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hi guys how are you today

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which means murder mystery and makeup

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today’s story is

it’s that and just a little disclaimer

before we get started

today is like it’s pretty bad and it’s pretty gory

be aware okay

okay in the comment section

I kept seeing this name pop up over and over again

um so naturally I was like let me look into this

this lady is intense

let’s get into it okay

today we’re going to be talking about Catherine Knight

are you familiar

you probably are

she was a big deal

I think she still is

but not really

shut up Bailey

get to the point

okay so Catherine Knight lived in Aberdeen

New South Wales

which is north of Sydney Australia

a little background

she worked in a slaughterhouse in 1971

she then worked on animal carcasses

and she would work in the boning room

so she would get all the meat off of the animals

and she would cut the marrow off as well

her co workers would say like

she was really good with a knife

and she was really good at her job

based off of reports

it seemed like she also really enjoyed it

Catherine though

she in her personal life

had a string of bad relationships

first marriage

while working as a boner in the butcher shop

Catherine met a guy named David

we’ll call him David K

David K His last name is Klett

I think Klett

David was reported to be a raging alcoholic

and prone to fist fights

or just fighting

so he would drink

and then he would

he would fight

it was reported that David would try to beat Catherine

but she could hold her own

so David quickly learned that Catherine actually

could throw down

she never backed down

and she always would fight back

so if he tried to attack her

she would come at him 10 times harder

in 1974 Catherine convinced David to get married

even though they had problems in the relationship

marriage seemed like a good idea

so they got married

and throughout the marriage they

David was obviously drunk

because he was an alcoholic

which would cause issues in the relationship

and anyone’s relationship

really on their wedding night

after love making

David fell asleep

and Catherine got really upset

so it triggered something in her

and some people reported that

it had to do with hearing friends and family

um saying we did it

03:57 times a night

on our wedding night

so she was like

comparing her wedding night

to what she’s heard

it’s supposed to be like

so when they only did it one time

and then David fell asleep

it made Catherine really upset

so she then decided to strangle him

because that

I guess that just made sense to her

but he ended up waking up

and he fought Catherine off of him

so despite Catherine Almost killing David

on the first night of their marriage

they ended up staying together for 10 years

in those 10 years

they had 2 daughters also

in that 10 years

David ended up leaving one time

so apparently

David had snuck out of the house

in the middle of the night

to try and leave Catherine

and when he left

it sent Catherine into a really deep depression

at one point

Catherine ended up staying in a psychiatric hospital

for a couple of months

after she had gone to a mechanic

who had worked on david’s car

she tried to fight him

or she threatened to kill him

you see she was upset with a mechanic

because the mechanic had fixed david’s car

which helped

get David away from Catherine

so she was upset at the mechanic

because how dare he help David get away from her

in her mind

it made sense to us

we’re like girl no

and once she got out

her and David actually ended up back together again

it didn’t last long though

and then they ended up separating once

Catherine and David had been separated for a while

then Catherine met another David

named David Saunders

and they ended up in a relationship

David number 2

a few months after meeting

David and Catherine

ended up moving in together

so everything was moving very quick

but he also kept his own apartment

so he’s kind of living in 2 places

at one time

David did not want to move in with Catherine

he liked having his own place

and this pissed

Catherine off to her

it meant that he was living this double life

he obviously had his

like a whole

another separate life

that he didn’t want to combine his life with hers

it probably means that he’s cheating on her

it made her mad

because it meant that

he just didn’t want to spend time with her

it really set her off

and made her just very upset

to a degree

that you and I probably don’t understand

because what she did

to prove that she was upset

is just like what

in an argument

Catherine took their 2

month old puppy

she slit the

puppy’s throat

in front of David

just to show him

what she was capable of

if that’s not a red flag

I don’t know what is

after some time

I’m sorry for laughing

this isn’t funny

but this parts

kind of funny

you see her

the her reasoning behind slitting the puppy’s throat

was that she was just cranky

like that was her excuse

that she was just cranky

despite all like

that happening

they ended up having a daughter together

and shortly

after the daughter was born

there was an altercation

they got into a fight

and Catherine

stabbed David

with a pair of scissors

I’m not really sure what the fight was

and if he reported it or not

I guess I could have dug a little bit deeper

on that one

but I didn’t

that relationship ended

so then Catherine

gets into another relationship

his name is John


they actually had a relationship

for about 3 years

there wasn’t

much abuse going on

in this new relationship

they ended up having a son together

and it said that

this relationship was really calm

and good because

most of the time

Catherine was

