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anywho for today’s

story i was reading my comment section as one does and

sammy aguilar

she said bailey can you please look into the pazuzu

algarard okay i’m

gonna look up how to say his last name

cause i forgot to do that algarard

case please

and i haven’t heard of

pazuzu so i was like okay let’s

google that and

whoo it’s a

story now they did recently i think it’s vice

they actually

did like a little docuseries on it so if you have

heard this story

sorry i didn’t know

about it and i’m sure if i didn’t know

about it maybe a handful of you out there don’t know

about it as well so let’s jump into it

but first disclaimer

the following presentation is intended

for mature audiences

it contains

graphic descriptions of

crime scenes

adult dialogue and

strong language viewer discretion is advised

oh also i’m

going to lightly talk about

some things like animal cruelty


satan very lightly not

going into any

graphic details

about it but just a little heads up all

right okay i will shut up now

fear discretion is

advised this one is kind of nutso

never heard of this guy

and um it’s

scary to think that there’s people out there like this

john lawson was born august 12th 1978 in san

francisco baby

his parents cynthia lawson

and timothy lawson they had

married in 1971

and then they ended up moving to

north carolina

then they ended up getting divorced in

1990 cynthia

and her son john they continued to live in clemens

in north carolina

jesus i’m sorry for that it’s just

every time i try to film something

just the lights like crack or something it’s very weird

anyways so cynthia and her son john they had

lived in clemens in

north carolina

and the ex husband he moved back to california

he was like focus them out in nineteen ninety eight

cynthia the mother she remarried to a tennessee native

and his name was johnny

larry james

johnny james

that’s a great name they all live together

in winston salem

north carolina

now for john the main dude that we’re talking

about here his

childhood is

confusing because of a couple things

he constantly told different stories

as far as his upbringing goes he was all over the

place he seemed to be like

a little bit of a

liar a fibber

and he would constantly make

things up to just impress everyone around him

so for example john here he

claimed that he was from iraq

and then he also

claimed that his father was a priest

he claimed that his real father died he

claimed that he

lived in different

states it was just he was all over the place

based off of what cynthia his

mother says we do know well she

would say that

john was known to be more of an emotional

child and he would

march to the beat of a different drum

now cynthia

would go on to say that john

would practice harming animals during his childhood

and he also

would experiment with drugs and alcohol

now this did

worry cynthia and we all know this

well in the true

crime community i feel like

usually if a

child is participating in harming animals that’s

never a good sign

ever and this

worried cynthia

so she actually

wanted to get him help she was like this kid is

killing animals he needs help

so she did the

right thing she

took him to see a


and make sure that john

would get some help

and john was diagnosed as


and the definition

of that is somebody who has an irrational fear of

entering open or

crowded places

somebody who

doesn’t like to

leave their home

and he was also diagnosed as a


and had manic depression

and this was at a

young age so cynthia his

mother john’s mother

she did take him to see

a therapist and make sure that he got some kind of help

but here’s the problem

she had to take him out

of getting professional

help because she couldn’t afford it anymore it was

becoming way too expensive so unfortunately

this is where america sucks you know

couldn’t afford it anymore

so then john over here decided to drop out of high

school and then legally change his name

and he changed it to pazuzu

ila algarid

and when he got this new name he was now a devoted

satanist and

drug dealer now pazuzu is the name of the king of

demons in ancient


mythology also is heavily

featured in pop culture

most prominently

in the exorcist remember

side note i also forgot to mention this now pazuzu

claim to be a satanist

selective outrage happens here

and if you are

a practicing satanist

as long as you’re not

harming anybody do whatever makes you

happy you know

do what makes you happy

now this story

doesn’t mean all satanists

are like this

this story doesn’t reflect

this religion as a

whole and in almost

every video

it seems like

a religion is mentioned because people belong to

whichever church of

their choosing

but never am i trying to

paint the picture of what this religion is

i believe that there are some really nice

satanists out

there and i’m sure they mean no harm and they just mind

