Murder, Mystery & Makeup - Jose Luis Calva Zepeda - The Cannibal Poet

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so today I want to talk about Jose Louis Calava

zippita zipit zippita

I have a really hard time pronouncing English words

so I’m about to butcher a lot of names

other than that

I’ll shut up

and let’s get into this true crime story about Jose

Louis Calva Zapeta

we’re just gonna call him Jose

so Jose was born June 20th 1969

and when he was younger

when he was only like 2 years old

his father passed away

unsure as to how he passed away

but he passed away when Jose was just 2 years old

so that left him to be raised by his mother

and I think her name is Ilia

ilia e l I A Ilia ilia

anyways his mother

we’re just gonna call him mother

his mother raised him and his 5 siblings

so a really big family

he had 3 sisters and one brother

I’m sorry I didn’t even mention

but they were growing up in Mexico City 5 siblings

I mean that’s a

I couldn’t ooh

that’s a big family

especially to take care of all these kids by yourself

it was said that jose’s mother

she was just really abusive growing up

and she had very harsh punishments

so she would be physically abusive towards Jose

and his siblings

and when Jose was just 6 years old

his mother I guess she beat him pretty badly

but she also smashed his

like a brand new toy

he had just gotten

so he got like

this brand new toy truck

and again he’s 6 right

you’re excited new toy

Jose had gotten in trouble over something

I don’t know what exactly

but his mother had beat him pretty badly

and then she took the new toy

and she smashed it

and this was like

really heartbreaking to poor Jose

because they never got new toys

they never got anything new

especially because there were so many siblings

it was always like

hand me downs

Jose then decided

at 6 years old

he decided he was gonna earn some money

and buy a new toy truck

to replace the one that his mom just smashed

Jose then started shining shoes to make some some money

and he would shine

all these shoes

and then he would just save all the money he got

and then he saved enough money to buy a new toy truck

he was really excited about it

he got a new toy

takes it home

he has it whatever

when his mom finds out that he has this new toy

and when she saw the toy

she went off

I guess she then took the toy

and she destroyed it

she smashed it

in front of Jose

and then she beat the crap out of Jose

so then at the age of 7

Jose was sadly

he was raped by a friend of his brother

who was like

16 at the time

the friend was

this was obviously very traumatizing for Jose

it’s unclear if the abuse continued on

or if it was just a one time thing

either way abuse

still has a life changing effect

in general like yeah

even if it’s one time

so and then

at the age of 12

jose’s mother

she just had enough of him

at 12 she’s like

you know what

I’m done with you

you need to you’re out

you’re out of the house

she kicks him out of the house at 12

he did end up dropping out of school

he fell into just a really dark depression

and he started drinking

he started drinking heavily

I’ve mentioned this before previously

that a lot of the times

I’ll see comments that say

I am trying to

portray the criminal as

like the victim

when I talk about these backstories

and the abuse

that usually

a lot of them have gone through that

I’m siding with

bad guy okay

now I’ve mentioned this before

I’ll mention it again

I personally like

to get a backstory on people

I like to know like

what was their upbringing

like what did they experience

what was their life

like versus

just going straight to

what they did you know

they still did horrible things

and they still should be in jail

like it’s okay

to think that

their upbringing

and stuff is sad

it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have to pay

for what they did

but it’s okay

to feel sad

for these people anyways

shut up who cares

get into it anyways

back to Jose

so he realized you know

I gotta get a job

I gotta make some income

because he’s not going to school

he has nowhere to live

to make some income

Jose he worked as a clown

and he was working

alongside his

brother in law

who was working

as a magician

at the time

so this magician

got him a job as a clown

and during this time

is when Jose

became very interested in writing

and he became very

passionate about books

screenplays poetry

he just found

like that thing

he was passionate about

he also just started writing himself

would write poems

so then in 1996

Jose married a

woman named

I think it’s Aid

A I D E But

he married this woman

the 2 of them

had 2 daughters

very quickly

it was like

back to back

the marriage only had lasted

like 2 years

and then they ended up

splitting up

she moved to America

and she took the children with her

and this infuriated Jose

it sent him into a really deep depression

he really heavily

started to abuse

alcohol and drugs as well

so shortly after

his ex wife left Jose

he met this lady

named Lydia

Sanchez Valdez

now Lydia would go on

this is later on

down the road

when she was

interviewed about Jose

but she would go on

to say that

Jose was very interested

in witchcraft

and she remembered him

doing some funky shit

using herbs

and cow tongues

to practice

his witchcraft

he was trying to put

curses on people

especially like

his ex wife

it made her really uncomfortable

how obsessive he was

about the people

who did him wrong

Lydia would also say that Jose

it sounds like he was OCD

but he was obsessed

with cleaning

washing his hands

