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look side note really quick

i’ve really been into researching more

and talking more about serial killers so

i just kind of been talking a lot about serial killers

and today i have another one

it’s not funny

so i have another serial killer

if you don’t mind

thank you so much

it’s my channel

let me do what i want

and i had never heard of this guy before

but he did a lot of damage

and he was pretty sick

warning the following

presentation is intended for mature audiences

contains graphic descriptions of crime scenes

adult dialogue and strong language

viewer discretion is advised

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i will shut up and get right into it

arthur okay

arthur shaw cross

he was born june 6

1945 in maine

and he was actually the oldest of four children

now some would say that arthur

was destined to be a serial killer

okay and that he had the classic sociopathic behavior

bedwetting arson

he suffered several head injuries

and seemed to have a love

hate relationship with his parents

this combination made a man so full of rage

that the only question was not

if he would kill

but when he would kill

now when arthur was young

his family decided to move to watertown new york

and that’s when the problems

really started to happen in school

arthur was just very awkward and shy and quiet

and it was very difficult for him to make friends

and be accepted by the fellow classmates

according to arthur’s family i mean

he seemed to be more of the aggressive type in school

he kind of went from being the shy

awkward one to turning into

like this class bully

and he would have these crazy


violent outbursts

so later on

arthur would do an interview

and kind of explain just his upbringing and whatnot

and he would claim that he was sexually abused

at a very young age by his mother

and that his mother would just insert

objects into his

you know also

on top of that

his aunt or i’m sorry

his aunt performed oral sex on him

when he was nine years old

and then arthur said

when he was in junior high school

he had sexual relations with his sister

now in contrast to that

his parents and siblings

said that he had a really normal childhood

that these events he described

were just stories

he was making them up

he had a wild imagination

and he was just always telling stories

his mom especially just

you know denied

denied denied

that any of this happened

you just don’t know

who to believe

there’s no way of knowing

whose version

is the truth

what was clear

was that arthur would constantly change

his stories

when he was being questioned

or interviewed

by professionals

during the the investigation

like i don’t want to discredit him at all

but at the same time

it’s you just don’t

you don’t know

now it’s said

that arthur had a very low iq

i know there’s like

mixed opinions

about the iq test

and if it’s legit or not

let’s just pretend it matters

i don’t know

how come serial killers

they always know their iq

so arthur low iq

that led to him

dropping out of school

he just didn’t do well

he didn’t have any friends

he wasn’t social

at the age of 19

arthur enlisted into the us army

and then he was drafted to vietnam

where his his

sadistic tendency

seemed to have flourished

or maybe it was just the fact

that he had

like freedom

while in vietnam

arthur said that he had raped

killed and ate

two vietnamese girls

during a combat mission

on his tour of duty

there is absolutely

no evidence

to prove that this is true

however he also claimed a

combat kill of 39

which when investigated later

would also prove to be a lie

authorities claim

he killed no one

on his tour of duty

but arthur stands by the fact

he killed people

when he was out there

and he killed innocent women as well

which weird brag

but okay now

back in like

his civilian life

arthur actually married

a total of four different times

and he did have children

but all of his marriages

ended in divorce

because of his

anger issues

and he also

never had a relationship

with the children

now while in his

third marriage

arthur moved back to new york

and in 1972

this is when he

would abduct a son

of the neighbor

now this little boy

was only 10 years old

arthur somehow

lured this little boy into like

a wooded area nearby

and that’s where he proceeded to

suffocate the little boy

until he he passed away

and then after that

that’s when

arthur sexually assaulted him

as well sadly

it would be

five months

until someone found

the poor boy’s body

in the wooded area

a lot of people

that were searching for him

it was everywhere

in the town

they just they couldn’t find it

the body once

this little boy’s body was found

that’s when


they would realize that

the boy’s genitals

they had been bitten off

when police had gone around

and questioned any

witnesses or family members

arthur’s name

was actually brought up

because a few days

prior to this little boy’s disappearance

arthur had actually

taken him out fishing

so i mean arthur’s

seemed to be

the last person

to actually see him

when police go

and question arthur

he denied any knowledge

of this little boy’s


and just denied

denied denied

and they didn’t have

any reason to

further question him

i don’t know why

but they just didn’t

four months later

after the first

little boy’s

body was found

a body of an

eight year old girl

was discovered

under a bridge

now it was seen

that she had been raped

and murdered

and there was mud

and leaves and

other debris

that had been

shoved down her

throat also

it was all shoved

in her clothing

as if they were trying

to make her one

with the leaves

or something

i don’t know hide herb

it was just

