Murder, Mystery & Makeup - Springfield 3 - Missouri's Mysterious Disappearance

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today’s story

story this one has been highly requested

and it honestly

drove me nuts

because i don’t like unsolved stories

this one it is unsolved i know

ugh i hate them

so today’s story takes

place in springfield missouri

in june of 1992

now like many kids in june it’s

graduation day for the students over at kickapoo

high school so

the kids are all excited

you know many are waiting

for this day for so long and they’re just excited to

you know when you’re

graduating you’re just

excited to get out of high school

and start like that new chapter in life

but at first a lot of the students

after graduation

what do they wanna do

they want a party

there’s lots of

you know parties

after graduation

going on and you know how high

school parties are

honestly nothing good happens but

hey whatever time to celebrate

you know within the

graduating class there were two good friends stacy

mccall and suzie

streeter yes

there’s a lot of

ss in this name too

which doesn’t matter but

it was kind of

throwing me off

so stacy is 18

and it was said that she was fun she’s bubbly she had a

great sense of humor

she hung out with a lot of the

class clowns it seemed

and she loved

to joke around have fun

she just seemed

like an all around fun person to be around

it was said that she was very good looking and

she did a couple of like

modeling gigs for a

local wedding shop but after high

school she was

ready to graduate and go to missouri

state university susie

now susie was nineteen

she’s also similar

to stacy it was said she was very outspoken

she’s outgoing

she was super fun to be around

and seemed like a genuinely like

happy person

susie was said to

like be one to hang out with the popular

crowd even dating one of the high

school bad boys

i’m rolling my eyes

cause it’s like

well yeah okay yeah bad boys in

class it plays

later on it makes

sense i guess i just don’t like bad boys

whatever children with problems

anywho doesn’t matter she was dating one of the high

school bad boys you know but

susie herself she stayed out of

trouble you know though they’re just

teenagers being

teenagers some of

susie’s friends

would tease her because

she was like a creature of habit

i guess that’s hilarious

well i’m laughing because like

it’s not but i get it

cause when you’re a teenager

people just

pick on you for anything but she was a creature of

habit she liked a routine

susie did she liked a routine

and some of her friends believe that she may have had

ocd tendencies

cannot confirm or deny

but that’s what her friends

kind of were

thinking after high

school susie

she wanted to follow in her mom’s footsteps and become

a hairdresser

so there are a lot of

things going on this

night there were a lot of parties

all around many people were heading to branson missouri

and they were

gonna stay the

night out there at a hotel

and everyone was like

gonna celebrate at the

hotel party

and then the next day they’re

gonna head to the

local water park it was called

white water so

party at the hotel

wake up go to

white water

and celebrate

there with all the friends and

stuff you know

so stacy and susie were

gonna do this they were

gonna go out to the

hotel then join everybody at the water park

great but at the last

minute they decided to

change their minds

they decided to head to another friends

of theirs house

her name was janelle

kirby stacy

calls her mom

at ten thirty p m

to let her know

that the plans had

changed okay so stacy and

susie are hanging out together

she calls up her mom she’s like hey mom i’m not

going to the

hotel anymore i’m

going to janelle’s

cause she’s having like a little

party over there

and then tomorrow i’m

gonna go to the water park

so her mom was like

great have fun

call me in the morning

before you head to the

water park just so i know

you’re safe and all that you know

mom’s gonna check in

so stacy and

susie they head

over to janelle’s

house where

her neighbor was having a

graduation party of some sorts it was said that it was

crowded and it seemed to be a lot of fun

so they had stayed up

until around like 2 am

and then stacy and

susie decide like hey

we should probably go to bed

because we gotta wake up early and

head to the water park

so stacy and susier

go inside of like janelle’s house

and they plan on staying the

night there but they’re like oh it’s too

crowded we can’t stay here

i guess janelle’s family like a

bunch of her family members had

come into town

she didn’t know they were coming into town

but there was no room for stacy and

susie to crash

so they were like okay

one more now

so they decide like let’s go to

susie’s house

and sleep there instead

so they go their friend janelle

and they’re like hey

we’re heading out but we’ll be back in the morning you

know so we could all head to the

water park together pick her up

go together you know

and janelle’s like

great you know see you then

so the girls head over

to 1717 east del mar

street where susie

lived with her mom

cheryl levitt so

we’ve got stacy

susie and cheryl

cheryl and her

daughter susie

they had recently

moved into this home

i guess like

susie’s parents had divorced

and the two

her mom and

susie they moved into the

house they were

still kind of like

settling in it seems like

it was said that cheryl

the mom she was forty

seven years old

and i’m laughing because

i was watching some interviews

trying to get an idea of like who cheryl was you know

and you know most of the time

in a story like

today’s people are like oh so and so

lit up a room when she walked inside and her

smile would

turn anyone’s

day around like they were just amazing as a person well

it’s awkward it’s awkward because

cheryl’s sister in a

later interview

would describe her as

quote a pretty fierce lady

