Murder, Mystery & Makeup - The Unabomber - Who Was Ted Kaczynski? Inside His Mind

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so I actually already had today’s story

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so cause I can’t say this username here by

you know I’m not good at names

we all know this

but she said ted Kaczynski

the Unabomber

can you talk about this story

and I was like oh my God

I completely forgot about the unibomber

so let’s talk about it

Theodore Kazinsky

he was born in Chicago of 1942

to a working class family of Polish ancestry

he had a younger brother named David

who would later become

involved in his older sibling’s arrest

and we’ll get to that

so people who attended school with Ted

noted that he was a loner

who excelled academically

and I’m laughing

because it’s just like

he’s a loner who excelled

now growing up Ted

we’re gonna call him Ted

not Theodore

he was very very smart

he skipped 6th grade

and it said around this time

is when he really started to get socially awkward

and it really started to affect him

his personality as well

so he skipped 6th grade

and then he just started getting picked on a lot

because he’s quote

unquote weird

he was very smart

and he didn’t have any friends

so let’s be honest

really easy target for middle schoolers

especially little assholes

is what I call him

many people would describe him as a shy kid

and would become unresponsive

if he was ever pressured into a social situation

so throughout high school

Ted was ahead of his classmates


he was placed in more advanced math classes

and he soon mastered math

like he killed it in math numbers

so then Ted actually skipped 11th grade

and then he actually finished high school

by attending summer school

and he graduated at the age of 15

now Ted he was one of his schools

5 National Merit finalists

and he was encouraged to apply at Harvard

at the age of 16

in 1958 he entered Harvard on a scholarship

which is like

wow amazing

I mean that’s a huge achievement

his family were so proud of him

he seemed a little off

he seemed a little socially awkward

but he could go so far

he had a lot of potential to do great things

you know and it’s funny

because he went to Harvard before he

he even got his driver’s license

I mean hilarious

wow that’s so funny Bailey

so while at college

that’s the time to really make some friends

and socialize

and experiment

I don’t know what they do at Harvard

but it’s probably

a Bougier version of Zach

but while Ted was attending Harvard

he really didn’t make any friends

but he continued to perform very

very well academically

now when he was at Harvard

this is when he participated in a controversial study

led by psychologist

Henry Murray

now in this experiment

Subjects were asked to write an essay

on their personal philosophies

later while hooked up to electrodes

the study subjects were subjected to

hours of insults and personal attacks

they wanted to measure if it had an effect on the brain

or if the brain responded in some kind of way

obviously it goes

a lot deeper than that

but the essays were used as a basis for the insults

and it’s believed that Ted

participated in this experiment

for more than 200 hours

lasting for 3 years

beginning in 1959

his mental and emotional well being suffered

as a result

now some sources

have suggested that this experiment

were part of Project MKULTRA

the cia’s research into mind control

it has also been suggested

that this experience may have motivated ted’s

criminal activity activities

which we can save mkultra for another day

working on that one

okay so in 1962

Ted actually graduated from Harvard

with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics

and then in 1964

he would earn his master’s degree

in 1967 he would earn his doctorates

I don’t know

what you’re thinking

but what I’m thinking

is ted is one

smart cookie

which side note

have any of you guys noticed

how the killers

and the stories

that we talk about here

they are always very smart

well not always

there’s a lot of dummies

I’m sure there’s some kind of case study done right

I don’t know

okay anyways

so at the young age of just 25 years old

Ted had completed his education

and then he became the youngest assistant professor

in the history of

University of

California at Berkeley

when he was hired to teach

undergraduate geometry

and calculus

in the fall of 1967

25 nuts now

just 2 years later

he actually

ended up resigning

and he never really gave an explanation

as to why he did so

but he did so

after leaving Berkeley

he actually

moved back to Illinois

to live with his mom

and I think

his younger brother

was still there

at the time

and he was there for

about 2 years

