Murder, Mystery & Makeup - Twisted Love Triangle - Missing Marine Wife Living A Double Life?

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we’re gonna start with evan

heathlin she grew up in oak ridge tennessee

it was said that she was

sweet and loving and

you know when you talk to

aaron she just

made you feel like you were the most important person

in the room she

was an animal

lover she had a

talent for taming

horses that

no one else came

close to and aaron’s

first horse was

named autumn

and her whole

world just seemed to revolve around

horses it was in a barn

where she met a guy

named jonathan corwin

who would become her future husband

but when they

first met aaron

she was only in

fifth grade

i’m laughing just because the

thought of them getting

married or something in

fifth grade

just made me giggle a little bit but john was one year

older than aaron

and they became

very close friends

and they remained

close friends and then when they turned 16 17

that’s when john

went to her parents and

asked for permission to date her

which they approved and the two of them

started dating on

aaron’s 16th birthday

as their relationship blossomed and they fell in love

aaron would

often write john like little love poems

and from the outside looking in

it just seemed

like they were this perfect all american couple

just swept up in their

fairy tale romance you know

john would go on to join the marines and shortly

after that the

young couple got

married in november of

2012 aaron’s mother

she was a little

worried that like

aaron would have

trouble adjusting to life as the wife

of a marine

because she knew that they

would have to move around a lot and

aaron was known

to be a little bit on the shy side

so making friends you know

having to make friends constantly

might be a bit of a challenge

for her but for the most part they seem to be very

happy and in love

who really knows though

right after all

these stories i’m like who

you you can be the perfect person perfect

marriage and there’s no such

thing no such

thing anyways

september twenty thirteen

the couple john and

aaron they moved to

the marine base in

twenty nine palms

california it’s

like out in the middle of the desert so hot when they

moved in they became

friends pretty

quickly with the family who live downstairs from them

their name was connor

and aisling

and then they had like a little baby chew

and then they also had

another neighbor

and their name was chris and nicole lee plus

their six year old

daughter liberty

and they lived like

right next door

so family under them family next door

so while the husbands were doing

their thing

base a lot of the times the wives

the three neighbors

aaron aisling and nicole

they would all like hang out together they

would have lunch they

chat and when the husbands were home they

would barbecue

have little

movie nights you know it was

just nice to have some friends in this new location at

first life on the base seemed to be going

fine and dandy

but soon just the normal struggles of

married life

made their appearance and

aaron and john’s relationship

money was a big issue

and the two of them

would often

argue over it accusing

one another of overspending your overspent you

why did you buy that why are you buying you know just

you never have enough money

right and there’s just always something to

fight about over it so they’re bickering a lot soon

after aaron

found out that she was pregnant and

once like that became the new

focus the money issues were just put on the back burner

and they were just excited to

start a family of

their own so

aaron’s excited she wanted to be a mom

and she of course went to facebook and

posted on facebook that she was pregnant she was like

sharing it with her friends and family back at home

you know everyone’s all

excited for her and

aaron couldn’t wait to be a mom so several weeks go by

after posting

the announcement on facebook

and sadly aaron

ended up miscarrying the baby

she was absolutely

devastated heartbroken just

i can’t imagine what that feels like i’m

so sad in the us

about 10 to 15

out of every 100


end in a miscarriage

but it doesn’t make it easier knowing that

knowing the statistics really and despite

there being

others who have shared the

experience like many

women who go through the

trauma of losing a baby before

it’s born aaron

felt very much

alone and she

started to kind of withdraw from her marriage

and just her social circle she was

growing emotionally distant

her husband said

that he really didn’t know how to comfort her at all

he tried to but

he just didn’t know how

and unfortunately it just really

started to drive a

pretty big wedge between the two of them

but there was someone else

who was there for

aaron during

these difficult times

it was her friend

and neighbor

chris lee so

aaron at this time was 19 years old so she’s

still really

young and she’s

struggling with the loss of her pregnancy

and her husband

again doesn’t really know how to comfort her

aaron would

strike up a conversation with 25 year old

christopher lee

again the neighbor

and chris was one of

those guys who just really

loved to make people laugh

but he had his

own sadness that he seemed to be battling with

and him and

aaron seemed to like really connect

with that like chris was dealing with his own