that didn’t do a lot

of half measures in her life so yeah

i really sat with that for a

while i was

like what does that mean half measures in her life huh

was that even me

i don’t get it you know

most of times you get like

other smile lit up a room

and the way she said it was like very

straightforward like no like

i just don’t

know what that meant i really sat with that for like

a while and

couldn’t figure out what she was getting out there half

measures in her life i’m sure someone will let me know

down below can’t wait

cheryl she also worked as a hairstylist at one of the

local salons so the two of them

drive over to

susie’s house okay

they change out of their

clothes they wash off

their makeup and then they head to bed here’s

where the mystery comes in

so the next morning it’s 8 a

m janelle is calling susie

she’s calling her house it’s

again 8 a m

but nobody’s picking up the

phone bring

bring bring

bring bring

brain brain

nothing goes to voicemail okay

weird susie and stacy

were supposed to head over to janelle’s that morning

to go to the water park

and everyone is kind of like waiting for them

so they can all head out so janelle ends up calling

again bang bang

bang you know

again no answer

so janelle’s

thinking like okay i bet they slept in

right i mean they had a late

night last night

and they probably just don’t hear the

phone ringing

make sense so janelle and her boyfriend they decide to

drive over to

susie’s house

and it’s around nine am

when they arrive when they get there

so when janelle and her boyfriend pull up to

susie’s house

they see that all

three of their cars

are out front in the

driveway so

again they must be home all

their cars are there looks like everybody’s home

great this is a

random side note

but remember

i don’t know if you know but it’s nineteen ninety two

okay no cell phones

member no cell

phones this is a time when people people

back then before cell

phones they

would just show up to your

house oh yeah

let me tell you it was a different time people

would just show up

knock knock

knock and you’re like oh hi

it sounds awful

but honestly

kinda miss it

anyways so no cell phones

great so they go to the house they

see all the cars

okay so janelle

and her boyfriend mike

they walk up to the

front door and the

first thing that they noticed is that the

front porch

light it was broken

and there was

glass all over the

floor but the weird

thing was or is i don’t know the weird

thing was is

the weird thing was that the porch

light itself was broken

but not the bulb inside

do you know

i’m saying like just the outer part was broken

but not the bulb

and that was something that was noted okay

weird but more annoying

because janelle said that she wasn’t wearing

any shoes she was barefoot

so she was just more

like worried that she was

gonna step on glass

so it was said that the boyfriend

janelle’s boyfriend his name is mike

he makes like a makeshift

broom and is able to

sweep up the

glass okay they

haven’t even got to the door yet they

saw the glass

just sweeping it up

super nice my question here

because i was trying to

figure this out was

i don’t know

how he the boyfriend had like a

broom on deck or

where this said

broom came from

because it said that he swept it up with a

broom and in my mind i was

thinking i was

thinking it

would make sense if it was a makeshift broom

you know like if you have two pieces of

cardboard in your car or something and you’re like

so i was like

maybe it was a makeshift broom

but a lot of reports said he

grabbed a broom and swept up the

glass either way

i don’t know

if it matters or not but that part to me i just

i get fixated on the

weird stuff

right i was like

where did this

broom come from

but he swept up the glass

so after doing so

which honestly was nice

but crime scene so not good so

after he swept it up he goes to the front door

knock knock

knock no answer

and then they realize

that the um the

front door was unlocked okay so the

doors unlocked and the two of them go inside okay they

start looking around the

house now the

house itself was pretty quiet

um the tv was left on

which was weird i

guess it was left on like when those

static channels were just like the

white black and

white you know what i’m talking about

hopefully you don’t so the tv was left on

and then they see cheryl’s dog

his name is cinnamon

he comes walking into the

living room and he seems very anxious little cinnamon

very anxious

he just wants to like be held

and they’re like okay

they said that like

they didn’t see anything unusual but something felt

off and you know how that is i’m

just saying like you know our feelings man sometimes

they don’t make any

sense but man are we

little weirdos i don’t know

so they’re saying like they felt something something

felt off so the two of them are looking around the

house and they come across all

three of the ladies

purses jewelry

and makeup out the house

now to janelle and her boyfriend

it meant like oh they must have

literally just been here

but the house was

empty so it was like okay

we must have just missed them

so other than the

light fixture outside being

broken there was really like no signs of a struggle

it was just

weird vibes inside

you know janelle

would say later on that she honestly thought that

the girls just must have like headed out to the park

the water park

already at that

point and they just must have like missed each

other so janelle and her boyfriend they

decide like okay let’s just head to the park they’re

probably already there and we’ll probably run into like

susie and stacy you know

so while they are walking out to the

front door the

phone rings

the phone rings janelle

answers the

phone now on the

other end of the

phone was a man she didn’t know

and whoever it was was saying like a

bunch of sexual innuendos

yeah i couldn’t figure out like what i don’t

