Murder, Mystery & Makeup - Edward Gein - REAL LIFE Silence Of The Lambs?! Body Snatcher

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hi how are you today

my name is Bailey Syrian

and today is Monday

which means it’s murder Mystery and makeup Monday

mmm mmm mmm

if you are new here

every Monday I sit down

I get ready and I talk about a true crime story

that’s on my brain

if you like true crime

and you like makeup

well guess what welcome

you made it

so I just have to start this off with a disclaimer

I do I should be doing this in every video

but today’s kind of gruesome

I won’t lie

warning The following presentation is intended for

mature audiences

viewer discretion is advised

so maybe you’ve seen Psycho

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

mmm the Silence of the Lambs

these are the types of films that you see

and you’re like oh my gosh

thank God it’s just a movie

but what if I told you that characters in those movies

were based off a real guy

his name was Edward Guin

are you familiar

okay well that’s who we’re talking about today

let’s talk about edward’s family first

I think we should start there

I think that’s a good place to start

ed’s mother and father were Augusta and George

and Augusta would be described as a thick set

books and woman

she was very intimidating

like she had a very stern face

Augusta had been brought up to obey

strict code of conduct

which her father had not hesitated to reinforce

with regular beatings

and was raised in an extremely strict household

with very hardcore religious beliefs

George as soon to be father

he was described as a strong

straight man

with a reserved

even dignified manner

he was an orphan at a young age

sadly his family had died in

I think I read sorry

the Mississippi River

I guess there was a flooding

and they drowned

didn’t have a stable home

George worked many jobs

he worked on a railroad carpenter

insurance salesman

it was rumored that he couldn’t keep a job

because he loved to drink

he liked alcohol

and he was always getting drunk

he would spend all of his money on alcohol

so how Augusta

ed’s mom and George got together

is no I don’t think anybody really knows

but they somehow got together

said to be that Augusta liked George

because he was a pushover

and George liked Augusta because

I don’t know

people would say that

Augusta was verbally abusive to him

calling him worthless

good for nothing lazy dog

and she would do it in public too

George would go to a local tavern after work

and he would get pretty drunk

and when he would go back home

he would beat Augusta

cause that was like

the only way he would get any type of courage

to stand up to her

when he would beat Augusta

it would lead to Augusta on her hands and knees

praying to God to please kill her husband

it wasn’t a good situation

but Augusta did crave the need for children

and for family as well

so in January of 19 o 2

the first born came

his name was Henry

19 o 6 Edward was born

and they lived in Lacrosse Wisconsin

so then in 1915 Augusta

she forced her husband to leave the sinkhole of filth

which was lacrosse

and moved to what she believed

to be a more righteous location

which was on 155 acre farm

in the town of Plainfield Wisconsin

she kept her 2 sons on the farm

and away from anything considered dangerous or sinful

she kept her boys away from those sinful

whorish women

that’s what she said

she was afraid of horse

or she no no no no

she highly disliked horse

she just thought every woman besides her

I guess was a whore

and she took full advantage of this farm

that they lived on

because they were in complete isolation

so she just like

really locked up the kids

she just would make them do chores around the farm

and then they could go to school

that was it

and then they had to come straight home

do their chores

Augusta was extremely religious

if you haven’t caught on

she preached to her boys

about the immorality of the world

and her belief that all women except herself

were naturally prostitutes

and instruments of the devil

so Edward Edward

Edward Edward

Edward was described as being shy

his classmates

teachers would say that he had very strange mannerisms

when I first read these mannerisms

I was like is that strange

though you see

I guess Edward would just like

bust out laughing randomly

and Edward would say that

he was laughing at his own inside jokes

that he was saying in his head

and that was odd

is that weird

I thought that was normal

anyways I just had to say that

I’m hilarious

and I make myself laugh all the time

but I’m not a killer

so I guess that’s good

oh Edward did not have many friends

actually he really didn’t have any friends at all

poor kid and when he did make friends

his mom Augusta was

heavily against that

because they were gonna allow sin into his life

she did not want him to have friends

so she completely went off on him

if he even mentioned to talking to anybody else now

because Edward

Henry Augusta

and George well

I don’t know where George was at

he apparently was always working or drunk

that’s really all you hear about

Augusta and Ed

they were very very close

they were like


Edward would say that

his mom was like

his first love

his best friend

he was obsessed with his mom