cheating on John

with another man

whose name was John Price

it said that

her relationship was good

because she was having an affair

and so that’s why

there was no reports of

her being crazy

so John was 45

at the time

and this would just be the relationship

that really pushed her

over the edge

when the relationship

first started

it was going really well

they would go out

um socially

have some drinks

with friends

at the local pub

John had 2 wait

are these all the same names

John had 2 children

who lived with him

they were a little bit

older though

so they weren’t young

and the children

reported to really

like Catherine

they didn’t have any issues with her

John worked in the

local mines

and he made

pretty good money

and he did really well

for himself

but Catherine

did suggest

to John that

they get married

but John actually declined

he was like no this is

this isn’t a good idea

I don’t really want to get married

and when he declined

that’s when

obviously things

once again just

didn’t go so

well that’s

when friends

would notice

that Catherine

started to become

very verbally

abusive towards

him mentally

she was always

in his head

she would also become

physically abusive

with John as well

so she was just

beating the poor guy up

the worst thing about

well not the

this is the worst

thing about her

but the thing

with Catherine is

when she was

upset she would

always fight

with vengeance

like she wouldn’t

just fight with you

like a normal person

with Catherine

she would like

she was just cut throat

like one thing

she had done was

John took home

1/1 aid kit

from his work

and Catherine

took video of it

showing that the

first aid kit

was in his possession

and then she sent that

to john’s boss

which then got him

fired because

to the company

it was seen as him

stealing property

or whatever

so she did that

because she was mad at him

that he wouldn’t get

married to her

but then she ended

she ended up

getting him

fired so now

john’s like dude

what the fuck

I mean it turns out

the first aid

kit was only

worth like 20

so it was really

upsetting to John

and John actually

ended up kicking her out

of the house

that they lived in

which was john’s house

so John was

fired from his job

and then he kicked Catherine out

they actually

were apart for

about 3 months

but somehow

Catherine would always

weasel her her

way back in

with these guys

so Catherine

would constantly

pressure John

to marry her

I don’t know

what it is with her

in marriage

like she just

wanted to be married

John refused

and it would just

lead to more

and more fights

their friends

and their family

started to notice

it even more

anytime that

there was an altercation

though with

between Catherine and John

John would go

tell a friend

what was going on

that way he always

had a witness

or somebody

who knew what happened

just in case

Catherine wanted

to flip the script

and act like

she was the victim

in the relationship

so at least

he was kinda smart

in that sense

like he was

trying to let

people know

like this is

what happened

if you hear

something else

then it’s a lie

so eventually

John ended up

calling the police

because he wanted Catherine

out of the house

he wanted her gone

and she wouldn’t leave

so he called the police

thinking that

they could pretty much

escort Catherine

out of the household

he could get rid of her

just remove her

from my house

but the police came back

saying that he

John needed a

court order

to get her removed

from the house

in February of 2000

there was a

fight between

Catherine and John

which ended

with a chest wound

so Catherine

tried to stab John

and she ended up

going to police

and reported

that he was

being violent

towards her

and it was in

self defense

she then took

a restraining order out

against him

but these restraining orders

no matter like

who got one

they would always

end up back

together I think

John knew that

something was

going to happen

because he ended

up telling co

workers he ever

goes missing

or something

happens to him

that it was

Catherine Catherine

would kill him

so he was telling co

workers this

and really just like

being open about it

he also sent

down his boss

and told his boss

everything that

was going on

as well and

the same thing

if anything

had happened to him

that it was

Catherine the

bitch is crazy

so John ends up

going to the

courts because

he wants to

get Catherine

removed from the

house and also

a restraining order

against her

so he goes to the courts

he tells them

everything that’s going on

and he left

there with a

straining order

which would

limit contact

from Catherine

but of course

they went ignored

by Catherine

like she didn’t

give 2 shits

so a little

while later

John comes home

from work and

he has like

a home routine

where he goes

to the neighbors

he says hello

checks in with everybody

and then he ends up

falling asleep

we’re going

to bed at 11 pm

Catherine came home

shortly after that

she made herself dinner

she watched some TV

she took a shower

and then she

went up to bed

and she woke

John up they had

sexual relations

and then they went

back to bed

well John went

back to bed

Catherine kept

a butcher’s

knife in her bed

stand next to

the bed in one

of the drawers

suspicious and

then this is

when everything

just goes bad

and I don’t know

what exactly

triggered this

something was triggered

so Catherine

opens up her

nightstand she grab

she takes out

her butcher

knife and then

she proceeds

to stab John

37 times and

according to

blood evidence

it seemed that

John definitely

like try to

fight back and he

tried to make

a run for it

but eventually

he passed away

after killing John

she then took a

bunch of pills

