Murder, Mystery & Makeup - Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris - The Creepy White Van & Tool Box

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warning the following presentation is intended for

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this contains

graphic descriptions

of crime scenes

adult dialogue

and extreme language viewer discretion

is advised so

me personally

i’m a curious cat meow

three a m one

night and i was laying in bed and i was thinking

where does that fear come

of the windowless

white van you know i’m talking

about those

creeper vans when you see him you’re like

that’s a kidnapping van or like a killer van

you know i’m saying like

where did that come from

lawrence bitaker

we’re gonna

start with him

lawrence bitaker was born in

pittsburgh pennsylvania

on september twenty

seventh nineteen

forty his parents

chose not to have children

so when lawrence was

well when lawrence’s

mother was pregnant with lawrence

it was a surprise

she didn’t want kids

she made it very

clear when she

found out she

was pregnant it was devastating for her she’s very

upset lawrence’s

mother got pregnant with lawrence and then she gives

birth to him

as one does when lawrence was born

his mother placed him

well and his father

cause they both didn’t want kids

they placed him into an orphanage

lawrence did end up getting

adopted when he was just an infant

and lawrence’s

adoptive father he worked in the

aviation industry

which required the family to move around the united

states all throughout his

childhood so he really didn’t know like what a

stable home

would look like

lawrence at the

age of 12 would have his

first run in with the law

he was arrested for shoplifting and then he

would obtain a

minor criminal record

over the next

four years he

continued to get arrested for

the same offense

petty theft theft

theft in general

lawrence his excuse for these

petty thefts and the thefts that he was committing

had been attempts to compensate for the lack of love

he received from his parents and

that was his reasoning

in 1957 lawrence

and his family they were living in california

it’s said that lawrence

had a really high iq but he really struggled in school

and he decided to drop out of high

school within

a year of dropping out of high

school he had been arrested for car theft

and a hit and run

and evading arrest

for these offences

he was imprisoned at the

california youth authority

where he remained

until he was 18

years old once lawrence was released he

went looking for his adoptive

parents and realized

that they had disowned him and relocated to another

state no idea

where they went and sadly he

never saw his

adopted parents

again pop quiz

which previous murder mystery and makeup monday killer

was also staying at the california youth authority a

ed gein b catherine knight c

edmund kemper or d gary hyde nick

time’s up i doubt you remember but i knew

it sounded all too familiar high iq

california use authority

hmm it’s goddamn

edmund kemper do you remember a boy

i was like what are the odds of that do you remember

edmund kemper

he was a big boy he was like over six feet tall

and anyways i mean suspicious

what are the odds of that so they were

both staying at the

california youth authority at the same time

no reports of them being bffs or anything but

i thought that was a little

odd like what a small

world i guess

anyways so that’s a little bit

about lawrence’s upbringing

now we’re gonna talk about roy

norris now two are

gonna become one

but they both have different upbringings okay

so now we’re moving on to roy

i can’t say his name

roy okay look

i have a really hard time with this r situation

so is okay if i call him norris was born in

greenlee colorado

on february 5th 1948 anyways

mr norris here he was conceived out of wedlock

now remember this is 1948 having a baby

out of wedlock was heavily frowned upon

and with that being said his parents decided to

marry because well they felt like that was the

thing they had to do

not a good thing

i know people

still do that now to this day

just remember you don’t have to

his father had worked in a

scrapyard and his mother

sadly was a drug addicted housewife

he grew up in his parents home throughout his

childhood and

teenage years

but he was repeatedly placed in

the care of foster families throughout the

state of colorado mr norris

would say his upbringing was

awful his parents were

verbally abusive towards him and would tell

him he was not wanted

and then sadly

the foster families he lives with constantly

would deny roy

food or clothing so there was a period when he was 16

that he was living at home with his parents and i

the family had

visited the home of a lady relative who was in her

early 20s and he began

speaking to her in a very like sexually

suggestive manner

just something that

freaked her

out i’m not sure exactly what was said to her but

this is what she had reported

she ordered him to leave the

house and informed

norris mr norris his father

who threatened to subject him to

a pretty hardcore beating

norris here he then

stole his father’s car and

drove into the

rocky mountains

where he attempted

to commit suicide by injecting pure air into an artery

in his arm he failed he was

later found by police and

taken in as a runaway

and once he

was returned to his parents his home i mean his dad

beat him pretty badly