their own business and do

their own thing

do you understand what i’m saying

back to the

story puzuzu over here he liked

being scary

he liked making

others feel uncomfortable

he was well

known for being different

and off putting and he

would brag a lot

about his counter

culture practices

like sacrificing animals

he claimed that he had the power

of weather control

he’s like yeah

bitch i can make it snow watch

pazuzu over here

he was like

i need to just really amp up this

this character

that i’m creating he filed his

teeth down to look different and like super

sharp so he filed his

teeth to look

sharp and he used a dremel

to do so also

pazuzu decided to get his tongue split

i don’t know if he did it himself or he got it done

professionally but regardless he

split his tongue and then he got

some pretty

thick ass tatties on his face bro

of course pazuzu over here was one of

those idiots who idolized

charles manson

my least favorite people on the planet

he just really looked up to charles

and how charles

was able to gain a following and was idolized

and he liked the fact that charles was able to

get people to do bad

things for him

so his hands

weren’t dirty

this is when i will mention

again get better

idols charles manson was a

loser sorry

come for me now pazuzu over here was like

idea i should

start a new religion

something that’s

never been like done before i’m

gonna mix lucifercism

sam lucifer

i’m gonna mix


and islam together

and create something new

now it really had nothing to do with the ideals of

these two religions he just wanted to use them to

scare the community he knew people feared satanism


because the devil

and people are afraid of the devil

so he was like okay i’m

gonna take that and then he

chose the islam religion because

this was now in 2002

and 9 11 had just happened the year prior

at that time

unfortunately there was a lot of fear

about terrorists and

stuff like that

so he purposely picked

these two religions that people

feared the most

and he’s like i’m just

gonna make my own

religion out of

these two pazuzu

was really it like on a downward spiral

and he was unable to financially seek

any sort of help

for what was

going on in his

noggin because

he was really suffering and struggling with


his manic depression

and he was just not

taking care of himself it’s sad

so he’s like okay well i need followers

i need people

to come to my new church

and support me

so he began to surround himself with people

of lower class

he would refer to them as

the misfits

and the outcasts and

these people were very vulnerable due to

their status

a lot of them

weren’t working a lot of them were addicted

to drugs a lot of people were doing meth or heroin

he felt like

they were easy to control because for one he

could invite them into his home

let them do drugs and stuff

and of course they’re

gonna keep coming back because it was like a

place for all them to hang

out and do drugs people were really attracted to pazuzu

and how rebellious

he was and the fact that he was very defiant

and he seemed like very dangerous he was unpredictable

i can’t believe he

changed his name to pazuzu

who does that

people were constantly coming and

going in the home oh

also cynthia

and her new husband they had

moved out at some

point and like

he still owned the

house but pazuzu was living there

cynthia the

mother would come and go and just

check up on

him to see how he’s doing but for the most part cynthia

wasn’t there it was mainly pazuzu’s

house i feel

ridiculous saying pazuzu

now a lot of people

in the community

would find him

from word of

mouth friends would call

other friends

and they’d be like hey yeah this dude is cool

he like drinks

blood and shit come

check out this

place with me

and that’s how they

would constantly get new people

one of pazuzu’s friends or followers said

quote we just hung out and

chilled around

and whatnot

maybe did a little bit of heroin

every now and

again just a

crazy shit ton of

drinking cut ourselves and each

other maybe

drink the blood of a bird or

whatever just

all around having a good time there were no rules you

could piss in his carpet

you could smash a tv

you could hit somebody in the head with a beer bottle

it just didn’t matter end

quote so a lot of people thought and knew that pezuzu

was like a compulsive

liar and that he was just trying to keep up with this

scary image he had

like he would

claim that he killed people he

ate their bodies

and that he burned them or buried them in the backyard

but people didn’t really

think anything like of it they just thought he was

lying but also you have to remember a lot of

these people were on drugs

you’re probably not in the

right headspace to be taking any of this seriously

you know the

story was just always changing

he was always killing people

and eating them and everybody was just kind of like

