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going on today is

still bad people are

still dying

but it’s not as bad as the other ones

okay so a lot of you who have been

watching probably know normally I

start off the

video talking

about the said to be killers

background and like

where they came from blah blah blah blah

right so today

there’s just like so much to the

story I thought

I’m just gonna like jump into it and hopefully this

doesn’t come out confusing

I’m gonna try my best

I’m trying something different I

gotta learn

March 14th 1998

Los Angeles police receive a 9 one one call

about a body being found okay

oh she’s jumping

right into it

now there was

a homeless person who was like out in an

alley digging through the dumpster looking for

food or something sad

and unfortunately

he came across

a body so the police department comes out

and they see a

white male he’s

wrapped in a garbage bag

and he’s inside the dumpster there was no

identification on

his body so they had no idea who this guy was

he had no shoes on but

the bottom of his feet were clean

which indicated that

this was a body dump and the murder had

taken place

somewhere else

that’s what the police had determined police examined

the victim and they saw that it was a

close shot to

the back of his head that killed him there’s a

a gunshot in the back of his head they send the body

to the coroner’s office for an autopsy

and while there they’re able to ID the victim as

David Kasdan

so then police

go down to the

victims home

David kasdan’s children

they had already been notified they were waiting

for the police at

david’s house

David kasdan’s

daughter had noticed that

their father’s car

was missing from the garage

and they also noticed some damage that was

on this like

stone wall just outside the

driveway so investigators go and they

check it out and they see that there’s like blue

paint on the wall it’s the same

color of his

car so that is indicating that somebody left in a hurry

but there’s no

other evidence of foul play

so investigators had asked like

does your father have any enemies

anyone that

would want to hurt him and his children

who are grown

adults by the way but they are

quick to say hell yeah

65 year old

Santa chimes

oh and her 23 year old son

Kenny David

kasdan’s kids presented the

police with a letter that that he had written to Sante

several days

prior now in this letter

he said that he didn’t want to cooperate with the

crimes in a

particular loan

fraud scheme

now David kasdan’s daughter

doesn’t know the specifics of this scheme

but she recalls a strange

conversation she had with her father just days before

he had disappeared see his

daughter was over at his house

and there was this car and it was just like parked out

in front of her father’s

house and her father

was super suspicious

of it and he

David Kasdan

he told his

daughter if you ever see that car

don’t go outside I don’t know why but like

David kasdan’s daughter

like didn’t

push further for answers

she was just kind of like oh okay I

would have been asking

shit ton of questions we don’t

know who’s that

should I go talk to them what

should I say okay so who is the Sante and

Kenny Kemes

that David caste’s

daughter had mentioned

well David Kasdan

take a shot

every time I say it I

guess he had

known Santee and

Kenny Chimes

and their family for many

many years David

had been friends with millionaire

Ken Chimes senior

Since 1974 then

David had worked on an insurance

claim for the family when Ken Chimes

Senior passed away

David had been

threatened by

Santee and Kenny recently

the threats were coming in via

telephone personal appearances

and letters

saying that

David needed to

watch out and go

along with their plans or else

anyway so detectives

check into the

background of

sant’e Chimes and her son

Kenny Jr and they

soon find out that one of them has a pretty lengthy

rap sheet miss

Sante over here had been

quite busy sante

had served time for involuntary servitude or

slavery this being the most

recent case

she had also been incarcerated for theft

and fraud she had a pattern of luring

Mexican and

Latin American

immigrants to come work for her as a maid

with promises

of good treatment

travels and a job

but for the most part she just

completely lied to

these people

about everything though when Sante

walked into a room she got attention from everybody

men and women

okay and I’ll tell you why

because she had a resemblance

spot on resemblance

to Elizabeth

Taylor and she played that up

friends would say

that Santee

would say that she yeah she was Elizabeth

Taylor cause like people

would recognize her and

think she was Elizabeth

Taylor santee

would just play that up and be like Yes

I am Elizabeth

Taylor darling

or whatever she

would do and she

would just give free shit

but Santee also had charisma to go with the looks

which she felt like gave her

power over men

so police were surprised

by her history

but the slavery charges

is what concern them the most because of her violent

treatment towards her mates

okay Santee

had mates at one point

she would make them

clean already

clean floors

they were not allowed to

leave or talk to anybody she

would like walk them into the

house they just

weren’t allowed to do anything without her permission

on several occasions

she actually beat the crap out of some of

her maids as well

like one of her maids

clean something

