Murder, Mystery & Makeup - The ToyBox Mystery - David Parker Ray

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i keep seeing this name pop up over and over and over

again bailey please do the toy box killer bailey

do the toy box killer bailey

toy box killer i kept saying it over and over

again and i don’t i must have been living

under a rock i had

never heard of this person before

and my first thought was oh it’s probably like a

child’s killer or something and honestly like i

would just child killers or

you know it’s all bad all killers

are bad but i just wasn’t in i don’t want to have a

child killer anyways

after i did some googling

i realized it’s not a

child killer but he’s

that’s how i feel

about today’s

story case whatever it makes

awesome i have to add a very

very heavy disclaimer to

today’s story

case warning

the following presentation

is intended for

mature audiences

it contains

graphic descriptions of

crime scenes and i’m talking very graphic

adult dialogue and

strong language

viewer discretion

is advised it’s very

heavy okay there’s animal

cruelty there’s

rape there’s drug

abuse it’s very graphic

and if you are sensitive at all to any of that i

would say please please please just skip this one

there’s no way to get around how

graphic this is and i fully

blame you guys

this is your

fault you recommended this case i had never

heard of this

and i was living my life happily

until i heard

about this guy

okay let’s get into the toy box killer

so the toy box killer his real name is

david parker ray

he was born

on november 6 1939 and he

lived in new mexico

a little bit

about like his upbringing his father

was an abusive

drunk who treated his wife

david and david’s

sister peggy

very poorly very

abusive controlling bad

awful awful awful

the couple divorced when

david was 10 and the three

moved to live with grandfather he had really

strict rules and he

expected everyone

under the roof to follow them

failing to follow his rules met with physical

very violent abuse

while his father did not live with them he

visited the family periodically

and when he

would visit david

he would give him pornographic

magazines and a lot of them would be


magazines that

would show a lot of bdsm

just really intense there is

absolutely 100

nothing wrong with

bdsm if you are into it i am not shaming whatsoever

you were allowed to be

into whatever you want sexually

well i mean

except for like animals and shit like

that but you get what i’m saying like no judging here

and we’re not blaming

bdsm on anything

okay never mind just shut up so

david’s mother

was reported

to like not be around at all

so when they had divorce the parents

david’s mother just kind of

disappeared okay from what i read she was an alcoholic

and abused drugs and she just

sadly chose that

and she just disappeared so really she

had no contact with the children and the family at all

so david was also

mentally and physically beaten

pretty severely by bullies at

school all the way from

grade school

until he graduated high school

david was really awkward and shy and it

made it made him a

target for bullies

getting abused at home and then getting abused at

school obviously it just

it did a lot of damage to him usually

school is somewhere

where you can at

least escape your shitty home life

and for david it was like he

couldn’t escape it anywhere and i just have to say side

note a lot of the times when i mention

these awful killers having a hard upbringing i see

a handful of comments from people suggesting that i’m

siding with the bad guy or the killer

or i’m making it more

about him or her being a

victim and i just have to say

shut up just

so you know i’m not making excuses for them

personally like when i read

these stories

about serial killers and

stuff like that

i like to know the full

story i like to see the

whole background

where they came

from did they come from a good family did

they come from a bad family am i saying that if you are

abused or anything as a

child you’re

gonna grow up to be a serial killer

absolutely 100

not no for me personally

i just like to get the full

story and i know some of you guys do as well so that’s

why i put it in i am not trying to make this out to be

about the serial killer being the

victim i’m just giving the full story

okay so during high school

david began to

experiment with drugs and

alcohol during this time of abusing drugs and alcohol

is when david

began to form a fascination with pornography

and then the bdsm

he had like a

collection that he kept that

his dad had

given him over time

you know this was the 50s and 60s

so it was definitely it was very different

it was just

different i mean come on 50s and 60s was just

seem like the most judgmental time to be

alive so peggy

david’s sister

she found a

bunch of his pornography the

pretty gnarly

stuff he had

photos he had drawings that

david had made and he was 14 at this time and

again this was in

the 50s and 60s so this was something just way uncommon

and when she

found this it

alarmed her okay like

alarmed her she was probably like what the

book i have to add some

humor to this because this

story is so

heavy and if i joke around a lot look

i have to it’s the only way i can get through this one

she never spoke about it

until his trial

decades later

which we’ll get into she

