Murder, Mystery & Makeup - The Baby Snatcher - Did She Deserve It Or A Victim Herself?

hi friends how are you today my name is Bailey

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Mystery and makeup Monday

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my name is Bailey

Sarian and on

Mondays I sit down and I talk about a true crime

story that’s been

heavy on my

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so before we jump into this

story I should add up disclaimer warning

The following presentation is intended for

mature audiences it contains

graphic descriptions of crime scenes

adult dialogue and

strong language viewer discretion is advised

so today’s story is

it’s a little weird

it’s not weird it’s just like I just don’t

understand people I don’t think I will ever

understand people do you

understand people no

I didn’t think so like what the hell is

going on sometimes you know but let’s get into

today’s story

Bobby Joe Stinette you know her

do you know the

story well let me tell you

she grew up in Graham

Missouri now it was said that she was

quiet she was

super kind she was a really good student

and she had a love of

horses and dogs

she and her husband who went by the name Zeb

his real name was

Zebulan they were high

school sweethearts and both of them had

graduated from I’m gonna butcher this nod away Holt

high school in 2000 anywho

so at the age of 23

Bobby Joe she was 8

months pregnant and this was gonna be

their first

child so both of them they’re living in this like

tiny farming town called

skidmore Missouri

now Skidmore had like one restaurant

a few streets are paved and they have a

population around

250 people yeah it’s small

and Bobby Joe

and everyone in the community they all knew each other

so Bobby Joe she worked at the Kawasaki manufacturing

plant and that was in the nearby town of Maryville

she and Zeb

they also ran a dog

breeding business called

Happy Haven Farms out of

their home so on December 15th

2004 She met a woman

named Darlene Fisher

in an online chat room it was like a rat

terror carrier

chat room the chat room was called radder chatter so

Darlene and

Bobby Joe they were chatting

on radder chatter

it’s kind of

funny but it’s not

cause it’s like a sad

story but like radder chatter so Darlene

was interested

in possibly buying a terrier

puppy from their most recent litter

so Bobby Joe gave Darlene her address

and they coordinated a time that they were

going to meet

for Darlene to come over the next day so they’re all

excited not really but like you know

so on the 16th

Bobby joe’s

mother her name was

Becky Harper

she stopped by her daughter’s

house to like

check in on her and she walks in and she finds her

daughter lying on the dining room

floor in a pool of her own blood okay

Bobby Joe was dead

Becky immediately calls

the police and she’s just hysterical

she described her

daughter’s wounds as looking as if her stomach exploded

paramedics were unsuccessful in

their attempts to revive

Bobby Joe and she was pronounced

dead at St Francis Hospital

in Maryville

so an amber

alert was set out

for a red Toyota Corolla that was seen

in the driveway

of Bobby joe’s

house and it was

issued out in hopes of

of enlisting help from the general public

so they’re asking the general public

we need your help finding this car and

initially the amber

alert was denied because it’s

never been used before

in the case of an unborn

child remember

Bobby Joe was pregnant

and when she was

found the baby was missing

so they’re sending out this amber

alert but there’s no description

of the victim that’s missing the baby I mean it’s

never been done before

so they don’t

do you know what I’m saying does that make

sense I hope that makes sense

but they put one out congressman

Sam Graves intervened

and the alert request was

granted so they did

send it out in hopes that somebody had some information

as to at least like had

had anyone seen this car baby’s missing

they don’t know what the baby looks like but

I know like how do you even

solve this I don’t know I

guess like did anyone show up

randomly with a baby

who doesn’t have a baby

I guess that

would be the biggest clue

this is something of like your

worst nightmares I’m

sorry but it is

to be pregnant

and to have somebody not

only murder you

but take your unborn

child like why in the

world what I just can’t believe that there’s

people out there like this this to me is just like my

brain cannot compute this

it just can’t it just really can’t I don’t know anyways

so back at the

crime scene

there was no sign

of forced entry

this told investigators that

Bobby Joe she most likely knew her attacker

whoever it was she let them in

and then there was also evidence

that a gruesome and violent struggle had

taken place so she let the person in

but things just

got real bad

you know I’m saying

it was clear that

Bobby Joe had been

strangled from behind and then she fell


blood on Bobby joe’s feet indicated that she at some

point regained consciousness after

her her stomach had been

cut open I know

sorry kind of graphic

so there was enough

blood on the

floor to come up between her toes

and soak into her toenails they also

found like blondish

brown hair in her closed face