and then his parents had informed him that he and his

younger sister were unwanted children

and that they

intended to divorce when both of the kids had reached

a year later norris

dropped out of school and

joined the united

states navy

he was stationed in san

diego in 1965

and then he was deployed to vietnam in 1969

while he was deployed in vietnam

that’s where he

experimented with different drugs

like heroin

mainly he got

an honorable discharge

from the navy

after one tour of duty

duty so lawrence

was in days of his

parole from the

california youth authority

lawrence was then arrested for

transporting a

stolen vehicle across

state lines

following that he was sentenced to 18

months imprisonment

to be served in oklahoma

state reformatory in 1960

lawrence was released

from prison and soon reverted to to

crime again

because he seems

like he can’t stop

within months of being released

he had been arrested in los angeles for robbery

and in may of nineteen

sixty one was

sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment for the robbery

and then after serving

three years lawrence was released

such a joke and then in 1964

he was arrested

again for parole violation

and a year later he was

again released into society between 1967 and 1971

lawrence is arrested a couple of times again

for theft and robbery

he was sentenced to six

months to fifteen years imprisonment

but was released

after serving

just three years

i don’t know if you’ve caught on but lawrence

got a pretty lengthy record already

and then in nineteen seventy four

look i’m just laughing at how ridiculous this is

in 1974 lawrence

was arrested for assault with attempt to commit murder

you see what happened

he stabbed a young

supermarket employee who had accused him of

stealing the

supermarket employee had seen lawrence

stealing a steak

and he followed lawrence outside into the parking lot

where he calmly

asked lawrence whether he had forgotten to pay

for that stake

he was holding lawrence

stabbed them in the chest

supposedly he like barely missed his

heart but he stabs him in the chest

and then he attempts to flee

and then he was

quickly restrained by two other

supermarket employees

now the employee luckily thank god

had survived the

stabbing lawrence

was convicted

of the lesser charge of assault with a deadly weapon

and he was sent to


men’s colony

in san luis obispo

i’m getting tongue tied

today so in november of 1969 roy

damn it why can’t i be a normal person

mr norris norris

was arrested for his

first known

sexual offense he was

charged with

both rape and assault with attempt to commit

rape february of 1970 norris

attempted to deceive a lone

woman into allowing him to

enter her home

and when the

woman refused he attempted to

break into her

house and the

woman called the police

who then arrested mr norris

and then in may of 1970

norris on bail

for his latest offense

he then went on to attack a lady student he had been

stalking on the grounds of the san

diego state

university campus

norris repeatedly

struck her on the back of her head with the rock

until she slumped to her knees

before he repeatedly

beat her head

against the sidewalk

shortly thereafter norris was

charged with assault with a deadly weapon

he committed to a

total of five years imprisonment

he was classified as

a mentally disordered sex offender

and then and i’m

laughing because of how

ridiculous this is okay

because in 1975

he was released with five years probation

and he was declared by doctors

as an individual who was of quote

no further danger to

others and quote

and here’s the kicker

the kicker just

three months

after his release

norris approached a

27 year old

woman walking home from a restaurant in dondo beach

and he offered her a ride on his motorcycle

when she declined

norris parked his

motorcycle and

grabbed the

woman’s scarf

twisted it around her neck

dragged her into a nearby bush

where he then proceeded to rape her

now the rape was reported

but they were unable

to find norris

they couldn’t find him

he was long gone by the time she reported it however

a month later

the victim was out

she was like living her life and she sees she spots

norris’s motorcycle

she’s like oh shit

that’s his motorcycle

she writes down his license

plate number

and she immediately gave it to the police

norris was arrested

for the rape

and then one year

later he was

tried and convicted

for this offense

he was then sent to the

california men’s colony in san luis

obispo and while incarcerated at the

california men’s colony

norris met and befriended lawrence

side note because this pisses me off

now you think this

would be the end of the

story right

because all so much shit has already happened between

these two right you

you think this

would be it

you think that

would be the end of this

story nene i say

lawrence and norris his name is rory

but i can’t say it okay

lawrence and norris they’re in the same prison together

so they become

you know familiar with one another

lawrence would say

you know they were acquaintances at

first they knew of each

other they saw each

other i mean

lawrence would say that they only began

talking in friendly terms

when norris

taught lawrence

how to make jewelry

while in prison you know

you get like arts and

crafts time

then norris

would say that they became really close

when lawrence

saved him from being attacked by fellow inmates on at

least two occasions

