Murder, Mystery & Makeup - Candy Mossler - Incestuous Love Affair Turns Deadly

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juicy today’s story is very interesting

it’s I mean it’s got everything

love sex money incest

yeah I said it

I mean a lot of incest going on

last week we had some incest

this week we’ve got it

I guess I’m on some kind of role here

that I didn’t mean to sign up for my bad

so the story I have for you

today is kind of like a car accident

you know like you wanna look away

but you can’t

so instead you just kind of break the car a little bit

and then like it causes a bunch of traffic behind you

and now you’re late to work

it’s like that

let’s dive into the compelling story of Candice

who also went by the name Candy Mossler

doo doo doo

doo doo doo doo

candy Mossler

was described by nearly everyone who knew her

as a glamorous platinum blonde Barbie

who kept her real age a secret

she was a socialite by nature

and an adoring wife by choice

before Kanty met her second husband

his name was Jaka Mosler

who was a multi millionaire

who had an intense dedication to work

okay he yes

love to work

from a young age

Jaka Mosler was determined to provide for himself

and his future family

as his widowed mother

had managed to do for him as a child

Mosler owned a chain of banks and finance companies

from Florida to Texas

and as a result

he was rich

rich like he was rich rich

so Jacca was married beforehand

and in his first marriage

he fathered 4 children

who were set to be the apple of his eye

and for the first time in his life

work had come second

and his new family was first

in his life

Jack was a man

that many described as being an individual

who simply loved helping children

because he was raised by a single mother

who made sure to try her best

to provide for her children

Jack felt like he needed to

or wanted to do that

the same for other kids

which is like

oh that’s so sweet you know

so when his first marriage fizzled out

for whichever reason it did

Jack filed for divorce

and his life changed directions

it was then that Jack met the also recently divorced

socialite Candy

funny how they always show up

right when you go through a divorce

you know so

Candy never revealed her real age to almost anyone

very old school

but it was well known

that Candy was at least 20 years younger than Jack

and the age gap really didn’t mean anything to them

because they fell in love

and by 1949

Jack proposed to Candy

and the 2 were married

by springtime

the relationship was you know

it was the beginning

of what looked like a perfect love story

candy and Jack

moved into a 28 bedroom mansion in Houston together

where a lavish lifestyle

became the new normal for Candy

28 bedrooms

I would love to know what goes in those rooms

because what the hell do you need 28 bedrooms for

like I can understand 4

5 bedrooms okay

but what are you doing with the rest of those rooms

let me know down below

candy’s just loving it

she’s like dude

I hit the jackpot Candy

she always had a love for the finer things in life

okay and after marrying Jack

she was set to enjoy her new lifestyle


she’s not going anywhere

the couple often

spent their days traveling between their Houston home

and their posh vacation apartment

in Key Biscayne Florida

nearly 8 years into their marriage

Candy and Jack

Jack was watching the news one day

and he heard

about a man who had some kind of like

manic episode

and he ended up killing a pregnant

his pregnant wife

and her unborn child

in a fate of rage

so Jack is watching the news

and he hears the story

the man who had done this

his name was

Leonard Glenn

and he had a history of mental illness

according to officials

after shooting his wife

and stabbing his infant child

Glenn packed his other 4 kids into a car

that he crashed into the snowy banks

near his house

police intercepted

and brought Glenn into custody


which then left his 4 children orphaned

so Jack is watching the news

he hears the story

and he hears

about the 4 children

who are now orphaned

and his first reaction

was that he wanted to help

so Jack at this time

was worth over 33 million dollars

and he felt like okay

like I have more than enough money

and 28 rooms

I could definitely take on

extra children in my life

so together

Jack and Candy

decided to adopt

these 4 children

that were now orphaned

amazing beautiful

great story

the end I wish right

in the 4 years

following the initial adoption

of the Glen children

the life that Candy

and Jack had built

for themselves

was pretty pleasant

