Murder, Mystery & Makeup - Longest Case in Australia History - Family Court Chaos

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today’s true

crime case so

today’s true

crime case takes

place in sydney australia and it’s between the

nineteen eighty

to nineteen eighty five and this was like one of

their biggest

murder cases

so if you’re

from australia you probably already know this one

but it was new to me i

never i didn’t

i didn’t know about it

so let me explain the family

law act was passed in 1976

now this was

allowing divorce

to be seen by the federal government in australia

rather than

the supreme

court now the grounds of divorce became

less strict

after the law was passed so

prior to this law being passed the family

law court couples

they needed a reason

to file divorce

and it had to be like

a good reason

you couldn’t just file divorce because you

weren’t in love anymore whatever

so some examples

would be like

insanity cruelty

and then the most common

would be adultery

and there is a lot more but

you just had to have a good reason to get a divorce

and when they opened this new court

i mean people came from

everywhere to get out of

their unhappy

marriages i mean

no longer did they have to

hire a private detective to

catch their partners committing

adultery or try to

prove that they were

in an abusive

relationship you just didn’t have to really have

a reason as to why you were getting divorced it was

pretty cut and dry like i want out of this

marriage and all right

you’re good to go

so this is new right like

a lot of people are coming to get a divorce and

at this new family court

because it’s new

things aren’t

necessarily running

smoothly okay

family court it

could be like a pretty

messy or like

intense scene i mean some

women were there trying to get a restraining

order against

their abusive husbands or

they were just trying to get away from

their crappy partners the

courts itself it had really poor security and it was

really overcrowded because

people were coming in

there was just a lot of um

fights happening there was a lot

of frustration it wasn’t like a safe

place yet and then on top of that the

courts also seemed to really

favor women

in custody battles

especially and then there were a lot

of upset fathers

and honestly looking

back even they acknowledge that yes they did tend to

favor the women

over men as far as like who had custody of the children

it just wasn’t a very like equal

system at that time so people

would leave

their more upset

just really upset

so then in 1979

andrea blancard

and leonard

warwick went to the family

court to pretty much file for

divorce but also

determine custody of the children

so andrea met her husband

leonard on a

blind date in 1970

andrea was 18

at the time when she saw him it was love at

first sight you know

and they fell for each

other pretty

quickly which no

shame on that it happens

leonard and andrea they ended up

marrying in

october of 1974 he

leonard was

27 at the time and

andrea was 22 years old

for some reason i didn’t get a backstory

on andrea i’m

gonna tell you a little bit

about leonard

so leonard was born

in helensburg australia

and sadly his mom passed away when

he was only six years old and this is obviously like a

devastating to the family

um he had a younger

sister who was a year younger than

than him she was five at the time

and she ended up moving in with

their aunt to get easier on

their father

because financial reasons like

it was just really hard on

their dad and then

leonard ended up

dropping out of

school at the age of 15

so he can help

raise some money so he

started working on a mushroom farm

and then when he was 18 he was

drafted and was forced to join the military and

leonard was not

happy about this like he was

and then he was discharged

about three years later

and then soon

after leaving the military he got a job

as a fireman

also that’s when he met andrea

and they started dating and

they got married blah blah

blah not long

after unfortunately

a dark side

came out of

leonard and he

started to be very

possessive or jealous

and he was like this when they were dating

allegedly but when they got

married it became

very extreme so he was extremely controlling

possessive and abusive

towards andrea

leonard would show up to andrea’s work pretty often

and unexpectedly

just to check up on her

he would tell andrea that she was not allowed to

speak to her family

or her friends

they weren’t allowed to come over

she pretty much wasn’t allowed to do anything

unless leonard

said she could

leonard was also very physically abusive towards andrea

and he would regularly

i can’t say that word

so then in 1975 andrea is just

ready to get away from

leonard and

she ends up moving out to live with her father

and while they were separated