lay down and

I think she

tried to kill herself

or she was just

putting on like

a chauffeur

police we don’t

really know

the next day

um john’s co

workers you know

took his word for it

he didn’t show

up for work

that day they were

like John said

if he doesn’t

come up to like

if he doesn’t

come to work

to call the police

because Catherine

killed him so

John doesn’t show

up for work

and his co workers

being great

people call

the police police

go to the house

then go do it

a check see what’s

going on now

police knock

at the door

they’re knocking

an answer they see

that john’s

truck is there

so you know

obviously he’s

home they knock

nobody’s answering

so then they look

through the

little people

not the people

where they put the mail

the mail slot

they look through

the mail slot

just to see

if they can

see anything

the police reported

that all he

could see was

a big curtain

hanging and

it was blocking

his view so

after no response

the police go inside

of the home

and they proceed inside

so they’re walking

towards this

big curtain

the other police

officer thought

it was a big

blanket that

was kind of

covering the

way they could

automatically see

when they walked in

there’s just blood

everywhere right

so they know

something went

down in here

okay they’re

walking towards

this curtain

the police pushes

the curtain aside

so they proceed

into the room

so he uses his

left arm to

push it aside

the police looks down

and realizes

his whole arm

is covered in blood

so he looks at

this curtain

that he just

pushed aside

he looks at

the curtain

he realizes

it’s not a curtain

this is serious

he looks and he realizes it’s not a curtain

nae nae it’s skin

skin hanging from the door frame just skin

then he looks down on the ground

and sees a torso on the ground

no head side note

I know a police officer is supposed to be you know

brave and strong

but any of us would have ran out of there

so quick screaming hell no

that’s like something you would just see in a movie

not real life

uh uh so the officer keeps walking

and sees that

there’s blood all over the walls

just splattered everywhere

floor was covered in blood

then the officers walk into the kitchen

and they see plates of food being prepared

like there was vegetables

there was meat cooked

they searched the house

they went upstairs into the hallway

and then they heard someone snoring

bitch run you know

but they didn’t

Catherine was on the bed sleeping

police officers tried to wake her up

but she wasn’t responding

they then picked her up

carried her outside and put her on the back lawn

so police go back into the home

and then that’s when they start to just see more

that they didn’t want to see

so they realized that

the skin was hanging from butchers

hooks on the door frame

just skin john’s head

because his torso was on the ground

and there was no head

they found his head

and it was cooking in a stew in the kitchen

so it was on the stove

john’s head was on the stove

forensic investigators show up to the house

and instantly they notice a sweet smell

but it’s like that sweet smell

as if it’s a body I guess

anyway so they walk into the house

and and instantly they notice the flesh

the skin hanging from the meat hooks in the doorway

so forensic investigators determined that

based off of the blood spatters again

blood spatters tell a lot more than I thought

based off the blood spatters

they could tell that

okay John was on the bed right

Catherine stabbed him

shit ton of times

John then tried to get up

make a run for it

so he gets up off of the bed

and there’s blood on the light switch

so they are like okay

so he must have been like

reaching for the light switch

they then noticed like down the hallway

that there’s blood on swipes down the hallway

so they see okay

so he’s trying to run down the hallway

as it proceeded downwards

they noticed that the blood spatters

were getting lower and lower

so John was like

slowly falling downwards

probably because he’s getting weaker and weaker

then they noticed that the front door

had blood on the screen

so he made it

John made it to the front door

but then they saw on the ground

that there was like this dragging motion of blood

so Catherine must have grabbed him

and then like

dragged him

drug him no

dragged him back to wherever she was going with it

in the lounge room

that’s where the torso was found

and that’s where like

the biggest pool of blood was

so I guess Catherine just laid him on the ground

that’s where she skinned him

and at first

I was like dang

how’d she know how to skin him

well back when she was skinning the animals and stuff

in the butcher place

that’s where she learned her little tricks I guess

so she skinned John

and then she took his skin off

and she placed it onto the carpet

like next to her

and then they know that the head was still on the body

when he was on the ground

because that there was like

an outline on the carpet

or the floor

of where his head was

forensic investigators assumed

okay well she then cut his head off

and then she carried it to the kitchen

because there were blood stains

now leading into the kitchen

where they assumed

she carried his head

it’s like hard to believe honestly

it just sounds like something from a movie

right like what

I made the mistake of looking up the images

so then in the kitchen

is where she cut a big piece of muscle

from his back

so like your big back muscle

she cut that into 5 separate pieces

like 5 little mini steaks

and then she cooked it in the oven

350 degrees

for about 45 minutes

they saw that

she had 4 plates made

and then the dog outside

had the 5th piece of meat that she had cut up

so then they also noticed that there were

what’s it called

table settings

