the parents

when they met

with disney

they were told like

sorry there

were reports

that she just

flew overboard

sorry about it

and then like

that was it

they weren’t

they had their


come out from

the bahamas

he didn’t find

anything so

there’s really

nothing more to

search like sorry

but naturally

these parents

are fighters

and they’re like

no something

happened to

our daughter

and we’re gonna

get to the bottom of it

honestly like

the thought

of going up

against disney

bitch you think

they’re gonna try

and do everything

they can for

you think again

you know it’s

so one year

later like to

the exact day

one year later

rebecca’s father

received an email

from a woman

who claimed

she had seen

rebecca with

a dark haired man

on the street

in venice woman

said she was

quote eighty

five percent

sure it was her

her father said

it was just

an email but

it definitely

gave him hope

it made him feel

like it was

legit but he

the father also

had his doubts

because how

would rebecca

get out there

she didn’t have

her passport

or any of her belongings

her passport

was retrieved

when her family

went to the

cruise ship

because they

got to go into

rebecca’s room

and kind of

gather her stuff

and her belongings

and stuff and

her passport

was one of the items

that was there

left behind

so family kind

of was given

like a maybe

a little hope

and a little light

but at the same time

i think when

he sat back

and thought about it

he’s like but

how would she

really get there

so the family

is obviously

pretty upset

they can’t get

answers they’re

asking disney

can they see the

the footage

of the last time

their daughter

was seen and

they are not

complying with that

the family reports

that the disney

cruise line

a lot of their

emails their

phone calls

everything would

just kind of go


to nothing so they

the family went to

a journalist

and they wanted

to get their

story put out

there since

disney’s not

gonna listen

they’re just

gonna put it

out there and

let everybody

know what’s

going on so

a journalist

john ronson

he took the

wonder same boat

along the same

route and made

discreet inquiries

well aboard

so he was low key


doing his own


because that

bahama guy he

didn’t do shit

you know so

he takes the

book undercover

i love that

i would be doing

the same shit

and of course

he had rebecca’s family

their approval

to do this like

he wasn’t doing this

behind their back

several crew members

none of whom

wanted their names used

who had been

on the ship

at the time

of rebecca’s


spoke to him

so these people

had suggested

that more was known

about her fate

than disney

or the police

had publicly

admitted so

one of the staff

members that

this journalist

had spoken to

he said well

at first he said

it didn’t happen

but then like

under his breath

he told the

journalist you know

that’s the answer

i have to give you

which is really sad

and unfortunate that they

these employees

are too afraid

to speak up

and be honest

like somebody’s missing

somebody died

don’t you wanna

help the family

i’m sure they’d get sued

or something

i don’t know

i’m sure disney

has like some

crazy ass ndas

but while walking around

the ship itself

the journalist

he decided that

rebecca could

have possibly

slipped and fallen

while jogging

on deck four

and this was like

a big jogging track

and i guess

the bar for

the jogging track

it wasn’t like

super high up

it was actually pretty low

to where you

could fall over

rebecca was

known for like

working out

staying in shape

upon further research

it was seen

that okay on

the jogging

track itself

there were tons of

security cameras

you couldn’t

see them like

if you were

just looking

around quickly

because they were

always kind of

like hidden

or disguised

as something

else but there

were cameras

everywhere on this

cruise ship

they have to

have footage

of something

if they’re saying

that rebecca

blew off the

railing then

they have to

have footage of that

because there’s

cameras everywhere

so then this

journalist goes

and he talks to

another deck

worker and this

deck worker

told him that

he was wrong

he was so wrong

she was not

on the jogging track

this person said

that rebecca

had actually

gone overboard

from the crew

pool on deck 5

quote i was on

the ship that day

everyone knows

this man cited

a flip flop

that was found

in the area

as proof after

the reporter returned

a woman who

rebecca’s family

had told to

contact him

told him that

the day after

the disappearance

flowers were placed

on the wall

near the pool

apparently by

the company

they had no idea

why they were

putting flowers there

on the wall

cause nobody

told them and

nothing was

really clear

as to what was

going on but

also i feel

like the crew

members like

they probably

wouldn’t be

honest and be

like oh yeah

she was murdered

while you’re

stuck on this boat

so towards the end

of this trip

the reporter

was told by

another crew

member that

the night of

rebecca’s disappearance

it was a really

rough night

like there was

rough waters

big waves big waves

were coming

this crew member

was saying she

could have easily

been tossed

off of the ship

especially if

the deck and walls

were slippery

since rebecca

was not found

on the ship

despite a thorough



concluded that

she went overboard

possibly the result

of a big wave

rebecca’s family

and their lawyers say

they never received

a copy of the

final report

as they were

promised by

the police british

detectives who did

receive the report

they have refused

repeated freedom

of information

act requests

for a copy on

the grounds that

it contains

restricted personal


jesus one of

the crew members

who said that they were

close to rebecca

they said that

she was in a


and there were

problems and

it was really

upsetting to her

it was a very intense


it would be

super good and

rebecca would

be very happy

and excited

and everything

but when it was bad

it was really bad

and this crew

member said

that you know

she wasn’t doing

well and that’s

probably why

she was walking

around at 5 30

6 am by herself

because she was

probably just

like really

struggling with

whatever was

going on with her


so it’s just a

bunch of hearsay

is what this

whole case is about

it’s just a

bunch of hearsay

so a couple of

years later

on the anniversary

of rebecca’s


her parents

told the liverpool echo

that they heard

the names of a

