Murder, Mystery & Makeup - Gypsy Rose Blanchard - Munchausen by proxy or Killer

okay let’s try this

again hi guys how are you

today my name is Bailey Syrian

and today is Monday

which means it’s murder Mystery and makeup Monday

if you’re new here though in general on

Mondays I do murder mystery

makeup where I sit down I get ready do my makeup

and I talk about a true crime or like a murder

story somehow

tell you about it and then

at the end you know we can have a little discussion

a lot of you were asking me to talk

about it not a lot okay like 5 people asked

but that’s a lot in my book and the reason I didn’t

wanna talk about it is because I assumed

that everybody already knew this

story so I was like I don’t wanna talk

about it it’s old news like everyone knows the

story but I shouldn’t assume that everybody knows the

story so let’s talk about it today I’m gonna talk about

gypsy Rose Blanchard the

story is crazy it happened back in 2015

yeah I’ve been following the

story since it first happened because it’s just

flipping crazy okay it’s the craziest story

there’s just like

but you kind of torn on how you should feel

gypsy Rose Blanchard who is she

she is a girl

great we’re off to a good start

so Gypsy Rose

she suffered from

leukemia asthma

MS according to her

mother she had the mental capacity of a 7 year old

she was in a wheelchair an electric

wheelchair she had a stomach feeding tube

at night she would sleep with one of those mask

the sleeping mask on that will give you oxygen

oxygen there were several

other chronic

conditions that her

mother reported

gypsy had oh side note I also wanted to mention that

right now on

Hulu there’s a really good show called The Act and it’s

based off of this story

it’s a little

series and the girl who plays

Gypsy is amazing like she spot

on it’s insane

it’s crazy she has an amazing job

it is scripted so some of

it is over exaggerated but for the most part it’s great

and then there’s a

bunch of different

news interviews

gypsy was interviewed by like Dr Phil

and then there’s a documentary

on HBO called

Mommy Dead and Dearest that one

is really great too so gypsy’s

mother her name was Dee Dee Blanchard

she took care of

Gypsy so I’m gonna

start with Didi

first so Didi was

gypsy’s mother

her real name is Claudine

I’m sorry Claudine

but how can you not say that with an

act claudine

that’s a good name

and growing up like her family

would say that

Didi was kind of

weird like Loki

stealing petty theft lying

she always seemed to be like very manipulative at some

point in didi’s

early life she

would work as a

nurse’s aid

and when didi’s

mother was sick

she took care of her

it would be

later on that the family

would become

suspicious that Didi actually was responsible

for their mother’s

death but that didn’t like

come forward

until way later

and honestly they didn’t have much

evidence it was just more of like one of those

you know they were

suspicious suspicious

they believe that Didi

was poisoning their

mother and also

would deny her a food

but again this

is just what the family says and there’s really like no

proof to support it

and when Didi was 24

she ended up getting pregnant

by this guy

named Rod and he was 17 years old

now Rod and Didi

decided to get married

because they thought it was like the

right thing to do at the time you know and then they

had a baby and they

named their daughter

gypsy Rose and then

shortly before

gypsy’s birth

in July of 1991

that’s when the couple

separated rod was reported saying that

he got married for all the

wrong reasons

so once the

marriage ended Didi took

Gypsy Rose and they

moved in with didi’s

father and her stepmother so at

3 months old that’s when Didi expressed that

she believed

Gypsy had sleep apnea

and began taking her to the hospital where

they had overnight stays with the

sleep monitor

and it became

very frequent like they were at the hospital a lot

when she was staying at the hospital for the

sleep apnea they

concluded that she did not have this condition Didi

stood by the fact that there was just something

wrong with Gypsy

like she just knew something was off

when Gypsy was 7 or

8 she was riding her

grandfather’s motorcycle

and they actually got into a

small accident she suffered an abrasion to her knee

and Didi said that it

would require several

surgeries to

treat it properly

she could physically tell that there was

some severe damage that happened to her knee

from then on