depression because recently

he had been denied deployment normally this

would have the opposite effect

but for chris it was considered a heroic

honor to go

so it’s just something he so

greatly wanted to do

so when he was denied

it was devastating to him and he was very very

upset so chris had told

aaron that he

would play russian roulette

every morning

to decide like if he was

gonna go on

with his day or not if you don’t know russian roulette

is a game game

where you have a loaded gun

what’s partially loaded usually like one of the

things is loaded

and then you pull the

trigger to see if it’s

gonna go off or not

it’s the kind of behavior that you

should definitely

reach out for

medical help

not necessarily

tell your neighbor in a casual conversation

but you know

aaron felt bad for him

you know she was very

drawn to people who were

broken or hurting so

helping care for chris it gave her a

sense of purpose

being there for him

also just talking with chris really distracted her from

you know with the pain

from like losing her baby so they both just kind of

found comfort and purpose in

their friendship it’s

never good when

you’re in a bad

place and you seek out companionship

other than the person that you are

in a relationship with like it that usually

doesn’t end well you know

and i mean here we are on this

monday upload so therefore i’m

pretty sure this won’t end well

great chris and

aaron had already

spent a good amount of time together within

their friend

group but with

their new bond they

started hanging out more

and more when like

their spouses

weren’t around

mm mm mm hmm

aaron she also

spent like a lot of her free time volunteering at

place called

white rock horse rescue

where chris and his wife nicole

also sponsored

horses at so

aaron would

spend a lot of her time there and chris

would end up

going over there as well

spending you know

a little bit of

extra time with

aaron at the barn

without his wife around

they were becoming very

close and aaron felt like

she finally had somebody like to really talk to and

someone to really express how she was feeling inside

and and chris felt the same way then on

sunday night in february of 2014

chris and his wife nicole went over to

aaron and john’s to

watch a new episode of the walking dead together now

aaron she wasn’t really into the show so much because

she felt like it was a little too violent for her

so she hung out for a bit and then she like

headed off to her bedroom to play some

video games instead

so chris sees

aaron take off

and instead of hanging out with his wife and john

watching the show

he gets up and he heads to the bedroom to hang out with

aaron and play

video games

so chris he

loved the walking dead so it was a little

weird that he decided to not

watch it but i

guess like it wasn’t

weird enough

to catch his

wife’s attention because she didn’t follow him

not that she

should but you know what i’m saying

so john and nicole

are in the living room

watching the walking dead

and chris and

aaron are hanging out sitting on the

floor playing

video games in

aaron’s bedroom

i guess all of a

sudden just out of nowhere

one of them

pauses the video game and aaron

like kind of glances over at chris and i

guess it must have been kind of like a sexy glance

because then they

started just like

making out yeah they just

started making out

in the bedroom mind you

very bold move to do when your husband and wife are

right in the other room

watching tv but okay sure

do that kiss

great they did

and this kiss

would end up like leading them

to becoming involved in their own

love affair

so the love

affair between the two became pretty hot and

heavy pretty

quickly they were

sneaking around a lot and it wasn’t long

until they started having more

serious conversations

about leaving

their partners

so they can be together instead

and to top it off chris

he would constantly tell

aaron like how

great she was with his

baby who was six years old

her name was

liberty and

aaron would


babysit her

and he was like oh my gosh like

liberty loves you like

i know you’re gonna be a

great stepmom

and he’s saying this to

aaron and aaron’s all like

oh my god yeah i know i can’t wait like she’s getting

super hyped

i don’t know i just feel

like involving your kid like that’s pretty messed up

but okay chris is all

wrapped up in his affair with

aaron right

so he’s kind of

checking out from his

marriage nicole

chris’s wife

she starts to notice how distant her husband was

becoming and like

she knew something something was just not right

you know so what does she do

checks his phone of course

yeah it’s a huge invasion of privacy

but you know

if her man is cheating

she wants to know

so nicole just waits for her perfect moment to

grab chris’s phone

and you know

check it read his text messages and stuff

and when she does she sees text messages between chris

and aaron mm

hmm and when she saw a text message that said

you’re so gorgeous i

think i’m falling for you

it wasn’t good

it wasn’t good i’m sure that hurt

right in the stomach ugh

makes you sick you know

so nicole’s like shit man

i knew something was up

it’s the neighbor though like i

trusted this girl

with baby singing

our kids we’ve been hanging out we’ve been

i thought we were friends so

she’s pissed for good reason so

first she finds chris and then she just goes off

