Murder, Mystery & Makeup - 300 year old werewolf Richardson Family Case

hey fancy seeing you here again

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I always just want to be comfortable but this

chair doesn’t allow for comfort

hi guys how are you

today I hope you are having a wonderful day so far

if not sorry

my name is Bailey Sarian and today is Monday

which means it’s murder Mystery and makeup Monday

if you are new here

every Monday I sit down I do my makeup and I talk

about a true crime case

that has been

on my brain

aka my noggin so

today I wanted to have a little chat

about the Richardson family

and this story is

based out of Medicine Hat Canada if you

watched last week’s episode I

got really hung up on the city names Elephant Butte and

truth or Consequences

new Mexico and I was just like dude

these names

these names

okay and then a lot of you guys explained to me

where these names came from very interesting

thank you for that and then this week

Medicine Hat I was

stuck on it

these city names man

they’re just getting to me so

Medicine Hat

Canada let me tell you

about it it’s like a little suburb area a lot of middle

class family lives there

quiet so the Richardson

family was made up of Mark

was a father Debra was the mother

and then there were 2 children Jasmine

and Jacob Jasmine was 12 years old when the

story takes place and

Jacob was 8 years old Jasmine was attending

I think it was an all girls Catholic

school she was

known to be a good kid

what can you say

about 12 year olds you know

they’re always good

until they hit

their teenage years am I

right but Jasmine was

nice she was a good kid

did well in school

and Jacob the

8 year old like family friends

would say that he was a

class clown he was goofy

just like a typical

typical 8 year old you

know the Richardson

family they were pretty tight knit

and they were just a very

close loving family

so Jasmine was 12

right and she was approaching her

teenage years

and her parents noticed that

she started to change

most do when they hit

their teenage years or pre teen years

so when they

started to notice just a change in jasmine’s attitude

they didn’t really

think much of it

with Jasmine

okay so she had some friends at her Catholic school

right and she was like a rule follower and she just

I don’t want to call her a goody 2

shoes because like I feel like that’s not the

right word she she’s just

followed the rules and was a good kid

right she liked to wear pink

pink her hair

color and girly

things when she was 12

her parents

started to notice a change in her attitude

so then they also noticed a change

in her appearance and it kind of

started a little slow

right so at

first it was just like Jasmine

really liked wearing

color and pink

and now all of a sudden

she seemed to be more interested in darker makeup the

first red flag

then she started to just mainly

wanna wear darker

clothes all

black and then Jasmine

was more interested

in punk rock the

devil’s music

so Jasmine and her friends at

school they

started like go

their own ways a little bit they noticed that Jasmine

her interests were changing

and she was

becoming a little bit of a rebel

Jasmine was showing up to

school in all

black clothing fishnets

choker we got

chains the dark Gothic

makeup and jewelry that wasn’t allowed at the

school so she

started to draw like fake

tattoos on her hands and

stuff with like a

sharpie marker but it was like

devil stuff

and she’s out of the Catholic

school so she

would get pulled into the office she

would get in

trouble and

school officials kind of

found themselves really on jasmine’s behind because

she wasn’t obeying

dress code she was writing

stuff all over

her body that was like satanic

and Jasmine just

started to get in

trouble more and more

and it wasn’t even because of her

school work she was

still doing well in

school it was just that she wasn’t following the

dress code and

she started to have a little sass

the school teachers at the Catholic

school they

thought you know it was odd because they knew Jasmine

as the goody girl

and now she was challenging

teachers giving pushback

snarky remarks

she was just being

sassy so one evening

Jasmine attended

a punk rock show

I don’t know

which one I

try to find it I’m a curious cat I’ve said this before

meow I just want to know

and find it I don’t know if she went

with friends or anything but the only information I

could find was that she attended a punk rock show

so while she was there she met this guy

and she sees him at the show

she’s like oh my God

he is so fine

and his name is Jeremy

so Jeremy like showed some interest

in Jasmine he was talking to

her he was making her feel cute making her feel special

and guess how old Jeremy was

23 he was 23 at this time talking to a

12 year old

I don’t know

about you but I

think that’s a problem Jeremy a little bit

about him he was unemployed he was a high

school dropout

he lived in a not so

great neighborhood

what Jasmine

really found like repealing

about him was well

first of all this

older man is just like showing interest in her

you know but also he was just full

blown goth kid he wore

you know all

black he had eyeliner it was all

smudged and just like

and she just thought oh bad boy

which side note I feel like this needs to be talked

about just in general

