Murder, Mystery & Makeup - Tim Mclean- The Chilling Greyhound Bus Case - Justice Served?

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today I want to talk about Tim Mcclain

and this Greyhound bus situation

it’s pretty

awful and it’s so

weird so I guess I’ll just shut up and let’s get

right into it

so Tim Mcclain was born October

3rd 1985 he grew up outside of Winnipeg Canada

in a small town called Eli Manitoba

and you know it’s just one of those

small towns where

growing up you really have to

make up your own fun

that’s small towns for you

you build like little mud huts and

stuff did anyone build mud huts

that’s what we did

so tim’s friends would say that he was very outgoing he

loved people

he was not shy at all

like if he got invited somewhere

and he didn’t know anybody in the room

he would be able to go up to anybody

and just like make friends with them

I’m so envious of people like that

I aspire to be like that but you know

I’m completely opposite I’m like hmm

doesn’t matter Tim

loved just meeting new people

seeing new places

so one summer when Tim was

22 at this time his longtime friend since like

childhood hit

him up and was like hey what are you doing this summer

and he’s like

nothing well

I don’t know if he said nothing but he was like nothing

she told him hey okay well pack

your bag for like a week I don’t know how long we’re

gonna be gone but

pack your bag for a week

and come meet me at this at this

place I got a job opportunity for you

so the 2 of them go

to this job opportunity and it’s actually at a carnival

working as carnies

is that the

right term I believe so

carnivals travel from city to city

gotta work all the different games and

stuff it wasn’t

gonna be like a permanent job

it was just like a

quick little

thing but then it turned into a long summer job

for the whole summers

it seemed like a lot of fun like you become really

close with everybody that you work with at the carnival

and you become like a tight knit

family pretty much who

travels from

city to city so you’re constantly seeing new

places new cities meeting new people constantly

so it was like the perfect job for Tim because he

loved traveling

and he loved meeting new people

he seemed to like find a

passion in it like he was very passionate

about this job

and honestly I

22 like that

sounds like a fun ass job

you’re traveling with a

bunch of people who became now like your friends

you’re going from city to city you’re making

money you’re seeing cool

places that you probably

would have never seen before

you just having a good time a good summer

so it was the perfect

job for him

now at this time I

think he had a

girlfriend I’m not really

quite sure it was kind of hard to find a lot of


on tim’s like upbringing and

background and

stuff he had a

girlfriend I think

or they were just like hanging out you know

so her name was Colleen

and he knew her

since like first

grade after high

school and all that they went

their separate ways

this Colleen lady she

ended up getting

married and then she got a divorce

and her and Tim

started hanging out

after she got a divorce and this was in like

2008 so they kind of like rekindled

their friendship or whatever

so not long

after Colleen

was pregnant

this would be her

3rd child so

she had 2 from her previous

marriage and this

would be tim’s Tim was back working at the carnival

and at this time it was at Edmonton

and the carnival’s next stop was Regina

and that’s when Tim made a crucial decision

instead of going to Regina

he’d go home to Winnipeg

to make arrangements for his move to British Columbia

he liked it there so he

planned on moving

some friends

offered to buy him a

plane ticket so he didn’t have to take the bus

because it would be a 24 hour bus ride

but Tim insisted on taking the Greyhound

bus then just

after midnight on July 30

Bus 1170 began

its journey

24 hour journey

back home okay so then there is another person in this

story and his name is

Vince Lee now he was born in China

Vince was born

April 30th 1968 and then he

moved to Canada

in June of 2001 he

ended up going to college there

and he graduated in 2002 with

a computer programming degree he worked in Winnipeg

at a church for 6

months and he

got married

and he was trying to support his wife Anna

his old boss at this church

would say that

Vince seemed

like really nice really

happy he seemed

thankful to be having

a job because he was having a hard time finding a job

and he seemed

very committed to what he was doing as well

now there was a language barrier

and his old boss

would say that

it was frustrating for

Vince because

you know lack

of communication or not being able to communicate

with someone is just really frustrating in general

his old boss

would say that he

could tell Vince was

frustrated because

he just couldn’t seem to communicate

clearly with

his co workers and stuff

learning a new language is effing

hard come on