Gypsy was confined to a

wheelchair Didi

told everyone that she needed a wheelchair

that she couldn’t walk her knee was messed up

no ifs ands or buts really

gypsy stopped

going to school in

second grade

there are some reports saying that she actually stopped

going to school

in kindergarten

but most of the reports say

second grade so

we’ll just say

second grade

Didi ended up homeschooling

Gypsy because her illnesses were so severe

that she just couldn’t go to

school now at this time Didi and

Gypsy were living with

didi’s father and stepmother

and during that time

Didi would be making meals for

their stepmother

and the stepmother

just kind of started

getting really ill

just feeling really sick

during the time Didi

was living with the family she got arrested for some

minor things but one of them

including writing bad

checks then the family became suspicious

when Didi wasn’t around

their stepmom

felt perfectly fine

and they kind of put some

pieces together Didi was poisoning

their stepmom

with Roundup

weed killer

they confronted the family

confronted Didi and so then she moves out with Gypsy

to Slydell so once

Didi and Gypsy

moved down to Slydell

that’s when her stepmother’s

health went

back to normal so

everything was fine

this sickness that she had

I mean they thought that she was dying

so Gypsy and Didi

moved down to

Slydell they

lived in public housing

and they paid

their bills with public assistance

had been granted due to her

daughter’s supposed

medical conditions

and also from rod’s

child support payments

he was paying

about 1 200

a month to take care

you know child

child Support DDN

Gypsy would

spend most of their time

visiting various


in children hospitals

down in New Orleans

and also just seeking

treatment of the illnesses

claudine or Didi

claim Gypsy suffered from

which she now said

Gypsy had hearing problems

vision problems

MS and that Gypsy was

suffering from multiple seizures

a month they put

Gypsy on anti

seizure medicine

they got her

treatment for her MS

they also helped

with her hearing they put plugs in her ears

I don’t know of who

chose these

glasses Didi or

Gypsy and I’m not trying to

shame but they are like the biggest

just the biggest

glasses you can find

and um I don’t know

not that it matters

but it’s just like what

I feel like

Didi was trying to put on a show

anyways forget the

glasses so gypsy

throughout the years

would go through multiple

surgeries for different

ailments that her

mother said she had also during the time Didi

would take Gypsy to

their emergency room

often like a

ridiculous amount

for any little

thing that Gypsy

did I mean it

could be something as

small as like

eating a piece of candy

she would take

it to the emergency room it was just like almost like a

daily thing

and then in 2005

Hurricane Katrina

hit Didi and

Gypsy they lost

everything so

their apartment was

completely ruined all of

their records

I mean you remember Katrina it was just like

everything was just

chaos gone Didi

would say that

gypsies medical records including her birth


had been destroyed in the

flooding they were staying

in a shelter

that took in

individuals with special needs

and then a doctor

suggested that they relocate to

Missouri because that’s

where there were

specialists and

stuff gypsy

could get help

gypsy and Didi end up moving to Missouri

and then in

2008 Habitat for Humanity

built them a small home

and this home had

a wheelchair ramp

it had a hot tub

and it was just a really nice

house so this

would catch

media attention because it was

the single mother of this handicapped

child who was

so many different illnesses

they lost everything in Katrina

they moved out to Missouri

to start over

habitat for

Humanity now

built in this house

so the media

caught onto this and it turned into

a very big deal

it also brought in

more charities to

help out free flights to different doctors appointments

trips to Walt Disney World

backstage passes

to Miranda Lambert concerts there’s a

photo of like Miranda Lambert

she donated

X amount of

money to the family

you know everyone was just showing

their love to this family rod

gypsy’s father was also

trying to be a part of

gypsy’s life

he would call her

from time to time

and try to speak with her he

would send gifts Didi was pretty controlling

she didn’t really want a relationship between

Gypsy and Rod to happen

there’s one instance

when Rod had called