as she should you know

and the two just get into a

verbal argument for

hours and then

because it takes two to tango

nicole marches

right over to john and aaron’s

place next door

and tells john

about the affair his wife was having with chris oh

it’s getting

super messy lots of

drama going on

and there’s just a lot of bickering

fighting amongst everybody

and it’s just a long

night with everybody yelling

at one another accomplishing not much of anything but

just let it out girl

so they’re just all fighting

together great

and eventually

aaron she just is

over it and she’s like you know what i’m done i don’t

need this anymore like i just need to get out of here

everyone is in her

house and they’re

just yelling at one another and that’s when

aaron just decides you know what i’m

gonna leave and

and aaron goes to

leave when nicole stops her

shoves her finger in

aaron’s face and

screams at her

if you ever have anything else to do with my husband

i’ll kill you myself

nicole went off

for good reason

again you know

that was her friend someone she

trusted how dare you

i’m assuming here that

john was pissed off as well but he stayed pretty quiet

about his feelings and thoughts on the

whole situation

like with the public even

later on you barely hear from him he was just a very

quiet guy i mean i feel like we

should be that way you know

so good for

him can’t be mad at it but what i’m getting at is

i don’t know what his reaction was to

finding out

that his wife is having an affair with the neighbor

but i’m assuming he’s upset

so after this huge blow up

aaron and chris they decide you know what

it’s best if we just call it quits it was fun

while it lasted

you know but

we need to stop and just

focus on our marriages

whatever well

they call it quits and a couple of weeks go by

just a couple of weeks

and of course the

two cannot resist one another but they both knew that

their love affair was

gonna have an

expiration date

because chris’s service in the marines was

scheduled to end on july fourth 2014

when his service was over the plan was for him

his wife nicole and

their baby to move back to alaska

and that was approaching

pretty quickly it was

literally a few weeks away something happens

right before the

their big move back to alaska

aaron finds out that she’s pregnant

but this time

instead of being

super jazzed and

going to facebook and like posting about it

she wasn’t really sure how to feel

it’s believed she felt

this way because she wasn’t sure who the father was

her husband john or her

lover chris i

think she knew it was chris’s because she

would tell chris that she was pregnant

but she couldn’t say for sure

ooh you’re in a pickle

you fucked up

you fucked up

this is a side note but if you’re

going to have an affair the

least you can do is wear a condom

it’s not that hard

it’s not that hard if you’re

gonna do it at

least be smart

you can’t be making

stupid choices

and then make another

stupid choice

by not no no

absolutely not

if you’re gonna be

stupid you gotta be

smart about it wrap it up

thank you for coming to my

ted talk on june

twenty eighth

twenty fourteen

chris was supposed to go coyote

hunting with his

buddy out in

joshua tree national park

he told his friend

that he wanted to go hunt for coyotes

but also there was a

bunch of abandoned mine

shafts out there

and he thought it

would be super

exciting to go and explode

a propane tank in one of the mine shafts

you know just for the hell of it

so chris is

super jazzed

about this he’s all

excited to go

but his friend

that was supposed to go with him called him up last

minute and had a bail

so he’s all bombed he’s like damn it

whatever i’ll just go by myself and blow stuff up

that’s what chris is saying

and that’s what he does he’s just

gonna go by himself

that’s fine

now it’s a super strange coincidence here

but aaron was also

planning to go over to joshua tree that day

she told her husband john that she was

going out to joshua tree

to kind of like

scope out some

places to take her mom

when she came out to visit them

so she tells john goodbye she’s heading out for the day

she leans over she gives him a kiss she says i love you

he says love you back

and then she heads out to

joshua tree

mind you joshua tree it’s not that far from 29 palms

they’re kind of

close it’s like just one big desert

i’m not sure what

aaron was looking for out there but

that’s where she was

going so those are the stories that chris and aaron

told people

right chris is

going out to hunt coyotes by himself and aaron was

going to look for

places to take her mom however

turns out the relationship between the two of them

was far from over

a couple of

days before they both headed out to the desert

chris told aaron

that he had a surprise for her and

asked her to meet up with him

in joshua tree

aaron who again is pregnant with

her lovers baby

maybe we don’t know she was

excited because she thought that

chris was asking her to meet out there because he was

going to propose to her

or maybe like

break the news

that he was finally ending it between his wife

and would be with aaron now

and then they

could live happily ever

after you know

so it’s believed

that this is why

aaron was going out there

to joshua tree

not to spot out

places to visit her mom

she was going there to

meet up with chris