indicating that

Bobby Joe put up like a pretty good

fight against her attacker

and I’ve mentioned this before in a previous

video not that I’m like

Jesus or something

but I pray to whatever you believe in

this never happens to you

right none of us

what if somebody’s attacking you this is so

awful but like

maybe if you

think you’re not

gonna get out make sure

to scratch and to

fight your attacker and get

their DNA under your

nails I’m talking just

claw their shirt

under them and get

their DNA under your

nails because if

those people

you’re gonna be

found with the DNA that I’m

about to scratch off of you okay so again

I pray that this

never happens to you

right but scratch the shit out of people attackers

okay so yeah she put up a

fight she got hair

the attacker’s hair so like that’s

I guess anyways

Bobby Joe also had cuts on her hands

which was from defending herself

and then she was also hit on the bridge of her nose

and the right side of her head

during the struggle eventually

Bobby joe’s attacker got the better of her

strangling her

to death before extracting and making off with

Bobby joe’s premature baby I don’t know

what the hell is

going on around here terrifying

um so notaway

County Sheriff

Randy Strong

said that the

scene they found that day was so bloody

he and his 4

colleagues are

still traumatized

by it to this day

can I ask something that I always forget to Google

but I’ve always been curious

for anyone out there who’s like

detective or something and sees

these really

awful crime

scenes do they offer you guys

like therapy and

stuff or do they

or do they not

I really hope they do I would

think they would but

I don’t I don’t have a lot of

faith in the

system taking care of their

employees but

I could be wrong

but I hope they do

cause I don’t know how you

could just be normal

after seeing all this

stuff do you know what I’m saying anyways

so of course

word over on the Radder Chatter

forum about

Bobby joe’s brutal murder was

spreading like wildfire people were talking

were rather chattering it up

one of the members actually came forward and contacted

the police because they remembered the day before

the murder a woman

named Darlene

had contacted Bobby Joe

about buying a

puppy I mean what are the odds

you know so luckily this person did the right

thing so this

woman had come forward

and given police the information

about Darlene

good for her you know

with this information police

quickly tracked darlene’s IP address

to a home out in Melbourne

Kansas that belonged to Lisa

and Kevin Montgomery

Bobby Joe and Lisa met

earlier that

April through dog show events

and they connected

through a shared

love of dogs

they have like ongoing interactions

in the same

online rat terrier chat room ratter chatter

Lisa had confided

to Bobby Joe

that she too was pregnant

leading the 2

women to like chatting online

and exchanging

emails about

their pregnancies and just really connecting over

their love of animals

and also just being pregnant with

their first

child like you

know bonding

the next day December 17th police went out to Melbourne

hoping to question Lisa

about Bobby Joe

when they arrived they noticed that outside

their farmhouse home was a car that

matched the description

of the one listed on the amber

alert now a red Toyota Corolla is pretty

common but you know it’s

still questionable

so they go inside and they find Lisa

just kind of laying around she’s

watching TV

and she’s holding a baby

named Abigail

and they noticed

that this baby Abigail had a cut over her eye

this psycho ass lady I

swear to you

so Lisa told the police the same

story she told her husband the day before

that she delivered the infant girl at a nearby birthing

center in Topeka

and then that morning her and her husband

7 they went

around town showing off the newborn at a diner

at the local bank at a

courthouse at the convenience

store where Lisa worked

just going on a little

parade like look at this baby we got like it’s mine

very bizarre

just I don’t know what’s

wrong with people I don’t know

I don’t know this is a different kind of sick

so when questioned

Kevin admitted

that he wasn’t there for the

birth of this baby Abigail

Lisa had called him asking

him to pick her up and the baby at Long John silver’s

in Topeka Kansas

yeah Long John Silvers okay

and that however he didn’t

think it was strange

because he knew she didn’t like hospitals and doctors

I don’t know you guys

I don’t know

I’m just here telling you a

story but I don’t

freaking know so

later she asked to

speak to officers in private

so she’s like

I don’t want I don’t need my husband here he

doesn’t need to hear this can I talk to you in private

so she tells her husband like go away for a

second I need to talk to them

and she tells the police that she had

actually given

birth to Abigail at home

so it was her baby and

after she gave

birth she took the placenta and she

threw it into a nearby

river because that makes lots of

sense right

so that’s what she had done I

guess that was supposed to be believable

now things of course

weren’t adding up and they bring

Lisa down to the sheriff’s office for more questioning

so they question her for like

an hour or so