okay now what exactly the religion

entailed i’m not sure like

i couldn’t really

find clarification because i don’t really

think there

was much that this like an outline to this religion

but i do know that people

would come over to the

house and they

would participate in animal sacrifice

you shouldn’t do that

over time pazuzu

gained a pretty like

good amount of lady followers and he

would call the lady followers his fiances

and he dated or

slept with almost all of them he would

sleep with anyone he

could i mean these

women would like

idolize him so of course he’s

gonna take advantage of that and get off

pazuzo just really liked

all this attention he was getting and the fact that

he was the boss and he like ran shit

around here people were listening to him

he was in charge

he was weird and he was an outcast

and he claimed that he liked being

weird in an outcast but the end of the day i

think people

in general this is

a complete opinion but i

think people in general they like being acknowledged

they like being liked

they want it they want that

and they want a

sense of community as well

so when i think he

found like his

tribe he was just

milking it and the fact that he would say

things like

i ate a person i burn them in the backyard

and then he

would get a reaction like oh my god

whoa i could

never do that

inflating his ego

and then he was

sleeping with a bunch of

chicks yeah you know his ego was out of control

pazuzu claimed that he only bathed

once a year and that he

never brushed his

teeth inside of the home

where they practice their

drug taking and

animal sacrifices he was also

known to keep piles of feces in the corner of his

house rather than use the bathroom

or if they had to go pee or something they

would just go in the corner of his

house like inside of the house

so the house probably

smelled real nice

so pazuzu was just not taking care of himself

and his followers did the same

thing they didn’t need a shower

they had the power of

satan to cleanse them

this is also just an opinion because i’m not even sure

but i bet you a million

bucks they probably just didn’t have

money to pay the

water bill so

they were like yeah we’re just gonna pee in the

house yeah but really they didn’t have

water i would put money on that and

but i cannot confirm or deny that

but i couldn’t imagine what that house

smells like

actually i don’t wanna know

i don’t i don’t wanna know that now when new people

would come to pazuzu’s home

their first comment

would be like oh my god what is that

smell it smells like

death in here

and pazuzu would be like yeah it’s the dead

bodies in the basement

now cynthia

pazuzu’s mother

she would go by the home and

check on him to

see how he’s doing you know because it is her son and

she knows mentally he’s just not in a good place

and it’s her home so she’s

going by to

check on and see like how he’s doing

so in may 2010

cynthia goes

by the home they get into some kind of argument

and then pezuzu comes up and he strangles her to the

point where she

knocks out so cynthia calls the police

and then the police come

and they arrest pazuzu

and then they ask cynthia like do you

wanna press charges or whatever

and she’s like no i don’t wanna

press charges i mean she feels guilty it’s her son

so she decides not to

press charges

now the home that pazuzu was in

where he was practicing and had everyone come over

it was wall to wall covered

in nonsense whether it be just posters of like satanic

symbols there

would be drawings all over the walls with like

sharpies of just

nonsense they look to be

smears of when they sacrificed an animal

like they would

smear the blood on the walls

in this group they

would cut themselves they

would take that and

smear it on the walls

they had their own little

decor so in

2011 pazuzu actually ends up getting arrested in the

connection of the shooting

death of joseph

chandler joseph was

found dead by the yadkin

river this is

where pazuzu

allegedly indulged in

black magic rituals and animal sacrifices

pazuzu would say

if there’s a full moon

that’s the night that they

would kill so the

night that joseph

was shot and killed it was a full moon

he was minding his own business

apparently he was just trying to

light a cigarette like he was outside he was trying to

light a cigarette

and before he

could light it he got shot

pazuzu was also with

his friend and one

of his followers

and his friend is the one who shot the gun

pazuzu was just there allegedly

so his friend that was with them his name is nicholas

and he actually

was convicted of involuntary manslaughter

while pazuzu was

charged with accessory

after the fact of involuntary manslaughter

now pazuzu was convicted in

2011 and sentenced to just probation

and the other dude

was locked up

here’s the kicker pazuzu

when he was arrested he was

taken and given a


evaluation now this