his old boss

would also say that

Vince showed no signs of

aggression he didn’t seem like an

angry man so then in 2005

Vince started working as a forklift

operator in Winnipeg and his wife worked as a waitress

and then Vince

moved to Edmonton

in 2006 he worked a lot of just

random jobs

he was working at Walmart he was working at a fast food

restaurant he worked at a newspaper delivery boy man

sorry Vince was getting more and more

frustrated over time because

he had this degree

for computer


and he was working these

random little jobs nothing in his

you know what he went

to college for so he was just growing more and more

frustrated and then

later in 2005

Vince would be

diagnosed with


and this would be left untreated

but him and his wife

ended up getting a divorce

and he left a note for his ex wife Anna saying

quote I’m gone

don’t look for me

I wish you were

happy end quote

there’s no report on what his plan was or like

where he was

gonna go he just wanted to get out of there

and it seems like this Anna

lady wasn’t

happy so he was just leaving

I guess according to Anna his

ex wife it was a complete surprise like it was super

random that he left he was just gone one day and she

found that letter

and it was like oh

why guess I’m single now

July 29th Vince

gets on a Greyhound bus

and it’s bound for Winnipeg

around 6pm Vince

got off of the bus

in Ericsson Manitoba

Manitoba Manitoba

is that okay

mm hmm now Vince

got off this bus and Ericsson and he had

3 pieces of luggage with him

and he stayed the

night on a bench

next to a grocery store

but close to the bus stop

you know because he wanted to hop on to another bus

according to one witness

they saw Vince

like sitting on the

on the bench and it was like 3 a m

I’m not sure what they were doing at 3 a

m but whatever they see

Vince sitting

like straight up and his eyes are like wide open

and they remembered this because it was weird

I’m sure if any of us saw that I

would be like um

fuck that I’m

going over here

so then it’s

later reported that Vince

sold some of his

his luggage

I guess in order to make

money we’re not really

clear on that

anyways but he

saw he sells some of his

luggage and in his luggage was like his computer and

stuff and he decided you know what fuck it I’m

gonna sell it

so he sells it

makes some money

and he’s waiting for the next bus to come

at this bus stop that he was at there was only one bus

that came a day so he’s waiting for that specific bus

now finally at 6 55 pm a bus pulls up to the bus stop

this is the same bus that Tim is on remember Tim

I just talked

about him I really hope you remember

so the bus pulls over people get off so they can

smoke their cigarettes

or stretch their legs

and they pick up any new passengers

Vince he hops

on this bus

now Vince was like a tall man he’s in his

forties he has a shaved head he’s wearing sunglasses

he seemed to just kind of mind his own

business this is according to people on the bus so when

Vince got onto the bus originally he sat like in the

front of the bus

now Tim was actually in the back of the bus like

the very very back row

not that that’s bad or

anything but Tim was in the back and when you’re in the

back of the bus you’re kind of like cornered into the

the back if I say back one more time anyway so

Vince gets on the bus and he’s in the

in the very

front so a scheduled rest stop came up

and Tim stepped out so he

could have a cigarette

and a lot of people got off so

again they could stretch

their legs they

could get snacks at the vending machine or whatever

now when Tim got back onto the bus he goes back to

his seat that’s when

Vince he gets up

from his seat

and he goes to the back of the bus and sits

next to the

empty seat that’s next to Tim

so tim’s like at a window seat

right and then

Vince is sitting next to him

there’s people sitting in

front of him

and then behind them is

like a wall so

again cornered

now witnesses

say it didn’t seem like

Vincelike knew

him at all but Tim was friendly

he when Vince came and sat next to him Tim said

hello how’s it

going cause

again he was a friendly guy

so Tim puts on like his headphones

listens to music

and he kind of leans his head on the window so he

could just go to bed

on the bus they’ve got the little TVs

going and they have The Return of Zorro playing some

passengers are

sleeping some are

reading so suddenly out of nowhere

the passengers just hear

like a blood curdling scream

wakes everybody up

and it was coming from the back of the bus

so according to witnesses it was

about 8 30 pm

and Tim was

sleeping with his headphones on when

suddenly the man next to him just

pulled out a large

knife from his backpack

and he just

began to stab Tim

and he was stabbing

Tim in the neck and in the chest

just going to town on this poor kid

now again witnesses

would say that Tim

tried to fight back he was trying his hardest to get

Vince off of him

then it said