because I don’t know if any

of you guys can relate to this but when I was in high

school I remember

high school student

like my fellow

classmates they

would be talking

about how they were dating like an 18

year old I remember one girl was dating a 20 year old

and at the time a lot of us

were like oh my God she’s so cool she’s dating like an

older man wow

oh my gosh and now looking back I’m like

huh if you are in high

school you do not need to be dating

older men and if

older men are dating

young high schoolers like that’s

gross and I

never really thought

about that until recently and I was like wait a

minute it’s not cool to date

an older guy

well I’m dating an

older guy but

like when you’re a kid it’s not cool so just don’t

okay that’s my one

piece of advice just don’t do it

anyways I’m getting off

track okay so at this show

Jasmine gives

Jeremy her new friend her

phone number

and the 2 start hanging out

secretly Jasmine

would tell her parents that she was

going to her friend’s

house or something to

study she was

going out she was

sneaking out to go see this Jeremy guy

but when they couldn’t hang out they

would stay in

touch by messaging each

other like on chat website they also had MySpace

other social

media sites

this was 2006

my apologies

back to Jeremy

the guy she met he

would wear a vial of

blood around his neck like it was a necklace

right and had a little vial

and he said that there was

blood in there and

he would brag all the time to Jasmine

that he loved

taste of blood

and he needed it to survive and she’s

like why is that why do you need to survive oh my God

are you a vampire

no he’s not a

vampire but

guess what he is

so Jeremy tells Jasmine

this part made me

laugh cry and I’m

sorry for laugh crying

but it was hilarious to me so Jeremy

tells Jasmine

that he’s a 300 year old werewolf

and when Jasmine

heard this she was like wow

300 year old werewolf who drinks

blood sign me up

I feel bad for this Jeremy guy because he’s 23

and he just kind of seems very lost

in the world but again

Jasmine is 12 years old when you are a

teenager or

have that adolescent

brain that is the dumbest

brain you will ever have in your whole life

who have no common

sense Jasmine

and Jeremy they were sexually active as well so

she kind of

started to just act different too

a couple months

after meeting Jeremy that’s when Jasmine becomes

full blown Gothic

she was in it deep now she was committed

a lot of jasmine’s

older friends

would say that they became

afraid of her they were scared of her

dressing scary she

would draw like little

crosses and

stuff on her forehead

they said that she was just quote

weird that’s what they said I’m not saying

weird Jasmine

said that she liked

the idea of scaring people because it made her feel

powerful and like in charge

and Jeremy just became the center of her world

she was infatuated

so Jasmine she would

spend a lot of her time

on like MySpace

was on this website called

vampire freaks com

but it’s pretty similar

to MySpace social

media platform

where you have friends you can talk to people you can

leave comments

pictures all that jazz but I

guess mainly

targeted towards the

vampires of the

world I think

doesn’t matter

on jasmine’s MySpace profile

her heroes used to be her mom and her dad and like God

and now she had

changed her hero section

to Marilyn Manson

and Jeffrey Dahmer

another red flag for the parents like ooh

on vampirefreaks com

on her like

about me or

where you describe yourself

she described herself as bisexual a Wiccan

and it’s like this big fat long list of

stuff but like let’s pick and choose

Wiccan awkward

loud a deep

thinker and insane

she listed her interests

as unnatural hair colors

dark poetry

blood and kinky shit

Jeremy was so like heavily

on that website that was like his main go to website

and that’s where

they would communicate most of the time

so jeremy’s profile his

about me section also very long he said that he liked


mosh pits loud

music tattoos kinky fetishes

criss angel

who likes Criss

Angel that would be my red flag

not the point Bailey

so Jasmine kept the relationship hidden

you can’t let your family know that you’re dating a

23 year old werewolf

and then finally jasmine’s parents

they let go look at her social

media and they see like that she loves somebody

and they kind

of connect the dots they find out that she

sneaking out or just like not coming home

that just pissed them off her parents just they

finally had to do something she was being disrespectful

she was acting more rebellious

Jasmine wasn’t respecting

their household

their rules

they told Jasmine

you have to stop

seeing this guy like you can’t be seeing him he’s way

older than you they told her that

she’s no longer allowed to see Jeremy

not allowed to

leave the house

unless she’s

going to school

no ifs ands or

buts and of course this just

caused Jasmine to lose

lose it completely

and she just acted out even more she rebelled even more

and basically that

started a war in the

house so Jeremy

and Jasmine they would

still communicate online

and that was now the main way that they talked

and Jasmine

would be the one who proposed

that Jeremy

maybe gets rid of the problem

she wrote to Jeremy which

later they were able to

pull these records but she

wrote to Jeremy

quote I have

this plan it

