Murder, Mystery & Makeup - Issei Sagawa - He Might Be More Terrifying Than You Think

hi friends how are you

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and today is monday

which means

it’s murder

mystery and makeup monday

let me take a deep breath i’m a little nervous

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excuse me bailey

you know why i get nervous before i film sometimes

well a lot of the times because

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think by now i

wouldn’t get nervous but i still do

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okay if you are new here hi my name is bailey syrian

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warning today’s story contains

graphic descriptions of crime scenes

adult dialogue and strong language

viewer discretion is advised

so it’s been a while you guys it’s been a while since

i’ve talked about a cannibal

if you’re squeamish

a vegetarian

or maybe you just ate

maybe skip this one come back to it

because today baby girl lisa we are talking

about a cannibal you

guessed it because i said it eighteen times by now

on top of him being a cannibal

what makes his

story even worse is the fact that

this guy is not even in jail

nope he’s roman out free

free is a little bird i mean

yeah for sure he

definitely went to jail for like a whole minute

but then they let him go and you’re

probably wondering like bailey will if he’s a cannibal

why is he out walking free i know that’s why we’re here

today i don’t know what to say cannibals

can’t live with them

we could live without them actually but

other than that i will stop rambling and let’s get into

today’s story so

ise sagawa have you

heard of him

yeah you have oh my bad

sorry about that well if you

haven’t this guy was a

total dork he was born on

april 26 1949 so he’s a taurus

you know how for the most part

most of these killers and

these bad people

their upbringing is like so

awful so so horrible

and it kind of

i don’t want to say it makes

sense as to why they turned out the way

they did but it kind of does you know what i’m saying

but you say is that opposite

person where it’s like

how how how

how i don’t know so

ise he was born into a wealthy

a wealthy family

a very well off family they were living in

japan very traditional

but very loving that’s

great for him

his father was very

successful he was a businessman

he was like president of

a water industries

and he made a lot of

money and he was doing very

well okay also

he says grandfather

he was an editor for one of the

major newspapers in

japan and his

mother he says

mother she took care of the family she was like the

stay at home mom so they’re just they’re doing great

financially that

doesn’t mean

everything else is

great but you know when ise’s

mother was pregnant with him

she actually fell down

like a flight of

stairs and she almost

miscarried ise

and it was said that he was born prematurely

and like he was so

small he could fit into the palm of his father’s hand

he had a younger brother who was born

two years after him

but they were very

close and they almost

raised them like twins

when ise was a baby

he developed enteritis

which is a disease of the

small intestine

and to treat this the doctors

would inject potassium

and calcium into his body

which led to ece

eventually recovering

but the downside

was that the disease was leaving him very

frail and just

sickly looking

which made him feel

very insecure

it was said because of this

ise was more

of an introvert

he was a bit of a loner in

school he didn’t really have like

any friends but he

absolutely loved

school especially

literature because it was a way for him to

escape the world that he was in and

going like these

grand adventures and his imagination

you know where like he just wasn’t

he wasn’t the

small little guy or

he wasn’t the weak

sickly guide

he could be

the hero of the story

using his imagination so

he loved reading

he loved books stories

literature like i said because of this he

would end up getting his master’s degree

in english literature

ysei would say that from a

young age he noticed

that something within himself

from a very early age

was going on

like something was different

ise would in a

later interview

would say that

when growing up his

uncle would come over to the

house and they

would play a game

where like his

uncle would

dress up as a

scary boy eating

giant and he would

chase the kids around the

house pretending he was gonna

put them in a big pot and cook them

and then eat them

which okay sure you know fine

but where this

story goes it’s like oh shit

you know but okay

great game but the

uncle would

chase issei and his brother around and then his father

would rescue them and it was just all

fun and games there was like nothing no bad shenanigans

going on but e say

would say like

this game it was more than a game for him it was like

this awakening

he remembers

having like a mixture of terror

and excitement

while playing this game

i mean it was thrilling to him

e say would say that this just was one of