think it matters it was just said sexual

anyone knows it was enough to

gross janelle out

and she just hangs up the

phone she’s like ew

click not long

after she hangs up

the phone rings

again and this time janelle

says that she kind of hesitated a little bit more

she’s like i don’t know if i want to answer this but

she ends up picking it up again and

and it’s a man on the

other end just saying all sorts of like

freak nasty

stuff janelle

says she gets

grossed out she’s like ew

and then hangs up at this moment janelle said

that she had like a

light bulb moment she had remembered not long ago

susie had mentioned that she was getting like

weird prank calls is it

prank calls or

crank calls by the way i

should have looked that up

i really don’t know

cause i’ve heard both and i don’t

i always say prank

so janelle was like yeah that was

weird that must have been like

the prank caller i guess

i don’t know she

doesn’t think much

about it and then she decides to head out and go

catch up with

their friends at the

water park so they leave

now i know what you’re thinking

right now you’re like uh

wouldn’t you be worried

wouldn’t you do this

wouldn’t you do that

wouldn’t you blah blah blah blah blah

could would have should

right but honestly

again nobody cared like that ninety two no cell

phones if someone wasn’t home they

weren’t home and it wasn’t like

you know i don’t know

but they didn’t they

weren’t thinking i can’t

speak for them

but they just

yeah do you get what i’m saying

maybe you don’t

we could play

coulda woulda

shoulda all day but

at the end of the day they left and they went to the

water park so around this time janice mccall

stacy’s mom

yeah yeah yeah stacy’s mom what

mom we know it’s

gonna come stacy’s mom she’s feeling a little uneasy

she hadn’t heard from her

daughter that morning

and it was very unlike her to

not call at least like

check in so stacy’s

mother she decides to call janelle’s

house remember janelle

the original plan so she calls janelle’s

house and then

janelle tells her oh they end up staying at

susie’s house and

i think at this

point stacy’s

mom was like oh okay she must be just doing her thing

like graduation

night plans are

changing like she’s fine just

let her do her

thing and she kind of just lets

her daughter be

and i say this because janice

ends up waiting

about seven

hours she lets

seven hours go by

until she tries to

again connect with her

daughter again we

coulda woulda

shoulda all damn day

but she was just kind of like you know what my

daughter she

just graduated

she’s hanging out with her friend she’s doing her

thing she’s responsible like let her be she’s okay

which is super sad because

i’m sure you want to like

trust your daughter and

stuff and now it’s not the time to be

trusting them

anyway so seven

hours go by so then

stacy’s mother she decides to call

cheryl’s house

see if her daughter’s there because

again seven

hours go by she hasn’t

heard from her

daughter at all and

ring ring ring

no answer so janice

figures that something must be

wrong with the

house phone because like it’s ringing

and nobody’s answering so like something must be

wrong with the phone

so she decides just to go by cheryl’s house

and see if they’re there so when janice

gets to the home she finds that the

front door is unlocked

and she goes inside and the

house is empty

now at this very same time janelle

and her boyfriend show back up at the

house to check and see why

susie and stacy didn’t show up

so it’s kind of like a little

scooby doo meeting

you know like the

three of them

are all there and they’re

like you’re looking for them i’m looking for them we

haven’t seen them so all

three of them decide to

kind of walk around the

house and do some investigating

you know looking for any answers

so janice goes into

susie’s room and she notices that stacy’s

purse and makeup bag

were sitting on the floor

right next to not only

susie’s purse

but also her mom

cheryl’s purse

too now it’s

weird because

first of all if you’re

going somewhere most likely you’re

gonna take your bag with you okay

has all of your

cards id you get it you

would take it great

but that wasn’t

what was really

weird i think what was even more

weird was the fact that all

three of their purses

were on the ground

next to each

other tell me that’s not

weird that suspicious

right there

that would give me the chills

like why are all

their bags on the floor

next to each

other so this obviously kind of like gives

janice a weird feeling she’s not feeling that great

she’s like you know what i’m

gonna call police

okay so she calls police

lets him know

what’s going on and then

afterwards she

calls her husband and tells him to come over

while she waits for police so she hangs up the phone

and then janice

she notices that

oh that’s my

chair i’m not farting

the on the answering machine

there’s a blinking light

going off informing

her that there’s a message on the answering machine

and on the old

school answering machines it

would blink

you know great

so she’s like okay

let me listen to the answering machine because

maybe someone

maybe they left me a message or something janice

listens to the answering machine

and whoever it was left a very

lewd message

and it was pointless

didn’t really get to anything it was just somebody

again making

sexual innuendos

so she’s like oh my god that’s so

gross that’s so

weird you know

now here’s the

thing the old

school answering machines

they wouldn’t save your messages

most of the

time like you had to make sure and save the messages

most of the times they

would be automatically deleted once you played them

so with that being said

after listening to the message

it gets deleted from the answering machine no

yes like i get it she shouldn’t have listened

to the answering machine and

everyone’s gonna

roast her i know it in the comment section we’re all