and lisa’s story just fell

apart and then she confessed

she told them that she had actually driven

the 130 mile trip

as a test run

on the 15th before

traveling back on the 16th

to murder Bobby Joe

Lisa said that she was

using a cord

she strangled

Bobby Joe and having

spent time watching

videos online of like home

births and C section procedures

she felt confident enough

to like use a

sharp kitchen

knife to cut

her baby out

what the hell

I don’t know

so Lisa obviously was

charged with kidnapping

which resulted in the

death of Bobby Joe

and the baby was safely recovered and returned to Zeb

who renamed her Victoria Joe

so with all this information

who the heck was Lisa

Marie Montgomery

her middle name is

Marie whose middle name is it

Marie everyone’s middle name is Marie why

I need to know

but who is Lisa Montgomery

well it turns out she actually has a very sad story it

doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t be held accountable

for what she did but I

think you know

she had a really

awful life and it makes

sense okay look

the whole like

thing when I do

these videos I like to figure out like

where these killers and bad people come from because I

think it actually makes more

sense as to why they did what they did

you know what I’m saying

and a lot of people confuse that with me like trying to

make you feel bad for

these people

and like you can’t you’re allowed to feel bad for

these people but I

think it makes you

understand why they do the

things they

do and that’s something I’m always personally curious

like what makes somebody

this freaking

crazy you know

cause you’re not just born like this

where does it come

from and that’s

where I am just so fascinated

when it comes to

these stories

anyways so let me do my eyebrows

okay so who’s Lisa well Lisa

she was born

on February 27th 1968

in Melvern Kansas

her mother Judy

to nash’s name

Shay I don’t even know how to say her last name

snatchers no snake

something like that anyways she was addicted to alcohol

okay which caused

Lisa to be born

with permanent

brain damage

so don’t drink when you’re pregnant

step one thank

you lisa’s father was in the military

and he just like wasn’t around much

apparently allegedly

Lisa and her half

sister Diane

they were raised in a home

where physical

emotional and

sexual abuse

from Judy and her boyfriends was like an

everyday routine

sadly they were beaten with rooms and belts

and just really

cruel punishments like taking

their mouths

shut or putting them out in the snow

naked or just like normal

things that they did

to their children

because they’re sick people Diane

later on in life

would describe Judy

as manipulative in just

evil just awful person

she would go on to say that she

enjoyed torturing

the people around her and she got a joy out of it

I just don’t

understand how you

could do that I really just don’t

it’s so sad

so at the age of

8 lisa’s half

sister Diane

was luckily removed from the home by social services

and she was

whisked away to foster care

now Lisa at the time was only 4

and she was left behind with her

mother and her stepfather

I’m not really sure as to why she stayed and the

other one was taken away

that’s just what happened

his other children

later confirmed that

their father was a violent alcoholic

and Lisa was allegedly beaten

and raped by her stepfather

and also by his friends

starting at the

age of 11 so they

would be like the parents

the grown adults here

would be like come on over I have a

child that you can

take advantage

of and do whatever you want with like how

sick are you

I just I don’t get icha

what the fuck

so at the age of 13

while living in

Sperry Oklahoma

lisa’s stepfather

built a special room in

his trailer

he could attack her privately

yeah he would also

store his liquor there

and Lisa turned

that she would

start drinking alcohol

in hopes to find some kind of escape from it all

so when Lisa was 14 her

mother discovered that the

abuse was going on

now as if the

story cannot get any

worse and I’m sorry for

laughing I’m just so uncomfortable because her

mother discovers that

she’s being abused

right her mother

burst into the room

when she’s being abused

by her stepfather like during one of the attacks in the

trailer now instead of being like oh my God my

daughter like how

could you do this let me help my

daughter no instead

she threatened Lisa

with the gun

because she believed her mom believed that Lisa

had seduced

her husband

and Lisa was the one to be blamed here

can you will can you

Lisa described it as like the most terrifying

night of her life not only that she just felt extremely

alone because

nobody had her back nobody was looking out for her

how the hell

do you grow up and be a normal person you know and

again I’m not trying to excuse what

she does in her life because what she did was awful

should not have

done that but like God this poor girl oh my God I just

wanna like punch

her family in the face

it was also around this time that her mother

started trafficking

her she was

allowing anybody

anybody with

money handymen

electricians plumbers

come on over

sexually abuse my

daughter Lisa in exchange for work on the

house we’ve got some