so after that they became

pretty close

and what do

close friends do

they sit around

and gossip with one another and like they tell each

other secrets

and that’s what they did when they became friends they

started to discover that they had

common interests norris also confided in lawrence that

the thing that really turned him on

he’s like let me tell you let me tell you girl

i think that really turns me on

he loved seeing like the face

of frightened

young women

and then he

added this was

the primary reason why he had such a lengthy

sexual assault record

which is weird because at this

point when he was arrested

he didn’t have a lengthy

sexual assault record

so there’s reason to believe that he’s hiding

a lot of shit

he did that was just like a side note but like okay

so then lawrence

follows that and tells norris that if you ever raped a

woman he would kill her so

you know he

would not leave a witness to the crime

and like norris was like oh my god wow

that’s so cool wow you’re so cool

now when the two were

alone it said that the pair

often discussed plans to assault and murder

teenage girls once they were freed

you see they shared this fantasy which then

evolved into an elaborate plan to murder one girl

of each teenage year so from 13

all the way to 19

they wanted to

find a girl of

every age between then and murder them set

better goals

the parent vowed to become


once they were released

lawrence was released in

october of 1978 he returned to los angeles where he

found work as a mechanicst

mccannest sorry i’m having a hard time talking now he

would earn about a thousand dollars a week

which is like a

great amount of money

especially at this time

but he became

friendly with a

ton of people in his neighborhood and his

place of work

and he earned a

reputation as a

generous and helpful

individual who occasionally donated

money to local charities

um reading about him

he seemed to do a lot of like public service and

donating on his

spare time so it’s

strange but okay i i don’t know

i just thought that was kind of

anyways and then

three months

after lawrence was released

in january of nineteen

seventy nine

norris was released from prison and he

moved into his

mother’s home

in redondo beach

she soon found employment as an electrician

in compton shortly

after his release

norris received a letter from

lawrence asking if like he wanted to meet

and then in late february

the pair met at a hotel

and they rekindled

their plan to kidnap and rape girls

they shouldn’t have even been released in the

first place but that’s just

a personal opinion i

guess so in

order for the pair to


kidnap girls

lawrence decided they

wouldn’t need a van

as opposed to like a normal car so the two put their

money together and they purchased a silver 1977 cargo

shut the purchase

in silver 1977

gmc cargo van the vehicle was windowless

on the sides and had a

large passenger side sliding door

and according to lawrence

when viewing this sliding door he realized that he

or norris could

quote pull up to a teenage girl real close

and not have

to open the doors all the way lawrence and norris

would nickname this fan

quote murder mac and

lawrence and norris they

constructed like a bed

in the back of the van

beneath the bed they placed

tools like a toolbox

they also had

clothes in there and then they got

like an ice cooler

thing and they filled it with beer and

soft drinks

they would drive up and down pacific

coast highway they

would drive to the beach

and at this

point they just kind of like where

testing it out

flirting with girls they said

having a good time

so not long

after they decided

that they needed to give this fan a go

they needed to try it

they needed to see

can they get

a victim sadly

they do i don’t know the exact

the date when they picked her up but it

it was listed at like almost

eight o’clock at night

norris had spotted a sixteen year old girl

um she was just walking

alone on the road

this girl’s name was lucinda

and she was walking because she had just left

like a church meeting in redondo beach

she was walking down

side street

walking home lawrence remembers

norris saying

quote there’s a cute little blonde

so they kind of pull up next to

lucinda and they ask her

hey like do you want do you want a ride

we see that you’re walking it’s getting late

we can give you a ride

and lucinda declines

she’s like hell no

so then they offer her weed and beer

because they had that in

their car and she says no

so this kind of pisses them off they’re like

this isn’t working

they pull up further down the road

and they park

alongside a driveway

and they’re waiting

because they see lucinda

like walking in that direction norris then he exits

the van and he opens the side

sliding door

and he pretends to like work in the van he’s like

sticking out and pretending to kind of

shuffle through things

but really they were just waiting

for lucinda to come walking up as soon as lucinda

walks in their direction up towards the van

norris says like

we don’t know what he says to her he’s just

says a few words to her

but then he drags her into the van

and then slams the door shut

and he turns the

radio up to like full volume

to muffle any

sounds so norris is in the back

and he is bounding

lucinda’s arms and legs and then gags her with

duct tape as lawrence

drove to a road in the san

gabriel mountains

now it said when lucinda was first like

snatched she

