Murder, Mystery & Makeup - The Awful Gary Heidnik - Church Cult & Cellar Girls

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a lot of the

times you guys ask me bailey bailey bailey bailey

bailey are there any cases that really bother you

this story but this one is just

today i am going to talk about gary hyde nick

are you familiar

with this piece of crap

anyways i will shut up and just let’s get into it okay

so gary hide nick

he was born in november of nineteen forty three

he was the oldest of two children raised by michael and

ellen hide nick his parents

but the kids weren’t raised

in the home with both of their parents michael and

ellen divorced by the time gary was only

three years old

gary and his younger brother were raised by his

mother ellen

for about four years and then their father michael for

about seven years and then gary was sent to

a military academy

for about two years

it was just

hard upbringing i mean

kind of going back and forth between homes

gary claimed that he suffered a lot of emotional

abuse by his father

specifically due to his bed wetting

whatever reason gary continued to wet the bed for years

and years after moving in with his father

and according to gary it

would send his father into just

he was beyond livid he was so enraged so

pissed at gary for wetting his his sheets

that he would force gary

to take his sheets that he wet

and he would hang them outside

for all of the neighbors to see

so it was like a form of punishment but also

supposed to be like embarrassing to gary

so i guess he would stop wetting the bed

according to gary’s father he’s no longer

alive but when he was

alive gary’s father heavily denied any type of abuse

going on so then gary was sent to military

school which was probably somewhat

nice compared to his home life because of how like

toxic it was

and in military

school they tested

gary’s iq which was

between 130 and 148

so he was pretty

smart little cookie

and then in the army gary’s

drill sergeant

rated him as

excellent and he was very

successful at

his training he was then

trained successfully as a

medic in texas

and was transferred to germany

where he served at the 46th army surgical hospital

everything seemed to be

going really well for gary like

doing really well

since going to military

school and in the army

and then things just

started to go downhill for gary

he began to feel really unwell

gary would call in sick to work complaining of nausea

headaches blurred vision and dizziness

not much is known

about gary’s mental

state at this time

but by the time he saw a doctor

he was thought to have a full

blown mental illness and was prescribed anti

psychotic on drugs

it’s a little unclear as

to like how it went from feeling nauseous and dizzy to

a serious mental illness but

there’s really not much i

could find about it

it was just kind of like oh yeah he’s

dizzy nauseous

and then it was like mental illness i don’t know

i was confused on that part but

it is what it is

so once gary was prescribed

these anti psychotic

prescriptions i should say

he was then discharged from the military with

a full disability

pension and then

shortly after his

honorable discharge

gary went on to become a

licensed practical

nurse and he even worked at a va

psych hospital for a time before

being fired

and he got fired

because he had rude behavior

towards his patients

he was snapping and

he just he wasn’t

doing a good job

so from 1962 to around 1987

gary spent majority of his time

in and out of

psychiatric hospitals

but this time he wasn’t working he

was actually a patient himself he was prone to extreme

bouts of depression with

multiple suicide attempts

and it seemed

like depression

had run in the

hide nick family his

mother his brother i

think his father all had

struggled with

depression and all

tried to commit suicide at some

point which is

just awful in 1970 gary’s

mother she ended up committing suicide by

drinking mercuric

chloride i’m

laughing because once

again i can’t pronounce words we know this

right we know this by now

i have a speech impediment

okay and my mouth

doesn’t move in certain ways it’s very frustrating

but yes she made this poison mixture

she went down into like the basement she

drank it and then she died

things that i read

said that ellen the mother

she was in an abusive relationship and she wanted out

and she felt like the only way she

could get out was if she

killed herself

sadly so she

drank this poison

and ended it unclear

if gary was really

close with her at this

point but at the end of the day it’s still here

her family so i’m sure it still

is hard so then

later on gary went on to

marry and have children with several

women however the

relationships were

far from normal the first

marriage was to a woman

named betty some

reports say it was

she was a mail

order bride

she came from the philippines

how they met

not really sure but they were like writing letters

back and forth she really knew nothing about him

she came to the us from the philippines