wires up there I need fixing I don’t have any money

but I got a daughter

mother of the goddamn Year award goes to

not her wow

so this is all

going on for a very long time

and Lisa she ends up confiding in her cousin

telling him that men

would tie her up beat her

urinate on her

and for some reason the cousin

I don’t know

how old the cousin was at the time but the cousin

never did anything

about it and I

think a lot of us kind of can get

angry at that like why

wouldn’t you do anything

but when you’re a kid

not all kids but a lot of kids are like terrified

of the adults in

their life they don’t feel confident enough to

speak out you know they don’t have like a safe

space to speak out

so I think that’s why the cousin didn’t say anything

maybe it was happening to them

I don’t know

so Judy lisa’s mom

ended up divorcing her

second husband

and Lisa testified about the

sexual assaults during the divorce proceedings

now the judge in the case he went off on Judy

for not reporting the abuse

yet the judge

never reported the

abuse either so there’s just a lot of fuck ups

going on right

so at one point Lisa

tried to escape the chaotic home by

marrying her step brother his name was Carl

Bowman in 1986

and she was

only 18 at the time she saw as like her way out

but the relationship was not the escape that

from violence

like she was hoping it

would be cause this guy was just as bad as all the

other ones so

at 1.1 of lisa’s brothers

found a home

movie of Carl raping and beating Lisa

he described it as violent

like a scene out of a horror movie

he was just

absolutely sick from

watching it and yet

had no idea what to do or how to talk to Lisa about it

so friends and family

they did notice

that Lisa had a tendency to slip into like a

world of her own

which could easily been

which probably was a sign of like

of a mental illness like her


but they just thought that she was like a daydreamer

she’s just a daydreamer

Lisa and Carl

they had 4 children together in a very

short period of time it was like

bang Bang Bang bang Bang 4 kids

and according to Carl

Lisa love the attention she got when she was pregnant

it’s like everybody seemed to cater to her

makes sense

cause I’ve heard this before from like other

women who are pregnant

like you get a lot of attention when you’re pregnant

it’s something you

never really

think about I’ve

never been pregnant so I never

I could see that

you know and she just

loved that anyways is what I’m getting at

she loved the

attention she was getting when she was pregnant

and then in

1990 when their final

child was born

2 months premature

doctors feared that Lisa

would not be able to

carry another pregnancy to term

so they recommended that she

get her tubes tied

now Lisa was like really

hesitant to do it she didn’t want to get her tubes tied

cause she wanted to have more kids

but her step brother

aka husband and her mom

told her that she needed to do it and like

force the procedure upon her so she

ended up going through with it

Lisa ends up

agreeing to the procedure to get her tubes tied

but she was

bombed she was devastated she wanted to have more kids

I don’t think because she actually liked

the child I

think because she liked being pregnant

which like girl you

could have just gotten one of

those fake bellies and just worn that forever right so

after the procedure

Lisa ends up

claiming 2 different times that she was pregnant

and Carl her husband

or step brother or whatever he is

he’s like you’re

not pregnant there’s no way like you’re lying

you got your tubes tied you’re not pregnant

and Carl is just sick of her shit

so he ends up divorcing her in 1993

now somehow the 2 of them they end up like making

amends and becoming

falling in love

again or something and they get remarried in 1994

and then in

1998 the 2 of them

break up for good

when Lisa took the 4 children to live with

Kevin Montgomery

this new man

Kevin had 3 children of his own and he

lived with his parents

and 2 years

later in the year 2000

Lisa and Kevin got

married so during her

marriage to

Kevin she claimed to be pregnant

3 different times the last time

being in 2004

with a due date of January 16th

so during these

quote unquote


Lisa dressed in maternity

clothes and even told people of like her

upcoming due dates

Kevin was unaware that she actually got her tubes tied

so he believed her each time

she told him that

she was pregnant

I mean he had no reason

to believe like she would be

lying to him

and Lisa eventually had to tell

Kevin that she lost the baby the

first time she told

Kevin that she had an abortion in New Mexico

and then the

second time she told him that there was something

wrong with the baby

and she miscarried and had the body donated to science

now Kevin what’s he

gonna say I don’t

know nothing he’s got nothing to say he’s like okay

because kevin’s former wife said that she was skeptical

when she heard

about lisa’s most recent pregnancy

and that Kevin

he just had really poor social

skills and he was easily manipulated

so Carl her ex husband

planned on exposing her lies when taking her to court

in order to gain custody

of the 2 of

their 4 children together

the custody hearing was set for January 25th 2005

and he was just

gonna tell em all like she’s a liar