was screaming as any of us

would she was

screaming but then she

quickly regained

composure lawrence

wrote that lucinda

displayed a magnificent

state of self control

and composed acceptance

of the conditions of

which she had no control

she shed no tears offered no resistance

and expressed no

great concern for her safety

i guess she knew what was coming

that was a quote

end quote so once i get to this road norris

first was the one to rape lucinda

after instructing

lawrence to

go take a walk and return

in one hour

once lawrence returned to the van he then

asked norris to leave

while he raped lucinda so they just took turns

now it’s hard to know what happened exactly

because norris

and lawrence they have given

different accounts as to

who actually like killed her

but it’s said that they argued over whether they

should kill her

or if they should release her i

guess norris is the one who

tried to strangle

lucinda first

this is what norris

says there was

like a certain look in her eyes that made him

physically sick so he is trying to kill her

she’s making this

face that like really bothered him

so he said he ran to the

front of the van and he

threw up so then lawrence is like well

get out of my way

i’ll go do it so he

goes to lucinda

and he strangles her

she collapses to the ground he then

twists a wire coat hanger around her neck

with pliers

and then he wrapped

loosened his body in a plastic shower curtain

and then they both

threw her her body over a

steep canyon that

lawrence had

selected so norris

would say that lawrence

assured him that the animals

would eat her up

so there wouldn’t be any evidence left

so then on july 8th 1979

two weeks after the murder of lucinda

lawrence and

norris they encountered an 18 year old andrea joy hall

she was hitchhiking

along the pacific

coast highway

now they see

her but they were kind of like behind another car so

they have full plans to pull over and pick her up but

the car in front of them pulls over and they offered

andrea a ride and she accepted

so she gets in this car that’s in

front of them and they drive off

so this pisses

lawrence and

norris off so they decide to just follow the vehicle

from a distance until

andrea had exited the

vehicle in redondo beach

they pull over when andrea had gotten out of the car

and they offer

her a soda or a beer

and she said okay

she opens up the back of the van

and that’s when norris

pounced on her it’s said that andrea

really tried to

fight back she

tried her best but

norris was able to like

twist her arm behind her back

which then caused her to

scream in pain

norris then gagged her

with adhesive tape

and then bound her

wrist and her

ankles lawrence and norris drove to

the location in the sand

gabriel mountains

where they had

taken lucinda

sadly andrea when

they arrived there

she was raped

twice by lawrence

and then norris only raped her once

lawrence then forced andrea to walk uphill naked

alongside the road

and then to

perform oral sex on him before

ordering andrea to

pose for several

polaroid pictures

and norris decided to walk to a

local gas station or something and to go buy alcohol

and then when he returned lawrence

was already

alone and he had

two more polaroid

pictures that he had

taken norris

would say that it was just

pictures of her face

being described as sheer tear

but norris didn’t know

where lawrence

had put her body or like what happened exactly

lawrence had informed

norris that he had

told andrea he was

going to kill her

and challenged her to give him as many reasons as he

could as she

could to come up with

as to why she

should be allowed to live before

sorry for this one

before thrusting

an ice pick through her ear

into her brain

and he did this to each ear

lawrence then strangled her

before throwing her body off of a cliff

there’s like no words for how disgusting

these guys are

so then on september 3rd

lawrence and norris

they see two

other girls

who are named

jackie and jacqueline

and they’re sitting on like a bus stop

bench located

close to hermosa beach

lawrence had

offered the girls a ride they said sure you know

once they were in the van

norris had offered them marijuana

which the girls accepted

before anyone

thinks marijuana is bad

because that’s not what i’m trying to point out

they had it because they knew like it would

bring people into the van

i just know people are

gonna be like marijuana is not why they did this

i’m not saying

that i’m just saying that they had the marijuana okay

shortly after the girls had

entered the van

both of them had noticed lawrence

who was driving the van

he had steered the van

off of the pacific

coast highway

and he was driving

in the direction of the san gabriel mountains

so jacqueline

who was only

13 years old

she attempted

to open up the van door the sliding door because

she just had that gut feeling that this isn’t good

while she’s trying to get up and like open the sliding

door norris hit her in the back of the head with a bag

that was filled with lead weights

so he knocks her

unconscious jackie

who is 15 the

other girl in this car

she sees what’s

going on obviously

freaks out and she

tries to like run out of the van as well

and then norris is able to like

tackle her and hold her down

so then he tries to

bind and gag jackie

but at the same time

jacqueline the

other girl who is knocked

unconscious she regains consciousness

and again she