gonna be like why

would you do that

but i i get it i get it she wanted

to know and she didn’t mean for it to get deleted but

it got deleted

poor lady i’m sure she regrets that very much

i know this may be wrong but

i’m in love with stacy’s mom

so by the time all this has taken

place and the police are called

it’s been like a full day

since anyone

has heard from any of the

ladies okay

but police end up coming out

and they try to investigate the scene

but since people were coming and going

it’s believed that it contaminated the

crime scene

plus on top of that the

voice message was deleted

so there’s really not a lot to work with also a side

note that i kind of was purposely leaving out cause it

could get a bit confusing

for a lot of people

so while stacy’s mom is

waiting for

the police and

stuff to show up

she starts cleaning the

house a little bit okay and i

guess like some neighbors

kind of hang out too it wasn’t

clear if it was neighbors or if it was like um

chanel and her boyfriend but they start

cleaning up the

house they’re like oh

since i’m here like let me just

pick up and make

things look nice

not realizing that this is a

crime scene

and you shouldn’t be

cleaning it up you know

so they’re cleaning up the

house they’re like

since i’m here let me just

be polite and do the dishes for her and vacuum so

they literally

clean the house

and they’re waiting and

yeah so that

all bad stacy’s mom

literally did

everything you

should not do

um great that part was a little confusing

to me because i wasn’t sure if it was like the

neighbors because i know people were kind of coming and

going everyone seemed to be really

close which

sounds nice

but not when it’s a

crime scene ugh

could you imagine

ah whoopsie

i’m in love with stacy

bailey stop

with that song it’s not appropriate right now

okay so police come out and they’re looking around

and kind of like what

everybody else was saying there’s like not much for

police to be working with they did note that the the

porch light was indeed broken right

but other than that there was no sign of a struggle

the house looked very normal

and very clean

cause it was cleaned

susie’s bed it looked like it had been

slept in the girl’s clothes

they were folded

and they were like on the

dresser next to

their jewelry

and it was said that in

the room there were makeup wipes around suggesting that

at some point they must have came home

they got unready

and then they went to bed they

think that’s

at least at some

point were there

okay also upon

further investigation everybody’s

stuff was still there they found 900

in cheryl’s purse

her car keys and

again there was jewelry

so it was clear to the police that it wasn’t

a robbery yeah

cause those are

prime things to be stolen

especially the 900

and then one

thing that was noted

many found odd

was that cheryl her pack of

smokes and her

lighter were

still in her bag in the

house now this

may not seem that important to many of us out here in

youtube world

but cheryl was a big time smoker

and it was said that there was no way in heck that she

would leave the

house without her

smokes yeah she

could have gotten another pack or something but she

wouldn’t waste a pack like that

it would go with her

you know what i’m saying

so they’re like that’s

that’s something

so police they

tried their best

to try and like recover

the deleted

voice message but

it was a dead end they couldn’t do anything

about it it was just gone

and again there was nothing in the

house that gave any clues as to what happened that

night no furniture out of

place there was no signs of a struggle

there’s no dna

no blood splatter

spatter it’s a con

i mean there’s nothing so police they

don’t know where to go from here well some

time goes by and there are not many leads so police

start digging around

you know and they look into all of the

girls past and they’re trying to figure out you know

someone’s gone off

freaking something so they

start looking into

susie’s background

and they see that she was dating a guy

named dustin

for a bit of time now remember in the beginning i said

she was dating a bad boy yeah

well dustin was indeed

a very bad boy okay they see that they were dating

for a bit of time and he had recently been arrested

for being part of a

grave robbing gang

yes he robbed someone’s

grave and then got caught

so he got like gold teeth

or something like super

i hate people they’re just so

stupid like why just leave them

alone they’re dead

leave them alone

anyway so he got caught okay and i

guess at some point

susie had learned

about this that they had robbed graves

and she ended up

breaking up with him

now there were rumors

going around that said

susie was the one who turned him into police

i don’t think it was a

rumor because i

found another source that said

that she had actually given a

statement to police

on march 5th 1992 so yeah she

definitely said something and

the boys this gang

they were going on

trial and susie was

scheduled to testify

against her ex boyfriend and his gang

at the trial in a few

months so if that

doesn’t scream a

freaking motive i

don’t know what else does i mean all signs are kind of

pointing to him

hello boop boop

boop like yes

you police are like okay

that’s it it’s this guy for sure no ifs ands or buts

so police they go out and they question dustin

and they question also the

friends that he’s hanging out with and they all pass

a polygraph

test and they denied having anything to do with

susie’s disappearance

now there was nothing

there was no evidence to link them to any crime okay

so the police they had to let them go

but it was noted

that none of them had like a

solid alibi

as to where they were the

night that the

ladies went missing kind of seem like everybody’s

story was kind of wishy washy

okay and they’re like we’re

gonna freaking get you i know