in fact the Mosler family was

seen as the

epitome of success

both in terms of money

and family values

they were just a

great role model

of course that is

until candy’s nephew

his name was Melvin Powers

entered their lives

so who is Melvin Powers

you ask well

let me tell you

he’s a 24 year old

American businessman

who was originally from Birmingham

Alabama before

diving into the world of

Melvin was in the United States Navy

for a few years

after his time

at the Navy

he worked at a variety

of oddball jobs

that ended with him

receiving a conviction

for a con job

in Michigan

it based off what

I was reading

it kind of seemed like Melvin

was always looking for

the easy way out

whether it be

lying to get money

or just lying

to benefit himself

in some kind of way

you get what I’m saying

so the con job

that he was doing

in Michigan

this conviction

resulted in Melvin

receiving a sentence

to serve 90 days in jail

which he did

and when he was out

that’s when he was on probation

for his offences

decided he decided

to move to Houston

and the reason being is

because his mother


that Melvin

get in touch

with her sister Candy

aka his aunt

as she lived in Houston

with her business owning

very wealthy husband

so like hey

maybe you should get in

touch with my sister

who can maybe

help you out

so melvins thinking wow mom

thanks for the tip

that’s a great idea

and he reaches out to

Candy his aunt

in hopes that

I don’t know

maybe her husband

could offer him a job

offer him something

you know to hopefully

get him into business

and start making money

what transpired

between Melvin

and Candy was

definitely different

than they had intended

the relationship

as aunt and nephew

was strange

from the first time

that they met in Houston

it was said

at this time

Melvin was nearly 21 years

younger than Candy

and was literally

her nephew by blood

but that didn’t stop the 2

from experiencing some

sexual tension

yeah weird yeah

sexual tension

it was happening

oh yes oh yes

now I mean we could all say

well maybe you know

Melvin was doing this on purpose because he knew

like he wanted to get into candy’s pockets

you know her wallet

or maybe he was just trying to get a leg up

in the business world

through her husband

or maybe Candy was feeling some kind of way like she

I don’t know

maybe she liked having this power

or authority over Melvin

that left her hot and bothered

those are just opinions

we don’t really know

whatever it was

their affair lasted for years

yes I said affair

cause they cross that line baby

oh they crossed it

you nastys so

Candy would later say that her affair with her nephew

was a direct response to having discovered that Jack

her husband was gay

oh yes oh yes

candy said that

candy said that Jack

was struck down by a mysterious illness

a mysterious illness that left him a homosexual

and this just shattered her

she had no one else to talk to

so instead she turned to her nephew for companionship

which then just led into a sexual relationship

when Jack was in his mid 60s

he started to stay at their Florida vacation apartment

a lot longer than he normally would

whether it was because he was tired of his marriage

or maybe he just wanted to be alone

while he kind of experimented

I don’t know

or just explore his sexuality more

but he was distancing himself from Candy

at least that was the perception she was getting

well Jack was away in Florida

doing whatever it was he was doing

it was a lot easier for Melvin and Candy to hide

their affair

pretty much

because he was never around

okay or at least

Candy and Melvin thought their affair was a secret

and no one was ever gonna know

Jack had agreed to originally help Melvin

with his business ventures

when he first moved to the home in Houston

he gave Melvin a job

working as a trailer sales men

he owned a lot

Melvin worked at that lot

selling trailers

candy was the one who was in charge of mainly

like financing anything that Melvin needed for his job

so Jack even allowed Melvin to move into the couple’s

multi million dollar mansion

and live rent free

not long after

Melvin had moved in with Candy and Jack

it’s win Jack and Candy

not Jack and Candy

candy and Melvin grew a little sloppy

in the ways that they had hid their affair from Jack

it was said that Jack was not a dumbass

he knew something was going on

he didn’t know it was between the 2 of them

but he knew

like something was just going on

now when Jack did find out the truth

what was going on

between Candy and Melvin

he was like oh heck no

