Murder, Mystery & Makeup - 5 STRANGE Unsolved Missing Cases

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so I thought

today maybe we

could just like

take it back a notch it’s

still bad I mean people are

still dying but it’s you

know it lets dabble in the mystery part of my series

uh dabble do da

let’s talk about some people who

who have just vanished into thin air and like

so today I’m just

gonna be talking

about a few different people who have literally

just vanished into thin air

some have been

found and some have

not it’s just very mysterious like what happened to

these people you know like it’s just so weird

I haven’t done anything like this on my

Monday video so

let’s get into that the

first mysterious case we will talk

about is a tail

it’s like some people say it’s not real

and then some people say it’s very real so

you decide what you believe

it’s a tale of a

young boy and he was

given the name

Lost Boy Larry

in August of 1973

CB radio operators in

California received a mysterious


from what seemed to be a

young boy pleading for help over the

radio over the

radio it was reported that a

young boy was crying and sobbing


which made it difficult for anyone to

fully understand what

he was saying because he was crying so heavily and then

there was also poor signal which

added to the confusion

because people were hearing crying and sobbing

but it was also

breaking up

which made his please

incoherent tons of people

reported hearing this over the

radio airwaves what could be

heard was that the boy called himself Larry and

little Larry

claimed that he had been out with his father

rabbit hunting

in New Mexico

when they had been in a car accident

Larry said that the red and

white pickup truck

him and his father were in

it had overturned when they were

driving and it also like gone and swerved into a ditch

which then in the process

trapped the both of them inside

on the radio said he couldn’t get out of the

truck because the doors were jammed shut

and there were

rock walls on either side so he couldn’t open the door

either door

and he just couldn’t he couldn’t get out of the car

the little boy

we don’t even know if he was little but we’re

assuming he’s a little boy

he just sounded terrified

and he also

said that he thought his father had suffered a

heart attack or had been severely

injured his father

could have possibly been dead because he was

slumped over the

steering wheel

and had not

moved since the

crash he also

claimed that he had no food or water

and had no idea

where they were

little Larry here

he was using the

radio that was in the

truck to try and communicate with anybody he

could on the

outside but

again he had a really hard time because he couldn’t

to describe

where he was so anybody

could come and find them the

transmissions continued over several days

and were picked up by numerous CB

radio operators around New Mexico

and California

and even as far as

away as Wyoming and parts of Canada

so a lot of people

claim that they heard it

now it’s said that a lot of people couldn’t fully

understand what he was saying because there was just

a lot of static happening

and it was like cutting in and out

and then on top of that

it seemed like

Larry who was on the radio

he was like often

changing the channels

which could have been out of fear or

panic or maybe

because he just didn’t know how to work the radio

or clear connect with some help the signal

was also fading

in and out either from interference

or because the battery was dying

not helping

were the various operators out there who

began to mimic

the distress

messages as some sort of like sick joke

they were making fun of the boy

they were pretending to be him

pretending to cry

giving him a hard time because they believed that this

was a prank

like no one really knew if this was real or not

so people did report this

to authorities out in New

Mexico and them

thinking that there

is a missing boy out there in the wilderness somewhere

trapped in a

truck and slowly

starving to

death a search

party was organized

consisting of hundreds of people on the ground

as well as numerous

civilian and military aircraft they were

searching the remote areas of New Mexico from

where it was thought the


could be originating from but

they turned up with nothing

when they were

searching they

weren’t finding any

trace of a red and

white pickup

truck like the one described and

there was no

evidence that there was even a

Larry at all

and then at the same time

larry’s signal

gradually faded and became more distorted

with static until

it stopped all together the authorities not long

after called off the search

just in case

stations were set up

in the area to pick up any more potential messages that

might happen

to emerge from the airwaves

but there was

only silence the thought that it may have been a hoax

was feeling more

and more true

to authorities and the people helping search

people were

thinking it was a hoax

because again

they searched high they

searched low

and they just

weren’t finding anything

but also authorities had

found no one by the name of