leonard would show up at her father’s house

he would try and

break in he

would try to

convince andrea to come back andrea decided

she needs to get a restraining order

against leonard

leonard would

start to threaten

andrea’s father like saying that he was pretty much

gonna kill him

or wishing for him to die

and this really

worried andrea

and she didn’t want

her dad to go through this and have to go through this

extra stress

and she carried a lot of

guilt because of this and therefore

andrea decided

to move back in with

leonard and she said she did it in

order to protect her father

and i just need to add this side note

because i wanna shut it down

because i know the comments are

gonna happen

how do i word this without being

awful hmm do not

leave comments saying well why did

why didn’t she just

leave him if

he’s physically abusive with her why didn’t she just

leave why did she go back

we’re shutting that down i’m

gonna be deleting any of

those comments and i’ll tell you why

if you have

never been in

an abusive or controlling relationship you have no idea

how it goes

okay when you are in this abusive

toxic relationship you do

things that you thought

that make no

sense okay you just

so brainwashed of

course from an outsider looking in it’s easy to be like

watch just fucking leave

beating you

get out of there it’s different when you’re in it

unless you’ve experienced it no we’re not

gonna blame her

because i know

those comments will come in and they

piss me off for me personally i’ve

never been in a physically abusive


but i have been in a very

possessive controlling

relationship and it was very toxic

and looking back i’m like what was i doing what was i

thinking but in that moment i

truly felt like i couldn’t

leave and it was like they had this

they have this

power over you

and it’s awful

and unless you’ve been there

you don’t understand

it doesn’t make sense yes

to andrea she does go back to leonard

and then sometime passes

and andrea finds out that she

is pregnant and then that year

their daughter was born her name

is trudy and she was born in

june of 1978

so in 1979 finally andrea and

leonard they go to the family

court and they they try to file for divorce

andrea she files for custody of

treaty and this

heavily upset

leonard and when

leonard realized

that she was trying to get full custody of trudy

i mean this set him off and

daily he was harassing andrea

over the custody

battle he told andrea that he wanted trudy at all costs

the courts end up

granting andrea full custody of trudy

and they grant

visiting rights for

or to leonard

allowing leonard to see trudy at least

twice a week

and then he also had to pay like 20 dollars weekly for

child support and also he had to uphold the restraining

order that andrea had originally filed as well now

leonard over here he didn’t give two shits nene

he just wanted his daughter

and i don’t even

like this is a personal opinion that i’m

about to say okay

cause i don’t know if he cared for his

daughter or not you know he

could love her

tremendously but i personally

think that he

only wanted trudy

because he knew it was

going to hurt andrea

and the only way to control her

would be to

get trudy or get custody of trudy

or just make her

andrea’s life a living hell pretty much

anyway so leonard

would show up to

trudy school

and it wouldn’t be on

visiting time

he would just show up whenever he wanted to and then

either take trudy

or like hang out with trudy when he wasn’t supposed to

also during

the days when he

would be allowed to have trudy he

would keep her longer

than what he was supposed to or what he was allowed so

if it was two days then he

would keep trudy for four days or for a week

and on one occasion

it really worried andrea and she calls

leonard over and over

again trying to find out okay

where’s trudy like what’s

going on you need to tell me

andrea didn’t have a car at this time

so she couldn’t just like

drive over there and see what’s going on

so she’s calling calling calling and

leonard’s not answering he’s just being confused

shit so then andrea

she calls her brother his name is steven and he was

twenty five years old at this time

leonard has kept trudy like i don’t know what’s

going on i can’t get a hold of anybody

can we take your car

and go over to his

house and get

trudy so of course

um her brother being supportive and

understanding he’s been like seeing

her really go through all this he’s like sure

no problem she also just liked the fact that like she

would have some kind of security when she goes over to

leonard’s house

pick up trudy

you know if it was her by herself

leonard who knows what he

could pull steven takes

andrea down to

leonard’s house and

steven goes up he’s like

knocking on the door

leonard answers and stevens

at the door and he’s telling him like