it’s disturbing

once again when police

and investigators

were questioning

people about

any witnesses

give us something

arthur’s name

was brought up

again because

neighbors were called

seeing arthur

with this young girl

hanging out

around bridge

area this time

police actually

brought arthur

into questioning

and really pressed him for

the answers

because i mean come on

what are the chances

that he was the

last person

to be seen with

these two kids

before they went missing

so they bring him in

october 1972

and that’s when arthur

actually confessed

to both killings

now he initially confessed

to both murders

but due to lack of evidence

arthur’s lawyers

were able to

plea bargain

a dropping of the

first boy’s case

in october of nineteen

seventy two

arthur pled guilty

to manslaughter

of the second fictum

avoiding a first

degree murder

sentencing arthur

was sentenced to

twenty five

years in prison

and that’s the end

of the story

just kidding

psych of course

not this case

will disappoint you

on so many levels

because all of this

could have been prevented

it kind of seems that way

with a lot of

these cases

but like this one

for sure 100

could have been prevented

could have been avoided

could have been

stopped just wait

okay okay okay

arthur only

ended up serving

15 years of that

25 year sentence

due to good behavior

and in march of 1987

he ended up

moving to binghamton

new york and


for arthur neighbors

knew who he was

and what he had done

they would shame

him publicly

just made him

very uncomfortable

not welcome

and just everyone

knew him for

what he had done

so then he just

moved to like

two different


but the people

would cause a ruckus

no matter where he

tried to go

and this frustrated him

he’s like why

me you guys

it’s not fair guys

this is the

part that like

i just don’t

quite fully

understand how

why we will have

but arthur would

had talked to his

parole officers

and expressed them

the struggles

that he was

having like

he couldn’t find

somewhere to live

no one was welcoming him

to the community

he couldn’t

get into the

swing of things again

because everybody

knew who he was

parole authorities

they actually like

smuggled him

into rochester

new york and to

prevent arthur

from not fitting in

with the community

and with everybody else

they actually

ended up coming

up with like

a solid plan

to get arthur in

just get him going

again right

so they’re like

okay here’s

what we’re gonna do

let’s not tell

anyone about

arthur’s past

or alert police

they sealed

his criminal record

so that it was

no longer available

to law enforcement

agencies so

if you looked

up his name

normally it

would pull up

like everything

about you like

you did this shit

you did this shit

you did this shit

for x amount

of time this point

it’s on his

record right

but they decided

let’s lock down

your criminal record

let’s shut it down

so people can’t

pull you up

and they can’t

see your past

and then you’ll be

able to live

like a happy

perfect life

because no one

will know yeah

i was confused

because it’s like

how did they

why would authorities

agree to this

you know like

that to me just

didn’t make any sense

but they did it

i mean of course

arthur was happy

about it he’s

like hell yeah

my record is

sealed shut

no one will know

so he’s stoked

little did authorities

know well they

should have known

that this was

gonna cause

some big problems

anywho so he moves

this new location

and he settles in

quite nicely

he’s really

liking it there

people had no idea

who he was police

they weren’t on his ass

or doing like

check ins with him

arthur could go back to

living a normal

peaceful life

and like nothing

ever happened

during this time

arthur was working

just small little

one off jobs

anything to

make some money

he had a girlfriend

at this time

but apparently

their relationship

wasn’t going

too well and

arthur just

loved love and he

loved attention

he just wasn’t

happy in this


and he just

felt like hey

you know what

there’s some

sex workers

nearby i’ll go

get me some

love so he did

he would get

sex workers

a couple times

a couple times a week

he was a regular

in the area

and a lot of the

local sex workers

knew who he was

and sadly his

murderous ways

came right back

i mean not even

a full year later

like a couple

months later

can you believe that

what kind of

in march of

nineteen eighty

eight police

discovered the body

of a twenty

seven year old

sex worker in the

genesee river

they found her body

floating underneath

the ice in a

floating stream

so you know

there’s like

stream and ice

they were able

to get her out

and they saw

that she had

bite marks in

her lower area

and she had

strangulation marks

across her neck

we’ve got a biter

we’ve got a biter

now it was noted

that whoever

had done it

was sneaking

back to the body

weeks after

the murder and they

would cut out

and eat pieces

of the decomposing body

there was little to

no evidence

and no witnesses

to help close that case

and it went

unsolved for

over a year

in september of 1989

the discovery

of another sex

worker’s body

was found now

she also had

bite marks and

strangulation marks

on her neck

but because

her body was

found pretty far

from where the

others were


just didn’t

think it was

like a serial

killer at all

and then in

october of 1989

the body of a

59 year old

homeless woman

was discovered

and then six days later

another sex worker

was found both

in the same area

both of the women

had strangulation marks

on their neck

once the press

gets hold of this

they run the

stories and

like the press

always does

they have to