for gypsy’s 18th birthday Didi had picked up the phone

and Rod was saying

I just wanna wish

Gypsy a happy

18th birthday and Didi

told Rod you know don’t tell her that she’s 18

because she

thinks she’s 14

rod thought that this was strange

but Didi was constantly telling everybody that

Gypsy had the mental capacity of like a 7 year old

she just was

mentally not full she wasn’t there

don’t tell her that she’s 18

she just she

thinks she’s 14 so we’re celebrating her 14th birthday

you know because rod’s not there

gypsy’s life and seeing her

in real life he just

is like okay

I guess this

is what’s happening like there’s no reason to really

doubt it Didi

would tell neighbors and also Gypsy

that Rod was a drug addict that he was abusive

and he was an alcoholic

who never came to terms with

their daughter’s

health issues

and never sent

money she was putting in

gypsy’s head that this guy is a really bad guy

you don’t need to see him

you don’t need to talk to him

and you don’t really need to

trust anything like

he says if you do talk to him anybody who met Gypsy

would just fall in love with her because she’s

small she’s like 5ft

she had large

glasses on she had a very high

and childlike voice

which just gave the perception

that she had all the problems her mother

said she did her

mother would shave

gypsy’s head

make it look like she was a chemo patient

and when they left the

house Didi would

bring an oxygen

tank with them

a feeding tube

which then just made people

I mean you had no reason to question that this girl was

definitely sick

there are tons of interviews

where you could see Didi

and Gypsy out

and in these interviews you could

always see Didi

is very close by holding

gypsy’s hand or just like

right next to her

and she always had

a some kind of grip on on

Gypsy you would

think oh my gosh

didi’s amazing she’s taking care of this

her poor daughter

who’s so ill

sounded so sweet and so loving

she was always bragging

about how amazing Gypsy was

and honestly like if you

didn’t know now

what we know then you wouldn’t

think anything of it

you’d be like wow she’s so loving she’s such a good mom

but knowing what we know now it’s like

you can physically see her

kind of controlling

Gypsy because she’s always

like holding her hand and it’s like a form of control

it’s weird it’s weird now

but she was

any interview you’ll see Gypsy

and her mom like holding hands and just very

close gypsy

would be reported to say

if she ever mentioned to her

mom that she was not really that sick or she felt fine

that Didi would

give her hand like a really tight squeeze

which let Gypsy know like shut the fuck up pretty much

is my assumption but

gypsy would also say that when they were

alone Didi would

strike her with an open hand or a coat hanger

so literally she was

mommy dearest

so finally they go to see a doctor

he’s a neurologist

and became suspicious

of the MS diagnosis

that supposedly

Gypsy had he

ordered Mris

and blood tests

which he ended up finding no admiralities so nothing

wrong with Gypsy

and he asked

Didi like why

can’t she walk she seems

to have muscle in her legs like why isn’t she walking

and when the doctor brought this up to Didi she

made her upset

she left and she

never went back to that doctor

again because he didn’t give her the answer that Didi

wanted so this made the doctor

suspicious okay well what’s

going on like

everything seems to be fine so

he asked DD for

some background records

but DD said oh we lost

everything in Katrina

so we don’t I don’t have anything so the doctor

ended up making some calls to her previous doctors

and the test that

these doctors had run

also the MS

was proven to be

not a thing like all the documents and the

blood work and

stuff it showed that there was nothing

wrong with Gypsy

so right there the doctor is like okay

there’s something

going on the doctor ends up writing in

gypsy’s report that he believes

Gypsy does not have

MS or any type of

illness that he can find the doctor believes Munchausen

syndrome by proxy

he put this in his notes

okay now one of the frustrating

things with this is that the doctor

felt like there was something

suspicious going on

but when he

spoke to different

colleagues they

pretty much told him to give up the suspicion because

you know this family had been seeing

the Doctors for X amount

of years it was just like a highly respected and

loved family

that nobody

would believe him so

don’t even bother

there’s a tip