back at home john

aaron’s husband

he was texting her throughout the day but

he wasn’t getting any response from

aaron and by the time

night rolls around

aaron is still not home

and she’s not answering her calls

her texts nothing

super strange very unlike her sometime goes by and

aaron is still not home

so john he files

a missing persons report with the police

they come out and they ask him questions

and at first they assumed that

maybe she got lost

so the joshua tree national park

it’s really big it’s flat

so it is possible she

could have gone for a hike

or something and if she didn’t plan

correctly it

could be highly possible that she

was out wandering the desert suffering from dehydration

like there’s

literally not much around so

that is definitely a possibility

and if that is really the case then

aaron would not last long okay

so police they go out to joshua tree

and they end up finding her car abandoned

but it was nowhere near

the entrance of the park

where she said she was

gonna be at

so police they

start investigating all the people in

aaron’s life to see what they could find

as with most husbands john was immediately

on top of their interest list

but after talking to people around the base

john was ruled out very

quickly as a possible suspect

because there were many people

who saw john at the base pretty much the whole day

so there was no way

john could have been involved with the disappearance of

aaron then the cops

start talking to friends and neighbors and they learn

not only of chris and

aaron’s not so

secret affair

but also that aaron

may have been pregnant

they also got word

about this special surprise chris had

planned out in the desert

so naturally police

have to go find chris

and figure out what the hell is

going on so police

they don’t have to look far he is a neighbor

right so they go to chris and they ask

um hey do you know what happened to aaron

and chris tells investigators that

he and aaron were just acquaintances and nothing more

he only knew

aaron because they both volunteered at the

horse ranch place and

that was it

now at this

point police already knew

about the affair

so red flags are just a fly in

he’s lying what’s he hiding

three days go by and then chris was brought

in to the police department to be formally questioned

this is where chris

finally admits to

investigators that he was having an affair with aaron

but he swore

up and down that it was only on an emotional

level and they

never went past kissing

investigators were like so you guys aren’t having you

know sex and chris

just said no

we’ve only kissed

which was a bold face lie

the questioning between chris and police goes on for

about three hours

and then police decide to change

tactics and

start a more

aggressive type

of questioning

not even questioning it’s

where they just like tell you lies

to get you to confess you know what i’m talking about

right i don’t know how it’s

legal but they

freaking do that and they trap you but it works so

anyways what i’m getting at is

police are telling chris that

they knew he met with

aaron that morning she went missing

and they call

him out on being one of the last people to see

aaron alive

which isn’t a lie

but it was kind

of exaggerated because they didn’t really know

that so they’re saying this in hopes that chris kind of

starts talking but

chris doesn’t give in to

those questions and he tells police that

he did not see her that saturday morning

and then cops they push back harder

telling him that he knew she was pregnant with his

child chris once

again just holds his ground

deny deny deny

and says she wasn’t

pregnant with my baby there’s no way like you’re lying

so he’s just

lying over and over to police

and they know that he’s

lying but chris isn’t budging at this point they

strongly believe that

aaron’s case isn’t a missing

person’s case but it’s now a homicide investigation

and chris is at the top

of their possible

suspects list

cause he’s all sorts of suspicious

like come on

but at this

point they really don’t have any evidence proving

that he did anything so they can’t arrest him yet

yet to be honest i’m not sure why chris’s wife

nicole wasn’t high on the possible suspect list

because she did threaten to kill aaron

but she wasn’t

you know and that’s okay because

maybe she wasn’t

involved police are believing that chris is

their man though because he has a motive

a possible baby with his mistress

he didn’t want

aaron’s pregnancy

getting out

and like ruining whatever was left of his already rocky

marriage right

they knew he had a

rifle that he was taking with him to go coyote hunting

and the fact that he was

going out to joshua tree

alone the same day

aaron went missing

he may have

had plenty of time to do whatever it was he was doing

if you know what

i’m saying plus the fact that police knew chris was

lying to them

about the affair

honestly all signs are

pointing to you chris

sorry you know

they just needed to actually get him to confess though

or some kind of evidence

proving that this was true now

investigators are

worried that chris

might try and make a run for it

you know cause he hasn’t been arrested

yet so they’re looking for any reason to make an arrest

so when investigators

find out that chris owned a potato gun

they were excited

oh yes a potato gun yep

it’s considered an explosive