Larry that had been reported missing the entire time

no father and son had been reported missing

by any name

like in general

so authorities

officially said

this has got to be a hoax

put it out there to the public that

yeah this is a hoax

like let’s leave it

alone whatever

but despite

them officially

coming forward saying we believe this is a hoax

some of those people who had actually

spoken to Larry

insisted it was

all genuine

there was one guy he was an army surgeon

and he claimed that he had spoken to

Larry for nearly

3 hours and he

truly believed that the boy

it was in real

trouble like it wasn’t a hoax

and then others believed that if it was really like

an elaborate

prank how come no one has ever come forward

claiming the like responsibility for it

I mean that’s what people were saying but then I was

thinking like well why

would they they probably

because that’s a lot of

taxpayers money

for that search and

stuff but what if somebody

came forward and said

oh yeah that was so and so you know people talk

people don’t keep

secrets very well

little lost boy Larry

was this all a joke

or did a young boy really die out there

alone as his

radio signal and life

dwindled away

the case to this day

still remains unsolved

whether it was a hoax

or not and it has baffled people for years

but my thought on it because I thought this

story was really interesting

but I also found it a little

bish that this army

sergeant had talked to him for

3 hours allegedly

but within those

3 hours they

weren’t able to get any more info and

or help him

figure how to get out of this

truck that he’s locked in

for 3 hours

nothing like what did you talk

about for 3

hours he didn’t give you any details like

where he lived

like what his

house looked like

you got nothing in

those 3 hours

the case of Lost Boy

Larry joins a long list

of strange phone calls from

those who have gone missing

another fairly well known case

is a strange call made by a 19 year old college student

named Brandon Swanson

now Lost Boy

Larry it could have been fake it

could have been real we don’t know

but these next ones are real people for sure

why am I laughing it’s not

funny on the evening of May

14th oh my gosh didn’t we do another case

where it was May 14th

whatever doesn’t matter okay

on the evening of May 14

2008 Brandon had been out

partying with

a group of friends

in Minnesota

he decided to

leave the party

and head home and on the way home he managed to

crash his car into a ditch

now I read that he

crashed his car and then I’d

heard that he just kind of like

went off the road a bit and got

stuck in a ditch

so I think it

might be he just got

stuck in a ditch to be honest

cause crash

sounds so dramatic

right like I

thought like oh my God it like overturned and I

Yeah anyway so let’s just say he got his car like

stuck in a ditch

it’s late at night

so Brandon gets out of the car

and he’s trying to get his

his car out of this ditch

so he can get himself home

but he was unable to get the car out

by himself and he had no

transportation obviously

cause his car

stuck in a ditch Bailey

he called his parents

at around midnight

asking for them to come and pick him up

Brandon told his parents

what happened

and where he was

and his parents

they were like sure

we will come and get you

and help you out or get your car

out of the stitch as well

Brandon told his parents that he was

near a small town

called Lind

but when his parents got to the location

Brandon was

nowhere to be found

he wasn’t there

you know so they’re a little annoyed

so they call

Brandon and they asked him

can you explain where

where you are because

we’re here and

you’re not here

they’re talking to

Brandon and they’re like okay we’re

flashing our

headlights do you see our headlights you know

they’re telling

Brandon find us

we’re sitting here

flashing it so

Brandon says

I don’t see her car I’m not seeing the headlights

I don’t know

like I don’t know

where are you

after driving around and talking on the

phone for around 45 minutes

without locating him

Brandon tells his parents on the

phone that he’s just

gonna head to Lind

which is like the

small town that he’s close by

or city whatever

he was just gonna

crash at his

friend’s place for the

night so he

could just walk there like no problem

so they stayed on the

phone a bit longer

and Branded said that he

could see the

lights of the town in the distance and

and he can also hear running

water and then all of a

sudden on the

phone you hear

Brandon say

oh shit well actually it was more like this oh shit

and then the line went

brandon’s parents

tried to call him back numerous times

every time the calls

went unanswered

brandon’s parents did report this to authorities

and a search was launched involving hundreds of people

and even their trained

search dogs

and this search

would go on for around 4

months they

searched over

100 square mile

area without finding any

trace of him

whatsoever police

end up finding

brandon’s car

but it was nowhere near

where he told his parents

he had been

authorities were also a bit confused because