hey man you’ve had

treaty for way past your time steven

even goes on to say like we’re not here to cause any

trouble i’m not trying to

cause trouble

we just want

treaty back of course this is

irritating and

upsetting leonard

steven tried to

point out to

leonard that it just

wouldn’t look favorable in

court for him if he was breaching

the court orders

the piece of

crap that he is he pretty much just slams the door in

their face and refuses to give

over trudy steven

tried his best to just keep it as

calm and civil

as possible anyways andrea

went to the family

court and said

that leonard wasn’t giving trudy back

they had to step in

and eventually i

think it was like a couple days later

trudy was returned to andrea

so february of

1980 stephen

andrea’s brother so he finished his work for the

night and he headed over to his

girlfriend’s home

just a visit before heading home

he lived with andrea trudy and

their father so they were all living together

their father at this time he was away

on vacation

and so at home it was just andrea trudy and

steven by the time steven had gotten home that

night it was pretty late

into the the

night like almost midnight he just kind of like quietly

snuck in and

and then he went into the back of the

house to his bedroom

and then that’s

where he just fell asleep for the night

in the early

hours of the morning it’s

believed to be anywhere from like 2 to 4 am somebody

breaks into the house

an intruder

breaks into the

house and then they silently

go into steven’s bedroom

which was like towards the back of the

house which that

point everybody was

sound asleep in

the home and steven was

sound asleep as well

this intruder aimed

a point twenty two

caliber at steven

and shot him

the bullet entered just

above steven’s

right eye and it killed him

instantly the

point 22 had a silencer

attached so andrea and trudy they didn’t hear a damn

thing okay the

shooter then

wrapped a plastic bag around steven’s head to

contain the

bleeding so it didn’t make the like this fat mess and

leave a trail

they wrapped steven up in like his blankets

that he was

sleeping on

somehow quietly

carried steven out of the house and

so then the next day it was truti’s

second birthday

or that same day if it was morning

it was truti’s

second birthday

and andrea wakes up she

checks to see if steven was home but

when she saw he wasn’t home she didn’t really

think twice

about it like i didn’t really face her mostly

because steven

would stay the

night at his


house pretty often

and so when he wasn’t there

it wasn’t a big deal but

later that day the

phone rings and andrea answers it hello

and it was steven’s boss asking

where steven was because he didn’t show up for a

shift and at that

moment andrea was like instantly andrea said she was

worried and she had

that gut feeling that something was really really wrong

it was just very unlike him

to not show up for work but

like not let them know like it just wasn’t like him

so andrea then goes like into his bedroom

and when she goes into his bedroom she finds

his wallet is on the bedside table

so andrea then

calls the police to file a missing persons report

and the police ask andrea is there anybody that would

wanna harm steven

and she didn’t even

think twice

she instantly told police

her ex husband

leonard now as the days passed

family the family and

friends of steven they were all looking for him there

was just no luck nobody was having any luck finding

him no one was having any luck finding any clues

nothing he just vanished

so then about a week

later a group of friends are boating jerusalem bay at

karen creek it’s

about 25 kilometers

north of sydney

this group of friends is out on their boat

and they see something

floating in the water

could you imagine

gosh anyways so the

group of friends

they thought that it was a mannequin at first

but then once

they got closer they realized that it was a human

body they call police and

as you should

and then the

police came out and they were able to retrieve

the male victim

and when they retrieved the male

victim out of the lake

there was a rope that was

tied around his midsection

11 bricks that were attached

chew the rope

and then there was another

piece of rope that was tied around his neck

with a garbage bag attached

also they see signs that the

victim had been

attacked by what was believed to be a bull

shark in the area

and they believed whoever

had placed the

victim in the area try to make sure

he wasn’t found by attaching

bricks to the body whoever did this thought it

would sink down and it

would stay down but

this person hadn’t

taken into consideration

that when he passed away the body

kind of like fills up with gases and you get bloated

and like full of gas

it brought him

to the surface of the

water like it was