and illegal in the

state of california

so after you know they got this information they

went to find chris because

he’s gonna be arrested

so police go out locate chris and they arrest him but

chris isn’t in jail long

so chris lawyers up

and he makes bail pretty quickly

but because

of this it gives police the ability to tell him not to

leave town so he can’t go to alaska like he was

planning you know

that’s what they fear

so meanwhile the police are searching

every square inch of joshua tree looking for aaron

they end up

covering like

1200 square miles

and they even have six different law enforcement

agencies and hundreds of volunteers

covering the ground helping look for her

so the searching goes

on for weeks and police can’t seem to find a single

trace of aaron

now keep it in mind it’s summer

joshua tree is in the desert of california

and it’s hot as

balls out there i’m talking like

120 degrees you know

so these poor

search parties

they are sweaty exhausted

and trying their best to just not get dehydrated

anyways so after two

months of looking

authorities they make the very difficult decision

that saturday august sixteenth

twenty fourteen

would be their

final day of

searching for aaron

just nothing just no sign

as luck would have it

the woman running the rescue

horse ranch

where aaron and chris volunteered at

she came across some

photos some very unusual

photos that chris

had taken i

guess like a week before

aaron disappeared

chris had gone around and taken some

photos of some abandoned mines

now this was concerning

and this woman she turned in the

photos to police who then

brought it to a

local cave and mine

expert who was able

to determine

where exactly

these photos were

taken okay a

break you know

so the search and rescue team they head

to these abandoned mine

shafts in a remote

area of the high desert near joshua tree national park

and just right outside of the 29

palms marine corp base where

aaron’s husband was stationed the crew goes to one mine

shaft where they

lower a camera down into the mine

and that’s where they find

aaron’s body

laying hidden

140 feet at

the bottom of this abandoned mineshaft yeah

jeez so the investigation at the

crime scene was

able to give some insight into what happened to erin

they see that

wrapped around her neck was a homemade

grot a fancy word for like a weapon that’s

handheld and made of chain rope

wire or fishing line

and is used to strangle a person

yeah that is a fancy word

she was strangled okay

so this leads investigators to conclude that

aaron was strangled to

death before she was

dropped down into this mine shaft

at the bottom of the mine

shaft they find other

pieces of evidence

police found

rifle shots around the body

and a propane tank

tied to her

now this was suggesting

to police that the killer attempted to burn her body

by shooting the propane tank

but luckily this person had a bad shot

i guess because it wasn’t successful

they also found

a little like homemade

torch made up of a marine corp shirt

wrapped around a

stick which

it was sent to be tested for dna and

ta da guess what

chris’s dna

all over it but if that wasn’t enough there was one

other piece of evidence at the bottom of that mine

shaft that confirmed chris’s involvement

there was a

sprite bottle with a cap

still on it

and they sent it away to be tested for dna

and it came back with two different

people’s dna on it

aaron and chriss

mm hmm this was like

the hardcore evidence that cops needed to finally

arrest chris and charge him with

first degree murder

and a special charge of

lying in wait

which i had

never heard of but when they go to arrest him

chris is nowhere to be found nene

he was gone

vanished you

think he’s gonna

stick around

of course not

oh get this though

aaron’s body was sent off to the corners

and when the report came back

it was confirmed that

aaron was actually

not pregnant

now nobody really knows like

the wind the what the

where the how of all of it but many thought that

maybe aaron was

lying to chris

in hopes that he

would stay in

the relationship or just stay with her in general

am i saying this is the case

no but it was mentioned

does this mean she deserved any of this no

absolutely not

it’s just unfortunate to think that

maybe this lie

might have accelerated the

whole situation you know

like that sucks

and maybe she actually thought she was pregnant though

so after some

searching police are able to locate chris

chris his wife nicole

and their daughter

liberty had indeed

moved to alaska as they originally

planned now chris was told to stay put

he obviously didn’t give a rat’s ass bye

you know fuck that guy anyway

they head up to alaska and they are able

to arrest chris

and when they

search his car the cops discover

more evidence confirming that they indeed have the

right guy when they’re

searching chris’s

phone and computer

they find google

searches on how to dispose of a body

and in his car they

found the grote

i hope i’m probably not saying that groot

i like the one that was

found wrapped around

aaron’s neck

again just really

sealing the deal that chris was indeed

involved no ifs ants

or buts hmm no

this is a side note but i couldn’t help but

think this is

whole time have you ever noticed

that the new

age killers name is usually chris

and there always seems to be a nicole