tries to open up the van door and flee

which she does

she is able

to get out like the couple steps out of the van

but norris is on it and he grabs her he

twists her arm behind her back

drags her back into the van

and the struggle just continues

so lawrence

who’s driving the car sees like the struggle happening

and he pulls the van over he gets out of the van he

punches fucking jacqueline

in the face

and then he assists norris

binding and gagging the two girls they then

drive up to the san gabriel mountains

where they had

taken the other previous girls they

end up staying up there for almost

two days they pretty much her just holding the girls

up there and throughout the two days

they are raping the poor girls

and then physically just

abusing them as well

both men end up

sleeping in the van

alongside both of the

victims or the hostages

with each of

them taking turns working as like a lookout laurens

then walk jacqueline

like onto a nearby hill

and he forces her to

pose for pornographic image

like pictures with his polaroid

before returning her

to the van lawrence also

asked norris to take several polaroid

pictures of himself

and jackie both nude and closed

it’s later said that they think

he kind of forces

norris to take

these polaroid

pictures just in case they ever get caught he can also

blame norris

cause so far all the

pictures were just of

lawrence so in the first of

three instances in which

lawrence raped jackie

he also created a tape recording of himself

raping her forcing

them to pretend that she was his cousin

and just recorded it on his tape recording

the tape recording itself

of jackie and her

abuse it was

never found and then

after almost two days of

being held hostage

jackie and jacqueline

were murdered jacqueline was

struck in each ear with an ice pick

and then she was

sadly the whole

thing is sad

ice pick is sad

she was then strangled to

death and then he forced jacqueline

out of the van

upon exiting the sliding door norris

struck her on the head with a


lawrence then strangled jacqueline

until he believed she had died

and then jacqueline

ends up opening her eyes

which freaks norris out so he grabs his

sledgehammer and just beats her

pretty he just beats beats her and then

he strangles her to death

the bodies of jackie and jacqueline

were thrown over an embankment into the hills

so then lawrence and norris they abduct

their final victim

who was 16 year old shirley

on october 31st 1979

shirley was abducted as she

stood outside of a gas station

and she was hitchhiking home

from a halloween

party it’s believed that shirley accepted the ride home

from lawrence and norris because she recognized

lawrence you see shirley worked as

a waitress at a restaurant

and lawrence

would come in there all the time and so she accepted

this ride because she was like oh hey yeah i know him

once inside of the van

again they offer shirley marijuana she refused

so then lawrence

drove the van to a secluded

street where norris

drew a knife

then bound and gagged shirley

lawrence then traded norris

places so norris

then just kind of

drives around aimlessly

while lawrence

is in the back with shirley

lawrence decided to

remove the tape that was holding

shirley you know down and whatnot he proceeded to

torment poor shirley i mean he did with all of them

but it seems like with shirley he upped it up

a notch put on his like tape recorder so he

could record the

whole thing

so he’s slapping shirley

he’s mocking her when she’s crying

beating her

over and over

again with his fists and he

is repeatedly

shouting this is according to like detectives and

stuff who heard

the voice recording

shouting at her to

quote say something say something

while he’s beating and slapping her

i guess you can hear

shirley screaming and

shouting and crying lawrence is

shouting for her to quote

scream louder

so then lawrence

continues screaming at her to

scream louder and you just hear

shirley screaming

as any of us fucking would

you know like shit

and then he grabs his

pliers out of a toolbox that he had

in the car he then proceeds to rape her and sodomize

her with the pliers

what the this takes a certain

level of sick

you can’t describe

this you know it’s like

it said that it was lawrence’s idea to turn on the

voice recorder

when detectives are listening to the

voice recorder they hear like that lawrence is

going through the toolbox

i mean you just hear him like

shuffling through

it or you hear him like pulling out different

tools and whatnot

kind of mumbling

and you hear her pleading with him begging

for him to just let her go

so then norris is the one who reaches for the

sledgehammer he then proceeds to

strike shirley

25 consecutive times

norris ends up killing shirley

by strangling her with a wire coat hanger

which he tightened

with the pliers now

lawrence is the one who comes up with this bright idea

discard her body on a

random lawn

in order to view the reaction from the press

he wanted that

media attention

so the pair had

drove around and then they

randomly just

selected a house

and they discarded

shirley’s body

or like on the front lawn

shirley’s body was

found the next morning by a jogger

lawrence would say that the recording

that he made

of shirley during her rape and torture

it offered nothing

other than the evidence

of a threesome

adding that towards the end shirley was

screaming for him and norris to kill her