the area that

Brandon had been

traveling he was

very familiar with this area so it was a mystery how he

could have gotten so hopelessly lost and how his car

had ended up so far off

off the path

now when they searched

brandon’s card there was no evidence at all that

there was any type of foul play

or that he had

any desire to

wanna suddenly

run away there was just no evidence to prove like

where did he go

so there have been a lot of theories

suggesting what may have happened to

Brandon now I

guess there was a

river that was

close by and a lot of people believe that he must have

fell into the

river cause remember on the

phone he said he

heard the water

and then the oh shit

so it sounded like

maybe he slipped

he fell into the river

and then he was washed away

some believe that he was met with foul play

somebody must have like

come up behind him

he yelled oh shit because

maybe somebody

grabbed him

one thing that was really interesting

especially to like authorities and even his family

was that the

phone was purposely

hung up it’s not like the

phone was disconnected it’s not like the phone was

dropped and you

heard nothing or whatever

Brandon on the

phone said oh shit

and then the call was

disconnected it was

quick it wasn’t oh shit

a little like ruffling

noise and then a thing

it was oh shit boom

you know what I’m saying

so that was something that

a lot of people

thought was like important to know

if he did fall into a

river let’s say

and you wouldn’t

be falling into a

river and think to hang up your

phone right

if somebody came up behind you

grabbed you and you yelled oh shit

your first thought

wouldn’t be

let me hang up this

phone call you know you

would be on the

phone like so I just grab me or you would

throw the phone

you would drop the phone

if you fell into a river

you would drop the

it was hung up

he hung up the

phone because when I

first heard this

I was like oh yeah he must have just like fell into the

river or something

but it totally make like you

wouldn’t hang up the

phone if you were falling into the

river like it’s little

things like that

that can really make a big difference

another thing that was really important

is that when his parents were calling his

phone back the

phone rang and rang and rang

and then it went to voicemail

meaning that the phone was

still on and it was

still working

you know when your

phone is dead or a

phone is broken a

phone is shut

off whatever it goes straight to voicemail

or maybe it rings one 2 times

and then it goes to voicemail

but again his

phone was ringing ringing

ringing ringing ringing ringing and then it would go

to voicemail

so they knew that his

phone was still on

they have done searches

on and off throughout

the years and they have failed to find

any clue as to what happened to

Brandon Swanson

and it seemed like

Brandon had just vanished

into thin air

to this day

Brandon has not been

found it has led people

to sit and wonder what happened to Brandon

what happened why did he yell oh shit

and that could have been

his last words ever

Brandon has not been seen or

heard from since

isn’t that weird

how do you just vanish

another strange case

is a 24 year old man

named William

Hurley so William

was originally from

North Carolina

and then he

ended up moving to Quincy


oh my God okay look I know this isn’t the time and

every video I have issues

right like every single

video I have issues

about me not being able to talk Massachusetts

this is one of

those words that I

cannot say I

think every

video I have a word that

but I used to get made fun of for this one big time

sorry Massachuse

I can’t come

visit you because I can’t even pronounce your

state correctly

yes yes yes I see your comments

I’m an idiot

why are you

watching me then

joke’s on you

anyways back to

William Hurley

so he moved to Quincy

and now this is like a suburb

of Boston and he

moved there because he

wanted or he was

living with his

girlfriend Claire

and on October 8th

2009 William

got invited to go to

his very first

I think it was a hockey game but he had

never been to

one before and his friend invited him and he was like

William was really

excited because he’d

never been this was

gonna be his

first game he was

gonna go out with just his friend

and it was gonna be a really good time

after the first period

is when William

suddenly complained that he was like really

tired from work that he just wanted to leave

and and it was

weird because like he was so

excited you

know it just it didn’t make

sense like you were just really

excited to be here

you’re tired but okay

his friend was like okay yeah

I’ll see you

later man whatever

once he left the stadium he calls Claire

and he asks

for Claire to come and

pick him up

so claire’s on the

phone with them and she’s like yeah like

where are you

cause I need your location

and William responded with

quote okay I’m not 100

sure where I am

now when William said that a person

walking by and you

could hear him in the

background he says

you’re at 99

Nashwood Street

Claire hears