close by can you

think of some

other cases

where that may be the case

because i most certainly can

i’m just kidding but like i noticed that because

chris and nicole

remember like chris watts and his

lover nicole

i don’t know just i don’t

think it means anything but i couldn’t help but notice

that’s all anyways

so he’s arrested

sitting in jail waiting for

trial trial

begins and the prosecution shows

their evidence

supporting their belief that chris lured

aaron into the desert

and killed her

to hide the affair that was

still going on between them

but not only that the fact that

aaron was pregnant as well

one of the witnesses they put on the

stand was the owner of the rescue

horse ranch

remember the

woman who turned in the

pictures that helped them find aaron

yeah so she went on record saying that she

spoke to nicole

chris’s wife

right after

aaron went missing

and that nicole seemed

super uptight

i guess whatever that means nicole

ended up telling the

this woman that

she had wished

aaron was dead and she

wouldn’t care if

aaron was dead not a good look nicole you know

and then nicole said something super

suspicious she’s like

if there’s no body there’s no case

we knew nicole

was pissed but was she pissed

off enough to actually follow through with that threat

i don’t know you know like i

think a lot of times when you’re really angry

you say something like oh my god i

would i’m gonna kill him i’m

gonna kill her whatever like

cause you’re mad but you don’t actually mean it

and then in cases like this

would you imagine if you said that and then

that person

actually died and you’re like oh shit like you know

so maybe that’s the case

but no anyways

so the ranch owner also told the court

about how chris and she were having some

small talk i wish i

could talk i can’t even talk

where chris went on

to tell her that he had done some exploring around and

found a certain mine

shaft that nobody would find

he’s telling this to the owner of the horse

and then he was all

super casual and

asked her like hey

can i borrow your

propane tank i want to use it to play some games

for some reason the owner

she didn’t think anything of

it and she she gave him a propane tank is that a thing

don’t try that

please don’t try that

sounds very dangerous

fires we don’t need it

the prosecution

also brings in a criminalist

who testifies that the firing pin markings on a 22

caliber bullet

casing which was

found near the same mine

where aaron’s body was

found it matched

the rifle that chris had left back at the

ranch it’s really not looking over you chris

but then on november 4th

2016 the trial takes

an unexpected turn

while chris is on the

stand the prosecutor

asked chris

if he was the person who strangled

aaron and it was like a bomb went off in the

courtroom ca

boomy you know chris replied with

three little words that just turn this

whole case upside down

those three words you ask well

it was a confession

well he said yes i am

those were the

three words yes i am

the one who strangled her

so great but this

threw everybody off like why is he all of a

sudden confessing

what’s the game plan with this move you’re doing sir so

chris goes on to tell the

court that he indeed

strangled aaron in a fit of rage

but now that he had time to calm down and really

think about his actions

he wanted to come

clean and do the

right thing

i just want to be the good guy

he told the

court that at

first he was afraid to tell the

truth but also in the back of his mind he was

thinking that he

could possibly get away with it

he admitted to

still being very

angry at the time so he didn’t want anyone to find her

but then he

went on to say that he’s no longer afraid to tell the

truth and that he

wanted to let everyone know what he did

and would accept the punishment that they gave him

which sounds like okay

great you know

but hold on

cause he’s got a little plan up his sleeve

so chris calmly tells the superior

court what went down the

night aaron died chris said that he took

aaron out to the desert near

joshua tree national park for a surprise

instead of a romantic

surprise proposal like

aaron thought was happening

they ended up outside of mine

where they start to

argue chris explains that he told aaron

that he was moving to alaska

and that their relationship was

over aaron was

super upset

she was like i

still love you i

wanna be with you i

could go to alaska with you i just want

to be a part of you and your

child’s life begging him to stay and chris

says that this makes some very mad for some reason

and yells at her like

leave my daughter out of this this is my daughter

just like getting

super angry that

she mentioned his

daughter and for some reason

her mentioning

caring about his

daughter just really

triggered something deep in him so chris is

super pissed and he’s

screaming at aaron

and then out of nowhere out of the blue he

asked aaron

if she had been molesting his

daughter wait

what really

he thinks she

was molesting his kid this is what he’s telling the

court mind you but then it gets worse

he says that aaron

admits to it

i’mma take a little

pause here and say that in my personal opinion

i believe that chris was

lying because he wanted to give

a valid reason as to why he got so

angry and strangled

slash murdered her i am sure you’re

thinking the same