them it has to be

next the police decide to look into bart

streeter so they’re looking into this

older brother

and they look into his

background and they find that bart he

was about nine years

older than susie

and he was kind of considered the

black sheep in the family

years before 1992

this whole situation happened

bart was kicked out of the family home and he

was like on his own and he was struggling with alcohol

and he just really

didn’t have the best relationship with his family

and for a while he kept his distance

and then after a bad

breakup he had recently

moved back to springfield

bart wanted to try

and fix things between his family

pretty much his mom’s relationship

and his sister

so he cleaned up

he got a job and

think he got sober

for my understanding but

it was said that he was doing a lot better

and then there was one

point when susie

actually ended up moving in with bart for a bit

of time to try and bond and like rebuild the brother

sister relationship but

it didn’t last

that long the two had gotten into a really bad

fight i guess bart was drinking

and then he got

aggressive towards

susie so it was

it wasn’t long

after she moved in she ends up moving back home

and then that was the end of

their relationship so cops

bring bart in

for questioning and he tells them that on the

night of june 6 the night

before the women

went missing

he had been in a neighbor’s

house and he was super

drunk he said i was just wasted

so he said he was

super wasted

but he ended up

going home at

about 11 30

pm and then he passed out now there were no witnesses

to confirm if his

story was even true

so plus he kept saying he was super

drunk so it’s like how much do we believe you bud

so they asked if bart

would do a polygraph test

and bart agrees

and it says that he passes with flying

colors and again because there’s no

direct evidence

that connects bart to the disappearance the cops

police investigators whoever they have to let him go

cause they got nothing

a couple of days

after the disappearance another lead comes in

this time it’s from an

older woman who lived

in the same neighborhood as the girls who were missing

so i guess this

older woman she would sit

like outside

on her little patio

pretty often

as one does

you know and she

would just kind of observe her surroundings

she knew what

kind of cars came through the neighborhood

and she just kind of knew when

things seemed out of

place well she

had called the police to report that a couple of days

after the woman’s disappearance

she had noticed a strange

greenish van

driving on the block

yeah it was like one of those

creeper vans

and it was definitely out of

place but what

was even more strange to her was that there was a

young woman driving

with blonde hair okay she’s driving the van

and she seemed to be stressed or

worried or bothered like she wasn’t driving

happy she was just very

some something told the

woman that she was very stressed

now the woman also said that she had

heard a male

voice talking to the driver or whoever was driving

and this male

voice it sounded very

aggressive so she reported hearing a male

voice saying

quote don’t do anything

stupid at least it was

along those lines

so police asked her like

what took you so long to like report this information

and the lady was like well i didn’t

i didn’t know

about these

women that were missing

until recently and then she made the connection

about the van

and they’re like okay

let me at least

they got it

so police show this woman a

photo of the

three missing women

and she said that the person who was driving the van

definitely looked like susie so

could be true

could be not true you know how eyewitness accounts go

it’s like you

wanna believe it you really do but it’s hard because

eyewitness accounts are not

not the best but

hey they got nothing so the

woman reporting this

sighting had no description

of the man who was talking in the van

but she did give a good description of the

vehicle itself she said that it was like a

greenish color

it was between 1960 to 1970s

and um the police

they thought that she was a very credible witness

so with this information they go on a

search for anyone with this type of

vehicle they

start pulling over

every van that matches the description

and they go

as far as to buying a van similar to the one that the

woman described

and they parked it in

front of the

local police station with like a message

in the window that said like have you seen this van

looking for information

you know so it’s parked out

front so anyone driving by

if they saw

that vans i come forward with any information

they’re like okay

i thought it was a good idea i was like oh that’s

great you know how

these stories go most of the time police are like

oh well you know

we’ve seen it here

so at least they’re trying

they’re really hoping that anybody will come forward

with some information like have they seen that ban

and over time they end up getting a lot of tips

in regards to this van

right but many were reporting it to be like a different

color but it

sounded like police

were saying that it was like

every color you can

think of people were saying they saw this van but in

black white

purple but you

know and it was just it wasn’t helping it just wasn’t

going anywhere

so six months go by

still no leads

on new year’s eve of 1992

an episode of america’s most wanted was playing on tv

and they were sharing the

story about the strange disappearance

of what was now called the springfield

three because it’s springfield and there’s

three missing

on the show they

share all the information they had

right and they tell people

to call and come forward if they have any information

you know like they do so that

night a man calls in saying that he had information

about this case

and the operator on the

phone who initially answered the call

then was trying to connect them to the