put out to the police from an anonymous caller I’m

gonna assume it was probably the doctor

but it was an anonymous caller

now this caller told the police that they believe Didi

was mistreating

Gypsy that she wasn’t sick

that Didi was

using different names and

birth dates

for herself and her

daughter they suggested that

Gypsy was in better health

than they claimed

officers who performed

the wellness

check they accepted didi’s explanation

that she used the misinformation to make it harder

for her abusive ex

husband to find

her and Gypsy

the file was

quickly closed

it’s so frustrating and so sad because

poor Gypsy is just being

taken advantage of by DD and

was putting

Gypsy on 1t of different

medications so they had

every medication you can

think of when

they did a wellness

check it was like Didi had

given Gypsy

some medication that made her kind of drowsy

and like drooling and

stuff and it just seemed like

Gypsy was indeed

mentally handicapped

Didi because she was a good talker she was very sweet

she was always like 1ft

ahead of everybody

she knew what to say

she could persuade anybody

and why would she be

lying but poor

Gypsy is just like

somebody help me but


like nobody

could help her oddly enough like I

think it’s odd

that no other doctors

would be questioning what was

going on with Didi and Gypsy

there was only one report of one doctor

out of the hundreds

that they saw

one doctor thought that there was something

weird going on

so honestly like I could

understand that

maybe nobody

would believe him

cause everybody else has been

going along with it why

would everybody else be lying

yeah it’s just

weird that nobody else really questioned it so then

2010 rolls around Gypsy

would use the computer

when her mom went to bed

so I guess her mom

would take like

sleeping medication so it

would make her

sleep pretty

heavy gypsy

would sneak onto the computer

and just internet was the only way that

Gypsy really

could escape

I mean when you’re a teenager

it’s like you already

start to get curious about

boys or girls and just

sex and dating and

just kind of like in this

weird hormonal confused

state you know eventually Gypsy

would come across dating websites

where you can meet

people of the opposite sex

talk to them potentially date

so one night when Didi had gone to bed

Gypsy was on the Internet um

on a Christian dating site

and that’s when she met

Nicholas so

Nicholas was

about the same

age as she was what

age you ask no idea

no idea how old she is

so Nicholas had some issues of his own

he had a criminal record

for indecent exposure

and a history of mental illness

his family said that he was autistic as well

next door to Didi and Gypsy

there was a

woman and her

daughter living there

her daughter

was 24 years old and occasionally

would hang out or talk to

Gypsy gypsy

would consider her to be like her

older sister

they didn’t get to like hang out

often because DD

didn’t like her and didn’t really want them to hang out

DD didn’t want

Gypsy getting

close to anybody pretty much gypsy

ended up confiding in her

and saying that she met this guy online that she was

gonna marry him

the neighbor had told

Gypsy to be careful you just

never know who you’re talking to on the internet it

could be a predator yes

she just remembered that conversation

which would come into play later

so Gypsy and Nick

they ended up having

their own like

secret Facebook account

and on the secret Facebook account they

would share tons of messages and that’s

where they were able to really talk but like in private

that’s when Nick

would introduce

Gypsy to BDSM

he was really into BDSM

and would tell Gypsy

he had multiple personalities

so he had like a personality

that was a bad guy he had a personality that was

a young child

one of his personalities was a werewolf

and like Gypsy

would role play

I pretty much go

along with it

they would send

pictures back

and forth so there are like tons of images of Gypsy

dressed up in different costumes and wigs

but I’m sure it was confusing

hear me out

there’s nothing

wrong with like BDSM and

stuff like live your life

but when you’re

gypsy and you have had like no

background as far as friends go relationships

she doesn’t even have it like a good like template

to go off of how like a relationship works

do you imagine

going from like 0 to BDSM

and then on top of that you remember when you were a

teenager and like your first love

oh God your

first love is