stronger than the 11 brick

so later yes the victim was

identified to be

andrea’s brother steven

and then a murder investigation was now

underway you know

when they look at steven’s body they examine the rope

and they see

that this rope was a special

kind of rope a rope

that is only used and

issued to all

of the official firefighters

do you remember what i said

leonard does

well if you don’t remember what i said

leonard worked

as a firefighter

so so when andrea

found out all this information she knew

it was leonard

leonard is brought in to be questioned by police

this is where

leonard got really difficult

so he petitioned his

right to silence and he refused to speak

he refused to

speak about

where he was the

night that steven was

murdered pretty much anything he just refused to speak

now remember

this is the 80s

and this is also australia so i don’t even

know how the laws work in general but back then from my

understanding you had to have physical evidence

to charge someone with a crime

the fireman’s rope

links to leonard

cause he’s a

firefighter but at the same time they don’t have any

proof that it’s

leonard’s rope do you see what i’m saying

so they really couldn’t do anything about it

police they search

leonard’s property

and the only

piece of evidence they

could find a

piece of paper and it has the word rope

written on it

they don’t find

any other evidence and because of that they

are unable to charge

leonard with anything there’s

gonna be a lot of names thrown at you throughout this

whole thing and i’m

gonna try my best

to keep it simple we’ll see how that goes enter judy

so judy is andrea

and steven’s sister the

whole family is devastated by the loss of

their brother steven

but judy she ends up finding comfort

in a new religion

and she becomes a

member of the jehovah’s witness

so she invites

andrea and trudy to join a few of

their meetings with her

and suggest

maybe they become members of the jehovah witness

as well like it’s comforting

to have this

sense of community

especially in a time of

of loss now

that will be important

later so going back to the family law

court so the

judge who had first

heard and andrea and

leonard’s case

is anyone’s justice

david opus now correct me if i’m

wrong australia but from my

understanding they use the word justice

in front of

their names when they’re like

a judge correct

so you know how we call people like judge judy

that’s like the only

judge i know but

they say justice

judy this guy his name was

justice david opus

he was the one who

first took care of andrea and leonard

their custody battle and divorce and

stuff like that so he was the one that

granted andrea

full custody

of trudy with only

visitation for leonard

now over time

leonard was just being a shithead

not following the law

and not even

listening to anything justice opus

was telling

leonard to do and

leonard had proven over and over again

that he was not

gonna obey court

orders like justice opus

he threatens to charge

leonard with contempt of

court and also

orders leonard’s


stop until their next

court hearing as punishment because he’s not file

he’s not um he’s not

wow i just had the biggest

brain fart that following the rules pretty much

so this pisses

leonard off

he wants his

daughter trudy and he even said

nobody’s gonna get in his way

so then june of nineteen eighty

justice opus returns home from work

and this is just before like

seven pm he’s

about to sit down for dinner with his wife and two kids

and when he’s like getting

ready to sit down the doorbell rings and

while getting up to go answer the door the fire

alarm from next door goes off so there’s this loud like

hey hey hey

did you like my fire

alarm you know how fire

alarms are they’re just loud and annoying

but it’s going off like it’s really loud

so justice opus

he opens the

front door and instantly when he opens the front door

he is immediately shot by a point

twenty two the same gun that was used on steven

in the stomach

the noise of the shot it’s not very noticeable

because of the loud fire

alarms coming from next door

but after a little bit of time his wife notices that

he’s been at the front door for a while so i should

go check on him

so she goes over to the

front door and

he finds him on his back unresponsive so police

and ambulances have a

delayed response time due to another emergency

phone call of a

random bomb explosion

sadly justice opus was


starts right away and

since the family

court can be a place where

emotions run really high

and people are really pissed off all the time

it’s hard for investigators to

narrow down who exactly

would do this

to justice opus a one hundred thousand dollar reward

is posted for information on his

death and people

start to think that

maybe the bomb explosion had been

intended to

a way to hold up emergency officials