that Tim was either

thrown onto the

floor of the bus or he fell onto the

floor of the bus tim’s seat

again was towards the back of the bus so the seats in

front of him made it

really difficult

to escape because

he’s cornered

killer is right here

right and then you got people in

front of you

and a window right here

where are you supposed to go

now the bus driver his name was Bruce

he is yelling at

Vince to stop to

stop I mean what can you do you’re driving

stop that you know

he pulls over to the side of the road

quickly all the passengers get off of the bus

Bruce the bus driver stays behind

and he’s yelling at Vince

to stop please stop please stop trying to reason with

Vince and Bruce says that’s when Vince

was like holding the

knife and walking towards Bruce

and Bruce is like fuck that

so he gets off the bus he

closes the door

and he like barricades

it locks it make sure that

Vince cannot escape

sadly just leaving

Vince and Tim inside

now they didn’t know at that time like

if Tim was still

alive should we

get him like

should we say try and save him what

should we do everyone’s just panicking

so a bus driver

was driving in the area and he sees

the bus pulled over

and he sees a

bunch of people and they all look like they’re

in distress

so this bus driver

named Chris

he pulls over and ask what’s going on

he actually helps

barricade the bus door

because Vince was trying to escape

and he’s there just making sure that

Vince does not get out

oh and by the way

when the bus was accident

or when they pulled over the police were called and

stuff so they’re just kind of waiting for

police to show up

Vince inside

with tim’s body he turns back and goes back to Tim

and he just continues to stab and attack him

you know it’s a Greyhound bus so there’s a

bunch of windows and

stuff and everybody

standing on the outside all the passengers and whatnot

they could see into the bus so they

could see Vince

and like what he was doing

so they’re just like

watching and

ugh I couldn’t imagine

so then another Greyhound

bus that was

on the same

route and it was

carrying passenger

like their overload

so they see

the Greyhound bus is pulled over and

so they pull over the driver of that bus

his name is Bernie

and so Bernie was like okay I’m

gonna try and go on the bus and see if Tim is still

alive can I help him

maybe I can do something

so Bernie decides to go into the bus

and he’s asking

Vince to stop

he’s asking him why like why are you doing this but

Vince simply responded with quote

get emergency

and quote while continuing to stab

Tim now Bernie

would say that

he’s on this bus and he’s yelling at

Vince to stop

right now the

whole time he’s yelling at

Vince to stop he had like this

crazy look in

his eyes and he just like staring at Bernie like

fucking kill you and Bernie was just like oh shit

no and Bernie said that he didn’t really look at Tim

at that moment because

you know when you see something like

maybe bad happening over there and

if you just don’t look at it then it’s like not real

or you’re like trying not to look at it cause

you just don’t

wanna acknowledge it so you’re just

not looking at it anyways

what he was saying is he didn’t like look at him yet

cause he just didn’t

wanna lose it

and then Bernie says he finally

just like looks at Tim and he sees tim’s body and like

Vince was cutting

deep into tim’s body and just taking out

pieces of his flash

and then Bernie realized that

Vince was cutting

deep into tim’s neck and he was beheading Tim

I think at that moment

you know Bernie

exited the bus

because he realized that there was really nothing they

could do at that

point to save Tim

he was sadly dead

so Bernie got off the bus

and they barricaded

the door again

Bernie then suggested to the bus driver

be best if we cut the

power on the bus so so Vince

wouldn’t be able to

start up the bus and

drive away so Bernie

engaged the

emergency immobilizer system

which makes the bus inoperable

so he can’t take off

again at this

point they’re

still waiting for

authorities to show up

so then they see

Vince inside the bus

and they see him walking around

and he goes to the

front of the bus and he’s trying to

start the bus up

so he could take off

and then once

Vince realizes that he’s kind of like

stuck he starts to get really

really agitated he’s growing very

frustrated so

Vince goes to like the

the door of the bus and he’s trying

to stab and cut his way out of the the door and he’s

everybody well not everybody but like

the bus driver

and Chris the

truck driver

they’re all trying to like

make sure that

Vince does not get out of this

this door so at this

point Vince

accepts the fact that he is

trapped inside this bus

so they see him kind of give up on this door idea

and he just

goes back to what he was doing so he went back

and he continued to stab and mutilate

tim’s body finally

at 9 pm emergency officials

arrived at the scene