never said anything

on the outside looking in

david appeared to be making the best of his

pretty shitty

upbringing he had joined the army and he received an

honorable discharge

and while he was in the army he worked as

a mechanic and throughout his

adult life he worked as one as well

he was pretty much

a mechanic since his

teenage years

all the way up

until his 50s

all of his co workers and his friends they

would all say

he was great at his job

he was always

teaching others how to make or fix

anything he was

super friendly he was

funny david he

would welt and he

would make his

own tools to help him be better at his job

and he was a

crafty little man

just like a lot of

these killers seem to be huh

we gotta be keeping an eye

out on these

crafty ones

so then david he had

married his

first wife i couldn’t exactly find an age at

which this happened

but he married a lady

david had confided in her

that as a teenager he captured a woman

and proceeded to tie her to a tree

and from there tortured

and finally killed her so his

first wife she

reportedly she

took it with a

grain of salt

she thought he was just suffering

from some kind of mental illness

and she really just didn’t do anything

about it she

would go on

to say that he had increasingly disturbing behavior

throughout their

marriage and that is eventually what

ended their

marriage no

idea what this disturbing behavior was the only

thing i could find was that it was disturbing so

i’m not really sure

but the fact though that he confided in her

about possibly killing somebody to me i feel like that

would have been like

all right i’m out

you know but i give up too easily i don’t know

so david was

married four times

and each of

those times

ended in divorce

didn’t really have the best luck in


so he ended up having two

daughters throughout the marriages

one of them glenda jean ray

and they called her jesse

i won’t name the

other one because it kind of

first of all i couldn’t really even find her name

second of all it kind of seemed like she didn’t

really even want to be associated with the dude so

let’s just leave her out of it okay

flash forward to his 50s he’s in his 50s now

he lives in new mexico

he lives in a

small town it’s called elephant butte

it looks like elephant butt

but i think it’s butte

so i doubt they

would name it elephant butt

so adjacent

to elephant butte

is another small town

and it was called or it is called

truth or consequences

like this is the name of this city

truth or consequences

i am not kidding you i got so hung up on

these names for like a

solid two hours i was researching

who names a city

truth or consequences

i still like can’t get over it

truth or consequences

it’s called

truth it’s called

truth i live in

truth or consequences

anyways it’s called

truth or consequences

in this small town

elephant butte

we have truth or consequences they’re

right next to each

other right and then there’s a large

reservoir and

a man made like lake was put in the area

which a lot of people thought was nice

a lot of people

thought this was nice because it was just a big old

lake in the middle of the desert

and there isn’t anything else around so it made a

great area for

the retirement community who came there for the warmer

weather so was a lot of retired

folks out there they

could take their boat out onto the the lake

they could fish

sadly this area

it brought in a lot of drifters

okay it’s the

middle of the desert a lot of people coming and

going there

was a lot of sex workers a lot of drug addicts

sadly i mean

and they would all be in this area

the homeless community and the

drug addicts

they would all set up camp around the lake area

and that’s where they

would all hang out so around this time in like 1999

the city truth or consequences

and elephant butte was the

second city in america with the highest

crime rate there was a

ton of rapes

murders assaults

sadly it was a lot of sex workers and drug addicts who

would end up being a

victim to this crimes

it was just really sad all the like the interviews and

stuff i was watching

about this case

the cops were like yeah it’s just a lot of drug addicts

or sex workers

i mean and you see that to this day

if it has to do with the drug users or the sex workers

there’s no sense of

urgency to like put an end to it all you know

it’s just it’s really sad anyway so back to

david he’s out here in this area

truth or consequences

david he had

acquired some savings over the years he just like

saved all of his

money he had a new smoking hot

girlfriend by his side her name was cindy

he met her at his work

where he worked

at the elephant butte

state park and it’s the largest

state park in new mexico

and he worked there as a mechanic

he met her while she was doing community service

or something

at the park and they just really hit it off and

started dating

they lived together in a double wide mobile home

and there was

a lot of land desert around not many neighbors

things were pretty

spread out everyone

it was pretty

quiet community everyone kept to

their own so

david he decided that it was time to finally

fulfill his lifelong

dream now that he had all the finances for it

and most importantly he had a

woman by his side who

supported his desires and was

ready to help him

build what would become the toy box