then comes April 1st 1940

ed’s father

George dies

he dies of heart failure

they think it had to do with him drinking

so Henry and Ed

they both had to pick up some

odd jobs around the town

to help cover living expenses

and then Henry

the brother

he began dating

a divorced single

mother of 2

and they were planning on moving in together

Henry was concerned for Edward

he seemed very attached to his mom

and like Henry was moving on with his life

he was getting out

he was gonna get married

to this new girl

Edward was just kind of stuck at home

obsessed with his mom

he needed to get out there

meet some ladies

start his own life

so Henry kind of expressed this to Edward

and then he also

spoke pretty poorly

about Augusta to Edward

and this upset Edward

so then May 16th 1944

Henry and Ed

they were out working on the farm

and they were burning away

marsh vegetation on the property

reportedly the fire got out of control

fire department came out

put the fire out

but then Edwards said that his brother was missing

like where’s Henry

I don’t know where

he’s at a search party was together looking for Henry

and then eventually they found his body lying face down

apparently he had been dead for some time Henry

it appeared that the cause of death was heart failure

since he had not been burned

it was later reported that

Henry had bruises on his head

which was weird but okay

police dismissed the possibility of foul playing

coroner later officially listed asphyxiation

as the cause of death

some would suspect that Ed killed his brother

but this would just be all speculation

no one really has proof of that

but knowing what we’re gonna know

he probably killed his brother

yeah Edward seemed to be happy

he finally had his mother all to himself

although a year later

Augusta had a stroke and was confined to her bed

ed would tend to her day and night

and she would still like

verbally abuse him

he was very mean to him

she would call him a weakling

and a failure

and that he would never be able to survive without her

anyway so it turns out Augusta died

sorry she died

December 1945

she had a stroke

so this poor family is just not doing too well right

so Edward was 39 when this happened right

and he was devastated by the loss of his mother

he was left alone to really fend for himself

he’s been given no life skills

well besides like

working small odd jobs

but like no social skills

yeah so doesn’t seem like it’s gonna be good

but this is when things just went downhill

now the home that they lived in was huge

it was a pretty good sized home

so Edward had it all to himself

so he ended up like

boarding up all the rooms to the house

and he kept his mom’s room in perfect condition

like she never left

I mean that was probably because it was an effort

to repress the fact that she had died

the rest of the house was completely neglected

I mean there was trash piled everywhere

inside this home

he had piles of household items furniture

mounds of dust

collecting on all of the items inside of the home

he mainly like

hung out in the kitchen area

and it was just trash

and garbage everywhere

it looked like

what we know now

is someone who is a hoarder

for some time

no one seemed to really even notice

Ed poor guy

he was a loner

he rarely ventured off the farm

you would only see him in town

when he was running errands

or stop for an occasional beer

at Mary hogan’s Tavern

and then of course

once everything went down

that’s when people started to like

second guess on

maybe some conversations they had with Ed like

maybe they should have paid more attention to the signs

of course it’s

it’s hard because sometimes people are just odd

and like that’s who they are

and that’s okay

and they’re not doing anything shady within

there are people who are odd

like Edward

and they are up to no good

how do you tell the difference

I don’t know

after everything comes out

about Edward

which we’ll get into

that’s when people are

starting to realize

you know what

he made some weird comments

a lot of the time

ed’s jokes they were always weird

Mary Hogan she’s the tavern owner

that everyone

would go have a beer at

or whatever

she went missing one day

and like the only thing that was left behind

of Mary was a

like a pool of blood

but no one ever saw Mary again

but Ed would joke

saying that she was staying overnight at his house

he would say it

in a joking manner

but in their mind

they would think

that was a tasteless joke

people in the town

would think oh

old Ed wouldn’t hurt anybody

so here’s what happened

bernice Warden


bernice Warden

she disappeared

November 16th 1957

late that afternoon

Frank Warden returned to town

from a day of deer hunting

and stopped by the hardware store

where Bernice worked

bernice was his mom

and he was just stopping by

to check on her

she’s 58 years old

she was a widow

he noticed that

bernice wasn’t there

and it was weird

because she had left the door unlocked

and she left the back door open

so then Frank kind of

looks around the hardware store

and then he sees

by the register

there’s a trail of blood

like I guess

it’s just blood

is on the floor

and it’s kind of like

leading outwards

or like smudge

towards the exit

and this worries Frank