like you’re obsessed with this person nothing in the

world matters no matter what anybody tells you

it’s so stupid when you get

older you’re like dude what was I

doing that’s how

Gypsy was feeling like this is it

this is all I have

yes so they

would communicate on Facebook

um in their like

secret Facebook account and

stuff so eventually

gypsy wanted to meet Nick in person

versus just communicating

through these messages

so they came up with the plan to like meet at a

movie theater

so Gypsy sent Nick

money and the plan was to have like a run in

at the movie theater

so nick was

gonna show up to the

movie theater

alone gypsy was

gonna like strike up a conversation

with him as if she had no idea who he was

and then invite him to come sit down with

with Didi and

Gypsy in the

movie theater

and that was

gonna be the way to like intro

Didi to Nick

so they could potentially date

again Didi went with

Gypsy everywhere

they never really went anywhere

unless it was

to the doctor’s office

so meeting at a

movie theater

was like really the only way they

could do it

so they actually went

along with this

gypsy and Didi went to go see the new Cinderella

movie the live action one and then Nick

went as well

alone so he goes

alone and then they had like this run in and she

Gypsy invites Nick to come sit with them

and then Didi

doesn’t she just

doesn’t like it she’s like who is this guy

he’s at a Disney

movie by himself like the

whole thing is just kind of

weird it was later

mentioned that

gypsy and Nick they

snuck away to like the bathroom

and in the bathroom that’s

where they had sex for the

first time in a bathroom stall

nick would say that like

Gypsy forced him to do it

I’m confused

because like both of them said it in an interview

I’m just confused like when they got

time to be away from Didi I just don’t see when Didi

would actually allow

gypsy like out of her

sight but I

guess that’s what happened

they had sexual relations in the bathroom

so Didi had mentioned that she thought

Nick was creepy

and like that was really the end of that

gypsy and Nick

still communicated on the Internet texting

messaging whatever

gypsy would tell Nick everything

about what’s really

going on how she’s not really sick

that Didi is pretty much holding her hostage

she can’t escape

she can’t get out of Didi site

just everything that was

going on so she like

spilled everything

Nick would tell

Gypsy like oh I’ll be your

savior I’ll be your Prince Charming I’m

gonna save you I

think it was probably brought up like oh

by Nick do you want me to like kill her

gypsy wouldn’t really go

along with it

it’s just kind of an idea but it’s not like a real

thing that they’re gonna do

anyway so one

night Gypsy and her mom Didi

get into a fight

gypsy ends up messaging Nick

saying like

okay I wanna do it I want I want you to

kill my mom so they had come up with this plan

for Nick to kill Didi

so Gypsy could be free

so Nick came down to

Gypsy and didi’s home

and Gypsy was messaging

Nick saying I have duct tape

gloves and and a

knife for you

and to be quiet that the

front door is squeaky

yeah she’s ready nick

would tell her to hide into the bathroom to

cover her ears

so that she

wouldn’t have to witness

her mom dying

nick ends up

going into didi’s bedroom

when she’s asleep Didi wakes up she yells for Gypsy

and then he stabs her

a crap ton of times

gypsy reports that she

heard her mom

screaming that she yelled for her name

so once um he

kills Didi they go back into

gypsy’s bedroom and then they have sex gypsy

would say that it was forced it was not consensual sex

but Nick would

say like it was consensual we agreed to it beforehand

who cares about the sex at this

point because like he just killed somebody so

not really worried

about that part

anyways so they took

about $4,000 in cash that Didi had stashed

and then they

left and stayed at a

motel and they have a

bunch of luggage with them so they’re leaving town

they ended up

mailing the

murder weapon back to nick’s home in Wisconsin

that way no one

would find it at the murder

scene if they did find Didi

they took a Greyhound bus

and they headed out to nick’s home

in Wisconsin

nick and Gypsy were

gonna stay at

his house with his family

and Nick told his family that

Gypsy was homeless that she was being abused

on the afternoon

of June 14th

Gypsy told Nick to use his

phone to post 2 updates to didi’s Facebook gypsy

wanted somebody to discover the body because at that