springfield detectives but sadly

the call was

dropped or whoever called hung up but either way

call was done so whoever it was hung up whatever

and they didn’t call back

and the hotline was unable to

trace the call

so once again a

freaking dead end

i guess it sounded promising

promising enough to like

bring it up

but who knows what if it was just a

prank call prank call

whatever it is

well again more time just goes by

and then in

1993 there’s a man by the name of steven garrison

he came forward saying that he knew

what happened to the

springfield 3

and he said he knew

where they were buried at

and was willing to

share this information

only if he could get a plea bargain

for what he was dealing with so this guy

steve says that one

night he was at a party

and he was like getting

drunk with some friends you know

and this other friend who was there that was

super drunk comes up to him and

starts confessing to killing

these women

so that’s what he tells the police

now police are kind of like hmm

i don’t know

about your story

sir you know like

okay but then steven

start to share some

information that wasn’t

released to the public

regarding the case

so they decide to have steven

take them where the

bodies were buried allegedly

according to him

i’m not sure what it was he shared that was

not public information but it was something that

definitely got police interested like

okay maybe he’s onto something here

police also

serve three

search warrants in two different

states where they

think there

might be more clues

based off of what the stephen guy was saying

and so steven he ends up

bringing them to some

property a property that was

searched was

a site that was once mentioned in another case

of two missing

women back in

1990 now this was not related

to this this


three case at all

but it was weird that this was like the same location

for another missing case

so maybe steven got his cases

mixed up or

i don’t know police

found something

they found something okay the property

owner was said to be an

older man i don’t know and he pled guilty to two

counts of second degree murder

which was a case that was believed to be a drug deal

gone bad again not related

to this case

at all but please find something on his property

and they end up putting a gag

order on steven

which pretty much says that he legally cannot

speak about this case or anything that they may have

found on the property

so they put on this gag

i don’t know why it’s called a gag

order it sounds

dirty but it’s called a gag

order so no one can talk

about the case

right not even the police could talk

about the case

some people are

asking police like what are the updates or information

about these missing

women like what

happened to them because there’s like nothing

nobody can talk

about it because of the gag

order so whatever was on this property

or whatever was

found they were not

going to talk about it

nobody was allowed to talk

about it nothing

very strange

you know naturally people are like oh my god

it’s related

to the springfield

three i mean

hello makes sense

they’re being so hush hush

about it and it

could be true but it also

might not be and

maybe they found

stuff on the property that was not related

in any way but

maybe it was related

to another case uh

huh but police did find steven’s information credible

and they were

pretty familiar with steven’s past as well

you see steven was not a very

great person to say the

least steven

steven steven

steven was in

prison serving a 40 year sentence for kidnapping

and rape charges

from a springfield college girl

who was kidnapped in 1993 so

again like he wanted some sort of plea

bargain to help him out with that situation

no who freaking knows what they

found who knows what they

found on that property i don’t know

so it’s a super weird

story and no answer seemed to be coming from this lead

especially with the gag

order in place

again this story

three women just

vanished poof stacy

susie and cheryl

it’s bizarre

no answers seem to be coming from anyone

well that’s what

another tip comes in from florida suggesting that a guy

named robert

cox was responsible for the disappearances now

robert was said to be a

highly trained army ranger who was recently convicted

and sentenced to

death for brutally

murdering another 19 year old girl in florida

but in the end his verdict was reversed

that’s a whole mess that we’re not gonna

touch right now

but please do some digging around and find out that

robert had moved to springfield

right before these

women went missing and he used to work at the same

dealership as stacy’s dad

so i mean mmm

you know police question him

and he says

that he was at a golf tournament with his parents

he was staying with them for the

night and then the next morning he took his

girlfriend to church

and according to his

girlfriend that’s exactly what happened

you know they don’t really believe him

or her but again

without any hard evidence

they have to let him go they don’t have anything

i don’t know how i feel

about this robert guy i mean yeah

it’s like mmm

could be but i don’t know

when he robbed them or so i don’t know

later in 1995

robert was arrested in

texas for aggravated robbery but

this time his

girlfriend or the

now ex girlfriend

starts singing a different tune

you know she

snatches back her original alibi

on the night

of the springfield 3

when they went missing so

she’s like actually i lied for him

he wasn’t with me that night

so when springfield police hear this they go down to

texas to question him but he refuses to talk

but then oddly enough

in nineteen ninety six during an interview with the

local reporter

robert says something just

super weird

super weird this reporter

asked him hey do you know anything

about the springfield three

and then robert

says i know that they’re dead

i’ll say that well police