make her look bad so he

could take the kids

so in November 2004

Lisa called Carl

to tell him

that she was

going to prove him

wrong and she had an unusual air of

confidence about her

it’s speculated that Lisa

alongside her long history of

trauma and severe mental illness felt extreme pressure

and need to produce a baby in

order to counter

the charge of lying

about her pregnancies

and to stop Carl from getting custody

of the children

so it’s believed that’s why she went

killed Bobby Joe

took Victoria

Joe the baby out of

they keep calling it kidnapping but is that kidnapping

cause in my mind cutting

a baby out of someone’s stomach is not kidnapping

so that’s why they believe this happened

because she needed to produce a baby for the

trial you know

so at a pre

trial hearing a

neuropsychologist testified that head injuries at

least I had sustained some years

earlier kind of damaged

the part of her

brain that controls

aggression and lisa’s original

legal team met

for dinner to discuss the case

there were many challenges that they faced Lisa had

drawn global headlines

when federal prosecutors

accused her of strangling

Bobby Joe to

death slicing open her

belly and kidnapping the unborn baby

and there was really little

to no room for doubt

that Lisa committed the

crime because she was arrested

while cradling the baby in her arms

you know like

this lady is just

insane so the debate at dinner was

sparked by the team

fighting amongst themselves as to who

would be in charge

not how they

would handle the case

the relationships between the 3 lawyers

soured and they eventually all but one

dropped off the case

the judge Judge Gary

Fenner he assigned John P o’connor

and Frederick Dutch Art

to be lisa’s defense attorney

some would even

describe it as the

dream team because like they just always won

their cases like you

would want these people on your side

but John a former prosecutor

was Kansas city’s most successful

go to criminal defense lawyer Frederick had

tried more than a

dozen capital cases

he was also

an attorney who had more clients sentenced to

death in federal

court than any defense lawyer in America

so this Frederick

guy he was extremely busy

he was extremely busy with another case

and at that time he was only able to

visit Lisa 3 times

and Lisa seemed to like really not trust men

for a good freaking

reason but Lisa really didn’t

trust him she didn’t

trust men so in

order to develop like some kind of rapport

with her he ends up sending his wife

her name is Ryland

to visit her in prison

now ryland had no

experience investigating

death penalty cases

her expertise was in

horse therapy

for artistic children

but she’s on the case now and she went to go

visit Lisa 16 times her and Lisa became very close

so as lisa’s

trial date approached in

October of 2007

Frederick was convinced he

could secure a non

guilty verdict by suggesting that

Bobby Joe was killed by lisa’s brother

Tommy and it was Tommy

who gave his

sister’s baby

to Lisa that was the new plan

now unfortunately

just a few weeks before the

trial Tommy

he had an alibi his alibi

emerged and at the time of

Bobby joe’s murder

Tommy had been

meeting with his probation officer

so that little

situation the plan to

blame Tommy

wasn’t gonna work for them sorry

her family now

believe she had been the one who decided to lay

blame on her brother which

revoking their

agreement to cooperate

the possibly

life saving evidence of providing lisa’s life

story of abuse was no longer available

to them from the source

so they had to come up with a new strategy

which was getting Lisa to

admit that she had indeed killed Bobby Joe

but proved that

she was not guilty by reason of insanity

so if her lawyers

could get the jury to believe

as they did

that Lisa suffered from depression

borderline personality disorder

post traumatic stress disorder

and also phantom

pregnancy like that’s a condition

where a woman believes she’s pregnant

even though she’s not

remember we talked

about it in the Bloody Mary

story do you remember

phantom pregnancies

where like a woman

thinks she’s pregnant

and then your body

reacts and you

experience symptoms of pregnancy

such as like

swelling of the belly

your menstruation stops I hate that word

and then also you may feel like movement

in your stomach isn’t that wild so

unfortunately though like this

theory it didn’t stand in

court and the prosecution managed to have forensic

psychiatrist Park dates

who worked with prosecutors

on the cases of Jeffrey Dahmer and the Unabomber

we did both of

those remember

oh my God how many members am I gonna say

anyways they testified that the diagnosis

offered by the defense’s main

expert witness was

voodoo science

and excluded

from the case entirely

on the grounds that it had no

scientific basis

the defense also went on to further

prove that Lisa

knew her actions were

wrong and none of them were impulsive

so with no final

tactics available

Lisa was unable to be saved from

a murder conviction

on October 22 2007 Lisa

she was convicted of murder

and she received the

death sentence

on October 26

lisa’s husband

Kevin and Bobby joe’s

mother Beck

as well as some

other family members

were all at the hearing but no one