those moments that

just stuck in his life you know

and he would say that at that very moment

that’s when he just really became

fascinated with stories and

fairy tales

about monsters and dragons

especially when they involved eating people so

with that being said of course

hansel and gretel

was one of his favorites

i don’t remember

hansel and gretel to be

quite honest with you i remember they

lived in a candy

house but they get eaten

it’s been so long did they get eaten

that’s a little fucked up what was that all

about we read that as kids

are we okay

ysey and his

brother said that they grew up in a very tame

home a very loving home a very normal

home um one

thing though the family

never talked

about sex sex was just something nobody

talked about okay

so this thing happened

um when e say

got his first

boner his first bonner

he at first said that

he thought he was seriously ill he’s like oh my god


wrong with me

like this isn’t normal like he

freaked out he didn’t know

what was going on

and you know

there’s no internet

or anything back then so what do you do

again since he has no sex education

he doesn’t know

that you can

fiddle your diddle you know i’m saying so

he doesn’t know that that’s like an option

but he has this

thing and he’s feeling like

these weird feelings and isa said

it led him into

participating in some very questionable acts

for example like having the family dog lick his

i know i don’t

know what he’s doing but he did that i know why did he

bring the dog into this i don’t know but he did

ysei said again

cause he’s pretty

young when he’s doing this he’s


and ysei said that like when this happened

his sexual desires

start to become more

distorted you know

i wonder why

so as he say gets

older he only gets

weirder okay in

first grade he said that

he saw something that just got his

motor running

again he’s in

first grade okay

he found one of his

classmates like very

attractive so the fellow

classmate is wearing

shorts as one does when it’s hot outside

and he remembered

looking at this girl in her

shorts and thinking to himself man

that is a delicious looking thigh

i want to bite it

now remember you say is in

first grade

that means he’s like six or

seven years old

and you know for someone who is

six or seven years old that’s

a little different

as time went on

ysei was growing more and more

aware of his

fantasies of

eating thighs and

how it just wasn’t normal

and at the age of 15

he did try to seek help from a


but when he found out

that he needed to go in person

and that he actually

needed help

it was serious

he never went

i guess he just like couldn’t

bring himself

to actually

tell his parents that he needed help so he just

never said anything and he

never went to therapy

his parents

never came out and said anything on record

about their son so it’s really unclear

if they knew what was

going on in

his head or if they even knew that he needed help

i doubt it i i

they just don’t seem like they talked at all

like yeah they showed love but i don’t

think they’re like hey how was your day today

so it’s 1964

and issei is 24 years old

at this time he’s

studying at the

university of tokyo

when he sees a tall beautiful german woman

she’s like walking in the

street and he’s just feeling

very attracted to her

most people

would be like oh you know i wonder how i

could like get to know her she’s so beautiful i

wanna talk to her

um and just like get to know them like a normal person

but he say as you probably

learned he really isn’t like most people

so instead of

thinking to himself like

how can i talk to her he’s

thinking to himself like

i wonder if i could get

close to her so i can eat her

so one summer he decides to lean into

those dark feelings

those dark desires he was having

and see where it leads him

i’m laughing

cause it’s uncomfortable

it’s uncomfortable to

think like you

could be walking

minding your own business and someone’s

thinking about eating you like what a bummer

anyway so he

was kind of like following this girl i guess he

would see her from time to time like taking the same

train and what not

and so he decides to just follow her home one

night okay it is waiting outside of her apartment

and he’s waiting to see like her

lights go off so once he knows that this

woman has gone to bed

he decides to

break in through her window

and sees that she’s laying in bed

sleeping naked

oh he’s feeling real jazzed he’s like this is my moment

this is it he’s

given so many interviews

so it’s like you can hear it directly from him

but he said that

he didn’t wanna kill her

he just wanted to take a bite of her bottom her bum

yeah like she’s not

gonna know or

something anyways he’s looking for something

heavy around to like

knock the woman out with

the first thing he sees

an umbrella

an umbrella

sure that’s

gonna work so he grabs the umbrella

goes up to her bed he’s like leaning over her

right and i

guess he kind of like

brushed up against her something

but she wakes up

and she starts

screaming as any of us

would do he says a very very like