young woman

and an older man

on the ship

mentioned as

possibly being

involved in

a love triangle

with her and

they called

for them to

come forward

they also disclosed

that they had

heard disney

had sent some

additional footage

to the fbi for


but could not say what

that footage

might contain

super suspicious

can’t trust

anyone it’s


also in 2015

private investigators

found records would show

that the seas

around the wonder

were normal

that night so

remember earlier

it was said

that the waters

were rough well

the private


they pull up

the reports

and see that

it was like

perfect weather

that night and

there’s no way

that a big old

wave could have

came and swept

rebecca away

the private


also says that

any wave capable of

taking her off

of the ship

would have caused

visible damage

to it as well

so they’re just lying

then in 2017

somebody comes

forward sorry

it’s really hot

in here a lady

named tracy

comes forward

oh yeah tracy

and guess what

tracy is rebecca’s

girlfriend surprise

bitch after

a couple of years

and decides

to tell him

what like what

she witnessed

what she saw

tracy worked on

board with her

too so they

were together

a lot tracy

claims the night

that rebecca

went missing

the two of them

engaged in a

threesome that

night and it was

with this guy

that tracy was

also seeing

so tracy was dating

another guy

she had told rebecca

about it like

a couple weeks

prior tracy

had claimed

that rebecca

had been really upset

and distraught

over tracy and

her boyfriend’s


weeks prior

so tracy was

really honest

with rebecca

and said like oh

i’m interested

in this guy

i wanna have

a relationship with him

but i still

wanna have a


with you as well

i’m just gonna date

both of you

so it really

affected rebecca

according to tracy

and the fact

that rebecca was

going to have

to share her

girlfriend with

somebody else

really caused

her to fall

into a bit of

a depression

because this girl

that she was

madly in love

with is seeing

somebody else

and like she

felt like she

was having to

compete for

tracy’s attention

that’s just like

if you and i

were thinking

about our partners

or whoever just

sleeping with

somebody else

in general like

that would just

be very upsetting

but then having to be

okay with it

at the same time

or like saying

you’re okay

with it but then

it turns out

you’re not anyway

so tracy was

saying that

rebecca was

very upset over this

because rebecca

would express

to her that

she wanted to get

off the ship

she didn’t want

to be there

anymore how

her mood like


changed and then

she had told

tracy that she

want to jump

off the ship

because she was

so depressed

and tracy spoke out

and said that

she believed

rebecca climbed

over the six

foot railing

of deck five

to jump into the

ocean sounds

legit tracy

sounds legit

okay so tracy

and doesn’t

say like that

she knew what

happened just

said this is

what she thinks

happened that

night but it

is a little

suspicious that

they were having

a threesome

that night and

that’s the same

night that she

went missing

so i personally

believe obviously

something went

down that night

between maybe

the three of them

the two of them

if there is

footage of someone

going overboard

why wouldn’t they

just show that

just to prove

that this is

what happened

i mean they

don’t have to

publicly put

it out there

but at least

like to prove

your case and

they never did

there’s no way

someone can

go off a ship

and not be recorded

especially on that

ship because

of how many

freaking security

cameras though

there were so

to this day

nobody really knows

what happened to rebecca

nobody has like

really spoken

up about it

i mean obviously

a lot of people

talked but again

it was just

kind of like

a bunch of hearsay

and they cannot get

the cruise ship

to hand over

those tapes

because they’re

fucking disney

it’s just like

it must be exhausting

for the family

to just be running

in circles and then

tracy comes out

and is like

oh yeah she like

was depressed

and like just

jumped personally

i believe that

tracy and the guy

that she was

dating they were

a part of it

one hundred

percent and

that’s just

my assumption

no that is my opinion

i don’t need

to get sued

i apologize

if this was

kind of like

all over the

place but like

i tried i tried

my best there’s

so much like

hearsay and

what’s real

and what’s not real

where’s rebecca

where they put

her body does

anybody know

it’s flipping

weird right

i wonder if

she got thrown

overboard or

if she was like

on the ship

for a while in a room

because the

rooms never got

searched okay

it turns out

like since 2000

there have been 313

people who have

been reported

missing from

cruise ships

313 people have

been reported

missing from

cruise ships

and only 10

of those cases

have been resolved

cruise lines

are not legally

required to

make public

every case of person

who goes missing

or overboard

so the reason

that things

kind of get


as far as investigating

cruise ships

and whatnot

is because you’re

on a boat right

or a ship whatever

you’re out in the

water okay so


you’re not on

anyone’s land

which means

there’s kind of

a delay like

which country

or which city

or like who takes

on this case

and investigates it

so that’s my


from the bahamas

came out to


because technically

the boat was

over there when

she went missing

or went overboard

so like los

angeles like

la police couldn’t

go onto the

boat and do

the investigation

because technically

she wasn’t on

their land or like

in their area

when you’re out

on a cruise ship

shit gets cray

you pretty much

on your own

when you’re

on a cruise ship

is what i’m

saying i was

just kind of

like i went

down this like

rabbit hole of

like people

who went missing

on cruise ship

and i was like

oh shit everybody

goes overboard

and they’re like

oh a big wave

came it’s just

so confusing

and so sad because

they never get

found and the

family never

gets closure

so now what

like what do

you do from

there but let me

know what you

think about

this case down

below i think

if i ever do

go on a cruise

i’m just gonna

be that bitch

who has the

life jacket

on the entire

time so if i

go overboard

i’m gonna be floating

i hope they

have a good day

today you make

good choices

please be safe

out there okay

i’ll be seeing

you guys very

very soon bye

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