before he decided

to move out

and to live in a cabin

that he had built

in the woods

outside of Lincoln

Montana now

this was in 1971

moving to this cabin

would allow him to live

a simple life

with little money

and without


or without running water

so it was gonna get like

real stinky

in there you know

he wanted to

live like this

and go after

your goals in life

so Ted was really

hoping to live

self sufficient

by teaching

himself survival

skills such as

like hunting

and organic farming

and received

some financial support

from his family as well

he used an old bicycle

to get around

and get into town

and whatnot

and he also

would volunteer

at a local library

which he would

visit often

like all the time

to read classic works

in their original languages

show off other

local residents

who in the area

said that his lifestyle

wasn’t necessarily unusual

in that area

and people just

really didn’t

think twice

about it and like

what he was doing

living off the grid

so Ted is out there

just living

in his cabin

and this was

in 1975 and

and he started to grow

more and more

upset by the

real estate

and industrial


in the area

around his cabin

so like there was

just free land

surrounding him

and he would say

like beautiful hills

just lots of green

it was open

it was beautiful

it was fresh

clean air and then

slowly they were

starting to

destroy the land

they were starting to

build just crap

it was just really

getting to Ted

so Ted had this

great idea like

I’m gonna vandalize

these construction sites

in the Lincoln area

okay if I like

destroy them

spray paint them

whatever I’m

gonna sabotage

this development

and then they’ll stop

so he would go out at night

when nobody was there

and he would

paint on them

he would try his best

to just destroy it

as best as he could

and this is

where things

just kind of

really began

for Ted so Ted

realized that

trying to destroy

the the construction

or whatever

it really wasn’t working

he had to go

after the big guys

so he decided

to make his own bombs

because that’s all of our

first thoughts

he’s like I’m

going to make

these bombs

and then mail them to people

the people who are responsible

for destroying the land

he would make these bombs

and then he would send them through either the

US Postal Service

or sometimes

he would occasionally hand deliver the actual package

or the mail bomb himself

so these bombs lasted over a period of 17 years

and it started in 1978

his first target was Northwestern University

professor of engineering Buckley

krist I think

is his last name

now I guess

the package was left outside of his building

like out in the parking lot

and it had his name on it

somebody picked it up and handed it to Buckley

right away this professor

he was concerned

because he knew that this package wasn’t his

and it was super suspicious

so he calls up the security guard

and he lets them know

this is weird

you open it

so the security guard opens up the package

and this bomb exploded

it was inside of the package

and it wasn’t like

to its fullest and greatest potential

luckily the security guard only suffered a hand injury

but that was the first one

now it’s unclear why

Ted targeted Buckley

ted is back in Illinois

and he’s working with his father and his brother

and shortly after

Ted actually got fired from that job

for insulting a lady supervisor

who he like

briefly had a romantic relationship with

he was bitter that it didn’t work out

so there was no link happening to Ted

from that first bomb

it was so random

and there was yeah

nobody knew where the hell that came from and why

so then in 1979

a bomb was placed in the cargo hold

American Airlines Flight 444

which was flying from Chicago to Washington DC

now the bomb had a faulty timing mechanism

which prevented the bomb from exploding

but it released smoke

which forced an emergency landing

so they were like

up in the air

and smoke started coming up

dodged a bullet there right

so once the plane landed

they were able to get the bomb off of the plane

everyone was fine

thank god right

so they’re able to look at this bomb

and they realized

if the bomb had worked

it would have completely obliterated the bomb

the plane the plane

so they got so lucky

and because bombing an airliner is a federal crime

the FBI became involved

okay so in these bombs he was making

sorry I was trying to get this open

in these bombs he was making

he would always leave some kind of clue

the first clue

was like a metal plate

and stamped with the initials FC

hidden somewhere

and usually it was like

in the pipe and cap

and he did this

in almost every single bomb

so they knew it was like

the same person