small man and

so anyone over

like five two can take him down and that’s what she did

she wakes up she

starts screaming him she grabs his arms she

throws him to the ground

and then she calls police

you go girl so the

woman ends up calling police and

he say was arrested

right and he was being

charged with attempted rape

if only they knew what his real goal was you know

but of course he’s not

gonna tell him

that he was

gonna do that

he’s like sure i was

gonna rape her

sounds about

right well like i mentioned earlier

esay’s father was

super wealthy

and when he finds out that his son was in trouble

he pays a large

unknown settlement

to the victim

and the charges end up being

dropped i think it’s safe to say that you say

he didn’t he didn’t

learn a damn

thing right like

thanks daddy

i mean good for the girl she got a

large settlement

but you know you know

he should have to pay the price

teach him a goddamn lesson

but he doesn’t

so after that

failed attempt he says desires didn’t just go away nene

in fact they just got stronger

and more persistent

he knew he had to eat a woman

this was his one

dream in life

and he needed to

fulfill it in

order to be happy

dream big they say

dream big so then

you say ends up

going on a vacation

a little holiday

and he goes on like a cruise

to greece and

while he’s on this cruise

he meets like

a butcher and he’s like

super interested into this guy and this guy’s

like oh okay like

let me tell you

about my job

he sees like what’s it like being a butcher

you know what do you use to cut the meat with

is there a certain technique

you know he’s just trying to get butcher

basics one o one

and the butcher

he’s feeling very flattered

that someone is so interested in his profession

and he stays with

he say for a good amount of time explaining how

to butcher me

he say plays it all cool like yeah

thanks i wanna become a butcher one day

you know but secretly

he was taking notes

knowing that

he was going to probably most likely

apply them to cutting up

people meet

and not so much cowl

or whatever

i’m sure if the butcher

knew then what we know now you know

this would have

never happened

and okay i’m gonna jump

ahead here a little bit

because this part just

it’s so upsetting

because okay so e say does terrible

things which we’re

gonna get into

but he ends up e say

writes a letter to this butcher and

telling him

thank you so much for taking the

time to explain to me like how to do all this blah blah

blah and by this

point it was

his story you say

story was pretty well known

the butcher

never responded to his letter

but um i just thought wow that’s

super effed up

cause now that guy the butcher

has to live with

that for the rest of his life like i told this person

how to cut meat and he

applied it towards actual people

like that’s just so fucked up

is that not

i literally was like i

would be livid

so then in nineteen eighty one he say he

graduates from college

and he ends up moving to france to pursue a phd

in comparative

literature at sorbonne university

which is like a very

fancy smancy

university i hear

i don’t know but i’ve

heard that so when

he moves to like a

latin quarter of

paris france an area

which is super known for

its student life

it’s very lively lots of people

bistros ysei

is kind of getting adjusted to this new life of his and

he would say that

every night almost

every night he

would go out and he

would bring a sex worker

back home with him

and instead of paying them for you know some

sweet love in

he would wait for the moment when they had like

their backs towards him

and he would try to shoot them

like he was trying to

kill somebody

but luckily

i guess he would freeze

and he didn’t chicken out so

he couldn’t do it

but he was trying to get some practice in

so time goes on

and in one of his

classes he meets a woman

named renee and he immediately falls in love with her

renee heartfelt was 25 years old and she was also

studying to get her phd

in french literature

she was originally from holland

and it was said that renee was like five foot 10

she was just

tall stunning

super smart and she

spoke three languages

so again ise

meets renee in one of his classes

and he’s like

friendly with her whatever and he asks her that

or he goes up to her

and he says that he’s looking for someone to help him

study german

cause he’s struggling he

asked renee like hey

would you be open to

teaching me he then went

on to tell renee that he had a very wealthy father who

could pay for her to help him

and just pay

her for her time renee was friendly with ise

and she agreed

to help him with his german

and over time the two

of them formed like a little friendship ise was really

smart and he

enjoyed renee’s company because she was also really

smart too and

renee like that

about him they bonded they had a lot in common

they had a lot of common interest

so ise is in love

with renee and thought she was

absolutely beautiful

he even started to

write her love letters and he

would invite her to different art exhibits or concerts