and that’s why they did it

no words in november of 1979

norris he became acquainted

or reacquainted

with a friend named joseph jackson

and joseph jackson

was a dude was incarcerated with norris

and they became friendly and they talked and

stuff norris

had confided in this individual

as to his and lawrence’s

murders over the last five months

and he included really

graphic details of the murder of shirley and at this

point when he confided

in this guy

shirley was the only victim whose body had been found

and then norris also told this jackson

guy that in addition to the five murders

he and lawrence had committed

there had been

three additional incidents in

which he and lawrence had abducted

or attempted to abduct

young women

who had either

successfully escaped

their attackers or in one instance

had actually been raped but released

when this guy

heard norris’s confession

he went to his attorney

and was like what do i do

but you go to authorities

like what do you mean what do you do

but whatever at

least he went okay

he confided or he consulted with his attorney and asked

him what do i do and his attorney

advised him to go to authorities

so this guy agreed and he and his attorney

went to the lapd a

verdondo beach

detective and his name was

paul was assigned

to investigate jackson’s

claims the detective

initially noted that jackson’s

statements as to norris’s confessions

did match reports on file

several teenage girls who had been reported missing

over the previous five

months in addition

the incident norris had confided to jackson where he

claimed he and lawrence

had sprayed mace

in the face of a woman

and this lady

she had been

dragged into the van

and then raped by both men and this lady had

matched a report that was filed

in relation to an incident

which occurred on september 30th

and in this file report a

young woman

named robin

robin said that she had mace

sprayed in her face before being

dragged into a van

and then raped by two caucasian men

in their mid 30s

and then she luckily

was released we don’t know why but she was

thank god for her you know like lucky

this robin lady

she did report the abduction and the rape to police

but they had been unable to

identify the two men that she had mentioned

but this jackson guy who had been talking to norris

norris told this jackson guy

about the robin girl

so they were like okay if this

robin girl can

say that norris

is the one that got her and whatever like

identify them

then we could have like a lead or whatever

right so investigators go out to

robin who is now living in

organ and they show her a

series of mugshots

without hesitation

robin is able to

identify two

photos presented to her as

those of the men

who had kidnapped and raped her

on september 30th

norris and lawrence

so once they got this positive id

police place

norris i almost said roy roy

his name is roy

but we’re calling him norris remember

under surveillance okay so he’s

under surveillance

and within days of being

under surveillance

they observed

him dealing drugs

on november 20th 1979

norris was arrested by the hermosa

beach police

lease for parole

violation for dealing drugs

that’s weird

how they got him

the same day lawrence

he was staying and

living at a burbank

motel he was then arrested

for the rape of

robin now when they brought

in lawrence

and norris they also brought in

robin to again

id them in person

and say like

you know line them up and say yes that’s them

then when they

lined them up

robin couldn’t one hundred percent

say yes that’s them you know i’m saying like they

looked a little bit different than the images she saw

earlier so she said i’m not

sure i’m pretty positive but i can’t hundred percent

say so police were a little

irritated by this but they

still arrested them because they had violated their

parole lawrence

the one who was at the hotel

he had drugs on him so they got him that way

thank god you know so then

cause there’s more

bitch there’s more

police search

lawrence’s hotel and

while they’re

searching they find a

bunch of polaroid

pictures and on

these polaroid

pictures they see andrea and jackie

remember the

previous victims we had talked

about but they find

pictures of them and

both of them had been reported missing so when they see

these pictures they’re like

bingo got them

and then inside the van

investigators discovered a

sledgehammer a plastic bag

that was filled with lead weights

a book detailing how to locate police

radio frequencies

a jar of vaseline

two necklaces

which were later confirmed to

belonged to two of the

victims and then they

found a tape recording of a

young woman in obvious distress

she was screaming she was pleading for mercy

while being tortured

and sexually abused

sadly the mother of shirley

the last victim we talked

about they played

the voice recording to her mom

and she was able to

identify the voice

on the tape as being that of her

her daughter i mean how

awful to play that tape for her i

i don’t know

that’s i mean

yeah they also

found in lawrence’s motel

seven bottles of various

acidic materials

and later investigators

would discover

that lawrence

plan to use

these acidic materials upon

their next victim

inside norris’s

apartment police discover a bracelet that he had

taken from shirley

also they found

at the homes of both

lawrence and norris

a bunch of polaroid

pictures they were almost five hundred