point it’s been a couple of days

and they hadn’t

heard anything about

a body being found

and Gypsy was feeling

kind of guilty that her mom was there and like nobody

found her so he posted that

bitch is dead

great obviously people like her friends and

stuff on Facebook are

replying like

what movie are you

watching what are you talking about

what’s going on

nick had posted something

again like in the comment section saying the

bitch is dead and I raped her daughter

something along

those lines this made people

worried like what’s

going on the next door neighbor

and the daughter

of the next door neighbor

went over to the

house and they

knocked on the door and they got

no answer they were trying to look through the windows

it had the windows had like a film on it so no one

could see inside the house

so it made it difficult

to see if there was anything

going on inside she

found a window that was open and went inside

they had called 911

before going inside the

house and when she went inside the

house looked undisturbed like nothing looked out of the

ordinary one

thing she did notice

was that gypsy’s

wheelchair was

still there

if her wheelchair

still here then

where the heck is Gypsy

when police

arrived they

got a search warrant

and they went inside the house

same thing like

everything was in

place nothing looked out of the

ordinary but

then they got to didi’s bedroom and that’s when they

found didi’s body

now because the

gypsys wheelchair was

still there

they thought that somebody came in and

killed Didi

but they also took

Gypsy this put everyone in panic like

gypsies without her

wheelchair and all of that

medication she takes

there’s no way she’s

gonna survive

so when the police

were there that’s when the next door neighbor pulled

the police aside and said hey I

know about Gypsy

having like a

secret Facebook

account and that she also had a boyfriend

based on that

information when police went to the Facebook page from

didi’s post

those weird posts

they were able to

track an IP address

and IP address can find

your location

like where something was posted from

based off of

where your locations at

wow I’m great at explaining things

but this IP address gives away

who you are

where you’re at

and all that good

stuff so it linked to Missouri

and where Nick

was at so police the next day go to the home

both of them surrendered themselves

to police so police

take Nick and

Gypsy back to their home

and they have

like a big welcoming for them because people are

thinking yeah they

found Gypsy

like she’s okay she’s safe she’s not dead

but then the police do a

press release type of

thing where they’re like um actually

you know not

everything is as it seems

and please don’t donate your

money to this Gofundme

page because

it might be a

fraud or scam

so the media soon reported that the

truth behind Didi and Gypsy

and that Gypsy had

never been sick and she was always able to walk

and that her

mother was making Gypsy

pretend otherwise

so this was

shocking news to the

whole town I mean this is the family that

this is the Golden

Family this is the family that everyone’s donated

money and time to

and just like

supported and

stood by and

so Nick and

Gypsy were both

taken to be questioned nick

spilled everything he was like here’s what’s

going on here’s the

truth we’ve been talking gypsy

asked me to kill her mom

it was the only way for

Gypsy to get out but

he stood by the fact that it was

gypsy’s idea

that he did it yes

but it was mainly because of Gypsy

and then in

gypsy’s interview

she like just sat there

and they came in and they’re like so Gypsy

you know your mom’s been

found dead and

Gypsy just like

starts pretend crying

trying to be

shocked like she had no idea

and she’s a terrible actress eventually

the person questioning

we know you’re a part of this nick already

spilled all the beans like

you’re outed

just tell us what’s going on

tell us the truth

what happened

so Gypsy goes on to say like

everything has been

going on how Didi has been abusing her how

she’s not really sick she can walk she

doesn’t need a wheelchair

and then it was nick’s idea

to kill Didi

and she had

nothing to do with it both end up

going into prison

they have $1,000,000 bond

media is losing

their shit because

first of all

they’re just finding out that like Gypsy

isn’t even sick like what

and then they see her walking

when the press releases

the tapes and what not they see