wrong or like she just didn’t listen to her santee

took the iron

and burned her with it another maid said that

she had beat her with

I’m not laughing

coat hangers

when she didn’t

clean correctly

I was kind of giggling because I was

thinking of

Mommy Dearest

no more wired hangers

you know that

right let’s hope

a lot of you guys are

kinda young

watching this

mommy dearest

look it up on top of all that the maids

they didn’t even receive pay for their work

and because they were illegal immigrants

santee completely took advantage of them

so then in 1970

Santee meets

real estate millionaire Ken

Chimes you see

Santee was reading a local

magazine and she came across this article

about Ken Chimes

and like how rich he was

how he recently went through a divorce

so then Santee

does her homework okay she does her homework on Ken

she finds out

that he’s worth

millions of dollars

and he’s recently divorced

and she’s thinking

oh yeah baby

jackpot she was determined to make Ken

hers I mean she was just

ready to live

the life of a wealthy

millionaire because she thought she deserved that

so Santee did more homework on Ken

and she realized well she

found out what he liked

and tailored herself to fit that image

for example

ken’s favorite

color was white

exciting so then Santee

decided to wear

white all the time

Ken love the

smell of gardenias

so that became her signature perfume

she wasn’t wealthy at this

point like Ken

so she made

sure to dress in a way that exuded

wealth status

highbrow money

and it was all

just designed to help get what she wanted

santee was constantly

throwing herself at him

and eventually it

stuck took some time

but it worked

the 2 began

to hang out and to date and they had fun together

Sante had provided some

excitement to his life it was

kind of boring and bleak and it wasn’t long before Ken

SR becomes aware of

sant’s criminal behavior

and he allowed her to

carry on with her maids

see when she

moved in with Ken

this millionaire that’s when she really

started to to get

these maids because they

could afford it

now it’s said that Ken

it said that he was seduced into the situation

sante was the boss

she called the shots Ken just went

along with it he had nothing to do with

these maids but I mean come on

so then 5 years

later Santee

gives birth to

Kenny Junior in 1975

so this is the son

of Ken Chimes

SR the millionaire

right Kenny was

treated as the prince of the

households you

could do no

wrong this baby was

everything to her

I personally

think it’s because this baby

was guaranteed

money for Santee

being the son of a very wealthy man

Ken chimes the millionaire

he told friends

and even Santee that he didn’t want to marry her

he knew that she was

after his money

and all of his

money was going to his children from the previous

marriage so

Santee was like well

shit I will just like get pregnant and trap his ass

that’s my assumption

a few years

later the Chimes

family they

moved to Las Vegas

I mean right off the bat

Santee is transforming

Kenny her baby

into her accomplice

santee would take him

shopping with her in a

stroller you know she

would have her baby in the stroller

and it’s not

funny it’s really sad that she was

using her baby to

help her but her kid is just sitting in the

stroller like

excited to be

alive she would

stuff items into the

stroller she would even

stuff items

underneath the baby to like hide them and

steal it she controlled

who he could see

when they can see them

Kenny was also tutored at home

santee didn’t want him to have

any friends or contact with people without her approval

Kenny did get a chance to

break away from his

mother’s tight

grip when Santee

finally received jail time

for slavery

apparently one of the maids

had escaped

out of the house

and called 9 one

one it’s not

funny but like just the

whole thing is like

crazy like what is happening

but luckily one of the mates

escapes and calls 9 one one and gets out of that

abuse Kenny

would say he saw the detectives come and arrest his

mother and said it was just

devastating for him

but Santee was

taken away to go to prison

and that’s when

Kenny actually

had a shot to live a normal life away from his mom

so Santee only got a 5 year prison

sentence and they determined that her boyfriend Ken

senior he wasn’t involved in any way

so she goes away

and then while she’s away

Kenny and his father they actually like grew really

close together

Ken senior he decided to

like he retired so he was home to really take care of

Kenny and he enrolled

him into a private

elite Catholic

school in Las Vegas and

Kenny was able to like go to

school and make friends and just be

quote unquote normal

even though he’s

going to an

elite private

school but yeah normal

kenny’s father also

admitted like that he

spoiled Kenny during this time

and he was trying to like buy his love

but that didn’t last long

santee was released from prison

in December of 1989

and she had only served

3 years of the 5 years that she was sentenced

and the old patterns of control

emerge again

so in the fall of 1993

Kenny enrolls into college

he seems to be

doing well kind of like away from his

mother but then in 1993

Ken SR dies

suddenly from an aneurysm

now when this happened

Santee was really

worried because she

didn’t have her name on anything not one deed not one

checkbook or even a credit card here’s his wife of a

multi millionaire

who has no access to any of the

money or his