you nasties

your bloodline

is not royal here

and is nothing to protect

y’all are just gross

authorities later

they reported that

a year after Mel moved in

a coworker was the one who told Jack

about what they saw going down

when Jack wasn’t around

this co worker also said

that Melvin was kind of bragging

about what he was doing with Candy

and how he was doing it

all for money

this is what Melvin said to the co worker

co worker told Jack

Jack is already like dude gross

so Jack goes to do some investigating

for his own

so he goes looking for candy’s diary

mm hmm he knows where she keeps it

so he went looking

grabs the diary

opens it up

what does he see

further information

he reads what Candy had written down

over and over again

multiple times

on different pages

she was going on and on

about how she had passionate sexual relations

with her nephew Melvin

after reading candy’s diary

that’s when Jack went on

to just fire

and get rid of Melvin

and 2 officials

ordered Melvin

to leave the mansion

or face a rest

so Melvin is just upset here

he’s saying some mean things

he’s telling Jack

he’s gonna get his revenge

but he’s like

not going quietly

he’s trying to fight

trying to stay

and Melvin left

but when he left

he claimed one day

he would return

quote as the owner of this mansion end quote

it was said

that this left Jack very

it just sat with him

and it kind of like

put some fear within him

he wrote in a personal memo

quote if Mel and Candice

don’t kill me first

I’ll have to kill them

end quote well

it was said

it was a personal memo

but I believe

it was a diary of his own

a journal of his own

so it was said

directly after this whole

fight went down

Jack had kicked Melvin out of their house

in this big blow up

Jack and Candy

their relationship

just went south

quickly quickly

neither Candy nor Jack

felt as though they could

trust each other anymore

neither party really respected the other enough

to have a healthy

loving relationship again

they both obviously

wanted 2 different lifestyles in turn

they formally separated

later that year

even though the couple separated

Jack was still providing

Candy with a $5,000 weekly allowance

to keep her wealthy lifestyle

this would be nearly

$45,000 today

will equal to $45,000 today

so he’s still giving her an allowance

to make her happy

pretty much okay

despite the fact that the 2

obviously wanted

legal separation

from each other

neither of them

wanted to be the first

to file for divorce

firstly their relationship

was heavily public

as their social status

made them increasingly

more popular

as the years went on

the nature of

Jack being gay

is something that

would be considered normal today

but this was the 19 sixties

so he feared that

outing himself

or Candy outing him

would result

in people losing respect for him

and overall

just losing everything

so in a way

Jack was like

I don’t really want to

I don’t want to stir the pot

in a way cause

Candy kind of

she could say something

and it would really

it could ruin his life

candy on the other hand

she didn’t want the public to know

that she had been

cheating on her husband

and not just

cheating on her husband

with her own nephew

because yeah

I mean that wasn’t

gonna be well received

so candy’s like

well I don’t want

to start the divorce

because Jack

could say that

I’ve been having

sex with a nephew

it’s gonna ruin my life

so both are

kinda like you

say something

I’m gonna say something

you know on top of

just the general perception

reasons the 2

were worth a lot of

money together

if Jack decide

to file for divorce

he would have to

split all of his wealth

with her her

their prenuptial agreement

their prenup

if Candy decided

to file first

she would only receive 200 000

which was not worth it

in her eyes

I mean that’s like

only one Birkin bag

how dare he

I mean I’m sure

a lot of us

would be like

yeah I’ll take

the 200,000

that’s good

the only way

for Candy and Melvin

to receive all

33,000,000 of

Jackson at Worth

was if Jack

wound up dead

on June 29th 1964

Canny decide

to take her 4

adopted children

to see their father

at his Florida apartment

and this is where

Jack was living

pretty much full time

after their separation

at the Florida

vacation home

but he’s living there

full time now

so she takes

the kids over there

to go to visit we guess

I don’t know

they only stayed

for a little bit

at jack’s apartment

just for a few hours

and during that time

Candy complained

that her head

was just pounding