corporal Harter

tried to talk to Vince

down from outside of the bus and he’s pleading with him

to drop the knife

to come out

to throw the

knife out of the

small window of the bus

and then they

ended up bringing in

special negotiators and

a heavily armed tactical unit

they’re trying to negotiate with Vince

they’re trying to get him to

turn himself over

it said that

vinces his responses were very chaotic

they didn’t make any

sense the one

thing that they did make out was Vince

loudly said I’m

going to stay on this bus forever

which is like okay

so again all the passengers and

stuff are like

standing on the side of the road

and you can see inside of the bus they

could see what

Vince was doing

and then they’re just

watching Vince in there just

doing weird shit they

could see him

mutilating tim’s body with scissors and a buck

knife Vince

would like pull

certain body parts and

organs out of tim’s body

again they’re

watching they

could see I

think just Vince

want to put on a show or something

I don’t know man

but Vince pulls

a body part out and then he like

smells it everybody’s

watching that he smells it

and then he puts it in his mouth

and begins to eat it there were also reports that Vince

he was like

licking the

blood off of his hands and arms and then he

would just walk up and down the bus

aisle just like

carrying various

organs and body part

and he was like showing them off to the witnesses

before stuffing them into

garbage bags

like the small you know

chopping garbage bags

Vince then decides to pick up tim’s head

and he’s carrying it back and forth

letting everyone see it

a lot of the witnesses were saying it’s one of

those things where it’s

horrific right

but you also can’t stop

looking around 9 30 or 10 pm

the stranded

passengers finally were

taken and they were

transported to

be interviewed at

Brandon RCMP

Detachment which I

think means police department

you know I do a lot of researching for

these stories but I always forget

to Google the small

stuff that I don’t know

like RCMP what is that I

should have

googled that

the passengers are

taken to be questioned and

hear all their stories and what not trying to

understand the situation and what happened

July 31st 2008 at 1 20 am

this is hours

after the initial attack

Vince broke one of the back windows open

on the bus and he

threw out some belongings

along with the

knife and the

scissors that he was using

Vince then decided to jump out of the window and

he wasn’t necessarily turning himself in he was

gonna try and run for it

great plan Vince

but that didn’t work out he jumps out the windows

and then that’s when

Vince is like

trying to resist arrest he’s trying to get away

and of course like police use

their little taser

and they control the situation

the police were able to go onto the bus

and they just see a

horrific scene they see that there are

trash bags everywhere

and inside these

trash bags were like parts

of tim’s body

what he was doing with them

so they go up to tim’s body and they see that

his ear his nose his tongue they were all missing from

from tim’s face

so they’re like

where the fuck is that

they search

Vince and they find in his pockets

were tim’s ears

nose and tongue

don’t know what he was

gonna do with that and then

sadly tim’s eyes and part of his heart

they were never

found or recovered

and they are

assumed that

Vince ate them

so then at 10 am

Greyhound representatives took

other passengers to

Walmart I think it is or it was like a

small store

I kind of saw both

but they took

some of the passengers

to the store

to replace the

clothing that they’re wearing because they had

blood like on

their shirts and whatnot

they let them get some items to her

to replace the bloody

clothes and then they sent the passengers

on another bus to head back to Winnipeg

so they could go home

Vince his trial was on

March 3rd 2009

Vince was pleading

not criminally responsible

now this means

hold on not

criminally responsible so this means that he accepted

the offense

occurred he’s like yeah that shit happened

but I wasn’t

fully there mentally

so technically wasn’t me

so Vince would go on to say that

he got on the bus

right and he sat in the

front and then

there were voices

in his head that were telling him he was in danger

Vince said he sat next to Tim

Tim smiled at him

and asked how he was doing and

Vince said he heard the

voice of God telling him that he had to kill Tim or

he would die immediately

this is the

part that pisses off a lot of people I mean it pisses

it pissed me off too okay

so Vince was

charged with

second degree murder

but ended up being

found not criminally

responsible because he was diagnosed with


and he failed to take his


so Vince was

required to be held at a mental hospital

get the help that he needs

and then after

a few years he

ended up being

fully discharged

fully discharged and this

caused a lot of debate for obvious reasons