and renee saw him as a good friend she agreed to go

out dancing with him from time to time because she just

enjoyed his company

and a letter renee

wrote to her parents

back at home

she said that she

found um e say

friendly and


what i’m getting at is like she wasn’t

they were friends they seemed yeah

friends but i

think that’s the problem

um renee saw him as just that a

great friend

great company

she enjoyed him

as just that

and he says love for renee is just growing

he is wanting more

than just being friends

he wants to

do more than just wine and dine

her he wants to wine and dine

her if you catch my

draft he wants to eat her

so ysei would

later explain

that one of the reasons he really wanted to eat renee

was because she was healthy and

beautiful two characteristics he felt that he lacked

and he considered himself weak ugly

small he wanted to absorb her energy through

eating her i

guess that’s

his mind’s i don’t know dude

i don’t freaking

know you guys but that’s his reasoning but he knew in

order to eat her he has to kill her first

which is something that he seems

to be struggling with he said in interviews that if

renee would have allowed him to

drink her urine

or would have

given her some of her

pubic hairs

that alone might have satisfied his desires

but he was too afraid to ask in the

first place so

killing her in his mind was easier

than asking her for her

urine and pubic hairs

either way it’s awkward man what was it

gonna do with the urine

ew so one evening

ysei invited renee over for dinner and

he was asking her to

read him a poem by one of his favorite german writers

and she was like oh okay sure you know

cause they’re

learning remember

so she sits

down at his desk and she’s reading him the poem

isse he had a

rifle hidden in his drawers on the

other side of the room

and there are different reports that say isse

actually tried to

shoot rene this

night when she wasn’t paying attention

but that the gun

ended up jamming

and i guess renee didn’t hear it or even

have any idea

that it happened

behind her back because she was like sitting reading

and e say just pretends that nothing happened i

guess so renee took off for the night

she’s like bye you know whatever she’s no idea

what he says really thinking

and he went just full

blown creep

status one hundred

and just went off

you know when you’re really into someone

and the scent of like

their cologne

or perfume it kind of

lingers after they

leave and you’re like oh my god

like it smells like them

but nothing more

than that like not in a creepy way you’re just like

like oh my god like

yeah you know

just me no that’s normal

whatever well it was kind of like that ise

was doing that but it was to the hundredth degree ise

said that that evening when renee left

he smelled the chair

where she had been sitting he’s trying to

sniff up all of her scent

and then he even went as far as to licking the

chair she sat in

ysei wanted renee all to himself

and he made a little promise with himself that he was

going to eat her

which would

allow him to possess her

forever on june 11th 1981

isse invites

renee over for dinner

again this time

he told renee that he had a cassette recorder

and he wanted to record her reading

the poem aloud

that way he

could like practice

or whatever

so she’s like okay sure

sounds good poor thing

and she goes over to issay’s

house that evening

renee arrives to issay’s

house right

great so he welcomes her in

they sit down on the floor

he offers her some tea but what i

guess renee didn’t know was that he

spiked her tea with whiskey

now i couldn’t get clarification though if

she did know or if she didn’t know i feel like he would

taste it but

i’m going to say

maybe she didn’t know because

there was no straight answer and let’s not assume

anyways so he

spikes her tea with

whiskey and they’re just sitting on the

floor and they’re chatting and e say

he’s waiting for the alcohol to kick in

you know for

renee to be a little bit more

loose a little bit more

relaxed and then

after some time passes and he notices that renee

does seem a little bit more relaxed

that’s when he uses this opportunity to

confess his love for her

and he tells renee that he wants to take her to bed

for some you know winky dinky

and he’s telling

her that over time he’s been having all

these emotions and feelings for her and

thinks she’s wonderful x y and z

you get up now this moment this i

guess this was a

shock to renee

because she had making

it clear that they were friends

and she was taking a back and she’s like oh dear like

oh no i am busy around that time you were

thinking about doing that i’m so

sorry like i thought we were just friends

she went on to tell

you say i really

appreciate your

friendship and i just want nothing more than that

and she’s just trying to be really polite and

you know not piss him off

right but she’s bummed i

guess because this is the

that’s the moment your friendship

is kind of over he say response by saying that he


and he’s like well let’s just get to the poetry though

so he gets up