side note you know when you’re watching a movie

and it’s got like the most random

title and you’re like i wonder why they

named it that and then you’re

watching the movie and then they say the

title in the movie and you’re like

i get it now we’re having that moment

so between the two of them they

spent over 100 000

on an empty and soundproof

trailer as well as a supplies within it the

trailer itself was put on his property

in the backyard area

and they stocked it with a crap ton of supplies okay

what kind of supplies you ask with saws

knives needles surgical tools whips

chains straps

a fur lined cuff and tons of doctors tools and supplies


clamps ropes and a plethora

of sex toys that were intimidating

to most now david had decorated the walls with very

graphic pornographic images of women being tied up

gagged strangled

and it was now

their wallpaper

in a video i

saw when they were like touring the toy box it’s just

he like ripped out the pages of porn

magazines and hung them all throughout this toy box

so like i mentioned

he was a mechanic and he

would always

build and make his own tools

david took on a new

hobby of building and creating his own sex toys

okay look if you have children around and stuff

they shouldn’t be

watching this

no children

he made dildos out of plastic

tubes you know like pvc pipes that you get at like home

depot and stuff

not sponsored this plastic pvc pipe

dildo it was huge

at the base of the dildo were a

bunch of nails

sticking upwards

so it would rip and cut the skin

i’m talking

about this is dildos like this fat right

first of all who’s that fitting in

nasty and around the

whole base of it were

nails long nails

sticking up all the way around

and then there were more

nails at the base of the wiener like facing outwards

okay so this toy it was

obviously not made for pleasure it was made for pain

he made a couple of different penetration machines

where the wiener

would just like jab


which is fine

again like i’ve seen

those before but

again this one was made to create some kind of damage

it was not made for pleasure

there were ankle

spreaders but not just normal ones that are safe

nene these ones

would keep the legs open to the

point where your hips

would pop out of place

or your muscles would tear

he somehow managed to get a


chair with the

stir up some shit

and he put that

in the center of the room and all his toys around

we’ve got the

pornography all over the walls he’s like yes

this has been my dream

there was a homemade

electrical generator that was used for torture

a mirror was

mounted on the ceiling

above the gynecologist’s

chair so whoever was in the

chair could watch

david also made like a wooden contraption that

would bend his

victims over

and immobilize them while he

could have dogs or friends come over and

wicket in them

yes i know discussing

this part’s really

gross too it was said that

david would put

gravy into the

lower area of whoever was in this contraption and he

would let dogs

just go at it

with david he didn’t want consenting

adults okay

nene he wanted to kidnap

and create pain to his

victims instead

and also involving animals which is

absolutely disgusting

so let’s jump to march 22

1999 in elephant butte

now on this evening

david had posed as an

undercover police officer

and he approached a sex worker her name was cynthia

he approached her in a parking lot she offered him

think like a blowjob or something

he told her that she was

under arrest

for solicitation

of sex work

and then he handcuffed her

so he puts her

in the car and they

drive off and they get to

david’s home

takes her into his

trailer his

house where she was then

handcuffed and

chained to a bed in the living room he had on

like a dog collar with a

bunch of like

spikes in it

completely locked on her so

she ended up being there for

about three days

she was in captivity

and cynthia was just like i’ve

gotta get out of here okay

she knew she had

to get out or she was

going to die so then

david he goes to work and cindy

david’s girlfriend is in the house

and she’s supposed to supervise

make sure cynthia isn’t

getting out cindy

gets a phone call

she’s like hey

bitch what’s up

and cynthia is on the bed she looks over

and she sees that cindy

accidentally left the keys to

the chains that were on her wrist

the keys were on the

table next to the bed

so cynthia’s like

gotta get those keys

so cindy’s on the

phone like yeah

starts walking away

and she walks into the

other room she’s on the phone

and cynthia is like dude it’s like now or

never so cynthia somehow manages

to like scoot her way over to the table

and she’s able to get the keys

she’s kind of struggling she’s

kind of like you know when there’s a lot of adrenaline

running through your body

you’re shaking you’re not being very

quiet so cindy’s on the phone

and she hears like some

some jiggling and some

struggling happening and she’s like

let me call you back click

so she goes back to the room and she sees that cynthia

has gotten the keys and she’s unlocking herself cynthia

is like her adrenaline

just pumping

so then cindy

jumps on top of her is trying to

fight her trying to like pretty much

knock her out

cindy then grabs a lamp that was on the

table on she

boom she like

knocks it over

cynthia’s head she’s trying to knock her