spoke to reporters

so of course they’re

trying to appeal the case they don’t want her to die

to get a death penalty

and then during the appeals process

experts examined

Lisa and found that

unbeknownst to her trial jury

her upbringing had left her suffering from

fluorid psychosis

bipolar disorder

and post traumatic stress disorder

she was often disassociated from reality

and as a result

from her many beatings had suffered permanent

brain damage because of all of this

before her trial

neither the prosecution

nor her own defense team had investigated

the relationship between lisa’s many symptoms

and her traumatic history during the

trial the jury

found that Lisa

was unemotional

she showed like no remorse

for her actions

she showed really no emotion

about what had

taken place

and lisa’s appeals team felt that the only

reason for this behavior was because Lisa was taking a

powerful anti

psychotic medication that Lisa deserved an appeal

because she was just as much a victim

as she was the perpetrator

yeah that’s a hot debate

you know that’s

what makes this kind of like an interesting

story because a lot of people do believe that she was

just as much

of a victim

as Bobby Joe

so Frederick responded to the appeal with an affidavit

I can’t say this word

affidavit of over

100 pages defending his

legal proceedings insisting that none

of the issues raised by her appeal lawyers have merit

he felt that the

experience trying over a

dozen capital

cases many involving complex mental health issues

proved he handled the case the best way possible

and that this former clients

appeal lawyers were nothing more than

spoiled selfish


that’s what he said

anyways to make a long

story short here because they

were just trying to like get an appeal and get Lisa

to be able to present in

court that she

was a victim

just as much

as Bobby Joe was for some odd reason she didn’t want

the death penalty

I don’t know why people try to

avoid the death penalty

I would gladly take it over sitting in jail

is that just me

wouldn’t you

sitting in jail for the rest of your life

sounds way worse

anyways I’m

sorry anyways so

they tried to appeal

any way that they

could and they

tried every

which way possible

but they exhausted the appeals process Lisa was

scheduled for an

execution by lethal injection

December 8th

2020 but it was

delayed because her attorney

contracted COVID 19

I know just recently oh my God

so just recently like a couple months ago

January first

2021 the judge

granted a stay of her

execution on the ground that her mental competence

must first be tested

as executing


with intellectual disabilities violates the 8th

Amendment of the Constitution regarding

cruel and unusual punishments

therefore meaning Lisa

doesn’t qualify for the deaf sentence

this day was then overturned by the Supreme

Court they voted 02:54 and the

execution order was

ordered to be

carried out immediately

not long after midnight January 13th

2021 Lisa Montgomery

was executed at the

prison in Indiana

yeah bye when

asked if she had any

final words

she simply responded with no she is the

first female federal inmate in 67 years to be

executed by the United States

federal government reports confirmed that members of

Bobby joe’s family were present

for the execution but

Bobby joe’s husband

he has not spoken publicly about

that day or really

about anything and that my friends is the

awful story

about Bobby Joe her

awful sad murder

how sick Lisa Montgomery was

and what the fuck

so okay this one’s got me a little confused because I

think naturally like you want to see Lisa as the victim

but she did something really

awful I mean like that takes a special kind of sick

to kill somebody

and then cut

their stomach open

that takes a

different kind of fucking brain okay

right and it’s like yes

Lisa went through some

awful shit but lots of people go through

awful shit and don’t cut stomachs open

you know sorry Lisa

but bye you know I just it’s hard to have

compassion for her when

she did something really really really really really

awful I don’t know how I feel

how do you feel

I would love to hear your guys thoughts down

below do you

think Lisa should have been

executed is she a

victim shit

I don’t know

look in this country

we care more

about getting rid of people than we do helping people

when they go through traumatic shit

so it makes

sense in this country

but if we were a country that put

mental illness and

stuff first I

think she could have been helped

but let’s be honest

here that’s not how this country works we like to just

lock them up get

them out of here you know so it’s like realistically

it would have been nice if she

could receive some kind of help but was it

gonna happen

fucking no because that’s not how this

place works you know

that’s my own opinion and um

I’m sorry but Lisa you

gotta go because that was that was real fucked up

where is Bobby joe’s family now

I don’t know

I didn’t look it up I didn’t want to because

you know they’ve been through a lot

just leave them alone

but other than that I hope you have a wonderful day

you make good choices please be safe out there

and I’ll be seeing you guys later bye

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