this she hears like the person who’s walking by I

guess say that

and then William kind of

laughs and says

thanks man I

guess I’m at 99 Nashwood

Street and claire’s like all

right I’m like

right here I’m

right around the

block I’ll be there in like 2 seconds

and William says

my phone’s at 1

it’s gonna die so I’ll just wait for you

right here that way you’ll see me

and then yeah so you won’t be able to get a hold of me

now Claire his girlfriend

she said that she was

literally right around the

street it was

gonna take her

all of a minute to get to him I

guess she was like in the area

waiting for him

as she turned the corner to his location

she’s looking for William she’s like

where is he

he said he was

right here like

she didn’t see him so she’s like okay well

maybe I’m confused

let me kind of like just

drive around

like in a circle and just

see if I spot him he probably

just kind of wandered a little bit like whatever

and this whole

thing was just really

weird to Claire and like to any of us

really it would be

because she just talked to him

she just heard him say

that he was

right there and she

again was a

minute away so

where did he go

in that minute

so this is just

like baffling to Claire she’s like what the hell like

where did he go

he’s just gone

yes he’s just gone

weird you wanna talk

about suspicious

bitch what the

like did he get sucked up by

aliens where do you go you know what happened

Claire goes home

cause she really

doesn’t know what else to

do she’s been driving around the area for a minute and

he’s not there so she’s like

okay I’ll just go home

maybe he went back into the game

his phone did die

I’m sure he’s

gonna come back to the apartment

so Claire goes back to the

apartment she’s waiting for him

he doesn’t show up

but she does

go to the authorities and she tells them what happened

again it’s just kind of strange

because how do you explain to them that yeah was a

minute away and then he was just gone

so authorities

search the area

right and they’re looking they’re not seeing anything

where is he

and then authorities come across

a chilling discovery

Williams cell phone

it had been found they

found it it was

smashed to pieces though

it was one of those old

school like that flip

phone thing

where it had the keyboard on it LG

flipped and then you can

anyways it was like

smashed in half and the

screen was smashed and it was just all sorts of smashed

now authorities

when they kind of like invested in

in this more they knew that when you drop a phone

or when like you try to

smash a phone the

screen smashes

but the whole

thing doesn’t

break in half

they were like okay this

phone has been like run over

because it was broken in half the

screen was smashed it was like missing buttons

it was hardcore

destroyed the way that they were able to

identify that this was his cell

phone was because

the one thing that they could

identify on the

phone was the serial number that was on the

phone itself on the inside at that time no

other evidence or leads were found

and authorities were apparently

really tight

lipped about the

whole case it was

weird but nobody knew why now on

October 14th

William harley’s body was

found in the Charles

River he was

about 25 feet from the shore

and on his body they found

like his wallet and had cash on him

and there was no

visible signs of injury or foul play

or that there was like a mugging

maybe that took place

authorities determined that his body had been in the

water for just a couple of days

he had been missing for a

while now so

okay so then an autopsy was done on his body

and there was no physical injuries

that were found on him so

again they’re like there’s

nothing to determine

what happened they ruled it as a drowning

but it’s like why

did he end up in the water

what do you mean a drowning

he just went out there and like went for a swim

while he waited for his

girlfriend no

and it was just a big mystery like what happened to him

now there is a theory

and I believe this is actually

being looked at seriously by authorities

now there is a theory that the

Smiley Face Killer was responsible for Williams death

but that’s still

under investigation they also looked at

Williams phone and they saw that he was

texting Claire and saying that he was really agitated

with somebody

that was sitting next to him now the

smiley face killer

let me know down

below if you

would like me to do a

Monday video on that but

the smiley face killer pretty much took

young college students

males killed them and then put them

usually in a body of water

and then would

leave like a

smiley face

by the body

but in this case like there was no

smiley face

found or anything like that but it

could have been

before the smiley face killer

branded himself

in william’s body

in the autopsy

they do like they look for the physical

and internal damage and then they run a

toxicology separately and that

could take a little bit longer to get back

so they ran the

toxicology and they saw that

William had in his

system a date rape drug

so they believe that he

oh shit that scared me

oh fuck oh fuck so they believe now this is the theory