they got married sadly she

entered into this very abusive relationship from gary

he would force

betty to watch as he had sex with

other women

and he repeatedly

would rape and assault her

numerous times until she

was able to escape

and she fleed back home to your country

at that time

when she fleed back home she was pregnant with his

child and this really

upset him so then gary had another

child with a woman

named an jeanette

and she was

mentally disabled

she had an iq of only forty

eight so she

was mentally disabled and he took advantage of her

um he got her pregnant and the

child was immediately

taken away they

found that she was too

unfit to take care of the

child so an

jeanette was more than just like a

sexual conquest for gary

she was his official

transition into the

crimes that would

becoming he liked the idea

of how he could control her because

she couldn’t think for herself poor

thing so an jeanette gary’s

girlfriend at the time had a

sister and she was staying in a mental hospital

or institution and in 1978 he signed

his girlfriend’s

sister out of the mental institution

where she was living

she was brought back to the home

where gary and an jeanette

were living now gary decided to just keep her here the

sister for 10 days and he repeatedly raped

sodomized and tortured her now an

jeanette didn’t like do anything because again she was

mentally ill

she wasn’t like fully

aware what was happening

or even like how to approach the situation and her

sister was the same way police went looking for

the sister because she was signed

out of this mental institution it was like a day pass

so you could take her for a couple of hours

normal ass people

would go out for

lunch or something

and he had her for 10 days so

the police were called

police went looking for her

gary was the

one that signed her out so of course they went to

his house and when police finally

found her she was

covered in blood and she was just

completely terrified and she was hiding in the basement

gary was charged with kidnapping rape

unlawful restraint

false imprisonment involuntary deviant

sexual and intercourse

and interfering with the custody

of a committed person

now when i read that i was like oh shit yeah he

would be locked up forever

right cause that’s a long list of like some

effed up schismitz

nene of course

not gary’s original sentence was overturned on appeal

and gary spent only

three years of his incarceration in mental institutions

so there’s that

so then in nineteen

seventy one gary was out

right and he moved

he moved to philadelphia

and while in philadelphia

gary was like you know what i

gotta like do something

right he really liked

controlling people

he was like i’m kind of good at it

i should like

stick with that

so in 1971 gary

started the united church of

the ministers of god i have to add a side note because

i guess cause

i was kind of like looking up united church of

the ministers of god

which is quite a name

but i guess it’s like an

actual church

right this is a

legit church

where people do

great things for one another it has

great community whatever

now gary took this

name and kind of created his own church so

if you see a church and it’s called tonight church

of the ministers of god it has nothing to do with

gary he considered it to be a church and

and at first he had

about five followers

and a fifteen hundred dollar investment

who he got the investment from

no idea i have no idea

but he got it

things grew

pretty quickly for gary gary

ended up raising

about almost um

five hundred thousand dollars for his church

slash cult i’m

gonna call it what it is

i’m not saying

churches are cults

but what gary was doing

was essentially a cult

so he raised up

about five hundred thousand dollars from

people donating

their money

and at this time he seemed

to really master and

learn how to

manipulate people

so according

to gary’s neighbors the members of this colt

church they showed up

every sunday

for service inside of gary’s home

and this is a quote from

the neighbor

in an interview they went on to say that everybody who

attended this

church they were usually

mentally ill

really sad okay

so gary did keep this church

cult thing going for

until he gets arrested

but he still like wasn’t

fully satisfied he wanted

those sexual

partners but non consenting partners he wanted that

again he wanted

new sex victims

but this time he wanted you know to not get caught

so gary went out

and in the area

where he lived there were a lot of sex workers

and he comes across this

woman named josefina

rivera and she was 25 at the time

she was heavily

addicted to drugs she was working as a sex worker for

quite some time

she had children as well but they were

taken into foster care i believe

because of her drug

abuse sadly

these are things that she she says

he lures her into his car by the promise of

money in exchange for sex

so while josephina was getting redressed

after doing whatever they did

sex i’m assuming gary came up and choked her