but cynthia managed to unlock her

chains free her hands so then some

reason there’s an ice pick that was nearby

and cynthia grabs the ice pick

and she stabs cindy with it i’ve read different reports

where it was like she

stabbed cindy

in like the head

above her ear

but then i read somewhere else that oh

she stabbed her in the neck so she

stabbed her somewhere

like over here okay

stabs the bitch

when cindy falls onto the

floor cynthia just

flies out the

front door she’s butt naked

she has on the doll collar on her neck

and she’s just

making a run for it so she goes down to the main road

and she’s yelling like trying to flag

down cars and she’s like please help me like and

sadly like the people driving they didn’t want any

they just didn’t want to get

involved okay they’re just driving and they’re like hmm

now but cynthia

just keeps running she keeps running to different homes

knocking on the

door people aren’t answering she gets to another home

and some lady answers

brings her in and they call the police

the police come out there to

where cynthia was

they take her to the hospital

for her wounds and whatnot for her injuries

and the police are questioning her

questioning her asking like

what happened what was going on

and cynthia told the police

everything she could

first police felt

like there wasn’t much

credibility to cynthia’s story

she was a sex worker she was also a drug addict and

sadly police

seemed to dismiss

a lot of what they

claim cynthia

doesn’t know that

the police aren’t really taking her seriously

but she’s just telling them

her whole story

while in the hospital talking to police

cynthia looks over

and she sees a lady walk in

and guess who it is

cindy the girl that she just

stabbed in the neck so cindy

starts freaking out she

starts yelling like that’s her that’s the

girlfriend that’s her

then police questions cindy

they go down to the home and they end up like

searching the home

so when police officers

go into the home they see like it’s a complete mess

they see that there are

chains around the bed also a bucket

where cynthia had told police she was

using this bucket as

the like her bathroom

so when police saw this they knew cynthia wasn’t

lying there were obvious signs of a struggle

there was a

broken lamp on the

floor there were

chains there was the bucket of waste

everything that cynthia had told them

so cindy and

david were both

taken into custody

for questioning

so then police are like

searching the home and then

they go into the backyard and then that’s when they see

everything they go into this trailer

and they saw a variety of signs hanging in the toy box

so one was labeled

satan’s den

and then another said the lure of

satanism the

final sign is what makes investigators

satanism as

david’s motive in all of this

so right next to the

the sign that said

satan’s den

was a tall tripod with a very

pricey rca camcorder

pointing towards the

large black

gynecologist’s chair

and then inside they find a business like clipboard

it was hanging on the wall

and it looked like a roll call list

of victims he had kidnapped between 1993

and 1997 it had a

ton of dates on this clipboard

for example it said like february 7th 1994

and then next to it it would say

27 and then

underneath that

april 16 1994 33

and then the

list goes on and on and on with tons of dates

and numbers

all the way to like 1997

investigators believe it was a tally

mark showing the number of assaults he had committed

so then there was a bulletin

board which had

photos of his

victims in bondage somewhere gapped hog tied

tied up and looking to be in pain he had polaroid

pictures of them and they were all over all over

also on the bulletin

board was like a big old note of some set

guidelines david

had set for himself or

maybe for others

and it said quote a

woman will do or say anything to get loose

they will kick they will scratch

offer money bite yell

beg scream run

offer sex threaten

lie wait for opportunity

standard excuses and sob stories menstruating pregnant

and then like it just lists a

bunch of excuses

the victims may give

then it goes on to say

quote don’t let her get to you

she’s worth taking she is

worth keeping and she must be subjected to

hypnosis before the

woman can be safely released

never trust a

chained captive

end quote so then investigators

begin to review

this tape that was in the camcorder they see

david is right beside a lady and she’s tied up in this

chair and she’s

naked and it’s

very obvious to them that the lady in the

chair wasn’t

fully awake or

aware she seemed to be really out of it

in and out of consciousness

she did not

up to be of someone who

could give any type of consent as to what was happening

in that moment

then while they’re

watching this vhs tape a

voice recording

kicks in you see

david like hit the play button on his

tape player

thing i guess

you see david

would play an

audio tape for his

victims before he

would assault and torture them

this douchebag

he called it a

hypnosis track

the introductory

tape explained that

david was playing a torture game

it was david’s

voice explaining how he

would torture them

and what they were

going to endure

so i guess every time he

would bring a new

victim in he

would tie them up to this

chair and then he

would play the tape it reminds me of saw