she had a migraine

throughout candy’s life

it was said

that she suffered

from migraines

that were often


you know this

excuse that

her head was hurting

it sounded about right

it wasn’t something

that was weird

so after a couple hours

it was said that

Kanye was just

tired of being in pain

so she decided

to take the 4

children into her car

and they drove off

to a nearby

emergency room

in hopes that

the medical

staff could help

alleviate her migraine

just moments

after Candy left

jack’s apartment

an intruder

broke in through

the front door

he just walked in

I guess but

there was some

kind of scuffle

that had taken

place between

the intruder

and Jack sadly

the intruder

brutally stabbed

Jack in the

chest and the

repeatedly around

39 times in total

the intruder

frustrated with Jack

for not dying

quick enough

I guess they

took something

heavy to then

smash over Jack

jack’s head

which killed him

instantly when

Candy and her children

returned to

jack’s apartment

around 4 in

the morning

which is like

what are you doing

well whatever

so at 4 in the morning

they come back to the home

and they find Jack

who is just wrapped up in a blood soaked blanket

and is just dead

Candy called the police immediately

upon discovering her husband’s remains

and when local law enforcement

arrived at the scene of the crime

they knew immediately

that jack’s murder was a crime of passion

and they knew this

because of how many stab wounds there were

I mean it was screaming hey

this is personal

and I should have gone into a little bit deeper


I guess about how they knew that

it’s very fascinating

they could tell if it’s investigators going on

they can tell if it’s somebody who knew the victim

just based off of how the attack went down

which I find fascinating

I’m losing my voice

what is going on

not the point though

but they knew it was a crime of passion

so investigators quickly began interviewing

or asking questions from the neighbors

and some of the neighbors had remarked that they heard

like a panicked shouting happening

and various thuds happening

in the direction of jack’s unit

sorry about that little guy

one neighbor said that they saw like

a dark haired man in dark clothing fleeing the premises

almost immediately after the commotion had stopped

but they didn’t get a good look at who it was

so Candy Candy

on the other hand

informed investigators of Jack

his tendencies to take home strange men

and suggested that you know

maybe this could have been an act of a jealous lover

so police of course

took this into consideration

and tried to track down any men

who had personal relationships with Jack

but at some point

early on in the investigation

law enforcement located jack’s personal diary

yes inside this diary

they came across pages upon pages of just

weird and eerie comments concerning Candy and Melvin

so in this diary

investigators could tell that Jack was genuinely

afraid of his wife

and her lover

incestuous lover

I must say that they might kill him for his money

this is what he’s writing in his diary mm hmm

so this alone was enough for investigators to start to

focus their investigation on Melvin and Candy

a little bit more

so back at jack’s home

crime scene

investigators hold on

so back at jack’s home

crime scene

investigators found bloody fingerprints

on jack’s countertops

they run these bloody fingerprints

through you know

their system

and voila baby

matched Melvin

one of jack’s cars was stolen

one of them

you know it was the one that Candy usually drove around

anyhow so they find jack’s car

near a local airport

it was reported stolen

so when they find it

they’re like

okay here it is

so let I’m sure it was more than that

I feel like I’m making this more confusing

stolen car it was jack’s car

now it was found

near a local airport

and was searched

and of course

like inside

they find a bloody fingerprint

they ran it through the system

Melvin it was linked to Melvin

again Melvin

you’re a little sloppy

as it turned out

Melvin had been seen in Miami

over the same few days that jack’s murder took place

it only took a few days

for police to locate and arrest Melvin

for the murder of Jack

when word got back to Candy

about melvin’s arrest

she hired the top defense attorney to represent Melvin

I mean the best of the best

but police wholeheartedly believe that

Melvin did not act alone

they believed that Melvin was working closely with

Candy Mossler

to murder Jack Mossler

for his money

shortly after Melvins arrest

Candy was then taken into custody