and anytime

they had sex

he would have to wash his

lower regions

before and after having sex

he just had to clean

and he had constantly

wash himself

Lydia also would say that

Jose was very abusive

not physically

but um verbally

and mentally

he was very jealous

he was very controlling

and if Lydia

told Jose like

I want to get out of this relationship

or it’s something like

I want to break up with you

Jose would turn it around

and tell Lydia

that he was

gonna kill himself

if she did so

it was just a very emotionally




side note if

you were in

a relationship

where your partner

is telling you that

they’re gonna kill themselves

if you break up with them

get the f out out

that is so toxic

luckily for Lydia

she was able to

get out of this relationship

and she was

able to get away

from his abuse

she would later

testify against him in court

and that’s where this


all came from

Jose would spend a lot of his time

writing poetry

novels and even

place screenwriting

and he took

great pride in

his writing

and he wanted to pursue

a career with this

he would staple

booklets together

of his poetry

and different stories

and create like

little books

and he will

give them out

to people on the street

just to kind of

like try and

get his work out

there I mean

you never know

who you could be

giving it to

you could be

giving it to

someone who

is a big wig

you know for Jose

his writing

it never really

took off for him

but he really enjoyed it

and he would brag

all the time

about his writing

and he would tell people

that he was a

famous writer

and he was one

of the best

in the world

he had a very big ego

while passing out booklets

of his poems

on the street

Jose met a woman

named Alejandra

alejandra me

the 2 of them

had got to talk in

and and she

found him so charming

I mean he’s

handing out

like his poetry

and she thought

his poetry was just

so lovely I mean

he was a charmer

seemed very sweet

passionate about

what he was doing

and she just

really liked

his work as well

so they got to talk in

Jose asked her like

what do you do

for a living

alejandra tells Jose

that she works

at a pharmacy

this piqued

jose’s interest

a pharmacy you say

you see Jose

over here he

loved himself

some drugs okay

he was a big fan

and a big user

of Cloneza Pan

I believe it’s

how you pronounce it

Cloneza Pan

and this medication

is used to treat

seizures and treat

certain types of

anxiety disorders

now this drug

itself is said

to be one of

the most dangerous

and difficult

drugs to be

addicted to

I mean there are many

others as well

but this one is

definitely up there

it’s very similar to like

Xanax or Volume

a lot of people abuse it

and Jose was

a big fan of it

so Jose was

like oh shit

you work at a

pharmacy awesome

and he didn’t tell

her this but

he was like

I’m just gonna use you

so I can get my drugs

so the 2 of them

began to hang out

Jose and Alejandra

and Alejandra

introduced Jose

to her mother


mother really

didn’t like Jose

alejandra’s mother

asked Jose like

what he did

for a living

he would go on to say

that he was a

a writer and

that he made

about 200 a day

selling his

written works

and this included his poetry

went on to say

that he was

a playwright

a director and

also a singer

so he just did it all

and this was a red flag

to alejandro’s mother

because she knew

he was lying

based on the

clothing he wore

you see like

if you’re making

a lot of money

you probably

have maybe just

nicer clothes

he always seemed to be in

just really

like worn holy

beat up looking

clothing so

she knew that

he was just lying

like he didn’t have money

she would also say that

she hated with Jose

everything was me

me me me me

me me me me

you know like

he was just

very selfish

it was all about him

he would just

talk and talk

and talk about

himself I mean

if you’ve ever been

around one of

those people

you know how that goes

it’s like they

come up to you

just to talk

about themselves

and then they go away

and you’re like

okay cool as

time went on

Alejandro started to see

the real Jose

he was jealous

he was controlling

lying about

a lot of things

not sure if

she ever found out

that he wasn’t

really like

a famous writer and

stuff cause

there wasn’t much

said about it

but she did just see

the jealous

and controlling

side of him

and she wanted out

of the relationship

so she got offered a job

in northern

Mexico City

which meant

that she would

have to move

she was like

I’m taking this job

cause at this time

alejandra she was

32 years old

and I failed

to mention but

she had 2 children

they were not

fathered by Jose

was a different father

she had to do

what was best for her

and her 2 kids

as well she needed

out of this


she wanted out

of this relationship

and this job offer

was going to

bring more income

help her get away

and yeah she

could just take

care of her

kids and she

would be good

so October 5th

2007 alejandra

why am I laughing

it’s not funny

I’m laughing

at myself because

Alejandra anyways

so alejandra’s

mother gets

a call that

her daughter

failed to show

up for work

and they were

asking like

do you know

where she is

what’s going on

like she always shows up

and her mother

would say like


she got that

gut feeling

that something

wasn’t right

but her first

thought was

Jose she knew

that Jose knew

where she was

that something

had to happen

and just she

just knew Jose

okay her first

thought was

maybe that like

he tied her

up somewhere

so she couldn’t leave him

because Alejandra