the movie you know

so also david he described his acts to

be not only for himself but also for the

congregation of the church of

satan you can hear the full

audio recording on youtube

if you are curious i am

not going to play it here for one

it’s extremely inappropriate and

absolutely disgusting and disturbing two

40 minutes long okay the dude rambles forever it’s the

worst he’s not very good at hypnosis

i mean i’ll give you a little idea

he starts off the recording by saying

hello there

bitch are you comfortable right now

doubt it he then goes on to explain like how he’s

going to stick

things in all of the holes

that the body has a lot of holes and i will

stick all of them throughout the

whole recording he just rambles a lot

of like sexual nonsense

he needs like a

coloring book or something i don’t know

then finally you

think it’s over and it’s like um

nope so there’s a side b

to this hypnosis

track it continues it goes on forever

and i didn’t feel like no hypnosis

after listening to it okay

anyways it just further

proves that he is a pathetic

piece of human garbage

police are looking at the footage and

they’re trying to figure out who is this lady in the

chair on this recording

trying to figure out

do you recognize her can anybody recognize this lady

like dude where is she we

wanna speak to her

so they send this footage

over to the fbi

cause i see that she has a large

tattoo on her calf

they send it to the fbi so they can somehow

determine what this

tattoo is and hopefully

lead them to the victim

and how the fbi is able to make out with this

tattoo is is insane to me because the footage is so

grainy but they are somehow able to determine what this

tattoo is now it’s a

super unique

tattoo it’s like squiggly lines or something

it’s not like something simple like a

heart or whatever it’s a very unique tattoo

they are somehow able to determine what it is

and then the fbi they post it i’m not sure how they get

it out there but they get it out there to the public

somehow and they’re saying like hey if this is your

tattoo can you please come forward

we really need to

speak with you

i’m gonna be

completely honest i’m not

fully sure how they put it out there because it got

to this woman

named kelly

kelly was living in

colorado at the time and she’s like hey

that’s my tattoo

kelly goes to

the police department in

truth or consequences

and then they tell her that they have this

videotape so let me tell you now

kelly’s story okay

so new story

kelly later testifies july 24th 1996

she and her husband got into an argument

and at this time she was living in elephant butte

so they get into an argument she

leaves the house

and she decided to go out with her

girlfriends and

go play pool and have a couple of

adults beverages

they end up at blue

water saloon it’s a

local bar where a lot of people

in the neighborhood go they

decide just to hang out there and play pool now while

inside this bar

kelly runs into an old friend her name’s

jesse pop quiz

do you remember what david’s

daughter’s name was

well her name is

jesse jesse is

david’s daughter

okay she’s hanging out at this bar too so

kelly is saying that she had known

jesse for a couple of years so when

kelly’s friends decided to go home

for the night

kelly felt comfortable hanging out with jesse

towards the end of the

night kelly said she was feeling really dizzy

ill she was feeling sick

and she only had one

beer and she needed a ride home

so she asked her friend

jesse hey can you give me can you give me a ride home

and jesse’s like

sure kelly says from that

point she does not remember a damn thing

okay nothing

but it is later reported

what exactly happened and it’s this

so jesse david’s

daughter she drugged the beer that

kelly was drinking

and instead of driving her home she

drove kelly to

david’s trailer

once she got there a dog collar was

attached to

kelly and she was locked up in the toy box

kelly awoke

and she blacked out several times during the

two days of

torture and drugging she was being consistently drugged

so he thinks she’s dead

and then he

takes her like the side of the road or something

and he drops her off

kelly and then another man finds her

i know this is confusing

but another man finds

kelly and he ends up actually

taking her home

okay at that time when she was

dropped off by the stranger

kelly’s husband believed

she was actually

cheating on him

or had been on a drug binge

and he didn’t believe her

story at all she kept saying to her husband

that she didn’t remember what happened

she was gone for two days and she just didn’t remember

and he did not

believe her he

ended up filing for divorce from

kelly and then kelly

moved to colorado

and this was all within like a week time frame

it was very quick

kelly said in an interview

that she kept having

nightmares and

these nightmares were like of her

being held down or restrained and being like raped or

things being inserted in her

and she just thought it was due to like

stress so when

she went to go talk to police

least because of her tattoo

they questioned her asking

if she remembered anything

about being at this

house if she

knew who the guy was

and then police investigators brought up the vhs tape

she said she

didn’t know what they were talking

about right she had no idea

i couldn’t even imagine being in her