pictures of different

teenage girls

young women

most of which

had been apparently

taken at redondo beach

and at burbank high

school he they had

taken pictures of

these girls i guess i

guess potential victims

and most of these

pictures had been

taken without the girls knowledge or consent so then

october 30th 1979

norris attended a hearing

in relation to the september 30th rate by this stage

norris was beginning to display

visible signs of stress you

could tell that he was really over it done he was

cracking you

know norris he waves his miranda rights

before being questioned so

initially norris denies

any involvement

in the murders

rapes or disappearances

of these different

women however when he was confronted with the evidence

investigators had

compiled norris

began to confess

although he did attempt to put more of the

blame on lauren

saying it was him it was

his idea he did all the killing i was just there

but norris did confess to

everything he confessed to

them driving around taking

these girls

to sexually assaulting them to killing them to

throwing over the san gabriel mountains

like he was not holding back

he was telling them everything

strangling them with wire coat hangers

taking an ice pick and driving it into

their ears before being strangled

telling them

everything which is honestly

great you know

because most people

would just fucking lie and they

never get a straight answer

investigators question norris

asked like what were you

gonna do with

those acids we

found and norris

said that they were

intended for use upon the next

they abducted

and the acts of torture that had been committed

and was going to be committed

against their

victims were quote

for fun and

quote all right

you nasties

police investigators they do a

press conference

and they go over

everything that they have

found with these two

guys the sheriff also stated that

police had also

identified 19 of the

women from the

pictures as being

individuals who had been reported missing and not

found and that

these teenage girls and

young women may have been

murdered but they had no evidence to suggest

that these additional 19

women that were


had been victims of lawrence

and norris and neither did them confess to it which is

norris then

brings detectives to the area

where he and lawrence had disposed of the

victims bodies they did extensive

searches of the areas

where he stated the

bodies of lucinda and andrea had been discarded

but their bodies were never

found on february 9th

1980 the bodies of jaclyn and jackie were

found at the bottom of a canyon

just like norris had described

two detectives

an ice pick was

still lodged in the

skull of jackie

so they knew that

norris’s confession and everything was correct

so that in february of 1980

norris and lawrence were formally

charged with the murders of five girls lawrence

was denied bail

whereas norris

he had a bail and it was set at only 10 000

no idea okay norris had accepted a plea bargain in

which he would testify

against lawrence

in return for the prosecution agreeing

not to seek the death penalty

against him which they agreed so

march 18th 1980

norris roy i’m

sorry for calling him norris the whole time

but he pleaded guilty to four

counts of first degree murder one

count of second degree murder

two counts of rape and one

count of robbery in may of nineteen eighty

norris was sentenced to forty five years to life

april twenty fourth nineteen eighty

lawrence remember lawrence

his dumbass wasn’t saying anything he had a

total of 29 charges of kidnapping rape sodomy

and murder in

addition to various charges of criminal conspiracy

and possession of a firearm

and then when he was

asked how he wanted to plead

lawrence remained

silent he refused to answer

any questions and he refused to say anything so the

judge entered a plea

of not guilty

on his behalf

so then lawrence’s

trial had taken

place january 19th of 1981

and of course the star witness

for the prosecution was norris

so norris goes over

everything and says how he became

friends with lawrence

how the both

of them came up with this plan to kidnap rape and kill

teenage girls and then he goes into

great detail

about what he did his own role

norris and then

everything that

lawrence had did

and how lawrence

pressured norris into killing people and then

sadly in court

for lawrence’s trial

they played the 17 minute

audio recording

that the pair had made when they were killing shirley

so on this tape there was shirley’s

abuse and torment

and rape and

everything and they played it

which a lot of people thought was inappropriate

but they fought hard saying that the

court needs to hear how bad

these guys are

maybe like a

not the whole

seventeen minutes i don’t know

like that would just ruin

that could really

ruin your life you know

and there’s no therapy set up for jury people so

norris said that lawrence

had the audio tape and he

would constantly play it

over and over and over in their van

and that lawrence considered the contents to be

quote real funny

there were more than a hundred people present in this

courtroom and they all

heard that tape

and many members of the jury

cried some people walked out and like left

because it was just too much i don’t blame them

it was also noted that lawrence was

laughing and smiling

the entire time the recording was playing so you know

there’s a special

place in hell for

these type of people