this is the theory

they believe that William was sitting with his friend

right the guy that was

annoying William

next to him put a date rape drug

in his beer

and then William that’s when he

starts to feel

funny right

he’s feeling

funny he’s feeling really

tired and drowsy

he tells his friend

like I’m not feeling well I

think I’m gonna go

so then he goes

theory is that the guy that was sitting next to him

who date raped him

probably got up and went out with him right

win William makes this

phone call to Claire he’s

like I have no idea where I am

because he’s disoriented he’s got the

state rape drug in his system

and the guy

who was sitting next to him

was lingering

and when he

heard William say this

he loudly said

what do you say

the location

right and he did this to

throw Claire off they

weren’t really over there

they were in a different location

but William didn’t know because he hadn’t even been

familiar with this area

the date raper

he was just like

throwing everybody off when William gets off the

phone that’s when

the person we don’t know who

he takes the

phone he probably

smashes it or runs it over

he takes William he

does Lord knows what

throws his body into the lake now

again this is

still a theory

but when I was reading that I was like

yes like that

sounds like

it could possibly

be the case

right but it’s

still under investigation

and I’m curious to see how it’s

gonna turn out to this day nobody

really knows what happened the whole

thing is so

weird hopefully

the family can get some closure

or understanding as to what happened

now we have another

story of a very mysterious


Todd Geib was 22 years old

and on June 12 2005

Todd had attended a bonfire

party at Like an Abandoned Orchid

in Casanovia

Casanovia Michigan

Todd had lived with his cousin

and this abandoned orchid was

not far a mile and 1/2 away

it was a pretty

large bonfire

party thing that was going on

apparently there were over 50 people that attended this

party so apparently at this

party they were there for a

while and then a fight

broke out and it’s unclear if Todd was involved in the

fight at all but it was

around that time

this fight breaks out

and then Todd

tells his friends at this

party that he’s

gonna take off he’s

gonna leave he just

is over it now Todd had told everyone that he was just

gonna walk back and

to his house the person who gave him a ride

kinda wanted to stay

Todd was just over it he wanted to go

now from this abandoned

orchid area it’s just like a straight

shoot you just like walk

and then he

would be able to get home mile and 1/2

no big deal

no one really thought much of it

he would be fine he reassured everybody he

would be fine

now between the time of 12 47 am and 12 57 am

Todd made a

series of very strange

phone calls

to his friend that gave him a

right to the

party he calls up his friend

and he simply says quote

I’ve had enough

he hangs up

in another call he said

quote I’m in a field end

quote and then the

phone goes dead

and then he hangs up the phone

the friend calls Todd

it’s ringy ringy ring

Todd answers or somebody answers but all that she

could hear was what

sounded like

either heavy breathing

or rushing of wind before the call cut out again

so you know that

that wind noise

when on the

phone or whatever you know kind

of it sounds like it

could be heavy breathing

so then according

to like police reports and what not the phone was

never used again

after that and no further calls

um had gone through Todd

doesn’t show up at home

everyone’s like

pretty concerned like

where is he

no one can get a hold of him

they go to authorities

and a massive search was

mounted to try and find Todd

there were around 1

500 police and volunteers

that helped

search there was also

an aircraft that was helping

search the orchid

the area around the

party and then the aircraft also

searched the stretch of road where he

was supposed to be or

would be expected to

walk to get home

again 15 hundred

people are searching

right and they find

nothing they

search thoroughly the area

3 times so the

whole thing is just

weird again like

where the f

did he go like how do you just

disappear so then July 2

2005 this is 21 days

after he’s gone missing

todd’s body was discovered

let me tell you

the discovery of todd’s body

is the creepiest

and weirdest and most

suspicious thing ever

and it was weird

for 1t of reasons

first was that Todd was

found in a pond

right in the middle of the area that was

searched numerous times

like there’s no way nobody

would have seen his body

then there was

a fact that his body was reported as being discovered

standing upright

in the water

you want to talk

about creepy look

his body was

standing upright in the

water with his

head and his

shoulders breaking over the surface

standing he was

fully closed

his wallet was on him

so they knew

authorities knew okay he wasn’t robbed he wasn’t mugged

and authorities assumed that he just

drowned he drowned

stood there and then drowned

right mm mm mm

so then an autopsy was performed on todd’s body