begins with me killing them

and ends with me

living with you

very suspicious

and then Jeremy

would go on to

write their

throats I want to slit

they will regret the shit they have done

finally there

shall be silence

their blood

shall be my payment

and Jeremy wrote this

in response

and she would constantly

express to Jeremy how much she hated her family she

just wanted them gone because they were the reason why

they couldn’t be together

so then on the evening of

April 23rd 2006

it’s night time okay it’s

quiet suburban

street everybody’s in bed or at

least getting

ready for bed

but Debra the mom

she heard some

noises downstairs

puts on her robe and she goes downstairs to investigate

goes to turn on the

light she was met

with a man wearing a mask

holding a knife so

naturally she

starts screaming

she ends up getting attacked by this intruder and Debra

poor Debra she was

stabbed 12 times

over and over and over

again and she’s just

screaming the whole time

because she’s screaming

she woke up everybody in the

house her husband Mark or

jasmine’s dad comes downstairs to

see what’s going on that’s

where he sees this man over his wife just

going at it like

stabbing her and just blood

everywhere oh my gosh I couldn’t even imagine

like seeing

especially the one you love your partner

being attacked

so Mark reacts and he grabs tool that was

close by I think it was a

screwdriver or something he like grabs it

and he’s trying to like

fight this guy

that’s on top

of his wife and he’s trying anything he can

punching him he’s trying to stab him and he’s

sadly though he

doesn’t win the

fight he ended up being

stabbed a total of 24 times

which resulted in mark’s

death Jasmine was

like upstairs in her room or something pretending to

sleep so upstairs

next to jasmine’s room is her younger brother’s room

so the little boy he’s

8 and he woke up because of all the ruckus

he’s scared so he’s like hiding in his room on his bed

and so then Jasmine comes running into the room

so then she’s putting her hands over her brother’s ears

and just like protecting him from the loud

screaming that’s happening

and it’s so

stupid because

then jasmine’s boyfriend comes upstairs after just

he just killed the both parents

right he comes upstairs instead of Jasmine

just saying like hey

maybe you know

we don’t kill my brother let’s not do it

he’s a little kid he’s only 8 no

Jasmine instead is the one who

decided Jacob her

8 year old brother

he had to go

which is completely heartless

so her reasoning

for having to get rid of her younger brother

was because both of his parents were dead now

so what was the

point he wouldn’t have anybody

and she was

ready to start her new life with Jeremy

so this poor

8 year old little boy Jasmine

is the one who ends up

stabbing her brother 5 times

and then on

top of that just to make sure that he is indeed dead

she slits his throat

like what the hell

how do you do that I was reading this

and I was just like dude I hate them I hate them okay

so that same evening when the murders took place oh

a 6 year old little boy he was a neighbor

he came over to the Richardsons

house because he wanted to ask

Jacob if he wanted to come outside and play with him

so he’s knocking on the door

hello he’s waiting

so he kind of like peeks through the window

by the front

door when this little boy peeks through the window

he sees oh some shit

so those poor little boy traumatized

forever he sees just

blood everywhere and then

body on the

floor so he went

running home just

screaming and he tells his parents I

think they go over to the

house to look and then

the police are

called so the police come over to the home

when they walk into the

house the police

see just a nightmare

I guess that there was just blood

everywhere okay just

everywhere what a hard job huh you kind of forget

they gotta see some really fucked up shit Bailey stop

cussing the investigators in the

house searching

everything so

they had no idea what happened

right they’re

thinking what is this like domestic abuse

a burglary gone

wrong so when they go into

jacob’s room and they see like his

his throat is

cut investigators are like okay this is somebody

who had to know the family like this is personal

so one of the officers inside of the home he notices

a family portrait

that was like hanging on the wall and he sees okay

we have the mom the dad the brother and then the

daughter hmm

police think that the 12 year old

daughter had been

kidnapped by the killer

so they put out an amber

alert hoping that somebody

somebody will find the missing

daughter just hours

after the murders

police go down to the

school of Jasmine

to search her

school locker

and they’re hoping to find any types of clues

looking for signs

anything so they’re

going through jasmine’s locker

right away they find a drawing that gives everybody the

creeps but it’s like

stick drawings very creative

but it’s like a drawing of a house with

stick figures inside the home

and then the home’s on fire

and it looks like the

stick figures were on fire as well

then there are like 2

stick figures running away from the home that’s on fire

next to a car and

above it says


like they had gotten away from the fire

or maybe set the fire

just looking at all sorts of

stick figure evil

so once they found

that drawing