thing but i just wanted to make that clear so

chris is telling the

court that aaron was actually molesting her

and everyone was just supposed to believe it

i guess there no

proof he just said

says it chris goes on to tell the

court that one

night after nicole had given

their baby a bath

she noticed that the little girls

lower area was red and

irritated earlier that day

aaron had been babysitting

the the kid so chris said that

the more he thought

about the situation

the more like the gears were turning in his head

so at the mine he confronted her and was like did you

touch my daughter did you molest my daughter

and chris said that’s when

aaron confessed to molesting his daughter

and he was just

shocked he was so

shocked he was just

shocked and

angry and in

that moment he made the decision to kill her he’s

still trying

he is still

trying to get out of this

chris told the

court that he was controlled by the anger

and he then

went on to say that it was something he

never wanted to

experience again

chris told the

court he then approached

erin from behind and he strangled her for at

least five minutes

and when he released his hold she fell to the ground

and then after 30 seconds of

searching for any signs of life chris was confident

that she was

dead he then

dragged her body to the mine

shaft and pushed aaron

into it head first

so during chris’s testimony

his attorney

briefly questioned

him with the sole purpose of emphasizing that

aaron’s death was not premeditated

but the district attorney was

focusing on chris’s lies he told to investigators

and not admitting responsibility

until he was in

court and in

front of an audience

so the da accused chris

of wanting the attention and making

aaron’s death

about him he also accuses chris of

spinning a story

about this molestation of his daughter

as a way to get sympathy

from the jury which

he’s hoping it

would give him like a lesser charge

maybe involuntary manslaughter

but nene chris

no one believed you the jury saw

right through your dumbass

and it only took them

about 15 minutes to come back with the verdict

he was convicted of

first degree murder

and on tuesday november 29th 2016

he was sentenced to life in prison

without parole

bye bye at chris’s sentencing hearing

aaron’s mother she read a

statement to the court

about how she couldn’t

understand why

anyone would

think murderer was okay

she said if chris wanted to get rid of his problems all

he had to do was move to alaska and change his number

like why did you have to kill her

john remember the husband

aaron’s husband he gave little

statements and interviews and stuff

there was one interview he gave

where he said that he hated like the actions that chris

chose but he had to forgive him

because if he

still held onto that hatred it was just

gonna pull him down

which is like really big of them

he’s so quiet i hope he’s okay

i’m sure that had to be

freaking hard

he hasn’t given many interviews or made any

statements and he’s just all around a pretty

quiet guy and that’s probably for the better

hope he’s doing all

right during all of this nicole

chris’s wife she stayed out of the public eye

and wasn’t there for chris’s sentencing

at chris’s sentencing he did address the court

he confessed to killing his

girlfriend to save humanity

god but he did apologize to

aaron’s friends and family for the hurt and pain

that he had

caused them

saying that he didn’t want to kill

aaron and he didn’t plan on it but

weirdly even after confessing and

being found guilty he

still continue to

stick with the same

story he still has been saying

that this is what happened christopher lee is now 31

and he’s incarcerated at the

california institution for men

a state prison located in chino

san bernardino county

as per his sentencing the ex marine

will spend the rest of his natural life behind bars

good honestly like this is

tragic i feel like you hear stories like this

whole time in

2020 dateline all that

stuff where it’s like

somebody cheats

things get messy

and somebody gets murdered but with this one that chris

he was very dramatic

okay the fact that he put her in a mine

shaft the propane tank

like come on

something loose in his head so i’m glad

he got caught because that’s terrifying

i don’t care what you have to say if someone

cheats or whatever they don’t deserve to die so

if i see comments like that i’m

gonna shut down tell you to shut the fuck up

roundhouse kick you to the face because look

yes she had an affair whatever

but no one deserves to die over an affair so i just

it never fails

i always see comments like that like no she deserved it

no she didn’t i wish this had like a happier ending

right this whole case is just

super horrible not only does this guy

kill his girlfriend

girlfriend with his baby

but he then accuses her of being a

child molester

knowing that she can’t

stand up for herself how

dare you that’s very jody

areas of you

freaking terrible

human i hope you rot

goodbye you won’t be missed

chris anyways i

would love to hear your guys

thoughts down below

i mean what can we say really anywho

i hope you have a wonderful rest of your day

today you make good choices

let me know

down in the comment section who you want me to talk

about next time

but other than that i’ll be seeing you guys later

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