and it was found that he had no external injuries

but he had a

blood alcohol

content of 12

which then led authorities to rule it as an accidental

drowning while

under the influence of alcohol

now the case was closed but of course

because the

whole thing is really effing

weird there are

those who do not buy the official ruling

todd’s family

they hired their own


so when they

searched todd’s body they had determined that

okay look he had been missing for 3 weeks

and what they

had determined was that he had only been dead for

about 04:58 days

so that led

the family and

the pathologist to believe that Todd was straight up

snatched right

it was also determined that Todd had no

water in his lungs

and that there were many clues

that pointed to the body being placed in the

water after

death now if you drown

you’re gonna have

water in your lungs

he obviously didn’t drown

based off this evidence it strongly

points to the possibility that Todd was in fact

murdered yet

the Michigan Police

the Michigan

State Police

have never reopened the case

sadly todd’s family may

never know what happened

now once again

I guess I should have just done a

video on the

smiley face killer

once again theories

suggest it may have been linked to the

smiley face killers

now the smiley face killer is like that’s like their

their factors

young boy or

early twenties

college student

water but again there’s no like

smiley face found

in the area

which was their signature

maybe it was a copycat killer

maybe it was

the smiley face killers

but one thing we do know for sure

is that Todd did not drown

Todd did not go for a swim

but Michigan

State Police are like nope

sorry he drowned

he went for a swim he drowned

now the last mysterious case we have

is Henry Mccabe now Henry

was from Minnesota

now his disappearance has potential clues hidden

within an eerie voicemail

31 year old

Henry Mccabe went out to a

nightclub in Spring Lake Park

on the evening of September 7th

2015 so that evening at 2 28 AM

henry’s wife Karen

who had been away

visiting um

California at the time

she received an

uncomfortable unsettling what the hell voicemail

on her cell phone

so on this voicemail it features 2 minutes of a

strange you cannot make out what he’s saying or what’s

going on there’s moaning there’s groaning

there’s screams and there are growls you hear

on this voicemail like gurgling and really high pitched

screams of just terror

towards the end

of the voicemail there’s an abrupt moment of silence

before you hear a voice

which could be

heard saying

stop it like it’s a different voice

the last person to have seen Henry

was his friend who

he had been like with at the the club

and this friend

claimed that he had

dropped him off at a

local gas station

that was the last time this friend had seen him

police check the

gas station

video footage and they

they don’t see this friend

dropping Henry off

but they also don’t have any evidence that’s

pointing to the friend

so police and volunteers thoroughly

search the area but they can’t find any sign of Henry


were able to find the location of the final call

final call was determined to not be anywhere near

where the friend claimed

that he had

dropped Henry off the phone

had been pinged

miles opposite

of the location that was mentioned


searched the area where the

phone pinged

and not a shred of evidence was found

on November 4th 2015

henry’s body was discovered

floating in Rush

Lake and autopsy came to the

conclusion that he had drowned

it was unclear

how Henry ended up in this lake

or if there was any foul play involved

and the case is considered to be

unresolved and ongoing

the finding of

henry’s drowned body

doesn’t seem to be really consistent

with what is

heard in his

final voicemail to his wife

in the recording

the jumble of gargling growls moans and grunts suggests

some form of violence is being inflicted

on Henry and one investigator even said

the growls turn into high

pitched moans like he’s moaning in pain

yet henry’s body did not show any signs of

trauma or injury suggesting that

he was indeed hurt

so what does a

weird voicemail mean

who was behind the

voice saying stop it

very little of this case seems to make any

sense and authorities have not been able to come to a

conclusion on what the disturbing voicemail means

or even if the moans and other

noises came from

Henry at all

but for now the case of

Henry mccabe’s mysterious disappearance and death

largely remains a strange

mystery that is

today’s very

unusual missing person stories or vanishing stories

and just unsolved

mysteries hopefully

these people get some type of closure

on what happened to

their family or

their friends

let me know what your thoughts are down

below if you have any theories or

heard any theories

about these cases and also I

would love to hear if you like this type of format

little mini stories

I would love to know

other than that

please please please please be safe out there

I hope you have a wonderful day

today you make good choices

and I’ll be seeing you guys later bye

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