until she passed out he then takes her back to his home

dragged her down to his basement

shackled her limbs together with

chains he sealed the bolts with super glue

so she couldn’t

escape now at this time you know

of course naturally

like any of us would

josephino was like

screaming just being very very loud

hoping somebody hears her

but this obviously pisses

gary off so then he just like

beats her with a stick

until she stops

screaming for help now gary had built this

thing in his basement or like

dug it up it was called like a pit

a big hole in the ground

and his thought process was he was

gonna put people in

these things

and then like

board them up in these pits

so he had built

this pit already and he put josephina into

the pit or a pit

cause he had multiple

boarded it up and sealed her in there

so josephina was locked up there

for about three days

and then gary

shows up with another

woman named

sandra and she was 24

it was obvious

to josefina that she

sandra was mentally disabled

josefina asked

sandra like how did you get here

how did he get you

sandra said that she was

on a walk to the local

store like she wasn’t even that far from her home

when gary had offered her a ride

and then he

knocked her out and took her back to his home

so same thing gary took

sandra and he

chained her

in the same fashion as

josephina and then disgustingly he

would force

the other women to

watch as he raped

each other how

awful how awful

this is a lot of our fears like

on new year’s day in 1987

deborah was brought into the basement

now later it

would be said that

debra was more feisty

like she was confrontational

wasn’t afraid to

stand up to gary and like

spit in his face and

stuff like he deserved

and she would yell at gary she needed tampons

she needed a shower

but she wasn’t afraid of gary

and she was very confrontational

this forced gary to

make some changes so

he ended up purchasing a

portable toilet for the

women because

they didn’t have one he also finally gave the

women tampons because

they didn’t have any

since being in there

none of the girls had

taken a bath

he allowed them now to bathe

josephina she would

later say that

gary was very unpredictable

and you never knew what to

expect when he came down

the stairs one day

after gary realized that the girls

could hear him coming and

going out the front door

he didn’t like that because he knew

like as soon as

if they knew that he left they

would be really loud and they

would try to escape

so gary decided

to this part is horrifying

but he well all of it is shut up bailey

he shoved screwdrivers into

their ears and punctured

their eardrums so they couldn’t hear him anymore

so to the girls disobeying

gary was very dangerous

and they quickly

learned that

if you spoke back he would

beat them he

would rape them he was just

awful he was

disgusting and

they knew like to follow the rules or you’re

gonna pay the

price gary would put them on punishment if they decided

to disobey him

which meant that they

would be starved

beaten and tortured

so january 18th 1987

there was one more

victim that was now

added to the mix that gary somehow got

her name was jacqueline

when she was 18 years old

and it seemed like at this point gary

was a little content

with the amount of girls he had in the basement

but then sandra

somehow disobeyed him

not sure what

she did but she disobeyed him as punishment he then put

sandra into the pit

which was like this hole in the ground

right and he

boarded her up

while gary was

like upstairs doing whatever

she tried to crawl

out of the pit that

gary had dug so since

sandra was disobeying him he then took

sandra and he

got her by her

wrist and hung her from

like a beam that was across the wall with handcuffs

and he then

starved her for days as part of her

punishment sandra was

bound by her

wrist like hanging from this beam but she was

standing if that makes

sense like her feet were still

barely on the ground when she was hanging

and she was left like this

for a week all the

other ladies in that basement were also

um bound and like

chained and

stuff so they couldn’t help

her or like help her get down at all finally gary went

downstairs to take her off punishment i

guess he then was

going to give her food and finally

unchain her

so he takes her

down from this beam and

sadly she just like

fell to the

floor she was dead

once gary realized that

sandra was dead

he knew he couldn’t just dump a body

like he would get caught so he brought

sandra’s body upstairs

and he decided

that he needed to dismember

her body i’m not

clear as far as

which girls

it was from downstairs but he brought them upstairs

to help him dismember

sandra’s body and he

convinced the girls that if the police came

saw that sandra was dead

that the girls

would be in

trouble too because they were

an accomplice

to gary’s crime they

followed what gary had said and

they helped dismember

sandra’s body gary used like a power saw

dismembered her like awful

he then took