for her assumed association

in her husband’s murder as well

candy knew she wouldn’t do well

behind bars

locked up no

it’s not gonna work for me

so she hired a team of lawyers

to make sure she never served a day in jail

now for over a year

after the murders

both Candy and Melvin were free on bond

don’t get me started

at the parish trial

Candy and Melvin consistently asserted their innocence

the prosecution team presented a case

showing Melvin and Candy wanted Jack dead

so they could be together and inherit his millions

it was estimated that jack’s estate was

worth over 200 million in gross value

and 22 million in net value

over 16 billion gross

and over 177 million in net value today

so a lot of money

okay like a lot of money

if you had 177 million

you’d be good for the rest of your life

the prosecution backed up their claim of an affair

with photographs of Candy and Melvin

that they had taken together

the couple they seemed to travel a lot together

and documented their trips

with photos of them

on ski slopes

at concerts and in nightclubs

cheese like

taking pictures together

wherever they went

so they brought these into the courtroom

and they told the jury look

this happy couple

look at them

here is the motive

they wanted the money

they told the jury that Jack had recently

learned of his wife’s affair with her nephew

and in response

Jack was planning a divorce

and dropping her from his will

now this sudden change of events

is what caused Melvin to fly from Houston to Miami

he was seen driving candy’s white car

around the time of the murder

in the area

then hours before the time of death

Melvin was at this place called the Stuffed

Shirt Lounge

which was a lounge bar area

but it was right by jack’s apartment

and he was spotted there

Melvin was before leaving

Melvin had asked the bartender for

an empty bottle of Coke

the prosecution said that he left the bar

and headed to jack’s apartment

with the Coke bottle in hand

it’s believed

or it was argued

that this was the weapon Melvin used to

strike Jack in the head

an empty Coke can

like the real glass

coke bottles

those are pretty hardcore

I think yes

that sounds about right

then the killer used a knife

to stab the victim 39 times

candy’s part in the murder

was making sure that her husband was home alone

she had claimed to have a migraine

and then insisted on taking the kids

the 4 children with her

to drive around for nearly 3 hours

3 and 1/2 hours

she didn’t go to the urgent care

like she had said she did

she instead would just drove around for 3 and 1/2 hours

they called witnesses

who testified that Candy had spoken to them

about trying to find someone to kill her husband

the prosecution is

painting a picture that all signs point to

Melvin and Candy

I mean no ifs

ands or buts

they got the motive

we’ve got witnesses

who said that Candy was asking if someone could kill

her husband

I mean it’s clear stay right

the defense team came back

and fought that

the bloody fingerprints that were found in the home car

could have been there

from days before

for all anyone knew

this was before

DNA testing

so all they knew was that there was blood and like

bloody fingerprints and stuff

but not who the blood belonged to

so they’re trying to fight

like well yeah

there’s bloody fingerprints and stuff

but we don’t know how it got there

could have been left there

from a couple days before

I mean it’s wild

you guys it could happen

candy took the stand

testifying that

on many occasions

she and her children had come home

and found Jack

involved with a male lover

the defense said that

any one of the random men Jack picked up

could have killed him

and it’s not fair to blame it on Candy

or Melvin to you

and I I feel like this is easy right well

the jury took over 16 hours to deliberate

and they returned with a verdict

a verdict of not Effin guilty

what what what

yep not guilty

they claim that they found insufficient evidence

to convict the couple of murder

despite all of the evidence

that were presented to the jury

the diaries

the love affair the motive

the witnesses not guilty

now the jury they acknowledge their illicit love affair

but noted that the affair in itself

did not mean that they were responsible

for jack’s murder

all of the evidence presented at trial

turned out to be far too circumstantial

for any guilty sentence

in sentence

set for any guilty sentencing

there we go

they just felt like

it really didn’t prove that they indeed did it

the media was reporting on all of this

and people were losing their shit