money whatsoever

Ken sr’s will

it was said that

everything was to go to his children

from his previous marriage

but did not include

Kenny Jr or

Santee at all

fucked up I think

maybe he just forgot to update it but so Sante

she like calls

Kenny her son who’s at college now

and she just is telling him how

worried she is she

doesn’t have any

money what is she

gonna do and

really just dumps all of

her stress onto him

so then Kenny

he ends up just

dropping out of college

and he returns home to live with Santee

help take care of her

so Kenny begins taking part in more of his mother’s

schemes as she

tries to liquidate the

assets of her now past

lovers estate

so back to Los Angeles investigators are

suspicious Sante

and Kenny chimes

but they need to find a motive

cause remember the

death we talked

about in the beginning they

think it’s Sante and

Kenny chimes right

I’m wondering if how I’m

setting this up is confusing we’re already here police

piece together

the details of

the loan fraud

scheme santee

took a $280,000 loan out on her house

in David castin’s name

David received a loan book in the mail from this bank

saying that he now

owed a certain amount of

money every

month for a loan that he had

taken out on

that house so

when David got this in the mail he’s like what the fuck

David tells the bank that the mortgage is not his

and then the bank

freezes the account police discover the

money had been

transferred to an account belonging to Santee

so then Santee

somehow figures out that somebody has cotton on to her

she calls and threatens

David Castin

to go along with the loan

fraud or else

so police at this

point now are like okay we have a motive for

David castin’s murder

so they go out to the Las Vegas

house the one that the loan

was taken out

and they find it is the subject of an

arson investigation

you see the

house it was set on fire

and burned down

santee and Kenny at that

point were long gone and had

moved somewhere new

so police went

to interview the notary public that had forged

David caston’s name

on the loan documents

now this person had been told by

Santee that

she had the

power of attorney to sign

David kasdan’s name to the loan documents

which in fact

was not true this person also goes on to tell them that

she notarized a new deed for the same

house with the name

Robert Mccarran

so police go looking for this

Robert guy and they’re

having a really hard time finding him they believe that

Robert was a possible

victim of kidnapping

so police find this 911 call that

Robert had made

after escaping from

Santee and kenny’s home

remember how I said that the one of the maids had

escaped from the

house and called 911

well that was Robert

they were able to locate

Robert Mccarran

at a homeless shelter so

Robert tells investigators that

Santee hired him as a

houseman what do you call a man made

made so Robert tells investigators Santee

also hired a man

named Sean to be the family chauffeur

Sean was told by

Santee to watch

Robert the house elf

and to keep control of him and was told to assault

Robert when he wasn’t doing what

Santee instructed him to do

this chauffeur guy was

in charge of

Robert and making

sure that he was like following the rules and like

would beat him and

stuff forge hold on detectives then

look for this guy Sean the chauffeur

Sean he admits he sold

Kenny a 22 caliber handgun

and the 22 caliber that

Kenny had purchased matt from

David castin’s body so he agrees to let police know

if he hears from

Santee and Kenny again

but other than

that he really had nothing else for them police soon

learned through questioning witnesses

that the 2 were now in Florida

they had made

their way all the way to Florida

they ended up in Florida

because Santee and

Kenny were making

their way to the Bahamas

where Ken SR

his money was

apparently he had an offshore

count in the Bahamas

where he stored a lot of

money and Santee

wanted her hands on that

but before LA police

could get out to Florida

Santee and Kenny

are on the move

again they both realized that there are much bigger

targets in New York City

and there is a lot more

money over there

for example

Irene Silverman

who was 82 years old Irene was a New York socialite

santee and Kenny

found out that Irene

Silverman had a

multi million dollar mansion

on the Upper East Side

she had rented out

rooms partly for

money and partly for company so Irene

her extremely

wealthy husband had passed away

and again it was like put in a magazine

and that’s how Lexante

found out we

gotta stop doing that

she found out that the Cyrene lady

she had took on

all of her husband’s wealth

she was just loading and then

on June 14th 1998

Santee and Kenny

they arrive in New York

Kenny goes straight to the townhouse

and he shows up there with a

reference and 6 000

cash for the first

month’s rent Irene

she did ask

Kenny for an ID and to get a credit application

but Kenny kept reassuring her that he was

gonna get it to her ASAP

tomorrow yeah I’m

gonna get that to you

so Kenny then moves into the

apartment 1B

He does this

under the name Manny

Guerin a few days

later eva his assistant

moves in as well

and this Eva assistant

was actually his mom

Santee they wanted

to get rid of Irene

steal her identity

and then be able to take over irene’s finances so they

could be rich

wealthy and just

live their life that was the plan but Irene

she’s suspicious

you see she goes back and she asks