sandra her dismembered body now

and he cooked her ribs in the oven

and then he boiled her head on the

stove now at this

point neighbors had complained that

there was a funky

smell coming from his

place they ended up calling police

police go by to gary’s

house now i’m not sure if they

smelled anything or what because police just go by the

house they ask gary like hey what’s going on

your neighbors are complaining that there’s a

funky smell

and gary says oh i just i’m

i accidentally burnt a roast

and the police are just like okay well you know just

keep down the

smell and then they

leave so i’m not sure like how did they not

smell it i mean according to

every single

documentary you

watch your true

crime whatever they always say the

smell of a dead body is like so distinct and so

strong i don’t know

i guess i’m just

expecting too much

but it’s just frustrating because like

they were so

close so once like

he convinces the police that he’s just burning a roast

gary then goes back to his

cooking he then grounds

sandra’s body

like all the meat up and he fed

pieces of sandra

to his dog he then mixes some of

sandra’s body up with dog food he mixes it together

and then he fed

it to all of his captives that are down in the cellar

so one of the

other captives debra

she was punished and i

guess he would do this

with the other girls as well and he would

electrocute them

and he would create

in the pit that he dug up he would put

water in the pit

and then he

would have the girls like sit in the

water and he would

electrocute them so he

would put like some kind of wire in the water

and it would

electrocute them

so deborah wasn’t following the rules

he puts her into the pit

of water and then he

electrocutes her

sadly deborah

died so when deborah

died instead of dismembering her like he did

previously he

ended up just taking her body and

dumping it somewhere in

somewhere not that far away but he

yeah this compelled gary

to abduct another victim

and her name was agnes

and gary was familiar with agnes already

because she was a sex worker that he had hired before

so he picked up this new

victim and same

thing he brought her down there

chained her

now remember how i said gary had ran that church

i guess the church thing was

still going on

right and it was

going on up in gary’s

home they were down pretty far in his basement when

these people

would come over for

their sunday service

they didn’t hear anything

and it’s unclear if any of the people who were

attending the

sunday service if

any of them were in on it as well they’re not sure

about that but a lot of them were

mentally ill themselves so it’s

it’s hard to say

gary had expressed to his

victims that he wanted kids

and that his

goal was to get 10 girls down into his cellar

but he also wanted to get them all pregnant

and he wanted to have what he called

a baby farm

in his cellar

but at this

point one of gary’s victims

started to figure him out like gary she was clever

she was a quick

judge of character

and she was

just motivated

by her goal

to get the f

out of there and

based on gary’s behavior

patterns josefina

began to realize that gary had a desire for true

connection and he was just

like he was just lonely

he seemed to like

really want children and he just kind of wanted like a

sense of family like this is what josefina

the victim is noticing

so josefina had like a new goal okay she’s

stuck down here

she figured

he’s obviously not just

gonna like let us go like she’s

she’s realized that no matter how much she cries

screams there he’s not just

gonna let anybody go

so she needed a new plan

and josephina set out to befriend

and she needed

to convince him

that she was on his side

so she just did as he wished

she professed her

understanding whenever she had a chance eventually

gary allowed her to go upstairs and cook for him

and watch movies together before

chaining her back in the basement

so it was working it wasn’t

quick it was taking some time this is

over like a period of time she just needed to convince

gary that she was there

to help him

and she was on his side like that was her goal

so then gary made josefina

fina the boss of the

other women

and it was gary’s way of pitting the

women against

one another

if josefina did what he said

he would bring her hot chocolate

hot dogs and he

would let her

sleep outside of the hole

the dug up area gary

then decided to use josefina to lure in new victims

it’s unclear

if she was successful at doing that or not but

he and josefina did say that that’s what she was

doing like she was helping him

essentially so

could have josefina

escape during

those times when gary had allowed her up the stairs

probably maybe yes

but that’s not what

she did because

her goal wasn’t to save herself it was to save

all of the women

that were trapped in that house

and josephina knew that if she

escaped and gary was there he

would immediately

kill the other women

because most likely she was

gonna go tell

somebody and they were