shoes because police end up

showing her the tape it

eventually led to her


everything and putting all the

pieces together

which made me so sick to my stomach

because could you imagine

not remembering anything

right and then they show you this tape of you

and you’re being tortured

and it just couldn’t imagine being in

in her shoes like it must be

so the media had gotten a hold of the

story and they were kind of putting it out there

about what was

going on right

and once the

media put it out there then another

victim had come forward and her name was angelica

and she came forward

right after the

abuse originally had

taken place and she had reported it

to police originally

her abuse had

taken place

right before

cynthia the girl we

first talked

about and because

again angelica was a sex worker and a drug abuser

nothing came from it

nothing happened

about it she told

like where the

house was and

everything once the

media had gotten hold of it

angelica went

again to the

police officers and told them like hey the same

thing happened

to me and i had reported it and i just want to

make sure she just did a follow up took notice of her

claims and eventually the investigators

took her claim seriously

investigators talk with

david’s livin

girlfriend cindy remember her

friends described cindy

as someone who listened to christian radio

loved romance

novels of her

small dog cindy

said she had

participated in

multiple assaults

and she was willing to give any information on

david in order to get a lesser sentence

right out the gate she was like

i’ll tell you anything you want

cindy told investigators that

david knew he had been tipped off

he had been tipped off to the fbi

because the fbi had come by and they questioned him

on his slavery

ring he reassured cindy

that he talked his way out of it and not to worry

about it she does confirm that

david was selling

women to other sex traffickers

she also said that

david viewed

women in a sense that he owned them

and when talking

about killing his victims

he called them packages

cindy went on to say that david was

crafty little bitch

david was constantly making his own torture devices

and restraints from junk he would find

either at work or

being like thrown out

she claimed that

david took photos of his

victims during torture but

would burn the

photos after a period of time passed

which disappointed

investigators since

this could have been

essential evidence used to

identify possible victims so

based off of her

accounts given

she said that

he killed over 30 people

she explained that david

tried to dump a body into the lake

but it had come back

up so then he

learned to cut open the stomachs so they

would submerge

easily into the lake and like stay down

and then over time he

would cut open

their stomachs and then fill

their stomachs with rocks

and then he

would tie them back up with like chicken wire

and then throw them into the lake

so then they

would stay down as well

so cindy would go on to say that

david had dropped

about seven

bodies into the lake

so you would

think investigators

would then go

search the lake

right like okay she’s saying that there’s

seven bodies in the lake let’s go

let’s go check no

so investigators said that the

water was too deep or too dark they also thought

about possibly

draining the lake completely

but it was too costly

and it just

never happened so they did nothing instead

so cindy was being

charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping

accessory to kidnapping accessory to criminal


she was sentenced to 36 years in prison

and only had to

serve half of her sentence

which was 19 years

and then she was up for release

back in like

2017 i think it was but i

could not find

where is she now i

could not find anything

after that i

don’t know if she got out i don’t know if she’s

still in there

i wasn’t having much luck finding anything

about her okay

so now glenda jean ray

aka jesse aka

david’s daughter

remember her

so she was known

in the area

to be like a drug dealer and she was pretty violent

as well she

lived with her

mother which was one of

david’s ex wives

and had a pretty

rocky relationship with her father jesse

would say that she

never knew what was happening to the

women that were brought to the toy box

she just assumed that they

were being raped but didn’t participate in the killing

or the rape

later on said that she was the one that called the fbi

and she gave an anonymous tip saying that her father

david was capturing

women sold them

in a slavery ring

david would be

later on questioned

about this anonymous tip that she had

given but nothing came from it

remember kelly

kelly was the one on the

videotape so when

kelly’s accusation of jesse

being the one that drugged her

that’s what led to

jesse’s arrest which was

april 26 1999

jesse she ended up being

charged with kidnapping

criminal sexual penetration criminal

sexual contact

and conspiracy

she was released

after only serving two and a half year sentence

and then she was put on probation

for one year

jesse didn’t really talk much so i have no idea like

we don’t know if she was involved more she probably was

but she’s out now

and if she’s

watching this

sorry girl like don’t come

after me i didn’t do anything i’m just reporting the

story okay so