investigators looked at the missing girl Jasmine

from a missing person to now

a murder suspect I mean this

drawing was

super suspicious

they’re like why is this girl drawing this evil

thing what looks to be 2

stick figures that represent her and somebody else

set in this

house on fire

which resembles or looks like or

could be her

her family home you know

they got to put the

pieces together

police investigators go looking for Jasmine

and it doesn’t even take

them that long to find her now I couldn’t exactly find

how they found her

like how they

did somebody tip them off or what happened

but they ended up finding both Jasmine

and Jeremy within

the like first 24 hours

and they were

about 100 miles

away in the town called Leader

and they were placed

under arrest

now when they were being arrested police

they said like they didn’t display any grief

or sadness they didn’t seem concerned at all

and Jeremy he bragged

about his eye

cause he had like a

black eye Jeremy said that Mark jasmine’s father

the father had

punched him in the face

and he was kind of like laughing

about it so

first with Jasmine

and her trial

her trial began

in June of the following year

so at her trial

Jasmine was

asked why she murdered her parents

and her little brother and Jasmine said

quote I loved Jeremy so much

thought it was

going to bring us closer together end

quote so then evidence was brought in

and this evidence was a

stack of jailhouse letters

exchanged between

Jasmine and Jeremy

after their arrest so

when they were in prison they were writing one another

there were tons of letters

and in one of

those letters Jasmine joked that they were legends

and immortal

neither Jasmine

or Jeremy mentioned

any guilt or

remorse for what they did

it was more of them just

planning their future together

as if they were

gonna get out of prison

tomorrow I keep having to remind myself over and over

again like that she’s only 12 at this time

so she just has

no idea like she killed her family and she’s in prison

and in another letter

from Jasmine

they brought forward as evidence

it said quote

never has a person affected me so much

always will there be something missing without you

with me my lawyer tells me we’re legends

ah closer to immortality

it would seem so then they

bring in another letter

from Jeremy

and it says

quote I love you more than life itself I’ve

added you to my visitors list so once

you’re released please

visit often

never forget how much I care

or that I love you

without you this life isn’t

worth living you said you want to get

engaged question Mark then here’s a question

will you marry me if so then it’s a

verbal agreement

so pretty much she was asking her to

marry sounds

great okay and then in her response letter

she said yes

this is quotes

yes yes I will I

would love to

and then she said the

world really is against us

roar end quote roar roar

side note because I remember the MySpace kids

using that word roar roar I never

understood it it was always the scene kids roar

I’m gonna Google it hold on roar

that means I love you in Dinosaur

anyways I saw all the

scene kids always

using that word I

never got it no can’t relate

anyways she

yeah she said that to him in a letter so whatever

so again in

these letters they

never mention any

guilt or remorse

over the crimes instead

focusing on

their relationship and how being in prison

seemed to be a temporary setback

Jasmine took the

stand in her own defense on

July 3rd 2007

During her testimony

she told the

court that she had a

hypothetical conversation

about killing her family

and possibly making the

deaths look like a murder suicide

or an accident but

never intended on actually

going through with it and then

when questioned

about the letters to

Jeremy she said she was referring

to her 5 minutes of fame

that people are

gonna remember them forever

I mean they seem to like the idea

of that Jasmine said she was home

when the murders took

place that she was

upstairs in her brother’s room trying to

cover his ears so he

wouldn’t hear

their parents

screaming she then said that Jeremy

came upstairs into the brother’s room and yelled at her

kill her brother and that she had

to do it because he just killed her

parents for them so she needed to participate Jasmine

would go on to say that she

stabbed him but

not very hard

she pled not guilty

to all 3 counts of

first degree murder

but after just

3 hours of deliberation

on July 10th

2007 the jury

found her guilty

on all 3 counts

she was sentenced

get this Canada

is for the people

she was sentenced to only 10

years of imprisonment the maximum

sentence allowed by the Youth Criminal Justice Act

which states

that convicts who are

under the age of 14

at the time they committed the act cannot be

charged as an

adult and can only be

given a maximum sentence of 10 years

when I first

heard this I was like what it’s it’s

so she got a credit for 18

months for the time that she had already served

while waiting for

her trial and then 4 of

those years out of the 10 years

those were going to be spent in a

psychiatric facility

she would do 4 and 1/2 years

under conditional


in the community

so a lot of people were outraged I

should put on lipstick

cause I probably look

crazy huh a lot of people

are outraged

the Canadian law is set up to rehabilitate