in the first

place which is why it took so long to get to

justice opus’s residence

so then investigators

they pretty much make up this list of

upset men that have been clients

of justice opus

and would rule

them out like one by one because a lot of them had

solid alibis

once they got to

leonard’s name on the list

they’re like here’s that name

again leonard

so immediately

investigators go over to

leonard’s they get like

i think a warrant

i’m not sure what it’s

yeah and investigators they

search leonard’s home

and they find

government toilet

paper in his property

which was taken from his work as a fireman

so they charged

leonard with theft so they can get his fingerprints

and this might not make a lot of

sense but they knew

leonard was

tied to what was going on

but they didn’t have physical evidence

to arrest him

right so when they were

going and they were

searching his house

they were like we just

gotta find something to arrest him

so we can get his fingerprints we can get him booked

and then hopefully get them to confess

right so that’s what they did they’re

searching his home

and they find something as simple as toilet

paper i’ve also

heard it was towels

so one of those

or maybe neither

either way it was

taken from his

place of work

so when they saw that they were like okay

that’s it like we’ll just

book them on that and then we can get him in there so

they take him

on that and then they get his fingerprints and whatnot

and then once

again when leonard was being questioned

used to speak to investigators he maintained his

right to silence

he refused to answer questions

and his reasoning

was that because he didn’t want to incriminate himself

there was no physical evidence to charge

leonard with

when they had leonard in

their custody

it was frustrating because they couldn’t

get anything they couldn’t get anything from him right

so they had no choice they had to let him go

which is like oh my god

is what i wanted to

scream now comes justice

richard gee

now he stepped in to take over

justice opus

wait what was the name

justice gee

was now responsible

for andrea and

leonard’s case

in 1981 justice gi

ruled that andrea and

leonard their

house it needed to be sold

and that the

money would be

equally divided between the couple

at that time

leonard was living in it

not andrea so

this would mean

leonard would have to move out so of course this

doesn’t happen

and then in 1983

justice gi pushes

again that the

house needs to be sold

and he enforces

lesser visitation

rights for leonard to see his daughter

of course once again

cycle begins

this pisses

leonard off and he

doesn’t comply

he’s not gonna move out and he’s not

gonna see less of his

daughter so of course during

leonard’s visitation he

would again

keep trudy for way too long

it was supposed to be

two days he

would keep her for four days

and it was this

constant just back and forth

and he was just making andrea’s life a living hell and

poor trudy she was just in the middle of it i forgot

about her that

so sad course andrea then goes to the family

court to let them know that

leonard has

had trudy for far too long

he’s not giving her back

and justice key

he orders a warrant for police to take trudy from

leonard and

bring her back to her mother and

leonard was

upset this man ew

he just on the

night of april

i don’t know the date

april 1984 it was late at

night and inside the family

court building

bomb went off destroying half of the building

it was believed that this bomb was supposed to

go off in the morning when it was filled with workers

but luckily it went off in the middle of the

night there was

like a janitor there i believe

but they were uninjured luckily

so this happens

and then soon

after justice

gee and his two sons are asleep at home

and it’s about 1 30 in the morning

everyone is

sound asleep

and a bomb goes off in

front of his

house and it

completely destroys

justice keys

home now there

were reports saying if you were looking at the

house you couldn’t even tell it was a house

and they thought there’s no way anybody survived this

there’s just no way

but luckily somehow


nobody’s killed

they have some serious injuries

but they were

alive and they were

going to be okay the children and justice

gee so justice

key was taken to the hospital

and that’s where police meet up with him

and ask him a couple of questions

who could have done this

do they even need to ask just as

he doesn’t even hesitate and he’s like leonard le

nerd so what

i know this is like so exhausting but it this is

like what the fuck

right that was my

responses the whole time

when i was reading this one i was like

what once again

leonard is the

prime suspect

he had no alibi

and when he was brought in for questioning

you guessed it he said nothing