i know this like this is a lot of people and names

and there’s a lot going on

i believe that there were a lot

more people involved but there seem to be like a big

cover up happening okay the nineteen ninety

three audio the

hypnosis thing

it proposed

he was not acting

alone in the abductions

that there were many

many people helping him out

and it’s hard to find info on it

and i don’t

want to put out like some wild accusations but

it seems like something

super suspicious

was going on

there are tons of theories

people in the community being involved

police officers being involved

kind of seems like a lot of people knew

anyway so back to

david so what the hell happened to

david then well

first of all

since day one of his arrest

he denied and i denied

david stated that they were all prostitutes okay

he was paying them it was consensual

there was absolutely

no raping and killing happening and they had no

proof that there was raping and killing happening

because it was all consensual

he showed absolutely no remorse

and he stated that he was the

victim here

that these people are making

crazy accusations and how dare they make

these accusations

so the courts can only

really charged him with

three cases although the fbi suspected

at least 40

more unknown victims

based off of

david’s journal

which documented the date of the alleged

abductions he also

tracked in this

journal every

victim and per

seizures performed on them all in

david’s handwriting

despite not having any

bodies to use as evidence against

david in the

trial the fbi

felt they had a very

strong case and

also the ability of

david to purchase design install

and use such

devices on people is

proof of both premeditation

and lack of insanity

so then in 2001 the

courts decided to put him through

three separate

trials one for each of the

the living victims so remember cynthia

angelica and kelly

sadly the trial for

angelica it

never was brought forward

because she had passed from

a drug overdose

sadly david eventually

agreed to a plea

deal and received

224 year prison sentence

in exchange for his daughter

jesse to receive a reduced

sentence i mean she only served two and a half years so

it was quite reduced

even though he was only tried for

three murders investigators believe that he

raped tortured and killed over 60

women over the course of his life they’ve

never been able to locate any of

their remains most of

the evidence

of the high body

count comes from the diary

david had kept that detailed what he did to each

victim but it

doesn’t say

where he buried

their bodies

after his arrest

david agreed to show authorities

where he had buried his

victims on may 28th

2002 conveniently

okay david parker ray

the toy box killer suffered a massive

heart attack and he died at the

age of 62 yeah

if it were not for cynthia

escaping and uncovering what was going on

who knows how long it

would have been

until anybody

would have discovered like what he was doing in there

so some who

have followed the case for a long ass time okay

they suspect

unknown victims

of david may lie


under the new mexico

sands the reservoir

and the waterways

there’s a lot of

land out there a lot of dirt a lot of nothing so people

could really be anywhere also they

could just be in the damn lake that nobody’s wanted to

search david was responsible for the

deaths of anywhere between 14 to 60 people he

claims to have killed at

least one person per year

since like the

age of 14 we will

never know for sure

david being now dead

no bodies were

found no possible

victims were

identified and no old

suspicious deaths related to

david were ever officially linked to him

november of 2002 the toy box was open

to the public

with the hope that it would

lead to more

surviving victims coming forward

it kind of more turned into like a tourist attraction

kind of a dumb idea but

who do i know you know

shut up bailey so in

october of two thousand

eleven the fbi performed a

search of the mcrae canyon

which is near elephant butte

lake looking for potential

victims but

they found none

if only they

would just look in that damn lake

that’s the story of the toy box killer it’s a

weird one because there’s no

proof technically that he killed people

it’s all like

based off of

david’s diary his little notebook that they

found inside of the toy box but there was no

bodies found

so they don’t know like

maybe he’s just

lying or something we don’t really know it’s

super gross

he was a very

very sick man

i apologize i know this one was a little like

heavy i mean they all kind of are

oh my gosh you guys really

quick when i was

watching documentaries and stuff

about this guy

the comment sections were terrifying

there were so many people who were saying like

david ray parker is my hero

nero i love him

david i love

david ray parker

get better idols there

are so many good people to follow out there in the

world stop idolizing disgusting

human beings

thank you for

coming to my TikTok anyways yeah it made me very

worried and disgusted

and thinking like how many people are out there

thinking about doing this

or doing this

anyways i hope that you guys have a very good day

today please make good choices please be safe

out there and i’ll be seeing you guys very soon bye

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