give him a nickname

so they call him

the genesee

river killer

not to be confused

with the green

river killer

he also went

by the river

monster oh because

i don’t know

if i mentioned this

but the bodies

were found in

the genesee

river you know

i this is a side

note i know

i pronounce

everything wrong

i’m aware i

i truly try my best

i looked up

how to pronounce

genesee because

kind of looks

like genesee

and i’ve actually

heard both pronunciations

and then i also

heard genusu

choose which one

you like and

let’s go with that

like i’m just

a normal ass

person you know

i don’t know

how to pronounce everything

on the planet

it gets kind

of confusing

because there are

like a lot of

river killers

so anyways authorities felt

like whoever

this killer was

had to have

some kind of criminal

or military

experience so


ended up going

around the local

sex workers

in the area

and they told them

just to be careful

somebody’s out there


you guys are

the target now

this is when


would go through

and check criminal records

for offenders

who might be

living in the

immediate area

now remember

arthur’s record

was sealed shut

so when authorities are

going through

and looking

at all the different

people in the

location trying

to figure out

who could it be

are they here

they got nothing

they got nothing

because the

people that were

being pulled up

weren’t arthur

because his

record was sealed

shut over time

more and more

sex workers

continued to disappear

and it became

apparent that

the killer must be

someone familiar

to the women

who worked in

the area so

police did go down

and question

a lot of the

sex workers

and asked like

who could this person be

like regular

clients who

maybe show signs

of aggression

the more sex

workers they asked

they kind of

got the same

name which was

mitch or mike

they said like

we don’t get

to know our

clients you know

we’re just here

to do our job

and then we’re done

but mitch or

mike seemed to

be the name

associated with

this person

who was very angry

he was prone

to violence

and he was super



were like okay

this kind of

sounds like

it could be

probably the

guy then on

thanksgiving day

the body of a

26 year old

woman was found

when they found her

body they see

that she had

been strangled

sexually abused

and lower area

was cut up parts

were removed

and then on

top of that

to make things even worse

she was cut

from her throat

all the way

down to her

crotch which

is something

that is done

to drain the

blood of animals

so the body

count just kept

growing and

growing and

then finally

police asked

for assistance

from the fbi

profilers the fbi

did come up

with a profile

of who they thought

this man was

they thought

it was a white

male in his

20s or 30s he

must be very

strong they

think that he

had a previous

criminal record

he had to be

familiar with

the area and


enough with

the victims

that they would

enter his vehicle

without any question


believe the

injury inflicted

on the last

victim not any of

the previous

victims told them

that the killer

was becoming

more and more


around corpses

and was probably

returning to the

crime scenes

to relive the attack

on november

27th another

body was found

but this time

they felt like

they got a little bit of a


because the suspect

mitch had been

seen with her

shortly before

her disappearance

but they seemed to

not get really

any closer at least

they knew like

okay this mitch

guy is around

and he’s the one


for it and then

in december

so not even

that long after

and it’s 1980

it’s 1989 a

pair of jeans

were discovered

near the river

and inside the

pocket of the

jeans was an

id card that

belonged to a woman


are thinking

this woman is

probably a victim

to the serial

killer that’s

going around

so police began

an aerial search

of the surrounding

area then in

january of 1990

a helicopter

was going around

helicopter looking for

either a person

just something

right so they’re

going around

and they actually spot

what seemed

to be like a

naked woman’s

body and it was

laying on the

ice surface

of the river

by the bridge

in the forest

and the body

that they had found

was not the woman

the id card

that they found

but instead

it was a missing sex

worker sadly

this woman had

also been just

cut in half

i don’t know

how else to say

i just don’t want to

go into like

great detail

of what her

body look like

but it kind of

did already

while the helicopter

was going around

or patrolling the area

that’s when

they spotted

what seemed

to be a man

standing on

the bridge next to

a small van

of course he had

a van what else

would he be

driving now

he appeared

to be either

he appeared

to be either


or urinating

they weren’t

really sure

but he was doing

something that

looks suspicious


for authorities

arthur did exactly

what they thought

he would do

he came back

to the crime

scene to relive

the pleasure

of the attack

and he was indeed


now patrol teams

in the area

they were alerted

about this man

and the van

nearby and they

go driving around

or looking for

him and they

are able to

actually track

down arthur

so they pull

up to arthur

and they pull up

his information

based off of

license plate

and they see

that the car is

like registered

in his girlfriend

his girlfriend’s name

at the time

and then they ask

arthur like

what are you

doing up here

why are you


first of all

put your pants on

they ask him

what he’s doing

up there they’re

like hey can

we see some

id and then

that’s when

arthur told

police that

he actually

didn’t even

have a driver’s

license and

he’s just been

driving around

without one