he refused to answer any questions and police

could not find any evidence linking him to the

crimes nothing

we have a new

judge or justice

so his name is justice

watson he took over

leonard’s and andrea’s case the day

after justice geese

house was bombed

this new justice is

definitely reluctant

to take on this case

because of this ongoing pattern

that’s been happening there were

extra security measures

that were brought in to keep members safe and the cycle

started all over

again so justice watson

he also restricted

leonard’s time with trudy this pissed

leonard off

leonard didn’t want to listen to court

orders and he

would keep trudy he

would show up on his own terms and

it was just a mess

on the morning of july fourth nineteen eighty four

justice watson and his wife they were getting

ready for the day

leaving to go to work

and justice watson his wife

went to the

front door and she opened it

cause she’s leaving

and as soon as she opened the door a bomb goes off

sadly his wife was killed instantly

and justice watson

he was injured with the

debris and he was

taken to the hospital

for his injuries

once again leonard was interviewed the same

night of the bombing and he just refused

to speak it’s just exhausting

right i know

i know i couldn’t believe this was a real story

anyways police investigators end up

searching his

house and the fire station

where he worked

they find no physical evidence

and they can’t charge him

with anything because of that nothing the investigators

knew like dude

it’s leonard

we have to figure this out but they can’t do anything

all of the evidence

is circumstantial and it’s not physical

and at this

point in the law in the 80s

you couldn’t arrest someone

based off of circumstantial evidence

it had to be hardcore

physical proof now

people are really reluctant to work for the family

court due to fears

legitimate fear

for their safety and

their family

safety there were employees

who were quitting because of what was going on

and then there were

also employees who just

weren’t even

showing up they were like working from home

or just like not coming in at all

do you blame em

and then this case pretty much turns into the biggest

and one of the longest cases in the history

of australia

so time goes on and in february of 1985

leonard goes to andrea’s home

demanding to have trudy

leonard ends up getting physical with andrea

and he’s trying to take trudy away from her

i just had deja vu whoa

leonard gets physical with andrea and

tries to take trudy from her but

andrea was able to

get away from him and lock herself in their home

until leonard

finally left

why the police wasn’t called i’m not really

fully sure but at this

point andrea

realizes she just needs to get the hell out of

sydney for her

safety for her

daughter’s safety

and for everybody else’s safety

so andrea ends up calling her

sister judy

to help her pack and

leave now at this time andrea had

a new legal council

his name was gary watts and he

advised andrea to be more

harsh with leonard

he knew of the history

when leonard

found out who the new

legal counsel was well

guess who was the new target

i feel so bad because you know like no

one really wanted to work with andrea because of this

whole mess and it’s like

this poor girl gary watts the new

legal counsel

he recently had sold his property

and it was also

then being rented out to a man named pete

and his two siblings so

peter had gone outside to work on his car because

he had to take it in to get registered

you know how that goes

you need to like

fix it up so it passes

anyway so peter

lifts up the

the roof of his car

no not the roof what’s it called hood

peter he lifts up the

hood of his car and he’s kind of like fixing or tuning

things up and then

guess what he finds

he finds what looks to be a goddamn bomb

inside of the engine

or it’s like next to the engine

it’s somewhere in there

peter got so lucky

the bomb it didn’t go off but if the car was started

it would have gone off and he

would have he

would have died police were called

it at first seems kind of random

because this

peter guy he has like no

connection why

would he be a

target but they soon

realized or they put the

pieces together

that the address was listed

still as being gary’s address

and it was like public information

because of that

leonard he must have

gotten the information assumed that that was his house

and went and put the bomb in his car

thinking it was gary’s car

now this information

about the bomb it gets back to andrea who knows once

again it was

leonard and she’s like that’s it we need to get out

asap so she calls her

sister judy judy

asked the jehovah

witness community

to help andrea and trudy

which they find somebody

who could rent out the home that andrea was staying at

so judy and friends from the jehovah’s witness