she told her

mother that

she wanted out of this


that Jose was


and just really

jealous and

didn’t want

her to leave

so she told

her mom this

so she’s thinking

Jose probably

tied her up

so she just

couldn’t leave him

the next day

jose’s neighbor

told alejandra’s mother

they had seen

a woman who

looked just

like Alejandra

going into jose’s

apartment on

the same day

that she had


with that little tip


mother she had

called police

as soon as she

received that


to let them

know like hey

the neighbor

saw her at jose’s house

so go down there

and find her

October 7th

which was like

the next day

police they

head over to

jose’s apartment

knock on a door

Jose he answers the door

and to police

it looks like

oh he’s just

sitting there

he was like

eating dinner

he had like

his little table set

A played out

a little napkin

bib going on

then the investigators

explain why

they were there

that they’re

searching for

Alejandra that

there was a

sighting that

that was the

last location

somebody saw her

at so we’re

going to search

the home XYZ

I’m not sure

if in Mexico City

you need to have

like a warrant

I’m assuming you do

but I’m not

fully sure anyways

but they start

searching the home

looking for

any clues or

any signs of

where Alejandra may be

was she here

is she there

maybe she’s tied up

unfortunately though

and sadly fuck

they find more than

just a clue

so they end up

going into the house

and they search

start in like

jose’s bedroom

and stuff and

they’re just

kind of looking

around no sign

of Alejandra

they open up

the bedroom closet

so they’re looking

in the closet

and they see

a dismembered

body first they

think it’s like

it looks fake

it’s not I don’t

know why people

always think

like it’s fake

well I guess

cause it’s just

kind of hard

to believe I like

look closer

and they realize that it’s

indeed alejandra

it’s her body

and they’re looking

at her body

and they see that

her right forearm

and part of

her right leg

were missing

okay like where

did that go

buddy so then

they search

the rest of the home

they’re looking for

her missing

body parts like

where are they

they have to be

here somewhere

right anyway

so they open up

jose’s refrigerator

what do they find

they find alejandra’s

missing body parts

just sitting

in the fridge

chilling they also

find a box of

corn flakes

I know suspicious

corn flakes

who the fuck

eats corn flakes

so then they

look inside

I don’t know

what leads them to look

inside the box

of corn flakes

but they look

inside the box

of corn flakes

and guess what’s

inside this

goddamn box

of corn flakes

they find what

looks to be

fried bones

inside like

deep fried but

not chicken bones

or anything

they are human bones

what what are

you doing oh

I would love to be

an investigator

for these things

god I’d be like

so corn flakes

huh so then

when investigators

first got there

they saw well

Jose answers

the door and he had

like the napkin

all tucked in

right and he was

eating dinner

he had a plate

on the table

or whatever

and like his

chair was he

was obviously

sitting eating

dinner okay

the investigators

actually look like

what was he

actually eating

well it wasn’t just a normal ass dinner

he was eating part of the fried meat

it was on this plate

and it looked like he was eating it for dinner right

so then on the stovetop they see a frying pan and

and there were chunks of

flesh and fat that were just cooked

and so there was like

some cut up lemons on the side as well

I guess he was squeezing the lemon

on top of the cooked meat for some flavor

I mean to investigators

it’s just obvious that he was cooking this meat

and he was eating it

Jose was immediately arrested

and when questioned

what happened

Jose told authorities that he choked her to death

on accident

you know because we’ve all been there

when you trip and you fall

and you accidentally choke someone to death

happens all the time

an accident my ass

Jose but okay

Jose also stood by

the fact that he did not eat any of her body

and his plan was to slowly dispose of her corpse

by feeding cooked meat

to the stray dogs that were in the neighborhood

like that makes it any better

I guess I don’t know

anyways upon a further inspection

authorities concluded that Alejandra had been strangled

by a sneaker shoelace

that had been left on the floor of his apartment

so the accidental strangulation

that wasn’t gonna fly

because it there was

there’s proof

she had the markings on her neck

and the shoelace was that

you know so

yeah so then

police also found a manuscript that Jose was working on

and the title was called Cannibal Instincts

the cover of the novel in progress

was a picture of Hannibal Lecter

which had been skewed to look like Jose

he was getting a little crafty

and like making Hannibal look like him

once Jose realized that he had been caught

in these lies

he either tried to escape or commit suicide

now this wasn’t fully clear to authorities

which one exactly

it was because Jose had jumped from a balcony

and again they don’t know if he jumped

because he was trying to commit suicide

or they don’t know if he jumped

because he was trying to make a run for it

so as one of those

he jumps okay

he gets hurt pretty badly

he was taken to the hospital immediately

and he ended up recovering

so soon after jose’s arrest

authorities linked the 2004 murder of Veronica okay

this last name is really hard casa Rubia

they linked her murder to Jose

poor Veronica had been beheaded

and her head and body had been put in like