doing it over

and over again

another clue

included a note

left in a bomb

that did not go off

and it read

woo it works

I told you it would

RV end quote

that was a quote

the FBI was trying to profile

who they think this person is

so they came up with this

bomber person

had a theme of

like nature

trees and wood

in his crimes

Ted would often include bits of tree

branch and bark

in his bombs

so their FBI is like

yeah nature

he’s a nature guy

in December of 1985

there was a bomb

that was sent to Sacramento

computer store owner

Hugh scrutin

hue and it exploded

cause he opened it

and it exploded

and it actually led to his death

the bomb itself

was filled with nails

and splinters

so when he opened it up

and it exploded

yeah ouch now

this would be the first fatality

caused by these bombs

there had been no

deaths yet okay

so let’s just go over the table of bombings

because there’s a lot

and of course

if I go through one by one

with all these stories

let’s be real

we’re all gonna get very confused

so I will just briefly

kind of touch on it

so May 25th

1978 we have

Terry Marker

who was a university police officer

and the injuries were just minor cuts and burns

then we have May 9th 1979

we have John Harris

he was a graduate student student

he was a graduate student

and he only got

minor cuts and burns

November 15th

1979 we have that

American Airlines flight

had 12 passengers

luckily it was just non lethal smoke

then June 10th

1980 we have Percy Wood

and he was the president of United Airlines

he got severe cuts and burns

over most of his body and face

October 8th 1981

the bomb went off early

so luckily it hurt nobody

may 5th 1982

we have Janet Smith

and she was a

university secretary

severe burns to her hands

July 2nd 1982

we have Dio Jennes

he’s an engineering professor

he had severe burns

and wounds on his hands

and his face

may 15th 1985

we have John Hauser

he was a graduate student

he lost 4 fingers

severed artery in his right arm

and he lost part

of his vision

in his left eye

June 13th 1985

he went after an airline company

the bomb went off early

so nobody was hurt

November 15

1985 we have

James McConnell

who was a psychology professor

and Nicholas

who was a research assistant

they were both together

at this time

the bomb went off

one of them

has temporary

hearing loss

December 11th 1985

Hugh Scrutin

which was the computer

store owner

that was the

first death

February 20th 1987

Gary Wright

he was a computer

store owner

as well severe

nerve damage

to the left arm

June 22 1993

we have Charles Epstein

he had severe damage

to both eardrums

with some hearing loss

and he also lost 3 fingers

June 24th 1993

David last name Gletner

I don’t know

you guys fuck

he lost his complete right hand

December 10th 1994

Thomas he died

and he was an advertising executive

April 24th 1995

we have Gilbert

Brent Murray

and he was a timber

industry lobbyist

and he also died

so that is the complete list

I was trying my best to

like keep that

kind of simple

but I feel like

I made it really confusing

I’m really trying

my best here

and that’s all I can do

now at this point

the FBI still had no idea

who the Una bomber was

the FBI called

the ongoing investigation UNA bomb


for university

and airline bomber

and then the

media took that

and they dubbed

the attacker

the UNA Bomber

and that’s how he got his name

still ted’s

identity was

was unknown to authorities

now of course

that all changed when Ted

sent his now

infamous manifesto

to the media

and this happened

in the summer of 1995

ted sent letters

demanding that his

essay entitled

industrial Society

and Its Future

be published

he sent these letters

to different

media companies

who ran newspapers

magazines whatever

and said you need to post this

or more people are

going to get hurt

naturally these

people are kind of torn

what do we do

do we do what he says

or do we ignore it

an FBI director

agreed that

the manifesto

should be published

now this was a very controversial decision

but they decided to do it

out of concern for

public safety

and mainly mainly

they were really

hoping that

somebody out there

once it got published

could identify

who this person was

because it wasn’t just like

any other writing

it was they’re just

like our words

being used that

somebody had to recognize

somebody would know

in this manifesto

Ted would go on to argue

that technology

and industrialized

society destroys

human freedom

because it needs to

regulate human

behavior closely

in order to function

so Ted wrote

the manifesto

on a typewriter

without italics

he capitalizes

entire words

to show emphasis

and he always

refers to himself