community they help andrea move

quickly like out of sydney

and then at this time

andrea’s legal

counsel gary

gary watts the one

where the bomb was supposed to be at

he resigns for his own

safety so he steps away from helping andrea

so once again the

cycle repeats okay

leonard’s home is searched

no physical evidence is

found also police investigators they question

leonard’s co workers

and their co workers are like yeah

he’s really


he’s kind of mean

they tell investigators like he likes to hunt

and he likes pornography

but not much else that they

could tell him

so leonard tries to go get trudy

or something but he eventually

finds out that andrea and trudy they left

so when he finds

out that they’re gone and they left the home

he loses his

shit so leonard is asking around like if anybody knows

their whereabouts

and he’s just

becoming more and more upset

leonard he knew that

andrea’s sister judy was a

jehovah witness

and he calls the

congregation asking do you know

where andrea and trudy

are at or do you know where judy

is at do you know

where they moved to do you know what happened to them

most people

would deny and say that they didn’t know

where they went

but one person told

leonard that they went up

north specify

where they went they just said that they went up north

so leonard is like

these people the jehovah’s witness people they know

where they’re at and they’re not telling me

it pisses them off

and so leonard has this

great idea he’s like i’m gonna

break into the jehovah’s witness church

which i guess he was

gonna look for any type of information

paperwork he’s looking for anything that will give him

an idea or a clue

or a location of

where trudy

and andrea are

the people who worked at the church came to the

congregation the next day

they see that somebody

broke in because there is a broken window

but also there was

blood on the window so there was a broken window

and whoever like

crawled through the window

cut themselves they left their

blood on the window

so police were

called and they kind of just thought it was

local homeless people

who broke in because nothing was

stolen or damaged or

besides the window but like there was nothing

else that was messed with anyways but police did take a

sample of the blood

that was on the window area

but at this

point dna testing wasn’t a

thing yet they

could test the

blood and find out what

blood type it was

but that was

about it a week

later that same

window was broken into and it was just assumed

that it was just

again hoodlums

because nothing was

stolen and nothing was really messed with

but that following day

okay this motherfucker

during a church service

at the jehovah

witness church or

congregation i’m not sure if they call it church

either way a bomb explodes in the middle of service

many people were injured and

sadly one member was killed they were

lucky though that the bomb didn’t make the

building cave in

instead it made the

building explode outwards

but it was completely destroyed immediately

leonard is the

prime suspect

at this point

judy andrea

they had moved out to forster i

guess i should have looked up

where that was

police ended up contacting judy and andrea

and they let them know like what had happened

and sadly judy

just really blamed herself she just felt really guilty

that she had

caused this

to her congregation

to her church to

her community

just really sad

and she tells police

fucking leonard like i’m

sorry for laughing but

when police

are asking like do you have any idea who this

could be it’s like you guys

fucking leonard

anyway so once

again fucking leonard

he’s brought in

for an interview

and at this time he had a new girlfriend

and her name was lorraine

lorraine is

quoted as being

a rather low

class girl with

tattoos in a

rough manner and quote

i feel like this is a personal attack

so she’s also questioned and

lorraine is

kind of like a blabbermouth and she was like telling

police that

leonard was looking for entree

and trudy that he was getting really agitated and

annoyed and

leonard pretty much shuts it down and

he tells police

investigators he’s not allowed to interview

her anymore she has a

right to silence

and he like shuts her up

which is unfortunate because it seems like she

they probably

could have got some information from her but damn

leonard he knew his rights

and again once they questioned

leonard they got

absolutely nothing from him

so at this point police

were like okay we need a different approach you guys

so they decide that they are

gonna give leonard

constant surveillance

undercover cops are just

gonna follow him they put a

tracking device

on his car they have these

undercover police officers

following leonard

everywhere but they’re keeping

a distance trying to make sure that they’re not caught

but because