cardboard boxes

and then dumped in the town next next door

when veronica’s body was originally found

they really had no leads

they didn’t

it didn’t really go anywhere

so it just kind of was turning into a cold case

but when Jose was under investigation

it turns out

Jose and Veronica

they were actually dating for a bit

they believed that he was responsible for her murder

Jose denied this

but all signs were pointing to him

there was also another murder of a sex worker

known as la Harocha

because her full name was never identified

that was her sex worker name I guess

but she was really well known in the area

her body was found

and it was dismembered

put in a suitcase

and it was found near jose’s apartment

but originally

when her body was found

there were no suspects at the time

and it just never led anywhere

I’ve mentioned this before in

like the toy box

killer case

that when sex workers and stuff go missing

it’s sad because a lot of the times

it’s not taken seriously

or looked at seriously by police

so it was kind of the case with that

Jose then gives authorities another person

who was responsible for killing Veronica

so Jose gives authorities

the name Juan

Carlos Perez

Jose says that Juan

Carlos was responsible for killing Veronica not him

so investigators go

and they question Juan Carlos

Juan lets authorities know him

and Jose were actually in a romantic relationship

for quite some time

Jose told authorities

that Juan was a co

worker of Veronica

and that he wanted her dead

the motive there wasn’t one

he just wanted her dead

because they were co workers

you see Jose was just trying to put veronica’s

death on somebody else

police do end up arresting Juan

Carlos Juan

said that him and Jose were indeed in a relationship

but Jose was the one who killed Veronica

and that Veronica was single

she was a mother

just like Alejandra

and she had

3 kids of her own

one also said

that Jose was the one that cut her into pieces not him

juan’s only involvement

would be that he knew that this happened

and did nothing about it

Juan was also

abusing drugs as well

so it seems like

Juan and Jose

like the relationship was mainly

using drugs together

and then a sexual relationship as well

so during the investigation

it’s brought to light

that Jose was heavily addicted

to the drug

we mentioned earlier klinosapan

I’m having a hard time

but he was also addicted to cocaine

and alcohol

like heavily

and apparently

the mixture of these substances

can cause you to do some

just very crazy

and violent

stuff of course

when they go to court

they’re gonna use that

as their defense

so investigators kind of put together this

the idea that Jose purposely

went for women

that were single mothers

because he saw it

as an opportunity

to take advantage of

these women

they were in a vulnerable spot

they were looking for love

and their jobs

were usually low income jobs

so he knew he could take advantage of

these women

control them

have them be dependent on him

so they couldn’t leave

while in jail

Jose refused

to make a guilty

or not guilty plea

his defense attorney

claimed that Jose killed a alejandra

because he was high

and he wasn’t in the

right state of mind

quote he didn’t eat her

he just cut her body up end quote

that was a defense

they were fighting hard

that he did not eat her

he just cut her up

come on so then in 2007

before reaching a conviction

Jose was found dead

in his prison cell

hanging by a belt

they also found a book

he had been writing

about himself

while in jail

and it was called

cannibal Poet

which is an odd

title for somebody who didn’t

eat his victim

but when they

first found Jose

it looked like a suicide

however he hadn’t expressed

any suicidal ideation

it seemed like he was really excited

about writing his new book

about himself

because he was a

self absorbed asshat

so suicide was a little suspicious

plus how’d he get a belt

it was reported

that Jose was receiving threats

from fellow inmates

and had been placed in a cell by himself

and he had constant


he was suspected

that he was killed

by fellow inmates

and this caused an investigation

within the prison system

of the officials


inmates also

when jose’s body was examined

there were signs

that he was tortured

and he was raped

before he was hanged

so it’s widely believed

that he was killed

he didn’t commit suicide

and nothing really came from that


that happened

inside the prison system

or the prison itself

Jose stood by the fact

that he did not eat anybody

and that he just simply

chopped them up

and he stood by that

but the book

or the screenplay

that he was writing

that they found

it was based off of his story

in that story

it said that he

ate this victim

but they were talking about

in the book

seems to be

that he did indeed

eat alejandra

it’s belief

that there are up to 10 victims

that are linked to Jose

but because he died

or committed suicide

or whatever to

it’s just unclear

they will never know

which is so frustrating

especially for the families

I would love to hear your thoughts

on this case

down below I mean

is there really much you can say about this

other than probably

better that he’s dead

which is sad

but it’s kind of

true anyways

I hope that

you have a really good day today

you make good choices

please please

please be safe out there

let me know down below

who you want me to talk

about next week

other than that

love and appreciate

you guys so much

have a wonderful day

and I’ll be seeing you guys later bye

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