again get word of this

and they head out to question

robert once again

but he refuses to

admit killing the women

being involved

he starts saying like

super cryptic mysterious

messages to police like

i can’t give you any specifics

until my mom is dead

i just know

they’re dead that’s not my theory i just know that

and it’s like dude shut up don’t do that

that’s so annoying

so robert is

still considered

a person of interest but they don’t have any confession

or hard evidence

linking him to the case

so until then the case

goes cold once again

great you know

so with no new

solid information or leads

after five years the

cops finally have to stop actively working on the case

the three women were legally

declared dead in june of 1997

even though

their case file

still considers them to be missing yeah

super sad there’s nothing there’s nothing

so weird so years go by

and then in 2007 there’s a journalist

named kathy

bared anyway she gets a tip from someone

who either claimed to be a psychic

or claimed to have like had a vision or a dream

about the springfield iii case

she said that the

three missing

women were buried in the

foundation of the

south parking garage

at cox hospital

mmm her vision told her this

so back in 1992

when the women went missing

this parking

structure at the hospital

hadn’t been

built yet it was just a big lot of dirt

she shares this information with investigators

but they pretty much just

laugh in her face

and they say something like there’s no way

what are we

gonna do like tear up all the parking

structure you know

and she’s like well

are you wanna do anything

about it and they’re telling her like no

if they are there they’re buried by a

ton of cement and we’re not

going to go like blow up a parking

structure just

because a psychic said so

that’s what police are saying

well kathy she

can’t just let go of this tip she needs to know

if this tip is

right she needs closure

like i get it girl

we would all be like wait no

i need to investigate myself then

so she hires a

mechanical engineer

to use a ground penetrating

radar to scan the parking garage

floor and see if anything

turns up now she’s recording this guy i guess

and this guy he’s

using his machine and he

says that he’s getting two images that are parallel

in one spot

and there’s another like a

third nearby that’s perpendicular

i don’t know

and then kathy she gets

super excited and

she goes over to the guy she hired and she tells him

i’m working on a missing persons case

and he’s very casually like oh yeah that’s weird

because like this is exactly what i see on my radar

when i go over old graves

huh well this parking garage it wasn’t built

until a year

after the women went missing so in theory

the bodies should

have turned up during an excavation when they actually

started to build the garage

right kathy

goes to police

and tells him that she also records the guy

doing it so she

could show police like look at what he

found i hired him

this is what he’s saying blah

blah please tell kathy

that the radar

scans aren’t enough for them to demolish the garage

they still need more evidence so kathy

starts doing some more digging and then

strangely she just stops

now there was a podcast this girl’s

kinda weird

this don’t get too

excited okay

because there was

a podcast who was doing an episode on the springfield 3

and they interviewed kathy

was it a podcast

no i think it was a youtube

video and they interview kathy

about the radar scan in her investigation

and in the interview she mentions that she

thinks she knows what happened

and unfortunately

stacy was just collateral damage

in the scenario she gets

god what’s the word cryptic i

guess herself and she gets

super tense

and it’s awkward and uncomfortable

cause the interviewer

presses her for more information

about who the real

target was and

cathy says that

she gets all uncomfortable she’s like i’m not

going to talk about that

and then she goes on to say like

i’ve been advised

to leave this case

alone and i’m afraid for my safety

and then she goes on to say a little bit more

but kathy said that she

would not leave this case alone

until she had

solid proof of who did

it okay look in the interview she’s giving off the vibe

that she knows who did it

that i can’t talk

about it because

i will be murdered next and she’s being

super again cryptic

like she knows

and then in the interview she even

goes on to say that she knows who was responsible

but that she won’t give up the information

until it’s solved

and it’s like girl

you can’t solve the mystery

if you don’t give

up the information

as to who did it but you’re on national tv

it just kind of seemed like she

i hate to say it i hate to say it girl i’m

sorry but it kind of seems like she was doing

whole interview and

stuff for attention

because why

would you do

an interview if you know all the information

go to police like what are you doing on this interview

alluding that you know but

i’m not gonna say anything like why are you here then

why are you wasting our damn time

it just seemed a little

self serving

i don’t know she

might be onto something with the parking garage area

but police they felt like her timeline didn’t add up

and i couldn’t find a straight answer

as to why they didn’t want to

search more into this tip that to me

doesn’t make any

sense i mean i

understand that blowing up a parking garage

that’s probably a headache but

aren’t you supposed to

solve some mysteries

isn’t that what you’re

supposed to do i don’t know i didn’t like that lady

but i just was

gonna mention it because

she is mentioned a lot of the time in this story

she acts like she knows something

i don’t know i don’t like her i don’t get good vibes

so since then

there have only

been two more leads that didn’t really pan out

all that much

and then in 2002

there was a

lead of a similar looking van that was spotted when the