he gets the book of poetry he wanted her to read

hands it to her she sits back down at his

desk and he

starts a tape recorder

so when she’s sitting at

issa’s desk her back is faced

towards him like

she’s facing a window and renee

begins reading the poem

well he say

has his gun ready

he comes up behind her slowly

with a twenty two

caliber rifle in his hand

bang bang he

shoots her in the neck

i guess there’s there was like a

brief moment

where renee kept reading the poem

before she fell into the floor

dead and the

whole thing was being recorded

ese said after he shot renee

she falls to the ground and then he like fell into

shock himself and then he fainted

so they’re just

like get it together guy

okay if you’re gonna do this you can’t be fainting

freaking loser so then he comes back to

and when he comes back to

he is like great

i get to like

carry out my original plan

now’s my chance i get to eat renee

i mean he had no

other choice

now he already followed through with for step one

ise said that he laid a towel

under her head

and then he undressed her

and he had everything

planned out in his mind like knowing

which part he was gonna

start eating first

i don’t know he

seemed to have like an obsession with eating the booty

i don’t know how else to put that because like

that’s what

he really wanted to do he wanted to take a big old

chomp into her butt

and he wanted to

start with her

right cheek

first it’s kind of ironic i

guess but he didn’t like

blood and he feared that the left

cheek would be more bloody

since it’s closer to the

heart so okay

you know alright sure lol so

while following his

dreams ysei notices that his

teeth are not

sharp enough to

penetrate someone’s skin

he’s like oh dear like i didn’t

think about this

so he’s like oh my god

fruit knife i have a fruit

knife in the

kitchen let me go get that

so he goes to get the fruit

knife he comes back he’s trying to cut her with that

but again that wasn’t

sharp enough either

so he’s goes back to his

kitchen he’s

just looking for anything any kind of tool that will be

sharp enough to help him out here and

he’s got nothing

so he decides to make a

quick little trip to the

store where he

he purchases a curved meat knife

so he gets the curved meat

knife comes back

it works and he proceeds to cut renee’s body up

starting with her butt is a

booty guy i guess

so issei proceeds to eat parts of renee’s body mostly

focusing on her

her boobage

her butt and her face

and he was kind of

experimenting a little bit he

would either

cook the meat

or he would try it raw

he would try with different

sauces mustard ketchup

vinegar red

whatever you use you know

butter you say in interviews said that he was surprised

at the corn

colored nature

of human fat

and he found the meat soft and odorless

and it melted in his

mouth like raw tuna

specific but

if you were curious now you know he said

a lot more but i just you know i just we don’t need to

go into super graphic

details you get the gist of it he

fried some of the meat

and he tried baking different

parts but he didn’t like the greasy consistency

that he was getting a lot of the times

he just was

experimenting with different techniques on how to eat

the human meat so during all of this he’s

he’s cutting renee’s body up and

e say said that

he was getting really

excited if you know what i mean

he was getting a boner

and just during this

whole process

he tells renee that he loves her for the

first time and

it’s just like dude get a fucking grip

what are you doing he said that

night he brought renee

um her body into bed with him and like

slept with her cuddled

uh knowing that the next day he was probably

going to have to dispose of her body because um

most likely like

flies and stuff

would come around

but ysei was

excited because the next day he realized that

there were no

flies just yet

and her body

hasn’t seemed to gone bad there was no like weird

smell there was no fly so it

still must be good

and he’s like fuck yeah i get another day to experiment

so he goes on to cut up

again her her skin her body he’s

sampling different parts of her

and he upgraded to an electric carving

knife at this point

i’m sorry for

laughing but

what are you doing yes he’s got an electric carving

knife he’s like i’m

gonna go upgrade really quick

he gets an electric carving

knife cuts up the rest of her body

he’s putting them in ziplock

little baggies putting them in the fridge for later

right saving it for

snacks or something and then during each

stage of dismembering the body

he took photographs of

each process to keep for his

scrapbook i

guess memories

but soon enough the

flies showed up

and once the flies

came and started to

swarm around

the body he knew it was time to get rid of it

it was done it was over

so in order to get rid of the body the evidence

poor bernay

so he’s like let me just chop her up

into smaller

pieces and i’ll

shove her in

these two suitcases i have

so he does just that

of course along the

way cutting her up further to fit into the suitcases