because like oh

money an affair

Jack being possibly gay

candy having an affair with her nephew

when I tell you

people were losing their shit

like they were losing it

this story was just like insane

and it got to the point

where they had to shut the doors to the the court

hearing itself

it was just seen as too extreme

too sexual for people to handle

they would not allow anybody to

like come in

and whatnot

it was wild

heads were exploding

left and right

based off of what I was reading and like

hearing and stuff

so after her win in court

Candy did what she did best

she’s like you know what everyone

I’m gonna throw a party

so she threw a party

I’m celebrating that the

that they were found not guilty

god her children took one of the murder trial posters

that had been around town

to the guest

and had them all

like sign it

as a souvenir

they framed it

yay as a result

Candy and Melvin walked free

for a murder

that many are positive

they committed

like Candy had hoped

and dreamed for

she inherited her husband’s estate

and his banking business

she changed the name of the company

to Candace Mosler Enterprises

what a shitty person she is

wow and just a year after winning their trial

Candy and Melvin split

but she went on to inherit

her deceased husband’s millions

and even remarried in 1971

to a man named Barnett

but so strange

you guys we don’t know

she just has a wild life Barnett

is it Barnett

you see what happened was Barnett

he suffered brain damage

the next year in a mysterious fall

from the couple’s mansion’s balcony

and he suffered from some serious brain damage

and was in a coma

and Kenny was like

I’m out bye

okay so then in 1976

candy’s body was found in a Miami hotel room

she was dressed only in a lace robe

and she had on a full face of makeup

as she always did

she had overdosed at 55 years old

some sources say that she was 62 years old

another source said she was 66 years old

and honestly

I didn’t verify

because I just felt like it was very fitting

how old was she

nobody knows

you never ask a lady how old she is

ooh Melvin and Candy again they split

and when he found out that Candy had died

he did attend candy’s funeral

with his hot new little boo thing

and by then

at that point

he had become a flamboyant real estate developer

in Houston oh yeah

he went on to have a very successful life

he was said to always dress head to toe

and very expensive attire

he owned a huge luxury yacht

and by 1979

Melvin had built a fortune

estimated to be worth 200 million dollars

he also drew attention in the early 1980s

by adding 23 feet to his 142 foot yacht

which was said to be one of the largest in

the Western Hemisphere

well Melvin

you’re really doing it

Melvin groundbreaking

Melvin was like

in and out of bankruptcy

he had filed bankruptcy a couple times

but then he would like

bounce back

so something sketchy was going on

I don’t know

and at the age of 68

Melvin was found dead at his home in Houston

the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences

said that the cause of death remained undetermined

that my friends

is a story about Candy

and Jack Mossler

and candy’s just

what do I even name

who poor Jack

poor poor Jack

he seemed like such a great guy

and he totally just got taken advantage of

by this devil woman

that’s what

calling her a devil woman

what happened to the 4 adopted children

you ask well

I don’t know

I didn’t look into it

because just leave him alone

they’ve been through enough

I don’t want you know

what did we learn

here my friends

well if you are wealthy

in this country

you can and probably will

get away with murder

isn’t it fun

stories like these

they get under my skin so bad

oh if you have money to get away with anything

it’s so effed up

and you could say

well Bailey

this this was from the 60s

or whatever

the early 70s

okay well let me find some new stories then

that are very similar to this

maybe not is like

you know scandalous

but they’re out there

because I read them all the time

I like to torture myself

that’s how I feel

thank you so much

I mean talk about a wild story

you know I just truly don’t understand

how they didn’t

yes I do money money

let me know your thoughts

down below anywho

I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your day

thank you so much for hanging out with me today

let me know who you want me to talk about next week

please please

please make good choices out there

be safe and I’ll be seeing you

guys later bye

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