that she’s walking

and she’s perfectly fine and the

whole thing is just like

like what once all the information came out

about how Didi

treated Gypsy for all of

those years

sympathy for her as

the victim of a violent

murder rapidly

shifted to her

daughter as a long term

victim of child abuse

so people are

getting all the facts now and seeing okay wait a

minute this

isn’t just a normal murder case like she was abused

her mom was pure evil the attorney

obtained gypsy’s medical records and saw just

everything right

he secured a plea

bargain for

second degree murder

gypsy accepted the plea

bargain agreement

and was sentenced to 10 years in prison

meanwhile with Nick it was different he

was the one who actually went through with the murders

with the murder not murders

he is technically the one who killed Didi

so he had a more severe charge

in December 2017 the

judge set nick’s

trial for November of 2018

so this is a long ass process like

gypsy’s case was closed in 2015

for Nick it wasn’t closed until

2018 why the delay

no idea I don’t

understand why

it works like that if I’m sure someone out there

watching is

probably have the answer let us know down

below in the comments if you know why

and then his lawyers were saying well Nick is autistic

and Gypsy is the one who suggested

Nick go through with it

pretty much convinced him

to actually go through with the killing

jurors had the option of finding Nick

not guilty or guilty

for one of the

3 murder charges

involuntary manslaughter

first degree murder or

second degree murder it took the jury 2

hours to come up with a verdict

and they found Nick guilty of

first degree murder

and armed criminal action

and then in February

2019 so just last

month he was sentenced to life in prison

for the murder conviction

so both of them are

found guilty

gypsy is in prison for 10 years

gypsy will be

up for parole in 2024

and she’ll be 32 years old

whereas Nick is in prison for

freaking life dude

that’s insane

turns out if you didn’t

catch on cause I don’t

think I like officially said it

Didi was keeping

Gypsy sick gypsy

after lots of testing

when she was in jail as well the only

thing they found

wrong with her

was her eyesight

everything else was fine

she was normal

she’s a normal person and she had no illnesses

which is like

insane Didi was keeping Gypsy

really sick

their images of didi’s

cabinet it’s more like a pantry

and this pantry is just

filled with different

medications I mean

every medication you can think of is in this pantry

and she was always giving Gypsy something

there was always something that Gypsy

needed and there was always something

wrong with Gypsy

and this poor girl just like got older she became a

teenager and she just couldn’t flip and take it anymore

oh actually forgot to mention when she was on

trial that’s the first time everybody heard

that gypsy was like 23

I think she was 22 or 23 years old and people are like

she can walk she’s not 6 and she’s like 23

she looks like she’s

15 if that so people are just losing

their shit a lot of people kind of find the um

conviction on both ends unfair and I kind of agree

so with Gypsy

she should have to pay some kind of

price because she went through with killing her mother

but I don’t know

her mom was controlling her mom was making her sick

could you imagine the only way out

would be to kill her

she tried to um

get away from her

and the system had failed her

nobody was helping her out she had nobody

and even if

the police came to the

house Didi had the

paperwork to prove

that Gypsy is

mentally unwell

and she like you can’t believe anything she says so

poor Gypsy just like

flipping stuck

right I feel like she went from one prison

to another prison

you know saying she I mean

literally she did with Nick

he’s technically

the one that went through with the murder

yes he should

definitely have to pay but like I don’t know if he

should get life

I’m kind of torn on that one too

there’s so many

things that

could have been done

should have been done but just weren’t

these family

even says she got what she deserved

which is so sad to say

about like your own

daughter or

sister whatever but they say it

they say it there are like some

stuff I left out of this

video only because for time purposes

but other than that

I hope you have a

great day today

you make good choices

be safe out there

and I’ll see you guys later bye

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