table was made

because she was gonna have dinner

guests over

so there was little nameplates

and it was all the nameplates

of their children

so Catherine

was planning on

I guess having people over

and feeding them

their own father

did she think that people were gonna come over

and not notice

like the blood everywhere

that’s a crazy

I don’t wanna know

so police um


obviously took all of the items

in the house

that had blood on it

look like it had been touched

look like she had used

as evidence

so police investigators were saying

cause this is the timeline

that they put together

once she killed John

she then took a shower

she changed

she then took john’s wallet

and she ran to do some errands

and they know this

because at 12 a m

john’s bank card

was used to

take money out

they’re assuming it was Catherine

that she took his card

and she took out 1 000

what she planned to do

with the money

nobody knows

they ended up

never finding the money

that she took out

so they assumed that

she took out this money

and then she buried it somewhere

so she was gonna go back and get the money

but they just

they never found it

so Catherine

was immediately detained

and she was in a coma

I believe for 4 days 5 days

so they couldn’t interview her

until she woke up

and of course

when she woke up

and she was being interviewed

she had no memory

of what happened

before they never do the whole interview

she just wasn’t giving anything away

she does eventually accept the fact

that she killed John

she claimed that she killed him

due to the long string of abuse

that she was

receiving from John

throughout their relationship

they never get

like a clear

story from her

like what happened

but she does

admit that she killed him

um catherine’s brother said that

she told him

she was going to kill John

and get away with it

because she was going to act crazy

which is exactly what she proceeded to do

Catherine originally in court

pled not guilty

and then midway through the

court trial

she ended up

changing her plea to guilty

but she didn’t give any reason

as to why she did that

nothing at all

she just was like

I wanna change it

and she change it to guilty

the judge was nervous about that

because he knew exactly what she was

gonna try and do

she was going to appeal the case

saying that she pled guilty

because she was insane

at the time

when she pled guilty

so she was just

gonna say that

she was not in the

right mental state

to plead guilty

so she’s like

she just knew what she was doing

she’s a pretty

smart cookie

give her that


actually ended up doing an

evaluation on her

and determined that

she was definitely

in her right mind

that she was not

mentally unstable

like she was saying

she was what

kind of test

they gave her

I don’t know

I think we can all agree

that she was

mentally ill

because who

in the right mind

would do that

right but Nene

you should not

get off lightly

for that cause

that is disturbing

throughout court

she did not show

any type of emotion

she was just like

then out of nowhere

she randomly started

acting crazy

she would start screaming

at the top of her lungs

rocking back and forth

trying to portray this

not I’m sick

you know which

she’s never done this

throughout her

her entire life

and so people knew that

she was just acting

she just want to

manipulate the situation

and the judge knew that

he was really smart

and there was an interview on YouTube

that I watched

where he was like

breaking it all down

and he just knew

exactly what

she was doing

the judge determined that

she would get

life in prison

without the possibility of parole

and she’s the

first woman

in Australia

to get a life sentence

with no chance

of parole so

good for you

Catherine no one

fully knows

what took place that night

because Catherine still

to this day

like has not

talked about it

and no one knows

like what she did

with the money

what did she do

when she left the house

what the hell was she doing

like what in 2006

Katherine did

apply to appeal

she claimed

that her life

sentence was too severe

for her crime

she did obviously rejected this appeal and said no

Catherine no

but Judge has said

like this is the worst thing we’ve ever seen

in our lives

pretty much

psychologists have examined Catherine

determined that killing and dismembering

John was premeditated

and an act of revenge

plus it just got her off on her perverted pleasure

Catherine really enjoyed

she’s just a sick sick lady in prison

Catherine attends church on a regular basis

and she sings in a woman’s choir

I was reading different articles about Catherine

like in jail

and they’re saying

like she’s the boss bitch around there

pretty much

that everybody listens to her

she calls the shots

and she I don’t know if she’ll ever

come clean about what she did that night

and that concludes the story about Catherine Knight

so I think we can all agree that Catherine was not well

and poor John

his life was taken from him

because of Catherine I don’t know why she was that way

I don’t think any of us will

really know why she was that way

so let me know what you think down below

there’s really not much you can say

other than what the F

I don’t know what the takeaway is with this

because I felt like John did everything that he was

supposed to do

he told his friends

he told his boss

he told his family

like what was going on with Catherine

he tried to get the police involved

and it’s never a smooth process

with going to the police and whatnot

and I think that’s all I have to say

I hope that you have a great day today

make good choices

don’t go murdering anybody okay

and don’t go eating them

don’t think you should do that

I will see you guys later bye

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