evaluation was accidentally released to the media

how it was accidentally

released i don’t know but it was

so they put out there all this information

about pazuzu to the public it shows us

long list of

mental illnesses that pazuzu was struggling with

in these notes it described

how pazuzu when he came in he

smelled like poop

and claim to not bathe in a year

and i’m laughing because

they use the

word poop and for some reason that made me laugh

because i am a 10 year old boy and i don’t know why

also it showed that he had serious issues or struggles

with drug and alcohol

abuse talked

about how pazuzu had killed many animals he

drank animal

blood he drank

other people’s blood

like their his followers they would

cut themselves and he

would drink

their blood

went on to describe

how he choked his

mother and he wanted

to kill people it showed the community it showed the

media that really

should have been

kept people were really terrified

of this guy but for some reason he got a slap on the

wrist and five years probation

for this murder that he was a part of

when people find this out they’re just outraged i

think anybody

would because what the hell was that all

about like why

why why now

sadly out here in america if you’re

watching from a

different country hey what’s up we have a really shitty

healthcare system we don’t really have

psychiatric hospitals at all

we have jail

and that’s where a lot of

these people end up sadly

and a lot of them don’t belong there

they are mentally

ill and they need help for that and i do believe that

in this case like he

really should have been placed in a

psychiatric hospital or something right but

there really isn’t

an option for that

for some odd reason

jail wasn’t an option either

so of course once

all this shit goes down and they look back at pazuzu’s

story and they see this

where they had the opportunity to lock him up

it pisses a lot of people off

now enter into the

scene josh wetzler

so according to josh’s ex

girlfriend he was

known to be a hippie

and he loved the grateful dead

he loved attending

music festivals

and him as previous

girlfriend her name is stacy

i’m sorry her

name is stacy they also had a son together but josh

also seemed to head down a bit of a downward spiral

he started doing drugs daily

which then led to him receiving a felony

drug charge

and he didn’t really seem to be doing all too

great one day josh just

went missing gone

vanish poof

kalamazoo gone

the last time he was seen was by stacy

in july of two thousand nine

i don’t know how i feel

about this one but i’m not judging i can’t judge

stacy his former

girlfriend reported him missing six

months after he didn’t contact the family yes

you heard that

right kitty cats six

months so when i

first read that i was like

but i can’t

judge because i don’t know

their lives and stacy

claimed that

it was kind of normal for him to just up and

leave one day and go on a road trip

and just disappear for a few

months so she really didn’t

think anything

of it and that’s why she waited six months

but when josh didn’t contact anyone for christmas

that’s when the red flag went up and she

was like okay something’s

wrong because he would

never miss a holiday

pazuzu to me just

sounds like

a dessert oh that’s pazuki

anywho stacy became even more concerned

when she heard a

rumor that pazuzu had

killed josh and buried him in the backyard

people were talking

these followers

of pazuzu were saying oh he killed a guy

and this got back to stacy

cause i mean it’s a

small town so people people are talking

stacy goes straight

to the police and she’s like there’s

rumors going around that pazuzu person

he’s in your files

killed josh

and buried him in the backyard

you do something

about that then we have another

missing person

named tommy welch

now tommy was

known to love working on cars and

building car

stereos and he had no

known issues with drugs or alcohol

and it’s kind of sad

but like that’s really all the info i

could find on tommy

sorry tommy

but tommy’s family

had plans to meet to have like a

movie night

tommy had been at his brother’s house

previously that same day

and then when he didn’t return from

movie night

this was extremely unlike

tommy and it made his family instantly

grow concerned and then they reported him missing

pretty quickly

october of 2009

so what do these two people have to do with pazuzu

well one night pazuzu just decided to abduct

josh for seemingly

no reason in 2009

it was gonna be done as some kind of sacrifice

josh was then kept in the basement of puzuzu’s

house for a few days

where he was

starved nobody fed him nobody

really paid attention to him he was

chained now

after a few days

poor josh was shot six times by a shotgun

pezuzu was the

one who shot him pezuzu and his fiance’s remember the

women followers

they then took josh and dismembered his body