he’s sampling and taking bites of different parts

that didn’t have any

flies on them so is saying

came up with a plan

his plan was to put rene’s body into the two suitcases

and then take it down to the

local lake and drop

them in the lake hoping it

would sink and

never be found

again so with this in mind

he say he packs up he loads the

two suitcases and he calls up a cab

and he asks them to take them

to a public park

which is like five

miles from the city center of

paris it’s like the

second largest park in paris it’s

about two almost

three times the size of central park in new york

and this park has like several gardens

several lakes there’s even a

zoo and an amusement park everyone goes there and like

hangs out and it’s not like a

quiet place to go

where nobody’s

gonna see you execute this

awful plan but that’s

that’s his idea

so it’s around 8 p

m and issa calls up a cab driver

to come pick him up and take him down to the park and

when the cab driver picks him up

he helps isa

out with the two suitcases he brought

and the driver even made a comment to isa joking like

what is there a body in here or something

literally just joking because the suitcases were so

heavy and you know when you’re making

small talk like that you say something

stupid like

but you got a dead body in here

one out of every thousand times it may just be the case

but i guess e say just kind of

laughed awkwardly

and said like

no it’s full of books i have tons of books in

these suitcases

the suitcases were

super heavy though so when

e say was dropped off at the park

he was trying to

carry these um suitcases

and people are

just kind of staring at him at the lake just

watching the

small scrawny man struggling with

these two heavy suitcases

he’s like dragging

them down to the lake like a little weirdo you know

so a lot of people are just sitting there kind of

watching minding

their own business but they’re like he’s like

you know what is this guy doing

because the park was a very popular spot as he didn’t

think about how

crowded it would be

even though it was late it

still there was like a lot of people there

and he was feeling very overwhelmed

trying to drag

these suitcases around

because he felt like everyone was staring at him which

they were so he wasn’t

wrong eventually he said he

found like a little

quiet place

where there wasn’t that many people around

and he starts pushing the suitcases

down towards the lake towards the water

but he got to a

point where he was

really exhausted so he like suitcases are on the ground

took a break

and just kind of walks a little bit forward

and he’s admiring the really pretty

sunset mind you

his suitcases

are kind of like back behind him a little bit

and then he hears someone

shouting behind him it’s a man it’s an

older man he’s

hanging out at the park and he saw the two suitcases

and he thought like

somebody had left them or forgotten them he saw issay

standing not far

and he’s like hey man like are

these your suitcases

and issa said he thought

about saying yes but

he want the managers like go away

so instead he said

no and just walked away

which i feel like that wasn’t the right move

um so he just

walks away so the man

who asked he say like hey are

these your bags he’s

super curious he’s like who left

these you know two suitcases here let me open them up

maybe there’s a million dollars in there

so the man he opens up the suitcases and he sees

something like a bloody

bed sheet that my

guess is a had

wrapped renee’s body in

but he just sees like a bloody bed

sheet and then he

screams murder

like really loud

so everyone

in the park is looking over like what the hell is

going on like what

cause this man seems very

upset as one

would be you know

he say he didn’t even flinch he just kept walking

um he just aborted mission

walked back

headed straight to his

apartment as fast as he could

without drawing any attention to himself

so police were obviously called out to the scene

and they investigate the suitcases and

asked the witnesses at the park like what they saw

multiple people

reported seeing a small

asian man pushing

the suitcases down to the end of the lake

but that’s really the only information anyone had

so the suitcases were

taken to the

local mortuary

where they were

fully unpacked

and the gruesome

scene began to tell its

story they discovered the gunshot

wound at the nape of the neck

and portions of her flesh

seemed to be missing

photographs were taken

of the body for evidence reports

but sadly they

would not stay contained within the police files

somehow somebody with

greedy intentions it was someone working on the inside

they took those

photos and they sold them to pot like a popular french

magazine which led to them being published all over

but it is a horrifying

scene they haven’t

seen anything like this and it’s obvious to them like

it looks like somebody ate

this you know so they’re kind of

they don’t know what to do with this

it wouldn’t take long for investigators to find

e say though

police reached out to

local cab companies