three went missing

so cops went to

a concrete company

where the van was spotted

and they brought

cadaver dogs with them and the dogs did find some bones

i know but then testing

reports came back saying that the bones were too old

to be the women

so great now they saw

someone else’s mystery i guess

i hope they circle back on that one

and then in 2003 a tip leads investigators to a farm

about an hour away from springfield and

after some digging police find possible

blood evidence

and a piece of a

vehicle that

maybe could be part of the van that was seen

so police are

excited and immediately they sent

the blood to the lab for testing

but it came back inconclusive

so they just can’t

catch a break it’s

weird because it seems like they do want to

solve this case

because they

they’re trying but then with the concrete thing

they don’t want to

solve they don’t want to do that though i don’t know

maybe they just don’t find her credible

that lady anywho

this case is

still ongoing

and hopefully one day we’ll know what happened to

these three ladies

springfield three

they just freaking


and nobody knows

anything it’s just bizarre

i spent so much time

on this one like looking around just trying to look for

you just want something

there’s nothing a couple of

things one was it

susie’s boyfriend the bad boy

obviously there’s a motive there

i guess at one

point it was mentioned like oh i

would kill her

from the boyfriend

because he was so mad that she rat him out

and honestly like that makes the most

sense right the boyfriend and like the the

grave diggers

if any if any of them that

seems like the

thing but here’s the

thing and this is

my theory i don’t know like

who am i exactly

i’m just in youtube box but um

people like to talk you know

people love talking

they love sharing stories

they love sharing

secrets oh yes

you love sharing a

secret don’t lie don’t lie

secret you’re

gonna tell someone

so if it was the boyfriend and the gang of friends

there was like

five or six of them chances are

one of them

would say something right

one of them

would open their

mouth chicken out confess

live with regret

there’s just no way they

would all keep

their mouth

shut for this long you know so that’s kind of why i was

thinking maybe it’s not them

because i cannot believe that they

would keep the

secret for this long

they would someone

would crack by now

but i don’t know it

could be i mean

again they have

the motive and all that it totally makes

sense maybe they did keep the

secret for this song

but then i was

thinking i was marinating on this a little bit

and i was like okay

so everyone seemed to know or be aware

that the kids were

graduating high

school that weekend

remember graduation

means parties

kids doing stuff

kids hanging out at

other people’s houses

just not home whatever

so my thought was

or is or i don’t know

is that the killer

or whoever was

knew that the girls were not

going to be home that

night susie’s

house and it

would just be mom

by herself at the home because the kids

remember they were originally

gonna stay at janelle’s

house well first they were

gonna stay at the hotel

then they’re

gonna stay at janelle’s

house and they didn’t tell their mom

that they were coming home so mom

she seemed outgoing

and it kind of almost seems like

maybe wrong

place wrong time

like the two girls were supposed to stay the

night at the

hotel originally

they had their friends

and they weren’t

gonna be home

so mom is back at the house

okay maybe she invites a lone ranger over to the house

since the kids are away and

this visitor

parks in the driveway

in the spot that

the daughter always

parked in remember in the beginning when i described

susie and her

friends had said that she had like ocd tendencies

okay well it was said that susie

always parked in the same

exact spot at her

house when she

arrived there okay

but then that day when janelle

went to the

house she noted that

susie’s car was not parked

where it normally is and that was like

major it was

something that she obviously remembered like that’s

weird so the thought is

what if somebody was at the

house and was parked in the spot that the

daughter would always park in

right so susie pulls up and was like oh

weird someone’s

in my spot i’ll just park here behind my mom

and then stacy

followed her

and parked behind her

cause there was

three cards there mom

susie stacey

or something like that

maybe someone was parked in her spot

somebody was hanging out with mom

okay maybe mom was at the

house the visitor is at the

house and the two girls come home that

night totally unplanned

oh no they’re not

supposed to be here they’re supposed to be whatever now

this killer this bad person’s like shit i

gotta get rid of all

three of these people now not just

cheryl or whatever you know

and my thought is that

whoever it was

it was a super random hit

and that’s why there’s like no

trace back to anyone

because it was someone

random or completely new

because that’s why nobody

has solved it that’s my thought because

people again love to talk

somebody would have said something

unless it was someone who was

completely new

and not around

and just left and nobody knew this

i don’t know

i obviously am not solving any mysteries but like i’m

hmm i’m trying

i hate unsolve stories you know you just want closure

it’s just so sad like

weird i don’t know

i would love to hear your guys theories down below

let me know in the comment section what you guys think

but other than that is

today’s really sad story

three just go missing like damn

scary anyways

thank you guys so much for hanging out with me

today i hope you have a wonderful rest of your day

a great week

ahead and i’ll be seeing you very soon

make good choices

be safe and

i love you okay bye

my foot fell asleep oh

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