Kenny aka Manny

can you complete this credit application

and every time she asks he says like oh yeah I’m

gonna get you tomorrow

and then Irene

also notices

that whenever

kenny’s like walking in the hallway or leaving his

apartment he’s

avoiding the security cameras

he was always trying to stay

close to the walls and he

avoided showing his face on the cameras too

Irene then like confides and friends

about the strange new tenants in One B

Then she decides

to evict them

on July 5th

so then back in Los Angeles Stan

so he contacts police

says that he received a call from Santee

in New York and that she wanted him to come out there

so he could manage

an apartment

building that she was getting

santee suggested that he brings

his toys she meant

to bring his

collection of guns

so police decide to use Stan

okay and they arrange a sting operation

for Stan to fly to New York

meet with Santee and

Kenny at which

point police were

gonna grab the 2 and take them into custody

once New York police

have them in custody

they’re gonna fly them back to LA

for questioning those

dan plans to meet

Kenny and Sante at a hotel

so New York

police set up surveillance at the

hotel around

5 p m Sante and

Kenny show up police they waited for the perfect moment

and then they

moved in for

their arrest

now at that same time across town

the New York police are called to the

house of Irene

Silverman now Irene

was missing

Irene hadn’t

taken a step outside of her Manhattan

townhouse by herself in 15 years

so when she was missing that day it raised

alarms immediately

her rental agent called the police that day

and the workers

quickly suggested

to police that they look into the tenant of One Bee

detectives want to talk to this mysterious

Manny Garen

but they are

completely unaware

that the Manny guy was really

Kenny who just got arrested across town

so the next day

Irene silverman’s disappearance

hits the papers

and eyewitnesses are able to give the police

a description

of the tenant

that was living in 1B

and then a sketch is made up

they release the

sketch of Manny

and they put it out there

one of the federal

agents who had arrested

Kenny and Santee

he realized the

sketch of this Manny guy looks exactly like that guy

Kenny look just like him this

point New York police question Santee and

Kenny they deny

any knowledge

of Irene Silverman

don’t know her

never live there who

so the next day police they locate

Santee and kenny’s car and

inside where they find a 45

caliber gun

there was a

large black

nylon bag found

in the trunk

they also find a date rate drug a stun gun

a 9mm Glock

22 000 in cash

forged social

security cards

and a forged document giving them

power of attorney in Irene

silverman’s name

a lot of forging

going on they also

found a set of 13 spiral notebooks

santee kept

the spiral notebooks and had pages and pages of notes

one entry said

quote get social security number

elderly people

easy targets

end quote the

notebooks also contained information relating to the

David Kasdan murder

the most significant pages in

sante’s notebook were the entries that stated

kill D K Who

could DK be

David Kasdan

a few weeks later

LAPD detectives

arrive in New York hoping to get a confession

for the murder of Mr Kasdan

but their case is weak

they have a motive

but no witnesses

and no weapon

David Kasdan was shot with a 22

caliber handgun

but none of the guns

found in their car

matched the murder weapon

so police then locate

Shawn talk to him

again because his name was mentioned

again and again in

sant’s notebooks

Shawn then goes on to say that

early one morning

Kenny came and picked

Shawn up they

drove out to

David kasdan’s house

Shawn didn’t know who

David Kasdan was

but Kenny told

Shawn just to like wait outside

so like Shawn is just waiting there

and he hears a pop like a loud

pop like a gunshot

Kenny comes outside and tells

Shawn to come into the

house and when

Shawn walks into the

house he sees

David Kasdan

lying on the

kitchen floor

Kenny told Shawn to

go out to the

driveway and to back in

David kasdan’s car into the garage

and they could load

david’s body into the

trunk Kenny

loads the body and they put him in the back of

David casson’s own vehicle

and then look

Kenny and Sean

leave david’s body

and car near the airport

they throw the gun

down the sewer

and then they make

one last stop he

drove to a floral

shop on the way home and they purchased a bouquet

of flowers for

kenny’s mom

so now police investigators have this new information

the detectives they

drive back to

david’s home

and they conduct

a luminol test

so they do this

luminal test

and they see that there was evidence of

blood in the kitchen

proving that

shawn’s story has credibility

awesome so finally

the LA prosecutors

have a case

with Shawn as

their star witness

so on December 16th 1998

Santee and Kenny

are in New York and they are facing 84

separate charges

including the

second degree murder

of Irene Silverman

the New York murder case was

kind of rough there was no body

there was no confession

and there was no DNA

and both had pled not guilty

it was all circumstantial evidence they did have

125 witnesses

but they knew without a body

it was gonna be hard to prove

and finally on May 18th of 2000

Santee and Kenny were

found guilty

on all counts

how they did it I don’t know but they did I

think it was the

125 witnesses

that really sealed the deal together