asking if any of the drivers had a client that

maybe had some really

heavy suitcases you know well

sure enough

one of the drivers came forward and said like

hey i had a client yeah just

yesterday who i picked up who had some really

heavy suitcases

and shortly

after that e say was arrested

so police go and arrest e say and

i guess lucky for them e say didn’t even try to pretend

like he was innocent

the cops came in

they arrested him

and he just

confessed like that they were like hey you’re

under arrest for murder

and his response was

i killed her to eat her flesh

so case closed you know like

great we got it

confession after being arrested for renee’s murder

he says daddy once

again came to

his rescue paying for a top defense lawyer

despite there being multiple eyewitnesses

evidence found in he

says apartment

and his confession to the

crime he was

locked up put away for two years he was waiting for

trial and then the

judge found

ysei legally insane and unfit to

stand trial

so the charges

were dropped

the french courts sentence ise

to be held indefinitely

aka forever

in a mental institution though so you

know at least he’ll be locked up there and

maybe get some help during this time rene’s parents

never spoke to the

media and on the

other hand isse

like his parents were

paying for any

anything that had to do with the

legal side of things

and then both of the parents

they didn’t talk to

media but they also

shielded their son

isse from the public eye they just really protected him

and just paid for

everything he

says brother

actually showed public support

but it turns

out like he’s also an interesting case all on his own

he did an interview for forbes

and he says brother said that he himself had his own

urges that he

kept to himself like he didn’t tell anyone about it

and not even

he say knew

about his urges himself he wanted to eat people too

is what i’m getting at

his brother said in an interview that

he’ll probably die not knowing why he had

these feelings

or if there’s anyone else there like out there like him

but he say was

quick to like turn down his brother’s comments i

guess he would publicly say like oh my brother

his thoughts are not as bad as my thoughts

i’m i’m way

worse than he is

and it was like some really

weird competitive i’m a

better cannibal

than you are

i don’t know it was very

strange but there seems to be some kind of competition

going on issei

was sent to a mental institution

and a japanese author came by to

visit he wanted to

write a story

and then wanted to get issei’s account of his

crime so this author went

out and interviewed him

for his book

it was later called in the fog

which included issay’s account of his kill

and it would go on to sell like over 200 000 copies

and this book

it also featured all of the

horrifying photos that no one

should have seen now because of this book

the attention

you say was getting was widespread and

he was becoming a big

media sensation

everyone just wanted to know like what what what

huh you know

the curious cast

that we are just trying to figure it out

now the french

were not too

excited about this

because they were receiving a lot of negative

publicity because

ysei was technically

still in france

so um because they didn’t like all this negative

press they were getting

they decided it

would be best to deport him back to

japan so ise

was sent to a hospital in

tokyo and the

psychologist they’re examining him

and they declare him to be sane

but evil and his

sexual perversion was his only

motivation for murder

does that mean he say goes back to jail and

court and all that

no nene japanese authorities did try to put him on

trial for murder but the charges got dropped

and the french refused to hand over the necessary

court documents

so there was like no evidence for a

trial in japan

and without any evidence

linking ise

to renee’s murder

the japanese

courts they were unable to keep ise

further it doesn’t make any

sense he was

literally held for 15

months and then

because the french authorities

didn’t hand over the documents they couldn’t

charge him with anything and i was trying to

understand why that happened i really was but um

i don’t know i don’t know why they

wouldn’t handle over the documents so

after fifteen

months of being held he was able to

check himself out of the hospital

on august twelve

nineteen eighty six

free to just live his life

okay so the response in

japan was a lot different

than the response in france

and his crime

it kind of made him a

cultural icon in

japan i guess

and you say he didn’t

he didn’t shy away from it he embraced it

anyway so japanese

magazine called murder in mind

asked ise to

write an article

about the murder he committed

which again led to more

media attention

and outrage so over the years following renee’s murder

ise’s crime continued to

catch people’s interest

even a verse in the rolling

stones song too much blood

um they make a little

shout out to um

e say it was inspired by him his fame

kept him busy writing books a

comic book with

graphic illustrations of his