people to help them and to not necessarily punish them

I mean obviously

if you don’t know this I don’t live there

so I’m sure there are a lot of arguments

about this and how it all works but

based from like me and

somebody on the outside looking in kind of

sounds nice

before you start yelling at me put

those fingers down when you think

about how we work here in the US they don’t care

about actually helping and

fixing people or

treating people

for a mental illness

or setting them up for

like success

beyond prison

pretty much out

here in the US it’s like they just lock you up and they

throw away the key they

treat you like shit I don’t know

I just thought like oh at

least they’re trying to kind of like give her

a chance but

it should be case by case you know like with her case

I don’t know man moving on

so Jeremy the boyfriend who killed the mom and dad his

trial was in December of 2008 he

was just straight up

found guilty of

3 counts of

first degree murder

and sentenced

to 3 concurrent life sentences in prison

he will be up for parole

after serving 25 years

I was about to say

well it’s kind of not fair that she only got 10 years

but I don’t know I’m kind of torn on this one

like they both did a very very

awful thing

anyways so in

2012 Jeremy

he changed his name to Jackson May

and he tried to appeal

his case but he failed

which is so strange to me like I didn’t even know

you could change your name in prison

I’m just learning all sorts of new things

so guess what though

so in 2015 Jasmine

she completed her sentence and was

fully released at the

age of 23 she’s been keeping a very low profile

since her release

if she can go 5 years without any

legal altercations

her juvenile

record will be expunged

aka erased like it

never existed so Jasmine

she got the Crown

of canada’s youngest convicted murderer at age 12

congratulations Jasmine

yeah that’s inappropriate but

like what she’s 12

what the fuck so it’s pretty

uncertain though

there’s no like

clear reports

indicating that Jasmine and Jeremy

are still a couple that they got

married nobody really knows I

doubt it but who knows

so then there’s another side people

standing up for Jeremy

there are a lot of people behind Jeremy

saying he shouldn’t have received such a

harsh sentence compared to Jasmine

he came from a very abusive upbringing

and it’s also said that Jeremy

has severe FAS

what would be considered distinct

facial characteristics

popular amongst

Fetal alcohol

syndrome sufferers

part of this condition

is severely

impaired judgment

meaning that

Jeremy didn’t have the full mental capacity to fully

understand what he was doing

doing and just followed

along with what Jasmine told him

or suggested he did

and that Jasmine

is the one who manipulated him into killing her family

I don’t know

cause I don’t

wanna say like

he should be released

cause at the end

of the day he he didn’t like to stab him one or 2 times

he went for it

kind of scary

I don’t know this is your

fight Canada not mine we have pretty bad people here

whatever and that is the story

about the Richardson family rest in

peace to Mark Debra and

Jacob you know

their lives were

taken for no goddamn reason

and on that note they

should remain in prison because that would

I just feel bad that

Jeremy still in prison

while Jasmine just was like okay thanks bye

and then got to go on to college I

guess she got a scholarship when she was in prison

she got a scholarship

to go to college let me know your thoughts

about this case down

below do you

think Jasmine

should be out

I mean I was trying to find like

and update a

Where is she now

I found like a YouTube

video and some people

think it’s her

as an adult

but you can’t really tell

plus I’m sure she

doesn’t even

wanna be associated

with what she did I will say this though

when I was reading

about this case and

trying to get all the info

all that good

stuff the one

thing I could not find

and I looked

high I looked low I

still could have missed it

cause I’m not perfect and the one

thing I could not find was an apology

not once did I

see or read something

where like Jasmine

maybe cried and said I’m so sorry I

understand what I did and

maybe she did in private she

doesn’t have to do it publicly but

you have such a public murder

trial and stuff you think you

would do it just to get forgiveness from your community

right again

she could have apologized and I just missed it

maybe she changed her name to an

Houston and announced it like Jeremy I

think if there’s anything to take away from this case

I don’t know

because jasmine’s family they seem like to do

everything kind of

right I don’t know what they

could have done differently besides like lock her up

and this is why I don’t want kids because they are the

devil they’re already hard to

raise now you

gotta be all

worried that they’re

gonna murder you like come

on when do you get a break

oh I know parents

make sure to be

checking on what your kids are doing

check their phones

check in with them on social

media make sure

they’re not talking to any werewolves and

stuff like that okay

okay tell them I sent you

if they are asking you why

thank you guys so much for hanging out with me

today I hope you have a wonderful day make good choices

and I’ll be seeing you guys later bye

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