as either we or FC

FC stood for

Freedom Club

though there’s

absolutely no evidence

that he worked

with anybody else

just fucking

him by himself

now of course

you can read

the manifesto

it’s quite long

but I’m gonna

try my best

and summarize it

so this is gonna be good

ted ted ted

he writes that

technology has had

a destabilizing

effect on society

has made life


and has caused widespread

psychological suffering

he’s got some points

he’s got some points

he argues that

most people

spend their time

engaged in useless pursuits

because of technological advances

he calls these

surrogate activities

where people

strive towards

artificial goals

including scientific work

consumption of


and following

sports teams

and I must say

I read this

like go on now

he predicts

the further


advances will lead

to extensive

human genetic


and that human beings

will be adjusted

to meet the needs

of social systems

rather than vice versa

he calls for

a return to quote

wild nature

blah blah blah

blah blah now

he was calling for

a revolution

against technology

and it may be

possible but

for the most part

his manifesto

was all about

how technology

was ruining

society and

after reading that

because in my mind

this is a side note

has nothing to do

with Ted but

I always thought

as the unibomber

was just like

reckless and like

killing just

random people

because he thought it was fun

I read this

the manifesto thing

and I was like

dude this guy

look he had a

great point

he had such a

great point

and look where

where we are

today we are

completely controlled

by the Internet

by TV by media

these companies

are taking all of

our data selling it

so they can


control us with it

that’s a whole

another video

in itself and

if you’re not

worried about that

then that’s

that’s a big problem

it’s quite scary

anyways but

what he was

getting at is that

this needs to

be taken down

this system

needs to be taken down

and I was like

wow but look

the way he went about it

bombing people

obviously not

smart would not

suggest that

and I do not

stand by that

of course I’m not

here for that

but he actually

is making some

great points now

the feedback

of this manifesto

was actually

kind of good

you know not

everybody understood

quite what Ted

was getting at

kind of like

flew completely

over their head

but there was a lot

of a lot of

people who did

agree with what

he was saying

and there were

several essays

that were written

and published

in support of

his ideas of course

they did not

stand by what

he was doing

like harming

people in 1980

the FBI worked

with a profiler

to help like

identify the

Unabomber so

when they issue a

psychological profile

they create

who they think

this guy or girl is

and they describe

the offender

as a man with

above average


they believed

he was holding

an academic degree

in hard sciences

but this psychology

based profile

was discarded in 1983

they thought

no this guy

probably works like

for the airline

company now

before the Unabombers

manifesto went live

ted’s younger brother

David Kazinsky

was encouraged

by his wife

to follow up

on the suspicions

that Ted was

the Unabomber

ted’s younger brother

didn’t want to

fully believe

that the Unabomber

was his brother

but in the back

of his mind

he was thinking

you know what

Ted really hated

like technology

and where he thought

this was all

going and made

him very upset

but Ted has

never showed any signs

of aggression

there’s no way

this is him

like it was

just kind of a

silly thought

but david’s

wife who had

never met Ted

she only like

heard about

him and read

some of his

writings from

her husband

who was the

younger brother

she was like

you have to read this

this manifesto

he told his

wife okay sure

I’ll read it

only just to

prove to you

that this isn’t him

there’s no way

David the younger

brother and Ted

they weren’t

really speaking

at that time

the reason being

is because Ted

had disconnected

from everyone

and everything

it wasn’t anything personal

it’s just what

ted always wanted

so they just

kind of let him

be out there

anyways so David

the younger brother

is like okay lady

to his wife

I’m gonna read

this manifesto

and I’m just gonna

prove to you

it’s not him

like this is

just not him

but I’ll read it

so he reads

the manifesto

and he’s like

oh shit there’s

just a couple

phrases that

Ted had used

once before

in a couple

letters of course

david’s like

fuck David goes

through the garage

and he’s looking

for letters

written by Ted

dating back to 1970

and Ted had

sent letters

to newspapers

to protest the

abuse of technology

using phrases