appreciate his

honesty i guess

they ask him

well like why

don’t you have

a driver’s license

first of all

you don’t have

any form of id

you don’t have

anything like

what the hell

and he tells

the police like yeah

i was in jail

for manslaughter


they were very

confident that

this was indeed

their killer

so they brought him in

for questioning

and while in


that’s when

arthur told


about the earlier

child death

his vietnam

war experience

and a photograph

was taken of

arthur took

it around to

all the local

sex workers

and that’s when

they got a confirmation

that this was

indeed mitch

that they had

mentioned a

couple of times

or a lot of

them mentioned


then learned

about arthur’s

sealed records

which prevented them

from tracking

him down sooner

honestly and i

think we can

all agree on

this that there

should have been

some kind of


for those people

who sealed the

records correct

they should be

imprisoned too


couldn’t access

his records

i mean right

they need to

go to prison

for that they like


helped him get away

with it like

it’s not how the

world works

isn’t it fun

arthur like to talk

and he like to tell stories

in the beginning he would just admit stuff like yeah

i did it you know

like he wasn’t afraid to say yes

he did it with the two previous murders

but this time

authorities were not able to get him

to admit any of the murders

besides the one that he already was tried for

and served time for

he was not talking he was like

can a guy jack off in peace on a bridge

jeez they bring in arthur’s girlfriend

and her name is clara

they bring her in for questioning

and guess what

and they noticed something peculiar

no they just noticed that she’s wearing some jewelry

right what’s so special about that

authorities ask like hey

where’d you get that jewelry from

and she’s like oh my god

arthur gave it to me

and he just loves me whatever

authorities recognize this piece of jewelry

because it belonged to one of arthur’s victims

now it was said that authorities go to arthur

and they’re like hey

we saw your girlfriend clara

she has this jewelry that belonged to this victim

and they show like

a picture of the victim

who’s actually wearing the jewelry

we’re going to implicate clara

your girlfriend in the killings

which then set arthur into a panic

police got arthur exactly where they wanted him

because he ended up confessing to all the murders

and then he ends up going into great detail

about what he did with

each of them details about why he was just excuses

as to why he was forced to kill some of them

arthur even confessed to two other killings

that had been undiscovered at that time

and he actually takes investigators and shows them

where these bodies were

arthur’s formal confession was nearly 80 pages long

arthur said he killed a woman

because she bit him

so he was like yeah

and then i killed her

because self defense

and then he said that he killed another woman

because she was trying to steal his wallet

and then he said he killed another woman

because she made too much noise during sex

i don’t think that’s self defense sir

arthur then went on to admit that he did

indeed sometimes

but not all the times

but he would return to his victim’s body

weeks after the murder

to eat pieces of their skin

and then he bragged about eating parts of the

you know the lower

the lower region

in november of 1990

arthur went on trial for the 10 murders that had

occurred in one county

and then there was one murder

that had happened outside of the county

so it had to be tried separately

but there was a total of 11 victims

not including the two in the between

now arthur’s defense team tried to build a case

based on an insanity plea

citing various factors

such as his upbringing

post traumatic stress

they said that he had a cyst on his brain

and that he also had a rare genetic defect

and that’s why he was killing everybody mm hmm

jurors were shown videotapes

of arthur being interviewed by a defense psychiatrist

arthur claimed that he was possessed

by the reincarnated spirit

of a 13th century english cannibal

named aries

now look i’ve googled this name

and i can’t seem to find the

story of this english cannibal anywhere

unless it’s attached to this story itself

so if you have any knowledge

about this 13th century english cannibal

let me know down below

oh my god what

if he made it up

this thirteenth century english cannibal

is the one who had

taught him how to dine on human flesh

it wasn’t him

it was a spirit obviously

you think that’s me no

arthur also blamed his mother for his killing spree

going on to say that

like his mother’s voice

had ordered him to kill these victims

so i don’t know if like

he’s telling the truth

like these are real things

that he was thinking

or if he was just trying to

kind of feed into that

and see i’m in

shane arthur

though he would be declared as sane

and he was found guilty of 10 instances

of second degree murder

and the judge sentenced him to 25 years for each count

which was a total of 20

no 250 years in prison

in november of 2008

arthur complained of having a pain in his leg

he was transferred to a hospital

and that’s later

where he died

of cardiac arrest

so that was the story of arthur shawcross

i mean what else can you say

but i’m glad he’s dead

sorry you know

the lord says

you should always forgive

but boy do they make it difficult

anyways let me know your thoughts down below

also i would love to hear

who you would like me to talk about next week

i hope you have a really good day today

you make good choices

please please please please please be safe out there

okay and i’ll be seeing you guys later bye

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