frank looks at like

the register area

and he finds a receipt

and it was a receipt for 1/2 gallon of antifreeze

and it had been made out

to Ed ed ed

ed so Frank

is thinking suspicious

not even suspicious

that’s like

a full red flag

ed no something

he notifies police

and lets them know like hey

my mom’s missing

ed I think he was the last customer

because there’s no receipts

after that the police come out

and they look at the hardware store

and then they decide to

all pretty much

go to ed’s farm

because they

need to question him

he was doing

at the hardware store

does he know

where Miss warden’s

whereabouts are

so the police officers

when they arrive

they search his home

and then they find

the body of Bernice

in the back

they call it

a summer kitchen

and it’s behind the house

I don’t know

what a summer kitchen is

it sounds fancy

but Bernice

was in there again

I added a disclaimer

and I apologize

but like this is weird

bernice they

they find Bernice

she was hanging

by her feet

from an overhead pulley

and she was naked

there was a cut in Bernice

from her pelvic bone

all the way to like

her chest area

Edward was taking out

her insides

and like letting it drain

also she was


for obvious reasons

this stunned

and sickened officers

and they immediately called for backup

and a short time later

about a dozen

other law enforcement

officers showed up

to the house

they go in and they see

carbon bernice

so that warrants them

to then search

the rest of the farm

area and make sure

well first of all

they need to find

bernice’s head

but they also

wanna make sure that

like what else

is on this property

so they all

started combing the farm

and exploring

the contents

of what would become

known as Ed

geen’s House

of Horrors oh

horrors not horrors

so when the police officers

searched the home

they found lots of

other things

now the things

that are gonna come out of my

mouth right

now the things

that were found

in this house

are so hard to believe

you’re like yeah right

there’s no way

and then you Google the images

you realize that it’s very much real

they search the home

what do they find

where do we begin

a lot of skulls

human skulls

and these skulls have been sought off

and turned into soup bowls

they also found a chair

that had been upholstered in human skin

it’s just the seat of the chair

like he used human skin and sewed it onto this chair

I thought Armin was crafty

nene ed was a different level

yep he did that

so then he made lampshades out of flesh

I’m not kidding you

he made lampshades out of flesh

there was a box that was discovered

and it contained nothing but human noses

like he sawed off the nose

and he put it in a box for a rainy day

but I remember back in high school reading about this

and it was just like what Edward made a belt

you know a belt that you wear on your jeans

he made a belt

and it had the whole buckle and everything on it

but he made it out of women’s nipples

I wish I could show you a picture

I really do because it’s like huh first of all

how did he even think of this thing nipples belt

Edward um he made a shade pole

and it had been decorated with a pair of women’s lips

there was a shoebox under a bed

and it contained a collection of

dried women’s genitalia

guess what there’s more then okay

on one wall of this house

I there was the faces of 9 women

so Edward cut I don’t even know how to describe this

he cut the face peeled the skin off

made sure to keep like the face intact

so you could see tell it’s a face

and then he used it as wall decoration

Edward had seemed to be making or like sewing

hand sewing a shirt out of human skin

and there was breasts that he peeled off of somebody

and sewed it onto the shirt

and he sewed together this

this this shirt

this long sleeve shirt of different types of skin

that he collected from different bodies

and it’s all sewn together

wow now Edward would later explain

what exactly he was doing

because he made leggings out of skin as well

he was making a whole bodysuit

he made leggings

he made a corset from a female torso

Edward would later on say that

he would put on this long sleeve shirt and leggings

he wanted to essentially dress up and be a woman

and that he wanted to be his mother

so he would dress up like a lady

in his skin outfit and walk around in it

for the night

he said he would just kind of sit around

or even go outside in his new skin

he was pretending to be his mother

they just kept finding more and more stuff

they found skulls on his bed post

do you remember Mary

the tavern owner

well they ended up finding her face in a plastic bag

he like skinned it already

and then they found like tons of fingernails tongs

they found it all

and then just to make it all worse

because you know

we’re already here

so let’s just keep it going

they opened up the refrigerator

and then they see that there is

it’s just stocked with human organs

there was a human heart that was found on the stove

no word on what he was gonna do

was he gonna eat it

they don’t know

they think roughly

there is about 15 different bodies

that was found in edward’s home

the police had been at the house

like all day

pretty much

searching and grabbing all these items for evidence