similar to the ones

in the manifesto

it’s fucking Ted

he hires a private


David then went on

to hire attorney

to organize

the evidence

that was acquired

by the private


and make contact

with the FBI

the reason he was

kind of like

going around

the situation

is because if he

went to the FBI

he would get

bombarded by

the news media

and just really

lose control of the

the situation

plus David wanted to protect

his brother

from the danger

he feared like

a very violent outcome

it was also

his brother

and he felt

1t of guilt

David went to their

mother and said

I think it’s Ted

and kind of

showed her all

the evidence

of why he was

thinking this way

and their mother

well yeah their

mother said

oh David please

don’t tell anybody

and David told

his mom like

I’m sorry I already

I already did

once the FBI

was contacted

they showed them

the comparison

of the manifesto

on the writings

now based off of this

they were allowed to get a

search warrant

which would

allow them to

go and search

the unabomber’s

place the FBI

then contacted

David and David

asked the FBI to

please keep

this a secret

don’t tell anybody

I told you don’t

tell anybody

about me police

but of course

the information

was leaked it

was put out

there on CBS

News the media

cut onto it

and it completely

just blew up

so then April 3rd

1996 they got a

search warrant

to go into ted’s cabin

and they also got

the location

of the cabin

they got helicopters out there

surrounding the area

they went in

and they got him

and there is

where they found Ted

in a very disheveled

state and he was

surrounded by

bomb making

tools and parts

there was also a

like one live bomb

ready for mailing

he was arrested

and he was taken

in the media

played the arrest

like everywhere

so later that

month he was

indicted by

federal grand jury

on 10 counts

of illegally


mailing and

using bombs

he also was

being charged

with 3 counts

of murder now

his attorneys

wanted him to

enter an insanity plea

but Ted refused

and instead

just pleaded guilty

to all charges

the media was

calling him

crazy and once

you get that

crazy title

by the media

that’s when

people stop

taking you seriously

and he didn’t

want to say

that he was

crazy he’s like

I’m not crazy

I’m not insane

I’m well educated

my IQ was very high

I’m not going

to consider

myself insane

he was sentenced to 8

life sentences

with no chance

of parole at

the Supermac

Security Prison

in Florence

Colorado and that’s

where he remains

to this day

for some odd reason

I thought he had

died by now

but he hasn’t

he’s still there

so David the younger

brother of Ted

who turned him

in he wrote

a memoir called

every Last Tie

The Story of

the Unabomber

and His Family

which talks

about david’s


with his brother

and his parents

and the difficult

decision that David

and his wife

faced when they

came to suspect

Ted was the

Unabomber says

he has tried to

reach out to Ted

he has wrote him

many letters

at least one

a month and

he has yet to

get a response

this was back

in 2015 ted

did not want to believe

his brother

turned him in

and when he

found out it was

true it was


to him ted said

my brother would

never turn me

in he loves

me end quote

and then when

it was true

Ted just has not

never spoke

to him again

the latest I

could find was 2015

so it may have

changed think

it was 2016

ted actually

wrote a letter

to the media

saying I’m ready

to talk and I

would love to

tell my side

of the story

and how I’m not

crazy but nobody

really cared

they were like

sorry fool like

you are crazy

I was watching

a couple of

interviews with

David ted’s

brother and

you can really

see how the

guilt he felt

for turning

his brother in

like they were

such a loving and

close family

and then he had to

turn on him

which sucks

like that’s

your only sibling

and that’s your

only family

member yeah

but he had to do it

I mean he had to

that is the

story about

The Unabomber

pretty much

the Unabomber

wanted an anti

tech revolution

and it’s interesting

because I always

thought again

that The Unabomber

was this was

this person

who was targeting

innocent people

which he did


but he had great points

he went about it

the wrong way

if he didn’t

kill people

he probably

could have done

some really

great things

with his mind

cause he’s a

very smart man

let me know

your thoughts

down below I hope

that you have

a wonderful day

today you make

good choices

thank you so much

for hanging

out with me

today other than

that I hope

you have a very

wonderful day

today you make

good choices

and I’ll be

see you guys later bye

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