february nineteenth

nineteen eighty one the jury had deliberated for

three days and they

ended up fine finding lawrence guilty

of five counts of

first degree murder

one charge of conspiracy to commit

first degree murder

five charges of kidnapping

nine charges of rape

one charge of sodomy and

three charges of unlawful

possession of a firearm

lawrence was sentenced to death

for the five

counts of first degree murder

he showed no emotion

as the verdict was delivered

lawrence was formally sentenced to death

and lawrence of course appealed this decision

and then it went all the way to the supreme

court and the supreme

court upheld this

decision that he be

executed a renewed

execution date was

scheduled for july 23 1991

but lawrence once

again appealed the decision of the us supreme

court that he be

executed and he was

granted a further stay

of execution on july 9 1991

as of two thousand nineteen as of

right now you could

could change but lawrence remains incarcerated on

death row at san quentin

state prison

so he hasn’t even been killed yet he’s still on

death row why does it take so long

like i don’t know how i feel

about death row sometimes

but for this

he needs to die yep sorry

people like that need to just

get him out of here

you don’t even deserve to be in prison

get free health care and food and

stuff no nope

and then of course lawrence

was milking it

and he gave several

death row interviews

he loves it

you know so yeah get him out of here

to this date

he’s never expressed any remorse

for his crimes he

states the only remorse

he feels is for the fact

that he and norris were arrested and it ruined his life

ruin my life i hate him

he ruined my life roy

norris he remains incarcerated at the donovan

state prison

since his conviction he has repeatedly

claimed the sole reason he participated in the murders

was out of fear

of lawrence

you still fucking did it bro i hate i hate these people

you still did it get the fuck out of here

okay so norris was actually up for

parole in 2009

but he declined to attend the parole

hearing so now he won’t be

up for parole for another 10 years

so then in twenty nineteen he was up again like bitch

he came this close to getting out maybe we don’t know

scary but he was denied and he’ll be up

again for parole in twenty

twenty nine

so detective paul

now this is the chief investigator of the

murders have committed by

lawrence and norris sadly

he committed suicide in december of nineteen eighty

seven he was only thirty nine years old he

wrote a ten page suicide note he specifically

referred to

the murders committed by lawrence and norris as

haunting him

and he had this fear that they

could be released from prison

you just couldn’t take it anymore i

guess which is awful

a lot of people want to know what happened to the

audio tapes

because they want to hear them

like you guys are

sick not you guys but like when i was on the internet

researching this a lot of people were like

where are the tapes i want to hear them it’s like

no fuck you

sorry i said it

no but the tapes that they made

torturing surely

they remains in

possession of the fbi academy

and they actually use it to train

and desensitize fbi

agents to the raw reality of torture and murder

which is awful

so that is the story of

lawrence and roy

and how shitty they are

oh and i forgot to mention

some people call them the tool box killers

because they had a tool box

not to be confused

with the toy box that we already talked

about remember

both disturbing

both just deserve to die one of them already did

truth or consequences dude is

the toy box dude is dead thank god

this one was exhausting

so it’s believed

this is where the fear of that

scary like rape van

came into play

that has been

instilled into a lot of our heads for some odd reason

it’s believed that this is

where it came from

this took place

you know in the

seventies but

to this day

be safe out there

i feel like whenever i’m walking

alone one thing i like to do is yell out loud

i have a weapon

because it lets people

know not to attack me but i feel like that’s not the

right thing to do

cause i could get arrested

cause that’s illegal but like

i’m always like if it’s late at

night and i’m walking okay and i hear like

a car coming i’m always like i have a fucking knife

that’s what i do

i don’t recommend that

what if it was a cop

yeah i want to start adding advice

but like i don’t know dude it’s fucking scary

and don’t even get me started on the comment section

to like these interviews and

stuff you can look on youtube and i’ll link some down

below lawrence or even norris

where they’re sitting and they’re talking

about what they did

and the comment section is like oh my god he’s my hero

get better idols

jesus take the damn

wheel will ya

thank you for hanging out with me today i’m

sorry to put a damper on your day with this very heavy

story i’m gonna

write him a letter in prison and be like hey you

piece of shit die

i’ll let you know how it goes

other than that

i hope that you have a really

great day today

oh something just bit me make good choices

please please please please be safe out there seriously

be safe don’t be dumb make good decisions

get better idols just be better

you can do it

i believe in you

let me know your thoughts down

below who you want me to talk

about next week

and i’ll be seeing you guys later bye

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