crime and making

countless guest

speaker commentator

and talk show appearances

he was like

just really milking it

i mean again it was a way for him to make his money

i don’t know if i’m mad at him or like i don’t

blame you anyways

he even appeared in several

movies and documentaries ysei had a

small part in a sexploitation film playing a sado

sexual voyeur

and he was getting a lot of porn

offers to be

quite honest with you like there was

another one where

they a producer

asked e say to participate in a movie

where they had him doing really weird

things like they

would measure his strength

while they were making fun of him

like a humiliation fetish

ysei also took a role in a porno

where he and his co star they

lived together in an apartment

for like 24

hours and they

would have sex

it seemed kind of like a reality porn show

ysei then asked the co star like hey can i

drink your urine

and your spit

very odd but i

guess some are into it

but then plot

freaking twist

after the two of them participate in

sexual relations

ysei reveals to the co star

about his past

he tells her that he is a cannibal

and he shares

his autobiography with her showing

her photos of what he had done to his

victim renee

and all of this is being filmed and

again it’s kind

of like reality so you’re getting this girls

true response to the situation

and the co star is just in like severe

shock and she

starts crying

later in life the two of them ysei

and the co star

they actually became like real life friends

and ysei said that she

would help him like

curb his cannibalistic desires

by having this friendship i

guess i don’t i don’t know the

whole thing is very odd

yeah that’s really all i

could say about that

you know as time went on attention around issa

died down a bit

and then in two thousand nine

issa sat down and gave an interview with

vice magazine

and he said that well he

might not be in jail

trying to make a living

while being a

known murderer and cannibal

was just a terrible punishment

woo hoo in addition to

royalties he was receiving from books and interview

fees he also did reviews for different restaurants

i guess that’s fitting

in a way i don’t know and then

e say he picked up

painting in his free time and he was

focusing painting on

women’s nude bodies

and he even sold like a number of them

in order to help pay for some of his bills

e say seemed to be kind of

scraping by and

in the interview you

could tell he’s a little

he wants you

to feel bad for him but i’m not sure what you

expect or what he expects

we don’t feel bad for you i i

think you should be in prison bro sorry yeah

i really think you

should be locked up

during this

vice interview

they’re asking him like hey are you a

changed man

you know have you

changed your ways have

you at least

i mean you’re one

lucky guy right you

literally murdered

and ate someone and you’re walking free

the chances of that happening are slim

to none have you curbed your desires to eat people

and then you say said no

no that even on his way to the

train station that day of the interview

he saw a girl with really nice legs

and he was thinking

about wanting to eat someone

again before he died

so over the years ysei has just

existed really he’s been living outside of

tokyo in 2013

he was hospitalized because he had

something going on in his

brain where

there was like no oxygen

or blood flow getting to his

brain and it permanently

damaged his nervous

system so he lives

alone he’s confined to a wheelchair

and he requires

daily assistance from either caregivers

or from his younger brother

he also had problems with his stomach area so

he can’t even eat

normal food he has to eat through a feeding tube but

his newest goal in life you you are probably wondering

well it’s to be killed slowly and painfully

but most of all by a beautiful woman

if possible

dream big they say

dream bag poor renee

not only was she murdered

eaten but the

photos of her remains were shared

with a lot of people you

know and then the guy who murders her he wasn’t even

really punished at all for his

crime i just

think it’s safe to say like he didn’t

learn a damn

thing from it

how do we know he didn’t do it again

we don’t he probably did it

again we don’t know

i wish this one had a happier

ending but i

guess it’s kind of comforting knowing that e

say is confined to his wheelchair

and can’t do any more damage

unless he has help

but then again

if his younger brother is working with him

i don’t know

because he seemed a little

off as well you know

is someone watching them

is anyone paying attention to

those brothers

let’s hope that my friends is the

story of ysei

sagawa he is

gross he’s gross like ew

ah if you watch any of the interviews with him

well thank you so much for hanging out with me

today i love and

appreciate you

guys so much oh let me know who you want me to talk

about next week

but other than

that i hope you have a wonderful rest of your day

you make good choices

and i’ll be seeing you guys later bye

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