leonard is leonard

he caught on

he knew that there were

undercover cops and he would

start doing like little

weird things

just to kind of

throw them off he

would just kind of drive in

circles leading them nowhere he would

load up his car with

stuff and then go back into the

house and it was just kind of messing with the

undercover police officers

he would also go up to them when they were sitting in

their car and he

would ask if they wanted like coffee or something

so he knew so at this

point andrea was exhausted

as i’m sure any of us would be

and she felt like she was responsible for all of

these deaths

and she said you know what i’m just gonna

surrender custody of trudy

to leonard in hopes that the attacks

and the deaths and the murders

will end now at

first when i read this i was like wait

what you’re

gonna hand over your

child to this psycho man

if i were in her shoes

i don’t know what i

would do either i mean it seems like she’s

she’s trying

everything you know and

i don’t yeah

don’t blame her i

guess so ever

since andrea gave up custody of

treaty the bombings

and murders had stopped

and then according to andrea

trudy had lived with

leonard until

she was about 16

and leonard

remarried and the wife didn’t get

along with trudy

and trudy then

moved out for trudy

i hope she’s okay

so due to lack of

sufficient evidence the case goes cold for

thirty years

a joke right i know you don’t

gotta tell me that twice

so the investigation continues and in

2012 detectives went through the case again

since the laws had changed

so they were

going through

their cold cases taking a look at them

again in 2015

leonard was finally

charged with

thirty two charges

four charges of murder were

amongst those

thirty two charger

charges at that time in

twenty fifteen

he was then

68 years old when he was arrested

investigators say that they discovered new evidence

with technology

that wasn’t around back then when the

crimes were committed

now they were able to get dna

from the blood evidence

that they got way back from the church window as of

right now july of 2019

a trial hasn’t even

taken place yet

yeah he’s just in prison

waiting for trial

leonard is now 72 he

was claiming that like his lawyer was

bullying him his

legal representative

decided to pull out and stop representing him

and then he didn’t have

money to get someone to represent him

and you can’t go to

trial if you don’t

have somebody representing you and it’s just been this

whole like mess

also leonard

stands by the fact that he is not guilty

to these charges and he

stands by that

as far as what happened to trudy and andrea

i don’t know i

guess trudy

got married

and she has children of her own andrea

poor andrea

they were just put through the most

i’m not sure

where andre is at

i was kind of looking up

where trudy

was but i felt like you know this

i’m sure she

doesn’t want that shit

you know just

leave him alone

and that is the exhausting

story about leonard

and now the laws are different um

you can arrest somebody if there is

circumstantial evidence

of course more goes into that but it’s not like it was

when this shit went down it’s just

gotten better exhausting this man did so much damage

it’s insane

i just have to say this

if you or a

loved one are experiencing domestic abuse

you can get help

and you can get the f out of there

okay i know if you are

stuck in this

cycle it may seem like you are trapped

you can’t go anywhere

you don’t have anywhere to go you don’t have

money you don’t have anything

that could help you get away

but i am going to list in the description box

where you can find help in your area

cause there are tons of programs

that you can go to

and programs that will help you find safe

places you can get out

so i guess we will see

what happens to

leonard i have a good feeling that

he’s gonna be

found guilty

also really

quick if you

watched my toy box killer

video was about the toy box killer and elephant butte

truth or consequences t or c

anyways news came out the

other day that cindy

david’s girlfriend

the bitch is getting out

monday oh shit

today she’s out

right now can you believe it yeah

i’m not even

kidding when i read that i was like wait what what

what she’s getting out

today monday she served 80

of her sentence they said that she had good behavior

who knows what the what the hell she’s gonna do

i’m so confused because like the toy box

thing was effed up how is she getting

be safe out there please

be safe out there

truth or consequences

she’s coming for you

maybe she’s

changed anyways

i hope you have a wonderful day today i love and

appreciate you

guys so much i hope you have a wonderful day

today you make

good choices

please be safe out there

and i’ll be seeing you guys later ahh

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