some people I

wanna say like 90

of people believe that

Vince should have been held accountable for the murder

due to its brutality

and then others believe that he

should be forgiven due to his

mental illness

so really quick like my own personal opinion

where I totally support the

idea that if you were suffering from a mental illness

and you commit a

crime that yeah I like the idea that

you get help

versus just being locked up and like

the keys just thrown away

right like out here in America

you just get locked up forever

and then you’re in the

system forever because you can’t ever get out hot mess

and in Canada

it seems like they’re always trying to help the people

they’re not

just trying to lock them up forever they’re trying to

truly help people but

I feel like

in some cases like with this one it’s not like he

stabbed him one time and it was like not that

stabbing him one time

would be better but

Vince full on

chop this guy’s head off and was like

carrying it around like

you know like

no it should be case by case I don’t

quite understand

why they yeah mm hmm

no and then in February of 2016

Vince ended up legally changing his name to Will

Baker and he left his

group home and is living independently

people who work closely with Vince they say that

he feels great remorse and that like he’ll be fine

as long as he’s getting the help that he needs

and there wasn’t just one victim

all of the passengers on that bus

have suffered in some kind of way

sadly this awful murder had lasting

effects on those who were a witness

one of the passengers who gave birth a couple years

later she suffered from PTSD

that occurred from witnessing the attack

this affected her ability to

raise her child who had been

taken from her and placed in foster care for 18

months before being returned to her

another the truck driver Chris

he is the one who tried to stop and help

he also came forward and said he struggled from PTSD

from what he witnessed

he says he became an alcoholic

after the event because he couldn’t

sleep at night from all the

nightmares there was another witness who actually

tried to file a lawsuit

against Greyhound the police

and Vince and it was later

dropped but she goes on to say it’s unfair

because officials were so lenient with Vince

and his mental illness trying to help

Vince to get better

but nobody has offered

help for the people that suffer from PTSD and suffer

daily where’s their help

and for that

Vince shouldn’t be

out because

where’s their help get them help

the list goes on almost

every single passenger

on that bus has suffered from PTSD in some way whether

they were able to get help or not

greyhound has

never offered any type of help for them

the only type of help

they did offer

was compensation for the reimbursement of clothing

or any items that may have gotten

stained with

blood but other than that

that was about it

so on December 21st

2008 this is 5

months after the murder

tim’s girlfriend

Colleen remember Colleen

she was pregnant with tim’s son

she ends up giving

birth sadly

there was a

messy custody battle between

tim’s family and

Colleen that

started in 2009

I’m not sure exactly

like what the case

was why they felt like she was unfit but regardless

and 2016 tim’s

mother and her husband were

granted full

guardianship of tim’s son

according to Global

News Vince was most recently in a secondary

training program in hopes

to enter the career fields

so that is the

tragic story

about Tim Mcclain

he just got to walk free

tough kind of

horseshit is

that he wasn’t getting help and he needs help and he

should get that in prison but he needs to be in prison

and he needs

to be held accountable for what he did he took a life

whether you were there

mentally or not you

still did it he

still did it and it’s

truly unfortunate because all of the

victims on that bus

tim’s family they

they are carrying this

heavy thing that happened to them and

knowing that the person responsible for this

is out there

living their life

changed their name

trying to get a career

I’m not sure in Canada

how the law works can somebody be retried for a case

is that something that can happen

I’m not sure

um but if it’s possible I really hope justice can

happen for tim’s family and for all of the

victims who are affected

I would love to hear your guys

thoughts down

below do you believe Vince

should be in prison

but if you don’t I

would love to hear as well I guess

yeah that’s

about it thank you so much for hanging out with me

today I hope that you have a wonderful day

be safe out there

okay rest in

peace to Tim Mcclain

and I really hope his family

and all the

victims can get some kind of peace

and healing let me know

who you would like me to talk

about next week but

other than that

I hope you have a wonderful day today

make good choices

and I’ll be seeing you guys later bye

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