they’re sentenced

to nearly 250 years in prison and Santee

she launched this

media campaign to try to convince the

press that she was innocent she

claimed that the evidence was

planted and that the police had framed her

now you can

watch clips of her

having these meltdowns I didn’t do it

how could the police do this to me

I feel bad for the American

people like she was

you kind of want to believe her you’re like yeah lady

yeah she’s a

great actress

she should have been an actress

back in California

officials announced plans

to have the both of them

to stand trial for the murder of

David Kasdan

so in the meantime before that in

October of 2000

Kenny was doing an interview

with Court TV

now in this interview

Kenny had just snapped

he rushed the reporter he held her hostage

Kenny was able to grab all

point pen and

press it to her

throat he demanded that his mother

not be sent to California

where the 2 were

going to face the

death penalty

so he’s holding this lady hostage for 4 hours

4 hours of negotiation

Kenny finally removed the pen

from the reporter’s

throat negotiators had created some kind of distraction

and wrestle

Kenny to the ground I mean he was already

found guilty he probably was like fuck it

finally in 2004 the

trial begins for the murder of

David Kasdan and

suddenly prosecutors are

blindsided because

their star witness

Sean remember the one who was like yeah I was there

he disappears he just vanishes

Sean was their main witness people are just panicking

but luckily luckily

a few days later

Kenny decides to talk

Kenny agrees to testify

against his

mother only if neither of them will receive the

death penalty

so over the course of

3 days Kenny confesses to the murders

and tells detectives that

David was going to report them

and Santee wanted him dead

he described in detail how he and his

mother Santee

had lied and stayed in the

building owned by Irene

and they’re like oh shit finally we’re

going to hear what happened to Irene

would stay in his

apartment one being

right and they

could see everything that was

going on from like the little peephole

on their door

and they were waiting

for the perfect time to attack Irene

so they were just

watching her through the peephole

they see Irene

walking down the hallway

alone they’re like this is the perfect time

Kenny open the door

santee used a

stun gun on

poor Irene and

Kenny with his bare hands

strangled Irene to

death he and Santee

then placed her in a

large duffel bag then put

her in their

vehicle and

transported her several

miles away dumped her body

in a dumpster

behind a gas station

Kenny testifies

against his

mother he pleads

guilty and is sentenced to life

santee she represents herself and pleads not guilty

she stood by that she

claimed that the cops

threatened her son with the

death penalty and forced him to make a

false confession

and that her

trial was just like the

Salem witch

trials and she

claimed that the prosecutors

were guilty for

murdering the Constitution I’m serious

you guys see her theatrics

murdering the Constitution of the American people

she’s very dramatic the judge then

ordered Sante

not to speak

he’s like you’re

done talking he also tells her she’s not allowed to

speak to the

media because she was calling the

media people all the goddamn time

the judge felt that

Santee was attempting to

influence the jury

as they may have seen or

heard interviews she was giving out

smart anyways in the end

Sante is convicted of

first degree murder

in the case of

David Casdin

on July 7th of 2004

she was sentenced to life in prison

at the correctional facility in New York

this day they

still have not

found irene’s body

which is awful

and Kenny like also sentenced to life in prison

and is currently


at a correctional facility

in California santee

she ended up

dying of natural

causes in May of 2014

some believe that Kenny

should have gotten a

lighter sentence

they think that his life

would have followed

a different path it hadn’t been for his

mother her controlling ways

only did these

things because his mother

brainwashed him and convinced him to go

along with her

crimes tati had

never confessed

to any of the

crimes even to the day she died

which is like lady just give it up at that

point just give it up

naturally Hollywood

was like yes we need to make this into a movie

2001 a made for TV

movie called like

Mother Like Son

it starred married

Tyler Moore as Santee

that was pretty

successful movie

and then another

movie in 2006

about the case

it was called A Little

Thing Called Murder

and that was a Lifetime

movie so you know that was cheesy

and good and then in 2009 they even had their own

feature on Dateline

so that is the

story of Santee and

Kenny Chimes

they called them the

mother daughter Bonnie and Clyde

I hope that wasn’t too confusing

it seems like

Santee she just wanted to be rich

and she went

after that goal

in her life and I just want to let you guys know that

you know you just need to set better goals for yourself

like if you want to be rich that’s

great that’s awesome

but maybe like

earn it not kill people for it and

steal their money

that’s my advice for you let me know what you guys

think of this case do you

think Kenny

should get an easier sentence

but other than that

I hope you have a wonderful day

today you make good choices

and I will see you guys later bye

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