gonna come in the

house and he needed to get rid of all

these ladies

and she just felt like she couldn’t take that risk

so that’s why

she just kind of went

along with it so

after some time josefina

convinced gary to take her to her family’s house and

to say goodbye because

she was now

gonna be staying with gary forever

have their baby farm whatever

right this is what she convinced gary of

gary agrees to

take josefina back into the city

to let her say goodbye to her family

and gary then

decides to park at a gas station that was several

blocks from her home

she told him

not to pull up in

front of the home in case family members

identified the car and like called the cops

that’s what she told him so she’s like park here

and then i’ll just walk

quickly over there say goodbye

and then i’ll come back gary

told josefina that she had 15 minutes or he was gonna

do something so josefina gets out of the car

and she walked calmly

she’s just like

i’ll be right back playing it calm

and then she walks like around this corner and as soon

as she was out of gary’s site she ran to the nearest

phone booth and called nine one

one luckily a

squad car was nearby

and she was able to convince

the officers that if they allowed gary to go home

the other girls would

most likely die on

march twenty fourth

nineteen eighty seven

gary was arrested in his

vehicle at the gas station where he

sat waiting for josefina

some say he went home

and then he was arrested

and then some reports

say he was at the gas station and was arrested so

not fully clear on that but he

was arrested

police then went into gary’s home

and a lot of them were just

sick because the smell the

house was disgusting but they went down to the basement

and they were

able to save

lisa who was 19

jacqueline who was 18

agnes who was 24

and at that

point they had been in four

months of imprisonment

and torture

these women were finally

free thank god

josephina oh

thank god for her so gary was arrested and he

was attempting to get off on an insanity defense

but he was convicted

in july of 1988

and he was sentenced to death

he tried to kill himself the following january

and his family

tried to get him off of

death row in 1997

but that it just didn’t work out for him

and then on july 6 1999

gary was executed by lethal injection

as for gary’s cult

slash church

it’s hard to say how much they knew

or if they knew anything at all

i couldn’t imagine that they didn’t know

as far as the

victims go josefina has been the most

vocal and open

about her experience

throughout the

trial and for years

afterwards josephina was

painted by the

press as gary’s

actual accomplice

which was infuriating

a lot of people

and the media believed

that josephina

was indeed like helping gary

was his partner that she

should be in prison

when i read that i was like

what and the way the

media had played

it they made it seem like she was indeed

helping him out but josephina

stood by the fact that no i did what i had to do so i

could get out of there

i hate people

this poor woman

had just been held captive

and raped and tortured

she finally is free

and people are like oh

no you’re actually the bad guy

could you imagine

so a lot of people were just

against her and did not believe that she was an actual

victim oh my god she ended up

having to give

up her two youngest children for adoption

when she came out of the cellar

because she wasn’t capable of caring for them

afterwards when she was free

sadly she picked up her drug habit

again for a number of years to cope with the ongoing

trauma and then finally in

2010 she says that she found the

right therapy

she was sober she was

clean she was reunited with her children

the latest article i

found was in

2013 and she was a

grandmother of six

she said she had

found peace

she married her long

term partner

josefina did

write a book

about her ordeal

she says she has been

clean for a number of years

she does say that she struggles with

nightmares and it’s a constant struggle to deal with

again this was back in 2013

said she was living by the beach

with her partner

and she said

since living by the sea she felt

at peace she felt

safe and she felt free

this story makes me tear up

don’t cry don’t cry joseph

is so strong

well all of them

it’s sad when these

victims are set free there’s no like

there’s nothing to set them up with like therapy and

like help they just set him free okay you’re good to go

and then they’re supposed to just go into normal life

like nothing happened like can we get some help for

these victims

sadly two of the women

their lives were lost by this

awful man and

just like i

would love to know your guys'

thoughts down below

thank you guys so much for hanging out with me

today and please please please be safe

out there i hope that you guys have a really good day

today please make good choices

please be safe out there i love and

appreciate you all so so so much

and i will be seeing you guys later bye

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