and they buried josh in the backyard

then a few months

later they needed another sacrifice

so pezuzu and a few of his followers

abducted tommy

and the same thing

they kept him in the basement they

starved him and then they shot him

they dismembered

tommy’s body

and then they buried him in the backyard this upset

a lot of people

for a couple

reasons because pazuzu was constantly bragging

that he killed people and buried them in his backyard

and he also told

people oh it’s the dead body in my basement remember

so he was telling the

truth but nobody took him seriously

which is like

so when they find out it’s all true it’s like shit

so one of his followers

actually had like a moment of clarity

he was like i need to tell the police

puzuzu was getting

out of control he wanted to kill more people and he was

becoming a lot more aggressive

towards his followers as well so

this guy who was one of the followers was like okay i’m

gonna go to

police and i’m

gonna speak

so this follower goes to the police

and the police go to

search puzuzu’s house

or elise’s property and

the police said like the

smell of the

place was absolutely disgusting but they found

nothing so they left

now over time

more and more tips came in

to police about pazuzu

sadly of course

like in almost all of

these stories

police ignored

these tips they really didn’t take them seriously

pazuzu’s own

mother cynthia

tried to inform

police stating that many people told her

her son had

killed people and buried them in the backyard

finally on october fifth

2014 nine ten eleven to five years later

police obtained a second

search warrant and decided to do another search

and looked into

the backyard so police go to pazuzu’s home and they

search the backyard finally police discovered the

skeletal remains of josh and

tommy welch

so pazuzu and two of his fiance’s amber

nicole birch and crystal matlock were arrested in

connection to the murders april 2015

the zoo zoo’s

house was demolished because it was unlivable and

disgusting the neighbors were

happy because the home was an eyesore

and you know neighbors care

so much about

their property

value going down because of an eyesore home

so they were

excited that

it was being demolished and taken down

pezuzu’s home

would only be

deemed livable

after 78 000

worth of repairs

and removal

of mold that was growing in the home

a report that was filed by the

county housing

and community development department describes the

house as containing broken glass

sharp instruments

hundreds of

flies there were a shit

ton of decayed animal parts

animal cages

with carcasses

the report also noted

dried blood

that was like on the walls

wall art because it was cynthia’s home they gave her

a 30 day deadline

and then if she didn’t pay that

the house was

gonna be demolished

so which it

ended up being demolished why

cynthia wasn’t responsible for anything i’m not sure

i think she

truly had no idea what was

going on but i also

i don’t pazuzu

ended up committing suicide on

october 25th

2015 before his trial

leaving his

victims families

with many questions and no answers

really rude

so many believe that pazuzu killed a lot more

than just those two people

there was a

woman that lived with him for a

month and she was also one of his fiance’s and

and she said that pazuzu

claimed to have killed

burned and buried the

bodies of two prostitutes

or sex workers i

should say sorry

unfortunately because pazuzu

did take his own life nobody

truly knows what was going on

why he was doing

those things

what exactly was

going on like nobody really knows and nobody also knows

i don’t i’m not trying to

laugh but like

i don’t know why i’m

laughing but nobody also knows why were

those two men

targeted like why them that’s the

story about pezuzu

one of my biggest

fears is just a killer who kills at random

you know a lot of killers they tend to kill people

close to them kill people that they know

but this dude seemed to just kind of pick some

random people

and that stuff is

scary what can you look out for

i don’t know

and the worst part of all

and what makes people really mad is that all of this

could have been prevented

if simply they

would have arrested and kept pazuzu

in jail for the

first murder that he committed

i keep telling myself

every monday

video i wanna

leave with like something what can we

learn from this

and like protect ourselves or what can we learn to

look out for and stuff

and honestly some of

these stories i’m like

i don’t know don’t do drugs

please be careful i don’t know i don’t know

i need your help on this one you guys

what do you think

about pazuzu

thank you so much for hanging out with me today

please please please be safe out there

make good choices

have a good day make a choices and i’ll see you guys

later bye call

him a fucking zoo bitch

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