discovering more and more stuff

and then at about 4 30 in the morning

that’s when they discovered a bloody burlap sack

and then inside of it was a freshly severed head

inserted into the ears

were large nails connected with twine

it was indeed Bernice

they asked Edward

you know what were you doing

why are there nails in her head

and Edward said

that he was gonna hang bernice’s head on the wall

as decoration

so again for a minute

it’s super easy to be like this is this can’t be real

but it’s real

ed had some problems

don’t know if you caught on to that yet

now I just have to say just really quick side note

I won’t insert any of the images because they are

they could ruin your day

but if you’re curious

you can Google these images and see

like the lampshades and stuff

and this bodysuit

he made gloves

he made gloves

the flipping nipple belt

how did he think of these things

how do you learn how to sew the lampshade

you have to see the lampshade

it’s like what the how did

but look I got

I just got keep it Real

he was really like what’s the word

um crafty DIY King

and yes it’s absolutely disgusting

what he did

obviously Edward was taken

and eventually they got Edward to admit the murders

of Bernice and the tavern owner Mary

he confessed to killing Mary later on down the road

I think a couple years later

but they eventually got him to confess about it

now you’re probably wondering like okay

well if you only killed those 2 people

where did he get all those bodies

he lived not far from a cemetery for about 12 years

after his mom died

he would visit the local cemetery at night

he met a friend there

his name was Gus

and Gus would help him dig up grave sites or graves

and open up the caskets and get the bodies out

gus didn’t help participate in the crafting

that Edward had going on

Edward would say that the skin of the bodies

that were already dead

for a while

the skin was really dry and hard to work with

like it wasn’t easy to sew the skin

and make his little outfits

so he needed new and fresh skin

and that’s why he decided to kill

he liked fresh skin

because it was plump and moisturized

I’m not making this up

Edward was charged with one

count of first degree murder

he pled not guilty for reasons of insanity

a lot of people claim that they’re insane

just so they could get like

an easier sentence

but I will have to 100 agree that Edward

would fall into that category

for sure yeah

he was unfit to stand trial

and was sent to the Central State Hospital

for the Criminally Insane

and then 10 years later

he was sane enough for trial

within a week

he was found

guilty of first degree murder

as far as edward’s house goes

so people in the community hated this house

not only did they think it

it was just representing evil and absolute disgust

but it was also bringing a lot of tourists

but they decided to put the house up for auction

and then mysteriously

edward’s home

caught on fire

and burned down to the ground

arson was suspected

and people were actually kind of happy

that the house was gone

honestly I think it’s probably better

that the house was gone

yeah yeah Ed stayed locked up in an institution

for the rest of his life

he ended up passing away

July 26 1984

when he passed away

and then when he died

they took his body and buried it in Plain Fields

and they gave him a headstone

had his name on it

course people went crazy

I guess people would go and visit his grave

and then they would take peace

like they would break off a piece of his headstone

to take home as

like a souvenir

which come on

you guys get better idols

eventually in 2000

somebody stole the whole headstone

was found later in

like Seattle

okay it was decided that

Ed was not gonna get a headstone

because it was just bringing too many people

ed is still buried in playing field

but he has no headstone

so then of course

his story did not end there

so in 1960 the movie

psycho came out

and it was based off the character

in a book by Robert Blotsch

who was based off of Ed

and then in 1974

there was a movie called deranged

and in that movie

there is a killer named Ezra

and who is also based off of Edward

1974 we have the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

based off Ed

and then in 1999 no

and then in 1991

we have Academy Award winning movie

silence of the Lambs

the character

Buffalo Bill

was based off of Edward

I guess Edward brought good movies

I don’t know how to turn this into a positive

Edwards story

inspired many documentaries many books

some people would call Edward a serial killer

but I feel like

that’s debatable

I don’t think

Edward was a serial killer

I think he was more of a just a straight body snatcher

would be the best way to describe him

I think we can all agree

he was very sick

I don’t know

what will a switch went off in his head

to actually take it

to the level that it was taken

with that being said

what can we take away

and learn from this story

I have no idea

yeah and that’s the story about

Edward Keen

so sorry to ruin your day like this

but we needed to learn about Ed anyways

I hope you have a really good day today

sorry but other than that

I hope you have a really good day

today you make good choices

and I’ll be seeing you guys later bye